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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Standards Board

Community Standards Board

The Community Standards Board provides opportunities for

leadership and service in addition to developing lifelong skills in

facilitating and resolving conflicts, as well as promoting civility

and citizenship within the University community. Membership

is open to all Creighton students in good standing with the

University, via an application process.

The purpose of the board is to conduct hearings on alleged

infractions of University rules and provide appropriate outcomes

in matters involving non-academic matters where it is anticipated

that a student infraction may result in a warning or reprimand.

The hearing is not a formal process such as a civil or criminal trial

but an educational endeavor, which deals with alleged

behavioral misconduct.

Discipline is educational, and for that reason, formal rules of

evidence shall not apply in disciplinary hearings. In addition,

members of the board will function as a programming board for

the OCSW. As a programming entity, they will work to promote

the OCSW’s four pillars: integrity, dignity, community and


The Fraternity and Sorority Standards Board

may be granted authority to adjudicate specific

types of cases involving fraternity and sorority

organizations. The board is advised by the assistant

director for Fraternity and Sorority Life and the

assistant director of the Office of Community

Standards and Wellbeing.

For hearings, quorum will consist of five voting

members with representatives from Panhellenic

Council chapters, Interfraternity Council chapters,

and representatives from multicultural Greek

organizations (only if applications are received

from these organizations), the vice president

of judicial affairs for the Interfraternity Council,

and the vice president of judicial affairs for the

Panhellenic Council. The board may hear certain

disciplinary cases involving fraternity and sorority

organizations at the request of the advisor(s) and

with the approval of the senior director of the Office

of Community Standards and Wellbeing in lieu of a

private decision.

Peer Education at Creighton (PEAC)

The mission of PEAC is to promote healthy living

and responsible decision-making among Creighton

students by providing preventative health education

and peer support. PEAC is a dedicated group of

students who support the academic mission of

the University by promoting wellness and “peak

performance” through healthy lifestyle choices.

Peer educators work on various teams to help

educate and spread awareness about health and

wellness issues central to Creighton students’

college experience.

Membership in the group is decided based on

a submitted application. For more information,

contact Sue Weston at susanweston@creighton.edu.


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