Fathers Day Catalogue 2019



19th August to 1st September 2019

Snapshots from the past, a collage

of experiences. Big hair was in, cars

were less complicated and the phone

was at home and easily ignored.

Telly was black and white, at midnight

‘God save the Queen’ signaled the

end of viewing and during the day,

test pattern screened so often that

the kids had no choice but to switch

off and go outside and play.

Most of our dads frequented the

local, a place where they caught

up with mates. Sunday sessions

were the highlight of the week, 4pm to 7pm. Three hours of social joy. It was less

complicated. Dad had more hair and less body mass, less money but more leisure

time, less restrictions meant more freedom.

Then you came along...

Dad humour is unique.

You won’t hear him

express the same comical

genius around

his work collegues

or mates. No... dad has

a whole sub catagory

of funnies just for you.

Tell us your best (or worst)

dad joke on facebook and you could WIN one of everything that is advertised in this

fine publication. Make us laugh or make us cry...

go to facebook.com/liquorbarons

James Bond comes across the chicken crossing the road.

He says to it “Names bond... James Bond”

The Chicken looks up at him and says,

“Names Ken... Chic-Ken”



Introducing Pure Blonde

Organic Lager and Cider.

Great tasting, full flavored

and certified organic.

Pure Blonde Organic Lager

330ml stubbies

$46 99



Pure Blonde Organic Cider

355ml stubbies

$46 99



“I grew up in the Perth Hills playing rugby on the

weekends for the Kalamunda Rugby Club. We were

quite good, once we even beat the Navy’s team. Down

the track I got a FIFO job with a drilling company.

Those days we would do 8 or 12 weeks away at a

time. It was always good to come home. Nothing like

a cold beer, watching the game with the woman you

love, then of course along came the first of our two.”

Bernard - Liquor Barons Claremont

Selected Stores

Feral Hop Hog

375ml cans

$16 99

4 pack

Feral Biggie Juice

375ml cans

$18 99

4 pack

Balter Captain Sensible

375ml cans

$14 99

4 pack

Balter Strong Pale Ale

375ml cans

$19 99

4 pack

Members purchase any Otherside beer and go

into the draw to become a “Beer Tycoon” - Own

a bit of a Brewery. The perfect prize for anybody

who does not own a Brewery!


Harvest Ale 375ml

$17 99


4 pack


Festive Ale 375ml

$49 99


16 pack

Little Creatures Roger’s

355ml stubbies

$49 99


Little Creatures Elsie

355ml stubbies

$54 99



A single-focused side project driven by the Gage

Roads Brewing Co brewing team, exploring the

world of hop-driven ales.

$14 99

Pirate Life Port Local

355ml cans

4 pack

Atomic Pale Ale

330ml stubbies

$54 99



Atomic IPA

330ml cans

$21 99

6 pack

“I loved the footy and basketball, in fact I

met Karen at a basketball game. Back then

I drank Swan Gold a light beer which is no

longer made, very occasionally I drank Emu

Export. A cold beer and watching sport kind

of go hand in hand, I guess that’s one thing

that hasn’t changed much over the years. My

boys will attest to that.”

Chris - Liquor Barons Greenwood

Members purchase any

4 Pines beer and go into

the draw to win a 4 Pines

experience for you and your

dad in Sydney including

flights, accommodation,

brewery tour and SCG tour.

4 Pines Pale Ale

330ml stubbies

$19 99

6 pack

Nail Brewing MVP

375ml cans

$14 99 4 pack


Selected Stores

“What a couple of suave young men, I’m on the

right. My mate’s serious look is the result of me

ribbing him that he should have lifted his game,

and had a shave and a hair cut.

There was no way he’d pick up that evening,

but with my charm and slick good looks I was

sure to score!

To be fair it was my wedding day.”

