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AUGUST MAY 2019 2019 • VOLUME • 22 22 • ISSUE • ISSUE 5 8


Jo-Ann Claude Crook Phillips chose leads an

active OTR career life, and despite part of

it losing is spent 6 family encouraging


others to drugged to stay truck active


Page 12

Page 12


Starsky Intelligent Robotics Imaging runs

18-wheeler Systems technology on Florida

Turnpike; used to find no human CMV on


parking at truck

stops in Midwest

Page 18


Kenworth Friction, kits T880S and with

a reman: set-forward Bendix axle


available Foundation for Brake order with


offers guide to air disc

brake aftermarket

Page 24 21

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Jo-Ann Phillips leads an active life, and part of

it is spent encouraging others to stay active

Jo-Anne Phillips is a busy woman. Chief operating

officer of a trucking company is only one of

the positions she holds. She is also co-owner of

a construction and building production facility, a

popular chrome and detailing shop, a nutritional

consulting and lifestyle coaching business and

more. She is also the Women in Trucking (WIT)

June 2019 Member of the Month.

“I’ve been a member for several years,” Phillips

told The Trucker. “The award means quite a bit. In

my years at WIT, I’ve seen many powerful leaders

from all over. I’m super happy to be in the group

with those females.”

She may be the boss at Irishtown, New Brunswick-based

Jeramand Trucking Ltd., but Phillips

learned the trucking business like many do, at the

wheel. While working toward one of her university

degrees and participating in athletics, she needed

a way to provide income. “I helped some friends

by driving a truck to summer fairs,” she said. Later,

she opened a gym in Calgary and was involved in

cycling, rowing, skiing and Canada’s national bobsleigh

team. When a friend explained the income

opportunities of trucking in Alberta’s oil fields, she

signed on as a driver, instructor, safety officer and

medic for six years.

Athletics and physical fitness are a huge part of

who Phillips is. She holds degrees in kinesiology

and exercise physiology and in dietetics and nutrition,

sharing her knowledge with sports teams,

youth groups and a number of charity groups.

“There’s an obesity epidemic in North America,”

she said, and she’s working to change things.

“For most people, education about their health

begins when the doctor tells them they have a

serious problem and need to change their lifestyle.”

Phillips thinks that education should begin

much earlier.

“Wouldn’t it be great if that education process

began much earlier and was supported by employers?”

The trucking industry can do more, she said.

“Food options at truck stops are not good,” she

said. “We encourage and support nonhealthy options.

It’s about promotion and marketing rather

than health.”

While changes to truck stop offerings could

help, Phillips doesn’t stop there. “Corporations

and even trucking companies can help,” she said.

“If you offer chocolate bars in a vending machine,

shouldn’t you also offer a healthy option?”

Diet and nutrition aren’t the only health issues

Phillips is working to improve. She sits on the

Advisory board of Prostate Cancer Canada’s Atlantic

Division. She’s also a leader and organizer

for the Convoy of Hope – Atlantic, an organization

that raises funding and awareness for the four

most diagnosed and terminal cancers: breast,

colon, lung and prostate. She’s passionate about

the cause, in part due to her husband Dan’s successful

2014 battle against prostate cancer. The

group has raised over $300,000 for cancer prevention,

detection and treatment, and she’s excited

about this year’s convoy in Salisbury, New

Brunswick, on August 21. It will be the organization’s

10th annual event.

“We love to get on the streets, up close and

personal with the public,” she said. “We’re


proud that all of our staffing is volunteer. Less

than 10% of funds we raise go to any kind of

administrative costs, mostly advertising and the

website.” The website can be found at

Phillips credits her late father with instilling

in her the need to help others. “My father

was my hero,” she said. “He had a saying: ‘He

who serves most wins.’ I try to live up to his

example.” To do that, she says, “I strive to be

somebody worth following.”

In the trucking world, a part of that means

making every effort to be environmentally responsible.

“We should all do what we can to protect

Mother Earth,” she said. “I’m happy to know that

the trucks we drive at Jeramand actually clean

the air.” The company fleet is made up of green

International Pro-Star tractors. “We recycle all of

our waste oil for heat, and we use a cleaner for the

smoke from that,” she said.

