Annual Report 2019


Timbavati Foundation Environmental School

Senior School Students Accommodated: = 448

Junior School Students Accommodated: = 416

Meals Provided:

Breakfasts = 2176

Lunches = 2176

Dinners = 1248

Meet the staff

Bongane Mashile (Location: Aplos Chiloane Primary School)

“I am very happy to work with the GCC program because I am gaining knowledge about

nature conservation. At first I did not know nothing about wildlife and we didn’t have

conservation in our community.

I would like to thank the Timbavati Foundation and GCC for giving me the opportunity to

become a Future Ranger Facilitator. It teaches me about both natural and built up

environments. I am able to raise awareness of issues, imparting the knowledge of the

environment upon which we all depend, as well as action we take to improve and sustain it.

I bring nature into the classroom and also take learners outside to learn. It is my passion

to inspire learners in this field”.

Lefa Malapane (Location: Mahlekisana Primary School)

“Since I started this Future Rangers program I feel like a brand new person because now

I love the environment more than my personal life. I have gained more experience,

knowledge and skills in this program.

As an Environmental Facilitator I now see things in an environmental way. The Future

Rangers program is very good. The kids love it very much and are enjoying it, even me to

be honest. I really enjoy working with kids in this program. I would really like to thank the

Timbavati Foundation for this great opportunity they have given me. Thank you very much”.

Ally Mazibuko (Location: Nhlengelo Primary School)

“I am very happy to work for the Timbavati Foundation and GCC. I am enjoying it because

I am exploring my knowledge with other people everyday, more especially the kids.

I am teaching the kids everyday how to take care of our nature and how to use natural

resources in a sustainable way. Ever since I started I see an improvement because we

have clean schools and the kids know what to do and what not to do. This makes me proud

because most of the children are taking an interest in nature. I would like to study more

so that I can have more knowledge in spreading the word of nature conservation”.

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