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Quite frankly, the most fun for the

day, was the Velocity 150

Shado says:

Styled as a familiar-looking CGL125, the

machine is a pearler! It is powered by the

traditional ‘big H’ type pushrod engine and

the bike attends to its namesake perfectly.

It effortlessly gains speed and does it

comfortably as the motor is cycled through

the 5-speed transmission. The engine is

smooth, crisp and responsive in all conditions.

The balance between engine speed and

vehicle speed is superb and will get you to

speeds in excess of 90km/h before you can

say Southern African Motorcycles Proprietary

Limited. Ok, maybe. But nonetheless, the

machine is a workhorse, sporting mag wheels

and a carrier assembly for boxes, people and

possibly even the kitchen sink!

A 150kg load rating means that there is

much room for commercial interest or a pillion.

We took some photos and videos with

Sean, a 115kg unit up front, and myself a 65kg

unit out back. The Velocity 150 took both of

us without missing a beat and we were able

to take the necessary footage comfortably

without any signs of the suspension bottoming

out, at all!

The controls on the velocity are light, smooth

and easy. Commandeering the machine is

effortless and as such, and the nature of the

machine is simple enough to take on a tour

through any terrain! Display is still the traditional

needle-type instrumentation and reminds one

of how little can actually go wrong with the

ride. I compare it to a box of matches or a

Citi Golf, it’s complete and needs little or no


The big burly guy with the beard was

giggling like a little girl when he piloted the

Velocity for the first time, and every time

thereafter. Who would have thought, hey

Sean? It’s like riding your first motorbike all

over again! (Sean – “I really enjoyed this bike

so much, took me back to when I got my first

bike all the way back in about 1973 or 74 and

learned to ride.”)

There were only two features that I

personally thought to be in want. Firstly, the

seat foam is hard and feeds back every engine

note through your bottom, some may want

this feature, but again, it’s personal. Secondly,

the use of drum brakes on the unit drastically

lengthens stopping distance. Also bearing in

mind that the Velocity only has about 4km on

the odometer, they hadn’t bedded in as yet,

and improved over the time it was being used.

For the rest, the Velocity ticks all the boxes

for a commercial machine and will be the

‘kanniedood’ of the range. Very little to go

wrong, cheap servicing and adequate speed

slots it into the delivery and local courier market

perfectly. And, if you wish to, you can do what

two of my mates did and load the Velocity

up, go through the Richtersveld and cross

the border into Namibia, exit Namibia through

Caprivi and back down Eastern Botswana to

Ellisras and back to Pretoria! 8500km, one trip,

on a Big Boy.

Mike says:

This bike was my personal favourite, for a

delivery bike,it packs plenty power for a 150cc

and is surprisingly super fun to ride and yes it

can wheelie!

What a cool little bike , super affordable

and I really hope to see more South Africans

using these bikes as daily commuters, they just

make so much sense when getting from A to B

without worrying about sitting in traffic and with

the new USB port you can even charge your

Phone or power your GPS while doing so.

A big thumbs up from me and it’s no

wonder they sell so many.

Sean says:

As Shado mentioned, I had a right giggle

riding the Velocity. I love the simplicity, the

clean dash board and the very basic set up.

Back in 1973 or 74 my old man bought me

my first. A 50cc Yamaha FS1 which I rode

into my teens. In the early 80’s the old boy

upgraded me to a methanol fuelled YZ 125. I

loved that little FS 1 and the Big Boy Velocity

150 cc reminded so much of that bike and

learning to ride and discovering the pure joy

of motorcycling for the first time.

It is surprisingly quick off the line and has a

reasonably decent top end as well and dives

into corners with much enthusiasm. The

brakes were a little iffy to start with, but with a

bit of adjustment and bedding in we soon had

ample stopping power. Much like my little FS

1 I found a dirt trail and went banging along at

about 80kmh without too much of a problem.

I know we are supposed to talk about these

great little bikes commercial applications and

commuter applications but if you learned to

ride on a similar bike to me at around the same

and want to have a bit of nostalgic fun then

get yourself one of these. At just R13,999.00

to can take a trip down memory lane, it really

is such a fun machine to have around for

weekend or, if you can afford it, a tool to bang

around on holiday.

Value for money, better than you might

believe …. Go find out for yourself. Get down

to your nearest Big Boy dealer, there are 88 of

them countrywide to find out more or check

out www.samotorcycles.co.za.

Or call them on 011 794 6399.


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