VOL. 4, NO. 3 SUMMER 2019







Two year guaranteed protection

Improves gloss up to 10%


What is Diamond Plate?

A: Diamond Plate is a nano ceramic polymer coating that reacts with your vehicle’s

clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection.

These highly cross-linked coatings are extremely weather resistant, provides UV

protection, wear and acid rain resistance. These coatings are so durable they are

used widely in the aerospace industry.

Our Warranty Protects Against











(from newly painted road lines.)

Complete POS

Signage Available!

The Diamond Plate 2 Year Warranty

Is backed by an A+ insurance carrier.

Therefore, if a claim is filed, both consumers

and installers

will never have to pay

for the price of repair.

Diamond Plate Kit Includes:

• 1 Vile of the Patent Pending Diamond Plate

• VisionBlade Hydrophobic Windshield Protector

• Gloves

• Applicator

• Microfiber Finishing Towel

• P.O.S. Customer Hand Outs

• The Diamond Plate Warranty

Desk Topper Pop Up Sign


Simoniz USA, Inc, 201 Boston Turnpike, Bolton CT, 06043, 800-227-5536


Porsche or Pinto. ......... 4

All the Detail . ............ 5

The Shining Shop Auto Detailing

Business of Detailing . .... 8

Avoiding The Burn

Nitty Gritty ............. 10

Getting to Know

Robert “Bob” Wrasman

Innovations . ............ 14

OSHA News . ............ 16

Oh No! It’s OSHA News

Industry Dirt . ........... 18

IDA Column . ............ 25

A Tale of New Chapters

Detail Doctor . ........... 24

What do you know about mold?

Cover Story . ............ 28

Got the Right Buff?

Vol. 4, No. 3, Summer 2019

Publisher: Jackson Vahaly

Editor: Debra Gorgos

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One More Thing ...


As I am writing this, and while words like “tariffs,” “Trump,” “trade,” “economy,” and

“commerce” are splattered across my television, computer and Sunday paper, and I wonder how it

all is affecting my friends in the auto detailing industry, I am relieved to learn that Mother Nature

is doing her part to make sure those in the auto appearance industry have plenty of customers.

Thanks to the massive season invasions of lovebugs, detailers, especially those in Florida, Texas,

the Carolinas, Georgia and Mississippi, are presenting with vehicles encrusted with lovebug goop.

Carcasses, and whatever else is left behind after a bug on bun lovefest, are a car owner’s nightmare,

but detailers are left with a marketable and profitable opportunity. And, now, in Ohio, a colossal

It is with great regret that I admit to a mistake appearing in the Spring 2019 issue of Auto Detailing News.

The cover story on boat detailing, showed the before and after photos reversed. We know all of you are

smart, so we are hoping you noticed, but didn’t mind the mistake:

As I hold my head in shame, I hope something

like this will not happen again. Ben Thompson,

founder of Mavinate, LLC, did an amazing job

with providing the content and I hope it everyone

enjoyed it and all of the other material in

the issue.

invasion of mayflies is wreaking havoc on vehicles.

The mayflies apparently started out in Lake

Erie, burying their eggs in the sediment. The invasion

was so giant that it even showed up on weather

radar reports. In other auto-infiltration news that

only an auto detailer would appreciate, a 16-foot

long cobra was found in the engine of a car in

Thailand. Special rescuers had to be called in to

remove the venomous reptile. And, snakes aren’t

just hitching a ride in Asia, a woman in Santa Fe,

New Mexico, was shocked to find a red racer snake

in her glove compartment on June 30, 2019. The

snake didn’t hurt the woman, but her own car did after she jumped out upon finding the snake and

forgot the car was in drive… you can probably guess how that story turned out.

And in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, a 5-foot-long, black

rat snake was found in a car engine on June 17.

Sandy Moore-Furneaux, a rescue liaison for the Oklahoma

City Herpetological and Invertebrate Society, told KOCO News

5 the snake probably followed a mouse or rat up into the engine.

So, the bottom line here is all detailers need to proceed with

caution, or at least invest in a good snake charming how-to book.

And, one more thing before I sign off, I had a fantastic time

at the recent Car Wash Show in Nashville. Booths were bustling,

detailers were connecting and music was in the air. I even got

to sing some karaoke with some detailing industry altos and

sopranos at the famous Ms. Kelli’s karaoke bar on Printer’s Aly.

San Antonio is the next stop for the Car Wash Show in 2020 and

I see there are about 10 karaoke bars near the convention center.

Who’s with me?

Until next time,





It’s no secret that

detailers know their

cars. But, let’s put

the skills to the test.




___ 2009 Toyota Tacoma

___ 2016 Mazda 6

___ 2015 Volkswager Passat



___ 2006 Subaru Impreza

___ 2013 Ford F-150

___ 2017 Subaru Forester


But, let’s put the skills to the test.

Can you tell the make, model and

year of each vehicle posted below?

Answers are on the bottom of the

page. Good luck!

d e


a. 2015 Volkswagen Passat

b. 2006 Subaru Impreza

c. 2009 Toyota Tacoma

d. 2017 Subaru Forester

e. 2013 Ford F-150

f. 2016 Mazda 6




The Shine Shop

Auto Detailing


910 Shirley Manor Road, Reisterstown, Maryland

Name of Owner:

Michael Lambert

Types of Services Offered:

We offer paint correction and Modesta Glass Coatings


30 years!

Northeast Regional

Carwash Convention

September 23-25, 2019

See Clearly. Drive Safely. ®

Automotive Glass Care

& Protection Kit

• Repels Water, Snow, Ice, Dirt, & Road Salt

• Will Last Up To Two Years On Windshields.

• Lab Tested

• Inorganic, UV Resistant

Nanotechnology Hard

Coating For Glass.



Registration open!


Atlantic City Convention Center

Host Hotel: The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Host Association: NYSCWA

Serving the Professional

Market since 2009

• Patented

• Long Lasting, Durable Finish

• Lab Tested For Longevity

• Quick Aerosol Application

with One Sanding Step.

Call 1-800-868-8590 or online at nrccshow.com


NRCC2050_AutoDetailingNews_061419.indd 3

6/13/19 8:32 PM




Number of Employees

(not including the owner): Zero

Year it Opened: We opened the

shop full time in 1999

Hours/Days of Operation:

We were booked 7 days per week

for the first 13 years or so, then cut

down to 6 days per week and now

we are strictly 5 per week.

Methods of Advertising:

We have never advertised — never

even listed the business in the

phone book (when there was such

a thing). Our business was strictly

grown by word-of-mouth of satisfied

customers. We did eventually

start a website. This was mainly

to educate our clients on what a

ceramic coating is vs. wax, and we

recently started Facebook and Instagram

pages. We also do a weekly

call in to a talk radio show called,

“You Auto Know.” The show belongs

to a good friend and client.

Most Popular Service:

Our most popular service is the

complete package of paint correction

and perfection topped with

a Modesta Glass Coating for the

paint, Modesta BC06 Rim Coating

for the wheels and Modesta

EGC Glass Coating -— total protection

for your investment.

Busiest Season: We are busy

year round, and we are generally

booked 3 to 4 months in advance.

What are your Business Goals?

Our business goals are to continue

to offer personalized service and

complete satisfaction of our clients’

expectations as we have for

the last 20 years.

Favorite Detailing Tool:

My most important detailing tool

is my knowledge and skills, as well

as my continual education in the

latest processes — without those

all the fancy tools and products in

the world would not give the results









the burn

How to keep from getting burned out due to

the physical and mental demands of detailing

By Rob Schruefer


Rob Schruefer is the owner of On The

Spot Detailing out of Columbia, Maryland.

He proudly serves on the board of the

International Detailing Association and works

tirelessly to ensure that detailing business

owners receive business development

support to help them achieve their goals.

As a successful businessperson it can

be difficult to keep a work/life balance

in line. You are successful because you

can keep your head down, and work to

complete tasks or goals and keep your

business moving forward. But, just as

important as it is for your business to

progress, it is just as vital to make sure

your home and family life do not suffer

because of it. Working too hard and for

too many hours on end creates burn out,

and a home life ultimately pays the price.

Irreplaceable at work, and at home

I have struggled with finding a proper

work and life balance in the time I have

owned my own detailing business. When

I was in my 20s, it didn’t really matter as

much. I had no children, and as long as

I had a little time left for my social life, I

had no complaints. As I grew older, and

my life changed, it became clear that it

would be difficult to raise a family and put

in the number of hours I was working.

I had my first child, and started to cut

back by only working 6 days a week. I

would promise my wife that I would take

off at least Saturdays also, but something

always came up, and I felt as though I

HAD to be there to solve any problems

that arose. Then, our second child came

along, and I was still putting in 6 long

days of work each week. I wanted to be

at home, but I felt as though I NEEDED

to be at work. It would cause fights at

home, and a feeling of burn out at work.

A turning point

It was not until my oldest started to

play sports and all of his games were

scheduled on Saturday mornings that

I realized this was going to be a major

problem. My dad had always been at

all of my games and practices, and I

intended to do the same thing. Like

most things in life, that wass easier said

than done and I had a lot of questions,

“Who was going to do it if I was not

there?”, “What would happen if there

is a problem?” and, “Will this be to the

detriment to the success of my business?”

