Annual Report 2019





rustee’s Report Back

Once again we sit down to reflect on the past year’s achievements and


The Timbavati Foundation has continued to assist the local communities as part

of our commitment to improving the lives of those most in need. To this end we

have built toilet blocks, refurbished a number of others and in the process,

restored dignity to our fellow citizens. Apart from these worthwhile activities,

the Foundation provided netted vegetable gardens and access to underground

water sources where the greatest needs were identified. We intend to continue

with these type of projects for the coming financial year.

Together we can achieve so much more and with the continued financial support

and encouragement from our donors, land owners and friends, we press forward

in this noble cause.

The present trustees have also identified the need for succession planning and

we have therefore decided to elect three young trustees to assist and support

us. We are more than confident that the Timbavati Foundation will continue

from strength to strength with these enthusiastic and committed individuals at

the helm, in the years ahead.

We welcome them and thank them for so graciously accepting our invitation.

The new trustees are :

Tessa de Villiers

Kerry Hancock

Matt Lindenberg

Thank you to all our donors, land owners and friends and we trust that you will

find this report both informative and of value.

The Trustees


nvironmental School Report Back

This year has seen some exciting developments. One of these is the introduction

of the Future Rangers curriculum into a number of local primary schools.

This initiative, developed and co-partnered by Global Conservation Corps (GCC), has

proved to be a resounding success, with many schools approaching the Timbavati Environmental

School to have their students also participate.

The purpose of the curriculum is to nurture and groom young students with a love for

our natural wildlife and fauna heritage. This embedded message of environmental and

wildlife conservation will hopefully remain a priority for these future adults of South

Africa. The environmental school was established with exactly this goal in mind. We

have no other option but to protect and sustain our natural habitat for the benefit of

future generations. We, together with partners such as GCC, the Peace Parks

Foundation, the Southern Africa Wildlife College, Timbavati Private Nature Reserve,

Arts for Animals and others have linked arms to ensure the success of these goals.

We at the school realise the importance of our mission and we are constantly advancing

and improving our curriculum to meet the challenges of keeping young minds interested

and motivated. Another addition to our program is the drawing exercise and resources

provided to us by the Art for Animals organization. This exercise encourages

students to express their awareness of the wildlife around them through the medium

of drawing. As they draw their artwork onto the posters supplied to them, it allows

them to develop their awareness of the incredibly rich South African landscape gifted

to them and us.

Is it not exciting for all our donors, partners and supporters to know that they have

made it possible for us at the Timbavati Foundation Environmental School to mold, encourage

and motivate our younger generation to treasure and hold close our natural


May we encourage each one of you to assist

us in continuing to build upon the foundation

already laid. We can and must construct a

strong structure that will withstand the

uncertain winds that blow constantly upon


Warm regards,

The Timbavati Foundation Environmental

School Staff.

Timbavati Foundation Environmental School

Senior School Students Accommodated: = 448

Junior School Students Accommodated: = 416

Meals Provided:

Breakfasts = 2176

Lunches = 2176

Dinners = 1248

Meet the staff

Bongane Mashile (Location: Aplos Chiloane Primary School)

“I am very happy to work with the GCC program because I am gaining knowledge about

nature conservation. At first I did not know nothing about wildlife and we didn’t have

conservation in our community.

I would like to thank the Timbavati Foundation and GCC for giving me the opportunity to

become a Future Ranger Facilitator. It teaches me about both natural and built up

environments. I am able to raise awareness of issues, imparting the knowledge of the

environment upon which we all depend, as well as action we take to improve and sustain it.

I bring nature into the classroom and also take learners outside to learn. It is my passion

to inspire learners in this field”.

Lefa Malapane (Location: Mahlekisana Primary School)

“Since I started this Future Rangers program I feel like a brand new person because now

I love the environment more than my personal life. I have gained more experience,

knowledge and skills in this program.

As an Environmental Facilitator I now see things in an environmental way. The Future

Rangers program is very good. The kids love it very much and are enjoying it, even me to

be honest. I really enjoy working with kids in this program. I would really like to thank the

Timbavati Foundation for this great opportunity they have given me. Thank you very much”.

Ally Mazibuko (Location: Nhlengelo Primary School)

“I am very happy to work for the Timbavati Foundation and GCC. I am enjoying it because

I am exploring my knowledge with other people everyday, more especially the kids.

I am teaching the kids everyday how to take care of our nature and how to use natural

resources in a sustainable way. Ever since I started I see an improvement because we

have clean schools and the kids know what to do and what not to do. This makes me proud

because most of the children are taking an interest in nature. I would like to study more

so that I can have more knowledge in spreading the word of nature conservation”.

