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Colin B Leonard

er City

work full time in the funeral industry and for

the Merseyside and Sefton Police Service

carrying out duties for the coroner. My latest

novel, ‘The Case of the Incessant Jack

the Ripper’ is derived from actual crime

scenes attended. The modern day murders

within the novel have been compiled from

many to ensure anonymity of any actual


My venture into the world of lyric writing

arrived when singer/songwriter and former

co-worker Joe Rogerson requested of me to

write him lyrics about the city of Liverpool.

Joe (who hails from Jersey) wanted a song

which would pay his respects to the city

which he now calls home.

The lyrics were written and accepted within

an thirty minutes one sunny workday afternoon.

Some tweaking was required to fit

words to music, however, the final song was

what a song about a city should be, historical,

harmonious and a reflection of the

heart. Joe put music to the words which far

outweighed the music in my head to which I

wrote the lyrics.

Since that day I have written over eighty

song lyrics for Joe, although due to his work

and family commitments most remain only

words on paper. Therefore, should any budding

musician wish to have lyrics to put to

music you are more than welcome. Most

lyrics I can relay the thought of the music

(humming or worse my singing voice), as

with The River City, with which I wrote the



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