Summer 2019 Shaggy Sheet

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Your donations make a lasting impact on animals in need! Learn about all the wonderful programs and services we provide to pets in our community and find out how you can get involved. Together, we can save lives!

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League • SUMMER 2019

Thousands of lives saved

since 2016 thanks to our

Kitten Nursery

– pages 10-11

Saving lives. Building a more humane community. Together.

3200 North Military Trail

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

General Information 561-686-3663

Fax 561-686-0940

Donations 561-472-8842

Please email

or call for any of these services:

Adoptions 561-686-6656

Behavior Helpline 561-472-8815

Spay/Neuter 561-472-8812

Vaccine Clinic/ 561-472-8812


Volunteer Program 561-472-8867

Foster Program 561-472-8578

Humane Euthanasia 561-686-3663

of Ill or Older Pets

Lost or Found Pet 561-686-3663

Surrender a Pet

Leadership Circle & 561-472-8576

Peace of Mind Program

Berman Memorial 561-530-6066

Pet Gardens

Columbarium 561-686-3663

Front Desk 561-686-3663

Peggy’s Pantry 561-472-8852

Food Bank

Email –

or call for the following information:

Special Events 561-530-6057

Marketing & 561-472-8845

Public Relations

Young Friends of 561-530-6066

Peggy Adams

Please call Animal Care and Control to

report animal abuse or neglect:


Follow us! @PeggyAdamsARL

A Letter from

Rich Anderson

Executive Director/CEO

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

With the heat of the summer months upon us, the time comes to safeguard

our beloved pets.

Summer is a time when we need to be extra vigilant regarding potential

dangers to our pets. With the increase of storms, presence of fireworks,

and summer heat, there are important steps you can take to make sure

your pet is safe. Our back cover discusses some of those threats. And with

hurricane season upon us, please make sure you have your hurricane plan

in place for you and your animals. Remember – friends don’t leave friends

behind. To download a hurricane checklist, please visit

What else does summer bring? Kittens!!! Due to our beautiful, warm weather

in South Florida, kitten season is now in full swing and we need your help. It is

during this time, from early spring through late fall, when cats mate and give

birth to countless kittens. Due to the influx of kittens entering our care, we

desperately need volunteers and foster families. Read all about our life-saving

kitten nursery and how you can get involved on pages 10-11.

Nevertheless, summer is also a great time to enjoy the companionship our

pets bring into our lives. I hope you enjoy reading this edition which includes

wonderful, heartwarming updates on some of the cats and dogs that have been

recently adopted – as well as updates on the dogs rescued from a Palm Beach

Gardens hoarding situation, which were spotlighted in our 2019 Spring edition.

Lastly, all of us at Peggy Adams cannot thank you enough for your support!

Together, we can protect the lives of our own pets, the lives of pets throughout

our county, and the lives of those animals arriving at our shelter every day.

With compassion for the animals,

Rich Anderson

Executive Director/CEO

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Board of Directors

Jane Grace, Honorary Chairman

Lesly S. Smith, Chairman

Sam Hunt, Vice Chairman

Joanie Van der Grift, President

Nellie Benoit, Vice President

Daniel Hanley, Treasurer

Laurie Raber Gottlieb, Secretary

Jack Flagg, Executive Committee

Carol Garvy, Executive Committee

Daniel E. Ponton, Executive Committee

James D. Berwind

Nancy Brougher

Virginia Burke

Christina Dennis

Candy Hamm

Vicky Hunt

Linda Miller

Pauline Pitt

George E. Summers

Louis Auslander, Director Emeritus

Dotsy Letts, Director Emerita

The Shaggy Sheet newsletter is sent to all supporters who donate $25 or more per year. To ensure that you continue to receive your issue,

please use the enclosed envelope to make a minimum donation of $25. The animals need your help and we don’t want your mailings to be interrupted!

Thank you for your caring support of the animals!

2 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Happy Tails for hoarded puppies

Animal Rescue League rescued 38 dogs after their

owner who was found dead inside a Palm Beach

Gardens home. Lisa and Keierra decided to adopt two

of them.

“I felt like it was important for us to adopt these

particular dogs because they came from their owner

passing away, and they needed someone to care for

them,” Flower said.

Boynton Beach family heals after tragedy

by rescuing pups…

For many, track and field is considered an individual

sport. But at the Boynton Beach Track Club, that

couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We became family from day one,” Lisa Flower said.

Four days a week, you’ll find team moms Lisa and

Keierra camped out with their eyes on the track, and

that’s where you’ll find their daughters.

“They started just by running around the house,”

Flower said.

Now at 10 years old with matching ponytails and

smiles, best friends Jillesia and Mariah compete

competitively running long distance. But a family

tragedy almost took Jillesia off track.

“We lost him to gun violence,” Flower said. In

December, Lisa’s 24-year-old son, Jermaine Bozeman,

was gunned down in Boynton Beach. Jillesia lost her

older brother and one of her biggest fans.

“Oh they were close, he was their everything,” Flower

said. Lisa didn’t know when her little girl would

find joy again. “She just started crying a lot,” Flower

recalled. “She just didn’t want to run anymore. She just

was sad.”

And that’s when her track family stepped in. “We saw

the news story and we were like yeah, we want those

puppies,” Keierra said. In February, Peggy Adams

Lisa and her daughter Jillesia had finally found

their joy.

“I want to be a track star and I want to have this dog

so it can make me have joy,” Jillesia said.

Story is courtesy of Sabirah Rayford,

Aila (AKA Desmona),

Adopted 3/29/19

Aila was another of the 38

recovered dogs… Her new

family reports, “Aila is doing

very well! Thank you so much

for reaching out. She is

surrounded by kind, loving

people and is happy and healthy! Every day is a

wonderful experience for her. “ – Grace 3

Walk-In Wellness Clinic

Walk-In Wellness Clinic

It’s very important to stay current on pet vaccinations, flea and

heartworm preventatives! Equally important is to microchip

your pet! All these services are available at our

Wellness Clinic. Last year we were able to

reunite over 250 lost cats and dogs with their

families. Please make sure your pets are

microchipped and their chip information

is up-to-date.

