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The History of Dabbing

Banana Punch Cannabis Microbusiness Ross Johnson

2017 STASH Awards





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- 10 ton hydraulic ram.

- 20,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 125 Watt heaters. (500 watts.)

- 3.5” x 4.5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 13.25”W x 8.25”L x 13.5”H.

- 54 lbs.


- 15 ton hydraulic ram.

- 30,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 250 Watt heaters. (1000 watts.)

- 10” x 5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 18”W x 10”L x 13.25”H.

- 135 lbs.


- 25 ton hydraulic ram.

- 50,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 250 Watt heaters. (1000 watts.)

- 10” x 5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 18”W x 11”L x 21”H.

- 170 lbs.

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Strain Review:

Banana Punch

by Irie Lion




by Stoney Chicken

Ross Johnson of the Legendary

GG Strains Team Has Passed on

Through this World

by Wayne Burrini


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Cannabis Microbusiness Applicants

Demand Changes

by Mike Crawford

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Glass Artist:

Joel Halen

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Get BushyOldGrowers Book

“Bonanza of Green”

Strain Review

by Irie Lion

Grower : The Irie Lion

Bred by : Symbiotic Genetics

Banana Punch

Banana OG x Purple Punch







Banana Punch at the End of Flower

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Banana Punch


It’s not just a

glass, metal, ceramic

& surface cleaner.

It’s the



The Science of Ultimate Clean

The History and

Evolution of Dabbing




Quartz Bangers by Toro Glass


Featured Article

Worm Glass Quartz


Hash Oil), first showing up in the 1940s. It is made by stripping

the resin glands from the plant with a solvent, creating a golden oil

that could be smoked or used in foods. For many years extraction

techniques were closely guarded secrets and most people had

never heard of honey oil, let alone had any access to it.

Concentrates, and the way we used them, remained relatively

unchanged until the internet and the first medical marijuana

laws came about in the 90s. As the laws changed and information

became easier to share, people started looking for better ways to

process and consume cannabis. As our extractions techniques

and concentrates evolved, so did the tools we use to consume


Hash was the most common concentrate available, and

there were only so many ways to consume it. Pipes, Bongs, and

chillums were all used to smoke hash, but the most popular way

to consume hash and flower in Europe today.

One of the more…interesting ways of smoking hash is “knife hits”. A knife hit is achieved by

heating the tips of two butter knives up on a stove top and then pressing a piece of hash between

the heated tips. As the hash begins to burn, it is inhaled through a straw. Although this can be done

alone, it is best to have help. “Hash shots” were also a way we would smoke hash. A safety pin is

bent up and hash is placed on the end of the pin. After igniting the ball of hash, a glass is placed over

the pin and the hash burns out. Smoke would fill the glass and you would lift the edge and suck out

your “shot”.

As extraction techniques evolved, people quickly realized they needed a better way to con-

Sent in by Cave Smoke Shope in San Mateo, CA.



sume their concentrates. When BHO first became

popular there were no nails or bangers. At first people

would: mix the oil with kief, drizzle it down the side of a

joint, or just top a bowl with it. The oil would burn and

bubble, dripping all over and making a mess. Taking a

knife hit was doable, but cumbersome at best. Especially

alone. Some people would even use a hookah

coal and a straw to medicate. Heat Rods were also

commonly used. By heating the tip of a glass rod to

red hot, you would be able to combust your flower or

concentrates without the use of a lighter. Glass artists

would also play around with “throw away” dab straws or

“Zambonis” as one person referred to them. The problem

with them was they would break after repeated use.

One thing is for sure: the earliest contraptions used to

smoke oil were crude, at best, and some looked more

like a crack pipe than the refined quartz bangers of


Talking with one artist, he remembers using a

glass tube with a bubble at the end, slightly bent down

with a large hole in the top of the bubble. Before ground

joints they would just use an o-ring on the tube so that it

would be used with the old school pull bowls. You would

fill the bubble with oil and the bong would be passed

around with a glass heat rod. You would heat the tip of

the rod and dip it into the puddle of oil and take your hit.

One of the earliest tools for dabbing which had a

huge impact was the TI Swing or “Skillet”, which was an

evolution on knife hits. Wanting a safer and easier way

to smoke oil, HMK (Jake) made one of the first swing

arm TI plates that could be used with a traditional bong

in 2002. In 2003, with the help of his sister Lucy (Ggirl),

Jake would start producing and selling these to the public.