Phillips takes pride in the fact that she, as a

Canadian, won the Member of the Month award.

“Treana won it last month, so that’s two Canadians

in a row,” she said, referring to Treana Moniz

of Bison Transport. “We’re tiny but mighty up

here in the North!”

Representing women in the industry is a source

of pride for Phillips as well. About WIT she says, “I

love the support and focus on promoting female

participation in the trucking industry. Females

contribute a balance. It’s a happier and healthier

industry with female involvement.”

And, if her leadership skills were applied to the

trucking industry? “One of the biggest concerns

for me is the overpopulated road systems,” she

said. “It would be nice to see assigned lanes for

trucks only.” She thinks designated truck lanes

in urban areas would create more safety and efficiency

than the HOV lanes employed by many

cities. “I’d also like to see more education for the

general public on creating

more space around trucks,”

she said.

Whether she’s competing

in international athletics,

pursuing a university degree,

providing leadership to corporations

and charitable organizations

or piloting a tractor

trailer across North America,

Jo-Anne Phillips is driven by

a simple thought, “How can

I make the world today better

than it used to be?” She’s

leaving her mark on that

world and on the trucking industry

she loves.

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violations in the past 3 years.


Independent Contractor


August 2019

Starsky Robotics runs

18-wheeler on Florida

Turnpike; no human on


It the race to develop autonomous truck

technology, Starsky Robotics separated itself

from the pack June 16, when the company ran

one of its automated 18-wheelers on a 9.4-mile

stretch of the Florida Turnpike near Orlando

without a human being on board.

Instead, a safety driver sat at a console at the

company’s facility in Jacksonville, watching a

collection of monitors fed by the truck’s onboard

cameras. The console was equipped with a small

steering wheel and accelerator and brake pedals

with which he could perform last-mile and other


Now, whether the feat truly qualifies as

“autonomous,” “self-driving” or “driverless”

is a matter for the Word Police to decide and

competitors to argue over. By any name, the

company is chalking it up as a victory and a

major step in its long-term strategy.

Founded in 2016 in San Francisco, where

it is still based, by Stefan Seltz-Axmacher and

Kartik Tiwari, Starsky Robotics got its operating

authority in 2017. While developing driverless

technology, the company is also a traditional

carrier with about three dozen trucks operating

throughout the Lower 48.

Meanwhile, Starsky has been conducting

progressively ambitious experiments with

driverless technology. According to Seltz-

Axmacher, the company’s approach to driverless

technology is less about replacing humans

altogether but to create a system where the

machines can do what they do best and humans

can still do the parts of the job they do better than

the machines.

In this latest test, the remote driver maneuvered

the truck from its starting point at a rest stop and

onto the highway. He also ordered a lane change

and handled the last-mile maneuvering when it

was time to exit.

This turnpike test run, conducted in normal

driving conditions, is the latest in a series of

progressively more ambitious experiments. In

February 2018, Starsky successfully ran one

of its trucks at low speed along a 7-mile stretch

of closed road in Southern Florida. In May this

year, they operated a truck at a sustained 55 mph

on a closed portion of the Selmon Expressway

near Tampa. In interviews, Seltz-Axmacher has

said that 55 mph is the intended highway speed

at which Starsky will run its automated trucks


Earlier in June, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

signed a bill into law allowing commercial

vehicles to operate on public roads without the

presence of human drivers on board. The new

law replaces a law enacted in 2012 that required

a human driver on board vehicle operating on

public property for any reason other than testing.

The law goes into effect July 1.

Starsky’s goal is to have 20-25 driverless

trucks operating commercially in 2020, training

traditional drivers to be teleoperators.


Independent Contractor


Drivewyze expands weight

station bypass service

with 4 new locations in


Drivewyze has expanded its weigh station

bypass service with four new locations in


The new sites are part of a 12-month pilot

program that will allow data to be gathered to

demonstrate the effectiveness of weigh station

bypass, while providing bypass opportunities

for Drivewyze customers.

The sites, south and northbound on Interstate

83 in Newberry (York County), and south

and northbound on I-79 near Hadley (Mercer

County), represent the major arteries for truck

traffic in Pennsylvania. I-83 is a major lane

from the south up to the New England states,

while I-79 is a major thoroughfare for truckers

coming down from Ontario to go through

Pennsylvania for southern-bound deliveries.