For more information including

hours and prices, please visit

4 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

AAHA Accreditation

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Recognized for High

Level of Veterinary Excellence and becomes the 1st Animal

Shelter Hospital in South Florida to be AAHA Accredited

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is pleased

to announce that following a thorough evaluation

by the American Animal Hospital Association

(AAHA), it has been recognized for the highest level

of veterinary excellence. Peggy Adams earned the

AAHA accreditation in April after a rigorous review of

our hospital’s practice protocols, medical equipment,

facility and client services.

Unlike human hospitals, not all animal

hospitals are required to be accredited.

Peggy Adams is the first animal shelter in

South Florida, just the second in the entire

State of Florida, one of only twenty-five

shelters in the entire United States to be

AAHA accredited.

Accredited hospitals choose to be

evaluated on approximately 900 quality

standards that go above and beyond

basic state regulations, ranging from

patient care and pain management to

staff training and advanced diagnostic

services. AAHA–accredited hospitals are

recognized among the finest in the industry and are

consistently at the forefront of advanced veterinary

medicine. AAHA standards are continuously reviewed

and updated to keep accredited practices on the

cutting edge of veterinary excellence.

“As a veterinarian, I believe it’s critical to follow best

practices for medicine for the thousands of animals we

see each year,” says Dr. Beth Keser, Director of Medical

Services. She continues, “Here at Peggy Adams, we

adhere to the recommendations of the Association of

Shelter Vets Best Practices regarding shelter medicine,

but Peggy Adams is more than a shelter. We are the

largest provider of some of the most needed animal

services such as spay/neuter and affordable vaccines

to the Palm Beach County community. It’s important

that our local community knows that we also follow

Dr. Beth Keser,

Director of Medical Services

guidelines set in place by the American Animal

Hospital Association. We are proud of this

achievement and to be able to say we are the first

shelter in South Florida to earn this accreditation.”

Pet owners look for AAHA–accredited hospitals

because they value their pets’ health and trust the

consistent, expert care provided by the entire health

care team. At AAHA–accredited practices, pet owners

can expect to receive the highest quality care from

well-trained, professional veterinary teams.

Only the top small animal hospitals in the United

States and Canada have achieved accreditation by

the Association. To maintain accredited status,

Peggy Adams must continue to be evaluated regularly

by AAHA. For more information, please visit 5





On February 18, little

Dutchess was one of 38 dogs

discovered in a house when

the owner was found dead

in Palm Beach Gardens.

There was no room for

them at Palm Beach County

Animal Care and Control.

Could they be saved? Would

they live?

Bronx was a dog hit by a

stray bullet in North Palm

Beach. Would he get the

emergency lifesaving care

he needed and the second

chance he deserved?

Panda was a kitten – just

hours old – born outside

and needing around the

clock care if he was going to

survive. Would he?

A few short years ago, the

answers to those questions

would likely have been “no.”

Dutchess would not be

saved. Bronx would not get a

second chance. Panda would

not survive.

But thanks to people in our community who care,

each one of these animals is alive today. And they’re

just three of the thousands of animals alive today

thanks to the Countdown 2 Zero (C2Z) initiative.

Launched in 2014 by Peggy Adams Animal Rescue

League, Palm Beach County Animal Care and

Control and the Palm Beach County Board of County

Commissioners the goal of C2Z is to save every

adoptable animal in Palm Beach County by the year

2024. We are making incredible progress.

Before the launch of C2Z five years ago, Palm Beach

County Animal Care and Control was saving less than

50% of the abandoned, lost, sick and injured animals

it received. Today, the County shelter is saving nearly

8 out of every 10 dogs and cats that come through

its doors.

But it has taken the support and dedication of

countless people throughout our community. From

those who have chosen to adopt a rescue animal

and the selfless volunteers who give hours upon

hours of their time to saving lives, to the individuals

and businesses that generously support the work of

shelters and rescue organizations.

We are also grateful to the collaborative spirit of

the rescue community that has rallied around the

C2Z effort. To date, nearly 200 rescue organizations

have helped save the lives of more than 10,000 dogs,

cats, puppies and kittens when the County shelter

has been overwhelmed with animals in need. (You

can see a list of every organization and how many

animals they have helped the County shelter save at

Together – as a community – we can save every

animal possible in Palm Beach County.

Here’s how you can help:

Adopt a rescue animal. On any given day, there are more than

2,000 dogs, cats, kittens and puppies available for adoption at

local Palm Beach County shelters and rescues.

Become a Foster Volunteer. Shelters and rescues urgently need

temporary Foster homes throughout the year.

Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR). Do you have free

roaming cats in your neighborhood or around your office?

Learn about TNVR and what to do if you see newborn kittens at:

Spay and Neuter. To prevent unwanted litters of puppies and

kittens, there are free spay and neuter services available for

Palm Beach County residents at Palm Beach County Animal Care

and Control and at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.

For more information, please visit and

6 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Working Cat Program

Occasionally, a cat comes into the shelter, either as

an owner surrender or stray, that is not quite suited

for our traditional adoption program. These cats are

under socialized or have a behavioral issue which

makes them not very attractive to a traditional adopter

and are much more difficult to get adopted. They are

typically not interested in getting lots of attention,

sitting in a lap and especially spending countless hours

inside a home gazing out the windows watching the

world pass by. In a nutshell, they’ve got an issue or two

when it comes to interacting with humans and have

no desire to live life as an inside, domesticated cat.

In January of this year, Peggy Adams launched our

Working Cat Program. This is a win-win program

for both the cats and adopters! The cats enjoy a safe

home with shelter and a caregiver, and the adopters

enjoy having a healthy, sterilized cat that happily tends

to their vermin troubles. Adopting a working cat is

the eco-friendly, green solution for pest problems

in barns, warehouses, garden centers, horse stables,

garages, factories or other places of business. And, it

comes with an added bonus – it saves lives!

The program has had much success in a very short

time. In fact, as of June 2019, 23 working cats have

found forever homes. And, amazingly, the behaviors

that made them not ideal candidates for our

traditional adoption program have minimized or

even gone away completely. Maybe chasing mice

was all they really wanted to do!

“Being part of this program has been very exciting

and rewarding. While our working cats are not always

very friendly, I do believe there is a sweet side in all of

them and the joy I feel when one finds a forever home

is immeasurable. And when I hear how happy they are

living the life they wanted, it’s priceless!”

