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Ride impressions:

In our opinion, Suzuki has remained loyal

to the original Katana, the single biggest

difference is the fact that the new model with

its more sensible high bars is actually, really

comfortable. Pillions, however, need to be

really skinny or they will hate life.

Aside from the comfort, the new Katana

boasts what feels like about 500 extra horses

that grab you by the pants and hurls you along

at what feels like Mach 4. Include some really

sharp suspension and amazing brakes and this

really is a reincarnation of a motorcycle icon.

They have not packed in too many

complicated electronics either – 3, simple to

operate rider modes, Mode one is for sport

riding with minimal intervention; mode two

offers a balance for typical road conditions;

and mode three delivers maximum traction

control when riding in poor conditions.

The ABS system is by Bosch. The system

monitors wheel speed 50 times per wheel

rotation, and matches stopping power to

available traction. The system is absolutely

unobtrusive even when you need to grab a

handful to slow things down.

The new Katana feels so light and nimble.

Steering is light and responsive and the 1000

cc revs until you chicken out. It’s enormous

fun to ride and more than quick enough for

a naked.


Even though today’s Katana is not the fastest

bike in production, it makes a respectable 148

crankshaft horsepower in a 214 KG package

and is significantly faster than the original,

which made 107 horsepower and weighed

almost 245 KG’s.

The new Katana honours the past while

clearly showing how far we’ve come and how

good we have it. It is one of those bikes that

are built just to have fun.

It’s a real head turning bike that you can

ride every day and have a really good time on

the weekend.

Go and have a looksee at your closest

Suzuki dealer.


In next month’s issue, Rob tells

us what he thinks about the

new Suzuki Katana.

Pic by Gerrit Erasmus.


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