Timbavati Foundation Environmental School (Continued)

Meetings with school principals

The Timbavati Foundation has started a new phase of communication with the schools we assist. We

identified a need to have a more direct line to the needs of our local schools and are now facilitating

regular meetings with all the school principals, Senior and junior schools are accommodated and

the first such meeting was very well represented. A variety of needs were highlighted and more

importantly, the principals themselves were able to assess first hand on the services we provide for

the learners under their supervision.

The environmental school believes that we will be better able to address the needs of all the

schools using this medium of communication and we look forward to the next meeting.

Future Rangers program

The Future Rangers program is a tool which has the potential to influence the future in regard to sustainability

and improvement of the environment and wildlife management of our African landscape. The curriculum is

designed to stimulate the minds of our youngsters and encourage them to pursue a future career in some form

of environmental or wildlife management field. The Timbavati Foundation works closely with Global Conservation

Corps (GCC) to achieve these goals.

Timbavati Foundation Environmental School (Continued)

Arts for Animals

This drawing exercise has been introduced in order to strengthen the artistic

tendencies in the learners. If a exercise is found to be relaxing, entertaining and

interesting, the mind is opened to accept the principle behind it. In this particular

case it is the awareness and protection of our wildlife that is brought to the

fore. Together with our existing t-shirt painting exercise, we have a great combination

to bring out these capabilities in the learners we facilitate.

Community Upliftment and Conservation

Sanitation Projects

For many of us the availability of hygienic and safe toilet facilities are taken for granted. However

the vast majority of outlying local schools have facilities that are truly shocking. Not only are they

unhygienic but also pose a realistic threat to human life itself.

The Timbavati Foundation could not look the other way when confronted with these situations that

exist within our communities. Although the cost of providing for safe and hygienic toilet facilities is

prohibitive, we have managed to refurbish toilets at Mathebela High School and build a block of

brand new toilets for both boys and girls at Dlumana High School. The goal is to continue to provide

these facilities in the years ahead and we are confident that our fantastic donors will assist us in

this noble cause. The upgrading of these facilities will go a far way in providing dignity and also respect

for the schools in the learners attitude towards them. Thank you so very much for your generous

donations in achieving what we set out to accomplish for this past financial year. This is what

true togetherness and respect for our fellow man is all about. This is where we can also honestly

say that action indeed speaks louder than words.

Community Upliftment and Conservation (Continued)

Sanitation Projects

Refurbished toilet buildings, toilets and wash up basins at Mathebela High

Hand over of refurbished toilets to the school staff and learners at Mathebela High

School by Mrs. Teresa Tintinger, Timbavati Foundation Manager

Construction of toilet blocks and one of the two completed blocks at Dlumana High


Community Upliftment and Conservation (Continued)

Sanitation Projects

Hand over of boys and girls toilet blocks to the Dlumana High School principal, Mr. Fannie

Mnisi by Mrs. Teresa Tintinger, Timbavati Foundation Manager


Bursaries were once again provided for the young women and men who qualified for them after

being interviewed by both the Timbavati Foundation Environmental School staff, the Southern

African Wild Life College (SAWC) and the South African Tourism College (SATC).

These students are progressing well and will be complete with their training and studies by year


The four ladies chosen for tourism and hospitality are attending courses at SATC and the two men

chosen for the Tracker Academy are doing their courses at the SAWC. The two tracker candidates

spend some of their time at the pristine Londolozi Private Game Reserve and are at present stationed


(left to right): Sebenzile

Ndlovu, Theodora Pebane,

Ntiyiso Mathebula, Phumzile

Theodora Pebane preparing a

meal as part of her training.

Dzunani Ndlovu (left) and

Evans Mkansi (right)

Community Upliftment and Conservation (Continued)

Netted Gardens

A completed netted garden at one of the schools,

ready for the planting of vegetable seedlings. The

Timbavati Foundation supplies the materials, as well as

garden implements and erects the structures for the

local schools and community.This provides the

community with a means to grow their own vegetables

under protection from the elements and pests.

Learners at the Timbavati Foundation Environmental

School tending the vegetable garden as part of their



The Foundation identified the Nhlayiseko Old Age Home as a worthy recipient of a new borehole,

borehole pump and equipment, water tank and netted vegetable garden. The old age home provides a

vital service to the community by lodging and caring for senior citizens and we support such initiatives

as much as we can. Ceiling boards and kitchen wash up facilities were also provided by the


Senior Citizens celebrating the arrival of the

Timbavati Foundation Staff

Community Upliftment (Continued)

Soccer and Netball Tournaments

The Timbavati Foundation once again sponsored soccer and netball tournaments for the learners in

our local schools. This is a tournament that pits the best local talent on offer against each other

in friendly contest. Such events foster teamwork and communication between the various schools.

