GCN Avoriaz Roadbook 2019

Official Roadbook for GCN Avoriaz: 01-05 August 2019

Official Roadbook for GCN Avoriaz: 01-05 August 2019

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<strong>GCN</strong> AVORIAZ<br />

We hope you are ready for a spectacular few days in the beautiful alpine resort of <strong>Avoriaz</strong>.<br />

We’ve got an action packed programme for you from riding to workshops, with fun on and off<br />

the bike and of course plenty of time to relax too.<br />

We are excited to be joining you for some amazing riding taking on some of the famous alpine<br />

climbs that have featured in the Tour de France. It all culminates with the <strong>GCN</strong> KOM Challenge<br />

on the final day so remember to keep something in the tank (and not get too carried away at<br />

Lloydy’s pub quiz the night before!)<br />

We really look forward to spending the next few days with you and hope you leave <strong>Avoriaz</strong> on<br />

Monday with memories and achievements that you will remember for a long time to come.<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> Team<br />

Dan, Chris & Mayalen



We are delighted to partner with <strong>Avoriaz</strong> to host our second <strong>GCN</strong> event – <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong>. <strong>Avoriaz</strong><br />

1800 is renowned as one of the best ski resorts in France. Located in the Portes du Soleil,<br />

above the town of Morzine it is famous for its spectacular cliff top location and unique style and<br />

architecture.<br />

Outside of the ski season Avroiaz is a fantastic summer destination and perfect for cyclists. MTB<br />

lovers will be in their element, you can switch easily between the cross-country trails, downhill<br />

runs, equipped bike parks, fun features, beginner slopes and picnic areas where you’ll even find<br />

a barbecue! The road cycling is also superb with a great selection of routes steeped in Tour de<br />

France history – <strong>Avoriaz</strong> itself has hosted a stage finish of the Tour 6 times!<br />

This only scratches the surface of activities and attractions in <strong>Avoriaz</strong> so make sure you check<br />

out www.avoriaz.com before you arrive.<br />

Special thanks to the <strong>Avoriaz</strong> Tourist Board for hosting us and helping to create the <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong><br />

experience.<br />

James Pope<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> Events Director




How would you describe yourself as<br />

a cyclist? Sporadic.<br />

Your best moment on a bike? Getting<br />

into a breakaway with 100km to go at<br />

my first Tour of Flanders with Hoste,<br />

Chavanel and Quinziato.<br />

Post-ride beverage? Beer.<br />

You are most likely to...?<br />

Overestimate my fitness.<br />

Favourite bike tech? Wahoo Bolt –<br />

love a few numbers.<br />

Your cycling hero? Jan Ullrich. Most<br />

people from that era now have some<br />

question marks and asterisks next to<br />

their name, but when I was young, I<br />

wanted to be Jan Ullrich.<br />

Your best joke? What do you call<br />

a swimmer with no arms and legs?<br />

Clever dick.<br />

Favourite bit of <strong>GCN</strong> Mallorca? The<br />

karaoke.<br />

Looking forward to most at <strong>GCN</strong><br />

<strong>Avoriaz</strong>? Descending the Col de Joux<br />

Plane.<br />

How would you describe yourself as<br />

a cyclist? Heavy. Retired. Sprinter.<br />

Your best moment on a bike? Winning<br />

myself, but when teammates won it<br />

was even better as you could feel<br />

everyone’s enjoyment and felt part of<br />

something bigger.<br />

Post-ride beverage? On heavy training<br />

days if it was hot I would always lust<br />

after something really cold and fizzy<br />

like bitter lemon!<br />

You are most likely to...? Win the<br />

sprint for the cafe.<br />

Favourite bike tech? Discs/thru axles.<br />

Your cycling hero? Erik Zabel.<br />

Your best joke? My list of results!<br />

Favourite bit of <strong>GCN</strong> Mallorca? Aside<br />

from the Karaoke, just riding with so<br />

many people from different walks of life<br />

with one common passion.<br />

Looking forward to most at <strong>GCN</strong><br />

<strong>Avoriaz</strong>? I’m looking forward to using<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong> as a training camp to<br />

