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A word from the Principal...


And in the blink of an eye the year is over. What a year it has been. Here is an overview of some of the

achievements this year:

Joined Leading Edge Academies Partnership. Benefits have already included children competing in Otillo,

taking part in a Coast Day and increased networking opportunities for staff

Residential trips for Y6, 5, 4, 3,2 and sleepover in y1!

Y4 becoming County Cricket Champions

Welcoming new staff to our team: Mrs Cahill, Mr Uren, Miss Rome and Mrs Archer

Welcomed back Mrs Wherry and Mrs Wheeler from maternity leave

Our Y6 SATs results were significantly above County and National averages again

Our Y1 Phonics Screening results where also above County and National again

Introduced Parent forums to gain parental input on issues such as homework and school reports

Completed the Community Path

And a host of other successes, too many to mention

In order to achieve such a fantastic year, there are many people involved. I would like to thank Oasis, for

working so closely with us to provide such brilliant provision. There aren’t many sites that you can send

your child where they will receive outstanding provision from 8am-6pm. We work really closely together

and are constantly trying to strengthen links, so thank you to Lorna, Julliette and all the staff for their support.

Thank you to the community centre for allowing us the use of the building and field. As we continue to

grow and develop, we use this space more and more, so thank you. The community path is finally complete

and took a lot of work behind the scenes, but I would like to thank Sue, Chris and the trustees and the

community centre for the support in helping this happen.

There is a large staff team here at Ludgvan and they all make a difference. Whether they work in the office,

the kitchen or the classroom, everyone has had an impact on the children in our school.

Two other very important bodies that help the school hugely; the Governing Body and the FLS. Both are

voluntary and their members give up a huge amount of time to support the school.

Finally, the parents and families. So much of what we do relies on your support. We all want the same

thing and that is the best for your children. Whether it’s through engagement with learning, supporting

homework, providing feedback, supporting events like this or any of the other 50 things you all do to

support the school, I want to let you know it is appreciated. And, the result of us all working together – we

have years like this, with children learning, laughing and growing.

Thank you all for your support this year, have a great summer and I will see you in September.

Kind regards,

Adam Anderson


End A word of from an era... the Principal...

Y6 Leavers

Last week we held our Leavers’ Assembly to celebrate and say goodbye to our Y6s. It was a fantastic

afternoon, enhanced by the presence of two ex pupils, Gracie and Amber. Both demonstrated

their fantastic talents and really set the tone for the service. We were also delighted to welcome

our past cup winners, Senior Leaders from Mounts Bay, Humphry Davy and Hayle and Canon

Nigel Marns.

I would like to take this opportunity to say well done to our Y6s. They have filled our school with

laughter, personality and learning over the past 7 years and we will miss them greatly. If I can

paraphrase the sentiment of Mr Payne’s speech, it is that your time at Ludgvan is the beginning of

your story, the introduction, and you are now moving onto the exiting part. You are well set and

some characters have been introduced, but there is much more to come. The most important thing

that Mr Payne said is that ‘this is your story’, so you are in charge of it, you can write it and you

can make it whatever you want it to be. Good luck Y6.


Y1 and 2 doing the right thing

In yet another example of our children wanting

to do the right thing to help others, Year 1 and

2 . felt so strongly about the plight of the Black

Rhino in Africa they decided to raise some

money to support the conservation project

to protect them. The 2 classes chose to hold a

sponsored wheels event. In total we raised over


The Girls Football Team

Rather than use the school’s money, members

of the girls’ football team took part in a sponsored

car wash on Thursday to raise funds for

new equipment to begin our new season with.

Several members of staff donated generously

to have these expert car-washers display their

skills with a sponge and pressure washer.

Broad and Balanced Curriculum...

Y3 Conflict Resolution

Class 3 have been learning about conflict and exploring how to resolve various issues that may

occur in different environments. We created a simplistic comic strip on iPads to show this and also

acted out problems we might encounter on the playground.

The children had lots of fun implementing ICT and drama into this PSHE topic and also learnt

that apologies are meaningless unless we feel genuine empathy for those that are hurt. We also

demonstrated how relationships can be damaged, like ripped paper, due to unkind acts and may

never be restored to their full capacity again unless we truly resolve our conflict - even if it means

being selfless and showing acts of kindness when we feel strong emotions.

Some of our acting skills were worthy of an Oscar.

Broad and Balanced Curriculum...

Y2 Maths

Year 2 have been practising their recently learnt measuring skills. They have been making Super

Strength and Invisibility potions. What better way to practise our newly learnt measuring skills

than potion making! We used dragon’s blood, crushed bones, monkey snot, Mr Twit’s spit and

melted tiger fur to make a Super Strength potion and an Invisibility potion!

Y2 trip

We paid a visit to Mrs Patricks farm, to study habitats in England. We then compared these to the

habitats in Africa that we looked at while visiting the zoo. It was such a hot day we had to end

with a water fight in the stream!

Broad and Balanced Curriculum...

Year 5 Camp:

Recently, Year 5 had an action packed camp at Porthpean. We were amazed by how adventurous

and fearless they all were. It was great to see so many of them getting stuck into every activity

(however scary) and thoroughly enjoying themselves. There were even face masks happening to

keep everyone refreshed ready for the next day of activities. They should be extremely proud of

the excellent manners they showed around the campsite and the courage that they demonstrated.

Well done Year 5!

Y3 visitor

Class 3 had a special visitor on Friday to end our “What does it take to be a hero?” topic. We

explained to Dave which qualities we knew would be beneficial to any heroic person and he also

told us about the Navy’s CCDRIL code of practice. This highlights the need for Commitment,

Courage, Discipline, Respect for others, Integrity and Loyalty.

The children enjoyed dressing up and asking questions about life in the military. And as an extra

treat, he gave all children various stickers, posters and pencils to take home.

This was a fantastic end to our topic and we are very appreciative for Dave spending his afternoon

off visiting us.


What’s Congratulations... been going on...

Term date and Inset Days 19-20

Autumn term 2019

9 September - 20 December

(Half term 21-25 October)

Spring term 2020

6 January - 27 March

(Half term 17-21 February)

In-Term Inset Days

28 Oct

9 March

1 June

Summer term 2020

14 April - 23 July

(Half term 25-29 May)

Community Centre at the end of the day

For those children who are collected from the community centre, we now have an additional

service being offered. We were concerned about children walking to the community centre car

park by themselves to meet parents, so Mary will now walk the group over to the Community

Centre Car Park at 3:20. She will wait with the children and return to school with any that are not

collected by 3:25pm. You are still more than welcome to collect your children from the bottom of

the steps in the junior playground.

Lego Club

Lego club has gone from strength to strength this year and will return in September. If you have

any spare, used or unwanted Lego, could you please send it into school so that we can use it to

enhance the club. Thank you.

1 st August – Penlee Park


8th August - Skate park


15 th August - Penlee park


22 nd August - skate park


1 st August – Penlee


8th August - Skat


15 th August - Penle


22 nd August - skat



Email: youthworke




What’s Congratulations... been going on...

FEE £5







4-7: 1.30-2.30


8-11: 2.30-3.30




What’s Congratulations... been going on...





What’s Congratulations... been going on...


What’s Congratulations... been going on...

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