Well done to the winners but just as importantly, well done to all the participants.

Netball Champs– Mahlale High

Soccer Champs-Mugena High


The Phelwana Clinic situated within the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve provides a vital service to

the employees of the landowners and lodges. It is difficult and inconvenient for the employees to

travel into Acornhoek or Hoedspruit for medical care attention that is not of a serious nature and

the clinic is the ideal alternative. We at the Timbavati Foundation support this service and congratulate

the medical staff for their outstanding service to their patients.

Donors and Partners

We acknowledge and sincerely thank our faithful donors and partners for making all we do possible.

Without you there would be no Timbavati Foundation.

Donors for this year


Umlani Safaris

Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Woolworths: My School Card Peace Parks Foundation

V.R. Schild

South African Wildlife College

Karan Safaris

Global Conservation Corps USA

Justin Louw (FNB)

Arts for Animals

Ceylon Trust Fund

T. Hancock

W.H. Hancock

SMH Financial Services

Land Rover Sandton

Land Rover Waterford

Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Deutsche Bank S.A.

Global Conservation Corps

Letaba Wireless Networks

Rotary Hoedspruit

PBS Accounting

Merredew Family

Kevin and Jan Burger

Ian Ground

Arts for Animals


The Timbavati Foundation (Registration number IT 1683/2009)

Financial statements for the year ended 28 Feb 2019

Detailed Income Statement




Fundraising Events 18,823



Timbavati Private Nature Reserve Donation 1,963,125 1,941,199

Section 18A Donations 414,155 576,294

Other Donations 287,347 108,669

Other Income

Total 2,683,450 2,626,162

Fair Value Adjustment on Investments 3,459 96,450

Investment Income 243,735 217,268

Operating Expenses

Total 247,194 313,718

Audit & Accounting 49,147 30,508

Bank Charges 10,272 10,546


Statement of Financial Position as at 28 Feb 2019


Non-Current Assets

Vehicles & Equipment

Current Assets





216,926 213,806

Inventories 17,901 10,593

Receivables 22,333 131,913

Investments & Cash 5,425,763 5,020,615

Total Assets 5,682,923 5,376,927

Computer Expenses 4,860 1,700

Depreciation of Assets 95,973 88,074

Employee Costs 746,928 692,981

Environmental School Expenses 30,510 3,209

Fund Raising 13,500 76,564

Gas 19,879 15,707

Insurance 3,041 22,822

Municipal Charges 62,680 50,139

Fuel & Oil 54,507 48,341

Printing & Stationary 30,331 20,281

Advertising 15,228 33,478

Repairs & Maintenance - Vehicles 44,769 39,342

Repairs & Maintenance - Other 108,337 50,044

Equity & Liabilities


Trust Capital 100 100

Reserves 1,000,000 1,000,000

Accumulated Sur- 4,608,551 4,306,823

Total Liabilities 5,608,651 5,306,923

Current Liabilities

Trade & Other Payables

Total Equity &


74,272 70,004

5,682,923 5,376,927

Environmental School - Catering 123,033 103,555

Staff Welfare 47,092 29,708

Telephone & Fax 29,774 31,568

Travel - Local 7,445 505

Sundry Expenses 43,952 68,785

Total 1,541,198 1,417,857

Excess of Income Over Expenditure 1,389,446 1,522,025

Distribution to Beneficiaries 1,087,718 669,200

Surplus for the Year 301,728 852,825


Charles de Villiers (Chairperson)

Dennis Rutter

Timothy Hancock

Tessa de Villiers

Kerry Hancock

Matt Lindenberg

Timbavati Foundation Staff

Teresa Tintinger (Timbavati Foundation Manager)

France Tintinger (Maintenance)

Bongani Mgwena (Environmental Facilitator)

Karen Monareng (Environmental Facilitator)

Pinky Chiloane (Chef)

Thabisile Mdluli (Chef)

Ronnie Mkhonto (Groundsman)

Timbavati Foundation

PBO Reference Number 930031721

Section 18A Approved

BEE Certified

Bank Details

First National Bank

Account Holder: The Timbavati Foundation

Account Number: 6266 0565 832

Branch Code: 250655

Account Type: Cheque


Address: 197 Guernsy Road, Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa

Postal: Timbavati Foundation

Postnet Suite 312

Private Bag x3008



Phone: +27 (0) 71 658 0065

+27 (0) 15 004 0543

GPS Co-Ordinates: -24.5163, 31.0993



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