Wild futures - Summer Appeal

Did you know that it is legal to own Primates as pets in the UK?

Did you know that it is legal to own Primates as pets in the UK?

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It costs Wild Futures approximately £150,000 a year

to care for the monkeys and approximately

£30,000 a year to campaign against the trade

and carry out our vital education work.

We rely solely on our supporters to do this and are

launching an appeal to ask you to consider giving a

minimum pledge of £5 a month, or making a one off

donation to help towards our goal: to end the UK primate

pet trade, to raise awareness and educate people on

the plight of primates in the UK, and to continue to

provide a forever home for rescued monkeys.

Dear friend,

Thanks to your invaluable continued support we are able to give the best possible lifelong care to all of

the monkeys here at our sanctuary, as well as pursue our charitable aims to protect primates worldwide.

With your help, in the last year we have rescued 10 marmosets from the UK primate pet trade, we

have given funding to two projects overseas to help protect and conserve primates, and thanks to the

incredible response we had to our monkey welfare appeal last summer, we were able to provide Oliver,

Grips, Chico and Lodi with the unexpected emergency and extra veterinary care that they unfortunately

needed! We couldn’t have done all of that without you, so thank you!


Pet monkeys often suffer appalling mental health issues as a result of being kept in captivity.

Monkeys often resort to comfort eating and even self harming as coping mechanisms.

Sadly there are still many monkeys living as pets in the UK that need our help. Wild Futures dream is

that one day we will no longer be needed to campaign against this awful trade and that there will be

no more primates suffering and needing rescue. However, that day is not today, and we are asking our

loyal friends and supporters to help us continue our vital work in bringing about an end to this trade and

providing a home for life for rescued monkeys.

However big or small, your donation WILL make a huge difference and help us continue to care for the

monkeys at our sanctuary, carry on the vitally important work we do in protecting primates and bring an

end to the keeping of primates as pets.

Thank you for your support.

Reg Charity No: 1102532



We rely solely on our

supporters to continue

our important work. Please

consider giving a minimum

pledge of £5 a month, or

making a one off donation

to help towards our goal.

Did you know?

That it is legal to keep monkeys as pets in the UK.

There are thousands of privately owned primates in this country.

Did you know?

That most places able to rescue

monkeys from the trade have

no more room for marmosets.

In the first six months of 2019,

Wild Futures received 12 requests

to rescue marmosets.

Did you know?

That pet monkeys often have

diseases such as diabetes due to the

inappropriate diet they are fed.

Did you know?

That primates are social animals

yet many are forced to live a life

of isolation. They are wild animals

inherently unsuitable for keeping

in a domestic situation and often

live in excess of 35 years.

Thank you

for your



Did you know?

That Wild Futures campaigns tirelessly to end the primate pet trade in the UK. Until then the charity continues

to raise funds to rescue more monkeys, whilst caring for the 45 resident monkeys already rescued from that life.

To donate please visit www.wildfutures.org/donate or return the donation form

to Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary, Murrayton House, Looe Cornwall, PL13 1NZ

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