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Updated May 2019


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A TO z

of Algarve artists

The following pages contain a full A to Z listing of all of the Algarve-based

artists who are members of the Algarve Society of Artists.

Feel free to browse the pages - and find new art to enjoy - and artists to


Many of our artists have work for sale and are available for private


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Andree Jürgens


Aileen Friis-Jorgensen


Andrew Stephens


Alexandra Fadin


Angie Wright


Alexandra Smith (Dubbo)


Angie Schlechter


Alexandra Speiser


Anna Knoop


Alex Buck


Anneke Verschoor Kuipers


Algarve Azulejos Art


Ben Helmink


Algarve Business Consultants


Brian Oliver


Alyson Sheldrake


BJ Boulter


Ana Domingues Pereira


Caroline Wood


Ana Nobre


Chris Kelly



Cliff Martin Tuson


Günther Höser


Cory Sea


Inês Dourado


Dave Sheldrake


Inna Hawker


David Trubshaw


Janet Pierce


Eliza Hafer


Jan Rowe


Els Gastelaars


Jean Davis




Jessica Dunn


Frans Bresser


Joke van der Steen


Frans Verschoor


June Szucs


Free Spirits Artworks

100 Kasia Wrona


Geraldine Tetlow-Sequeira

102 Kate Evans


Gill Goode


Kate Podmore


Gudrun Bartels

106 Kateryna Ilchuk


Guida Pereira

108 Kay Maunder

110 Kelly Landrey



Sandra Knop


Leanne Byrom


Sarah Fox


Lesley Goldie


Sara Wooldridge


Liza Walker


Sonja Eckenstein-Schalen


Malcolm Hyde


Sophie Wills

120 Manoli Ortiz de la Torre


Steph Hayman


Marc Thivierge


Sue Findley


Marie-Helene Piquart


Tanya Lundmark


Marlyn Clarke


Tiago Rocha


Meinke Flesseman


Toni Dade

130 Mientje de Goeij-de Rooij

160 Tracy-Jane Pooler


Osmond K Mairs


Uschi Kuhn


Penny Coombs


Wendy Frost


Rebecca Crystal Pereira


Wolfgang Spengler


Sandie Croft



Delicate and Detailed Botanical Art



Botanical Art in Coloured Pencil and Watercolours

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Aileen’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was a Biology teacher for over 35 years, always interested in Art. I

resigned my permanent job to study Art. I studied Botanical Art at Royal

Botanical Garden Edinburgh, and was involved in establishing the Scottish

Society of Botanical Artists (SSBA) in 2015.

I am currently a Director, and Membership Secretary, of the SSBA. I am

also a member of the Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh.

I spend winters in the Algarve with my son and his family. In Scotland, I

am involved in Art exhibitions and occasional Craft Fairs, selling my cards

and hand-painted silk scarves. I attend classes in Botanical Art, tutored by

Fiona Strickland and Robert McNeill (‘McNeill Botanicals’). I have taught a

beginners watercolour class and given talks to interested groups.

I would classify my art as Realist work with details. I specialise in Botanical

work with the intention of producing 3-dimensional paintings. Some of my

subjects suit coloured pencil rather than watercolour; and I always work

with transparent colours, working on HP pressed paper.”

Aileen’s work is available for sale – please contact her direct vie e-mail.

She is possibly open to commissions.

Above Left: ‘Iris Umi- Kazi’ in watercolour

Facing Page: ‘Nerine bowdenii, or Jersey Lily’

Above Right: ‘‘Hellebore species’ in pencil

All Images © Aileen Friis-Jorgensen



Dancing Self-Portraits, Sculpture and Art combined in a Creative Life



Visual Arts, Sculpture, Painting and Photography

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Alexandra’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“As both a dancer choreographer and visual artist, I have been exploring

for more than 15 years the interactions between dance and visual arts

(sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and video) and I have created

my own concept, « The Material in Movement » in Paris.

3 years ago, I started to dance and create on the beautiful beaches of

the Algarve and I fell in love with this region which inspires me in all the

dimensions of my artistic approach. Since February 2018, I am in annual

residence at the LAC (Laboratório das Actividades Criativas) in the old

prison of Lagos where I can work on my paintings and sculptures inspired

by my daily dance performances in interaction with nature and the

elements, and select my pictures always with the hope of discovering

some magical and poetic ones which can express my feelings and tell

mysterious stories to the public.

Through my paintings, sculptures and photographs, I try to express my

vision and my experience of dance and femininity, explore the sense of

movement and transmit the energy of joy and freedom.

All my works of art are connected to each other and complementary : my

photographs are dancing self-portraits in interaction with nature which

inspire me to create paintings of my « Planet Women » and to give birth

to sculptures representing colourful dancing creatures.”

Alexandra runs regular workshops in the LAC (Old Prison) in Lagos, she

is available for private commissions and her work can be viewed at her

studio at the LAC by appointment.

All Images © Alexandra Fadin


Alexandra smith (dubbo)

Freelance Children’s books Illustrator

Alexandra smith dubbo



For more information and full contact details click here

to view Alexandra’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in Malta into a family of artists and I have never really thought

about having any other career. I have been drawing and making things for

as long as I can remember. After completing my studies at Nottingham

and Leeds universities, I spent many years teaching art at international

universities and schools around Europe. I also spent some time working

in the theatre and in between times, like a lot of single parents, struggled

to bring up my four kids. I have always kept up a second career as a

freelance illustrator and over the years worked for a variety of major card

companies. However, now that I am retired I can devote more time to

illustrating children’s books.

At present I am working almost exclusively on children’s books. My

style is very painstaking and each drawing takes me about a week to

complete. Caran d’Ache coloured pencils are my favored medium. I

suppose originally it was easier to clear them away than paint with little

ones around. I find I can blend the colours in layers on the paper to give

a depth of shading. Sometimes when I get fed up with pencils I use ink or

collage techniques.”

Alexandra occasionally does private commissions but most of her current

work is commissioned by authors or publishing houses. The children’s

books she has illustrated can be purchased from Amazon.co.uk or directly

from her.

Above Left: ‘Late Santa’

Facing Page: ‘20 Ten Minute Fairy Tales’

Above Right: ‘Andy Warhol’

All Images © Alexandra Smith (Dubbo)


Alexandra speiser

Art inspired by the incredible scenery and colours of southern Africa

Alexandra speiser



For more information and full contact details click here

to view Alexandra’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Alexandra Speiser (Alex) was born in 1968 in Karachi, Pakistan. During her

school years she lived in Bremerhaven, Germany. She then went on to

study Geology and Paläontology in Göttingen, Germany. Thereafter, she

moved to Namibia and began working as a geologist.

During her 22 years in Namibia, Alex was inspired by the stunning light,

magnificent sunsets and incredible natural scenery and colours to take up

painting. She was further influenced by two Namibian artists, Nicky Marais

and Barbara Böhlke.

In 2012 she and her husband moved to Monchique, Portugal. She still

continues to work in Namibia as environmentalist. In 2014 Alex met Kerstin

Wagner, by whom she got inspired and supported to take up painting

again in Portugal.

Her work is inspired by the southern African colours and light.

Since January 2017 she has shared an atelier with Rosa Pereira and

Rushda Shaw in Portimão in the Algarve. Alexandra’s work is available for

sale. Please contact her or visit the Geday gallery in Portimão, which is

located at Rua da Hortinha no 18.

All Images © Alexandra Speiser


Alex buck

Retired architect drawn to painting old dilapidated Portuguese buildings

Alex buck



For more information and full contact details click here

to view Alex’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in Switzerland, in Schaffhausen, on June 26, 1942. Painting

and drawing were my favorite subjects at school. Added to that was my

interest in art, especially architecture. So it was soon very clear that I had

to study architecture. At the same time, training in colour, structure and

form was encouraged quite intensively. In my professional life, after the

training, however, the arts almost became in the background of my work.

It was only later that I rediscovered the art of painting and began to attend

supplementary courses in all fields of art to refresh my knowledge. Oils,

acrylics, watercolours, all sorts of drawing pencils have been reactivated.

A few exhibitions in Switzerland showed me that I had not forgotten

everything! My partner, sculptor, encouraged me to stay true to my hobby

and to intensify it. We have been living in the Argarve for a few years now.

And it is easy to be stimulated by being here, surrounded by the colours,

light and air.

The current pictures show buildings in our area of Moncarapacho, Olhao,

who are in desperate need of a renovation. I think I am drawn to paint the

substance and beauty of these old buildings.”

All Images © Alex Buck


ALgarve azulejos art

Holding workshops on painting Azulejos tiles

Algarve azulejos tiles

Azulejos Tile-Painting workshops


For more information and full contact details click here

to view their listing on the Algarve Art website

“I Qualified as a Textile Designer 39 years ago. I enjoyed a fulfilling career

as Marketing and Design manager for Sheraton Linen SA and later I was

an Interior Designer and Project Manager in the UK and Portugal. My love

of gardens and nature led me to complete a course in Permaculture/

sustainable living. Over the years, I have continued painting, doing

creative art, ceramics, photography and digital art. Inspired by the

Historical Buildings, Architecture and the cultural importance of Azulejos

Tiles in Portugal; I returned to my design and creative art roots, and now

hold workshops on painting Azulejos tiles. I feel blessed to live here and

passionate about sharing the history and method of painting them.

Presently I am not selling my tiles, guests paint their own in my

workshops. I have the opportunity to share larger projects with another

ceramic artist. I was commissioned to paint replacement damaged,

swimming pool tiles. I don’t usually deal in quantity, my forte lies in my

workshops. My tile painting workshop has been given as “A Gift” to friends

and family. It’s ideal for any occasion and event: Christmas, Valentine’s

Day, Birthdays etc. Organisations have successfully held team-building

workshops with me, and said they really enjoyed the experience.”

See the workshops page on our Algarve Art website for more information.

All images: ‘Workshops’

All Images © Algarve Azulejos Art


Algarve business consultants

Creating Digital Marketing Products, both Physical and Virtual


Algarve business consultants

Digital Media

For more information and full contact details click here

to view their listing on the Algarve Art website

“I have lived in the Algarve for 14 years, originally growing up in the east of

England. My artistic streak started at school when art and music were my

favourite subjects but later changed to digital creation of art via adverts,

websites and any form of printed or digital media. I am from a sales and

marketing background in the UK, working for many different companies,

such as Whitbreads, Renault UK and Granada Television.

My sales and marketing background along with technical abilities mean

that digital media comes easily to me. I love my work as it varies so much

and can be challenging at times.

I offer all kinds of Digital Marketing Products, both Physical and Virtual.

What does that mean?

Physical Media: Branding, Logos, Favicons, Business Cards, Flyers,

Pricelists, Posters etc

Virtual (Digital) Media: Social Media Creation and Management, Marketing

Campaigns, Email Campaigns, websites (big or small)

And much more, if it’s printed or online I can help.

WordPress training also available.”

Members of the Algarve Society of Artists are welcome to a 10% discount

on any of their products including the Algarve Business Directory.

Contact Matt Love for more information.


Alyson Sheldrake

Acrylics created in a bold and modern ‘New Wave’ style

Alyson Sheldrake



For more information and full contact details click here

to view Alyson’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I am a self taught artist, and I am currently painting a wide range of

modern style landscapes, seascapes and familiar objects within my selftitled

‘New Wave’ Collection. I am inspired by the reflections of light upon

water and colour; and especially the intense warm light of the Algarve,

where my studio is based.

I love the rich buttery texture of acrylic paint; preferring to prepare my

own art boards; and I create modern ‘tablet’ style paintings with a hidden

frame which are particularly suited to a modern decor.

My art will always contain a representational focal point – a boat, nesting

storks, a path to the beach – which is then enhanced by an almost

abstract series of ‘waves’ of colour and shape – allowing the viewer to

bring their own imagination to the picture.”

Alyson also undertakes commissions for Pet and House Portraits, and

loves the challenge of capturing something of the personality of your pet

alongside delivering a lifelike portrait for you to treasure.

Alyson is available for private commissions and her work can be viewed at

her home studio by appointment or purchased online via her website.

