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St. Norbert School prepares students for lifelong success

For over 100 years, St. Norbert

School has enriched the lives of

students from Pre-K-8th grade

through its challenging curriculum

designed to prepare students

for a life of success. This curriculum,

when combined with our

unique culture of care, inclusivity

and community grounded in

values and faith, facilitates the

development of the whole child

that is ready to thrive in the 21st


At St. Norbert School, we are

committed to equipping students

with the skills needed for success

in a rapidly changing world.

This means students learn how

to learn. They learn to navigate

knowledge, think critically and

develop a viewpoint all while

exhibiting respect, integrity and

excellence — three of our four

core values. This ensures our

students are prepared to enter the

unknown and thrive in whatever

they choose to do.

More importantly, a high-quality

education such as that found

at St. Norbert School ensures all

our students develop not only

academically but also spiritually

by instilling the sustaining values

that ensure our kids do what

is right when no one is watching.

Instilling these lessons at a

young age ensures the next generation

of leaders have the moral

foundation needed to lead our

world in the years to come. This

is what drives our foundation of

faith where students learn compassion

for others and a shared

sense of service. Service to our

world and to God — our fourth

core value and the foundation

with which we live.

Just as it is important to develop

the mind and spirit, our holistic

approach to learning ensures

students have the opportunity to

participate in an array of athletics.

Students can choose from nine

different sports and our no-cut

policy ensures every child gets

the chance to do so because it’s in

these opportunities that kids learn

invaluable skills of teamwork,

sportsmanship and discipline.

Whether it is cheerleading, basketball,

track and field or football,

there is an array of athletic opportunities

for kids to try.

Students at St. Norbert School

are inspired to become confident,

independent, lifelong learners

skilled with the critical thinking,

collaboration, resilience and

responsibility needed to reach

their full potential in school and

in life.

St. Norbert School creates

the path for success, but it’s our

students that reach for it and

achieve it during their time with

us and beyond.

Submitted by St. Norbert Catholic

School, 1817 Walters Ave., Northbrook,

IL, 60062, (847) 272-0051,


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