– Kim Hartung, Behavior Coordinator

To learn more about the working cat program and

to see our current cats available for adoptions, please



“When I saw Max, he

instantly gave me the stank

eye, but I fell in love anyway.

He’s so much more than

just a working cat. I mean,

he does a fabulous job at

keeping critters away, but he

also actually loves people,

even though you would

never know that when first

meeting him. He truly enjoys

the company of our chickens and dogs, and is absolutely

fascinated with our neighbor’s pig. Max is the perfect

addition to our family. I’m so happy that he picked us to

be his people.


– Stacey Lambertt

“Minnie is a perfect part of

our company family. She

is always on mice patrol in

our office and is a pro. She

caught 7 mice in her first 5

days with us! We absolutely

adore her. We feel honored to

have Minnie.”


– Analisa

“I’m literally obsessed with

Spartacus. We’re truly BFFs.

Not only has he rid the barn

of mice, he has made friends

with our dog, horses, kids,

all the neighbors and he is

absolutely in love with our

pig. Thank you, Kim Hartung

and Peggy Adams, for

bringing Spartacus into

our family.”

– Emily Plante 7

New Pet Adoption & Humane Education Center

Our Pet Adoption and Humane Education Center will break

ground in Summer 2019! For more information, please visit or call 561-472-8844.


Areas Available for Naming With a gift of… Number Available

Cat Adoption Wing $750,000 1

Outdoor Dog Play Yard $250,000 2

Outdoor Dog Meet-&-Greet Courtyard $200,000 1

Outdoor Café $150,000 2

Lobby 8’3” x 8’ Central Permanent Pet Portrait $100,000 7

Cat Apartment with “Catio” $100,000 2

Dog Hall Permanent Pet Portrait $50,000 20

Cat Hall Permanent Pet Portrait $50,000 18

Lobby-side Cat Colony Room $50,000 5

Dog Workrooms $35,000 3

Rear Cat Colony Room $25,000 7

Dog Room $25,000 13

Dog Kennel Gallery $20,000 4

Laundry Room $20,000 1

Office Wing Permanent Pet Portrait $10,000 21

Cat Condos $5,000 28

Dog Kennels $5,000 52

Trees $2,500 6

Benches $1,500 31

Bricks 8” x 8” $500 281

Bricks 8” x 4 $250 809

Pledges may be paid for up to five years.

For more information, please contact Rich Anderson, Executive Director/CEO • 561-472-8844 or

8 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Ask the Vet Dr. Beth Keser, Director of Medical Services

What you need to know

to keep your pets safe

from Bufo Toads

If you live in South Florida, you have likely seen the

marine toad, Bufo marinus, also known as the giant

toad or cane toad. These are very large brownishgrayish

colored toads with a yellow belly. They have

deeply-pitted parotid glands that extend all the way

down their back. These toads can get as big as 6-9

inches or even larger. When confronted by a predator,

they are able to shoot bufo toxin from the parotid

glands (located on the back) in the form of white

viscous venom. This venom is highly toxic to dogs,

cats and other animals, and it can also cause skin

irritations in humans.


• Foamy salivation

(may resemble shaving cream)

• Difficulty breathing

• Brick red gums

• Convulsions

• Paralysis

• Ventricular Fibrillation

• Vomiting

• Uncoordinated staggering


• Immediately rinse out your pet’s mouth

with a super wet wash cloth. Repeat this

several times to remove any toxins from

the mouth. ***DO NOT USE A HOSE


can easily enter the lungs causing

more problems.)

• Proceed to the nearest veterinary

hospital or emergency clinic as time is

of the essence.

• The smaller the pet or the bigger the toad,

the greater the risk of toxicity.


• Keep your dog on a leash and wellsupervised.

• Avoid attracting the toads to areas where

pets congregate.

• Do not leave pet food in open dishes

outside. Toads can sit in water bowls long

enough to leave toxins to make your pet ill. 9


Kitten Season is Here!

Nearly 200 Kittens have Entered the Kitten Nursery

at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Since March.

Foster Homes Needed!

Peggy Adams

Animal Rescue

League’s Neonatal Kitten

Nursery is the only one

of its kind in South Florida

and is bustling with activity this

kitten season! Peggy Adams has received 192 neonatal

kittens (newborns up to 4 weeks old) between March

19th to May 16th. Year-to-date, Peggy Adams has

admitted 937 kittens into the program from 0-5

months old and hundreds more will be on their way!

The League is looking for additional temporary foster

homes to help care for these kittens.

the League to nurture these kittens until they are old

enough for adoption to their forever family. Even with

over 500 foster families, more temporary foster homes

are desperately needed to save the lives of kittens

that arrive at Peggy Adams each day. Rich Anderson

Executive Director/CEO of Peggy Adams Animal

Rescue League says, “Fostering is rewarding – and

incredibly important. Adopting a shelter animal is

wonderful, but when you become a foster volunteer

you are helping to save multiple lives because you save

the lives of the animals you foster, and you make space

in our shelter to take in more homeless pets.”

Many neonatal kittens are brought to Peggy Adams

Animal Rescue League every day because they have

been separated from their mother. After receiving

critical care in the Kitten Nursery (which can hold up

to 80 kittens at any given time and is staffed 24-hours

a day, seven days a week), they are placed with the

over 500 foster families who are currently assisting

10 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League opened our

Neonatal Kitten Nursery in 2016 as a revolutionary

approach to saving lives of newborn kittens that

require 24-hour care to survive. In 2017, Peggy Adams

expanded the Kitten Nursery to accommodate even

more kittens. So far this year, the Kitten Nursery is

thriving, and it looks to be another busy kitten season.

The community should be aware of some important

information if they see kittens this time of year.

Kittens less than four weeks old have little chance of

survival if separated from their mothers. In fact, cats

and kittens are the most at-risk animals in Palm Beach

County. Most discoveries of newborn kittens don’t call

for human assistance. No intervention is generally best

until kittens can eat on their own.

For more information on what to do if you have

found kittens, please visit

Since its inception, the Neonatal Kitten Nursery

at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League has saved

the lives of over 1,000 kittens and continues to help

achieve the goals of Palm Beach County’s Countdown

2 Zero initiative to save the lives of all adoptable pets

in Palm Beach County.

Peggy Adams is also in need of foster volunteers.