prepare for my first competitive event<br />

since retiring from racing. A 100 mile<br />

MTB event called the Leadville 100.<br />

How would you describe yourself<br />

as a cyclist? Like all kinds of cycling<br />

disciplines, not the best at any.<br />

Your best moment on a bike? London<br />

Paralympics road race, when we were<br />

in the breakaway for the majority of the<br />

race and got home with a silver medal.<br />

Post-ride beverage? Beer, of course!<br />

You are most likely to...? Go too<br />

hard too early, I never learn from my<br />

mistakes!<br />

Favourite bike tech? Disc brakes.<br />

Your cycling hero? Marianne Vos.<br />

Your best joke? I am the worst person<br />

at telling jokes!<br />

Favourite bit of <strong>GCN</strong> Mallorca?<br />

Apart from all the great riding<br />

around Mallorca, getting to hang out<br />

afterwards with the guests and seeing<br />

Lloydy on the Karaoke.<br />

Looking forward to most at <strong>GCN</strong><br />

<strong>Avoriaz</strong>? Riding my bike with great<br />

people in the mountains for a couple of<br />

days.<br />


Spokes are online coaching specialists for cyclists, triathletes and endurance athletes. All of our coaching programmes are<br />

completely tailored to the personal profile, circumstances, needs and aspirations of the individual. The coaching programmes<br />

vary in terms of the specialist treatments included, ranging from: ‘video call’ consultancy and regular review time with the<br />

coach and or nutritionist; DNA analysis; sweat analysis; access to expert and specialist webinars on mental fitness, strength +<br />

conditioning; stretching + yoga and a nutritional recipe library.<br />

Regardless of your age, experience or goals Spokes can provide you with a personal coaching programme to improve your<br />

performance and enjoyment.<br />


Pav heads up the coaching team at Spokes and is responsible for ensuring the products and<br />

services they offer is market leading and always at the forefront of innovation. Pav developed<br />

the ‘Truly Personal Coaching’ methodology, which has provided countless successes not just<br />

with his coaching, but within the industry that has now adopted it. Truly Personal Coaching is<br />

a promise that you will always get coaching that is achievable, be that from the time you have<br />

available, the goals you want to achieve or the manner in which you want to achieve them.<br />


Having always had an interest in sport and being quite a competitive individual, I fell into the<br />

sport of cycling easily as I started working as a part time sales assistant at my local bike shop. It<br />

wasn’t long before I became heavily involved with the sport in racing and also a chosen career<br />

path of professional bike fitting and coaching. My only regret with cycling is not starting earlier.<br />

I have been cycling for just over 10 years and have progressed through the ranks whilst working<br />

full time and moving away to San Diego to gain experience and pass further qualifications in<br />

bike fitting. Having studied sport and exercise science in my previous education brings the<br />

interest of athlete performance and how to achieve the best results whilst training and racing.<br />


I have a passion for human performance and coaching. I started reading training books and<br />

everything related to performance that I could, with the quest of understanding how the human<br />

body works in the context of exercise. My curiosity kept growing, and I found myself reading<br />

physiology textbooks, nutrition textbooks, and articles in scientific journals. That passion made<br />

me start coaching other cyclists, applying the theory to practice.<br />

My approach to coaching is focusing on the science, and building the training plan based on<br />

principles of physiology, never forgetting the psychological aspect of the sport, and<br />

all the social/mental factors that affect day to day training and performance. Having physiology<br />

as a base, I try to find a way to apply it to practice, always in the quest of optimizing human<br />

performance.<br />

Twitter @spokesfit Instagram @spokesfit Facebook @spokesfit






PUBLIC<br />



AMARA<br />

SASKIA<br />



TOW<br />

STAG<br />


6<br />

PR<br />


<strong>GCN</strong> RESIDENCE<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> RESTAURANT<br />


