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Bike Kings Massive

Spring Sale - 29th

August to 1st


Are you in the market for some new riding gear? Well, then

just wait until you see what the guys from Bike Kings have

in-store for you. They will be having a massive Spring Sale

with huge discounts of just about everything. Their shop in

Lynwood Pretoria is jammed-packed with all the latest riding

gear, accessories and any other motorcycle related products

you could ever want. 15% off all the latest helmets and

riding gear while they are blowing out Scorpion, Shark and

Schuberth helmets at cost prices! Also going at cost is the

full range of 2019 Alpinestars MX kit, as well as a huge range

of adventure bike accessories.

This really is a sale not to be missed! They have a huge

variety of sizes, styles and colours available in everything so

don’t miss out! The Cape Town branch will also be having the

same sale for all you there down by the sea and big hill.

Bike Kings PTA 012 271 0070 / 012 271 0071.

Bike Kings CPT 084 976 1224.

BMW Launches Fit-for-All Comms

System for Motorcycle Riders.

Communication between motorcycle riders has come a

great way since the day you had to shout to the one riding

next to you to get heard. And there still seems to be a lot of

room for improvement.

BMW has announced the launch of the new

Fit-for-All communication system. Designed

primarily for use between the rider and

passenger, the system can however offer

much more.

Just as its name says, the system is supposed

to work on all helmets. It doesn’t. It can be

used with all BMW motorcycle helmets, except

the Bowler, and with a number of helmets

made by third parties.

The device can be used to chat with the one

riding in the back, listen to music, make phone

calls and, when paired with other devices via

Bluetooth, allow for navigation instructions to

be received.

Despite being created primarily as a comms

tool for rider and passenger, linking Fit-for-All to

BMW’s Bike-to-Bike communication module

turns it into a different breed of monster.

The resulting combo can accommodate six

riders and allows for group or private chats

between them. Regularly, the range of the

system is of 300 meters, but forming a group

of bikes that ride single fi le can extend that

range to 2 km, as most of the people in the

group will act as relays.

BMW says operating the system is very

straightforward. There are three buttons that

control the intercom, the volume, on and off

capabilities and the confi guration menu.

As per BMW, Fit-for-All is both UV-resistant

and weatherproof. The device needs to be

recharged to work, and a single fi ll should last

you for about eight hours.

The exact release date for the new technology

and the price asked for it has not yet been

announced. Visit your local BMW dealer for

more information.


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