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2 | August 8, 2019 | 22nd century media education Guide


Go with Gary for financial needs

As a financial representative

with Country

Financial, Gary Bronner

works with his clients

as their resource to help

build, preserve and transfer

their financial security

through a long-term, oneon-one


Utilizing a disciplined

and ongoing process to

address a wide range of

financial security needs,

Gary offers insurance and

financial solutions to help

his clients realize their financial

security goals.

While Gary works locally

with his clients in

Lockport, Homer Glen

and Lemont, he is supported

by the vast resources at

Country Financial. This

allows him to draw on the

extensive knowledge of

the team to develop strategies

tailored to his clients’

unique situations and deliver

a very high level of

personalized service.

Gary has more than 30

years of financial services

experience. He is a graduate

of the University of Illinois



FREE Book Presentation –

1pm Palos Heights Library

Campus and holds the

CFP certification from the

Certified Financial Planner

Board of Standards

since 1999. Gary and Alex

are members of the National

Eagle Scout Association

of the Boy Scouts

of America. Gary is a resident

of Lemont, and married

to Judy, a graduate of

the University of Notre

Dame. They have two

children. Alex is a graduate

of Bradley University

and Sydney is attending

Marquette University.

So, I’m taking this moment

to remind you that

not only am I a Country

Financial representative

but I’ve also been a CFP

professional for 20 years.

The designation comes

with extensive training in

financial planning, estate

planning, insurance, investments,

taxes, employee

benefits and retirement






Will Your Doctor

Cause Your Death?

planning, as well as in CFP

Board’s Standards of Professional

Conduct, which

is rigorously enforced. As

a CFP professional, I’m

required to uphold my

certification through continuing

education, something

to consider with new

financial instruments appearing

regularly on the

consumer market. It’s little

wonder that CFP certification

is the most recognized

in the industry for personal

financial planning. So as

you think about your financial

future, please bear in

mind that only 17 percent

of all financial advisors in

the industry can claim this


My clients have found

working with Country and

myself achieves financial

peace of mind and a way

to have a stress-free retirement.

Submitted by Gary Bronner,

827 S. State St. in Lockport.

For more information, call

(630) 226-1525, or visit rep



Group Speaker • Parties


WEB: www.gloriajyorke.us


Book Signing – 1-5 pm

Barnes & Noble - Orland Park




For more information, visit


Become something

greater together at

Providence Catholic

High School

Inspired by our Augustinian values of

Truth, Unity and Love, the Providence

Catholic High School family is a vibrant

community of believers and learners,

one in mind and heart on the way to God.

In our spirited pursuit of excellence as

a college-preparatory school, we provide

rigorous programs at all levels in

academics, arts and athletics, along with

extensive extracurricular activities and

opportunities. In our authentic desire to

witness the Gospel message of Jesus, we

provide spiritual programs that foster

and promote an enduring commitment

to a life of faith, prayer and service. In

a safe and supportive environment, our

dedicated, talented, and highly qualified

faculty and staff guide students to

embrace individuality, challenge assumptions,

and grow in confidence and

compassion. We invite young men and

women, along with their families, to join

us in the blessing that is Providence, and

in so doing, become something greater


Providence Catholic is a co-educational,

college-preparatory Augustinian

high school located on 75-acres in

New Lenox. The students come from

more than 70 elementary, middle and

junior high schools within a 30-mile radius

of the school. Providence Catholic

High School is a college-prep school

and challenges every student academically.

Whether you are AP, honors, college

prep, or need a little assistance in

the classroom, there is a place for every

student. Providence Catholic graduates

excel at top-tier colleges and universities

in the country. Students receive personalized

college counseling to make

the right choice. Graduates also receive

more scholarship dollars than any other

high school in the area.

“Our demanding co-educational,

college-preparatory curriculum is evidenced

by the success of our most recent

graduates who earned scholarships

valued at nearly $45 million. We offer

inclusive service programs; in fact, our

recent graduates performed in excess of

25,000 hours of community service during

their high school careers,” said Rev.

John Merkelis, president of PCHS.