The work/life balanced had reached

a tipping point, and if I wanted my

business to truly be successful, I needed

to find a way for it to operate without me

being there constantly. I also knew if I

wanted to be happy, I needed to be there

for my family.

How I made positive changes

If you are also sitting on the cusp of

burn out or you are experiencing an outof-whack

work/life balance, here are a

few things that I implemented that have

worked for me.

1. Hiring quality management.

I discovered a while ago that a great detailer

does not always make for a great

manager. Proper management involves

a skillset that not many detailers have,

such as, communication, problem solving,

and customer service skills. I hired

managers from outside of the detailing

world, with real life management experience.

They were equipped and trained to

understand the management aspects of

the business, and were easily taught what

they needed to know about detailing. Being

able to delegate the work to someone

else freed up an enormous amount of

my time, and greatly lightened my load.

2. Creating procedures

and processes.

My company now as an order and chain

that problems and issues follow. Now, if

something escalates and it gets back to

me, it is a pretty serious situation. Lesser

things can be taken care of by the detailers

or the managers. By empowering

people to solve their own problems,

they not only took on the responsibility

of solving the problems themselves, but

it eventually got to a point that they felt

bad bringing me things they could not

take care of themselves.

3. Letting go of the reins.

This is always one of the most difficult

things for someone who is used to always

being in control. No one will ever

care about the business as much as you

do, but you can trust people to do their

jobs in the best interest of the company.

I found that once I started to back off,

things ran smoother without me sometimes.

I was no longer there as a fall back

or crutch for people to use, they were

forced to figure it out themselves. It did

not take long before my presence was not

necessary, and when I was there, I was

able to really get to work ON the business

and get things completed.

Remember, there is no perfect

formula to ensure that your business

will run smoothly without you, but there

is a 100 percent chance you will burn

yourself out if you work long days, and/

or 7 days a week, without a vacation.




531 South Taylor Ave

Louisville, CO 80027

T +1- 877-224-5750

E info@rupesusa.com

W www.rupesusa.com

Available now at

authorized RUPES distributors nationwide



Getting to Know...

Robert “Bob”


By Debra Gorgos, Editor


Robert Wrasman is a determined

man. But, determined for a good reason.

Wrasman is intent on sharing his

wealth of knowledge on the history of

automotive paints with every detailer to

better their adroitness. With a head of

John F. Kennedy hair and a childlike enthusiasm,

I had the pleasure of meeting

him at the 2018 Mobile Tech Expo. He

sat down next to me at the International

Detailing Awards dinner and spoke poetically

about his MTE educational seminar.

Hello, Debra, he started out. My

name is Bob Wrasman and I think your

readers could really benefit from the talk

I just gave. I want them to know as much

as me, he added, noting that he has been

a part of the detailing industry for a long

time. He then spoke with as much fervor

about his kids and his wife. They are

my whole life, he said. My wife and I are

a team. In fact, he had to take off after

the final IDA speech. “I have to call my

son,” he said, “He works in Orlando and

I want to meet up with him tomorrow.”

And, before he left, he made sure to tell

me that he really wants our readers to

hear about paint finishes and types of

car paints. Wrasman then handed me his

card and asked for mine and assured and

said he would be in touch. A few days

later, after the MTE was in the rearview

mirror, Wrasman kept his promise and

sent me a slideshow on the history of

car paints. And, yes, we will be sharing

his car paint knowledge in the next issue

of Auto Detailing News, but for now, I

wanted to introduce Wrasman to all of

you and hopefully properly represent his

passion for the industry and its people in

the following interview.

What is your full name?

Robert Joseph Wrasman. I go by Bob

Wrasman and my family calls me Bobby.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Lima, Ohio, on the east

side near Westminster, Ohio.

When and how did you

get involved in the

detailing industry?

1978. I started painting and restoring

old cars to drive at 16 years old and started

painting and cleaning cars at Kaiser’s

Custom Body Shop and at Ziebart I was

rustproofing and detailing cars.

What jobs have you

held over the years?

My first job was being a farmer at


home. Then I worked in the body shop

and then started working at Ziebart. I did

a lot of different jobs at Ziebart (sunroofs,

window tinting, bed liners…) and worked

my way up to manager during this time. I

painted cars and restored cars at night also.



What is your current position?

I am Senior International Trainer of


What is it you like

about your job?

The people I get to meet and help and

teach. And, also, giving back.

What are some of the

biggest challenges

facing detailers today?

All of the laws and regulations and

that there are so many different surfaces to

clean and there are so many polishes out

there now.




What advice do you have

for detailers who are facing


Don’t give up and learn from your

setbacks. I made many mistakes over the

years that cost me money by over promising

things to customers. Also, my advice is

to: Under promise and over deliver.

What is the biggest mistake

you see detailers making in

terms of detailing a vehicle?

They don’t charge enough, and they

let the customers control the conversation.

It could be due to a lack of confidence.

But, when a customer is coming

to you for advice, be the pro they are

looking for. Also, all detailers need to

keep learning and get to know the top

owners and trainers.

What is it you like

about the detailing industry?

The people. I like traveling all over

and all the companies I have worked

with and the fellowship. I also like seeing

the finished product the way people

look at their vehicle when we do “our

magic” to it.

You spoke at the recent

Mobile Tech Expo.

What was the topic you spoke

about and why was it an

important session for detailers?

Speaking at Mobile Tech was my way

of “giving back” and thanking the International

Detailing Association (IDA)

and the [organizers and attendees] of

the MTE which are both so close to my

heart. I wanted [to offer up] something

different. My topic was on the history of

car paints and understanding them and

their hardness from a body shop background.

I went back to 1900 to present

day. My point was that if you had the

chance to detail a museum full of cars —

some of which have single stage paints,

or nitrocellulose lacquer, or linseed oil —

you better know how to go about it . Also,

I shared a list of hard and soft paint building

data for an app or database to help

detailers make the right choices and help

new detailers who are just starting out.

What keeps you motivated?

Family. Doing my best. Giving back

life to cars.

What do you

like to do on your day off?

I have a big garden. I golf with my

family and enjoy fishing in my pond.

Is there anything about

you (talents, hobbies,

famous relatives) that

might surprise our readers?

I pride myself on learning more every

day. Working on my farmhouse (pictured

above), I have learned brick-laying,

block-laying, and have been digging my

farm pond. I also installed my own metal

roof on my house, installed my gas

furnace. An interesting story to share:

My mom, when she was a kid, would go

roller skating and one of the boys that

would come and skate with her and my

aunts was Neil Armstrong, the first man

on the moon. I would kid my mom and

ask, “Did he promise you the moon?”

and she would just laugh.





The most comprehensive line of professional detailing products in the industry.

Delivered to your door by pros that know.





C E R A M I C S i O 2


The fastest way to ceramic protection

Enhances Performance of Black Pearl

Ceramic Si02 Coating


Also Available

Ceramic SiO2 Coating Kit


To Find A Distributor: www.carbrite.com



Introducing new & improved products for professional auto, boat & motorcycle detailers.

New website from Belanger

Belanger has introduced a completely redesigned

and improved website that’s located at belangerinc.

com. The new mobile-responsive site was developed to

provide customers with a more user-friendly design that

allows easy access to critical technical resources, as well

as helpful educational materials. The new site also aligns

the Belanger brand with the image standards of the newly

formed OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions business unit.

“Creating one effective eco-system for car wash

solutions is a contributing factor to the success of our

new vehicle wash brand,” said Gary Campbell, General

Manager for OPW Vehicle Wash

Solutions, which includes Belanger and

PDQ. “A new Belanger site that provides

the same intuitive experience as our other OPW business

unit pages is a major step in improving purchasing,

service and education for our vehicle wash customers.”

Aside from new branding and an updated design, the

Belanger website houses an expansive resource library of

technical guides, product literature and helpful videos for

distributors to deepen their knowledge of the products

and enhance customer support. To expedite and simplify

the user journey, the site also features these user experience


• Improved navigation featuring a more intuitive

menu system

• Improved search functionality to make narrowing

down and finding relevant results easier

• Cleaner layout that puts key content first and

guides users to their desired destination in

fewer clicks

Leather wipes and interior detailer

from Griot’s Garage

Griot’s Garage now offers a leather wipe

called Leather 3-in-1 Wipes. The wipes condition

and protect newer leather in one quick, easy

step. Its rich conditioners penetrate leather grain to moisturize,

soften, and keep leather looking, feeling, and smelling factory

fresh. Advanced polymers create a stain-resistant barrier to

protect against UV damage, premature aging, and cracking.

Griot’s Garage is also offering a new Interior Detailer.

Powered by aerosol, this product makes quick work of dust, dirt,

G&G Industrial Lighting announces the release of the

new VPX Industrial Vaporsealed LED Linear, a low-profile,

waterproof solution for harsh environments. The VPX is driverless,

seamless and IP68 rated. Its compact 1” round housing is

permanently sealed and requires no assembly. This vaportight

reduces the risk of failure by more than 80% in comparison to

traditional models.

The VPX was derived from a need for a high efficiency

vaportight that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh

environments without the need for assembly or maintenance.