The TI plate or Skillet was a titanium plate welded

to a wire that was attached to a glass tube or a curve

with a glass bell on the end. You would heat the TI

plate until it was glowing red. After lowering it back into

position under the bell you would place the oil on the

red hot plate with a dab tool and take your hit. Although

this was a much easier way to take a hit from traditional

knife hits, it was still imperfect. It was also Ggirl who

made the first water pipe strictly for oil, what we now

refer to as a “dab rig”. Later, in 2010, HMK would start

blowing glass and producing his own rigs.

As concentrates continued to become more and

more mainstream, people continued looking for a better

method to smoke oil. TI Swing arms worked much

better than knife hits, but still could be improved. They

were bulky and could be messy to use. You also had to

be a proficient user; if you didn’t know how to properly

TI Swing Arm or Skillet

by HMK

Early Quartz Rig


Evan Shore Bangers

Truth Tech Series

Bucket Insert Cap Combo

Halen Quartz

take a hit you would most certainly waste your dab.

Between the summer of ‘05 and ‘06, JP Toro and his friend JC would create a product that

would change dabbing forever. JC came to JP Toro in need of help with ground joints. Agreeing to

help, but wanting to know why JP asked for some more information. JC explained that he had an idea

of a better way to smoke hash oil. After JP Toro helping him and messing around with some ideas,

JC left. When he returned he presented JP a Borosilicate nail and dome. The glass nail and dome

worked great, except for one thing: after repeated use the boro nail would break. JP toyed with many

different designs but couldn’t find one that would work. Fearing that the nails were unsafe, they were

never went to production.

It wasn’t until a friend came to the shop with a HMK swing arm plate that JP would get the idea

to use titanium. After doing research on titanium he ordered a rod of titanium and made his first nail.

The TI nail was much smaller than the TI swing arm and was much easier to use. The nails were

made to sit on top of a male joints, with a glass dome and female joint that fit over the nail. Because

of its durability, Titanium dominated the market as the go-to product for smoking oil. Titanium dabbing

tools/accessories are sold worldwide. The problem they faced was milling titanium was not an easy

task. Both the material and the cost of manufacturing the nail were expensive. JP would not start

producing them until a few years later and, at this point, Highly Educated had already become the

dominant Titanium supplier. Highly Educated introduced the world to different concepts such as the

adjustable TI Nail, the electronic nail, and TI carb caps.

When dabbing first became popular, “hot and hurt-y” was how most of us dabbed. You would

heat your TI nail or plate up red hot before dropping your oil on and taking a hit. Coughing, dab

sweats, and the aftertaste of hot titanium were just part of the experience. For most of us this was a

suitable method for smoking oil, but for connoisseurs this was unacceptable.

Between 2007 and 2008 quartz would be introduced to the glass community in Colorado by

The godfather of quartz, Ron of Pukin Beagle. Fed-up with his higher paying job at a box factory he

decided to quit and become a glassblower. For 18 years he worked at different companies making

scientific glass components. Scientific glass companies have very strict policies regarding pipes and

bongs and still do to this day. Pipe makers are looked down on from that side of the community and

it wasn’t until Ron owned his own company that they started making smoking accessories openly.


Coming from a scientific background, Ron knew the advantages of quartz and how to utilize it. It was

at this shop that artists like Joel Halen, Ewok, Worm and Quave would first be introduced to quartz.

Ron was the artist behind many people’s quartz devices such as the Quartz Noodle by Worm Glass.

Like many people, Worm wanted nothing to do with smoking concentrates off of TI. Looking for a better

way, Worm came out with the “noodle”, a glass and quartz version of the skillet first made by HMK.

The quartz components and o-rings used in the hinge of the noodle were all made by Ron. He was

also the manufacturer of the quartz nails that Adam G would go on to sell for many years.

As time passed, artists continued to play with different designs of quartz nails. In 2011 Joel

Halen would come out with another innovative design which forever changed dabbing. A local glass

artist, Joel was introduced to quartz at Ron’s shop. The experience would lead him to come up with

a dome-less nail that he called the “Honey Hole”. At the 2012 AGE Event, Halen would begin selling

these to the public. Later, Joel would come out with other designs like the Trough, The HB, The Thermal

Bucket, and a number of other prototypes and customs. Joel remains a leader and innovator in

the quartz industry, some even call him the “King of Quartz”. It was after Joel released his Honey Hole

that other artists started making their own versions of this style nail. Soon after, Pukin Beagle came

out with their quartz bucket and later would design their own Thermal Bucket. The Thermal Bucket

has a second wall inside the bucket that retains more heat. It was after seeing an employee using

a piece of scrap to control the air flow in the thermal bucket that Ron would get the idea for bubble


Highly Educated started incorporating quartz into their TI enail bodies and, in 2016, they started

producing full quartz nails that could be used with their TI carb caps which were already in production.