Not only do the Celtics experience

excellence in the classroom, but PCHS

students also succeed in the athletic and

extracurricular arenas. The Celtics are

home to 30 state championships, 67 state

trophies, hundreds of regional titles,

sectional titles, and conference championships.

The outcomes of the graduates

from the Class of 2017 demonstrate our

elite and premier education at Providence


“Providing financial assistance to

Providence Catholic families is a top priority

for the school. Twenty-five percent

of our families receive some type of financial

assistance. In fact, this year, $1.6

million was awarded to our families in

need-based scholarships and grants, and

work study programs,” said Ed Barrett,

director of need-based aid.

Become the start of something greater

today. Providence Catholic High School

welcomes all grade school students and

their families to visit their annual open

house from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Oct. 20.

Please call Mrs. Rachel Ellingson at

(815) 717-3160 with any questions

concerning Providence Catholic’s open

house. The school is located at 1800 W.

Lincoln Highway in New Lenox. For

more information about PCHS, please

visit providencecatholic.org.

Submitted by Providence Catholic High

School, 1800 W. Lincoln Highway in New

Lenox. For more information, call (815) 717-

3160, or visit providencecatholic.org.

22ndCenturyMedia.com education Guide

22nd century media | August 8, 2019 | 3

SS. Cyril and Methodius School — Learning

together through faith, kindness and service

For more than 130 years, SS. Cyril and

Methodius School in Lemont has provided

area students from pre-K through

eighth grade with the opportunity to receive

an outstanding Catholic education.

Our graduates go on to a variety of local

high schools, are placed in advanced

classes, and receive scholarships based on

both academics and service.

Our academically challenging program

is enhanced through physical education,

Spanish, technology, art and music. Students

in the junior high are also provided

the opportunity each week per trimester to

choose an extra elective course in Spanish,

art or STEM. Classroom teachers departmentalize,

providing students the opportunity

to work with different teachers

who have endorsements in their assigned

subject areas.

Along with the academic program,

our students have the opportunity to

be involved with a variety of extracurricular

programs. SSCM has a dynamic

athletic program offering basketball and

volleyball. Students can also participate

in newspaper, student council, National

Junior Honor Society, choir, band, robotics

and chess on a regular basis. During

the year, we also have a talent show

and a spring musical. SSCM also offers

both a before and after school program,

along with a uniform recycling program.

Students living in Lemont are eligible to

receive bus service from the local school

district, as well.

The facilities offer wireless technology

and smart boards in all of the classrooms.

We have a 1:1 program for the junior high,

Chromebooks in our computer lab, and

four Chromebook carts located throughout

the school. Textbooks are updated on

a regular basis and available online, along

with homework and grading.

SSCM has an outstanding faculty and

staff committed to meeting individual

needs and who are involved each year in a

variety of professional growth opportunities.

Through professional development,

teachers have the chance to stay current in

best practices for education. SSCM teachers

work together on a variety of “teams”

to help provide extra events and opportunities

within each classroom. Teacher assistants

are available and help the classrooms

in a variety of ways.

We welcome our parents as partners in

the educational program. SSCM provides

a variety of opportunities and programs

for parents to become more involved with

their child both during and after the end of

each school day.

Our entire school family welcomes

prospective families to tour our school

and we offer “shadow days” for students.

Please call our office at (630) 257-6488,

ext. 21 to request information or to arrange

a visit.

Submitted by SS. Cyril and Methodius School,

607 Sobieski St. in Lemont. For more information,

call (630) 257-6488, or visit stcyril.


630-257-6488 | www.stcyril.org/our-school/

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Tech-forward Artistic Dentistry keeps growing

This isn’t your grandfather’s

— or even your

father’s — dentist’s office.

At Artistic Dentistry,

14811 S. Founder’s Crossing

in Homer Glen, dental

work continues to evolve

in stride with the technology

age, providing patients

with more efficient and

comfortable service.

And now, the newly

renovated practice is expanding

its services even

further with the addition

of Botox to treat dental issues.