According to Brian Heath, president

and CEO of Drivewyze, the activation of

the Pennsylvania bypass program gives

Drivewyze equipped carriers with continuing

service from the bordering states of Maryland,

West Virginia and New York.

“With I-83 and I-79 being main passageways,

customers with top safety scores will have

the opportunity to get bypass service through

several states,” Heath said. “This then allows

law enforcement to concentrate its inspection

efforts on at-risk carriers. We all want unsafe

trucks off the road, along with a more efficient

transportation system. By working together

with the agencies in Pennsylvania we can help

accomplish this goal.”

With the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station

bypass service on their Drivewyze-enabled

electronic logging devices, telematics devices,

smartphones and tablets, customers can now

receive bypass opportunities at more than 800

locations, in 45 states and provinces.

The Drivewyze PreClear weigh station

bypass application is available on a

number of Drivewyze partner platforms,

including ISAAC Systems, Omnitracs,

Orbcomm, Platform Science, Rand McNally,

Switchboard, Transflo, and Trimble. The

application is also available for drivers

to download on Android and iOS-based

smartphones or tablets.

Fleets can request a free weigh station

activity report to help them determine how

much time and money they could save by

using Drivewyze PreClear.

Drivewyze comes with a free Weigh Station

Heads-Up service for real-time notifications at

more than 1,200 weigh stations and inspection

sites nationwide, and Drivewyze subscribed

fleets also receive the valuable Insights Safety

Reporting service.

To learn more about Drivewyze, please





Kenworth T880S with a set-forward

axle available for order with


The Kenworth T880S with a set-forward

front axle is now available for order with

Kenworth’s 52-inch and 76-inch mid-roof


The T880S sleeper configurations are

focused on heavy haul and severe highway

applications where ruggedness is especially


The two sleeper options enable the T880S

to meet both overall combination length and

weight distribution needs, and are applicable

for both Canadian and U.S. markets,

according to Kurt Swihart, Kenworth

marketing director.

Kenworth’s 76-inch mid-roof sleeper can

be ordered with either the optional back wall

storage system or folding upper bunk.

The optional Kenworth Idle Management

System provides a factory-installed, batterybased

auxiliary power unit (APU). A

premium sound system and flat screen TV

mount are among other options that provide

further driver comfort and satisfaction.

The Kenworth 52-inch mid-roof sleeper

is a welcome sanctuary when the schedule

requires a short layover. The sleeper features

a liftable lower bunk and upper storage units

on the sleeper’s back wall, including hanging

storage for clothes and jackets. A bunk heater,

flat screen TV, premium sound system and

factory-installed inverter with optional shore

power are available for additional comfort.

The many driver comfort amenities help

give the Kenworth T680’s 52-inch mid-size

sleeper the feel of a larger sleeper.

Swihart said both sleepers provide

excellent interior height clearance, enabling

a driver or passenger up to 6-foot-4 to easily

stand up between the seats. Specifying the

180-degree optional passenger swivel seat

further expands the living space and enables

the driver to use both the cab and the sleeper

as a comfortable space for relaxation – when

not driving.

“Our high-quality sleeper options for the

T880S provides customers with an additional

opportunity for enhanced driver comfort in

their efforts for cost-effective operations and

increased driver retention and recruitment,”

Swihart said.

The T880S is offered with a set-forward

front axle ranging from 14,600 pounds to

22,800 pounds, and is standard with the

PACCAR MX-13 engine with up to 510 hp

and 1,850 lb-ft of torque. For weight-sensitive

applications, the 10.8-liter PACCAR MX-

11 engine is 400 pounds lighter than larger

displacement engines, and provides up to

430-hp and 1,650 lb-ft of torque.

For more information, visit




Rand McNally Releases 2020 Motor

Carriers’ Road Atlas

One of the best parts of summer is the

succession of in-season favorites: strawberry

season, blueberry season, watermelon season,

cherry season, apple season.