Above Left: ‘The Church at Alte’

Facing Page: ‘Pride of Alvor’

Above Right: ‘Hudson’

All Images © Alyson Sheldrake


Ana domingues pereira

Tile Painting using manual traditional Portuguese Maiolica techniques


Ana domingues pereira

Tile Painter, Sculptures, Collages, Photo Manipulation

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Ana’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in 1959 so I am quite old. Professionally I am a physical

education teacher but otherwise I am a learner, always curious and

looking for the new and the changing nature of things.

I began painting tiles only 2 years ago and found pet portraits and

maritime subjects to be my main themes.

My tiles are hand painted in the traditional Portuguese style like back in

the XVII or XVII centuries. I design on paper, copy with transparent paper,

make holes with a spike tool, transfer the drawing to the raw tile with the

help of charcoal powder and after that I paint the drawing with, normally,

3 shadows of blue pigment. I make copies from old tiles but I prefer to

have a challenge with commissions or new ideas.”

Ana has some work already completed and for sale; but she also loves to

have new commissions to challenge herself.

She participates in some crafts market in both the Algarve and Lisbon and

uses her Facebook page to promote the events. She is always reachable

through personal messaging on Facebook.

Above: ‘Dogs Personalities - Tiles’

Facing Page: ‘Maritime - Tile painting’

All Images © Ana Domingues Pereira


Ana nobre

Abstract Expressionism conveying feelings and emotions

Ana nobre


Acrylics and Mixed Media on Canvas

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Ana’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in Lisbon, in 1979. I graduated in Fine Arts at the Art and

Design University of Caldas da Rainha. I currently teach Fine Arts

classes and workshops. In 2014 I moved to the Algarve, Lagoa, where I

have further explored my own art and participated in numerous Artistic

Projects. Recently I was invited to join the Contemporary Art Curator

Magazine, the “WeContemporary” catalogue of MUSA International Art

Space, and the “100 Artists of the Future” art book to be published in 2019

by Contemporary Art Curator and I will be exhibiting at the ARTIFACT

Gallery in Manhattan in 2021.

I cannot explain myself, the only thing I can say about me is that I’m not

only one thing; I’m everything, I’m feelings … and emotions! My work is an

expression of that. It’s an outburst of what it is to create; a deep pain, a

deep plage; As if we were achieving a unique perfection … conquering a

virgin world; and the desperation to survive in this monetary society!

Ana’s work is available for sale, you can contact her via email, or

Facebook. She also completes private commissions, and is available for

wall paintings, portraits and original commissioned work on canvas. She

often exhibits locally and internationally but does not have a permanent

display space. Ana also runs art classes locally.

Above Left: ‘Society’

Facing Page: ‘Palhaço Pobre’

Above Right: ‘Sadness’

All Images © Ana Nobre


Andree Jürgens

Master Craftsman making bespoke furniture

Andree Jürgens


Master craftsman cabinet-maker antique furniture restorer

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Andree’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I am a master craftsman in cabinet making and trained as antique

furniture restorer. I have been a carpenter since 1991.

In my work I merge the classic techniques of this craft with modern

methods, I also try not to use any chemicals whenever possible.

Most of the wood I use is harvested within the right moon

period,”Mondholz” so you don’t have to use any treatment.

Each piece is customised by hand and ready to serve their new owner for


All of Andree’s furniture is bespoke – please contact him if you are

interested in commissioning him.

All Images © Andree Jürgens


Andrew stephens

An emotional and intellectual response to the landscape

Andrew stephens


Acrylics or Gouache

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Andrew’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Rejecting an early career in the arts, albeit studying photography at

Plymouth School of Art, Andrew maintained a long term interest in

modern art and design. In retirement he now concentrates on painting

and photography. After returning to Europe from working in East Africa

and the Middle East, Andrew set up a studio in Gascony, South West

France but recently moved to Tavira.

His art is abstract, usually acrylic or gouache on canvas or board.

Influenced by the abstract expressionists and colour field painting, his

paintings have developed as an emotional and intellectual response to

the landscape and surroundings.

The colombarded medieval houses and the great Landes forest of

Gascony have been a prime influence, but now the sea, salt and Ria

Formosa provide a new stimulus to create abstracts that vary from large

to small, colourful yet simple but sometimes challenging.

Andrew welcomes commissions, his work can be found in England,

France and Portugal. Work can be bought direct from the artist.

Above Left: ‘Salt Flats II

Facing Page: ‘Yellow Stripe’

Above Right: ‘Lagoons’

All Images © Andrew Stephens



Employs a bold use of Colour to produce Striking Paintings



Oils, Acrylics and Enamel Paints

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Angie’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Angie Wright is an emerging artist working primarily in acrylic, oil and

enamel paints. She employs bold use of colour woven into abstract

expressionist landscapes to produce original and striking paintings. An

accomplished fine portrait artist Angie’s true passion is in colour and how

arrangement of colour can produce a different emotional experience of

art. Angie Wright was born in Doncaster in the United Kingdom. She has

travelled and lived all over Europe including France, Spain and the Canary

Islands. She is currently working in Portugal.

“I don’t follow a set format for producing art. Every time I create something

I try to experiment with the paint to explore how the effects can reflect

what is happening in the image. I love the way colour flows and how

colours can jar or soothe the eye, juxtaposed to bold colour choice I find

intrigue in paintings with fine art details and suggestion. I want to create

paintings which draw the viewer in, which makes them stop…and then see

more than the initial abstract form and colour. These are paintings which

hold the eye and where unexpected grace and elegance can be found

amongst a fierce hub of colour. I like to work on oversized canvases and

most of my artwork is large scale.”

Angie’s art is available for sale via her website. She also has an open

studio in Salir, where anyone interested in her art is welcome to come and

visit, just drop her an Email to arrange a visit.

Above Left: ‘The Mischief Makers’

Facing Page: ‘Sweet Chaos’

Above Right: ‘Hello Sunshine’

All Images © Angie Wright


Angie schlechter

Contemporary Textile Art, including quilts and wall hangings

Angie schlechter


Textile Art

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Angie’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I’ve always been passionate about making things and have explored

many different crafts over the years including spinning and dyeing my

own yarns from natural fibres. I discovered patchwork and quilting in 2002

and was totally hooked, making my own quilts, wall-hangings and smaller

pieces; then becoming a Longarm quilter, so that I could more easily quilt

my very large pieces plus finish customer quilt tops too. I particularly love

the designing phase which has meant my work has grown and evolved

over the years into producing more contemporary pieces, designing

patterns for sale and producing many smaller gift items.

I would describe my work now as eclectic and integrative, and whilst I

tend to use bold colours for large quilts, I am also drawn towards neutral

and colours from nature for my more contemporary pieces.

My inspiration comes mainly from the natural landscapes I see around

me. I love the coastline and woodlands both here and in the UK, but am

also excited by the vibrant colour used in the traditional costumes of

different cultures.

My contemporary pieces may include any combination of, for example,

distressing, burning, folding, layering, painting, dyeing, embroidery,

printing, stencilling, hand and machine stitching textiles to give the result

I want. I predominately work with natural fibres like cotton, linen and silk,

however I sometimes use other fibres to get the effect I’m looking to


Above Left: ‘‘Live Your Life’

Facing Page: ‘Positive Rain’

Above Right: ‘Lost Gardens’

All Images © Angie Schlechter


Anna knoop

Art and Photography inspired by nature

Anna knoop


Acrylics, Mixed Media, Oils and Photography

For more information and full contact details click

here to view Anna’s Art listing and here to view Anna’s

Photography listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in 1946 in Gennep Holland. I am married and have 3 children,

and I am now living in the Algarve Portugal, together with my husband.

As a child I was fascinated by nature, which later on became a source

of inspiration in my work. In the past I had my own textile shop, selling

clothes made of hand printed textiles, woven and knitted. At the end of

the 80’s I specialised in painting using watercolours, acrylics, oils and

mixed media.

During my travels in foreign countries I collected sand and stones and

processed them into my paintings. My work has been exhibited in several

galleries and cultural centres both in Holland and Portugal.

Since living in Portugal I have applied myself to photography with a

preference for nature and the influence of time on it. I like to focus on the

colours, shapes, and structures in nature, mostly recorded in the small

details, expressing ‘life’ in rusted and weathered materials. Spirituality and

creativity are the real threads in my life. I feel an alliance with nature and

try to reflect this in my work.

Anna exhibits her work with the group, ArtWaysArt and also the Grupo

Amigos de Fotografia. She will have a solo exhibition of her work in 2019 in

São Brás de Alportel. Contact her for more information.

Anna’s work is for sale and she is available for commissions.

Above: ‘Photograph’

Facing Page: ‘Original Painting’

All Images © Anna Knoop


Anneke verschoor kuipers

Bright and Bold paintings inspired by Caribbean influences


Anneke verschoor kuipers


For more information and full contact details click here

to view Anneke’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I am from Holland. I began to manage, as a volunteer, the new art gallery

space in the Museu do Traje in São Brás de Alportel 11 years ago. 5 years

ago I started to paint and I enjoy it very much.

Painting is still a hobby and I like to use many colours and different

subjects and styles.

The size of my paintings are most of the time 40/40 cm sometimes 60/40


Anneke’s work is available to purchase.

She is not currently able to accept private commissions.

Above: ‘Flower Harvest’

Facing Page: ‘Waiting for the Concert’

All Images © Anneke Verschoor Kuipers


Ben helmink

The Alentejo, Architecture and Music all brought to life

en helmink


Oils, Acrylics, Aquarelle and Inks

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Ben’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in 1950 in Holland. As a child I was aware that creative

expression opens new worlds. The small Dutch village near the river IJssel

in Gelderland was a limited world as I discovered, during the trips with my

Dad to Amsterdam … where I thought: “Here I would like to live”.

Being an Artist was a dream … too exclusive for Amsterdam … so after

travelling in Italy, France, the US and South Africa, I discovered Portugal,

especially the Alentejo … where time stood still … my creative inspiration

became a push … surrounded by space, nature, and real people, who are

interested in the art of the Dutch painter in the Alentejo … Lucky me!

Living near the Lake of Santa Clara since 2006 with my wife Rian, we have

our own studio in the middle of everything … Monte das Moradias is the

name of the studio where my brushes and pencils are working on a high

speed level.

The main theme of my work is the Alentejo, besides the Ancient world of

Architecture and Musical themes. The drawings and paintings are based

on what effect daylight has on the colours and structure of sand and

slates, which are sleeved and fixed on paper or canvas. This technical part

of my expression is an essential part of my work. Most of my works are in

oil paint or a combination with acrylics, aquarelle and ink.”

His work is for sale through his exhibitions, or contact him direct for prices

and more information.

Above Left: ‘‘Fresh Peeled Corkoaks’

Facing Page: ‘Alentejan Landscape with Corkoak’

‘Stoneoak with eagle near the Santa

Clara Lake’ All Images © Ben Helmink


brian oliver

Strong architectural detailed Pen and Ink Drawings

ian oliver


Pen and Ink Drawings

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Brian’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“At school in the late 1950’s – I loved art and was always in the top 2 in my

class. I had a pen and ink drawing of an historic London home exhibited

locally and then forwarded to a town in Germany to exhibit there under

a “youth art” exchange scheme. I was offered a scholarship at a London

art college but declined as my much respected but strict father thought

this would lead to a life of pleasure and debauchery. Instead I entered the

world of commerce and only returned to my love of drawing in retirement,

some 40 years later.

My love is drawing as opposed to painting and I work exclusively in pencil

and pen and ink. I draw local places of interest with a preference for

subjects with a strong architectural content, which I draw in great detail.

I rarely now sketch on site, preferring to take a photo to work from. Each

detailed picture takes around 40 hours to complete split into 1-2 hour

sessions. As a “rainy day” pastime – I only produce 2-3 works a year.

I hope to create sufficient drawings to put a book together in Portugal.

However with the evident lack of rainy days this may take some time. I

have already sold a few prints via local craft fairs etc. again with any profits

going to Portuguese charities. I do not do commissions.