Botox relaxes the muscles

and has been proven

to ease or halt grinding

and clenching of teeth,

which can lead to everything

from jaw fatigue

and soreness to fractured

teeth. The treatment also

can help those who suffer

from sleep apnea, for

which grinding of the teeth

is a common side ailment.

With Botox now onsite,

Artistic Dentistry can

also expand its cosmetic

offerings, which already

include teeth whitening

(Zoom Whitespeed) and


Dental and facial imperfections

can be a strain to

a person’s self-esteem, and

Artistic Dentistry is proud

to work to end that feeling,

according to the practice’s

manager Jeanette

Akroush, who added she

wants patients to, “Look

the age you feel.”

“We can see the joy we

are giving [our patients],”

she said. “People [are] so

happy, and hugging you.

We are giving people back

that confidence that they

need to get through the


Since opening, the practice

has focused on researching,

installing and

offering the latest and

greatest options for dental


Aside from the newest

addition of Botox, Artistic

Dentistry uses state-of-theart

technology, such as:

• The Cone Beam CT

Scan, which minimizes

radiation exposure by 200

times while producing

high-quality, 360-degree


• Intraoral digital cameras

that give high-resolution

photos that help both

doctor and patient;

• Digital x-rays that emit

less radiation than conventional

x-rays and are available

in seconds;

• Cinemizer video glasses

that allow patients to

watch movies or television

while they are reclined in a

dental chair;

• Juvederm injectable

dermal fillers, a nonsurgical

option for restoring

lost volume and softening

wrinkles and folds.

Juvederm can plump thin

lips, build cheeks to help

lift jowls, enhance shallow

contours, soften facial

creases, remove wrinkles

and improve the appearance

of recessed scars.

Also, unlike many facilities,

Dr. Joel Akroush

and company can perform

a full suite of dental procedures,

from cleanings and

restorations to root-canal

therapy and implants.

Dr. Akroush graduated

from Loyola University

School of Dentistry and

has since achieved multiple

post-graduate certificates.

He has received extra

training at The Dawson

Academy and is a member

of the Illinois State Dental

Society, American Academy

of Impact Dentistry,

American Dental Association,

American Academy

for Cosmetic Dentistry

and the American Academy

of Facial Esthetics.

Submitted by Artistic Dentistry,

14811 S. Founder’s

Crossing in Homer Glen. For

more information, call (708)

301-6060, or visit artistic



Preschool, Kindergarten,

Day Care, and Summer Camp

Gain an Edge

on The Competition

with Specialized Training

From a Pro









Palos Hills


Tinley Park


Homer Glen


Quality Care Since 1964

Our locations:










Tinley Park (167th St.)


Register Now 2019-2020 School Year



Shooting Clinic

Footskills Clinic


September 2 nd , 9 th , 16 th , 23 rd

Cost $100



Group of two-$90

Group of three-$105

Group of four-$120


(708) 336-8528




Centennial Park in Orland Park or

Hallmark Sports Club in Frankfort.

AGES 5-18


22ndCenturyMedia.com education Guide

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TheraCORE helps benefit

fitness, overall health

and performance

Ever look at a child sitting

with their hips on their

heels playing with a toy

and say, “Wow, I wish I

can do that.” Do you feel

as if the floor is moving

away from you, your ability

to perform general tasks

or moving yourself up and

down seems daunting?

Well, one reason could

be that a fundamental pattern

for life and development

we refer to as a squat

has slipped from our vocabulary.

The squat: you can love

or hate it, but it is one of

the most misunderstood

movements in our modern

world, as well as in the fitness

industry today. With

the overwhelming number

of chronic orthopedic issues

and the rise of obesity,

we have to get back to the

fundamentals of what our

elaborate and resilient bodies

were meant to do.

Knowing the origin of

something is vital to fully

understanding how it

works and why we need it.

If one has lived in America

for any number of years,

having the luxury of modern

chairs, cars and plumbing

has allowed for a suboptimal

relationship of full

range of motion of one’s

hips, knees and ankles.

In short, we have lost the

global definition or the

meaning and purpose of

the squat.