A Foster Parent provides a temporary home for an

animal(s) until they are ready for adoption or for a

period of time. Foster parents provide a safe place

for animals to thrive and grow. Peggy Adams

provides all the supplies and community service

hours for school are available for fostering. For

more information, please visit or call 561-686-3663.

To inquire about volunteering in the Kitten Nursery, please visit

and for career opportunities, please visit

Sloan Arias, Volunteer 11

Happy Tails!


Adopted 1/20/19

“Skipper is doing

amazing and

adjusting better

than ever! He has

been the perfect

addition to our

family. My other cats

love him as much as he

loves them. He has made us

all so happy and I couldn’t be more grateful that we

were brought together. He is such a silly boy and loves

to play with his brother and sister. He’s growing so fast

and getting so big! Thank you to everyone who made

this adoption possible! " – Jonna


Adopted 2/24/19

“I would love to

share a photo

with you of our

Beautiful Baby

Girl. She is so

happy and getting

so big. She is truly a

blessing in our home,

and we could not have

asked for a better addition to our family. She is the

most playful and loving kitten I have ever met.

She does not leave our side and follows us around the

house. She loves to go and sleep in her brother Larry’s

(the ferret) cage. They are not the best of friends yet

but every day we are making progress. She loves to go

for walks and playing outside in the garden. She is not

the biggest fan of her cage when we are driving, but as

soon as you take her out she sits on your lap and is the

happiest kitten.

We are so thankful we found our baby at Peggy

Adams. Thank you so much for everything your team

does for the animals. We will be back in the future to

add to our little family. Lots of love to all the animals!”

– Varushca


Adopted 2/5/19

“We wanted to

thank you for

allowing us to

adopt our new

beautiful 3-year-old

cat Luna from Pet

Supermarket. Luna is

settling in beautifully

and is a great cat! We do

not own any other cats or dogs and Luna seems to

like that very much. She is very friendly and curious,

and is very happy and healthy here. We love her very

much! Thank you!” – Rosanne & Mary


Adopted 2/12/19

“Our relationship

with Jax started off

rocky at first. Jax

was very nervous

about many things

and had severe

separation anxiety.

With help from a

professional trainer and our

vet, we worked to build a strong relationship with

Jax in which he fully trusted us and was able to build

self-confidence. As Jax became more trusting of us,

he became much happier and relaxed. Today, we can

come and leave the house without being any bother

to Jax.

Jax is the best furry family member we could have

ever asked for. Jax likes to run in the backyard chasing

his squeaky toys and playing with his brother Oliver,

who is a kitten. Jax has made a great addition to our

family and our relationship with him is amazing.

We are so blessed to have been able to find him.”

– Brandon and Gaby

Continued on next page…

12 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Happy Tails! Continued


Adopted 1/27/19

“Hi there. ‘Tommy’

(we re-named

him Thor) has

been nothing but

a sweetheart... He

settled in immediately

and has been a great pet

ever since. He goes to

doggy daycare 2 times a week

and goes to doggy parks 3-4 times a week. He likes

long walks and is highly intelligent. His behavior

and temperament are top notch. We found out that

he is an Argentine Mastiff. His age now is about 6-7

months, and being a Mastiff type of breed, he’ll grow

much larger than what we thought, he is also full of

energy and loves my kids. He has grown a lot in these

past 3 months, went from 46lbs to 71lbs.” – Diego

has a big brother now named King who she absolutely

adores and loves to play with. She enjoys cuddle time

on the couch and completely melts to the ground

every time she receives pets from friends or family

members! She’s a complete momma’s girl and never

leaves my side. I can’t remember to my life without

her, she’s my best friend! We’d both like to thank Peggy

Adams for caring for her while she was there. Thank

you to the entire team!” – Sadia

Do you have a Happy Tail to share? Please email us

at and/or submit and

tag us on Social Media! @PeggyAdamsARL

Peggy in the News…

Keep a lookout for Peggy Adams on WPBF 25 every

other Wednesday at approximately 9:45am. Thank you

to WPBF 25 for including our adoptable cats and dogs

in their Hot Dogs, Cool Cats segment!


Adopted 1/18/19

“Opie is the most

wonderful kitty. He

is always so sweet,

playful and healthy.

He loves to play with

all of his toys. We are

very pleased with our

adoption. Thank you for

helping animals in need.”

– Marcela


Adopted 11/4/18

“This is Luana!

Previously known

as Sadie, she has

mastered her

commands since

I adopted her in

November 2018! She

Michelle Christmann, Mark Kelly, and Lokie 13

Featured Adoption Programs

Anna and Pouncy

Graduated: May 23, 2019

The Good Dog

Training Program

was designed to help

harder to adopt dogs

find their forever

homes. These dogs

are wonderful dogs!

They’re playful, sweet,

and affectionate…

so why does it take

longer for them to

get adopted? Dogs

in the Good Dog

Training Program are

usually 50 pounds

or over and have the

appearance of a bully type breed – which some people

may find intimidating.

We’re here to change

that perception!

With our Good

Dog Training

Program, these

dogs complete

some of the

most hands-on

training out of all

the dogs at Peggy

Adams. Six to eight

dogs are put through a

rigorous but fun 6 week training course ending with a

certification exam to show off their new-found skills.

For more information about the Good Dog Training Program,

please visit

Adopt a Senior! Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

encourages the adoption of our senior pets through

our Grey Whisker Club adoption program. Research

shows that having a pet helps people lead healthier

lives, and the benefits are many: companionship,

lowered blood pressure, stress relief, sense of purpose

and responsibility, and the list goes on. We think pets

are so important to keeping our community healthy

and happy, we’ll even pick up the tab on the adoption

fee and ID tag, as well as yearly wellness exams,

monthly flea and heartworm preventatives, and annual

vaccinations. Senior pets make the best pets!

For more information on all the adoption programs Peggy Adams offers, please visit

Can’t adopt? Please consider volunteering, fostering or donating.

Kids Corner

Happy birthday to our young philanthropist, Bettina, who

just turned 10 years old! In lieu of gifts, party goers were

asked to give donations to our Pantry, which helps hundreds

of Palm Beach County families feed their pets. Over the last

three years, Bettina has collected donations for her birthday.

Because of her generosity and kindness, many families will

be able to care for their pets during times of need.

