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Volume 3 Issue 6

Volume 3 Issue 6




range of relevant factors so we can

detect these changes quickly.

Sayata is bridging the worlds of

cybersecurity and insurance so

that together we can improve

SMBs’ cyber posture at large.

5. You have held a

wide range of titles

before founding

Sayata Labs. How was

your transition from a

researcher to a CEO?

Looking back, it’s clear that

everything on my path prepared

me for Sayata Labs. As a researcher,

I dealt with complex problems

in experimental and theoretical

physics, which required me to

better understand the world,

create models, and check their

assumptions to obtain results.

As a commander in an elite

technological unit in the Israel

Defense Forces, I learned to be a

successful leader among dozens

of extremely talented individuals.

Then, as a Harvard Buisness school

graduate and a consultant at BCG,

I learned how to identify and

address strategic challenges in

various industries in a methodical,

scientific way; in this case, I was

studying not electrons and protons,

but the actions and behavior

various actors such as cyberattackers

and defenders. Once we

started Sayata, this diverse range

of experiences equipped me to

effectively lead our company in

our mission to apply our team’s

wealth of knowledge, technical

expertise and strategic insights to

help organizations address their

most urgent problems.


CISO MAG | June 2019 CISO MAG | June 2019

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