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2020 Yamaha


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2019 YZ250F


Is there also a new fancy-pants R1M version dripping with

carbon and Swedish gold? Yes, yes there is. The new R1M

replicates the new body shape in carbon, including the

tailpiece, which used to be plastic, and carries over the engine

and electronics upgrades. It gets fancy electronic active Ohlins

ERS NPX forks to match its fancy electronic active Ohlins

shock. The forks are gas pressurized to reduce cavitation

in the fork oil and provide a more consistent damping force.

Yamaha says it’s more agile and controlled as a result, and you

should be able to go faster around a track on it.

It’s got a Y-TRAC datalogger, which collects and presents a

wide range of performance tracking data through a pair of

apps, one allowing you to control settings, another allowing

you to view your ride overlaid on a Google Maps image of a

racetrack, tracking everything from throttle inputs and lean

angles through to ABS and traction control intervention and

acceleration and cornering g-forces.

The new base R1 is set to arrive in SA around end March

2020, while the R1M is till unknown but will probably be

a special order bike. Pricing for both bikes is yet to be

announced. Visit a Yamaha dealer for more info.


Individually numbered plates for each R1M.

Electronic Ohlins gear for the R1M.

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