14 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Project CatSnip – Helping to Stabilize Cat Colonies

Hidden in the lush vegetation, perched on top of

a mobile home roof or staying motionless under

a parked car, about 20 cats silently wait for the

appearance of their caretaker, Brenda.

“Come on babies, it is time to eat,” she calls out as

she begins spilling kibble on to colorful paper plates.

On cue, the cats head for the first of two meals she

will serve this day. They answer to such names as

Freddy, RJ, Freckles, Can Do, Annie and Fuzzy. In

the distance, two orange tabbies appear. A confident

muscular black-and-white cat steps out from under

his hiding spot behind a tree. They all sport tipped

left ears to indicate that they have been spayed or

neutered, vaccinated, as well as microchipped to their

specific address. They all appear healthy and content.

This is a successful and stabilized cat colony in Palm

Beach County.

“These are my babies. I love them,” she states. “If you

are good to them, they are good to you. They make

me smile and laugh.” She is quick to point out there

have been no new kittens born here in over two

years. There are dozens of ‘Brenda’s’ in every corner

of Palm Beach County feeding homeless cats and

working with groups like Project CatSnip to learn

that the County requires all cats you are feeding to be

spayed or neutered. Project CatSnip loans them traps,

coaches them and assists with transportation to the

clinic for the trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR)

services. Many people like Brenda are retirees who

have a special fondness and dedication to these oftenforgotten

cats who find themselves living on the street

through no fault of their own. It seems, the cats and

the ‘Brenda’s’ bring something to special each other.

To learn more about Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-

Return, free trapping classes, trap loans and the

Palm Beach County Ordinance that protects

these community cats, please visit:

This scene is happening in countless neighborhoods

throughout the county each and every day. Once

branded as feral cats, these felines are now identified

as community cats.

These are cats who live outside, who do not belong

to anybody and who are not socialized with people

enough to be adopted into indoor homes. Project

CatSnip first had to build trust with Brenda, a retiree

living on a fixed income. 15

Planned Gift Options


Life Insurance

Through the gift of life insurance policies, you can

make a large gift to rescue animals with little cost to

you. You also receive a tax deduction immediately.


Leg acy of



the Anima l

Retirement Accounts

You can name the League as a beneficiary of the

balance of your account after your lifetime. This will

eliminate income and estate taxes.


When you name Peggy Adams Animal Rescue

League in your will, you have control of your assets

and the gift is exempt from federal estate tax.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

This trust pays a fixed percentage of the assets as

revolved annually. It provides variable income for

life and immediate income from a tax deduction.

Charitable Lead Trusts

You can create a trust that pays a fixed or variable

income to us for a specific number of years. The

balance is then given to anyone of your choosing.

Property/Homes/Appreciated Stocks

Consider donating appreciated stock, real estate or

other valuable items. You can take an immediate

charitable deduction of fair market value and avoid

capital gains tax.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Dependable fixed income for you or a loved one

during your lifetime. Afterwards, the League

receives the principal of your gift.

Peace of Mind Program

The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Peace

of Mind Program offers a planned gift option that

provides for the long term, permanent care of your

pets when you are no longer able to care for them.


I am interested in learning more about planned

giving options and becoming a member of

Forever Friends.

Please send information on the following:


Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Lead Trusts

Life Insurance

Retirement Accounts

Property & Homes

Appreciated Stock

Charitable Gift Annuities

Peace of Mind Program

I have included Peggy Adams Animal Rescue

League in my estate plans and wish to join

Forever Friends


Street address

City, State, Zip Code

Phone number

Email address

Name as it should appear for Forever Friends recognition

purposes, including “anonymous” if preferred.

Mail this request form to:

Kim Hanson, Major Gifts/Planned Giving Officer

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

3100/3200 North Military Trail

West Palm Beach, FL 33409


16 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Introducing our New Director of Finance

with the compassionate staff. Several months later, the

Director of Finance position opened at Peggy Adams.

After researching the organization and meeting with

the leadership team, she knew this was where she

wanted to be, and she is thankful they felt the

same way.

“Most don’t realize that caring for the animals left in

our care goes way beyond providing shelter. I’m so

grateful to be part of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue

League, where there is a culture of compassion and

teamwork in the carrying out our mission.”

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is excited to

announce that Sharon Anderer has joined our team as

Director of Finance.

Sharon was born and raised in New York where she

graduated from the State University of New York at

Albany with a B.S. in Accounting. Her career of over

30 years began in public accounting during which

time she earned her license as a Certified Public

Accountant in the State of New York.

In 1992, Sharon moved to South Florida. After public

accounting, her career path took her to financial

reporting and eventually management for several

large public and private corporations in a variety

of industries.

Sharon currently resides in South Palm Beach with

her husband of 24 years Ted, two sons Jake and

Daniel, and their beloved dog Suzie Q. In her free

time, she enjoys reading, spending time outdoors and

up-cycling old objects into true treasures.

Career Opportunities

Join the Peggy Team!

Are you ready to work in a state-of-the-art facility,

help thousands of animals, and know that you are

making a difference every day?

If so, check out our opportunities!

In a move to work closer to home and her young

children, she accepted a position at Donna Klein

Jewish Academy, a non-profit K-12 day school, where

she stayed for 10 years in the position of Controller.

Sharon knew that she had finally found her path, the

world of non-profit organizations. This was her way of

doing what she loves, accounting, and giving back to

society working alongside amazing individuals.

In 2016, Sharon accepted the position of Finance

Director at the Caridad Center, the largest free clinic

in Florida, located in Boynton Beach.

Sharon’s first experience with Peggy Adams was in

October 2018. She needed the League’s services for her

15-year-old Schnauzer, Cookie, and was so impressed

Celebrating 25 Years!

Congratulations to Jeffrey Finley who is a very

important part of our fantastic Facilities Team! 17

Thank you to current members

of the Leadership Circle...

Today, you are invited to join the exclusive

Leadership Circle.

The Leadership Circle is made up of generous and

thoughtful donors who have expressed their intent to

support our annual operations for five or more years.

These ongoing commitments ensure that Peggy

Adams Animal Rescue League can meet the critical

needs of the animals and provide a vital foundation

of financial support. Multi-year commitments ensure

that Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League will be

able to move forward on a path of continued and

sustainable growth to help more animals and to be a

leading animal welfare organization, both locally

and nationally.

