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Celeb ride: Garth Taylor

We spent a day on Husqvarna’s Arrow lineup

recently. You might be familiar with a Musician

by the name of Garth Taylor? Not? Well, in that

case, we’ll bet that you know at least a couple

of his songs. Why?.... Islands in the stream?…..

Crocodile tears? Bell’s starting to ring?

Go on, go and Google Garth, we bet you’ll recognize a tune that he is

responsible for.

Garth is a veteran singer/songwriter who has had a string of hits over

the last twenty odd years. You will also find out that he is also a kick

boxing champion and has his own dojo. Here, as his own personal

social responsibility project, he teaches bullied kids and abused women

to protect themselves and generally doesn’t charge them. Garth also

enjoys customizing cars and bikes and specializes in carbon fibre work.

So – he’s not just a great voice and a pretty face, but also an all-round,

down to earth nice guy.

He started life on a dirt bike, moved up to a commuter, but when he

discovered that he could not carry all of his gear, he was forced to buy

a car.

Just recently, he started looking around for a bike again and

coincidentally, bumped into Husqvarna South Africa’s Fred Fensham

at a dinner gig. Fred wanted him to perform at a Husqvarna Dealer

conference and they got chatting…


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