Above: ‘Butcher’s Bridge’

Facing Page: ‘Lagos Old Town’

All Images © Brian Oliver


BJ Boulter

Colourful and emotional Landscapes, People and Wildlife

BJ Boulter


Acrylics, Watercolours, Collage

For more information and full contact details click here

to view BJ’s listing on the Algarve Art website

BJ Boulter attended Saint Martin’s School of Art and Lucie Clayton School

of Design in London. Arriving in Portugal from Tanzania over fifty years ago

her family decided to settle in the Algarve, since when despite travelling

extensively, it is her home. Her lifelong career in film began in Hong Kong

at the age of twenty and has taken her around the world, behind the

camera as the set designer creating the scene in the studio or finding the

right location to rebuild and transform.

In recent years BJ devotes as much time as she can to painting. Most of

her works are figurative; landscapes, people and wildlife sourced from her

travels and safaris to her homeland Tanzania in East Africa and from her

adoptive home, the Algarve.

“As an artist I am constantly on a voyage of discovery. A blank canvas or

fine sheet of watercolour paper is an immediate challenge. Tubes of paint

are a toy-box. Light is the inspiration, a scene shaped by light begs to be

painted. Colours leap out and ask to be rendered. Stories lurk in every

scene; all creatures and places have a story, human or animal, recalled at

my easel in the studio or plein air. Emotional reaction demands they be

depicted. Since devoting time to painting and sketching I have discovered

a fascination with people, their personalities, body language and how life

has marked their features and attitude. I’m happy when I can paint.”

She is also a member of the Urban Sketchers Algarve group. Please

contact BJ direct for purchases and commissions.

Above: ‘Take Refuge’ Pair of Paintings

Facing Page: ‘Attitude in Manyara’

All Images © BJ Boulter


Caroline wood

Beautiful Seascapes, Landscapes and Flowers in Oils

caroline wood


Mainly Oils, some Watercolours

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Caroline’s listing on the Algarve Art website

In 1991, Caroline retired early from a banking career in London and apart

from spending more time playing golf and becoming Lady Captain at her

club near Tunbridge Wells, she also discovered a creative flair for Interior

Design and Decorative Painting and took a City and Guilds course which

quickly led to commissions painting murals, trompe l’oeil and furniture. In

1995, Caroline and her husband bought a house in Figueira where they

spent the winter months and in 2002, they moved permanently to the


Leading on from her decorative painting work, Caroline took up

watercolour painting during her time in Portugal and was soon exhibiting

in Lagos and other locations. She then took a journey into oil painting

which is now the medium she normally uses. She is inspired by the ever

changing seascapes and the beautiful countryside that surrounds her

home near Espiche.

Normally Caroline’s work is only shown at exhibitions but at present some

of her work is on display at the ZaZa restaurant in Burgau. Caroline is

available for short workshops but not for ongoing classes.

She can be contacted through her web site. Caroline is available for


Above Left: ‘Porto Moniz 1’

Facing Page: ‘Porto Moniz 3’

Above Right: ‘Portuguese Ruin - Winter’

All Images © Caroline Wood


chris kelly

Bright and Strong Abstract Acrylics

chris kelly


Abstract Acrylics

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Chris’ listing on the Algarve Art website

“I have lived in the Algarve since 2013, having retired as a Secondary

Headteacher in the U.K. My husband and I live near Odiaxere, just outside

of Lagos. We both enjoy the sun, reading and hosting our many visitors. I

spend my ‘spare’ time gardening, painting and trying to learn Portuguese .

I had been coming to the Western Algarve for over 30 years and it always

felt like home. My paintings are inspired by the natural beauty of the

landscape and particularly, by the passions and excitement it evokes.

I paint from the heart, using a strong colour pallet. I experiment with a

range of techniques and try to generate abstract paintings with depth,

layers and movement.”

Whilst Chris paints for pleasure, her paintings are available for sale. Just

contact her directly by e-mail to discuss terms.

Above: ‘White Heat’

Facing Page: ‘Paella’

All Images © Chris Kelly


Cliff martin tuson

Modern Paintings full of life and verve

Cliff Martin tuson

Acrylics, Oils, Mixed Media


For more information and full contact details click here

to view Cliff’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Cliff was born in England many years ago, and studied Painting, Ceramics

and Art Technology before spending some years teaching deaf children

Art and Crafts in Birmingham. He then moved to Wales and ran a Craft

Pottery Workshop as part of the resurgent interest in the William Morris

tradition of simple life style and handmade household goods. He decided

to take a sabbatical year in Europe which became 5 years living on the

road, enjoying a hedonistic life style and musing on the meaning of life.

Having failed to find the holy grail and running out of money, he then

settled down in sun drenched Portugal.

For the past 25 years or so, he has developed his approach to painting

which involves embracing the academic tradition of careful observation

and disciplined drawing and design, while also accepting that all the

diverse and confusing movements in Art since the Impressionists broke

the mold, leaves modern artists with a greed for freedom of expression

and thinking. As a result, his work is diverse without an obvious single

stylistic pathway.

Cliff has exhibited all over Portugal and runs a small gallery of his work

near Lagos, at the Cliff Martin Tuson Gallery, Quinta do Padrão, Cotifo de

Cima, Bensafrim, Lagos. He also exhibits at the LIR – Lady in Red Gallery

in Lagoa. He is also available for private commissions.

Above: ‘Early Blossom’

Facing Page: ‘Sunlit Meadow’

All Images © Cliff Martin Tuson


Cory Sea

Vibrant and intriguing Digital Art



Digital Art

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Cory’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“My father was a painter and professor of art, so I grew up in a rich artistic

environment. I have also lived in many countries and experienced many

cultures. These experiences have enriched my art and music.

“Both my art and music are meant to inspire and uplift. The more beautiful

my art and music is, the more they can do this.”

Cory is available for private commissions. If you do not require a specific

commission, you can select your desired image from his website. You

can then discuss details such as size, where the image will be printed,

whether the image will be sent/given to you as the client in digital or in

fabricated form, etc. The actual print is on vinyl which is then bonded to

a backing material, typically dibond or foamalite. Cory can organize the

printing/fabrication of the image here in the Algarve with a local printer

that he uses in Chinicato. Alternatively the file can be sent for printing in

other locations, including other countries. The quote is given when these

practicalities are decided upon.

Above: ‘Swamp Dawn’

Facing Page: ‘Cosmic Bloom 2’

All Images © Cory Sea


Dave sheldrake

Algarve Photography

dave sheldrake



For more information and full contact details click here

to view Dave’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Dave is a professional photographer living and working in the Algarve in

Portugal. He specialises in property photography, weddings, events and

celebrations, private commissions, portraits and commercial work.

“I have previously lived and worked in the UK, serving as a Police Officer

for over 30 years, before moving to live in the Algarve with my artist wife,


I have always loved photography since completing my first BTEC course

in the UK in the 1980s, and I still relish the fresh challenge that every

photo shoot gives me. My style has been described as professional, yet

calm and relaxed – I always aim to capture the perfect moment or view

for you. I pride myself on editing every image individually, taking the

time to go that little further to ensure that you are delighted with your


All Images © Dave Sheldrake Photography


David m trubshaw

Modern Artwork inspired by trees and the local landscape

David m trubshaw


Oils, Acrylics and Pastels

For more information and full contact details click here

to view David’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in Leicester, England. I became “hooked on books” from early

school days and started my working life as a librarian, then moved into

publishing. In the Eighties, with my wife Penny, also a book lover, who

previously worked in Foyles Bookshop in London, we opened the first of

seven shops, called Unicorn Books.

We came on holiday to Portugal many times, loved it and decided to

retire here, which we did in 2004. I retired to the Algarve, determined

not to play golf but to use that wonderful free luxury of “quality time” on

painting and writing poetry.

Trees feature in many of my paintings and prints. I am intrigued by trees –

their shapes, leaf structures, their movement, how they blend and mould

with the landscape.”

David’s work is available for sale and he often exhibits with other artists

around the Algarve.

Above: ‘Tree of Life I’

Facing Page: ‘Four Seasons I (Summer)’

All Images © David M Trubshaw


Eliza hafer

Light filled, mysterious images emerge from abstract patterns

Eliza hafer



For more information and full contact details click here

to view Eliza’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Over many years, Eliza has explored traditional as well as experimental

techniques. Working in acrylics, she presents two different styles here.

“I lived in the US for most of my life. Approaching retirement from working

as a massage therapist, I moved to Ecuador. After several years, while

painting a series of sea animals, I decided to move to the Algarve in 2016.

I love the luminosity of watercolour. So after switching to acrylics, I

continued to paint with transparent pigments. The gradual process of

layering, slowly enriching the colour, is very satisfying. In recent years,

I’ve introduced more opaque paint as a contrast. I’ve worked in several

different styles of drawing and painting over the past 50 years.”

Eliza does not do commissions. Originals and professionally produced

giclee prints are available from her studio in Tavira. Eliza’s website also

includes an art blog.

Above: ‘Seal and Friends’

Facing Page: ‘Pelican’s Carnavale’

All Images © Eliza Hafer



Typical Portuguese scenes to exciting and vibrant abstracts



Oils, Acrylics, Ceramics and Flower arrangements

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Els’ listing on the Algarve Art website

Originally from Holland, Els has always been interested in art and craft

showing a flair from an early age.

A career in gardening and horticulture led to her becoming a soughtafter

flower arranger. She now acts as a consultant and gives classes. Her

interest in ceramics started several years ago followed by a passion for


Els currently works from her art studio at home where she also has her

own kiln.

Els has experimented with a multitude of styles and mediums producing

work for all age groups. Her subject matter is diverse; with paintings

denoting typical Portuguese scenes to exciting and vibrant abstracts.

Els enjoys painting on canvas, wood and ceramic. Her work has previously

been on display and for sale at Corte Real Art Gallery.

Els is available for private commissions. Please contact her by phone or


All Images © Els Gastelaars



Using Frenchic Products to upcycle old furniture



Upcycling Furniture, Classes & Paint Distributors

For more information and full contact details click here

to view their listing on the Algarve Art website

Florentinta are the Portuguese distributors of Frenchic Chalk Paint and

associated products.

Gail Priestnall has over 30 years’ experience in Fashion Design and Retail

which incorporated her own branded Fashion House. Using her creative

skills she is now using the Frenchic Products to upcycle old furniture. She

also undertakes commissions from corporate clients and customers.

Florentinta retail Frenchic Chalk Paint to both customers and stockists

throughout Portugal. The Frenchic product range was chosen because

it is environmentally friendly and is free of VOC’s (volatile organic

compounds) and is completely safe to use on children’s furniture; plus it

really is the easiest chalk paint in the world to use.

Florentinta have a showroom at Moncarapacho in the Algarve. They are

open 11am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. They also run regular workshops

detailing how to use the products and upcycle old furniture. Full details

can be found on their Facebook page and website.

Florentinta offer a 10% discount to members of the Algarve Society of


All Images © Florentinta



A colourful artist inspired by many themes




For more information and full contact details click here

to view Fran’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in 1950 in Amsterdam / Holland. I studied at the Pedagogical

Academy and after my study I worked as a teacher in primary schools in

several towns in Holland. I am married and we have two sons, a daughter

and one granddaughter. After my retirement in 2013 we visited the Algarve

in winter. Since 2016 we have our own apartment in Arrifana where we live

for a great part of the year.

During my student days, but also as a teacher, I have always painted.

I have had lessons from various local artists. I use acrylic paint for my

paintings and sometimes I use other materials such as paper or textile

to create for instance more relief. I also use paint with special effects and


There are many topics that inspire me: landscapes, the sea, but also

people who dance, practice a sport or make music. I also use existing

art objects such as statues as a starting point for a painting. Depending

on the subject, I sometimes work impressionistically or more detailed. I

usually work figuratively but every now and then I like to make something


If you are interested in any of Frans’ paintings you can make an

appointment by e-mail to view his work.

