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Admission 2020 - 2021



Admission 2020 - 2021


we are.

The Future Goes to Sandia Prep

At Sandia Prep, our students take meaningful risks

in a supportive community while learning who

they are and who they want to become.

“The education our daughter is receiving is top notch.

The curriculum is challenging, hands-on, and the

instructors are excellent. In addition to the focus on

academics, Prep also offers many sports and other

activities to keep kids engaged. Prep also has a

wonderful parent community. We love being involved

in a school that combines challenging academics

with athletics, arts, and activities wrapped in a loving

atmosphere that produces well-rounded young

adults.” - Michelle Lawrence, Parent

“I love how much I’ve excelled since the first day

I started at Prep.” - Liam Bazan, Class of 2025

Through a blend of contemporary and traditional

education, our students think creatively, critically,

and without limits. They grow in confidence and

resilience as they navigate the world.

“The teachers at Sandia Prep are some of the best

anywhere. Their level of enthusiasm, passion, and

dedication to their subjects lit a fire under me for

further and deeper exploration. I became a more

inquisitive person because of them.”

- Thomas Savage, Class of 2019

“There’s something absolutely gratifying about

helping young people grow and develop in their

march toward becoming sophisticated thinkers, and,

importantly, global citizens with expansive world

views. I enjoy watching the wheels turn.”

- Joan Goessl, English Department Chair

Our Mission The joy of learning and living is at the center of all we

do. Sandia Preparatory School provides remarkable opportunities

for intellectual and personal growth within a challenging and

balanced program. As an extension of our families, Sandia Prep's

diverse community inspires students to find their academic focus,

talents, and creativity.

Our Five A’s Academics • Arts • Athletics • Activities • Atmosphere

Sandia Prep cultivates each student’s passions, skills, creativity, and academic

development through our Five A’s. The goal: Strong leaders who are well-rounded

and know how to think critically.

“Our school size is

intentional. We know the

names of each student

on campus, and we are

able to get to know our

students extremely well.”

- Bill Sinfield,

Head of School

“What I appreciate most

about teaching at Prep

is that the faculty are

friendly and supportive,

and genuinely invested in

improving themselves as

teachers all the time.”

- Neal Holtschulte,

Calculus and Computer

Programming faculty






Named a top school in New

516 students in




Mexico, earning an A+ rating grades 6 - 12

7 - to - 1 15 students 100%

Not what

to think.

How to think.

Great minds don’t think alike. Keeping

teaching and learning fresh, engaging, and

relevant is a driving force behind Sandia Prep’s

expanding approach to education. And because

there’s no one-size-fits-all teaching style or

prescribed curriculum, Prep’s beloved faculty

members practice a wide variety of techniques.


Sandia Prep’s curriculum is ever-evolving to meet the

needs of students and future job markets. We know

our students learn best when they are engaged, so our

teaching is geared toward active learning, critical thinking,

and collaboration. Our courses are challenging, our

expectations high, and we are passionate about seeing all

of our students succeed.

A Sample of Courses

We offer a unique array of rigorous, honors level

courses that challenge and motivate.

Robotics • Physics 2 • Extreme Theater • Global Literature

Entrepreneurial Studies • Mechatronics • Spanish 5

Senior Capstone • Molecular Biology • Heritage Language Program

Western Civilization 2 (college credit course) • Broadcasting • Calculus 3

Signature Programs

Developing essential skills

and intellectual potential

through challenging

academic programs

“The engineering program

has allowed me to explore

my passion for engineering

and creativity through a

variety of projects,

from building bridges

to programming cars.”

- Ramona Delyser,

Class of 2022

The Odyssey Scholars Program

This two-year capstone program targets students who desire in-depth study in a particular academic or

artistic area, challenging them academically, intellectually, and creatively.

Distinguished Scholar (Certificate of Distinction)

Students choose to take additional classes in a specific area of study while maintaining a 3.5 grade

point average throughout their time in upper school. With these additional classes, students graduate

with 28+ credit hours and a Certificate of Distinction.

