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Winds o

by The

Winds of Change

There’s a picture on your wall of a happy

little boy

Rosy cheeked and smiling as he holds his

favourite toy

Beaming at the camera unsure what’s

going on

All he knows in his young life is parents

love and fun

His bright eyes twinkle what do they see

Do they see the future or wonder what

will be

Small child playing on the sand holding a


Gust of wind pulls it from his grasp he

feels his life’s in ruins

Could anything be worse than that

What on earth could be worse than that


There’s a cold wind blowing and it’s coming


Doesn’t matter if you wrap up warm

Not a chance that you’ll escape the storm

Winds of change mean too much damage


Growing up you find how much your

vision starts to change

Watching through an adult’s eyes things

don’t look the same

Don’t you wish it was like when you were


Did you hope that what you saw would

come to pass

Looking back through twilight years only

brings you pain Winds of Change

The things you wish that you had done

haunt you yet again

Don’t blame yourself for what is not your


Don’t take the blame for what is not your



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