<strong>GCN</strong> VENUE<br />

The Place<br />




<strong>GCN</strong> Information Point & Venue<br />


Drop-off & Pick-Up<br />

N<br />

E<br />


(to Morzine)<br />



ROAD<br />



Passage Publique<br />

ODAINS<br />




The <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong> ride outs will be fully supported with guides, mechanic support vehicles and feed stops. Plus you’ll get the<br />

pleasure of the company of the <strong>GCN</strong> presenters!<br />


Riders will be split into groups based on different speed and ability levels. We’ll contact you in advance to find out which<br />

group is most suitable. Riders will also have the option to join the coaching masterclass on the two main ride days - this will<br />

be a shorter route providing the opportunity for more hands on coaching by the Spokes coaching team.<br />

There will be the opportunity to change groups if you feel that the group you are in is too fast or too slow. Each day we will<br />

make any updates to ride groups and provide information and timings at the <strong>GCN</strong> reception in the hotel lobby.<br />


Each group will be led by an experienced ride guide who<br />

will lead the group. The ride guide will provide instructions<br />

during the ride and any other warnings on the road so it<br />

is important that riders follow their instructions at all times.<br />

Although the ride guide for each group will lead the group<br />

on the road, please bear in mind that we all have a collective<br />

responsibility to conduct ourselves safely and respectfully<br />

on the road at all times, both to your fellow riders and other<br />

road users.<br />

Signal Right<br />

Signal Left<br />

On the climbs, it is possible that the group will fragment,<br />

and riders are encouraged to take the climbs at their own<br />

pace. The ride leader will regroup everyone back together<br />

at the top of each climb before continuing. If any riders are<br />

struggling, the support team will be there to help and can<br />

assist a rider to join a slower group on the road or provide a<br />

short boost up the road.<br />

Slow Down/Stop<br />


A safety briefing will be provided each day before the ride<br />

begins. Please ensure you follow the safety instructions<br />

given and any further instructions of the ride leader on the<br />

road. Riders are to ride two abreast within the groups unless<br />

asked to single out by the ride guide. Groups must not be<br />

spread across the road as you may see in a race situation.<br />

Please ensure you ride safely at all times, observing the<br />

rules of the road and following good basic riding etiquette.<br />

Good etiquette means that we are always respectful of our<br />

fellow riders, have good communication with each other<br />

and take due care and attention to highlight any hazards or<br />

obstacles you may encounter on the road, clearly and safely.<br />

Point Out Hazard<br />

Move Around Object<br />

With respect to any descents on the rides: please ensure<br />

that you take extra care and attention when descending as<br />

a group. The rides are not a race situation and the roads are<br />

all open to traffic. The ride guide will always be the first rider<br />


on the road when descending, they will set an appropriate<br />

and safe tempo for the descent. Please do not pass the<br />

ride guide when descending, allow yourself some space<br />

between you the rider in front and please remain on the<br />

correct side of the road at all times.<br />


There will be a feed station on the main ride days (Thursday/<br />

Friday) which will be just over halfway. The feed station will<br />

provide snacks, nutrition products and the opportunity to<br />

top up water. Before the ride there will be fruit and snacks<br />

available at the <strong>GCN</strong> bike area to put in your pockets.<br />


Our mechanic team will be on hand for bike checks before<br />

and after the ride. They will also provide support on the road<br />

and can assist with minor problems and punctures. Please<br />

be aware that this is not a “race style” neutral service and<br />

riders are still expected to be capable of managing minor<br />

problems and punctures. In the event of a more significant<br />

mechanical problem that cannot be fixed at the roadside,<br />

the support team may need to take the bike for further<br />

assessment to ascertain if further repair or replacement parts<br />

may be required. In the event that a bike is unrideable, the<br />

bike and rider can be transported back to the hotel in one of<br />

the ride support vehicles.<br />


The following pages provide a detailed summary of each<br />

ride day including route maps and profiles. Riders are<br />

recommended to add routes to your bike computer – GPX<br />

files will be available to download in advance.<br />


The grand finale to <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong> will be the KOM Challenge<br />

(see details of the climb on page 18-19). The KOM is<br />

designed to be fun - riders can choose to race or ride at<br />

your own pace.<br />


As is good practice when riding at home or abroad, We<br />

highly recommend all riders have full personal insurance<br />

(see insurance section on page 10).



