VakilSearch Presents Easier Online Process For Filing Tax Returns and ESI Registration

Filing Tax Return With Made Less Cumbersome By Vakil Search

Filing Tax Return With Made Less Cumbersome By Vakil Search


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<strong>VakilSearch</strong> <strong>Presents</strong> <strong>Easier</strong> <strong>Online</strong> <strong>Process</strong> <strong>For</strong> <strong>Filing</strong> <strong>Tax</strong> <strong>Returns</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>ESI</strong> <strong>Registration</strong><br />

<strong>Filing</strong> <strong>Tax</strong> Return With Made Less Cumbersome By Vakil Search<br />

Chennai, TN., July 30 -- The creator of <strong>VakilSearch</strong> put forwards one more procedure of filing tax<br />

returns online in the hopes of making the complicated process simpler.<br />

To know more about Vakilsearch <strong>and</strong> the way it makes filing ITR <strong>Returns</strong> easier through an online<br />

interface, visit:<br />

https://vakilsearch.com/income-tax-return-filing-online<br />

An income tax return is a form that consists of all the information on money earned in a financial<br />

year <strong>and</strong> tax paid by the assesse. <strong>Filing</strong> Income <strong>Tax</strong> <strong>Returns</strong> is m<strong>and</strong>atory in India if the income<br />

earned is over the basic limit. ITR should be filed even if the tax payable is nil. Currently, the<br />

Income <strong>Tax</strong> Department has various forms for filing returns like ITR1, ITR4S, <strong>and</strong> ITR7. Each one<br />

of them applies to a different category of person, company, entity, etc.<br />

To the question of how <strong>VakilSearch</strong> makes ITR filing simpler, a spokesperson stated, “<strong>VakilSearch</strong><br />

performs the whole process online. Our agents collect the required data <strong>and</strong> then prepare accurate<br />

returns. Before the person even realises it, the income tax papers are ready to be filed. In the past<br />

half-decade, <strong>VakilSearch</strong> has aided not just start-up for ITR returns but also big corporations <strong>and</strong><br />

individuals.”<br />

The spokesperson further clarified, “The area where most people make errors in ITR filing is<br />

picking the right form <strong>and</strong> then filling it correctly. At <strong>VakilSearch</strong>, we help individuals <strong>and</strong><br />

corporations alike in choosing the right ITR form. Moreover, we guarantee that no mistake is made<br />

in the data filled.”<br />

Beyond ITR returns filing, <strong>VakilSearch</strong> has also broken ground on a faster mode of <strong>ESI</strong><br />

registrations.<br />

<strong>VakilSearch</strong> Takes One More Step at Making <strong>ESI</strong> <strong>Registration</strong> Simpler<br />

To know more about Vakilsearch <strong>and</strong> the technique they use to turn <strong>ESI</strong> <strong>Registration</strong> more<br />

straightforward, visit:<br />

https://vakilsearch.com/online-esi-registration<br />

<strong>ESI</strong> or Employee State Insurance is a government scheme under the management of Employee State<br />

Insurance Corporation, which is an autonomous body. Under the purview of the Ministry of Labour<br />

<strong>and</strong> Employment, <strong>ESI</strong>C created the scheme to provide monetary <strong>and</strong> medical benefits to workers.<br />

Presently, it is compulsory for a firm with over ten employees to have <strong>ESI</strong> registrations. It should be<br />

noted that there are a few states where the limit is 20 employees <strong>and</strong> not ten.<br />

Under the <strong>ESI</strong>, some perks an employee get are 70% of the salary for a certified sickness covering<br />

81 days at the max. <strong>For</strong> long-term conditions, the employee receives for two years, 80% of the<br />

salary. <strong>For</strong> women, three months of maternity benefits with the option of extending it by thirty more<br />

days, if advised by the doctor.<br />

A <strong>VakilSearch</strong> representative says, “We help companies get their unique <strong>ESI</strong> number in the shortest<br />

time possible. <strong>VakilSearch</strong> does so by using a streamlined three-step process. First, we ask the client<br />

to fill the <strong>ESI</strong> registration form <strong>and</strong> submit it to us along with the required paperwork. Second, we<br />

go through the form with a fine-tooth comb to ensure they are no omissions or errors in it. Lastly,<br />

we submit the <strong>ESI</strong> application form along with the needed documents.”

<strong>VakilSearch</strong> offers a free first consultation for the <strong>ESI</strong> registration process. Additionally, they assign<br />

a dedicated expert to each client. The affiliate is responsible for answering any questions that may<br />

come up during the application processing. Barring the time required by <strong>ESI</strong>C to process the<br />

application, <strong>VakilSearch</strong> takes at the most 14 days to review <strong>and</strong> submit the registration form.<br />

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About Vakilsearch:<br />

Vakilsearch is one of the top legal service experts who provide professional help in filing income<br />

tax returns easily <strong>and</strong> quickly. A few br<strong>and</strong> names they work for are Sulekha.com <strong>and</strong><br />

commonfloor.com. <strong>VakilSearch</strong> tenders all their services online to make it effortless, comfortable,<br />

<strong>and</strong> swift for its customers. <strong>For</strong> more information, you can visit:<br />

https://vakilsearch.com/<br />

Contact:<br />

Agnes Joseph<br />

Vakilsearch<br />

Prince Info Park, A-5th Floor,<br />

Ambattur Industrial Estate,<br />

Ambattur, Chennai - 600058<br />

8248689465<br />

agnes@vakilsearch.com<br />


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