A seamless extruded housing provides IP68 ingress protection

along with excellent chemical and UV resistance without the

use of clips, gaskets or seals. By creating a completely sealed

housing, the VPX prevents any risk of water intrusion and will

and fingerprints imparting a natural look and protection from

harmful UV rays on all surfaces, including audio/navigation

screens. Interior Detailer’s anti-static technology resists dust build

up on interior surfaces. Interior Detailer’s aerosol delivery is especially

beneficial for nav screens because it is a dryer application

which protects sensitive electronics from moisture accumulation.

It delivers a natural, crisp, streak-free, original OEM finish with

no greasy feel or residue. It is also silicone free and leaves a cabin

smelling citrus fresh and clean.

Lighting for harsh environments from G&G

not collect debris. By also eliminating the need for

a traditional LED driver, VPX is able to connect

directly to AC line voltage to drive the LEDs,

resulting in higher efficiency, smaller size, longer

life and greater reliability. By removing the power

source, the overall size of the fixture is significantly

decreased, resulting in a much smaller

footprint with a lumen density of 150 lumens per

cubic inch. The VPX incorporates the highest

quality components and the latest LED technology to achieve an

efficiency of over 120 lumens per watt and 1250 lumens per foot.

G&G’s lighting products are proudly Made in America, all

of which are engineered, tested, manufactured, assembled and

shipped from one facility in Clifton Park, New York.

New website

from ColorBond

ColorBond is offering a new

website to provide customers with

the best online experience. The new

website was designed to improve the

customer experience and is now more

convenient for people to shop with

their phone. The navigation is now

easier, it’s easier to find a paint color

and the website uploads faster. The

visual appeal is improved as well.

According to ColorBond web

developer, Dennis Miller, “We

constantly review what our customers

need and found the user-friendliness

of the website was becoming an issue

when viewed on mobile devices. It has

been designed to be primarily viewed

on desktop or laptop computers.

Now, with over fifty percent of our

customers viewing the website on a

mobile device we needed a responsive

website that was mobile as well as

desktop friendly. As well, the graphics

and layout of the website in general

had become dated.”



gets new look, features

The popular website, AutoCareForum, managed by Self Serve

Car Wash News Publisher Jackson Vahaly, has been updated and

features a new website address, features and look. The online

forum, which has been around since 1996, has about 14,000

threads and over 121,000 posts.

The forum’s new address is carwashforum.com. It is now a lot

more modern, and user-friendly, especially when used through a

mobile device.

CSI ® Introduces Ultra Presoak UF224,

an Ultra concentrated high

foaming presoak designed for high

performance cleaning.

Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CSI) of De Pere,

Wisconsin is pleased to introduce a new product,

Ultra Presoak UF224. This is an ultra-concentrated

high performance All-In-One liquid

alkaline presoak for all types of car washes.

UF224 was developed with unique surfactant

matrix, organic builder, and powerful solvent for

the best performance in car wash cleaning. The

ideal ratio of surfactant / builder / solvent in the

product assures the best cleaning performance,

in multiple car wash cleaning situations, with

attractive foam presentation for customer appeal

and economics.

This product has great compatibility to

other alkaline products, surfactant blends, and

extenders utilizing it in various environments.

It has proven to be very effective in overcoming

some water hardness and continuing to perform

at a high level. It is perfect for Touchless

Automatics, Presoak Arches, Prep Guns in Tunnel

Applications, and Presoak and High-Pressure

Soap in self-serve car washes.

Ultra Presoak UF224 is a presoak that delivers

optimum coverage to the surface and ensures

safety and great cleaning effectiveness to the

vehicle. Learn more at https://www.cleaningsystemsinc.com/product/ultra-presoak-224/.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager

or Customer Service at 920-337-2175 or

customerservice@cleaningsystemsinc.com with

any questions.

October 17 th - 20 th , 2019


Charleston, South Carolina


CETA and PWNA will co-locate their trade show again this year.

The two associations coming together will bring incredible

opportunities for attendees. While both associations will

remain independent and have events on their own, CETA and

PWNA share one goal:

Two Teams. One Vision.

Advancing the industry forward.

CETA Host Hotel

The Embassy Suites by HILTON

Charleston Airport Hotel & Convention Center

5055 International Boulevard

North Charleston, South Carolina 29418


Just 2 miles from the Charleston International Airport (CHS)

Register Today!

Visit www.ceta.org for a Registration form

or email info@ceta.org

Business Meeting, Opening Reception,Seminars,

Trade Show, Women of CETA, and celebrating all in

one facility!

Members Only!

Not a member? Contact CETA today!

Visit www@ceta.org

Call 800.441.0111

Email info@ceta.org


for 2019


Humorous Motivational Speaker

Charles Marshall

If You’re Going to Lead, You Need to COACH

Strengthening Your Influence, Effectiveness,

and Impact as a Leader


“Take Two Chuckles and Call Me in the Morning”

Relieving Stress Through the Power of Laughter


Golf Tournament

Friday, Oct 18th, 2019

8:00am Shot Gun Start

Great Prizes | Wonderful Atmosphere

& Includes Lunch!

Register Today


Limited Exhibit Space Available!

Your Industry Trade Show | Working for you all year long

The ONLY Trade Show with the Top Manufacturers,

Suppliers, and Distributors in the Industry.

• Member only event-(all attendees are members of the Industry)

• Awesome Give-Aways

• Outdoor Demos

• Technical Updates for the Industry

• Opportunities to Network with members of the


• Best Opening Reception in the Industry -

Opening Reception

Sponsored in part by


Women of CETA

11th Annual Meeting & Luncheon

Date: Friday, October 18th, 2019

Time: 11am - 1pm

Location: Embassey Suites Meeting Rm 4

Come join the Women of CETA to celebrate its

11th Annual Meeting. It’s a forum where we

can visit, enjoy fellowship, and have fun!

Register Today




For complete show details visit www@ceta.org

Call 800.441.0111

Email info@ceta.org





It’s OSHA News!

It’s not all bad, but if you don’t already know, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

of the United States Department of Labor (OSHA) has announced the following…

Businesses honored for hiring veterans

When hiring, ADN believes a good pool

of applicants to consider are veterans.

Not only do they most likely understand

the value of hard work, they also put

their lives on the line to protect us. And,

OSHA, and President Donald Trump

agree. And, wherever your party affiliations

lie, or if you loathe or love our

current leader of the free world, it should

be noted that in 2017 he signed into law

the Honoring Investments in Recruiting

and Employing (HIRE) American Military

Veterans Act, creating the HIRE

Vets Medallion Program. Last year was a

trial-run of the program and in 2019 in

went into full implementation.

Back in November 2018, the U.S.

Department of Labor announced recipients

of the 2018 HIRE Vets Medallion

Program Demonstration Award, “recognizing

job creators for their leadership

in recruiting, employing, and retaining

America’s veterans.” Honorees include

small businesses, community-based nonprofits,

and national companies.

“America’s veterans are proven leaders

who bring skills, dedication, and determination

to our nation’s workforce,”

said U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander

Acosta. “To earn a HIRE Vets Medallion

Award, job creators must demonstrate

a solid commitment to providing

veterans with the opportunity to build

a meaningful career. This program recognizes

a standard for excellence in veterans

hiring, and helps veterans identify

employers who are committed to advancing

veterans in the workplace.”

Recipients of the 2018 HIRE Vets

Medallion Program Demonstration

Award were evaluated based on a range

of criteria, including:

✔ Veteran hiring and retention

✔ Availability of veteran-specific resources

✔ Leadership programming for veterans

✔ Dedicated human resources

✔ Compensation and tuition assistance

programs for veterans

Applications for the 2019 HIRE Vets

Medallion Program became available to

employers on January 31, 2019.

Businesses cited for exposer to hazardous chemicals, improper ladder safety

As detailers continuously work with

chemicals, and are also often on foot in

slippery conditions, it is important to make

sure each and every employee is safe, otherwise

OSHA will hand out stiff penalties.

In San Angelo, Texas, OSHA cited 7 S

Packing LLC – operating as Texas Packing

Company for exposing workers to releases

of hazardous chemicals. The company

faces $615,640 in penalties.

OSHA determined that the meat-packing

facility failed to implement a required

Process Safety Management (PSM) program

for operating an ammonia refrigeration

unit containing over 10,000 pounds of

anhydrous ammonia. The employer also

failed to provide fall protection, guard machines

and equipment, control hazardous

energy, and implement a respiratory protection


The PSM Covered Chemical Facilities

National Emphasis Program focuses on reducing

or eliminating workplace hazards at

chemical facilities to protect workers from

catastrophic releases of highly hazardous

chemicals. PSM standards emphasize the

management of hazards associated with

highly hazardous chemicals, and establishes

a comprehensive management program

that integrates technologies, procedures,

and management practices to prevent an

unexpected release.

The company has 15 business days from

receipt of the citations and penalties to comply,

request an informal conference with

OSHA’s area director, or contest the findings

before the independent Occupational

Safety and Health Review Commission.