Kim - Liquor Barons Lesmurdie

Coopers XPA

375ml cans

$18 99

6 pack


Coopers Pale Ale

375ml stubbies

$47 99


$49 carton

James Squire

150 lashes or Swindler 345ml 99

stubbies 24’s



375ml stubbies 99



Great Northern Super Crisp

330ml stubbies 24’s

$44 99



$54 99

Great Northern Original

375ml cans 30’s


Asahi Super Dry

330ml stubbies 99



Hahn Super Dry 3.5

330ml stubbies

$41 99



Hahn Super Dry

330ml stubbies

$44 99



Catching Thieves

Range Wines

2 for $20


SBS & Cab Merlot

$12 99


Hay Shed Hill

SBS & Cab Merlot

$16 99



Tinta Rouge

$18 99


“This picture was taken back in the 90’s.

The bike was a competition prize and not

a bad one for way back then. We took

the shot out the front of the store, Emu

Export brand strong in the background.

No prizes for guessing what I drank in the


Jeff - Liquor Barons Kenwick

West Cape Howe

SSB & Cab Merlot

$14 99


Credaro 5 Tales

Chard & Cab Sauv

$16 99



LTC Sauv Blanc Semillon

$29 99


“So here I am, slighty daunted with Catwoman from the original Batman TV series.

Australia welcomed Eartha Kitt despite her being blacklisted in her home country

for making anti war sentiments at a 1968 White House function. Kitt was asked

by President Lyndon B Johnson’s wife (Lady Bird Johnson) her thoughts on the

Vietnam War, to which she replied “You send the best of this country off to be shot

and maimed.” The first lady fled the dinner in tears. The night of this photograph I

was working security, quite a responsibility really.”

Names Spagnolo... Lou Spagnolo

Lou - Liquor Barons Carlisle

Houghton was established in 1836 and is

one of Australia’s oldest operating wineries.

The Swan Valley site’s colourful history

includes tales of pioneer Scots, bandits, and

generations of winemaking craftsmanship.

Houghton’s wines have graced many

a table, past and present.



top 100 reds

2019 best value over all


Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

2 for $25


Limited stock of

2018 Shiraz

Members purchase

any Oakover wine and

go into the draw to

win a $100 Oakover

Grounds Restaurant


Members purchase any Wise

wine and and go into the draw to

win a nights accommodation at

the Wise Barn and 2 magnums

of Wise Leaf Cabernet.


Sea Urchin Wines

2 for $25


White Label SBS & Cab Merlot

2 for $20

Deep Woods Estate

SB, Chard & Shiraz et al

$16 99



Three Lions SB & Shiraz

$17 99






$19 99


St Hugo

Cab Sauv, GSM & Shiraz Cabernet

$39 99



Shiraz & Cabernet

$19 99


“Back then it was all football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars. A coldie

with the mates after the game brought a glow to the face of this true blue, dinki di

aussie from West Oz.The ole FJ Holden is an icon of Australian motoring history,

kind of wished I’d garaged it, I would love to take it for a spin these days. I’m a wine

drinker now, really wine just seems that little bit more sophisticated.”

Geoff - Liquor Barons Swanbourne




Y Series Wines

2 for $20


Moppa Shiraz

$24 99


Selected Stores


Black Label Wines

2 for $16

Tempus Two

Varietal SSB, Cab Merlot & Sparkling

2 for $25



$19 99


Oyster Bay

NZ Merlot

$16 99


“Beer was my drink of choice. I think that’s

what most young blokes drank back then

and I believe it’s still that way today. My taste

has changed a bit over the years and I don’t

mind a good wine, but I think I’ll always enjoy

a cold beer.”

John - Liquor Barons Hillarys

Jacob’s Creek

Classic Wines

2 for $15

Jacob’s Creek

Double Barrel Cab Sauv & Shiraz

$19 99



Club Tawney

$13 99


“We loved our cars, so many

have become cult classics. The

Gerneral Lee Charger from the

‘Dukes of Hazard’, the DeLorean

from ‘Back to the Future’ and Kitt

a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from

the TV show Knight Rider with

non-other than the Hoff. It’s 1991

and I’m sporting a 1989 Chevrolet

Corvette. We still love our cars.”

Hardys CHAR NO.3 is a range of bold rich

reds, aged in charred oak barrels. Charred

barrels impart distinct characteristics and a

deep complexity to the wine.

