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2019 Summer Gateway, Visitors Guide.


8th Annual Prickly Pear Festival is Aug. 17

The 8th annual Prickly

pear Festival will

be held on August

17, in Superior.

There will be art, food,

music, demos, cook-off, beverages,

and entertainment

from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Enjoy a day of food, drinks

and desserts all made with

the delicious fruit.

Not only does the fruit

taste good but it also has

some health benefits. Some

prickly pear benefits include

its ability to lower cholesterol

levels, improve the digestive

process, decrease the

risk of diabetes, boost the immune

system, and stimulate

bone growth. The antioxidantrich

fruit also helps strengthen

blood vessels, aid in weight

loss, and reduce inflammation.

To harvest this fruit you

would want to make sure you

have gloves, tongs and a bucket

to put the fruit in.

How to process the prickly


Slice both ends of the prick-

ly pear off. Discard them.

Make one long vertical slice

down the body of the prickly

pear. Slip your finger into

the slice and grab a hold of

the skin. Begin to peel back

the thick fleshy skin that’s

wrapped around the prickly

pear. Discard the skin. You’ll

be left with the prickly pear


The flesh is studded with

tons of little edible seeds, if

you like them, feel free to just

chop the prickly pear up and

eat, seeds and all.

Extract the juice: To extract

the prickly pear juice, place

the “husked” prickly pears

into a blender or food processor

and pulse until liquified.

Place the juice into a fine

mesh sieve and push out the

juice into a pitcher or bowl.

Discard the remain-

ing pulp and seeds.

Use the juice as

you like. Depending

on the size of the

prickly pears, six to

12 prickly pears will

get you about one

cup of juice.


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