All Images © Frans Bresser


frans verschoor

Photoworks and Video to capture your imagination

frAns verschoor


Photography and Video

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Frans’ listing on the Algarve Art website

“Since 1980 I have worked as an artist, making sculptures, paintings,

installations and soundscapes. My current work consists mainly of

photoworks and video.”

Frans Verschoor works within a tradition, trying to capture space-time in

one single image. For Verschoor, a memory is not just a single event, but

a collection of moments. He started to routinely photograph the same

places and objects over time. This gave rise to collections of sometimes

hundreds of photographs, which are blended together to a single image.

Apart from the series in time, Verschoor has also taken shots of the same

subject in space, such as a tree photographed from many different sides.

With this technique, he attempts to represent not just a tree, but the tree.

Despite the use of digital techniques, Verschoor’s work doesn’t emanate

as a digital image, but in its appearance it refers rather to old paintings.

Verschoor’s work contains traditional themes, such as the recurring

horizon. But first and foremost, the blended images form a Gestalt, an

overall picture in which time is not linear, but cyclical. Routine becomes

solidified time. One memory, consisting of many moments.

His work can be purchased and he is available for private commissions.

Above: ‘Dolomieten’

Facing Page: ‘Portugal, Algarve’

All Images © Frans Verschoor


free spirits artworks

An artistic collective of free thinkers and mixed media artists

free spirits artworks

Art works created with natural materials

For more information and full contact details click here

to view their listing on the Algarve Art website

“I am a free-spirited, self-taught Dutch artist/designer currently residing

in the Algarve, Portugal. Together with like-minded artistic friends we

formed an artistic collective of free thinkers and mixed media artists. Our

artworks are inspired by nature, creating one-of-a-kind artworks infused

with a touch of soul.

Our artworks are inspired by nature, creating one-of-a-kind artworks

infused with a touch of soul. We love working and experimenting with

different materials.

Some of our works include: stone art, wood art, signs and boards for

wedding & events, painted shells and glass and ceramic. We also make

custom artworks.

Our motto is:






Artworks are available for sale on their website, or for additional

information please contact Free Spirits Artworks direct.

Above Left: ‘‘Hand-painted rabbit on snack board’

Facing Page: ‘Pebble Art 3’

Above Right: ‘Trinketbox Mandala’

All Images © Free Spirits Artworks


Geraldine tetlow-sequeira

Up-cycling of pre-loved furniture and Bespoke Signs


Geraldine tetlow-sequeira

Up-cycling of furniture and bespoke signs

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Geraldine’s Furniture listing and click here to

view her Signs listing on the Algarve Art website

Geraldine is based here in the Algarve and up-cycles old Portuguese

furniture. “Finding I have an increasing empathy for old Portuguese

furniture that is well made and whose only failing perhaps is that it is too

dark for the likes of some; I have turned my hand to up-cycling, and using

chalk paint and wax, I have given new life to many interesting old pieces

that were destined, dare I say, for the tip.

Chalk paint is a lovely medium to work with, the furniture can be finished

cleanly and evenly or distressed to highlight a hidden colour or the wood

underneath, and then finished with a clear and/or a dark wax depending

on the final brief. Pieces can have a paint wash applied, they can be

stencilled; dry brushed; distressed; crackled; gilded; decoupaged … the

list is probably as long as one’s imagination is wide. Colours can be used

to complement existing furniture or to contrast with it; mixing bespoke

colours serves to further increase the large palette choice one already


As well as up-cycling old Portuguese furniture she also makes bespoke

original signs. “I have always been interested in calligraphy and now with

the advent of so many fonts on the computer I am having a field day! I

love quirky sayings and things that bring a smile. I am happy to make

bespoke signs, any size, any colour, any font, any wording (within reason!)

… I especially love to use reclaimed wood.”

Geraldine is available for private commissions.

All Images © Geraldine Tetlow-Sequeira


Gill goode

Accomplished watercolours full of light, shadow and reflections

Gill goode



For more information and full contact details click here

to view Gill’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Gill is British and started her career in London as a commercial artist in

advertising. She moved to the Middle East and continued design and

illustration and became creative director of a magazine. Gill now splits

her time between Canterbury UK and her renovated farm house in the

Monchique foothills.

Gill is primarily a watercolour artist, but also enjoys acrylic, pen and ink,

silk painting and experimenting with printing techniques.

Landscapes, Seascapes, Buildings, Flowers, Birds, and Animals are her

main subjects, anything with light, shadow and reflections.

Gill’s work can be found in the artes@spa shop in the main square of

Caldas de Monchique, where she has a large selection of prints and

greeting cards depicting local scenes and themes, as well as original

works for sale. Commissions are welcome.

Above Left: ‘Lagoa Door’

Facing Page: ‘Miranda Donkey 2’

Above Right: ‘Restaurant 1692 Caldas de Monchique’

All Images © Gill Goode


Gudrun bartels

Impressions of the scenery, wildlife, and nature of Portugal

Gudrun bartels


Painting, Sculpture and Photography

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Gudrun’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“Gudrun studied Art at the University of Göttingen, then worked as a

bookseller, and was the founder of the publishing company Art Print

Bartels; and the foundation of the non-profit organization Göttinger

Märchenland e.V. She travelled to Portugal for the first time in 1975 and

has returned since then many times. She now spends three to six months

of the year in the Algarve.

Gudrun works with acrylics in combination with pastel chalks, pigments

and different materials. Her aim is that her pictures shall awaken a feeling

of space and width, painting on the borderline between order and

chaos. Impressions of the scenery, wildlife, and nature of Portugal, and

Portuguese culture can be found in her pictures.

Some of Gudrun’s work can be seen in the Gallery XXI in Portimao, and

also in the private gallery of artist and fellow Algarve Society of Artists

Member David Trubshaw, in Senhora do Verde.

Gudrun’s work can be purchased through private contact with the artist.

In exceptional cases, private commissions can be accepted. Gudrun

also offers workshops which are suitable for children and adults without

any prior knowledge of art. For further information about the workshops

please contact Gudrun direct.

Above Left: ‘Blumenweise’

Facing Page: ‘Rolling Stones’

Above Right: ‘Wasserspiel’

All Images © Gudrun Bartels


Guida pereira

Chinese and Portuguese influenced modern mixed media

Guida pereira


Mixed Media and Acrylics

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Guida’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Guida Pereira crashed into her art … literally. Following a car accident that

led to the near loss of her left arm in 2003, Guida recovered, giving a

whole new purpose to her right.

Well into her rehabilitation, Guida began putting paintbrush to canvas,

experimenting with acrylic, oil, organic textures and metallics. What

resulted was the start of a collection demonstrating a fearless delivery

of bold colour, fuelled by uninhibited emotion, learned experiences and


Born December 7th, 1963 the self-taught artist takes inspiration from

her birthplace, Macau, making her abstract style an eclectic mixture of

Chinese and Portuguese influences.

Far from a wreck, Guida’s work reflects her journey through life one

canvas at a time – always starting from humble beginnings, but

anticipating no end to her strokes.

Guida’s work is shown in private collections and can be viewed and

purchased by appointment.

Above Left: ‘Brincar’

Facing Page: ‘Buddha VIII’

Above Right: ‘Boatfish II

All Images © Guida Pereira


günther höser

Combining sound, art and computers to create unique visual art

günther höser


Oils, Acrylics

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Günther’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Günther Höser studied art at the Kunsthochschule in Hanover and

social sciences in Hamburg (Germany), Nice and Paris (France). After

being awarded the M.A.S. degree by the EHESS in Paris, he started his

professional career at university in Nice and Aix en Provence. In 1981

he left academia for business, and finally started his own software

engineering company in 1994. Running a fast expanding business didn’t

leave enough time for painting, and a few years ago Günther sold his

flourishing company to devote himself entirely to art. Together with his

wife Colette, he developed a unique technology of “voice painting”.

When most people hear “sound, art and computer” in the same sentence,

they think of the colour patterns and shapes produced randomly by

a computer program. Höser developed a rather complex process (for

more details click here), where the computer is “only a tool that gives him

access to something which otherwise would be inaccessible”. At the end

of the digital process, the image is still raw, although certain attractive

graphic elements start to show. At this stage begins the conventional job

of the painter. Sometimes Höser continues to work on the graphics on the

computer, and sometimes he starts immediately painting on a canvas. All

his paintings are in oil or acrylic. Höser’s work is available for sale, contact

him for more information.

Above Left: ‘Knowledge’

Facing Page: ‘Dream’

Above Right: ‘Poem 4’

All Images © Günther Höser


inês dourado

Paintings which are full of life and transmitting a joy to live

inês dourado


Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Inês’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“My name is Inês Dourado, I was born in Ferreira do Alentejo (south

of Portugal) and now I live in Alvor. I’m a painter (about 30 years),

illustrator and art historian. As a painter, I have made solo and group

exhibitions in Portugal, Spain and Argentina. I’m represented in various

national collections (some official and several private collections from

various parts of the Portugal) and international private collections. I’m

an illustrator of children books as well and this year I also started the

illustration of labels for bottles of Portuguese wine for export.

One day a French painter called me “la peintre du soleil” (the painter of

the sun), because, he said, “You never paint rainy days. Your paintings

are very colourful and full of light. They have life and transmit joy to live”.

I’m not sure how I can classify the style of my painting. Perhaps a mix of

realism and dreams. But the tendency is in fact to paint the real, but a real

without degradation and with light. Maybe I’m a simple person that is well

with life. But I just paint things as I see them, how I feel them, and how I

like them to be. That’s why I paint things as if they were always new. An

example of this are the white walls of the houses of my urban landscapes:

most of the time I paint them without any mark of degradation.”

You can buy Inês’ work through her official website page in the Artmajeur

group; and through her Facebook links. She is available for private

commissions; but does not paint portraits; only natural and urban

landscapes, still-life, birds, flowers, quotidian and symbolic scenes.

She also runs Painting classes for Beginners in Alvor.

Above Left: ‘The Dreams’ Palace, Sintra’

Facing Page: ‘The Portuguese Tiles Tram -

Bica Street, Lisbon’

Above Right: ‘Lagos, Algarve, Portugal’

All Images © Inês Dourado



Illustrating the connection between nature, the cosmos and the soul



Acrylics and Watercolours

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Inna’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I am a self taught artist. I have Russian nationality and I was born in

Ukraine in 1981. I moved to Portugal almost 10 years ago, and live here

with my beloved husband.

I have loved art since a young age at school; and when I became a school

teacher it was always very helpful in my work with kids.

3 years ago I had a strong feeling inside that I had to start painting, simply

because I had so much to say to the world and painting is a wonderful

way to do it.

In the paintings I put my spiritual knowledge about femininity and the

inner world of the woman. My work is about true love and the energetic

connection between man and a woman. The deep connection between

nature, the cosmos and the soul are bonding together to tell the story

about who we are deep inside.”

Inna is available for commissions if the art matches her style of work.

Above Left: ‘Her Autumn’

Facing Page: ‘Unity’

Above Right: ‘Spring Symphony’

All Images © Inna Hawker


jAnet pierce

Emotional and beautiful watercolours

janet pierce



For more information and full contact details click here

to view Janet’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Janet Pierce is a leading Irish artist who had her first solo exhibition in the

Everhart Museum, Pennsylvania, USA in 1973 . After four years in America

she moved to Ireland where she has since lived and worked. This move

helped her realize her deep connection with landscape.

She has won numerous awards, recently including three from Culture

Ireland (2007/10, 14), Banff Residency Award Canada (2010), Sanskritti

Foundation New Delhi (2003), Fundaction Valpairiso Spain (2002) and has

achieved the major award of the Aosdana for her life time achievement in

Ireland. She exhibits in many galleries throughout Ireland, her main gallery

being the Taylor Galleries in Dublin. She also exhibits in galleries in the

USA, UK, Portugal and India.

Pierce used multi media for many years on canvas and paper.

In 2015, Pierce has returned to her first love, that of watercolour painting.

Her most recent series is called Uisce Anam, Irish Gaelic for Soul Water.

This is a creative response to daily swimming in the Annaghmakerrig lake

in Ireland beside her home.

