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Trevor Dimoff

Professional Studio Recording

The advantage to a professional studio is the

quality of the final recording. It’s difficult to

create a commercial quality recording without

a professional studio recording or professional

mixing and mastering.

The disadvantage is price... costs include: studio

time, a recording engineer (who records

the song), a mixing engineer (who mixes all

tracks together) and mastering engineer (who

puts finishing touches on the final mix to make

it ready for radio). In addition, it’s common to

hire professional studio musicians who play

and sing the parts on the recording.

Your Next Step

Think about your songwriting goals and your

lyric writing skills. What can you offer to a

potential co-writer?

What skills do you need in a co-writing partner?

What are your goals for your songs?

Now it’s time to start actively looking for cowriters

to work with….

If you are learning how to write the music for

your songs, you can find out more about the

necessary skills and ways to learn them here:


Trevor Dimoff is a songwriter and songwriting

teacher at:


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