Insight - August 2019

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SBM Sistemi’s IDRA device incorporates all

the benefits of the its Ocular Surface Analyser

model, with more automation and additional

features, including auto interferometry analysis,

auto non-invasive tear break-up mapping,

fluorescein exciter filter, eye blink rate detection

and 3D meibography imaging. IDRA is

extremely compact, slit lamp-mountable and

can be used stand-alone with an optional base

and head rest.


Ph. 1800 804331


Evolve ® Hypromellose 0.3%


NovaTears (Perfluorohexyloctane 100%, 3mL)

is a unique preservative-free eye lubricant

and tear film stabiliser in a multi-dose

bottle, specifically designed for the relief of

Evaporative Dry Eye and Meibomian gland

dysfunction. NovaTears spreads quickly and

easily on the eye with a long lasting effect;

and has a pleasant warm silky feeling with no

blurring or stinging. It contains no preservatives,

phosphates, surfactants, or water and can be

used for six months after opening.


1800 238 742 76

For Mild

Dry Eye

Evolve ® Carmellose 0.5%

For Moderate

Dry Eye


M22 is a drug-free, drop-free solution that

combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and

Lumenis’ unique Optimal Pulse Technology

(OPT). It is cleared for 20 different skin

indications, including rosacea treatment and

other skin inflammatory conditions and is

supported by more than a dozen studies.

With more than 80% of rosacea patients

suffering from inflammatory ocular

conditions, such as meibomian gland

dysfunction (MGD), the M22 invites

eyecare professionals to think outside

the eye and offer patients a solution to dry

eye disease.


1800 586 364

Evolve ® Eyelid Wipes

For Daily



Australian Distributor: Contact Lens Centre, Australia

Unit 6D 2A Westall Rd, Clayton, VIC 3168 Australia

Ph 1800 125 023

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