And in Tumwater, Washington,

OSHA fined the Dollar Tree for repeated

safety violations, including blocked emergency

exit routes, unsafe ladder use and

improper stacking of merchandise . A recent

inspection resulted in several “repeat

willful” and other violations for unsafe

merchandise storage and handling, and

obstructed exit routes.

The $503,200 fine is also related in

part to L&I finding the same safety hazards

at the store during multiple visits.

The violations continued even after the

company was informed by an L&I inspector

of the safety hazards during earlier

visits and was provided specific instruction

on how to improve employee safety

at the store and avoid further violations.

“Even after multiple large fines, it appears

this company has not gotten the


message to ensure their safety and health

system is working in every Washington

store location,” said L&I Assistant Director

Anne Soiza. “This fine is one of the

largest we’ve issued, and we will apply

pressure to Dollar Tree until its leadership

takes sustained, comprehensive steps to

prevent serious hazards.”

This is the third substantial L&I citation

and fine involving Dollar Tree in just

over a year. Since the beginning of 2017,

L&I has completed 15 inspections at Dollar

Tree stores after complaints and referrals

about unsafe working conditions.

The Virginia-based company has dozens

of stores throughout Washington. Prior

to this most recent citation, Dollar Tree has

been fined nearly $593,000 since 2013. Last

year, a store in Bonney Lake was fined

$166,000 for three willful violations, and a

Kelso Dollar Tree was fined $140,000 for

violations similar to the ones found at the

Vancouver store in this recent inspection.

Dollar Tree’s corporate office controls

inventory for local stores, and shipments

arrive frequently. Challenges with too

much inventory and not enough storage

space lead to high stacks of boxes, often

leaning over, which cause blocked and impeded

pathways and other hazards.

Improperly stored merchandise can

fall, resulting in serious injuries or death

if the boxes strike employees or cause

employees to fall, or if exits are blocked

during an emergency. Lifting heavy boxes

onto over-the-head stacks is also likely to

cause strains and sprains or serious back

injuries. In the Vancouver store, workers

were also climbing on shelving units,

which can result in falls.

The violations are not unique to Washington.

Dollar Tree locations around the

country have been cited for improper

stacking of merchandise boxes, mostly in

their storerooms, and for blocking exits or

impeding pathways.

The company has now been placed in

L&I’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program,

which means its stores are now subject to inspections

at any time, among other things.

Dollar Tree has appealed this citation,

and it could take several months for the

appeals process to be completed.

Penalty money paid as a result of a citation

is placed in the workers’ compensation

supplemental pension fund, helping

injured workers and families of those who

have died on the job.

Summer’s here! Do you know the warning signs of heat exposure?

According to OSHA, the following are common heat-related


• Heat stroke: The most serious form of heat-related illness, happens

when the body becomes unable to regulate its core temperature.

Sweating stops and the body can no longer rid itself of excess

heat. Signs include confusion, loss of consciousness, and seizures.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency that may result in death! Call

911 immediately.

• Heat exhaustion: This is the body’s response to loss of water

and salt from heavy sweating. Signs include headache, nausea,

dizziness, weakness, irritability, thirst, and heavy sweating.

• Heat cramps: These are caused by the loss of body salts and

fluid during sweating. Low salt levels in muscles cause painful

cramps. Tired muscles—those used for performing the work—

are usually the ones most affected by cramps. Cramps may occur

during or after working hours.

• Heat rash: This is also known as prickly heat, is skin irritation

caused by sweat that does not evaporate from the skin. Heat rash

is the most common problem in hot work environments.

The chart below shows symptoms and first aid measures to take

if a worker shows signs of a heat-related illness.










• Confusion

• Fainting

• Seizures

• Excessive sweating

or red, hot, dry skin

• Very high body temperature

• Cool, moist skin

• Heavy sweating

• Headache

• Nausea

or vomiting

• Dizziness

• Muscle spasms

• Pain

• Usually in abdomen,

arms, or legs

• Light


• Weakness

• Thirst

• Irritability

• Fast heartbeat

• Clusters of red bumps on skin

• Often appears on neck,

upper chest, folds of skin

• Call 911

• While waiting for help:

• Place worker in shady, cool area

• Loosen clothing, remove outer clothing

• Fan air on worker; cold packs in armpits

• Wet worker with cool water; apply ice packs, cool

compresses, or ice if available

• Provide fluids (preferably water) as soon as possible

• Stay with worker until help arrives

• Have worker sit or lie down in a cool, shady area

• Give worker plenty of water or other cool beverages to drink

• Cool worker with cold compresses/ice packs

• Take to clinic or emergency room for medical evaluation or

treatment if signs or symptoms worsen or do not improve

within 60 minutes.

• Do not return to work that day

• Have worker rest in shady, cool area

• Worker should drink water or other cool beverages

• Wait a few hours before allowing worker to return to

strenuous work

• Have worker seek medical attention if cramps don’t go away

• Try to work in a cooler,

less humid environment when possible

• Keep the affected area dry

* Remember, if you are not a medical professional, use this information as a guide only to help workers in need.



Expand your business offerings, and

join our growing list of franchisees with

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Tech Expo –

Las Vegas

SEPT 5-7

South Point Hotel

Las Vegas






SEPT 23-25

Atlantic City Convention Center

Atlantic City, New Jersey



OCT 10

Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas



Show 2019

NOV 5-8

Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas



Tech Expo

- Orlando

JAN 30-

FEB 1, 2020

The Rosen Shingle Creek

Orlando, Florida

According to the International Carwash

Association, The Car Wash Show

2019 drew more than 9,500 attendees and

400 exhibiting companies to Nashville for

its largest show ever. There were about 45

exhibitors listed under the detailing category.

The keynote was given by TED Talks

speaker and author Shawn Achor. Some

highlights of his talk, according to the ICA

were his notes on happiness. “We can pick

In the News

ICA announced Emerging Leaders,

forms TN chapter

The International Carwash Association

announced the following 2019

Emerging Leaders Scholarship winners:

✔ Tim Ehmann, Site Manager -

Bethel Park Rapid Wash, Bethel Park, Penn.

✔ Daniel Haynes, Operations Manager -

Waves Carwash Cafe, Australia

✔ Daniel Petrelle, Jr., General Manager -

Splash Car Wash, Bethany, Conn.

✔ Kyle Pezoldt, Facility Manager -

Kuhnsville Car Wash, Allentown, Penn.

✔ Travis Rogers, Location Manager -

Marc 1 Car Wash, Pelham, Ala.

For the 5th year, the ICA has awarded

its Emerging Leaders Scholarship

to up-and-coming car wash industry

leaders, under the age of 45.

Recipients are selected based on their leadership,

dedication and commitment to their

company and the car wash industry. Each of

our five winners will receive a Premium Pass

to The Car Wash Show and accommodations

for three nights.

In other ICA news, the Association has

formed a chapter in Tennessee in light of the

recent sales tax legislation. According to the

ICA, last October, a car wash operator with

10+ express washes was assessed by the Tennessee

Department of Revenue (TDOR) for

retroactive tax liability with an impact of

more than $3.5 million dollars, which could

have potentially put him out of business.

“The issue focused around the sudden

interpretation of Tennessee Code 67-6-

205(c). The statute, written almost 50 years

ago, did not address the modern express

car wash. In today’s express wash environment,

operators ensure safety and quality

by providing assistance to vehicles entering

a building, such as guiding on to conveyors,

protecting wiper arms, hydrating bugs, or

removing dangerous objects from open bed

pickups. These safety and courtesy measures

had been interpreted by TDOR as

the trigger by which sales tax was applicable.

Consequently, current or previous operators

who were providing one or more of

the above complimentary services would be

subject to prior sales tax liabilities, penalty

and interest and would be responsible for

collecting sales tax in the future.”

The operator then turned to the ICA for

help. Soon, a group of car wash operators

banned together on back in November to

discuss the issue at hand. The ICA sent in

a lobbyist who had first-hand experience in

dealing with similar issues.

“Coming out of that initial meeting

there was strong agreement that the operators

needed to work together to engage a

lobbyist to help clarify the language in the

legislation and ensure that they would not

face a future tax liability. The Tennessee

2019 Car Wash Show is harmonious success,

2020 and 2021 Show dates announced

(negativity and nervousness) up like second-hand

smoke,” said Achor. “The entire

system can become cancerous… Luckily,

Happiness can become viral too.”

That is the most important piece of the

data, he added. “Our brains are designed

to be wireless connected. …We co-process

the world….Happiness is not an individual

sport.” This is part of the reason that

obstacles seem easier to overcome if you

Chapter of ICA was formed at the meeting,

comprised of nine operators. The chapter

began a fundraising campaign in December

for the lobbying effort,” stated the ICA.

The ICA gave $10,000 to the campaign

and provided all administrative support for

the fundraising effort, coordination of the

chapter and the executive committee. In

the end, the chapter raised nearly $200,000

and brought in the firm Waller Lansden

Dortch & Davis.

“We couldn’t have done this without

the support of ICA,” said Executive Committee

Member David Wild of Ultimate

Shine Car Wash. “They were there when

we needed them, and they eagerly engaged

to make a real difference in the outcome.

On behalf of all operators in Tennessee,

we want to thank them for their support.”

