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Art auction fundraiser

• By Jess Gibson

“A huge thank you to our

organisers and contributors. We

MORE THAN 100 artworks

look forward to using the funds

by artists with Banks Peninsula

raised to support learning in

connections have been put

and through the arts but also to

forward to fundraise for

support new and exciting school

Lyttelton Primary School.

initiatives to inspire and engage

The Peninsula Art Auction

our learners,” he said.

will be held on Saturday and

Peninsula art committee

Sunday from 10am-4pm at the

member Claire Coates said she

school site, 34 Oxford St.

is “very excited” for this year’s

Works will be available for

events as there will be more artists

making contributions than

viewing and silent auction bidding

at the biennial event, which

ever before.

is being held for the eighth time

“One thing that’s different

as the school’s major fundraiser.

is we are running an art week

In 2017, a cheque for $42,000

at the school in the lead up to

was presented to the school.

the event. It’s a nice way for the

About 70 artists have contributed

paintings, photography,

children to see that side of it and

jewellery, pottery and sculptures ARTISTRY: Artworks from they can view the school as a

this year.

Bill Hammond, Jason Greig pop-up gallery before the event,”

Twenty-five works from the

and Ben Reid will be among she said.

more than 100 paintings, All works to be auctioned

most collectable artists, including

Bill Hammond, Jason Greig

photography, jewellery, can be viewed online at www.

pottery and sculptures

and Ben Reid, are reserved for auctioned at The Peninsula

the live auction at a ticketed gala Art Auction ​

•For further information

evening at the school on Sunday

email Mrs Coates on

from 7pm.

directly benefit the children

“The art auction is an amazing

community initiative to Brendan Wright.


of Lyttelton,” said principal, or phone 021


WE ARE WELL into winter and

it massively sucks. For me at least.

I used to be quite the fan of cold

weather and rain. Before Vittoria

was born it was the perfect excuse

to just grab a pizza and play video

games all day.

Now it’s like a prison sentence

with a guaranteed cranky and

potentially smelly cellmate.

The gloom of being trapped

inside over the last week or so has

been compounded by the fact that

the house is like something out of

a spanish flu documentary film.

All three of us are sick with

coughs and colds but only two

of us are actually suffering. The

other is still happy to run around

climbing on the furniture. While

also looking at me with that

“but why can’t we go to the park

daddy?” look.

We’ve managed to duck out for

a walk or two, but they mostly

end in getting rained on and feeling

like a bad parent because of it.

But I can’t have Vittoria trapped

inside all day every day, so we will

at least get out to the driveway

so she can explore the garden or

push a doll in her wee pram up

the street a little bit.

Which is where a little interaction

I want to share with you

occurs regularly.

We’ve got two cats – Loki and

Misty. Loki is your typical house

cat, she’s not huge on leaving a

comfy spot but she’s great with

Vittoria and very patient.

Misty on the other hand is a


& Matt

definite outside cat and still hasn’t

totally warmed to the latest addition

to the family.

Which makes it surprising that,

every time we walk around the

drive or on the street near the

house, Misty will follow Vittoria

like a hawk to keep an eye on her.

She just turns up every time like


It’s not in a hunting kind of

way either, it’s like she knows

Vittoria is young and needs a set

of grown up eyes on her, even if

they are grown up cat eyes. She’ll

keep a small distance and follow

up to about 100m either side of




Sumner identities

both celebrate

90th birthdays

•From page 1

Mrs Meherne first moved to

Sumner in 1956 with her husband,

Doug, on their wedding

day and taught at Sumner School

for most of her life.

She remembers when she used

to take her classes to the beach

to pick up driftwood and they

would come back and light a fire

to cook their lunch.

“I tried to make their school

life interesting because mine

wasn’t,” she said.

She still teaches music, and

has written several operettas

over the years for children

based on the true stories and

memoirs of orphans in New


“We had wonderful concerts.

We put on the operettas and had

an orchestra playing and the children

sang their hearts out.”

Misty the moggy keeps an attentive eye on Vittoria

our drive. Occasionally, she’ll get

closer and rub against Vittoria, I

guess to reassure her. Or rub scent

on her so other cats know whose

property she is, I don’t know.

Although I know I can’t fully

entrust a rampant toddler to the

care of a tabby cat, I quite like

Fire rages, homes at risk

Mr Johnson has been involved

with the Sumner Surf Lifesaving

Club for almost 70 years.

He moved to Sumner from the

central city during the end of

World War 2 to a house “down

by the Esplanade near where the

old surf club was.”

The ex-cabinet maker would

put his carpentry skills to good

use back in the day, by making

popular surf craft like skis and


“I made a lot of those for

friends and club members. It was

really more of a hobby, myself

and an old friend would work

on them after school and after

work,” he said.

Now the patron of the club,

Mr Johnson saw about 70 people

attend his birthday bash at the

new surf lifesaving clubrooms on

July 20.



checking in

on Vittoria

while she

plays on the


the idea that Vittoria’s always got

someone looking out for her.

•Former Bay Harbour News

journalist Matt Salmons

has become a stay-at-home

dad. We follow his journey


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