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Music For The H

A New Platform For Musician

Iset up Music for The Head and Heart – www.musicfortheheadandheart.buzz

as a platform, as a collective

voice for artists and performers who have a

love of music. The purpose of Music for The Head and

Heart brings together lovers of music from all over the

world to share ideas and engage in collective music

exploration and collaboration.

There are different ingredients in this platform –

Artist Video

Artists are invited to the platform to talk about their

love of music, experiences and creative process. This

is done in a very relaxed manner and we film a series

of short video clips of discussion followed by a musical

performance. Those appearing on the platform can

then invite another artist to appear on MHH. These

videos are rolled out in blocks each year and showcase

a wonderful variety of creative expression, ie

“Music for The Head and Heart”. We already have 20

artists recorded for the platform from all over the

globe from all different musical styles. These include

seasoned award-winning songwriters to up and coming

new artists.


All videos on the main site are transcribed into articles,

and the site also features articles on different

aspects of musical creation and the “music business”.

We also welcome articles to inspire, provoke and create

musical discussion. The purpose of MHH is to

share the collective love of music and how different

music can connect us in different ways. This also

means musical education and reflections on how

music can be used as a powerful tool to show how

connected we all truly are on this planet

Live MHH Performances and the launch in Leeds Oct



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