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2019 Summer Gateway, Visitors Guide.

Discover Gila County continued....

Where to eat while you’re


Restaurants are all listed,

too: from family-owned Mexican

restaurants of Globe-

Miami, to unique eateries in

Hayden and Star Valley – a

popular brewery in Pine, and

a vineyard-winery in Young.

Etymologists tell us the

word ‘Gila’ originates from a

Spanish contraction of Hahquah-sa-eel,

a Yuma word

meaning “running water

which is salty.” Gila County

includes the towns of Payson,

Star Valley, Christopher

Creek, Strawberry and Pine.

Mining, ranching and old

west traditions still thrive

here, Payson takes pride in

being the birthplace of rodeo

- and San Carlos Apaches still

practice their ancient tradition

of Sunrise Dances during the

spring, summer and fall.

Looking for a half-day

hike, or a 2-3 day backpacking

adventure? Explore the

Mogollon Rim - a topographic

and geological wonder

that extends about 200 miles

across central AZ. It forms the

southern edge of the Colorado

Plateau in Arizona - providing

outdoor adventure to campers,

hikers, mountain bikers,

photographers, bird-watchers

and hunters;

is your guide to

hiking trails, and nearby lodging.

Located on the northeastern

edge of the Sonoran

Desert, Gila County covers

a wide variety of life zones -

from iconic Saguaro cacti in

the low desert to pinyon-juniper

grasslands, chaparral, and

montane forests of pine, fir

and aspen. Roosevelt Lake is

one of Arizona’s most popular

Gila County

Photo by Diane Drobka

Coolidge Dam at San Carlos Lake is a great place to take photos or go birding.

for fishing, boating and recreation

– and wholly within

Gila County. Tonto National

Monument, Fossil Creek,

the Salt River, Tonto Natural

Bridge State Park, designated

Wilderness Areas and popular

camping areas within the

Tonto National Forest are also

among Gila County’s bragging


Don’t miss Tonto Natural

Bridge, between the towns of

Payson and Pine, which became

an Arizona State Park in

1990; now thousands of visitors

marvel each year at the

largest travertine bridge in the

world, and the beauty of Pine

Creek Canyon.

The high desert community

of pleasant valley is a bucolic

scene of peace and quiet

today – but in the 1880s it

was the origin of a range war

that’s among the most famous

(and deadly) feuds in American

history. The Pleasant Valley

War, also called the Tonto

Basin Feud or the Tonto Basin

War, matched the cattleherding

Grahams against the

sheep-herding Tewksburys.

Copper’s lustre still shines

in Gila County - an industry

employing 3,000 people.

Mineral deposits brought

miners back in 1874 when silver

was discovered in Globe

– eclipsed within a decade by

our vast deposits of copper.

Dig into online databases listing

Arizona mines and you’ll

find an impressive 641 mines

across Gila County, and from

A-to-Z -- that is, from the Abbie

and Ross mine (copper,

gold, lead, silver) to the Zulu

Mine near Rye. 641 mines!

And 30 ranches continue to

manage some 15,000 cattle

spread out across Gila County


City of Globe

Globe is currently the Gila

County seat, a city’s history

laced with historic Wild

West events from murders

and stagecoach robberies to

outlaws, hanging and Apache

raids. Local historians guide

seasonal walking tours that

narrate the connection to famous

residents and itinerants

from Ike Clanton (one of the

gunfighters from the OK Corral)

to Geronimo, Apache Kid,

Big-Nose Kate and more.

Globe is about 87 miles

east of Phoenix and at the

crossroads of highways 60,

70 and 77.

Payson’s a scenic and convenient

90-minute drive from

Phoenix on the recentlyexpanded

four-lane ‘Beeline



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