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Did You Find Jesus In Nashville?

Did You Find Jesus In


verse one

Did You Wonder down the highway,

amongst darkness and despair?

Thinking there was no one to light a

lamp for you there.

You looked in that whiskey bottle, did it

make you so blind?

When you reach rock bottom it's really

hard to find.


Amongst the music and the honky


Did you roll to the bottom of the hill?

Or did you find the sunshine,

And find Jesus in Nashville?



Verse two

Did you find some kindness and laughter

on your way?

Or were you spurned by others almost


Did you pick up the old bible, you found

dusty on the shelf

Make something of what was missing

from yourself?


Did you find the church tat fed ya in the


Who made you feel good about yourself,

pick you up when your down?

Did you go to the church where the

cowboys go?

Or Baptist or Nazarine there are much

more you know.

Chorus x2

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