Airport shuttles will be provided on the designated transfer days (see transfer details below). For guests who are arriving<br />

outside of these transfer times please contact us for assistance with a private transfer by emailing<br />

gcn@sportstoursinternational.co.uk or refer to the <strong>Avoriaz</strong> transfer service at www.avorinet.com/transfers<br />


Transfers leaving Geneva airport at:<br />


Transfers leaving welcome point at resort entrance at:<br />

12:00<br />

07:00 for flights departing Geneva after 11:00<br />

17:00<br />

11:00 for flights departing Geneva after 15:00<br />

Your flight should arrive 1 hour prior to the transfer time<br />

to ensure that you and your luggage are ready to leave<br />

on time. On arrival at the airport please exit the baggage<br />

collection where the <strong>GCN</strong> team will be located.<br />

Please meet at the welcome point at the entrance to the<br />

resort (where you were dropped off on arrival day). Ensure<br />

you are checked out of the hotel, have your bike packed,<br />

and are ready to depart ahead of the transfer times.<br />


Please ensure that you have put in place your own travel and personal accident insurance cover for the event that<br />

specifically insures you for cycling activities and covers potential theft and damage to your belongings. Having this insurance<br />

in place is a condition of participation of <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong> – refer to section 4.2 in our T&Cs here: www.gcnevents.co/pages/terms<br />


We have four action packed days of riding, events and<br />

entertainment at <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong>:<br />

DAY 1: ARRIVAL<br />

Thursday 1st August<br />


Friday 2nd August<br />

All Day<br />

Guest arrival and transfer<br />

Morning<br />

Col du Corbier or Coaching<br />

Masterclass<br />

Afternoon<br />

Short (optional) orienation<br />

ride<br />

Afternoon<br />

Coaching Workshop with<br />

Pav Bryan<br />

Evening<br />

Welcome with the <strong>GCN</strong> team<br />

Evening<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> Show Live<br />



For passport and visa information, please check the relevant section on this page: www.gov.uk/browse/citizenship/passports.<br />

General Travel and health Information for your destination is available on the FCO website. Please note that this information<br />

relates to UK passport holders only and that other nationalities should refer to their own authorities for this information.<br />

KIT LIST<br />

☐<br />

Passport<br />

☐<br />

Arm/Leg Warmers<br />

☐<br />

Power Meter Parts<br />

☐<br />

Flight Details & Pass<br />

☐<br />

Full Finger Gloves<br />

☐<br />

Spare Mech Hanger<br />

☐<br />

Insurance Documents<br />

☐<br />

Overshoes<br />

☐<br />

Spare Tubes<br />

☐<br />

Credit Cards & Cash<br />

☐<br />

Bottles<br />

☐<br />

Spare Cleats<br />

☐<br />

Mobile Phone & Charger<br />

☐<br />

Multitool<br />

☐<br />

Swim Kit<br />

☐<br />

Plug Socket Adapters<br />

☐<br />

Mini Pump<br />

☐<br />

Wash Kit<br />

☐<br />

Bike (in bike box)<br />

☐<br />

Tyre Levers<br />

☐<br />

Sun Screen<br />

☐<br />

Helmet<br />

☐<br />

Quick Chain Links<br />

☐<br />

Personal Medication<br />

☐<br />

Sunglasses<br />

☐<br />

Lights<br />

☐<br />

Energy/Hydration Products<br />

☐<br />

Cycling Shoes<br />

☐<br />

Pedals<br />

☐<br />

Chamois Cream<br />

☐<br />

Cycling Kit<br />

☐<br />

Bike Computer<br />

☐<br />

Waterproofs<br />

☐<br />

Heart Rate Monitor<br />





Saturday 3rd August<br />

Sunday 4th August<br />

Monday 5th August<br />

Morning<br />

Morning<br />

Morning<br />

Col du Joux Plane or<br />

KOM Challenge<br />

Checkout by 10:00<br />

Coaching Masterclass<br />

Afternoon<br />

Afternoon<br />

R&R – Free Time<br />

Ask <strong>GCN</strong> Anything<br />

& Wrap Party<br />

Evening<br />

Evening<br />

Lloydy’s Pub Quiz<br />

Dinner<br />



STAGE<br />


NOTES<br />

Transfer<br />

Various<br />

Please refer to travel section on page 11<br />

Arrival<br />

All Day<br />

On arrival at <strong>Avoriaz</strong> guests will be met at the <strong>Avoriaz</strong><br />