Since 2017, she spends winter in Portugal and again responds to her

immediate environment in watercolour.

Pierce has a small exhibition of giclée prints in the small gallery in

Pessoa’s Cafe in Tavira, Algarve.

Her work can be bought through contact with her via her website. She

does not do private commissions.

Above Left: ‘Ilha de Tavira B’

Facing Page: ‘Ilha de Tavira A’

Above Right: ‘Ilha de Tavira C’

All Images © Janet Pierce


Jan rowe

Sumptuous flowers and peonies on large-scale canvasses

Jan rowe



For more information and full contact details click here

to view Jan’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I’m from Liverpool originally but I’ve lived in Portugal for almost six

years in an old Portuguese farmhouse set in several acres of peaceful

countryside in the Alentejo, a few kilometres north of Monchique. In my

previous life I was a professional Librarian working in various sectors

including schools and, more recently, the N.H. S. I left work early when

my husband Chris took early retirement and we decided to leave the U.K.

and see what Portugal had to offer. We’ve settled in Portugal and can’t

imagine living anywhere else.

My preferred subjects are flowers and in particular, peonies, and I’ve

painted a few large-scale canvasses featuring these lovely, voluptuous

blooms. However I’m currently working on paintings of Agapanthus

blooms (African Lilies) and enjoying the depth of colour they demand and

the different challenges they present. I work in acrylics and watercolours.

I began with watercolours simply because I found a local watercolour

artist who was willing to give me a few lessons and it seemed like a

good place to start. Learning to paint with watercolours provided an

excellent grounding and helped me learn how to portray the delicacy and

transparency of flowers and leaves. Acrylics on the other hand, enable me

to paint on a much larger and bolder scale, which I relish.

My urge is to paint bigger and larger images – I’ve just bought myself

a door-sized canvas and am currently trying to work out the logistics

of keeping it on my easel while I paint on it! It’s proving to be quite a

challenge and I think I may need a bigger studio!”

Above Left: ‘Agapanthus Bud’

Facing Page: ‘Pink Bouquet’

Above Right: ‘Agapanthus Head’

All Images © Jan Rowe


JeAn davis

Splashes of colour using ink, acrylics, encaustic wax and shellac



Mixed Media

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Jean’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Jean Davis is an encaustic artist of many years experience.

“Encaustic is painting with beeswax, dammar resin and shellac, which is

then fused together. Being an artist to me is about putting colour on the

wall, to brighten a room with a “wow” factor that lifts your spirits. Whilst

my paintings look very modern my technique is a very ancient procedure

as in my work I am using the very same materials as those ancient Greek

artists used thousands of years ago.

Each painting is personally monogrammed with a wax seal by myself,

the artist, and every piece is recorded for its authenticity. Layering

beeswax has a translucent and radiant quality that cannot be achieved in

other mediums. You can create a lot of texture with the beeswax which

stimulates not only the sense of sight and smell, but also the sense of

touch. Adding dammar sap gives the wax more stability and the painting

remains stable and with stands temperatures to 65c / 150f. Encaustic art

has a rich heritage, the technique is thousands of years old, it goes back

to the early Greeks who used to mix pigments with beeswax and paint to

waterproof their boats. There are also 600 surviving encaustic works from

100–300 A.D. in Egypt, a testament to encaustic art’s beauty and durability

over the ages.

Jean is available for private commissions; and her originals sized 60 x 60

cm and posters are available for sale. Price upon application.

All Images © Jean Davis


Jessica dunn

Abstract work combining textural impressions in Acrylics

Jessica dunn


Acrylics / Oils on canvas

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Jessica’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Jessica Dunn is a British artist who has lived and worked in Portugal for

over 20 years. She studied Art Foundation at Kingston Polytechnic before

moving to the Algarve to paint and enjoy the wonderful Southern sunlight.

Jessica was also heavily influenced by her father the comedy actor Clive

Dunn who provided her with the creative platforms during her formative

years growing up on various T.V. sets to spark and cultivate her interest

and passion in the arts. Over the years her work has gradually transitioned

from the figurative to the abstract: textural impressions in acrylics – of

land, sea and sky, influenced by the elements, intense sunlight and the

drama of the landscape.

“The landscape is constantly shifting and changing. I try to capture the

essence of its transient nature, working across the canvas from dark

to light, layer-by-layer, brushing on, scraping off, over and over as a

colour-mood begins to develop and a story emerges. Tonal layering

creates an impression of distance and depth and a focal point appears

organically, drawing the viewer in. For me it’s about the paint and the

expressive marks created, which gradually evolve into something familiar,

an imagined or remembered landscape, a sea, a sky, or just a feeling.

The visual experience becomes an emotive one, an illusion of being

immersed in nature, reflective and timeless, of walking into a painting and

feeling lifted.”

Jessica exhibits regularly throughout the Algarve and abroad. She is

available for private commissions and holds open studios in Boliqueime

where her work can be viewed by appointment.

Above Left: ‘Levante’

Facing Page: ‘June’

Above Right: ‘Long Way Home’

All Images © Jessica Dunn


Joke VAN der steen

Unique Paintings and Designs across a broad range of subjects

Joke van der steen

Oils or Acrylics on Canvas


For more information and full contact details click here

to view Joke’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in the Netherlands in 1956 and I started painting when I was

45. My profession was a documentalist. I was a part-time student at the

“Centrum voor de Kunsten” (that is an institute of art in the Netherlands).

Over the years I had several exhibitions in the Netherlands both solo as

well as in a group. In 2013 I moved to live in the Algarve and became

resident here. I have exhibited my paintings in the Algarve each year since

then. My latest was a solo exhibition in September 2017 in the Galeria

Municipal in São Brás de Alportel.

I started painting in a realistic style, but afterwards I found myself

developing a more abstract style of painting. I only paint what I have a

feeling with. I cover a broad range of styles and subjects in my paintings,

and I make up my own designs, so that every painting is unique.”

You can find details of her upcoming exhibitions on her website. Joke’s

work is for sale. You will find that every painting on her website is

numbered and you can contact her direct if you wish to purchase a

painting. Joke is also available for private commissions, and she works

on the basis of a picture being commissioned on a ‘no cure no pay’

agreement. If the result is not what the ordering party expected however,

the painting will remain in the ownership of the artist.

Above: ‘nr 66, ColoredTrees and Water’

Facing Page: ‘nr 96, Pointilisme Passion’

All Images © Joke van der Steen



Art inspired by colours and movement



Oils, Acrylics, Resins and Flow Art

For more information and full contact details click here

to view June’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I started painting 2 years ago. I joined Karen Wride’s art class in Guia with

no previous experience. I learnt how to work with oils, then I decided to try

acrylics at home. And I have now taken over the garage space to do fluid


I use oils, acrylics, resins and flow art. I love experimenting with colour and

different mediums and my style is ever evolving. Colours and movement

inspires me.”

June has work currently exhibited at the Corte Real Gallery in Paderne;

and at the Restaurant ‘O Alambique’ at Poço Barreto, Silves.

Art can also be purchased direct from June – view her work via Instagram.

You can also view her art at her house by appointment.

All Images © June Szucs

PAGE 100


Art influenced by the four elements of nature


PAGE 101

Drawing, painting, graphic design

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Kasia’s listing on the Algarve Art website

In 1991 Kasia graduated with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts

in Krakow in Poland. During her career as an artist, Kasia has received

professional recognition and numerous awards, both in Poland and Japan.

Kasia uses the mediums of drawing, painting, graphic design, video and

installations to showcase her talent. Through these various techniques,

the natural elements of earth, air, fire, water and space are revealed as her

principal inspiration. She has also developed her passion for creating her

own style of icon painting.

Kasia is a founder of the Marina de Lagos Art Academy in Portugal,

since 2011, where she teaches drawing. She is a regular exhibitor and

her artwork has been purchased for both public and private collections


“My life and artwork have a connection and are influenced by the four

elements of nature. It is these hidden harmonies and forces, which in

some mystical way unite mankind with nature; that occupy my artistic

perception and inspire much of my work. My empathy with nature is the

source for my art and every new experience inspires me into creative


You can visit Kasia in her studio-gallery in the Marina de Lagos, and her

work is available for sale. Kasia also runs weekly Life Drawing classes at

her studio-gallery, contact her direct for more information.

Above Left: ‘desenho 2’ Above Right: ‘glow 3a’

All Images © Kasia Wrona

PAGE 102

Kate evans

An artist who uses a range of different paints and materials

Kate evans

PAGE 103

Oils, Acrylics, Pastels, Ink, Watercolor, Pencil, Charcoal,

Encaustic Wax

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Kate’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I took up art while living in the Middle East and started painting and

drawing birds of prey particularly falcons which were very popular in the

Gulf. From there I decided to study flowers and plants getting my diploma

from the Society of Botanical Artists in England. However, living in

Portugal full time has inspired me to paint more subjects such as marine

and landscape subjects. Eventually I expanded my studies at the Museum

School in Boca Raton, Florida and the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts

in Portland, Oregon.

As to my discipline, I like to combine technical accuracy with artistic

license. I choose the technique to match the subject. I use oils, acrylic,

pastel, ink, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, graphite and encaustic

wax often mixing the media. It all depends on the subject and the effect

that I want. I have even made clay pottery incising African scenes with

animals and landscapes into the wet clay before firing. I also do tapestries

on my loom. In short, I love to experiment with all mediums. To me art is

art whether it uses classical techniques or more modern and I enjoy them

all. I would find sticking to one subject or medium boring.”

Depending on her work schedule Kate will do commission work.

All Images © Kate Evans

PAGE 104

kAte podmore

Landscapes and Seascapes from drawings and photographs

kate podmore

PAGE 105

Acrylics, Pastels and Personalised Greetings Cards

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Kate’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“After a 35 year career as a Biomedical Scientist in the UK, I was ready for a

change, so 9 years ago my husband and I took early retirement and came

to build our dream home in the Serras da Monchique. The house was built

in 2 years, the garden, well that’s an ongoing project. In between garden

landscaping with my husband, I help out at the Aljezur International

school in a science advisory capacity and any other help they need on the

days I am there.

I started to paint 2 or 3 years ago, something I’ve always enjoyed but I

have not really had the time to dedicate to it until now. As I have only been

painting ‘seriously’ for 2 or 3 years I am still experimenting with media and

styles. I have used oil, pastels and watercolours, but most of my work is in

Acrylic paints. I enjoy painting landscapes/ seascapes from drawings and

photographs I have taken, either on block canvas board or canvas. I also

produce personalised A6 (10 X 15 cm) greetings cards from a good quality


If you have a particular place that has a special meaning for you and have

a good photograph, Kate is available for a private commission to create a

painting. She can also make you a personalised A3 greeting card from a


Above Left: ‘Aljezur, Portugal’

Facing Page: ‘Monchique, Portugal’

Above Right: ‘Hot Lady’

All Images © Kate Podmore

PAGE 106


The unique charm of Portuguese cityscapes in both acrylics and oils


PAGE 107

Acrylics or Oils on Canvas

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Kateryna’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“There is a unique charm in Portuguese cityscapes. I travel the country

and capture some of them, painting them later on canvas with acrylics

or oil. Inspired by the classical school of realism, I have shifted my work

towards photo-realism these days.

Tiny streets with traditional architecture, pavements and streetlights form

a new line of my current artwork. My aim is transmitting the tranquility,

as if time had stopped, by emphasising light and shadows. I believe

that particular places have a spiritual energy of serenity, which can be

reflected in paintings.”

Please contact Kateryna for more information about collaboration and

private commissions.

Above Left: ‘Steady flow. Lisbon’

Facing Page: ‘Cozy afternoon. Albufeira’

Above Right: ‘Fascinating colors. Ferragudo’

All Images © Kateryna Ilchuk

PAGE 108

Kay maunder

Human and Animal figures brought to life

Kay maunder

PAGE 109


For more information and full contact details click here

to view Kay’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I am a self taught artist and for me painting is a wonderful, absorbing,

satisfying and sometimes frustrating hobby, capable of making hours at a

time fly by. My husband and I moved to the Algarve three years ago when

we both retired. We had been coming here for holidays for several years

beforehand and could never wait for the next visit to come around. The

light here is amazing.