For an investment of as little as $2.74 a day, ($1,000

for the year), you can join the Leadership Circle.

As a member of the Leadership Circle, you will play

a vital role in the life of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue

League and, more importantly, in the lives of the

dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who need and deserve

a second chance at life. Together we will succeed

in building a community where there are no more

homeless pets.

Humanitarian $100,000+/year

Ann & Charles B. Johnson

Guardian $50,000-$99,999/year

James D. Berwind – Director, Spring

Point Partners, LLC

Nancy Brougher & The W. Dale

Brougher Foundation

Christina Dennis

Jeff Levitetz & the Levitetz Family

Foundation, Inc.

Danielle Hickox Moore & The Mary

Alice Fortin Foundation, Inc.

Lesly S. Smith & The Fortin

Foundation of Florida, Inc.

Benefactor $10,000-$24,999/year

Carol & Harold Baxter

Cynthia (†) & Terry Taylor


Grand Patron $5,000-$9,999/year

The Ramon W. Breeden, Jr.


Virginia S. Burke

Linda & William Caval

Thomas & Susan Teri Davis

Judith A. Dean

Frankie & Irwin Edenzon

Gillman Family Foundation

Murray & Sylvana Klein Family


Patricia McLaughlin

Military Brake & Alignment, Inc.

Joanie & Paul Van der Grift

Jere & John Zenko

Patron $2,500-$4,999/year

Clare McLean Cross

Tina & Rick Grow

Jeanne B. Hogue & Frank S. Bell

April V. Lewis

Lorraine Odasso

Mary & David Pressly

Gerald R. Seay

Member $1,000-$2,499/year

Leslie Abi-Karam & Scott Fuller

Susan & Larry B. Alexander

Lisa & Rich Anderson

Christopher A. Andrews

Nellie Benoit

Cynthia Boardman

Russell S. Bohn

Marilyn & Greg Byers

Melanie Harris Denney & Earl L.

Denney, Jr.

Denise & Ray DeRiggi

Donna Ditchik

JB Dixson

Linda & J. Barry Donahue

Joann & Tom Dye

Rhonda & Jeffrey P. Eves

Barbi Fadden-Gearhart

Renate Franco

Dawn & Charles Frankel, III

Elizabeth & Dolf Garcia

Debra V. Gonzalez & Howard


Arlette Gordon

Darcy & George Gould

Denise & Daniel A. Hanley

Lynne Hopkins

Robin & Randy Hunt

James A. Kane

Howard Koeppel & Mark Hsiao

The Krause Family Foundation

Gail & David Leavitt

Paula B. Leed

Zelda & Allen Mason

Paul T. McLaughlin

Grace & Chris Meigher

Paula & George J. Michel

Jacqueline Michel & David Weisman

Linda & Leverett Miller

Heidi & Richard Nielsen

Paige Rense Noland

Linda R. Olsson, Inc., Realtor

PTM Electric, Inc.

Alexandra Reid & Andrea Reid

Renny Reynolds & Jack Staub

Joann & Herb Roemmele

Diana L. Shields


Ralph R. Slaton, Jr.

Nora & Murray Solomon

Jan R. Steele

Christine & Robert Stiller


Andrea C. Thomas

Alison & Rob Torrington

The Weintz Family Harbor Lights


For more information, please email Kim Hanson at or call 561-472-8576

18 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Company Corner

SPECIAL THANKS to the employees at

Florida Public Utilities (FPU) for their

incredible donation of food, toys and litter

for animals that need a helping hand. Their

donation to our Peggy’s Pantry will assist

families struggling to feed their pets across

Palm Beach County.

FPU looks for themes for their donation

drives and April was National Pet Month.

For their drive, their local Propane Office

elected Peggy Adams due to the following reasons:

employee referrals, word of mouth, and more so, the

League’s mission and vision for the community and

compassion towards all of the animals.

Peggy Adams would also like to thank all the

individuals, businesses and corporations that

collected and donated items from our wish list in

support of our May Kitten Shower.

We would like to give a special shout out to local

businesses who had special collection boxes for our

Kitten Shower: YouFit (Lantana, Boynton Beach,

Greenacres, West Palm Beach, and Wellington),

Velocity Community Credit Union in Palm Beach

Gardens, and Bealls Outlet (2925 N. Military Trail

and 816 S. Military Trail in West Palm Beach).

For more information on how your company

can get involved, please contact

or call 561.472.8842

To view our wish list, please visit 19

In Memoriam

“When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.”

~ Author Unknown

We would like to express our condolences to those who have lost loved ones. While they have left our community in life,

their legacies will live on forever because of the special donations that have been made in their memories.

(Gift Information from January 1, 2019 – April 1, 2019)

Dr. Dawn Aberwald

Danny W. Accardo

Ric Ackerman

Barbara M. Ahringer





Shadow B

Susan Barrow

Brian Batchelor

Teddy Bear


Max Benwitt

Milo Berbiar

Bandit Berg

George Bissell

Bizkit, Brie & Rosie

James Boinski

William C. Borynack

Robert Bourke

Edward Buckwald

BK Carpenter

Richard Chalet

Gladys Corliss

Puck Counihan



Reba DiNatale

Ariane Dixon

Sheila Dobrushin

Robert Sean Dunn

Sean Dunn


Charles Edwards

Richard Eichhorn


Elayne Engel

Jean C. Eshelman

Ann Feo

Kobe Flynn




Fred, Frita & C. C. Belle

Coco Ganci

Florence G. Gershwin

Wuffy Gibson

Elesabeth Gillet



Jonathan Halpern

Harry and Katie

Alan M. Herman


Timothy Hutchinson


Kato Jaworski


Kate and Annie

Blackjack Katz

Judy Katz

Bella Kauffmann

Mr. Cubby Kovalski

Dr. Robert Kramer


Wayne Lansberry

Phillip Lawrence

Andrew P. Lederman

Elliott Lehner


Jay Levie

Sten Lilja

Barbara Lindsay

Little Lovey

Toby, Kim & Ed Luedtke



Donnie & Marie

Stephanie Marks



Wilson Mc Millan

Bobby McLester


Shelby Rae Mims-Lefkowitz

Cookie Nelson

Marilyn Nicoletta



Beatrice Nirenberg







Stephanie Pennell

Sylvia C. Pennell

Mary-Alice Perkins

Mini Piccone

Christopher Pierce


Sheila Rennick

Harold (Sonny) Reuss



Stella Rose



Beverly Scafati

Michael Scarbrough


Charlie Schliff

Carl Shillinger

Dr. Ken Simmons

Iris Spalek


Stryk, Mama, Kitty and Mr. Cat



Jack Tripper

Lucy Weaver

Stuart Weiser

Helene Westreich

Thomas Wheeler

Patricia Whitehall


Have you ever wanted to add a pet to your family, but you just

couldn’t? If you are someone who wants to “watch over” the canine

and feline residents in our dog and cat adoption center, in a way that

hovers above the rest, then please become one of our Guardian Angels.

