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ain't no party, this ain't no

disco/This ain't no fooling

around” and ends “I ain’t got

time for that now.” But the third

line shifts from “No time for

dancing, or lovey dovey,” to the

deliciously evocative (for those

who knew New York in the ‘80s)

“This ain't no Mudd Club, or

C.B.G.B.,” and then to “I'd like to

hold you, I'd love to kiss you.”

Before the final instance, there

are four lines that follow the

chords and melody of the chorus

but have entirely different

lyrics—therefore serving almost

as a bridge, which the song otherwise

lacks. In other words, it’s

always good to be aware of the

rules and it’s generally best to

follow them. But when it makes

sense to you, go ahead and

change the pre-chorus or the

chorus--because you can do

what you want. It’s your song!

Happy SongwR x iting

The Lyrics Doctor


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