Lindsay - Liquor Barons Bunbury

Members purchase a bottle

of Hardys Char No.3 and go

into the draw to win a $1000

Rockpool dining voucher

plus 10 runners up prizes of

6 bottles of Hardys Char No.3

Hardys Char No.3

Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon

$19 99


Members purchase

a bottle of Pommery

Champagne and go

into the draw to win a

Magnum of Pommery

Brut Royal.


Brut Royal Champagne

$59 99


Grant Burge

Petite Bubbles Sparkling

King Valley Prosecco

de Bortoli

$14 99 $14 99



Dunes & Greene


$12 99



Bourbon Whisky

$39 99




$69 99



Botanical Gin

$59 99


Chivas Regal

12YO Scotch Whisky

$45 99


Selected Stores

Selected Stores

Maker’s Mark

Bourbon Whisky

$44 99


Sailor Jerry

Spiced Rum

$42 99


Maker’s 46

Bourbon Whisky

$84 99


Chivas Regal

Extra Scotch Whisky

$54 99


Chivas Regal

XV Scotch Whisky

$74 99


Chivas Regal

18YO Scotch Whisky

$89 99


“I traveled in my 20’s, the hat says it all. It was my uncle’s hat

that I acquired whilst visiting him in Austria. I wore it everywhere

while I was there, like they say ‘when in Rome’.

Like most young men I enjoyed a beer, but truth be known on

quiet occasions nothing beats a fine scotch. To this day I am

partial to a wee dram.

Ben - Liquor Barons Mt Hawthorn

Selected Stores

Selected Stores


Original Scotch Whisky

$69 99



12 YO Scotch Whisky

$59 99



12YO Scotch Whisky

$69 99


Selected Stores


Malt Master Scotch Whisky

$54 99


The Balvenie

12 YO Scotch Whisky

$89 99


WINto win

Members purchase Copper Dog or

Roe & Co whisky to go into the draw

a Breville juicer.


Copper Dog

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

$49 99



Members purchase any

Wild Turkey product and

go into the draw to win a

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep

Display Plinth including a

bottle of 17YO, Decades

and 1894.


Selected Stores

Roe & Co

Irish Whiskey

$64 99


Wild Turkey

American Honey

$39 99


Wild Turkey

86.8 Bourbon

$42 99


Wild Turkey

101 Bourbon

$56 99


Wild Turkey


$54 99


1 litre

Gentleman Jack

Tennessee Whiskey

$54 99


Jack Daniel’s

No.7 Whiskey

$62 99


Members purchase any Jack Daniel’s

product and go into the draw to win

one of 50 Jack Daniel’s bar fridges.

“I had the whole Patrick Swayze thing going on back then, the tight

jeans really helped me reach middle C when the band got together.

Surprising I sired any children really. Music was a big part of my

youth, any blues man will tell you a good bourbon on the rocks gets

the roll.

Becoming a father certainly had a massive impact on my performing

or lack there off. The band still gets together once in a while but I

don’t think we’ll ever make the cover of Rolling Stone.”

Tony - Liquor Barons Melville

Selected Stores

Selected Stores

Jack Daniel’s

Single Barrel Whiskey

$89 99


Jack Daniel’s

Gold Tennessee Whiskey

$144 99


Liquor Barons Albany

557 Albany Highway

P: 08 9841 1838

Liquor Barons Bull Creek

Parry Place Shopping Centre, 110 Parry Ave

P: 08 9332 8612

Liquor Barons Forrestfield

64 Hale Road

P: 08 9453 2500

Liquor Barons Leederville

256 Oxford Street

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Liquor Barons Perth City

847 Wellington Street, West Perth

P: 08 9321 7423

Liquor Barons Applecross

916 Canning Highway

P: 08 9316 3143

Liquor Barons Bunbury

Cnr Victoria & Wellington Street

P: 08 9721 4533

Liquor Barons Geraldton

19 Gregory Street

P: 08 9921 3700

Liquor Barons Lesmurdie

Lesmurdie Village, Sanderson Rd

P: 08 9291 6217

Liquor Barons Port Hedland

23 Anderson St

P: 08 9173 2445

Liquor Barons Armadale

142 Jull Street

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Liquor Barons Carlisle

88 Bishopgate Street

P: 08 9361 1335

Liquor Barons Green Head

3 Green Head Road

P: 08 9953 1040

Liquor Barons Marmion

Shop 16, 19 Sheppard Way

P: 08 9447 8438

Liquor Barons Port Mandurah

5 -10 Old Coast Road, Halls Head

P: 08 9581 2100

Liquor Barons Bayswater

397 Guildford Road

P: 08 9272 2002

Liquor Barons Claremont

12 Ashton Avenue

P: 08 9384 6458

Liquor Barons Greenwood

Greenwood Village, Calectasia St

P: 08 9447 6413

Liquor Barons Melville

348 Marmion Street

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Liquor Barons Seascapes Mandurah