welcome point where you will be directed to you<br />

accommodation to check in. Bikes can be taken to your<br />

apartment to build yourself or transported to the <strong>GCN</strong><br />

bike area at the Tourist Board<br />

Welcome Pack<br />

From 14:00<br />

After check in guests are invited to make your way to<br />

the Tourist Board Office to collect your accreditation and<br />

welcome pack at the <strong>GCN</strong> reception.The <strong>GCN</strong> reception<br />

will be open from 14:00<br />

Bike Build<br />

14:30–16:30<br />

19:00–20:00<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> bike area will be located outside the Tourist Board.<br />

Mechanics will assist with bike build and checks. Orbea<br />

demo bikes can be collected here<br />

Orientation Ride<br />

17:00–18:00<br />

Optional beginner coaching session to learn the basics of<br />

riding in a group, riding etiquette and descending. Group<br />

will ride down the top part of the <strong>Avoriaz</strong> descent and<br />

back up to <strong>Avoriaz</strong> (approx. 10km). Please meet at <strong>GCN</strong><br />

bike area at 16:45 ready to ride. Riders will be set off in<br />

groups following short safety briefing<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> Welcome<br />

19:30–20:00<br />

Head to the <strong>GCN</strong> studio in the Tourist Board office for the<br />

welcome briefing and to meet the team<br />

Dinner<br />

20:00–21:00<br />

La Refuge Restaurant: <strong>GCN</strong> allocated area for dinner<br />



The accommodation in <strong>Avoriaz</strong> is apartment style run by Pierre & Vacances. Guests will be located in either Saskia, Crozats<br />

or Amara apartments (please refer to the <strong>Avoriaz</strong> map for the location of the apartment blocks). On arrival in <strong>Avoriaz</strong> you will<br />

be advised which block you are staying in and directed to the reception.<br />

There are some important terms and conditions to be aware of:<br />

Check-in Times<br />

Check in is normally 17:00 but we will endeavour to organise<br />

early check in for guests arriving in the afternoon<br />

Check-out Times<br />

Check out will be 10:00 on Monday 5th August<br />

Security Deposit<br />

A security deposit will be required on the apartment (200<br />

Euros for Saskia, 400 Euros for Crozats, 500 Euros for<br />

Amara). Please ensure you have a credit card available for<br />

this – the deposit is for any damages so will be refunded<br />

following departure<br />

Kitchen<br />

Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen with kettle and<br />

coffee machine<br />

Wifi<br />

Complimentary wifi is available and you will be provided with<br />

an access code at check-in<br />

Linen and Towels<br />

Please note that a linen and towel pack will be available for<br />

you, but you need to make your own bed<br />

Cleaning<br />

Daily cleaning of the apartment is not provided. End of stay<br />

cleaning is provided, but please tidy the apartment and<br />

follow any instructions provided at check-in<br />

Bikes<br />

Are allowed in the apartments<br />

Laundry<br />

An automatic laundry service is open daily in the resort<br />

Taxe de Sejour<br />

Daily tourist tax is payable in France (approx. 2 Euros per<br />

day). This will need to be paid at check-in.<br />


DAY 2 FRIDAY<br />

STAGE<br />


NOTES<br />

Breakfast<br />

07:30–08:30<br />

La Falaise Restaurant: <strong>GCN</strong> allocated area for continental<br />

breakfast<br />

Ride Out<br />

From 08:30<br />

Ride groups will depart from 08:30 – check daily groups<br />

and start times at the <strong>GCN</strong> information desk in the Tourist<br />

Board Office. Meet at <strong>GCN</strong> bike area ready to ride 15<br />

minutes before your group departure time.<br />

Massage<br />

15:00–17:00<br />

Complimentary post ride sports massage provided by<br />

Katrina. Allocated in 15 minute slots – please register your<br />

slot on return from the ride. The massage room is located<br />

in the Tourist Board Office<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> Workshop<br />