Engineering & Coding

Beginning in middle school and continuing through senior year, students build on a foundation of basic

engineering concepts and coding, progressing to mechatronics and more complex strings of code.

DareDevil Design

In Sandia Prep’s makerspace, students in grades 6-7 engage in creative, critical, and constructive

processes to develop products, ideas, and projects to help communities. DareDevils compete in

nationwide engineering challenges such as the Future City Competition and work with nonprofits such

as the Lantern Project.

"DareDevil Design allows me

to be creative and teaches

us how to work with others,

including our clients."

- Augie Braude,

Class of 2024

Entrepreneurial Studies

This senior course develops an entrepreneurial mindset and teaches problem-solving skills essential

to a student’s success in life. Students work with local entrepreneurs who present real-world business

problems. Working in teams, students devise original concepts for a business and pitch their solutions

“Shark Tank”-style to real investors.

Not extra,

but essential.

Extracurriculars are not an afterthought. Along with

a full academic life, your student will unlock his or her

potential by exploring arts, athletics, service learning,

outdoor leadership, and community building.


Guitar • Strings

Chorus • Jazz Band


Musical Theater • Drama

Technical Theater

Dance Company

Visual Arts

Photography • Painting

Sculpture • Ceramics

Drawing • Digital Film

Graphic Design


We offer an abundance

of performing and

visual arts at every

grade level, including a

comprehensive middle

school theater program.

From Dance to Jazz Band

and Clay to Photography,

we encourage students

to nourish their creativity

and to appreciate

their own and others’



Sandia Prep has a proud tradition of encouraging students to explore a wide variety of athletics

to learn life-long skills of fitness, teamwork, and leisure activities. More than 78 percent of our

students play on 54 teams in 22 sports. Under our “no-cut” philosophy, if a student attends

practices, that student is able to play on a team. Our inclusive program is led by a renowned

coaching staff that produces state champions - 53 titles and counting!

Beginning in Sixth Grade

Basketball • Cross Country • Dance • Flag Football

Soccer • Softball • Volleyball • Tennis • Track and Field • Golf

Beginning in Eighth Grade

Baseball • Bowling • Dance Team • Swim & Dive • Lacrosse • eSports

“Sports has been one of the most

important parts of my life ever since I

can remember. Prep gave me a chance

to start very young and compete to

be on varsity in eighth grade. All of

my coaches pushed me and my team

to be the best, but to also have fun. I

had so much fun maturing in my game

and leadership skills. I made so many

close friendships, learned so much, and

even won a couple of championships. I

learned hard work and teamwork from

sports, and will forever be grateful to

the Sandia Prep sports program for

letting me be a part of it.”

- Madison Hochrein, Class of 2017


From chess to our Outdoor Leadership Program, Medieval Times to mural painting, our Activity

period allows students to explore their talents and interests and even discover new ones. The

Activity period is built into our weekly schedule, with more than 30 activities offered each

quarter. Students can stick with a beloved activity all year or switch it up every nine weeks.

Activity opportunities include:

• Supercomputing

• SPACE (Sandia Prep’s Makerspace)

• Student Government

• Helping Hands Community Service

• Native American Sandia Prep Alliance

• Newspaper

• Gardening

• Robotics

• Ultimate Frisbee

• ACT Prep

• Mock Trial

• Model UN


• La Chispa Literary Magazine

• El Modelo Naciones Unidas

A Tradition of Service

More than 90% of students are

involved in Sandia Prep’s voluntary

Community Service program.

Through student-led projects, Sandia Prep

students discover the joy of service to

others while making a positive impact in

the community. By encouraging students

to serve, we hope to cultivate lifelong

leaders who will continue to make a

difference in their communities long after

they leave Prep.