According to the ICA, the initiative

led to the passing of a brand new bill that

clarifies the language used for express car

wash models. Under the bill, and provided

that the customer remains in custody, control

and care of the vehicle, the car wash

does not need to charge sales tax. This

would NOT, however, apply to full-service

or flex-service car wash models where the

customer exits the vehicle. These models,

though, have been charging sales tax.

have help. If you look at a hill by yourself,

your brain sees a hill 10-20% higher than

if someone is standing next to you, he said.

As for the 2021 Show, it will be back in

Nashville and held from March 24-26.

The Car Wash Show 2020 will take place

April 6-8, 2020, in San Antonio, Texas, at

the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center.


New app designed

for mobile detailers

Pro & Local Mobile Detailing Wins BBB

Marketplace Excellence Award

Go Go Wash, designed by female tech-entrepreneur

and IT Business Analyst Guirlene Auguste, is now available

for mobile detailers and customers. According to a press

release, the app creates a marketplace for users to connect

to a network of insured, professional auto detailers that are

ready and available to work wherever the user’s vehicle is


The Go Go Wash app enables users to have a detailer

arrive at their location in minutes or to schedule a wash

for later. All detailers have been vetted and approved by

Go Go Wash and offer a full complement of washing and

detailing services. The company’s goal is to engineer the

most efficient and user-friendly mobile car wash and detailing

system on the market.

“Regular car washes and detailing should be as basic as

part of your auto maintenance as oil changes. Go Go Wash

offers the convenience of a five-minute wash with the skill

of expert auto detailers,” Auguste stated in the press release.

“Bringing services to the customer is of increasing demand

in today’s world. You can order anything online at any time,

so why not let one those things be your car wash? Car wash

services that arrive at the push of a button allow you to concentrate

on work, play and important family time.”

Paul Frasco and Chris Vella, owners of Pro and Local

Mobile Detailing of Springfield, Massachusettes,

were awarded a Marketplace Excellence Award for

Sustained Excellence from the Better Business Bureau

of Central & Western Massachusetts and Northeastern

Connecticut. The Marketplace Excellence Awards

for the Western Massachusetts region are held in the

spring to recognize local businesses who promote the

importance of high ethical standards in terms of business

practices, and who work to ensure the local marketplace

is fair and ethical. Frasco and Vella were presented

with the award at a ceremony held at the Castle

of Knights Meeting & Banquet House in Chicopee on

Wednesday, April 24.

Awards for Marketplace Excellence are nominated

locally and selected according to a rigorous judging

process by an independent panel of judges based on

commitment to customers, commitment to employees,

their reputation in their business’ industry, and commitment

to the communities where they do business.

“I have always heard that integrity is how you act

when no one is watching,” says Paul Frasco. “Chris

and I see business integrity and ethics like an internal

compass that directs and guides our business decisions,”

Frasco continues. “I think Pro & Local exemplifies

BBB standards for trust, and we are honored

to have been chosen for an award that recognizes our

company as illustrative of that high standard.”

The awards presentation also recognized businesses

who were celebrating milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

years and 30+ years of BBB Accreditation.


G&G Industrial Lighting expands

in upstate New York, hires new VP

Less than a year after relocating

from Albany, New York, to Clifton

Park, G&G Industrial Lighting has already

outgrown the newly purchased

12,000-square-foot space and has just

finalized an expansion to the production

facility, a press release states. This

renovation provides additional square

footage for matnufacturing and warehousing


“As our business continues to evolve

and broaden into new markets, we have

had to invest in order to accommodate the

continuous growth,” says Erin Noonan,

Director of Marketing. “This new space

allows us to maintain our dedication to

providing high-quality, innovative lighting

solutions backed by unmatched customer

service, all under one roof.”

G&G prides themselves on their

coined ‘Fully Integrated Guarantee’. This

term refers to their ability to engineer, test,

manufacture, assemble and ship every

product all from one facility. All of G&G’s

LED lighting products are Made in the

USA at their New York location.

The move from Albany to Clifton

Park has served G&G well since January

2018 and the recent completion of the

expansion positions them well for future

growth capacity.

On the road to UNITI expo 2020

UNITI expo 2020, the leading European

trade fair for the retail petroleum

and car wash industries, will celebrate its

fourth event on May 26 – 28, 2020. The

tradeshow will return to Stuttgart (Germany)

to showcase the latest products

and services for petrol stations, professional

car washes and convenience stores.

A press release states: Following the

successful model from the previous editions,

UNITI expo 2020 will spread across

40,000 square meters of exhibition

space, taking over Halls 1, 3 and 5 of

the state-of-the-art Landesmesse Stuttgart.

The exhibition is divided into four

themed areas: Technology, Payment

& Logistics; Carwash & Carcare; Oil

Companies & Fuel Retailers; and Shop

& Convenience – allowing visitors and

exhibitors to plan their visit efficiently.

“Thirteen months before the event,

around 80% of the stand space has already

been booked. We are way ahead

of schedule,” says Ben Boroewitsch,

Sales Executive at com-a-tec and responsible

for exhibitor sales at UNITI

expo. “If you want to exhibit at UNITI

expo 2020, you should hurry up.” With

467 exhibitors from 37 countries and

17,000 attendees from 120 countries,

in 2018 UNITI expo solidified its place

as the biggest European trade fair for

the sector.

In addition to inviting all major European

brands to the show, there will be

a themed pavilion titled ‘Franchise &

Co-Branding’ – a space tailor-made for

franchises to interact with oil companies

and retailers from across the globe.

The diverse approaches of retailers in

Europe make the platform incredibly

useful and interesting to learn about

different business models.

DRB Systems is helping

Tennessee car wash operators

with sales tax assessment

Recent actions by the Tennessee Department

of Revenue (TDOR) are presenting

a significant financial threat to

Tennessee car wash operators. A DRB

Systems press release states that the company

has contributed $39,500 to efforts

aimed at rectifying the situation.

“We believe it is important to get out

in front of this issue quickly to protect not

only Tennessee operators but the industry

at-large,” Dan Pittman, CEO of DRB

Systems, stated in a press release.

The TDOR auditors have held that

providing assistance to vehicles entering a

building (guiding vehicles onto conveyors,

folding over side mirrors, etc.) is subject to

sales tax. This is not how most Tennessee

car wash operators have interpreted the

law, which was written almost 50 years ago

and does not address the modern express

car wash.

A recent audit of one Tennessee car

wash resulted in a tax assessment that could

exceed $3.5 million by the year-end 2018.

The operator has filed an administrative

appeal. If the TDOR decision stands, it

could open all Tennessee car wash operators

up to similar assessments and potentially

have a domino effect in other states.

“We’re proud to stand by our customers

and fight for the best interests of the

industry,” Pittman said in the press release.

LSI Industries hires new VP

LSI Industries, Inc. of Cincinnati,

Ohio, announced the

appointment of Nelson Wesley

as Vice President Strategic

Initiatives. Nelson will oversee

initiatives focused on improving

sales, driving operational

efficiency and ultimately improving

financial performance

of the company, according to a

press release.

As a senior level leader, he will report

to the CMO, Scott Coleman.

“What I found compelling about LSI

is its rich history in the industry and the

team’s dedication to growth through new

product development and focusing on

the customer,” said Wesley. “It’s an exciting

opportunity to add value!”

Wesley joins LSI Industries with over

20 years of marketing, sales and product

Nelson Wesley

management experience. He

started his career at Ingersoll

Rand and most recently he

served as Vice President of

Sales, Marketing, & Aftermarket,

involving direct management

of sales, marketing,

aftermarket and bid teams at

Ellis & Watts in Batavia, OH.

Wesley holds two bachelor’s

degrees, a Bachelor of

Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor

of Arts in Physical Science, from

University of Kentucky and Asbury University,


“We are excited to find a person of

this caliber and background for this new

position. Nelson will be a strong asset

to the team here at LSI Industries.” remarked


Registration now open

for the NRCC

Attendees and exhibitors can now register

for the Northeast Regional Carwash

Convention, which will return to Atlantic

City, New Jersey, from September 23 - 25,

2019. “Early Bird” pricing will only be

available until September 18, 2019.

This year’s convention will feature:

✔ Keynoter Moo Moo’s John Roush:

Learn how to think out of the box and

create a brand like no other!

✔ The “Virtual Carwash Tour” is Back!

We’ll get inside some innovative

washes—virtually: This event

was standing room only last year!

✔ 320+ Exhibits

✔ Welcome Reception at

The Water Club sponsored by ICS

✔ Exceptional Educational


✔ Limitless Networking

✔ Opportunities to win big at the Borgata

NRCC organizers warn

of email scam

In other NRCC news, an email sent to

attendees and exhibitors of the Northeast

Regional Carwash Convention, recipients

were warned of a scam regarding hotel

venues for the 2019 show. The email states:

We were notified that a company has sent an

email to some of our past exhibitors claiming that

the NRCC Room Block is open and it also provides

links to other hotels. DO NOT USE THESE

LINKS! It is a SCAM! The email looks like the

email below and comes from the email address:


We are NOT working with this group. If

you would like to book your room at the Borgata,

you can do so using this link:


We apologize for any inconvenience and look

forward to seeing you at the 2019 NRCC!