To clarify, the squat is

not an exercise. It is a position

that a human expresses

to live and function through

their life. We can take that

position and express it

more fully with speed,

power and strength with a

variety of applications, but

it should always go back to

the root fundamentals, as

the maintenance of mobility

is vital.

We can start with a brief

definition: “pelvis between

heels.” This expression

is seen in a baby as they

develop, a person in a developing

country waiting

for a bus or the strongest

Olympic lifter with a barbell

overhead. All three expressions

are the same, so

how do we in America get

it wrong?

So, where do we start?

Well, you could walk to

work, do not use modern

lavatories or sit on the floor

with legs crossed, but that

might seem extreme, so lets

start with a little positional

awareness. Try this: put

something on the floor in

front of yourself, feet wider

than the shoulders, thinking

athletic position. Lower

yourself down with arms

in between your knees and

pick up the object. Congratulations,

you have performed

the task, you picked

up an object with your legs,

not your back. If you noticed,

the instructions did

not say squat down and

pick it up.

A basic test to see how

you expresses the back

of the body and has much

carry over is a simple toe

touch. Lock your legs and

flex forward. Can you

touch your toes, can you

palm the floor, can you get

your chest to thighs? Your

ability to have full range of

motion through the backside

of the body is essential.

One drill one can start

with is a lying leg raise

with knee pull. Lie on your

back and extend one leg up.

If you cannot get the leg to

90, bend your opposite leg.

Put a shoe or block on the

foot, keep the toes pulled

toward your knee and pull

the knee toward your chest,

press the leg back up and


Remember the squat is

the test, so if you cannot

perform it properly, then

you have to break it down

to tasks or drills that will

help you build up the capacity

and then the competency

of moving in and out

with control.

This is what we do at

the TheraCORE Fitness

Center. Our coaches break

down movements and exercises

as skills to benefit

not only fitness, but overall

health and performance.

The focus is on tasks,

which gives a numerous

variety of movements with

advancing movement and

complexity to build your

skill as you train.

Give us a call to schedule

a free, 30-minute, complimentary

session. We can

screen you through movements

to see where you can

focus to build a resilient

and efficient moving body.

Submitted by TheraCORE,

16622 W. 159th St., Suite 503

in Lockport. For more information,

call (815) 838-5070,

or visit theracorept.com.

Train smarter,not harder.

Going above and beyond your standard personal training.

Come in and see our beautiful new studio

and have your complimentary consultation today!

Fitness Coaching

Complimentary Fitness Screening and Consultation.

Private, Couples, and Semi Private-workouts.


Pilates and Yoga classes.

Sports Enhancement Sessions.

Hours available Monday-Saturday.


Contact Drew Gallagher at drew@theracorept.com

Fitness coaching packages and class packages are available.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today at www.theracorept.com.

We look forward to helping you achieve your health goals!

16622 West 159th Street -Suite 503 -Lockport- 815.838.5070


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Sterk Family Law Group empowers clients with options

Sterk Family Law Group offers

a full range of family law

and estate planning services in

Orland Park for clients in Will,

Cook and DuPage counties. Each

of the attorneys at Sterk Family

Law Group has a specific area of

concentration to further support

our client’s individual needs including:

estate planning, seniors,

small business, real estate, special

needs and support calculation enforcement.

The Sterk team provides

a holistic approach to the

practice of law and strives to not

only service a client’s legal needs,

but also help manage a client’s

emotional and overall well-being

by establishing connections with

a vast network of counselors,

support groups, and various other

non-traditional service providers

within our communities by way

of their unique Resource Center.

The Resource Center provides

Sterk Family Law clients with access

to other professionals to help

prepare for the next steps in their


Gwendolyn and team are advocates

for providing ongoing

education and are often involved

in sharing their knowledge by

speaking to our chambers, various

mental health organizations,

mental health providers and educational

institutions. In addition

to its website and social media

pages, the Sterk Family Law

Group’s YouTube page serves as

another avenue for information

via video podcasts that are hosted

with various local professionals

and organizations to discuss a

variety of trending topics, issues

and laws.