Roadrunner Food Bank

Libros y Niños

Cuidando Los Niños

Tutoring at local elementary schools

Storehouse NM Food Bank

United Blood Services Drive

Zapatos Drive

Outdoor Leadership Program

Through Sandia Prep’s Outdoor Leadership Program

(OLP), students experience adventures that allow

them to know and appreciate the outdoors while

learning problem-solving, teamwork, planning,

and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

“The Outdoor Leadership Program is one of the biggest parts of

who I am. Trip after trip, I still found myself ecstatic about going to

a campground I’d been to four times already. The long car rides to

our destinations were filled with conversation and debate, and

I often found myself learning.” - Jonathan Armijo, Class of 2019

More than 23 OLP trips are offered

each year and are available at every

grade level. Upper school students

who become Camping Associates

work with faculty advisors to plan,

organize and lead trips for middle

schoolers. Prep parents are an integral

part of the OLP and are always

welcome on trips!

Skills Learned in OLP

Leadership Finding campsites

Planning Setting up tents

Problem-solving Tying knots

Teamwork Administering first aid

Communication Learning outdoor sports

Not just a

campus, but

a community.

Sure, we have a beautiful campus, but what

sets us apart is our true sense of community.

At this home away from home, your child will

thrive in a culture that promotes kindness,

collaboration, and character.


Excellent academics in a vibrant,

supportive and unpretentious

community: That’s what many parents

tell us attracted them to Prep. We

challenge students but want them to

feel confident enough to understand

that failure is a part of learning.

One facet of our strong foundation is

our advisory program. Our students

work closely with an advisor, a faculty

member who tracks their progress

and development. These advisors are

advocates with whom students can talk

about anything, from grades to goals

and from science to sports. Once a

week, advisory groups of 10 students

meet to share snacks, thoughts, ideas,

information, and community.

Culture of kindness

Frequent communication

with parents and guardians

Sixth-grade hub building

Secure, closed campus

Welcoming community

Grade-level retreats

Diverse student body

Advisory program

Full-time nurse

Certified mental health counselor

“As a parent who has two students

enrolled at Sandia Prep, I cannot

express enough how lucky we are.

Anyone who is involved as a parent

at Sandia Prep can feel the sense of

community from the very beginning.

I feel as though everyone cares about

the entire family, not just the students,

which is extraordinary. You know

that your kids are being challenged

academically, but Prep is a school

where they can thrive socially and

athletically as well. There are so many

options for everyone to get involved,

from the parents to the students, and

everyone is there with open arms to

help you through the middle school

and high school years. Thank you,

Sandia Prep! You have made a mark

on our lives forever!

- James Huron, Parent

We are fortunate to have individuals on campus

dedicated solely to the emotional, social, and

physical well-being of our students.

Social and Emotional Health

Physical Health

Sandia Prep makes kindness cool! We

were among the nation’s first schools,

and New Mexico’s only school, to join

Harvard University’s “Making Caring

Common” campaign. Our school

embodies the campaign’s mission of

teaching students to care about others

and the common good, treating people

well day to day, understanding and

seeking fairness and justice, and doing

what’s right.

Each grade level advisory explores social

and emotional learning on topics such as:

how to be an upstander when witnessing

incidents of bullying and harassment;

respecting and protecting yourself and

others; and in the upper grades, how

to balance emerging independence

and increasing responsibilities with a

joy for living and learning. Our wellness

initiatives are led by our Coordinator of

Health and Counseling.

With a combined 50 years of experience,

Prep’s registered pediatrics nurse and

athletic trainer both ensure that

students’ individual health care needs

are met while on campus.

Health care services include:

• Direct provision of nursing health

care services

• School staff instruction and

supervision in provision of care for

students with special health care needs

• Oversight for medication


• Emergency and injury care,

planning, and training

Our Campus

Many first-time visitors to our secure, 33-acre campus marvel

at how much there is to see. Our athletic, performing arts, and

visual arts facilities are second to none. From our Engineering

Fabrication and Coding Lab to our Makerspace, from our Center

for Learning Excellence to our newly renovated McCall Family

Theater, students have access to a wide range of top-notch

amenities. Contact us for a tour to see for yourself!

