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Put Your Heart

Do you write from an idea?

Do you write from a title?

Or do you just write what you


You can do all three... You can

write what you feel about an

idea from a title... And so

many hit songs have been

written like that... But ask

yourself... The ones that hit

you in the heart, how where

they written?

Usually it was someone who

sat down with pen and paper

and maybe a guitar or piano

and the ‘Words’ came to

them... Sure maybe they

tweaked it afterwards... Or

maybe a co-writer looking

from another angle saw a way

to make it "better"... But the

essence of the song that hits

someone's heart is what

makes it powerful .. and what

is that? It's what YOUR heart


Most writers will tell you their

best songs came together in

the shortest time... Yes most if

not all songs need crafting to

reach their potential... But if

you can just let go and let the

song write itself and just get

out the way of the song then

your heart can shine


Freddie was right, he was

always honest and true and

because of that anyone could

feel what he wrote and find

something of themselves in

there too... And like he says,

"if you see it , it's there" why?

Because it's the heart you are

seeing, regardless of the

meaning it's the feeling that

you are translating...

So... Make sure that while you

agonise over the words you

choose and the melodies you

write in your song craft, prioritise

the heart and the emotion...

Remember, you rarely remember

everything someone

does... and often forget what

they say... But... You always

remember how they make you


Keep writing, stay creative

and always give your heart...

It's the only one in the world

quite like it

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