Since 197777

Lake Country Manufacturing delivers premium polishing & buffing pads and accessories.

Our products help you get the job done perfectly. Every time.

Lake Country Manufacturing, Inc. | Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

| LakeCountryMFG.com

Sonny’s Car Wash College

announces 2018 Instructor of the Year

Victor Alonso is the

2018 CarWash College

Instructor of the Year.

Victor was presented

the Shawn R. Brown

Award for Instructional

Excellence by Paul

Fazio, CEO of Sonny’s

Enterprises LLC at a


“Victor has been

with us less than two

years, but he made an

impact on CarWash College immediately”,

Bob Fox, CarWash College Manager,

stated in a press release. “From day one,

Vic has gone above and beyond. He is always

looking for ways to better his teaching

methods and make the College as a whole,

a better learning instrument. We are truly

fortunate to have him in our ranks!”

Previous winners include: Bryan

Hage, Jorge Jaramillo, and Richard


The Shawn R.

Brown Award for Instructional


is given each year in

memory of Shawn

Brown, a former Car

Wash College instructor

whose life was cut

tragically short.

The Car Wash

College “Rookie of

the Year” award was

also presented to Mark Barthelmass.

“I don’t know what we would have

done without Mark out west last year”,

added Fox. “Mark brings a lifetime of

real world washing experience to the students.

That’s invaluable! He’s also one

of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and a

pleasure to work with!”

Kleen-Rite acquires Kim Supply,

adds sales team member

Kleen-Rite Corporation of Columbia,

Pennsylvania, is pleased to

announce it is acquiring the assets of

Kim Supply.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri,

Kim Supply has been a staple carwash

distributor for generations. Its strategic

location and knowledgeable staff combined

with Kleen-Rite’s inventory and

pricing power is sure to be a winning

combination for car wash operators

in the Midwest region of the United

States, a press release states.

Kleen-Rite aims to offer fasting

shipping times to the majority of its existing


“It’s all about providing exceptional

customer service,” says Jeff

Detz, Kleen-Rite Chief Operating

Officer. “We can service a greater

customer base and offer 1-2-day ship

points to most of the lower 48 continental


The deal is expected to close in

the second quarter of 2019.

Kleen-Rite Corp. also announced

the addition of Jay Cogley

to the sales team. Cogley joins

Kleen-Rite Corp. after spending 15

years as National Sales Manager for

Trans-Mate Inc. He brings years of

experience in distribution and automotive

care to the team.

“I am pleased

to join the Kleen-

Rite Corp. team,”

Cogley said in a

statement. “I’m

looking forward to

sharing my personal

relationships, background

in business

Jay Cogley

development, marketing,

and small business.”

Join Today & Get Involved!


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A Tale of New Chapters

The IDA’s story is just beginning.

By Erin Reyes,

IDA Communications Coordinator

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, it

was the best of times…to form a new

IDA Chapter!

Accordingly, the International

Detailing Association (IDA) has recently

welcomed two new chapters to its fold:

India and France. The introduction

of these chapters follows a significant

revamp to the IDA Chapter program.

When the program was first established

in March 2016, three chapters

were quickly formed by May of the

following year: United Kingdom,

Norway, and New Zealand. However, it

would be nearly another two years before

the next chapter came to be in India.

Historically, it has proven to be more

difficult to engage with members globally

due to language barriers, technological

roadblocks, or just the lack of face-to-face

communication. With the international

growth of the association showing no

signs of slowing down (the IDA now has

members in 56 countries – and almost

one-third of the membership is employed

outside of the United States), the organization

realized it needed to make some

changes to the chapter program to fully

support its members worldwide.

Enter the IDA Chapter Development

Committee, which was officially formed

in January 2019 with Board Member

Jason Rose, CD-SV, RT, at the helm. The

committee’s purpose is two-fold. First, the

committee will work to promote the international

Chapter program by facilitating

the formation of new chapters. Second,

the committee will focus on optimizing

the engagement and results of existing

chapters, through efforts such as quarterly

progress meetings and a mentorship

program. The committee also set goals for

its inaugural year, including an objective

to establish four new chapters.

With the addition of India and

France, the committee is right on

pace to reach its goal by the end

of the year.

India, the first new chapter,

received IDA Board approval in

April 2019. The chapter’s formation

comes not only at a good

time for the IDA, but also at an

important time for the detailing

industry in India, which has

begun increasing exponentially.

To set themselves apart from

the burgeoning competition

within the rapidly growing yet

highly unregulated market, professional

detailers in India are looking for a

support system to help establish standards

and advanced skills. The structure

and assistance provided by the IDA’s

updated chapter program can help with

these efforts.

“By establishing a local chapter, we

[will be able to] promote the success and

growth of the detailing industry in India,”

said Anckur Sama, CD-SV, the founding

president of the IDA India Chapter.

Along with Sama, the Chapter Board

is rounded out by members Saurjya

Mitra (Vice President); Mohit Agrawal;

Narendra Gulavani, CD; and Krishna

Kumar. Although they are not currently

serving on the Board, members John

Kumar, CD; Mohsin Khan; and Prateek

Singh Chauhan, CD, were also instrumental

in the chapter’s formation.

Now that it has been successfully

established, a top priority for the India

Chapter is to bring awareness of its

formation to the greater detailing

community in India. Using a combination

of digital communications and

word of mouth, the chapter is aiming to

get the news out to the many detailing

professionals in India who may not yet

be aware of the chapter – or even the

association itself.

Though only a few months old, the

chapter is already working on organizing

an IDA Meet and Greet. This event is

meant to spread awareness of the organization

and provide a chance for members

to meet face to face, and for non-members

to learn about the benefits of joining the

association and what it could mean for the

success of their businesses and the industry

in general. It is this level of proactiveness

and enthusiasm from the India Chapter

that will aid in its long-term success.

Speaking of face-to-face meetings,

IDA President Jonathan Munsell, CD,

will be traveling abroad in July 2019

to continue strengthening bonds with

our existing chapters in Europe. He is

planning to visit the UK, Norway, and

the IDA’s newest chapter in France “to

show support and help build awareness

of chapters and the IDA.”

“My goal for this trip, in each country,

is to interact and meet as many members

and potential new members as possible,”

Munsell explained. ““I will be looking to

bolster membership […] and meeting with

[operator and supplier] representatives.”

Munsell will also be facilitating Meet

and Greets and IDA certification,

as he will be in the UK the weekend

of Waxstock, Europe’s largest car

care event. After a brief hiatus in

2018, the IDA will once again be

represented at the show with a

Certification Event – Phase I (CD),

coordinated by the UK Chapter.

This tradeshow presence fits nicely

into the Chapter Development

Committee’s goal of supporting

the chapters’ efforts to maximize

participation in the larger detailing

industry in their area.

Munsell’s trip is also perfectly

timed to help inaugurate the new

French chapter. After initially expressing

interest in March 2019, and subsequent

correspondence with Rose and Munsell,

the chapter came together quickly and was

approved by the Board in June 2019. The

effort was championed by now-President

Erwan Gouriou, CD, who is “interested in

developing the right detailing state of mind

to help colleagues keep working in the right

direction in [France].”

The chapter will be led by Gouriou

along with Sebastien Baudouin (Vice

President). Rounding out the chapter

board are members Michael Nowak,

CD; Robert Gomes, CD; and Alexandre

Vieira. The IDA is excited to welcome

another chapter into the community and

looks forward to supporting its success in

the years to come.

The IDA currently has five active

chapters, with members in 56 countries

and territories across the globe. If you’re

interested in setting up a chapter in your

country or region, please email info@

the-ida.com to request a copy of the

“How to Form a New IDA Chapter”

packet. You can also find out more about

the requirements and the process of

forming a chapter by visiting our website

at the-ida.com/Chapters.




What do you

know about mold?

Bud Abraham is Founder and President Emeritus of DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems, with more than 40 years of

experience in the car care industry as a manufacturer, operator, distributor and consultant. He writes articles and gives

seminars on the subject of auto detailing throughout the automotive industry. He can be reached at buda@detailplus.com.

By Bud Abraham


Or better the question should be,

“Do you know anything about mold?”

And, what about mold in motor vehicles?

Black mold is dangerous. We heard a

lot about mold after Hurricane Katrina

nearly destroyed New Orleans and,

in the aftermath, we read about how

many houses had to be torn down or

stripped down to the studs to eliminate

the danger of mold.

I’m sure many detailers in the area

detailed many of the water-damaged vehicles

from the results of the flooding, etc. I

wonder how much they knew about mold?

Know this about mold, “People can

get very sick from mold.”

Did you know that a literal “air-tight”

vehicle compartment creates an environment

where mold and bacteria will proliferate?

Remember: Trapped air is toxic air.

Whether people realize it or not the

mold that can build up in air conditioning

systems and in carpets that have gotten

wet from leaks, or even from a detailer

who saturates the carpet with water/

shampoo and leaves far too much moisture

therein, all these situations create a

breeding ground for mold.

As mentioned, people get sick from

mold contamination.

Most states are licensing mold remediation

professionals to insure they are

following best practices for eliminating

mold. I will bet that these same states

have no idea of the mold that can builds

up inside motor vehicles.

