Kidney Matters - Issue 6, Summer 2019


Kidney Matters is our free quarterly magazine for everyone affected by kidney disease.  This issue includes another recipe for our Kidney Kitchen as well as articles about dialysis transport, UK Kidney week, conservative treatment, and an interview with a retiring dialysis nurse after 33 years. We know that being a kidney patient can be tough at times and that accessing the right help at the right time isn’t always easy. We’ve spent a great deal of time over the past year talking to kidney patients on dialysis, asking them what we can do to address this. The response was overwhelmingly ‘improved communication’ on what is going on in the kidney world and what is available to them in terms of support and how to access it.  Kidney Matters has been developed to tackle this as well as the many other issues kidney patients face in day-to-day life. Along with shared patient experiences, Kidney Matters provides on how to access emotional and practical support, financial assistance through our grant schemes, advice from leading kidney specialists and tips on how to keep as well as possible by eating a healthy diet whilst on dialysis.


I had to try and manage my phosphate, potassium and

fluid intake but relaxed it a little with big steaks on the

BBQ, occasionally, in the evenings.

We had a wonderful Christmas lunch; the first one away

from home in 62 years. Karen and Keith were amazingly

kind hosts. We visited so many places too numerous

to mention over the four-weeks. It was extremely hot,

some days reaching 42 degrees.

All good things come to an end and we spent the last

two days in Melbourne. After an emotional goodbye at

the airport, we headed home, with no delays this time.

I will never forget this holiday. Australia is a truly

stunning place, and dialysis was seamless. Go for it!

Everything is possible.

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