In 2017, Sterk Family Law

was a founding sponsor of the

free community program called

Building Hope for the Future,

which provides the community

with access to resources similar

to those found in their Resource

Center. The Building Hope for

the Future program is held each

month to offer our communities

programs to learn about a variety

of life topics, ranging from anxiety

and depression, bullying,

financial planning, human trafficking,

autism, and more.

Some life decisions are greater

than others. Choosing a doctor to

perform a medical procedure or

selecting a university to attend requires

investigation and attention.

Selecting a lawyer for an important

family matter is no different,

which is why Sterk Family Law

Group offers free, no obligation

consultations for family law and

estate planning matters.

To learn more about the team

at Sterk Family Law Group and

their services, or to schedule

your free, no obligation consultation,

visit sterkfamilylaw.com

or call (815) 600-8950 and empower

yourself with options.

Submitted by Sterk Family Law

Group, 11508 183rd Place in

Orland Park. For more information,

call (815) 600-8950, or visit


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Summer is a great time to schedule dental cleanings and

exams for everyone in your family. Let the professionals at

Artistic Dentistry keep you smiling all Summer long.










*Includes 2 whitening ing gel syringes. s. Offer


only for

students. ts. Expires 10/01/19








49 *

*Up to age 12.

With this coupon. Cannot be

combined with other offers. Expires 10/01/19






99 *

*In the absence of periodontal disease.

With this coupon. Cannot be combined with

other offers. Expires 10/01/19






Receive a Sonic Care

Diamondclean with

removal of all 4

wisdom teeth.

*$190 value

14811 S. Founder’s Crossing • Homer Glen, IL 60491

(708) 301-6060


Excellence In The Art & Science of Dentistry

8 | August 8, 2019 | 22nd century media education Guide


Protect What Matters

We know even the biggest goals start with simple steps. So whether you’re protecting your first home,

saving for your child’s future, or preparing for retirement — don’t get overwhelmed, get started.

Whatever it is ...

Get the right coverage at a great price for your car

Protect whatever you call home and everything in it

Be secure with extra protection for you and your family

Get financial assistance when you need long-term care services

Provide for a loved one even after you’re gone

Get a plan customized for whatever type of business you own

Save for your child’s future education expenses

Prepare for the retirement you want

Invest for your future financial goals

Protect your livelihood with a policy customized for your farm operation

We can help

Auto Insurance

Home, Renters, and Condo Insurance

Personal Umbrella

Long Term Care Insurance

Life Insurance

Business Insurance

Education Funding Options

Retirement Products & Planning

Managed Investment Services


Give me a call today to see how I can help.

Gary Bronner, CFP ®

Financial Representative

827 S State St

Lockport, IL 60441-3548


gary.bronner gary.bronner@


(630) 863-4775

Auto, home, and business insurance policies issued by COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company®, COUNTRY Preferred Insurance Company®, and COUNTRY Casualty Insurance Company®. Life

insurance policies issued by COUNTRY Life Insurance Company® and COUNTRY Investors Life Assurance Company®. All issuing companies located in Bloomington, IL.

In IL, ID, OR, WA, NV, AK, MN, GA, TN, and AL, farm and Agriplus® policies issued by COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company®, Bloomington, IL.

Long Term Care insurance policies issued by COUNTRY Life Insurance Company® If you would like more information on long-term care insurance from your state’s senior insurance counseling

program, you may contact your state’s Department of Insurance (Senior Health Insurance Program), 320 W. Washington Street, Springfield, Illinois 62767-0001. Phone: 800-548-9034.

Registered Broker/Dealer offering securities products and services: COUNTRY® Capital Management Company, 1705 N. Towanda Avenue, P.O. Box 2222, Bloomington, IL 61702-2222, tel (866)

551-0060. Member FINRA.

Investment management, retirement, trust, and planning services provided by COUNTRY Trust Bank®.

This information is intended to identify potential benefits of various types of insurance policies. For costs and a complete description of all insurance coverages, options, exclusions and limitations,

and the terms under which the policies may be continued in force, please contact a COUNTRY Financial® representative.


