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Mathnasium makes math fun again

Students are settling into

the new school year and

learning new math concepts

nearly every week.

Math topics introduced in

class today build on concepts

taught prior years.

Sometimes students have

knowledge gaps from previous

years. These gaps

can prevent kids from

keeping up with the class

— and cause them to fall

behind. Other times, students

may lose interest in

math because they don’t

feel challenged. They are

finishing work early and

acing their tests and quizzes.

Either way, Mathnasium

is the place for you.

Is Your Student Behind?

“Children don’t hate

math. What they hate is

being confused, intimidated,

and embarrassed by


Every day children

struggle in math — not for

lack of natural potential,

but because they haven’t

yet developed the right

way of thinking about


At Mathnasium, we believe

that every child has

the ability to be successful

in math. It’s just a matter

of teaching math the way

that makes sense to them.

We’ll work with your child

so they understand math

and get on the path to improvement.

Our Approach

Our approach, the Mathnasium

Method, pinpoints

exactly what makes math

difficult for each child in

grades 2–12. Every day,

struggling students attend

Mathnasium to work

with our specially trained

instructors who are great

with math and great with

kids. We’ll lend a helping

hand to every struggling

student in an individual

setting—our unique approach

enables us to effectively

explain concepts

and teach a personalized

learning plan that addresses

each child’s specific

needs. With regular

attendance at Mathnasium,

we’ll teach your child how

to think the way natural

mathematical thinkers do

and open doors.

Is Your Student Ahead?

“With understanding

comes passion, and with

passion comes growth—a

treasure is unlocked.”

At Mathnasium we love

math — using it, talking

about it and especially

teaching it. We think math

is exciting, fun and interesting.

Every day, students who

excel at math and are eager

for greater challenges attend

Mathnasium for math

enrichment to broaden

their math knowledge and

learn from our experienced

math tutors.

Our Approach

Our programs are designed

to give kids more

than they get at school.

Our specially trained instructors

are exceptional

at math and love working

with kids — they make

all the difference. Our

educational materials and

teaching techniques are

designed to challenge students

in grades 2–12 beyond

what they’re learning

in school and broaden their

horizons in math. In our

centers, we nurture and

grow your child’s natural

enthusiasm for math by

broadening skills and challenging

students to think

the way that natural mathematical

thinkers do.

How can Mathnasium help


The experts at Mathnasium

can help by conducting

a thorough assessment to

learn more about your student’s

math strengths and

weaknesses. The next step

is developing a customized

plan to get your child

back on track or start to

get ahead and celebrating

math successes throughout

the school year! To learn

how Mathnasium can help,

call your local learning

center today.

Submitted by Mathnasium,

various locations, mathnasium.com.

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