Those studying mold recognize there

are three groups of people that are particularly

susceptible to mold:


The Elderly


The Very Young


The Immune-Suppressed

All of these groups either drive or

ride in motor vehicles that may have a

great deal of mold in the vehicle, either

in the air conditioning system or in the

carpets or trunk.

As a professional detailer you need to

Editor’s Note: While we here at Auto Detailing News admire and appreciate Bud

Abraham, please note that his opinions expressed in his Detail Doctor columns do not

necessarily reflect the opinions of Auto Detailing News. If you have a strong opinion

about Bud’s article, feel free to write a Letter to the Editor and send it to Debra Gorgos

at debrag@autodetailingnews.com.

very knowledgeable in mold and mold

remediation and how to eliminate it

from vehicle interiors and protect yourself

and your employees from contamination

by mold.

There is a trade association,

NORMI(the National Organization

of Remediators and Mold Inspector) that

has been formed to educate professional

in dealing with mold. As a “professional”

it is your responsibility to know all you

can about mold and how to eliminate it

from vehicle interiors,

Not to mention, it can be a great

source in revenue for your business if

you can knowledgeably talk to customers

about mold that might be in their vehicle

and how you can get rid of it.

For some of you who are conscientious

you’ve have taken to heart what I

have said and started looking for mold in

a customer’s vehicle and so advising them

of its dangers.

You might have even purchased an

ozone generator to kill mold in place, right?

Many cleaners in other industries

claim that killing mold in place is sufficient

and believe that they mold debris

does not need to be removed. WRONG!

Most of these companies, including

some detail businesses, ozone generators,

fogging machines or airless spraying that



Mold isn’t just green and back, it

comes in an array of colors. Other

colors of include:















Also, “black” mold, which is

considered the most toxic, is not

just black. It can also be more

of a greenish color. According to

Healthline.com, “Black mold”

refers to several species of mold

(which is a type of fungus) that

have a dark green or black appearance.

The most common species is

Stachybotrys chartarum.

deliver chemicals to the surface claiming

this approach will access the mold wherever

it is and kill it. This implies that once

the mold is “killed” it does not need to be

removed. This is not true. Let’s investigate

this further....

continued ...


continued ...




According to NORMI.org, The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors operates as a not-for profit 501 (6c)

and serves as a cooperative network of first responders in the war against indoor air quality and mold problems. “Toxic mold

(stachybotrys) is not the only contaminant for which clients should be concerned and NORMI is dedicated to the proposition

that the absence of ANY indoor contaminant (particulates, odors, VOCs, or biologicals) is the true definition of ‘clean air’.”


It can be defined in two ways: (a)

Deactivated or (b) Dormant. So, in simple

terms the mold is not actively growing.

Mold grows when it has a moisture source.

So, if the moisture source is removed the

mold stops growing. But it becomes active

again if moisture is reintroduced.

You can deactivate mold by using

a biocide which prevents mold from

growing. This may or may not be reversible,

depending on the biocide used.




As stated above, mold is caused by:


In a vehicle, moisture can come from

a leak from around windshields, the rear

windows, from faulty weather stripping

on doors, etc.

Also, carpets and upholstery in vehicles

can be over-wetted and then they are not

properly dried. Once moisture penetrates

into the carpet backing you have to remove

the carpets and dry them in the open air

to get rid of the moisture source. If you do

not do this, you will allow mold to grow. So,

the traditional methods of shampooing or

misuse of an extractor are certainly major

causes of mold in vehicles.

As well, extreme humidity can results in

mold growing on the interior of the vehicle.




Any discoloration identified as mold

must be removed whether it is found to

be dead or actively growing. If you do

not remove the mold, dead or alive, an

unhealthy interior is created.

But what if the mold is in the air conditioning

vents? Traditionally detailers have

used foggers or ozone generators to “kill

the mold.” This method is ok, but it moisture

is reintroduced into the vents again

you will have active mold. What really

should be done to a vehicle that has a

serious mold problem emitting from the

air conditioning system is that the system

has to be disassembled and the dead mold

has to be removed.


Evidence is irrefutable, to kill mold in

place is not a final solution at all unless it

includes the removal of the mold debris.

So as a true professional detailer you need

to know how to remove mold debris.

Mold can exist everywhere in a vehicle

interior. But there are some areas that are

more prone to mold than others and these

are areas you should focus on, while letting

the customer know about the dangers of

breathing mold in the vehicle, to them,

their children and friends.

Mold is “ubiquitous,” that is, it is

found everywhere, or better, it hides

everywhere, sometimes in plain sight, but

at the same time unseen.

You open the door of a motor

vehicle and mold spores follow. Open the

window for a breath of “fresh air” and

mold spores float right in.

With the right temperature, moisture,

humidity level, and food source, these

spores can begin to grow, causing a musty

smell on the interior of the vehicle. If you

smell it you can be sure that it is growing

somewhere in the vehicle, even if you do

not know where.

Most people are allergic to mold, so

it is important for you to know how to

reduce contamination levels. Knowing

where mold “hides” in vehicle interiors

is the first step to a healthier interior




There are many areas in which mold exists:

• Mold hides in places you cannot

reach: Every horizontal surface in

the vehicle interior with cracks and

crevices, has mold spores that have

settled in. Dust has mold spores, but

regular dusting can eliminate the

possibility of mold growth. Also, focus

on areas like door jambs.

• Mold hides in places you cannot

see: Glove boxes, counsel boxes, under

seats, air conditioning vents, etc.

• Mold hides where there is

wetness: As mentioned in previous

posts, leaks in the windshield or other

glass can allow water to soak into

the carpet and backing and if not

taken care of immediately the mold

will start to grow. Condensation in

air conditioning ducts, or worse,

leaks are a common area for mold to

grow spewing out smelly mold spores

throughout the entire interior of the

vehicle. Leaks in rubber molding on

door and trunk jambs will allow water

to seep into the vehicle wetting the

interior carpets as well as the padding

in the trunk.

• Mold hides where there is poor

air circulation: Trunks and the

vehicle interiors have poor air circulation

if they are not driven much.

As mentioned, mold is so “ubiquitous”

that its presence in vehicle interiors

is inevitable. If you focus on these areas

mentioned above, you will find the mold

where is “hides.” It should be cleaned up

immediately to provide a safe interior

environment for your customers.

Of course, if cleaning out both live

and dead mold will take more time

than a normal interior or trunk detail

requires, then by all means let the

customer know this. They should and

hopefully will gladly pay for the removal,

once they understand the dangers.


If you’re working on a vehicle that

has mold, or if you’re working with a

customer who has mold and needs

convincing that your services are

needed, you need to be aware of the

exact dangers that come from exposure

to mold. According to Centers

for Disease Control and Prevention,

the common health concerns from

molds include hay fever-like allergic

symptoms. “Certain individuals with

chronic respiratory disease (chronic

obstructive pulmonary disorder,

asthma) may experience difficulty

breathing. Individuals with immune

suppression may be at increased

risk for infection from molds. If you

or your family members have these

conditions, a qualified medical

clinician should be consulted for

diagnosis and treatment.”





By Clint Hintz,

IDA CD-SV-RT - Certified Trainer

There seems to be little to no

decrease of momentum for innovation

in the detailing industry lately, which is

quite exciting. It can however become

a long and cumbersome process to stay

educated on these changes in innovation,

as well as choosing which option(s)

works best with your preferences. When

choosing a complete exterior system, 3

major components would be-

1. Polisher/Tool Type

2. Liquid Abrasives/Protectants

(compound, polish, AIO, Sealants)

3. Buffing Pads

This article is to help define the

differences in newer innovative buffing

pad types for newer polishing tools. This

article is NOT to steer you towards a

particular pad type, but rather to provide

enough data and education to help you

choose what type of pad type will work

best for you and your service options.

When selecting a buffing pad type for

your preferred DA tool, there are two

basic categories to look at:

• Foam or Fiber

This article will be discussing foam,

which have been around for many

years now. There have been many new

technological advances in the foam pad

industry and foam pads work much

differently than wool and microfiber pads

as far as cut, feel and performance. PPI is

a general way of distinguishing foam, but

there are easier and more accurate ways

to identifying foam types. The best way

to generally measure foam is with a basic

understanding of whether it is OPEN

CELL or CLOSED CELL technology.

There are pros and cons to each of

these foam types, and each type will

work differently with all paint systems.



Many open cell foams actually begin

as closed cell and are “reticulated” to

produce the open cell. “Reticulation” is a

process used in processing foam where a

bun of foam is placed in a concrete and

controlled room, the room then filled

with hydrogen for the foam to absorb,

and finally the foam is actually ignited.

This process causes the membrane (or

window) of the foam to wrap around

the branches. The window/membrane

on foam is the transparent thin layer in

between the branches and is what you

continued ...


feel when you touch it. If you would look

at foam under a microscope, you would

see those branches and windows. Foam

that has been reticulated is open cell, and

foam that is not reticulated would be

considered closed cell. Once you reticulate

a foam, it may become stronger in its

tearing characteristics. Reticulated or

“open cell” foams run much cooler on the

surface as compared to closed cell foams.