Sandia Prep has one of the safest campuses in the city. Our closed

campus is overseen by full-time security personnel who require

every visitor to be identified and badged. A recent security audit

gave Sandia Prep a superior rating.

Along with our Director of Security and full-time security officers,

an Albuquerque Police Department liaison visits our campus

several times a week and keeps us up to speed on best school

safety practices. We work hard to keep our students, faculty, staff,

and visitors protected and secure at all times so they can focus on

what matters most: teaching, learning, and participating.

Parent Involvement

Parents are integral members of the Sandia Prep

community, and we welcome their involvement at

every level. Whether you’re interested in getting a

sneak peek at your son’s interactions as you volunteer

on campus or you’d like to be a team parent for your

daughter’s track team, you’ll find yourself in good

company with inclusive, fun, and caring people.

Our Alumni

Once a Sundevil, always

a Sundevil! We have more

than 2,100 alumni living and

working around the globe.

Beginning in 9th grade, our

college counselors work oneon-one

with students and

their families to navigate the

complex process of planning

for and applying to college.

100% of our graduates are

accepted to four-year colleges

and universities. Once they

have their degrees and launch

into their careers, we love

hearing their success stories

and welcoming them back

onto our campus.

Raúl Torrez Class of 1995

Bernalillo County District Attorney

AB Government, Harvard University

MS International Political Economy, International Relations,

The London School of Economics and Political Science JD, Law,

Stanford University

Former federal prosecutor

Former senior adviser in President Obama’s Department of Justice

“As Bernalillo County’s District Attorney, I am constantly working to

improve public safety, while protecting our community. I consider my

Sandia Prep experience to be one of the first steps I took toward my

commitment to public service. As a Sundevil, I learned how to be a

leader while balancing a full workload. I continue to keep in contact

with many of my Prep teachers and friends. Sandia Prep was an

important part of my teen years.”

Laura Matzen Class of 1999

Sandia National Laboratories Cognitive Science Researcher

BA, Cognitive Science and Linguistics, Rice University

PhD, Cognitive Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“I look back very fondly at my time at Prep because I learned so much in

the classroom from wonderful, engaging teachers, and so much outside

of the classroom by participating in things like the Outdoor Leadership

Program. It was such a supportive environment, and I learned skills that I

still use every single day.”

Andrew Cordova Class of 2011

Global Risk Management, San Francisco

Bachelor’s Degree, History, Earned Distinction in Major, Yale University

“I’ve always appreciated that Prep taught me how to think: What does the

information tell us? What questions can I ask? How does it all fit together?

The skills I learned at Prep were the foundation for my success in college, and

they continue to benefit me professionally, working for a technology company

operating on a global scale.”

Ruquaya Quraishi Class of 2012

Clinical Pharmacy Resident, Children’s Hospital of Orange County

Pharm. D., University of New Mexico

“Securing a residency in California as an out-of-state candidate was a challenge.

I believe that I was able to match at a residency program that only had two

positions because Prep equipped me with an excellent foundation in leadership,

teamwork, and dedication. The thing I miss most about Prep are the amazing

teachers who cared so much about my growth while I was a student there;

I couldn’t have accomplished the things I have today if it wasn’t for them.”

Mandie Harms Class of 2004

Stage Manager, Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas

BS, Finance and Marketing, Oklahoma City University

“Because Prep supports student-led exploration, I was able to build the skills

necessary to create my career path. I learned how to recognize my own interests,

how to develop and pursue them, and how to find the mentors and support

I need to achieve my goals. I was taught the fundamentals of independent

learning and self-structured success while my own drive and ambitions were

bolstered by the Prep culture.”




American University

Babson College

Boston College

Brown University

University of California, Berkeley

Carnegie Mellon University

Colorado College

Colgate University

Dartmouth College

The George Washington University

Harvard University

Kenyon College

Macalester College

University of Michigan

New York University

Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences

Occidental College

Princeton University

Reed College

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rhode Island School of Design

University of Chicago

University of San Diego

Tufts University

United States Air Force Academy

United States Naval Academy

University of Washington

Yale University

The Independent School Advantage

Sandia Prep is accredited by the National Association

of Independent Schools (NAIS) and is a founding

member of the Independent Curriculum Group.

