The Sandbag Times Issue No:58


The Veterans Magazine

A Word from the Editor


Howdy Peeps...

So where are we this month in SBT land?

Firstly, a huge welcome to Dawn Turner and

Bob Kundi to the team in two very vital roles.

Dawn has been well known to the team for

a fair while and has just finished a degree in

Criminology. (Far too much brains for our

ragbag team I think!!). She is now watching

closely over my shoulder as I write Issue

58 with a highly keen eye ready to jump in

the deep end and write Issue 59 for us as an

induction as Assistant Editor. Talk about a

Baptism of Fire! Pablo can be cruel when

he needs to be (hehe). Bob, on the other

hand, is far too big to be bullied but he is a

cracking Marketing and Sales guru who will

be shouting and screaming at me to tell me

what I should or shouldn’t be showing in the

mag. Advertisers, beware.

In short, these two (who are a couple, by

the way) are just the first step in the new

change coming to the magazine. All seriously

though, I am deeply grateful to have these

two wonderful people on board to take the

weight off my shoulders a little. The success

and popularity of the SBT has become too big

for just one person to handle. Our friends

from FRS will also be jumping in soon to

lessen the burden a

little more in the not too

far distant future. We still

need a chat or two to decide where and when

that will happen but again, it will be a very

positive addition to a great team.

So what else is happening in our world?

Airshow season is over for us for this year.

Thank you to everybody at the Royal Navy

International Air Day at RNAS Yeovilton

and Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF

Fairford, two wonderful days enjoyed by

our crews. Dawn will be telling all in the

September edition so I won’t go on too much

about that.

A great bit of news, the funding for the

Tommy Atkins Centre has now been granted

and is sat waiting for the new building to

be finalised and open. We also have TAC2

opening soon in the Black Country thanks

to Paul Lewis at FRS. Unfortunately, due to

new commitments, once the new centre in

Worcester is opened, I will be handing over

all TAC operations to my partner and TAC

Chairperson, Jane. It’s in good hands and I’m

confident it will go from strength to strength

in the future. That’s it for me for this month,

enjoy the sunshine all, take care. Pabsx

Editor: Pablo Snow

Asst Editor: Dawn Turner


Matt Neal &

Team Dynamics Motorsport

Honourary Patron:

Jacqueline Hurley

Additional Journalists:

Kevin Lloyd-Thomas

Jane Shields

Andrew Hall

Julie Warrington

Suzanne Fernando

Nel Brooks

Marketing & Sales Manager:

Bob Kundi

News Media Researcher

Jim Wilde

SBT Radio

AJ Vorster



SBT Issue 58


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