141 Boardwalk Boulevard

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Liquor Barons Beaconsfield

226 South Street

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Liquor Barons Connolly

Country Club Boulevard

P: 08 9300 1400

Liquor Barons Hamilton Hill

330 Carrington Street

P: 08 9337 3011

Liquor Barons Morley

158 Wellington Road

P: 08 9276 1911

Liquor Barons South Perth Angelo St

82B Angelo Street

P: 08 9367 1103

Liquor Barons Boddington

29 Bannister Rd, Boddington

P: 08 9883 8061

Liquor Barons Cowaramup

9 Bussell Highway

P: 08 9755 5501

Liquor Barons Herdsman

Shop 5, 1 Flynn Street

P: 08 9387 4222

Liquor Barons Mosman Park

2A Stuart Street

P: 08 9384 2804

Liquor Barons Farmer Jacks Subiaco

Crossways Shopping Ctr - Cnr Bagot &

Rokeby Roads P: 08 9381 3845

Liquor Barons Boyanup

Lot 17, South Western Highway

P: 08 9731 5781

Liquor Barons Duncraig

8 Burragah Way

P: 08 9243 6681

Liquor Barons Hillarys

Shop 17B, 110 Flinders Avenue

P: 08 9401 2999

Liquor Barons Mt Hawthorn

27 Green Street

P: 08 9444 2097

Liquor Barons Swanbourne

103 Claremont Crescent

P: 08 9384 2111

Liquor Barons Boyup Brook

74 Abel Street

P: 08 9765 1297

Liquor Barons East Fremantle

48 George Street

P: 08 9339 3037

Liquor Barons Jolimont

24 Cardigan Terrace

P: 08 9387 3226

Liquor Barons Narrogin

42 Egerton Street

P: 08 9881 1244

Liquor Barons Wembley Downs

11 Bournemouth Crescent

P: 08 9245 2484

Liquor Barons Brentwood

72 Cranford Avenue

P: 08 9364 8711

Liquor Barons Eaton

1 Pratt Road

P: 08 9725 2592

Liquor Barons Kalgoorlie

Lot 776 Maguire Street

P: 08 9021 2799

Liquor Barons Nedlands

Broadway Fair, 88 Broadway

P: 08 9386 6093

Liquor Barons Willetton

Shop 6, 61 Apsley Road Willetton

P: 08 6363 5488

Liquor Barons Bridgetown

157 Hampton Street

P: 08 9761 1034

Liquor Barons Ellenbrook

20 Sunray Circle

P: 08 9297 1083

Liquor Barons Karridale

12440 Bussell Highway

P: 08 9758 5523

Liquor Barons Northam

117 Fitzgerald Street

P: 08 9622 1120

Liquor Barons Windsor Cellars

112 Mill Point Road

P: 08 9474 6622

Liquor Barons Broome

12 Cable Beach Road

P: 08 9193 6066

Liquor Barons Esperance

95 Dempster Street

P: 08 9071 1854

Liquor Barons Kenwick

Cnr Kenwick & Belmont Roads

P: 08 9459 1846

Liquor Barons Oakford

Cnr Thomas & Nicholson Roads

P: 08 9397 0079

Liquor Barons Wokalup

Lot 67, South Western Highway

P: 08 9729 3088

Liquor Barons Forrestdale

386 Nicholson Road

P: 08 9393 2302

Liquor Barons Kununurra

5 Cotton Tree Ave

P: 08 9168 1666

Liquor Barons Pemberton

Lot 1, 38 Brockman Road

P: 08 9776 1161

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19th August to 1st September 2019

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