Independent schools are private, nonprofit schools that

serve students in pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle,

and/or high school. These schools are governed by

independent boards of trustees and each school has a

unique mission and culture.

Independence in the Truest Sense of the Word

Mission-driven education


High academic standards

Freedom to innovate in the development and delivery of curriculum

Provides an ethos and culture that is values-oriented

Small classes that allow for individual attention

Excellent teachers

Education for the whole child


A community of parents who actively participate in their children’s education

Graduates from independent schools are

more likely than other students to:

go to college

Nearly 100% of graduates

have higher average

SAT scores

finish college

on time

feel prepared

for college

of independent schools

NAIS students on average

77% of NAIS grads

In their first year of college,

that belong to the National

score 293 points higher

complete college on time,

NAIS grads are more likely to

Association of Independent

than other students.

compared to 64% of public

have learned to ask questions

Schools (NAIS) go to college.

school grads.

in class, integrate knowledge,

and support opinions with

logical arguments.

enjoy being challenged


76% of NAIS students say

attend a highly-ranked


NAIS grads are more than

have a path to success

for first-generational

and minority students

take part in

experiential learning

42% of NAIS graduates

their school work makes

three times as likely to attend

More than three-quarters

conducted research with

them curious to learn more

top ranked universities or

of NAIS minority graduates

a professor in college

(compared to 61% of public

liberal arts colleges than

(77%) graduated from college

(compared to 35% of public

school students).

graduates of other high

within four years, while 62% of

school graduates) and 42%


minority graduates from public

worked on a long-term

high schools did the same.

project (compared to 32%).

Sources: National Association of Independent Schools -

NAIS-Gallup Report on NAIS Graduates, Gallup, Inc

Hello from the Head

When I greet our students each day in the drop-off area with a handshake

and a “Good morning,” I’m reminded of why I am honored to work at Sandia

Prep. As I walk around campus, I am always struck by how welcoming and

kind our students are.

Sandia Prep is a one-of-a-kind place, and I have come to believe that student

and faculty engagement both define and differentiate our community. At Prep, a palpable sense

of enthusiasm underscores the day-to-day classroom experience. Students are appreciated as

individuals, and the journey through adolescence is prized as much as the destination.

The world into which our children will graduate is changing at a pace nearly impossible

to fathom. To prepare them, schools must cultivate intellect while nurturing the social and

emotional skills that go hand-in-glove with innovation. Sandia Prep students go on to serve

their communities and to excel in their chosen careers. They look back at Prep as the place that

encouraged their curiosity, allowed them to take risks, and challenged their intellect and work

ethic beyond what they once thought possible.

I am delighted that you are considering Sandia Prep for your child. It is my sincere hope that you

will join me on campus over the coming admission season to experience our remarkable school

for yourself.


Join us at Sandia Prep’s

Admission events especially

for prospective families!

Make sure to complete a pre-application

online for official invites and information.

Open House

Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

Meet the Teachers

Clinics & Workshops


Digital Film

Makerspace / Engineering

Theater & Dance


In-Session Campus Tours

Bill Sinfield, Head of School

Coffee with the Head of School

Application Process Tips

Start early.

It is often hard for parents to believe that the application process starts around

September for enrollment the following school year. The admission process has

multiple steps, and you will position your child better if you allow plenty of time

for your family to complete the application.

First Choice


Do your research ahead of time by talking to families who have

students at Prep.

Ask them about their children's learning or educational experience, and just as

importantly, their overall happiness. Are their children engaged, challenged, and

supported? What is the stress level like? What kind of athletic and extracurricular

activities will be available to your child? How are parents included in the school

community? Ask families to explain how the school supports academic and

personal growth at all grade levels.

Don't sweat the test.

We care more about school engagement and performance than just test scores.

