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The Village

f Change


I've chosen the title song from my current

album Winds of Change.

My initial inspiration for the song was an

old picture that my mum showed me of me

as a very young child holding a bouncy

ball. It was a photograph that was obviously

posed in a professional photographer's

studio. It set me thinking that if the picture

was not of me but of a random little

boy how did his life turn out.

I talk firstly about the innocence of fun and

childhood and then say that when everyone

grows up things change and not necessarily

for the better. Hence the lyric

hinting at a change by stating that "there is

a cold wind blowing, and it's coming way

too soon".

The spirit of Syd Barrett, Robyn Hitchcock

and Andy Partridge permeate the music of

pink sock wearing trilby hatted troubadour

Phil Matthews a.k.a. the Village. The

Village is a magical place for outsiders and


Phil has built up a following around the

Midlands live circuit in UK winning hearts

and minds with his performances.

Phil has written and performed with many

bands over the years and the Village is his

latest alter ego, with his music played on

hundreds of radio stations worldwide and

his album tracks streamed and downloaded

thousands of times, while Always

On Her Mind and Secret Garden from the

album Carnival of Fools have both enjoyed

lengthy spells at the top of the British folk

rock chart compiled by N1M.com, and currently

has 4 albums available.




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