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Remember that HOA Board Members

CANNOT be paid or compensated

for their work as a board member,

so offering them personal incentives to

promote your product is NOT allowed.

However you can offer incentives to the

HOA or community as a whole. For

example, a power washing company

may offer a free exterior cleaning to the

HOA clubhouse in exchange for advertising

on the community website.”



“Approximately 75% of Homeowner

Associations hold their required annual

meetings between the months of November

and February. This is important because

the annual budget also gets ratified

at the same time. If a board is going to

make a change in service provider for a

big-budget operating expense item, they

are likely to make that change around the

time of the annual meeting…Marketing

your services in the months prior to the

annual meeting is often a good strategy.

That’s not to say that all expenses are decided

during the annual budget. In fact,

much of the ‘operating budget’ will be

adjusted throughout the year. Seasonal

influences are likely going to dictate the

appropriate time to advertise…A sound

marketing strategy for HOAs will include

some amount of marketing year-round,

while leaving the majority of the advertising

budget for the months of the year

when board members are most likely to

pay attention.”



“Approximately 35% of HOAs contract

with a professional management

company to aid with the governance of

the community. The other 65% choose

to self-manage or are, for all intents and

purposes, defunct…When an HOA

contracts with a management company,

they are assigned a community manager.

This person aids with collections, ensures

covenant enforcement, and generally

handles the financials for the board. The

management company will often have a

list of vendors that they go to when one

of their boards is in need of a particular

product or service. The property manager

will take bids from their vendors and

make recommendations to the board

on who to select. However, the decision

making power still lies with the board.

The property manager will always yield

to the board because the management

company works for the HOA (not vice


Reaching out to management companies

is almost always a solid marketing

strategy if you want to work with

HOAs. By getting your foot in the door

with a management company, you

stand the chance to be a “preferred

vendor” and may be asked to provide

an RFP for one of their communities.

It is important not to forget about

the 65% of the market that chooses to

self-manage. These communities need

your products and services too, but they

don’t have the luxury of asking a community

manager to help find your company…Working

both sides of the market

is important, and understanding

that in both cases the ultimate decision

maker is the board member may be the

key to your success.”



“Serving on an HOA Board can

be quite rewarding, knowing that you

have helped your community maintain

its property values and become a

community worth living in. However,

if you have served on an HOA Board,

you know that it is also a time consuming

and often thankless job. Thus, the turnover

rate among board members can be

high. Most new board members will take

office at the beginning of the calendar

year. This can often breathe new life in

the community, as new board members

often have a number of things that they

would like to see improved in the community.

However, many first-time board

members have limited (or no) experience

serving on a Board of Directors. With

this in mind, it makes sense to advertise

to HOAs at the beginning of the year, so

now you can be heard by fresh faces on

the board. New board members can feel

overwhelmed at first and will sometimes

take several months to get accustomed

to life as an HOA board member. A

marketing campaign than spans several

months (January – April) will give you a

chance to leave a lasting impression with

these folks.”



“If you plan to advertise your products

and services to HOA board members,

it is important to remember that

you must speak to their needs as a community.

Dedicating a section of your

website to this agenda is a sound strategy,

as most people will take the time

to look up a company on the internet

before doing business with that company.

If a board member is able to visit

your website and quickly find a page

that speaks directly to them, you have

put yourself in an excellent position to

earn that community’s business.”


“People are using social media as

a primary means of communication,

which can translate into referrals and

excellent word-of-mouth advertising.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are

great places to advertise specials, post

testimonials, ask for referrals, and join

HOA-specific groups. Having these social

media tools link directly with your

website is also a great way to improve

your search engine optimization. Talk

to your webmaster or website designer

about integrating social media into your

overall marketing strategy if you have

the time to devote to it and you’ll hopefully

see positive results for your efforts.

Look up some other businesses (or your

competitors) to see how they are using

social media. A few posts or tweets per

week will take no more than a few minutes

of your time, and can lead to increased

exposure and business.”


“Banner advertising gets your company

name and logo in front of your

customers, and more importantly drives

them back to your site, increasing your

site traffic and Google rankings as well.

This important first step in the marketing

process reinforces your brand recognition

to the decision makers who matter

most to increasing your businesses sales.

By carefully choosing only relevant sites

your banner ads appear on, you can

make sure that you reach the right audience

and drive targeted traffic to your



“Lately everyone has gone digital, so

there’s been less of an emphasis placed

on using direct mail to reach your targets.

This has caused a resurgence in

the effectiveness of this type of marketing.

To create an effective marketing

strategy, it’s important to reach your

target market in various ways. Send out

direct mail to various targeted lists of

homeowner associations.”


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