17:00–18:00<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> Coaching Workshop hosted in <strong>GCN</strong> Studio<br />

Pav Bryan – Performance Director at Spokes<br />

Dinner<br />

18:30–20:00<br />

La Refuge Restaurant: <strong>GCN</strong> allocated area for dinner<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> Show Live<br />

20:00–21:30<br />

Head to the <strong>GCN</strong> studio for the <strong>GCN</strong> Show with Dan and<br />

Chris<br />




Distance 72.5 km<br />

Difficulty Difficult<br />

Total Elevation 1420 m<br />

Total Descent 2260 m<br />

Est. Moving Time* 03:46<br />

*average speed 19.2 km/h<br />


Distance 29.4 km<br />

Difficulty Difficult<br />

Total Elevation 990 m<br />

Total Descent 990 m<br />

Est. Moving Time* 02:08<br />

*average speed 13.8 km/h<br />



STAGE<br />


NOTES<br />

Breakfast<br />

07:30–08:30<br />

La Falaise Restaurant: <strong>GCN</strong> allocated area for continental<br />

breakfast<br />

Ride Out<br />

From 08:30<br />

Ride groups will depart from 08:30 – check daily groups<br />

and start times at the <strong>GCN</strong> information desk in the Tourist<br />

Board Office. Meet at <strong>GCN</strong> bike area ready to ride 15<br />

minutes before your group departure time<br />

Massage<br />

16:00–18:00<br />

Complimentary post ride sports massage provided by<br />

Katrina. Allocated in 15 minute slots – please register your<br />

slot on return from the ride. The massage room is located<br />

in the Tourist Board Office<br />

Dinner<br />

18:30–20:00<br />

La Refuge Restaurant: <strong>GCN</strong> allocated area for dinner<br />

Lloydy’s Pub Quiz<br />

20:00–21:30<br />

Head to La Place bar for Lloydy’s Pub Quiz<br />




Distance 79.2 km<br />

Difficulty Difficult<br />

Total Elevation 1920 m<br />

Total Descent 2750 m<br />

Est. Moving Time* 04:39<br />

*average speed 19.2 km/h<br />


Distance 38.6 km<br />

Difficulty Difficult<br />

Total Elevation 850 m<br />

Total Descent 1680 m<br />

Est. Moving Time* 02:34<br />

*average speed 15.0 km/h<br />


DAY 4 SUNDAY<br />

STAGE<br />


NOTES<br />

Breakfast<br />

07:30–08:30<br />

La Falaise Restaurant: <strong>GCN</strong> allocated area for continental<br />

breakfast<br />

Ride Out (Option 1)<br />

08:00<br />

Riders who wish to do the full loop ascending the Col du<br />

Joux Verte to the start of the KOM must be ready to leave<br />

by 08:00<br />

Ride Out (Option 2)<br />

09:00<br />

Option for riders who wish to descend the Col du Joux<br />

Verte to the start of the KOM<br />

KOM Challenge<br />

09:30–11:00<br />

On arrival riders will sign in. Riders will set off at 1 minute<br />

intervals in start order. Following the KOM riders will ride<br />

back to <strong>Avoriaz</strong> (3km)<br />

Wrap Party<br />

15:00–17:00<br />

Head to La Place bar where we will be hosting the wrap<br />

party featuring Ask <strong>GCN</strong> Anything – your chance to ask<br />

the <strong>GCN</strong> presenters anything you want<br />

Dinner<br />

18:30–20:00<br />

La Refuge Restaurant: <strong>GCN</strong> allocated area for dinner<br />



1750m<br />


1700m<br />

1650m<br />

1600m<br />

1550m<br />

1500m<br />

0km<br />

Avg Grade 6%<br />

4.26km<br />


Distance<br />

Difficulty<br />

Total Elevation<br />

Total Descent<br />

Est. Moving Time*<br />

Feed Stations<br />

4.33 km<br />

Easy<br />

250 m<br />

0 m<br />

00:26<br />

1<br />

*average speed 10.0 km/h<br />


DAY 5 MONDAY<br />

STAGE<br />


NOTES<br />

Breakfast<br />

07:30–09:30<br />

La Falaise Restaurant: <strong>GCN</strong> allocated area for continental<br />

breakfast<br />

Pack<br />

Morning<br />

Riders pack bikes into bike boxes ahead of departure.<br />

Assistance will be available from our event team.<br />