My medium of choice is now acrylics. In England it was pastels

which are still my favourite but I found the heat here made them a bit

uncomfortable to use as I was ending up with more pastel on my hands

than on the paper. Also acrylic paintings are much easier to store or

transport than fragile pastels.

I love painting figures and although I occasionally divert to other subjects

for a change I am always drawn back to figures, be they human or animal.

When I was about ten years old my mother said to me ‘You are always

drawing ladies’ and all these years later this is still what I do.”

Purchases can be made by phone and paintings can be viewed by


All Images © Kay Maunder

PAGE 110

kelly landrey

Bespoke Artisan Jewellery and Africa-inspired Photography

kelly landrey

PAGE 111

Artisan Jewellery design and Photography

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Kelly’s Jewellery listing and click here to view

her Photography listing on the Algarve Art website

“I have had an idyllic life, growing up in Zimbabwe. The daughter of an

engineer and a fashion-designer mother, I was schooled in the then best

colonial schools of the time, in the capital Harare, formerly Salisbury. Our

long days were filled with sunshine, sports, good education and of course

art, and influenced by my mother’s designing career and the gorgeous

fashion magazines she brought home; I would spend hours pouring over

the photographs and high fashion plates and stunning jewellery.

Zimbabwe has a bounty of semi-precious stones, including Aquamarine,

Jasper, Metoralite and more; and the legacy of ancient trade beads that

have filtered their way through the passages of time into many of the the

jewellery pieces that I design. I love to incorporate them together with 925

sterling silver and handmade jewels. Each piece is uniquely made by the

Silver Smith that I work with in Zimbabwe.

My love of light and the camera happened whilst taking photos of my

various completed jewellery pieces. My love of the bush and wild places

in Zimbabwe had to be caught in the lens too, and so a collection of

much loved photographs has led to exposing them on canvas, some of

the photos being just to wonderful to lock away in the computer or in an


I usually have a small amount of items with me in the Algarve, the designs

are never the same, and it is always a surprise if you contact me to see

what I have in stock. Normally if I have new items, I will take photographs

and post these onto my Facebook page, so if you are following me, you

will see when I have new stock and what is available.

All Images © Kelly Landrey

PAGE 112


Art and Photography with a focus on the natural world


PAGE 113

Mixed media Art and Photography

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Leanne’s Art listing and click here to view her

Photography listing on the Algarve Art website

Leanne Byrom was born and raised in Zimbabwe and after a period of

travel, settled in the UK. Her home is now the Algarve, Portugal. Leanne

holds a Diploma in Painting & Drawing and Pet Portraiture, from the

London College of Art. She is registered as a Professional Artist with

The Society for All Artists and is also part of the Association of Animal

Artists , The Wildlife Artist Society International , The Association of Open

Photographers (all UK organisations) and the Algarve Artists Network.

Leanne has always had a love of nature and animals, preferring to spend

her time “in the bush” with a dog at her side whenever possible. Her

passion for nature only increased when she started to learn to paint in

1997 and over the years, her art & photography has evolved to focus

on this. A selection of Photographic and Art prints, in a variety of sizes

can be purchased via Fine Art International. She also has some art and

photography prints available for use on products like mugs and calendars

on Zazzle.

Leanne has recently started teaching animal portraiture to private

students. Originals of Leanne’s work are available through Gallery XXI

in Portimão as well as through her own website and she also takes

commissions, primarily for pet portraits.

Above Left: ‘Sumatra Tiger’

Above Right: ‘Polo’ Pet Portrait

All Images © Leanne Byrom

PAGE 114


Art inspired by Abstract Expressionism

lesley goldie

PAGE 115

Acrylics and Oils on Canvas

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Lesley’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Lesley studied graphic design at Bournemouth art college in the UK. She

worked as an art director in the design and advertising industry and as a

freelance designer before becoming a lecturer in visual communication.

She was recently invited to become a mentor for the online course “in the

studio: postwar abstract painting”, run by MoMA and hosted by coursera.

Happy to work on figurative pieces, Lesley finds working on abstract

paintings more fulfilling as this allows her the freedom to express herself.

Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, especially the philosophical approach

of colorfield painters, Lesley explores themes such as the passage of

time, and questions our assumptions and preconceptions or reflects on

loss, conveying fleeting and intangible emotions.

Lesley is also developing a series of short run, hand tinted relief prints.

Lesley is currently showing a series of abstract art paintings at the Lady

in Red Art Gallery, Lagoa. She also has a number of smaller relief prints

displayed at the same gallery.

Lesley’s work is available to purchase but commissions are not


Above Left: ‘reflection 10. acrylic on canvas’

Facing Page: ‘voice 1. mixed media on OSB’

Above Right: ‘number 22. oil on canvas’

All Images © Lesley Goldie

PAGE 116

liza walker

Stained Glass window hangings and ornaments

lizA walker

PAGE 117

Stained Glass Art

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Liza’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“Hi my name is Liza Walker and I have lived in the Algarve for 20 years. I

am married with a menagerie of rescue cats and dogs and also pigs and

birds. I work all summer and then create things out of glass in the winter.

My style is quite haphazard and freestyle. Stained glass is a new medium

for me so I am learning as I go what I like and how to create it.

You can view my work on my Facebook Page and if you like anything you

see you can buy it or I can make you one. If there is anything in particular

you are looking for let me know and if I can make it for you I will.”

Liza is available for private commissions and her work can be viewed on

her Facebook Page.

All Images © Liza Walker

PAGE 118

Malcolm hyde

Portuguese architecture and landscapes in pen and ink and watercolour

Malcolm hyde

PAGE 119

Pen and Ink and Watercolours

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Malcolm’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I attended Salford College and qualified as a graphic designer in the early

1970’s, I then spent a year at the LCP in London studying typographic

design. Returning to Manchester I fell into interior design for my first job

and after ten years I then went on to run my own design consultancy for

the next 30 years. 5 years ago I decided to take early retirement, and with

my wife Joyce we bought a home in our most favourite place in the world,

Lagos. We now spend our life 50/50 between our home in Bristol and

here in the Algarve.

Being an interior designer I was good at drawing box shapes, so in

June 2017 I decided to go back to the beginning and take watercolour

classes to learn to be more free and expressive again. I love Portuguese

architecture so for my early studies I am using pen and ink with which

I feel very comfortable and then applying watercolour. Although I love

working with both mediums I am now developing my confidence of

painting more without a pen. Positive comments about my work has

encouraged me to join in and share it with others.”

Malcolm is available for private commissions.

Above: ‘15. Praça Infante Dom Henrique, Lagos’

Facing Page: ‘‘17. Portas da Cidade de Silves’

All Images © Malcolm Hyde

PAGE 120

Manoli Ortiz de la torre

Local Algarve plants incorporated into canvas or linen and clothes

PAGE 121

Manoli Ortiz de la torre

Botanical Prints onto canvas and linen using local plants

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Manoli’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I am of Spanish nationality, born in Belgium, and studied at the Sint-

Lukas School of Arts in Brussels. Since 2001 I have lived in the Algarve in a

nature reserve at Rocha da Pena.

I find nature an inexhaustible source of inspiration and decided to use

the leaves of trees and plants, as well as herbs, for my artwork. I feel at

one with the power of nature and it seems to me that I am collaborating

with the greatest existing artist. I hardly can describe or express the

extraordinary adventure of discovering the true inherent energy of

plants and how they enable me to express myself with total freedom. I

love to work with them, harnessing their versatile patterns, colours and

structures. I am extremely fortunate to be part of a growing movement

towards “art in nature”, whereby I, along with like-minded artists, can apply

natural techniques in our work.”

Manoli is a visual artist and uses local plants for painting on canvas

or linen and also clothes. She also creates eco-prints of her work to a

maximum size of 60 x 70 cm.

You can contact her and see her work at her atelier studio in Penina and

she is available for private commissions.

Above: ‘Colours’

Facing Page: ‘curcuma’

All Images © Manoli Ortiz de la Torre

PAGE 122

marc thivierge

Artwork using bright colours which are full of movement.

marc thivierge

PAGE 123

Acrylics and Paper, Mixed Media

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Marc’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in the 50’S in Ottawa, Canada in a family that loved art. I am

retired today and with my husband we spend a good part of the year in

the Algarve. The luminosity here, the colours all around us, the scents and

sounds are all elements that make us come back. But it is the people of

Portugal that really make the grade with us.

I create my artwork using bright colours, then comes movement.

Movement is imperative! For me, life is movement therefore in my mind

my artwork automatically reflects movement. Movement is synonymous

with change…. change always come following movement, movement

is needed. The colours I use reflect joy and light. They are yellows and

oranges, whites and light greens. At times a virtual rainbow. My influences

are many starting with Picasso, Dali, Riopelle, Klee, L. Viens and many

more. My inspiration is life and what I see in it. It is the way Mother Nature

plays with colour, nature in general and wild flowers in particular. As a

traveller, I find inspiration in the colours of Portuguese houses and the

hillsides they are set upon. It’s there in a wave on the sea off the coastline

of Newfoundland and Labrador or a sunset in Mexico. I see it in the cream

of a coffee in Italy. It is also in the outside light dancing with the wind in

the trees giving out a reflection on the walls.”

Marc’s work can be purchased directly from him or via his website. He is

available for commissioned work.

Above Left: ‘Waves of Faro’

Facing Page: ‘The roads less traveled’

Above Right: ‘Against winds and tides’

All Images © Marc Thivierge

PAGE 124

Marie-helene piquart

Intuitive Silk Prints and Paintings

PAGE 125

Marie-helene piquart

Mixed Media Paintings and Monotype Prints

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Marie-Helene’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born the 30th of January 1962 in Orleans a city 100km from

Paris. As a child I passed hours drawing and I always wanted to be a

painter. I studied at the ‘École des Beaux-Arts’ art school in Paris.

I left Paris in 1996 to live in the south of France, to be in nature and

to paint. I found work in the decoration of festivals, and restoring wall

paintings in churches, and I restored my house. When I arrived in

Provence I was painting figuratively in a free way, then I wanted to be

more free so I moved to abstract paintings.

I made more and more exhibitions, but I did not want to run everywhere

with my paintings, I am quite wild and really don’t like moving too much …

So all the exhibitions I did were in the same region. Then I met someone,

I sold my house, and we bought one in the Algarve, where I now live and


I work on monotype since 16 years, monotype means one unique imprint,

I paint on a glass, with pigments and a medium, and I take an imprint with

silk paper. Then I stick my silk papers one over the other on a canvas,

sometimes I finish with dry pastel and of course varnish. It is an intuitive

work, I like to be surprised myself by what comes.”

You can find Marie-Helene’s work displayed and for sale in the LiR –

Galeria de Arte art gallery in Lagoa. You can also view and purchase her

work at her home in Carrapateira by appointment.

Above Left: ‘Rythmes rouges’

Facing Page: ‘fond rose’

Above Right: ‘Poesie’

All Images © Marie-Helene Piquart

PAGE 126

Marlyn clarke

Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, animals and subtle nudes

Marlyn clarke

PAGE 127


For more information and full contact details click here

to view Marlyn’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I started only 3 years ago with classes in oil painting from Karen Wride

and now I am a self taught drawing artist.

I love painting in oil. People seem to like my paintings and I take

commissions for pampered pets or seascapes, usually to match existing

decor. My latest commission is for a large painting of The Penina Golf

Hotel which is my work in progress. I did a smaller one last year and did a

limited edition print run and a printed canvas. A previous oil of The Penina

is displayed in Auckland, New Zealand, the proud owner buying it on a

golf trip to the Algarve.

I like fine painting with attention to detail. I love beautiful sunsets and

sunrises, animals and subtle nudes.”

Marlyn is available for private commissions and her paintings can be

purchased direct by contacting her via email.

Paintings can also be viewed at her home by prior appointment.