Finally, in 2017, Highly Educated made the jump to bangers and started producing the Gavel.

Highly Educated is also credited in bringing popularity to opaque quartz bangers.

JP Toro would also come out with his own quartz nail called the “Grail”. Later he would release

the “Core Reactor” style of banger which has a large chunk of quartz in the canter that retains heat for

bigger dabs. The Terp Slurper is also one of his creations.

Quartz inserts were first introduced in 2017 by Ewokglass. Ewok, who previously worked for

Pukin Beagle, was one of the many artists behind the ever-changing quartz scene. He worked closely

with Joel Halen. The duo produced many collabs, including the very first all quartz e-nail. In his garage,

Joel created the first fully-faceted flat-top banger with 5 different flat-top inserts. After auctioning

off the custom-faceted set, he started selling inserts to the public 6-12 months later. Ewok also came

out with the first spinning quartz insert called the “Nautilus”.

One of the newest trends is etched and fumed bangers. Evan Shore Bangers stand out from

the rest. Evan, who started making bangers in 2015, makes truly functional art. His etched bangers

are as fun to look at as they are to smoke out of. Evan started etching bangers in June of 2018. 10

months later he released his Truth Tech Bangers. These fumed bangers come in a wide range of patterns

and look stunning on any rig.

Bucket Insert Cap Combo

Halen Quartz


Early Quartz Nails & Rigs wit Ground Joints for Nails

Cold Start Bangers or Tear Drop Bangers


(as I like to call them) are the newest evolution

in the quartz world. These bangers are designed

around the cold start dab. Instead of heating the

quartz up and then letting it cool down before

taking a dab, the banger is heated for a short

time either with the concentrates in the banger

or added directly after heating. The result is a

lower temp dab, no wait time, and less butane

used. Cold starts can be done on any banger,

however the teardrop bangers are designed with

cold starts in mind. The longer design helps keep

the oil down where the heat is while the carb

cap moves the oil around the chamber. The carb

caps for these bangers also double as dabbers,

making it easier to load sauces and distillate by

scooping it up in the tip.

Over the years the glass artists have been the driving force behind the ever changing world of

dabbing and that is not going to change anytime soon. As concentrates continue to evolve it will be

interesting to see what we are dabbing out of in 20 years, or if we are even dabbing at all!

Huge thanks to all the artists that took the time out of their busy schedules to chat with me. In

this article I tried to cover as many artists and different tools as I could. There is only so much room

and I am aware I have left out some artists and companies that have also contributed to the dabbing


Special Thanks to:











The Cave Smoke

Shop: San Mateo, CA










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Ross Johnson of the Legendary GG Strains Team

Has Passed on Through this World

by Wayne Burrini

Ross Johnson was born on Thursday February 6th 1958, shockingly the same day a British flight carrying

members of the United Manchester football team from Germany to Britain. Ross Johnson was

better known as being team member of the award winning GG Strains. In all honesty, Ross, was a

man who grew up to love growing cannabis. In an America where there are 11 states that have legal

cannabis Ross grew up in an illegal to grow America. So illegal that Ross and his friend Don decided

to hide their identities while growing a plant that they both loved. Being fans of Clint Eastwood and

western movies…they decided to call themselves Joesy Wales and Lone Watty. Yes, the spellings

are all messed up, that is how they wanted it. Both of them loved to grow…so much so they both

started in the early early seventies! Ross, was barely 13 when he popped his very first seed! It was

only natural that together they would createand be co-fathers of the award winning strain GG4, the

Original Glue formerly known as Gorilla Glue 4. Just a small time grower growing primarily for himself

Ross could never imagine how big he and his friend Don would get over an accident they had in their

grow room. GG4, would end up making the duo famous! Their “accident” of creating GG4 lead

them to win the 2015 Jamaican High Times World Cup Award, the 2018 highest THC Award and Best