The reason for this is with the cells being

open, they will dissipate heat while in

use. With this happening, there may be a

chance that the chemical you are working

with may dry faster and possibly dust

since the lubricant in it is getting dried

with the air passing thru the foam. Open

Cell foam pads are designed for, and

typically recommended for long-throw

or long-stroke dual action polishers.



Un-reticulated or Closed Cell foam

pads are designed for a wide variety of

polishers and buffers, including standard

dual action and random orbital machines,

gear-driven DAs, and rotary (high-speed)

polishers. Closed Cell pads are generally

not recommended for use with a longthrow

or long-stroke dual action polisher

(Open Cell technology foam is recommended for

these machine types). One strong benefit of

closed cell foam is chemical savings, as

polishing or compounding chemical does

not readily soak up into the foam, which

means less product is required to do the

same amount of work. Less saturation

of chemical into the foam pad results in

less wasted product. Buffing technicians

may find that because the product is not

soaking into the pad, the performance

of the pad and chemical is consistent

for a longer work time, basically taking

it longer for the dollop of product to

“wear out”. Technicians may also notice

quicker cutting time due to the denseness

of a Closed Cell pad. These types of pads

also tend to work very well with newer

water-borne, VOC compliant, or “high

water content” detailing chemicals. The

pads bring out the best performance from

these products, providing even dispersion

across the pad and surface of the vehicle.

Even yet another benefit to Closed Cell

foam is that with chemicals not being

soaked into the pad at the same rate of an

open cell foam, cleaning becomes much

easier and quicker.

Always keep in mind that not all foam

types work the same with all polishing

systems. In fact, in many instances, it

can still be trial and error. There are still

numerous ways that foams are measured,

but the information in this article was put

together as a starting point to help pick

the best foam for your particular project.

Stay tuned for the next issue of Auto

Detailing News for more information on

selecting the right pad regarding fiberbased

pads – Microfiber and Wool types.

Clint Hintz, IDA CD-SV-RT - Certified

Trainer, is the Eastern Regional Manager of

Buff and Shine Mfg. of Rancho Dominguez,


The Ultimate Guide

to Cleaning and

Maintaining Buffing Pads

By David Patterson,


Cleaning your buffing and polishing

pads is an important step in creating

the perfect finish that all detailers (and

their customers) want. Smart detailers

know that you need four key elements

to get the job done right -- the proper

chemicals, quality pads, appropriate

tools and a trained technician. If your

pads are dirty or clogged, even the best

detailer is doomed to fail. So, what’s

the best way to clean your buffing and

polishing pads?

Ask a group of detailers for their

preferred pad cleaning method, and

you’ll probably get a wide variety of

answers. You’ll see many different

techniques in shops and even in social

media posts. A word of warning: Be

careful how you proceed. Your pads are

an investment, and while they don’t last

forever, there are a number of cleaning

techniques that can extend their life

and get great results.

In this article, I will answer some of

the most frequently asked questions I

get regarding buffing pad care, as well

as share my recommendations, tips and

tricks for keeping your pads in great

shape to produce great results.

How Often Should You

Clean Your Pads?

Ideally, we suggest cleaning your

pads on the fly after completing each

panel. You can do this with a pad brush,

spur, air gun/blow gun or pad washer.

This removes the polish residue, along

with the built up paint or clearcoat that

can clog the pad. At the end of the day

or the project, you’ll want to do a full

cleaning of all of the pads you’ve used.

I recommend keeping a bucket of

water, ideally with a cleaning solution

like Snappy Clean, in your work area.

When you’re ready to change pads,

place the soiled pads in the bucket to

soften the residue and make the cleaning

process easier at the end of the day.

However, don’t let your pads sit in

the water for more than 48 hours. The

moisture or the cleaning chemicals may

lead to mold or pad deterioration. The

best practice is to make pad cleaning a

part of your daily work routine.

What Tools Do You Need

to Effectively Clean Pads?


A pad brush that’s specially designed

for cleaning buffing pads. It should

have stiff nylon bristles that will work

better than a standard kitchen brush or

a toothbrush.


Metal spur for wool pads


A pad washing solution


Water. However, we do not recommend

using a pressure washer, as it can

destroy the pad


Pad washing system or buffer-powered

pad washers


Eye protection


Respirator or dust mask


A Tornador or blow gun can be used to

clean microfiber and wool pads on the

fly - a respirator is required when using

them for this purpose.

Can You Use a Washing

Machine to Clean Pads?

If you have a lot of pads to clean,

or don’t have a dedicated pad washing

system, you can use your home washing

machine to get the job done. All types

of pads can be cleaned in the washer,

provided you follow a few best practices:


Only wash 10 or fewer pads at a time

in a standard washing machine and

make sure you put them through the

WASH cycle only.


Remove the pads from the machine


quickly after the spin cycle or process is



Pads can be damaged or ruined if left in

the washing machine for any period of

time after wash cycle is complete, or if

more than 10 pads are cleaned at once.


Use Snappy Clean Boost pad cleaner in



Set to Gentle Cycle.


Use cold and warm water only. Hot water

can shrink the loop backing.


Air dry

Do You have to Change

the Cleaning Method for

Different Types of Pads?

The short answer is: Yes. Today’s

buffing pads are designed to perform

specific functions, and the materials used

in each have unique properties and care

instructions. Each type of pad (foam,

microfiber, wool) requires a different

cleaning technique, as listed below:

Cleaning Foam Pads


We don’t recommend using a pressure

washer or high pressure compressed air

to clean foam pads, as these methods

can damage the foam pad or reduce its



Pad brushes work well for quick cleaning

of built up debris.


Use a dedicated pad washer, washing

machine or wash by hand.

Cleaning Microfiber Pads


Microfiber pads need to be cleaned

frequently to keep the material fluffy and



Due to the unique construction of

microfiber pads, this is the one type

of pad that can be cleaned with

compressed air.


Tornador or blow/air gun can be used to

clean wool pads on the fly. Always use a

respirator when choosing this method.


You can also use a pad brush, pad

washer or washing machine.

Pre Washing Wool Pads

I recommend washing lambswool or

low lint wool pads before using them for

the first time to remove any wool lint left

from the manufacturing process. By prewashing

a lambswool pad, it will increase

the pad’s performance and keep the wool

from matting or clogging when used on a

random orbital DA polisher.

Cleaning Knitted Wool Pads


Use a standard pad brush to break up

any residue.


Use pad washer or washing machine

(using the method described above)


Tornador or blow/air gun can be used to

clean wool pads on the fly. Always use a

respirator when during this process.

Cleaning Tufted Wool Pads


Use a metal spur made for use on

buffing pads to break up compound and



You can clean tufted wool with cold

water, but do so at your own discretion.

Adding even cold water to wool

can change the surface and impact



Hot or warm water will likely cause a

wool pad to shrink (think of how a wool

sweater can shrink in the wash). While

this doesn’t damage the pad, it may alter

the feel or user experience


Tornador or blow/air gun can be used to

clean wool pads on the fly. Always use a

respirator when choosing this method.

Should You

Designate Pads for

Specific Detailing Steps?

Just as you choose different pads

depending on if you’re cutting, finishing

or sealing, you may want to designate

specific pads for the chemicals you’ll be

using. Even after cleaning, some products

can impact ongoing pad performance.

For polish and compounds, buffing pads

can be cleaned and used with different

chemicals. A thorough cleaning will

keep these chemicals from clogging or

hardening on the pad.

However, if pads are used for a wax,

sealant or other LSP (last step product),

they tend to be very hydrophobic and it

won’t be easy to remove all the chemicals.

In this case, I do recommend cleaning

them, but also recommend designating

that pad to that specific type of chemical.

Do’s and Don’ts

of Pad Cleaning


Don’t let compounds dry on the surface

of the pad.


Always dry pads completely before

storing in a bin or bag. If moisture

remains in a pad when stored, mold can

form and deteriorate the pad.


Do not use heat to dry your pads.

Squeeze out the water or blot with a

towel, and allow to air dry. Heat can

damage the pad surface or shrink the

hook and loop backing.


Don’t be tempted to use a screwdriver

or other hard objects to loosen build-up,

even on wool pads. Always use a proper

pad spur when cleaning wool pads.

Screwdrivers can cut or damage yarn in

the pad and contaminate the pad with

any residue or material on the tool.


Don’t overuse polishing compounds or

other chemicals on the pad. Adding too

much polish can clog the pad and impact

performance. The additional weight of

excess polish in the pad increases the

risk of damaging or destroying the pad

during use.


Do protect yourself while cleaning pads

- use eye protection and a respirator or

dust mask when removing chemicals

from pads.

Why Does Pad

Cleaning Matter So Much?

Some may assume that properly

cleaning a pad is not that important and

the same method can be used for each

type. This is simply not true as cleaning

your pads after each use helps to extend

the life of the pad and give you better

performance on the work surface. Built

up residue in the pad can reduces or

hinders the ability to cut effectively or

finish well. In short, clean pads work the

best, and make life easier, so take the

time to clean each one properly as it will

not only save you money and time, but

will also help you to deliver a top-notch

detailing job for each customer.

David Patterson, IDA - CD, SV,

is the Product Manager of

Lake Country Manufacturing of

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.





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