All Images © Marlyn Clarke

PAGE 128

Meinke flesseman

Layered, textured paintings, full of expression

Meinke flesseman

PAGE 129

Oils, Acrylics and Tile Painting

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Meinke’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was brought up in the Algarve and then lived and travelled around the

world. I studied fine Art at the Lorenzo di Medici academy, in Moscow, and

in the Ruud Wackers academy in Amsterdam.

I create layered textured canvases, producing depth and intensity of

colour. Recently my focus has been on animals and people, having

lived in a very quiet environment and recently having changed to the

busyness of town life, my work has changed as well. From lonesome

land and seascapes to busy eclectic themes, I use various materials to

create texture, colour and expression. I’m greatly influenced by my natural

surroundings and my relationship with the land, people and animals.”

Meinke is available for commissions. Her work is also available to view

and purchase at her home gallery in Olhão by appointment. Her work can

also be found in Almancil in Casavostra/ Alquatro, Maria Raposo; and the

Lagoa Art Gallery.

Above: ‘Silence’

Facing Page: ‘Self Portrait’

All Images © Meinke Flesseman

PAGE 130

Mientje de Goeij-de Rooij

Nature expressed in vibrant and bold colours

PAGE 131

Mientje de Goeij-de Rooij

Oils, Watercolours

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Mientje’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Mientje’s journey on earth started in 1950 in the south of the Netherlands.

After secondary school she trained first as a teacher and later as a

secretary. She worked as such in different companies. She continued

working, together with her husband, after she moved to Hong Kong,

where they built up a company together. The 16 years they lived and

worked in Asia, the couple travelled extensively, and Mientje has travelled

to all continents. Early retirement brought them to the Algarve, which has

been home since.

Nature is Mientje’s inspiration. Her first steps on the artistic path she took

with her photo camera and she still loves taking pictures of flowers and

landscapes. She started painting in 2004, the first years using her own

pictures as models for painting. Three teachers have guided Mientje to

the artist she is now. First Claude Bernier in Silves. When she moved back

to France Mientje found fellow Dutch woman Els Alders in Lagos and later

Heather Wilson John in Lagoa. Mientje is still part of the painting group

that Heather left behind when she passed in 2018.

Mientje works with oils and watercolours, and she likes to work with

palette knives and paints. Her work is displayed in private homes and she

has been part of exhibitions of her painting group. Although she does not

paint to sell, several works have been sold in the last few years. People

that know Mientje’s work in general appreciate her use of vibrant colours.

Since she moved on from recreating her own photographs and uses her

own imagination and intuition, she creates truly inspiring works of art.

Work can be bought from the artist direct. Commissions have been taken

on before, depending on the subject.

Above Left: ‘West Coast’

Facing Page: ‘Two hearts beating as one’

Above Right: ‘Poppies’

All Images © Mientje de Goeij-de Rooij

PAGE 132

Osmond k mairs

Flashes of Colour and Designs across a kaleidoscope of different work

Osmond k mairs

PAGE 133

Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Osmond’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Since his early childhood, Osmond took the paintbrush in his hands and

portrayed scenes from travels with his parents, and always designed his

own Christmas and Greetings cards. His ambition from a very early age

was to paint or to enter the theatre as a profession. After his education

in Ireland, England and France, and after being accepted by the Royal

Central School of Speech and Drama and Art College in London; he

decided to pursue art as a career, having been strongly influenced by the

abstract and surrealist painters.

Since his arrival in the Algarve, he has studied the light and shade of

early morning and evening, and the changing shades of colour in the

countryside, according to the seasons. “It is not easy to convey to people,

and to try and make them understand, that an object or scene can be

portrayed in a completely different form and colour from what the eye


He has exhibited widely in Europe and United States, and many of his

paintings can be found in Embassies, boardrooms, hospitals and private

collections. During his career, and following in the benevolent footsteps

of both his parents, Osmond has supported numerous Charities and

Foundations donating a generous portion of his revenue over the years.

His work can be viewed, and is available for sale, through his Galeria

Osmar art gallery in Monchique.

Above Left: ‘Wedding In Rarotonga’

Facing Page: ‘Jardin Majorelle Marakesch’

Above Right: ‘Monchique From The Convent ’

All Images © Osmond K Mairs

PAGE 134

Patty den boer

Patterns, structure and Nature combined

Patty den boer

PAGE 135


For more information and full contact details click here

to view Patty’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Patty is a self-taught artist who lives and works by intuition, and always

sees the structure and patterns in everything. In her colourful story

paintings, you can see her eye for fabric patterns, which relates to her

working career travelling the world as a dresser with the Nederlands Dans

Theater company.

The joy of the idea of living in a treehouse resulted in her creating her

‘dreamhouse’ sculptures a couple of years ago; and she is now creating

her own real life ‘living art project’ in the East Algarve together with

her teenage daughter and husband who travels the world as a lighting


Acrylic paintings gives her the most pleasure but she also enjoys paper

collages and discovering natural materials. Nature is her greatest

inspiration source, she enjoys looking for the relationship between

humans and nature in all forms and somehow she manage to transform

the darkness into the light.

You can contact Patty to arrange to view and buy her work from her Home

Studio, and she also regularly exhibits across the Algarve.

Above: ‘reinigings ritueel’

Facing Page: ‘grafic nature’

All Images © Patty Den Boer

PAGE 136

Penny coombs

Landscape paintings reflecting subtle changes in colour and light

Penny coombs

PAGE 137

Acrylics, Watercolours, Oils, Pastels

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Penny’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I have recently retired from teaching and moved to the Algarve, having

worked as a primary school teacher in Devon.

My painting is a personal response to my experience of landscape. My

style is painterly, reflecting subtle changes in colour and light. Previously

my work has focused on the Atlantic coastline and countryside in

south West England. I am interested to see how the vibrancy of colour

experienced here in Portugal will affect my work.”

Penny’s work is available for sale – contact the artist direct for more

information. Penny is available for private commissions.

Above Left: ‘Atlantic Cliffs’

Facing Page: ‘Spring Time’

Above Right: ‘Atlantic Summer

All Images © Penny Coombs

PAGE 138

rebecca crystal pereira

Photography, printmaking, Ceramics and Glazes.

ebecca crystal pereira


PAGE 139

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Rebecca’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Rebecca Pereira was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, with

roots from Portugal. Her practice explores themes of identity and society

in a personal context. Rebecca has participated in various exhibitions and

is an emerging artist.

“I’ve always been inspired by the figure and its ability to convey different

meanings. Whilst my passion lies within painting, I try to incorporate

elements of photography, printmaking and sculpture at times to help

further my practice. I enjoy creating or re-creating experiences to convey

a message, where I hope to get a response from the viewer. My recent

practice is in ceramics and glazes, which evolved from my appreciation

of oils and acrylics. My recent body of work was the research of the

symbols of my family’s Coat of Arms, After studying and researching each

element, I decided to take the approach of narrative painting (through

the traditional medium of underglazes on ceramic tiles) and drawing,

and create compositions based on specific elements of the coat. For

my narrative paintings, I replace humans with animals that represent

their coat of arms, mixing elements of surrealism, mythology, fantasy

and realism. I de-contextualise these historic, staged events, forcing my

absence in identity through my choice of the elements in the narrative


Her work can be purchased and she is available for private commissions.

Above: ‘O Mercado de Arco Da Rua Augusta’

Facing Page: ‘A Batalha de Majadahonda’

Above Right: ‘A Batalha de Atoleriors’ (detail)

All Images © Rebecca Crystal Pereira

PAGE 140

Sandie croft

Gentle watercolours, which are detailed and full of life

Sandie croft

PAGE 141

Watercolours and Acrylics

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Sandie’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Sandie is a semi-professional artist living in the beautiful Algarve town of

Praia Da Luz where she lives with her musician husband Ray.

She has drawn and painted from an early age and managed to combine

her busy career as a professional singer with her passion for painting.

These days Sandie spends more time painting and can often be spotted

out and about painting “en plein air”.

Sandie’s watercolour paintings are a reflection of life in and around the

Algarve , ranging from soft ethereal wet in wet landscapes & flower

studies to colourful & detailed still life & miniature work. Sandie also has

a keen interest in portraiture and is available for commission work for

portraits of people or pets in watercolour.

Her acrylic work tends to be on a larger scale and this work is mostly by

commission. Sandie recently completed a large canvas of the Fortaleza

Da Luz which can be seen hanging above the Bar in the Baronial Hall


Sandie teaches watercolours every Thursday morning in Praia Da Luz.

Above Left: ‘Garden Chair’

Facing Page: ‘Matt Lester’

Above Right: ‘Fruit Reflection’

All Images © Sandie Croft

PAGE 142

Sandra knop

Hand-made puzzles made from solid wood

Sandra knop

PAGE 143

Hand-made Wooden Puzzles

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Sandra’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in Germany and lived for 10 years in Namibia, working there in

the tourism industry and also self employed doing wood work. I moved to

Portugal last year.

I make hand-made puzzles from solid wood which are treated with a

wax/oil which is suitable for children.”

You can purchase Sandra’s work at the Arts @ Spa shop, Caldas de

Monchique. She also exhibits regularly at craft markets in the Algarve;

contact her direct to find out upcoming events and shows that she will be

exhibiting at. She is also interested in finding more shops to sell her work


Personal commissions undertaken on request. You can also purchase

from her direct.

All Images © Sandra Knop

PAGE 144


Bespoke Jewellery Design


PAGE 145

Bespoke Jewellery

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Sarah’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I have been creative for as long as I can remember. I have always looked

to nature and animals as inspiration for my art, I am particularly drawn

to art nouveau for that reason, so it seemed like a natural step to train in

jewellery design and creation.

Many years ago I started an equestrian jewellery line which combined my

love of horses and jewellery, this business grew rapidly and I now have

clients from all over the world. Most of my customers come back time

and time again to order new pieces to add to their collection, and after so

many requests from customers that wished to own bespoke pieces that

were not equestrian related, I decided to open Raposa Jewellery.

Each item of jewellery is handcrafted using traditional techniques, a

sketch is made and turned into a piece without the use of technology,

as this gives each item a unique soul that has more value as a hand me

down keepsake than technologically produced items. I am delighted to

make simple modifications to existing designs or create wholly original

works from your imagination, please contact me to discuss your individual


Sarah’s work is available to purchase from her website and she is also

able to offer bespoke commissioned pieces too.

Above Left: ‘Eagle Ray Bracelet’

Facing Page: ‘Butterfy Pendant’

Above Right: ‘Into the Mystic’

All Images © Sarah Fox

PAGE 146

Sara wooldridge

Animals and portraits painted in Oils

Sara wooldridge

PAGE 147

Oils and Oil Pastels on Canvas

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Sara’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born, raised and educated in the UK. I worked for the most part as

a pa/secretary and my background is administration. My main hobby has

always been my art and, when time permitted, I have expanded my art

education as opportunities arose. I moved to the Algarve 15 years ago and

am inspired by the country and its people.

I enjoy painting in oils and I prefer painting animals or portraits! I am not a

full-time painter – it is mainly just an enjoyable hobby – and I have painted

pictures of pets for my friends when requested.”

Sara is one of a group of ladies who meet and run a painting/drawing

group at the Social Centre in Almadena on a Wednesday morning from

09.30 to 12.30. Contact her direct for more information.

Sara’s work can be viewed by appointment. She does take commissions

and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Above Left: ‘Lee’

Facing Page: ‘White Lions’

Above Right: ‘Friend’s Dog’

All Images © Sara Wooldridge

PAGE 148

Sonja eckenstein-schalen

Sculptures that are an expression of the artist’s soul

PAGE 149

Sonja eckenstein- schalen


For more information and full contact details click here

to view Sonia’s listing on the Algarve Art website

After her basic education at the Art Academy Artisbus in Utrecht (Holland)

and various periods of study and work at home and abroad, Sonja

Eckenstein-Schalen now works as a freelance artist and sculptor.

“The object I’m working on makes me forget the previous ones. I

concentrate my knowledge and sensitivity on what I am doing right now.

My works are an expression of my soul. My goal is to reduce the subject

to a few lines and forms.”