Flower of The Spannabis Cup as well as many awards placing in Top Tens of many events such as

the High Times Top Ten of 2017, etc…

Unfortunately, ross also spent some time in other rooms that weren’t grow rooms. After attending

some private and exclusive Cannabis Cups, Ross also spent alotta time in court rooms. Gorilla

Glue 4 took off so fast. Gorilla Glue 4 became so

well known, that one morning (when would be nice)

Don and Ross would be served court papers. They

were being sued by Gorilla Glue Adhesive Company

in Ohio. Yes, Don and Ross were involved in a

huge federal lawsuit. Struggling to survive financially

they made a settlement. In the end they gave

up their old website and could only

keep their trademarks until 2020 and stuck with their site. They also had to rename their

strains yet they were allowed to use the fka (formerly

known as) label on their strains. In the end,

the lawsuit cost them millions, yet it allowed them to

move forward. Now with their GG1, GG4, GG5, they

added to their strain collection. They added GlueChee

and Purple Glue to their lineup. Also, the world

knows GG4 is a clone only plant, so Don and Ross

had a mission to get seeds out, true GG4 seeds!

Make sure you get your GG4S1 seeds!

Don and Ross were trying to set new industry

standards with verifying strains thru genetic testing.

Don and Ross was a stickler for making sure when

people bought GG4 at their local dispensary that it

Don & Ross

Left to Right

Don, Cat & Ross

Left to Right

was in fact GG4! Ross wanted to ensure the consumer was getting true genetics from the breeders.

In the eyes of Catherine Franklin, the COO, CMO and Social Media Guru for GG Strains, she views it

as consumer fraud when consumers are sold genetics that they are not in fact what they claim to be.

Cat aka Catherine was brought in by Don and Ross as Ross liked to say, “Cat brings things to the table

that Don and I don’t, such as she helps us out with the business side of things as well as she has

a creative marketing background!” The three were working on a plan where they could partner with

quality cultivators to get true genetics and allow the consumer the real deal!

On Thursday May twenty third in the year of our Lord 2019, Ross Johnson left this world. To

be honest, when I originally interviewed Ross and we spoke of GG Strains, he told me, it was really

just Cat and Ross, because Don being diabetic and he was in a very bad stage. Ross had wanted

to do many things yet he loved staying in Nevada with his buddy Don. Ross, was really worried

about Don and his health. Out of the two, Ross knew, well he thought he was the healthiest of the

two. Early in 2019 Ross had caught the flu. He died a few months shortly thereafter due to complications

of the flu. Ross leaves behind a wife? Kids? Pets? GG1, GG4, GG5, GlueChee and Purple

Glue. Also, the cannabis community loses a leader, a fighter. The loss of Ross Johnson takes a blow

to those who care genetic testing and being assured what you purchase is in fact the strain you are

being sold. Ross is now in heaven growing for God. Ross will surely be missed but he sure as heck

left his mark on society…just ask any stoner about GG4!

Rest in Peace Ross Johnson




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Frustrated with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control

Commission’s application process and newly proposed

delivery regulations, microbusiness applicants

and their supporters held a rally at the State House,

on May 8th, and organized an online petition. According

to their event page:

Small Local Micro Business has been left out of the

Massachusetts cannabis industry … We are gathering

to show those in power that we will not remain

silent. Licenses have only been awarded to business

with capital outside the reach of the little guy. Show

support for the industry YOU want in Massachusetts

and let the little guy deliver the product you have been

waiting for.

We interviewed five supporters of the rally about why

they’re disappointed with the CCC as well as the

changes they’re petitioning for.

Andrew Mutty (Beantown Greentown, microbusiness

applicant): No micro/local businesses have been

given licenses yet. The people need to get together

and let our voices be heard. … We checked off all

the boxes, but we don’t have $50 million sitting in the

bank like some of the competition.

Mike Brais (Deep Roots, microbusiness applicant):

When local growers are licenced, the big guys won’t

be able to compete with our quality and attention to


Averyl Andrade (Between the Rows, microbusiness

applicant): Not only are microbusinesses a critical

spoke on the cannabis wheel, but [they are also]

an amazing opportunity for people who have been

disproportionately affected by the war on cannabis to

enter into this lucrative new industry.

Ed DeSousa (RiverRun Gardens, microbusiness

applicant): Our community has been driven to a point

where we need to step up our fight. … We sat back

and allowed the commission to license previous medical

marijuana companies into the recreational field.