It may not be mouthwatering, but

professional truck drivers always look

forward to the first day of summer, because

it’s right around then that Rand McNally

released updated editions of the guide that has

been helping them navigate North America

for decades, Rand McNally’s Motor Carriers’

Road Atlas.

The 2020 edition of the atlas – available

in paperback, and a version with laminated

pages and a spiral binding – was released

June 18, and are available at travel centers,

in bookstores on e-commerce stores, or you

can pick them right off the tree, so to speak, at

Rand McNally’s online store, at https://store.

Despite all the technological innovations

over the years designed to

help drivers find their way,

professionals still like to keep

an updated printed edition

on hand to provide the big

picture and a fail-safe backup

for truck-accessible routing,

state trucking regulations,

and cross-country tolling


“The Motor Carriers’ Road

Atlas is an essential item that

drivers keep in their truck

cabs,” said Stephen Fletcher,

CEO of Rand McNally, in

a press release. “Although

Rand McNally provides

advanced fleet management

and logistics technology, it’s also critical to

our customers that we provide updated and

upgraded atlases each year.”

This year’s atlases include:

• Revised U.S. state and Canadian province


• Updated restricted routes, low-clearance,

and weigh station locations

• An updated fuel tax chart, as well as revised

state and province information including

weight and size limitations, registration

guidelines, and phone numbers and websites

for state police and operating authorities

• Hotlines for road construction and


• Updated toll-system contact information

for each state, and

• An updated review of Hazmat regulations.

In addition, the atlases feature fresh new

covers that celebrate the truck and the open





Navistar to make capital

investments of some $125M in

Huntsville, Ala., plant

Navistar, a maker of commercial trucks and

buses, has decided to make capital investments

of approximately $125 million in new and

expanded manufacturing facilities in the state

of Alabama, the company said recently.

The investment will bring 145 additional

jobs to the company’s Huntsville facility.

The company, which already manufactures

International brand diesel engines at the plant,

plans to make the new investments over the

next three years.

Its intent is to produce next-generation bigbore

powertrains developed with its global

alliance partner TRATON, formerly known as

Volkswagen Truck & Bus AG.

“Over the last two decades, the state of

Alabama has been a wonderful partner for

Navistar as we have developed and produced

big-bore engines and other products in

the state,” said Persio Lisboa, Navistar’s

executive vice president and chief operating

officer. “Today, we are excited to have

the opportunity to expand our presence in

Alabama, while adding to our array of nextgeneration


The principal engine currently built at

Navistar’s Huntsville plant is the International

A26, a 12.4 liter big-bore engine that is

offered in Class 8 on-highway trucks such

as the International LT Series and RH Series,

as well as in vocational trucks such as the

International® HV Series and HX® Series.

“Navistar has been a longstanding corporate

partner in our community and we are glad to

see the company continues to see

Huntsville as a strategic part of their

growth strategy,” said Huntsville

Mayor Tommy Battle. “We welcome

the new production component to

Navistar’s manufacturing operations

and look forward to a successful


Navistar International Corp. is a

holding company whose subsidiaries

and affiliates produce International

brand commercial and military

trucks, proprietary diesel engines,

and IC Bus brand school and

commercial buses. An affiliate also

provides truck and diesel engine

service parts. Another affiliate offers

financing services.

Additional information is available






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Celadon Carolina's .............................10

Elite Carriers .................30

Clark Transportation....................16

3, 25

Coal Celadon City .......................... Cob .........................17 21, 32


Coal City Cob.........................17

Dart Containerport.........................10


Fed Dart EX ................................19

Custom Critical..................11

PI&I Fed EX ................................20

Custom Critical 11, 31

Star Payne Freight ..............................15

2, 9, 28

TBS PI&I ...............................25


Trans Progressive Stewart ...........................8


UPS Sherwin ............................... Williams ......................29 6-7

Star Freight ........................ 9, 27

Summit ..............................4

Trans Stewart ........................13

UPS ................................6-7

Sherwin Janco ............................ Williams ......................26 2, 22

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• Grand Prize winner and their pet will

be featured in a full-page TBS ad.

• Contest runs July 1 - September 30

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No purchase necessary, this contest is open to anyone in the United States of America that is over the age of 18 and

submits a completed entry and agrees to the terms and conditions as listed on The

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