A Guardian Angel funds the care of our resident cats or dogs in a

specific condo or kennel. During your year as a Guardian Angel, you’ll

be helping a number of pets as they await their forever home.

Your status will be recognized with a card on your sponsored condo

or kennel naming you, your family, or your business as that pet’s

Guardian Angel. You’ll also receive a certificate and a special angel pin.

Anyone who visits the shelter will be reminded of your generosity.

The average cost of care for a dog or cat in our program is $19 a day

and the average length of stay with us is 30 days.

For more information, please contact Amy Lowe

561-530-6066 or


• $150 Small Cat Condo

• $250 Large Cat Condo or Dog Kennel

• $3,000 Archangel, provides the full care of 10 animals for a year

Guardian Angels 4/1/18 – 4/1/19

Holly & Phil Albrecht

Christine C. Anzalone

Jean & Simon Berger

Lori A. Carolini

Linda & Bill Caval and Lily

Valerie & John Charoonbara

Alice J. Dunn

Karen M. Eismann

Susan M. Eyth

Tina & Richard Grow (Archangel)

Marianne Holm

Patricia & Marshall Hilsberg (Archangel)

Stephen S. Johnson, II (Archangel)

Toni & David Kamsler

Clare M. Lazarow

Craig Lefkowitz

Doris K. McLane

Wendy G. Mitchell

Laurie Dahlstom Nahum

Patricia Newman

Susan & Kai Petersen

Rhona & Richard Ross

Anne & David Schooley

Virginia Shaller

Terriane Tuskes

20 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

The following contributors have made cumulative contributions or

planned support of Peggy Adams through April 1, 2019

Our Promise to the Animals

– Humane Care, Quality of Life, Life-Long Loving Homes,

and Spay/Neuter to Control Overpopulation.

Few have meant more to the

animals of our community than

Jane and Robert Grace and the

Grace family. The Grace Society

was established to honor them

and to recognize extraordinary

supporters who are making it

possible for Peggy Adams

Animal Rescue League to fulfill

its mission.


Lifetime Benefactors are

individuals and organizations

whose cumulative giving and

outstanding generosity demonstrate

the highest order of engagement

with the League’s humane mission

and vision. They are an inspiration

to all of us.

$1,000,000 or More

James D. Berwind – Director, Spring Point

Partners, LLC

Christina Dennis

The Fortin Foundation of Florida, Inc.

The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation, Inc.

The Eunice Joyce Gardiner Charitable Foundation

Jane & Robert Grace

Vicky & Sam Hunt

Ann & Charles B. Johnson

Danielle Hickox Moore

Pauline Pitt & The William H. Pitt Foundation, Inc.

The Ryerson Charitable Trust

Lesly S. Smith


Julie & Michael Connors

Candy & Bill (†) Hamm

PetSmart Charities, Inc.

L. Florence Schmidt Foundation

Margaretta Taylor

The Emily Vernon Foundation for Homeless and

Abused Animals



Nancy Brougher & The W. Dale Brougher


Virginia S. Burke

Frankie & Irwin F. Edenzon

Fleming Family Foundation

Dr. Steven M. Gottlieb & Laurie Raber Gottlieb

John Noffo Kahn

Wanda & James M. Moran, Jr

Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Association

Margi & Michael Picotte

Lois Pope

Scaife Family Foundation

Joanie & Paul Van der Grift


Animal Rescue Force

William C. Bartholomay

Carol & Harold Baxter

Carol & Sidney (†) Berman

Susan Stockard Channing

Virginia L. Cook

Mary Llew & Ben Coulter

Darbster Companies

Barbara Dauphin-Duthuit

Raymond A. Diaz

Loreen Beisswenger Farish Charitable Foundation

Carol & Robert Garvy

Susan C. Gibson

Arlette Gordon

Jorie Butler Kent

Michele & Howard Kessler

Connie & Peter Lacaillade

Jeff Levitetz & the Levitetz Family Foundation, Inc.

Edward S. Marvin (†)

Carol H. McCracken

Carole & John Moran

Palm Beach County

The Petco Foundation

Ardath B. Rosengarden

The John F. Scarpa Foundation

Coco & Donald Schefmeyer

Dorothy & Judson (†) Streicher

Susan O. Taylor

John Ulbrich Charitable Trust

U.S. Trust

Donald Veenhuis


Forever Friends are persons who

have made provisions in their estate

plans for support of Peggy Adams

Animal Rescue League.

The following major estate gifts

have been realized and are actively

supporting programs and services

for the animals in our care.

$1,000,000 & above

Peggy & Charles Norton Adams

Dorothy G. & Frank L. Baird

John Dee Craft

Beverly & Barry Crown

Eunice Joyce Gardiner

Wanda Jean Hiser

Anne Kunkel

Catherine Hyland MacArthur

Catherine Parks-Grauer

Jane M. & John B. Ryerson


Rodney Wayne Hall

Erna A. Huey

Margaret & Edward Jubon

Pamela Rank

L. Florence Schmidt


Maxine Adler

G. Richard Albanese

Lillian C. Avera

Barbara Augustus Beer

Bette Berry

Alfred Binger, Jr.