Please note: for early departures we recommend<br />

packing bikes on Saturday afternoon<br />

Transfer<br />

Various<br />

Please refer to travel section on page 11 for departure<br />

instructions and information on the airport transfer times<br />


<strong>GCN</strong> AVORIAZ PARTNERS<br />

We are pleased to be supported by the following partners at <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong>:<br />

Wahoo Fitness harnesses the power of your smart phone to transform the way you ride, run<br />

and reach your fitness goals. At <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong> you will be able to try out the latest Wahoo Kickr<br />

smart trainer - we will have two trainers set up in the <strong>GCN</strong> studio which will also be in the Wahoo<br />

warm up zone at the start of the KOM Challenge. Wahoo will also have the latest Elemnt bike<br />

computers available to test – you will need to download the Wahoo Roam app onto your phone.<br />

Go to www.wahoofitness.com to download the app and find out more about Wahoo<br />

Leading Bicycles, helmets and cycle clothing brand Orbea develops technology applied to<br />

products for bike lovers. At <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong> you will get the chance to test a top of the range Orca<br />

Aero road bike as well as the new Orbea Gain road e-bike.<br />

To find out more about Orbea go to www.orbea.com<br />

Enervit Sport is a complete line of endurance sport nutritional supplements, providing specific<br />

products for every step of your performance strategy. We are delighted to have Enervit providing<br />

energy products before, during and after <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong> rides.<br />

Find out more at www.enervit.com<br />

Whether hiking or biking, Komoot’s planning and navigation tech helps you to easily plan<br />

your next adventure. <strong>GCN</strong> <strong>Avoriaz</strong> guests will get access to worldwide offline maps on<br />

Komoot. You will also be able to download all the ride routes from Komoot as well as upload<br />

images to the routes using your Komoot account.<br />

Find out more at www.komoot.com<br />

Find out more about our Coaching Partner, Spokes on page 5 or by visiting www.spokes.fit<br />

Special thanks to Katrina for providing Sports Massages. Check out www.pilates-trainer.co.uk


James Pope<br />

Event Director<br />

Ben Roberts<br />

Drone Pilot<br />

Gary Willis<br />

Ride Director<br />

Ed Nicholl<br />

Event Support/Mechanic<br />

Jamie Warren<br />

Head of Marketing<br />

Steve Drewery<br />

Event Support/Mechanic<br />

Neil Wyatt<br />

Production Manager<br />

Abi Gibb<br />

Ride Leader<br />

Keith Stocker<br />

Event Manager<br />

Tim Scott<br />

Ride Guide<br />

Dan Lloyd<br />

Director of Racing<br />

Grigor Wallace<br />

Ride Guide<br />

Chris Opie<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> Presenter<br />

Pav Bryan<br />

Performance Director<br />

Mayalen Noreiga<br />

<strong>GCN</strong> en Español Presenter<br />

Jake Yarranton<br />

Coach<br />

Stefan Darque<br />

Video Creator<br />

Aitor Altuna<br />

Coach<br />

Karl Wakfer<br />

Video Creator<br />

Olly Bowman<br />

Photographer<br />

Sid Albanis<br />

Creator<br />

Katrina Aldridge-Heath<br />

Sports Massage<br />


General enquiries info@gcnevents.co<br />

Booking enquiries +44 161 703 8161 – gcn@sportstoursinternational.co.uk<br />

Event Control Number +44 7968 264 196<br />

Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram<br />


in partnership with<br />

www.avoriaz.com<br />

www.wahoofitness.com<br />

www.orbea.com<br />

www.enervit.com<br />

www.komoot.com<br />


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