It stops now. The people, the community has had

enough. When Question 4 was drafted, it was written

in a way that would include small local people to get

into the cannabis market. A set of licenses were created

for the small timers … the microbusiness license.

Look around, do you see any microbusiness licenses

being issued? … Instead, you have the same big

businesses getting licensed every time the commission

gets together.

Currently there is a huge backlog for license applications

and we small guys and gals are being drained

from everything we have in order to wait our turn. You

may ask yourself, Why would it take us so long to apply

in the first place? The answer is simple, We don’t

buy our way.

We worked with our towns, we created zoning, we

paid rent on empty buildings, lawyers. … We have

followed all the rules set up by the Cannabis Control

Commission, but in the end we are placed on the

back burner while our funds are being bled dry. It

stops now.

Grant Smith (Massachusetts Patients for Home

Delivery): I would like to see the CCC do two things:

Firstly, I would like the CCC to create a fast track for

reviewing licenses for microbusinesses (cultivators

and manufacturers). Currently, those services are

being forced, even with local approval in place, to pay

thousands of dollars per month to secure warehouse

space while awaiting final approval for the CCC. …

Some of those small local companies have already

paid upwards of $30,000 simply to hold the lease on

their warehouse over the past 6 months while awaiting

final approval from the CCC. Forcing those companies

to continue paying such costs is entirely unreasonable

and the CCC should be doing everything it

can to create a fast track for local applicants seeking

such licenses.

The CCC [should also] include standalone delivery

licenses in their final draft guidelines before they vote

on those proposals in June. Currently, the proposed

format for delivery services would only allow such

services to deliver product from an already existing

dispensary, and the CCC would review the potential

for standalone licenses in the fall of 2019.

While I understand that such a piecemeal approach

has its advantages both politically and otherwise (and

while I very much applaud the work of Commissioner

Shaleen Title [in] ensuring a 24-month exclusivity

period for economic empowerment and social equity

applicants for such licenses), I worry that standalone

licenses will be voted down in the fall. Were that to

occur, a permanent model which mandates delivery

companies provide only products from retail dispensaries

would fundamentally undermine the ability of

smaller companies to exist on a level playing field with

the owners of such establishments. In no way, shape,

or form should the regulations have the effect of giving

any sector of the market a monopoly and forcing

delivery companies to only deliver product from retail


ED: The Cannabis Control Commission made the

rules, but they say it will take a measure by the legislature

to change them. Well, reps, listen up. … Look

out your window and see the people. We voted for

inclusion of local small business, we want inclusion

of local small business. We want microbusinesses

pushed ahead of the line for licensing. We want equity

applicants to get licensed. We want patients to have

affordable access to the medicine they need.

This isn’t about me or RiverRun Gardens, this is about

you and all the other businesses that worked their

tails off trying to get into this industry. This is about

our spouses, who have put up with barely making

mortgage. … This is about our children who wonder

why mom and dad are always working and why they

can’t have what their friends have because their parents

are paying for empty warehouses. This is for the

average consumer who wonders why the state wants

them to go to big marijuana for subpar quality when

the gray market offers premium cannabis for far lower


AA: [We want] priority status for local microbusinesses.

… Between the Rows is a small business

comprised of three local farmers struggling to provide

our community with healthy produce. We feel farmers

should be given the opportunity to supplement their

income through cannabis, but … lack of support from

the CCC and dirty tactics from out-of-state big money

hinder our progress.

AM: There should be some support from the CCC

based on micro licensing priorities. We are just looking

for a little help to get through the system so we

don’t waste money and ultimately fail due to systematic


A number of reasons small microbusinesses haven’t

been approved. It’s very difficult to find an operational

space without spending tons of cash; funding a microbusiness

is not a “micro” amount of money. And finally

we also believe that big business and big influence is

taking a strong front line and getting through quicker.

Why and how we don’t know, but we can speculate.

GS: There are a lot of stakeholders who attempt to influence

the way in which regulations are written within

the Massachusetts cannabis industry, and some of

those players have access to a substantial amount of

capital and political resources. In order for regular citizens

without such connections or monetary resources

to be able to participate in our democracy, we all have

to pay close attention to what is being said and proposed

by our lawmakers and regulators.

Follow Mike Crawford on Twitter @mikecannboston

and subscribe to his email newsletter at You can listen to

The Young Jurks at or

wherever else podcasts are streamed.




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