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Mill Pond Dental Group helps patients establish and maintain oral health

Dr. Eric Young knew he wanted

to be a dentist after growing

up in Panama and seeing the

need for improving oral health.

“Poor oral health affect your

teeth and gums but it can also

affect the rest of your body and

quality of life,” Young said.

“Since I was in high school, I

knew I wanted to work in dentistry

to help people with their

oral health and in effect improve

their overall well being.”

Young attended Loyola University

for a bachelor’s in biology

degree, Northwestern

University for a master’s in

Biotechnology and Marquette

University for his doctorate in

dental surgery. He worked as an

associate dentist in Chicago and

the Southwest suburbs but now

owns a private practice at Mill

Pond Dental Group in Mokena.

Mill Pond Dental Group is a

general dental office that provides

a full array of services

from preventative care, such as

general cleanings, to advance

services, such as full-mouth rehabilitations.

After more than a year at

Mill Pond Dental Group, Young

wants to help patients learn and

practice preventative health


“It is important not to put off

your dental work because then

it becomes more expensive and

more involved,” Young said.

“As dentists, we are very good

at fixing and replacing teeth, but

I want prevention to be a standard

of care.”

Young said many times people

wait until they have a problem

to come in for dental work,

when they should come in regularly

so they can keep up good


One of the biggest keys to

maintaining healthy teeth and

gums is to make an appointment

at the dentist at least every six

months for checkups and cleanings.

Young suggests people should

begin seeing a dentist when they

begin getting teeth, which is as

early as the first year of life.

The first visit at Mill Pond

Dental Group will always start

with a comprehensive exam.

During a comprehensive exam,

Mill Pond Dental Group will

take a full series of X-rays to

check everything from gum

health to tooth health. After a

thorough examination, Young

will review all treatments options

so that patients have sufficient

information to make educated

decisions about their oral


“After the comprehensive

exam we will establish what

your needs are and how often

you should come in,” Young

said. “For any patient, regardless

of the condition, a comprehensive

exam is always a good

place to start. We will help create

a customized plan for you.”

The staff at Mill Pond Dental

Group also helps patients

maintain good oral hygiene by

providing at-home oral hygiene

instructions, as well as providing

nutrition tips.

“We can always give pointers

on how you can improve

oral hygiene and give you tips

on other oral hygiene instruments

to keep your mouth nice

and clean,” Young said. “Nutrition

is also important. We can

look at the type of diet you have

and see how it is affecting your

gums and teeth.”

Mill Pond Dental Group

prides itself on putting the patient


“The patient experience is the

No. 1, most important thing for

us,” Young said. “We always

put our patients first from the

moment you call our office to

the moment you leave the office.”

Young said communication

is also essential. Patients can

text directly with Young and his

staff. He is also regularly available

by email or phone.

“I make myself available to

talk on the phone with patients

directly,” Young said. “Personalized

care is huge.”

Mill Pond Dental group is

currently accepting new patients.

Take advantage of their

back-to-school special for children

and their new-patient special

for adults this summer.

Submitted by Mill Pond Dental,

18700 Wolf Road, Suite 200 in Mokena,

open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesdays-

Thursdays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Fridays,

and 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays. For

more information or to make an appointment,

call (708) 722-1600 or

visit millponddentalgroup.com.

Written by Alyssa Groh with 22CM

Boost, the content-writing division

of 22nd Century Media, publisher

of this special section and newspaper.

Dr. Eric Young,

his wife Kara

and baby Olivia.

10 | August 8, 2019 | 22nd century media education Guide


Future of hearing arrives at South Suburban Hearing Centers

South Suburban Hearing Health Centers

in Homer Glen, Mokena, Crestwood

and Burr Ridge have worked with many

different types and brands of hearing instruments,

but in most cases, they’ve all

got one major limitation: They’re only

trying to restore a certain function to the

level that you’d expect in someone without

a particular disability.