Putting pressure on your child can create undue anxiety and hinder admission test


Applying for tuition assistance? Familiarize yourself with the process.

Sandia Prep offers tuition assistance for many income levels. In fact, 40% of our

current students receive tuition assistance. Investment in elementary, middle,

and high school prepares students for a lifetime of academic and career success.

Moreover, independent and private schools can provide expertise in securing

funding for college when the time comes.

All applicants are eligible for our First Choice Program,

an early decision privilege for any family who knows that

Sandia Prep is their first choice.

Why First Choice?

• Your child will be considered with a smaller pool of

applicants before the general pool.

• You will receive a decision much sooner, by early December.

• You will have peace of mind and be able to look forward to

the coming school year.

Questions? Ask our Admission Team for more information at or 505.338.3007.


Sandia Prep

Sandia Prep provides

tuition support across a

wide spectrum of incomes.


Tuition ($1,000 nonrefundable registration fee included) .......................... $22,840*

Tuition covers campus organizations, retreats, PE clothing, athletic and field trip buses, etc.

* Reflects 2019-2020 tuition; 2020-2021 tuition will be determined by the Board of Trustees in early 2020.

Applying for Tuition Assistance

Sandia Prep offers aid in the form of financial aid grants to families who demonstrate financial need. We

partner with School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS) in our financial aid process. The amount of each

grant varies, depending on the family’s need and our available resources. Families are required to file for

financial aid on an annual basis. Aid awards are typically similar from one year to the next unless a family’s

financial circumstances have changed. Budgetary constraints generally preclude significant increases to

awards and severely limit the School’s ability to offer awards to families who have not received financial aid

in prior years. Sandia Prep is unable to make an award until both the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS)

and required tax documents are received. Sandia Prep adheres to NAIS Principles of Good Practice that

protect the confidentiality of financial information provided by families. Applications and tax forms will be

reviewed and retained on a yearly basis.

DEADLINES VARY. See the submission deadlines below to make sure you get your application completed

on time. Late filing may jeopardize an award. Only online applications are accepted. Contact the

Admission Office if you need access to a computer, or are unable to afford the filing fee of $48.00. If

parents are divorced or separated, both parents must participate in the financial aid process by each

submitting a separate application directly to SSS – incomplete files will not be evaluated for assistance.

The tuition assistance application is available through School and Student Services at

Important Tuition Assistance Information

Sandia Prep SSS Code: 7079

First Choice Applicants: PFS and 2018 taxes due by November 25, 2019

General Pool Applicants: PFS and 2019 taxes due by February 21, 2020



Admission Checklist

To apply for the 2020 - 2021 school year,

please complete the following:

Admission Application

First Choice Program - Due November 18, 2019

General Pool - Due February 10, 2020

Apply online at ($65 application fee)

Admission Testing Dates

At Sandia Prep - November 16, January 11, February 8

Off-Campus - December 7, February 1

Then log into your Sandia Prep application account to:

Register for an admission test date

Tuition Assistance Application

First Choice Program - Due November 25, 2019

General Pool - Due February 21, 2020

Request records from your child’s school

Email teacher recommendation forms (available early November)

Admission Decision Notification

First Choice Program - Notified December 9, 2019

General Pool - Notified March 27, 2020

Schedule your child’s student interview (required)

Schedule your child’s student visit day (optional)

Enrollment Due

First Choice Program - Due January 15, 2020

General Pool - Due April 9, 2020

If applying for tuition assistance, submit completed tuition

assistance application at

We can’t wait

to meet you.

Sandia Preparatory School

532 Osuna Road NE

Albuquerque, NM 87113

Admission Office

p: 505.338.3007 • f: 505.212.0109

Laura Fitzpatrick

Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management

Patricia Snow

Assistant Director of Admission

Ashley Dzogola

Admission Coordinator

Ray Nelson

Admission Events Coordinator

f T

Follow us to see daily life at Sandia Prep


An independent college preparatory school for grades 6 - 12

532 Osuna Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113

505.338.3007 •

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