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15 years ago, I said to a then 9-year-old Brad

Binder and 7-year-old Darryn Binder to stick with

me and I would make them famous. 15 years on

and the roles have been reversed. I am now that

guy who knows the Binder boys, some people

even thinking I’m their actual Uncle (because that’s

who I am to them - Uncle Rob)

To say I am proud of what both boys have achieved

is a complete understatement! I managed to catch

up with Brad on his short return here to SA, Daz

was too busy for me.

I had such a good chat with Brad and asked him

some very tasty questions, which he answered like

a true pro as always. We feature that full interview in

this issue, where I went to Brad’s new unfurnished

house and sat in his garden out in some beautiful

sunshine. You can also go check out the video I did

on my YouTube channel.

Brad is a true professional and there is no wonder

KTM are doing everything they can to keep him

and put him on one of their MotoGP bikes. He is

the complete package, both on and off the track

and clearly has a good touch when it comes to

development making him a vital asset to the ever

developing KTM team. As I said, I asked him some

tasty questions about his current Moto2 season

and beyond as well as his MotoGP test at Brno, his

fi rst time talking about that. We also spoke about

his MotoGP ride next year and how it all came

about and his plan for the 2020 season so it really is

a must read and another big world exclusive for us

here at RF.

Staying with racing and I am typing this in our new

VW van driving back from the Monocle Series race

down in East London. Feeling a bit car sick in the

process but have to get it done.

I loved the weekend in East London, from the drive

up and down, spending some great time with my

brother. Nothing beats going racing with my brother

and seeing all my mates at the track. I haven’t

raced around the East London track in over 5 years

so I was a bit nervous as I knew our Honda CBR

1000RR was going to be stupid fast after the tuning

done by the team at Performance Technic. More on

that a bit later in this issue along with coverage from

the Monocle Series racing, which was brilliant as

always. I have never seen so many bikes with their

front wheels lofted in the air on one race day in my

life – it was a truly amazing spectacle for all those

present to witness!

The Series really is on a high now and it was

announced at the race that the series has

just signed another 3-year deal so that’s very

exciting and positive news for all involved and the

motorcycle industry itself.

I really enjoyed my racing in East London and

managed to come out with a pole position and

two race wins, my fi rst in a very long time so really

chuffed with that. I had a great battle in both races

with Johan le Roux and Johnny Krieger, who both

gave me a tough time and made me work hard for

both wins. Johnny in particular forcing me to take

a few more risks than I would have liked, the evil


I would be lying if I said I did not shit myself racing

down there, that track is so fast and holding on

while the wind pumps is not an easy thing to do

and takes a lot of bravery so a big well done to

all who raced there on the weekend. The East

London track is better than ever and the entire

town looked really amazing, better than I have

ever seen it before so I am really looking forward

to heading back there next year for some more

racing action.

Ok, I’m starting to feel some serious car sickness

coming on here so going to leave it there and let

you carry on reading another diverse and exciting

issue of SA’s best motorcycle magazine.

Cheers for now!


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