Sonja currently lives in the Algarve. Once a week she gives lessons

in her home to a small group of students so that she can pass on her


Sonja exhibits both at home and abroad. You can find out more

information about her work and exhibitions via her website. Some of

Sonja’s work may be available for sale – contact her for more details. She

is not available for commissions.

Above Left: ‘Bulli’

Facing Page: ‘Bang’

Above Right: ‘Geburt’

All Images © Sonja Eckenstein-Schalen

PAGE 150

Sophie wills

The sea, birds, nature, people and portraits

sophie wills

PAGE 151

Paintings and Murals

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Sophie’s Art listing and click here to view her

Murals listing on the Algarve Art website

“I always loved drawing, painting and making things as a child but I

had no idea I could make a living from it growing up in the Somerset

countryside. When I left school, a bit disillusioned and not knowing what

to do, I completed an art foundation course and then a BA Hons degree in

Art and Design History in Manchester.

I lived in London where I was lucky enough to enjoy a fun and successful

career for almost twenty years working as a freelance sculptor, painter

and prop-maker for the film, tv, theatre, music and retail industries. I

dabbled with my own work throughout this time but also set up a small

business painting murals for public spaces and children’s bedrooms in

Central London.

I arrived to live in the Algarve unexpectedly and almost accidentally

because of surfing, and I now enjoy a quiet life by the sea painting what I

love. Most of my paintings are connected with my life here or wherever I

am at the time, the things I love, the sea, birds, nature. I love drawing and

also sometimes the challenge of trying to capture something realistically

including people and portraits, but I also love patterns, colour, and freeflowing,

watery, organic, abstract experiments.”

If you would like to discuss a commission for a painting, mural, sign or

even artwork for a surfboard, Sophie would be really happy to hear from


Above Left: ‘Jungle book mural, private house, London’

Facing Page: ‘Medronho Bird’

Above Right: ‘Enchanted Forest’

All Images © Sophie Wills

PAGE 152

Steph hayman

Painting Algarve people and recording history

Steph hayman

PAGE 153


For more information and full contact details click here

to view Steph’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I’ve always loved drawing and painting and can remember from a very

young age, loving Pixie and Dixie colouring books and magic painting

books. After school, I went to Canterbury art college and gained an

honours degree in fine art. I painted a few murals in and around London

before working in a flag company where we hand-cut stencils for screen

printing. During my travels with my partner I worked in all areas of screen

printing in Germany and Australia.

On returning to England we began our own screen printing company

and also began our family. After one especially rainy year in Devon, we

decided to go in search of the sun and went travelling with our three

children around Europe. We finally settled in Aljezur where I’ve been

painting people from an era which is sadly coming to an end.

My paintings are mainly figurative and in oil.”

Steph is available for commissions. Please contact her direct.

Above Left: ‘Senhor Ramos’

Facing Page: ‘Man on bench Aljezur’

Above Right: ‘‘Men by praça pequena Aljezur’

All Images © Steph Hayman

PAGE 154

Sue findley

Artist with a diverse range of styles and media

Sue findley

PAGE 155

Acrylics or Oils on Canvas

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Sue’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Sue Findley is a former graphic designer and advertising art director. She

studied Graphic Design at Guildford School of Art (now UCA Farnham).

She worked as an art director in several London based advertising

agencies before moving to Lantau Island in Hong Kong where she worked

as a freelance graphic designer.

In 1994 she relocated with her family to the Algarve and started painting.

Over the years she has experimented with a diverse range of styles and

media and has been very influenced by her time and travels in Asia and

her graphic design background.

Her work is continually evolving.

Her work is available for sale and she will accept commissions, but

prefers to sell paintings that she has already completed.

Above Left: ‘Three Geese’

Facing Page: ‘Autumn Leaves’

Above Right: ‘‘Black bamboo on Pink’

All Images © Sue Findley

PAGE 156

Tanya lundmark

Watercolours representing dreams, illusions and emotions

Tanya lundmark

PAGE 157


For more information and full contact details click here

to view Tanya’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I was born in Russia in 1957 and lived in Sankt-Petersburg until I moved to

Sweden in 2002. My education in Russia never had any connection to art.

I graduated from a Technical University and later became a specialist in

Economics and Auditing. Though drawing has been a companion of mine

since childhood, I never painted. I started painting in 2011 after buying

a book about watercolour art. I can say that I am mostly a self-taught

artist but I met several watercolour artists in Sweden whose advice and

guidance were very helpful in the shaping of my artistic approach. I have

got a big fascination for watercolour as painting medium.

To paint watercolours is for me a magic act. I believe that watercolour art

is a very powerful way to express feelings and can be effectively used

to represent an artistic vision on a piece of paper. Watercolour painting

is considered a unique way to creatively represent dreams, illusions and

emotions using water-soluble pigments. This highly dynamic process

makes each painting an exciting adventure. I got into this wonderful world

of colours and my life has changed, became brighter and richer .. I would

like to share this gift with those who enjoy my paintings.

Nowadays, I live a large part of the year in Praia da Luz in the Algarve. I

find much inspiration here for my paintings.”

Tanya’s work is available for sale, contact her via e-mail to discuss the

prices and delivery. She hopes to exhibit here in the Algarve in the future.

Above Left: ‘The First Snow’

Facing Page: ‘Magic of Lilac’

Above Right: ‘Water Lily’

All Images © Tanya Lundmark

PAGE 158

Tiago manuel rocha

Vibrant and passionate mixed-media Abstract Paintings

Tiago manuel rocha

Mixed Media

PAGE 159

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Tiago’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Tiago is a self-taught painter. He is a Tourism Graduate, born and raised in

the Algarve.

Tiago works with a wide range of mediums and preferably on a big scale,

although he has also created several smaller sized works . From canvases

to wood, paper to mirrors, old vinyl records and collages, his work is

figurative with abstract influences overall. The artist lives and works in


Tiago recently held a solo exhibition of his work entitled ‘Acalanto

Exposição de Tiago Rocha’ at the Santo António Monastery in Loulé, 2017.

For information about how to buy his work please contact the artist by

e-mail. Tiago is also available for commissions.

Above Left: ‘Derelicts’

Facing Page: ‘Enchanter’

Above Right: ‘The beekeeper’

All Images © Tiago Manuel Rocha

PAGE 160

toni dade

Detailed and sensitive Botanical studies in watercolour


PAGE 161

Botanical Studies in Watercolour

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Toni’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I completed a Natural History Illustration degree course in the 90’s and

have continued to paint consistently since then, exhibiting and selling

illustrations. Since coming to a rural part of the Algarve in 2005 I’ve shared

my time between painting, teaching Pilates and acquiring stray dogs.

Whilst walking these furry friends, I’m inspired by and work with the

beauty and decay of the seasonal nature around me.

In recent years I’ve focused more on detailed Botanical studies in

watercolour, a sensitive medium that I find ideal for delicate, descriptive


In 2017 four pieces of my work were selected for the Society of Botanical

Artists exhibition at Westminster Central Halls, London. I’m presently

awaiting confirmation of acceptance of this year’s show.”

Toni will be teaching weekly classes in Botanical Art for beginners at Vale

D’el Rei Hotel, Lagoa. See the classes and tuition page on our Algarve Art

website for more information.

Toni is also available for commissions.

Above Left: ‘Tulip’

Facing Page: ‘Magnolia Seed Pod 1’

Above Right: ‘Dried Seed Head’

All Images © Toni Dade

PAGE 162

Tracy-jane pooler

Vibrant, colourful and engaging mixed-media work

Tracy-jane pooler

PAGE 163

Acrylics, watercolours, pastels, mixed media

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Tracy-Jane’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“Originally from Shropshire but now based in Salir, I am lucky to say I have

some of the most beautiful scenery on my doorstep to inspire me. I have

travelled throughout the UK and Europe, which I feel comes out in my

colourful work.

I would describe my work as vibrant, colourful, sometimes expressive

with its foundations firmly based on Realism. I try not to get too caught up

in making my work look like a photograph, but I do believe that when you

are commissioned to create a portrait or landscape, it should resemble

its subject closely. The big difference is, I like to capture life and energy in

my work, something which is often missing in photography. Also with my

commissions, I can combine subtle tones and symbols, meaningful to my

clients that a photograph alone cannot incorporate.

Since I am now permanently based in the Algarve, I will be working more

on developing my own mixed media and textured landscape art. I will

use the colours and natural landscape here in the Algarvian Serras, as the

driving force behind my work, and I am looking forward to seeing where

this journey leads me.”

As a fully qualified art tutor, Tracy-Jane is now running her own art

classes here in the Algarve. She is also available for demonstrations and

teaching for pre-existing groups, and she is always available for private

commissions. Contact her direct for more information.

Above Left: ‘Brusho Daisies’

Facing Page: ‘Woodland Walk’

Above Right: ‘Sally Portrait’

All Images © Tracy-Jane Pooler

PAGE 164

Uschi kuhn

Touching, feeling, caring, humour and colour

Uschi kuhn

PAGE 165

Wide Range of Art Media and Sculpture

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Uschi’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“For over 40 years Uschi Kuhn has seen beauty in the ordinary and

translated the mediocre into stunning works of art. Her fields of work

are limitless as she is not bound by any single artistic medium; clay,

water colour, body-art, ferrous-cement, papier-mâché, glass, sculpting,

painting, are all equal tools in her hands.

She has experienced real love, deep abiding contentment, but also heartrending

adversity and heartbreak in her life. These tragic events gave

Uschi her profound compassion for the suffering of people and most

especially for the struggle of women ‘picking up the pieces’ to survive,

and who find the courage and confidence to thrive and flourish once

again, as she herself has done. Her creed is defined in this quote:

“I have always embraced the world with both arms. I’ve conquered it,

been lost, laughed a lot, and also cried and fought.”

She has designed a Mediterranean retreat for artists. This Artist Retreat

is a creative, embracing, spiritual, stimulating, relaxing place to immerse

oneself and during which the environs allow ones imagination and

dreams to be exposed using any artistic venue or medium.

Uschi is available for private commissions and her work can be viewed at

her home studio by appointment.

Above Left: ‘Foto Engel blau-001’

Facing Page: ‘Foto Engel im Regen 1’

Above Right: ‘Artuschi-3’

All Images © Uschi Kuhn

PAGE 166

Wendy frost

A dedicated dog-lover that loves to capture pets on canvas

Wendy frost

PAGE 167

Mixed Media

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Wendy’s listing on the Algarve Art website

“I have lived in the Algarve for 9 years, after living in France before that.

I am dedicated dog lover, helping in re-homing many dogs from the

Algarve to good homes here and abroad.

In my spare time, I love to paint, mainly acrylics on canvas. Hope you

enjoy my art.

I paint mainly animals, especially dogs. I do commissions, please get in

touch if you would like a price. I normally work with acrylic on canvas.”

Wendy is available for private commissions, please e-mail her for a price.

All Images © Wendy Frost

PAGE 168

Wolfgang spengler

Sculptures from a wide range of different materials

Wolfgang spengler


PAGE 169

For more information and full contact details click here

to view Wolfgang’s listing on the Algarve Art website

Wolfgang was born near Stuttgart in 1956 and after completing

High School, he trained as a dental technician. After completing his

masterclass he decided at the age of 29 years to work independently as

a freelancer. Nearly twenty years later he bought a piece of land in São

Brás de Alportel, Algarve, and built a house and a dental laboratory, and

learned the Portuguese language.

His hobby has always been designing, carving and sanding sculptures

from different materials. Through his profession he has always been

keen to master perfect details, and with this approach, pieces of various

materials (wood from olive trees; alfarroba (Carob) and almond trees),

limestone, marble, alabaster, granite and soapstone can surprise

everybody with their unusual subtleties and stunning details.

Wolfgang exhibits across the Algarve, contact him for more information

about upcoming exhibitions and events.

Wolfgang has work for sale and on display in his Dental and Art Studio in

Santa Catarina, and also has work for sale at the ‘4 Elementos’ Gallery in


All Images © Wolfgang Spengler

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