Agnes Bucich

Lilabel Catlin

Marilyn Chase

Zella E. Cleveland

Marion T. Coggin

Arthur Daly

Florence A. & Lawrence J. De George

M.P. Dolan

Marjorie Dole

Sharon Ruby Ellison 21

Grace Society Continued…

Antje L. Farber

Louise W. Floeckher

Louis J. Gartner

Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Grieves

Donald Hickman

Brian W. Holman

Anita Joyce

Gilbert S. Kahn

Edward F. Kendall

Ely & Carl Kreich

Doryce Kreiger

Gerald Leeds

Suzanne Lihme

Elisabeth P. Mackintosh

Carolina Mandel

Germaine Marvey

Dorothy McArthur

Robert Mueller

Edythe M. Needham

Benjamin Ogle

Clara Applegate Pollard

Rolf Posselt

Kathryn Prutzel

Susan C. Rather

Martha Cuneo Reed

Nina J. Reid

Dorothy D. Reilly

Marjorie J. Shultis

Eyleen D. Simpson

Donna Smith

Evangeline H. Stevens

Jessie Chardin Stewart

Betty Streifender

Lena Sutton

Simone Stakolt Tolksdorf

Ronald Tuppen

William N. Vaughan

Grace K. Warner

Ruth K. Weil

Anna Wenger

Matilda White

Mollie Wilmot

Ellen M. Wojtach

Axel Zdarsky

Matilda White

Mollie Wilmot

Ellen M. Wojtach

Axel Zdarsky

Annual Giving for current operations

The following contributors have

made donations between

January 1, 2019 and April 1, 2019

Contributors with a paw print

are also members of the Leadership

Circle, donors who have made

generous 5-year pledges in support

of the League.


Chairman’s Council members are

significant annual donors who,

each year and every year, create

the essential bedrock from which

all charitable donations to Peggy

Adams Animal Rescue League

come together to realize our goals.

Humanitarians: $100,000 & above

The Eunice Joyce Gardiner Charitable Foundation

Wanda and James M. Moran, Jr. Foundation

Estate of Anna Wenger

Guardians: $50,000 -$74,999

James D. Berwind – Director, Spring Point

Partners, LLC

Christina Dennis

The Loreen Beisswenger Farish Charitable


22 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Wanda Jean Hiser Trust

Margaretta Taylor

Grand Benefactors: $25,000-$49,999

Virginia L. Cook

Donald Veenhuis

Estate of Axel Zdarsky

Benefactors: $10,000-$24,999

Marcia S. Adler

Cristina Condon

James H. Costello

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Leslie Rose

L. Florence Schmidt Foundation

The Weiler Foundation

Grand Patrons: $5,000-$9,999

Virginia S. Burke

Gillman Family Foundation

Laurie & Peter Grauer

Lorrain & Malcolm Hall

Jeff Levitetz & the Levitetz Family

Foundation, Inc.

NCCI Holdings, Inc.

Jane W. Smith

Patrons $2,500 - $4,999

Barbara E. Daniell

Michael C. Graham Foundation, Inc.

Amanda Hall-Felder & Christopher Felder

Jeanne B. Hogue & Fritz Bell

KeyBank Foundation

Merck Animal Health – FKA Intervet, Inc.

PetSmart Charities

Pauline Pitt & The William H. Pitt Foundation, Inc.

Residence Inn

Rhoda & Charles M. Steiner

Friends $1,000 - $2,499

Leslie Abi-Karam & Scott Fuller

Dottie & James Alban

Susan & Larry B. Alexander

Margarita & Edward Allinson

Christopher A. Andrews

Christine C. Anzalone

Margaret L. Barford

Broken Sound Master Association

Nancy Brougher & The W. Dale Brougher


Linda A. Casey

Elisabeth Pittaluga & Philip Cerruti

Ruth Frischer & Lawrence Dambra

The Danford Foundation, Inc.

Timothy C. Davidson & Jana Hesser

Thomas & Susan Teri Davis

Giovanni Di Stadio & Jack E. Lighton


Rhonda & Jeffrey Eves

Fifth Generation Inc.

Conchi Garcia & Daniel Fuoco

Sharon & David Giuliano

Kitty & Graham Goldsmith

Annual Giving Continued…

Tim Goodale

Barbara J. Gottlieb & Milton Gottlieb

Darcy & George Gould

Anne & Matthews Hamilton

Denise & Daniel A. Hanley

Lynn Horowitz

Robin & Randy Hunt

JFK Medical Center

Mary A. Kahn-Tuchmann

Lorraine Kliebenstein

Peter Kulin

Elaine & Kenneth Langone

Sydie Lansing

Paula B. Leed

James Lockyer

Patricia McLaughlin

Ross W. W. Meltzer & Victor Figueredo

Paula & George J. Michel

Linda & Leverett Miller

Peter A. Niemitz

Judith M. Noren

Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions

Nan T. Ourisman

Linda J. Plourde

PTM Electric, Inc.

MaryJane Rafii Foundation

James Remez

Mary Jane Rojas

Cynthia Rupp

Emilia Saint-Amand Krimendahl

Jana & John Scarpa

Scenthound Holdings, LLC

Lawrence Schacht Foundation

Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley

Kim & William Seyler, Jr.

Jolene & Larry Shapiro

Eric A. Stanley


Ivey & Mitch Tanne and Tannco, Inc.

Alison & Rob Torrington

James R. Tracy

Velocity Community Credit Union

The Weintz Family Harbor Lights Foundation

Gary Wexler

Norma & John Winzell

(†) Indicates deceased

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of these

lists. When mistakes and misunderstandings occur,

we act quickly to resolve the issue. Please contact us

if you have a question or concern at 561-472-8576 or


– 19th Annual –

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Meyer Amphitheatre, Downtown West Palm Beach

Register to Walk and

Form a Team TODAY! 23




78º 95º 114º

85º 105º 130º

91º 125º 140º

Safeguard Your Pet This Summer

The dog days of summer can be a blast for your furry friends,

but the fun and commotion can also lead to pets going missing

during these common summertime events:


Summertime can be

perfect for barbecues and

picnics,but don’t forget to

keep your pet in a secure

area if guest will be

coming and going. Pets can

easily escape in the bustle

of a party!


One in five pets goes

missing after being scared

by loud noises, so be sure

to keep your pet in a

quiet, secure area at

home when summer

storms come rolling in.

To prevent your pet from going missing, make sure your pet always wears an ID tag, is

microchipped, and that all contact information is up-to-date.

To be prepared in the event that your pet goes missing, please visit


Loud, crowded fireworks

displays are no fun for

pets, who can become

frightened or disoriented

by the sound. Resist the

urge to take them to July

4th festivities by keeping

them safe at home.


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