That’s utterly commendable, but with

modern technology, it’s sometimes possible

to go further than this: to actually

try and raise certain senses or functions

beyond what you might normally expect

to find.

That’s definitely the case for a smart

new hearing aid South Suburban Hearing

Health Center is making available

from Starkey Hearing Technologies. With

its newly launched Livio A.I. device, the

company is reinventing the humble hearing

aid for the machine learning generation.

Not only does the Livio hearing aid

enhance your ability to hear things, but it

can also automatically translate foreign

languages, and even track physical and

mental well-being. Think of it like the

babelfish from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide

to the Galaxy,” only with some extra cool

tech thrown in there for good measure.

Hearing aids have so far been singlepurpose

devices. Livio A.I. changes that.

As well as helping people hear better by

amplifying sound, embedded sensors and

artificial intelligence are turning the hearing

aid into a multifunction health-monitoring

and multiuse device that will help

us lead better lives in many more ways.

The next-gen hearing aid can translate

between 27 languages, has step-counting

features and has the ability to quantify

your “brain score” based on active listening

and social engagement. The device

also uses built-in sensors to automatically

detect if the user falls down. If a fall is

detected, the hearing aid will then notify

designated emergency contacts by sending

alert messages.

You can reach one of the four locations

in the south suburbs by calling (708) 966-


Submitted by South Suburban Hearing Centers.

For more information, call (708) 966-

4724, or visit southsuburbanhearing.com.

WANTED: 30 peopletotry our:

World’s FIRST hearingaid with Sensorsand


Our latestLivio ® AI hearing aids aredesigned to:

• Superior sound quality and clarity to hear comfortablyinany


• The ability to set body and brain health goals with the newThrive

Hearing app

• Streaming of phone calls, music and messages from

your smartphone directlytoyour hearing aids

• Convenient adjustmentstoyour hearing aids without an officevisit

• Language translation via the easy-to-use Thrive app

• Thriveapp tracksbody activity likesteps and overall movement


Health Center

14316S.Will-Cook Rd.

HomerGlen, IL 60491



HearingAid Expert,

Rose Cole,willbe

available forour

special event—


Join us for our 3-Dayevent featuring a


August 13 -15

Spaceislimited, so call earlyasappointmentswill go fast!

(708) 968-3933


$500 OFF

on Livio ® AI

hearing aids

Expires 8/15/19

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Advanced learning with a family feel — St. Mary Catholic School in Mokena

Benefits of a learning community

focused on academics, faith and


St. Mary School is a vibrant

and welcoming Catholic

school, serving students

in preschool through grade

8. Since 1949, teachers have

been providing an extraordinary,

personalized learning

environment, allowing each

student to achieve their full


“We chose St. Mary’s for

its community, its extraordinary

faculty and staff, and its

exceptional learning environment,”

said Frank Murray,

St. Mary School Board vice

president and parent. “It is the

faith-based, family community

that we believe is critical for

our children’s academic, social

and spiritual development. St.

Mary’s family is everything

we wanted in a school community.”

See the exceptional learning


St. Mary’s offers 3-year-old

preschool through eighth grade.

Visitors are always impressed

with the school’s facilities,

which include a music room, library,

computer lab, science lab,

spacious gymnasium, and the

science, technology, engineering,

art, mathematics classroom.

The STEAM classroom allows

teachers to bring a unique

approach of teaching to enhance

student learning and understanding

of how all things relate to each

other, in school and in life. Unlike

other STEM programs, St. Mary’s

program also emphasizes the integration

of the arts and offers more

creativity to students in the learning

process. The STEAM program

and open classroom setting

allow teachers to facilitate rather

than lecture, resulting in students

experiencing their education as a

process instead of a final product.

St. Mary’s also offers a oneto-one

technology program that

provides each student in grades

6 through 8 with an individual

iPad, a class set of iPads for

grades 3 through 5, and kindergarten

through grade 2 have

designated classroom iPads and

smartboards for educational use.

Primary students also benefit

from a certified reading specialist

and teacher aides.

Learn about numerous

extracurricular opportunities and


Students can enjoy many after-school

programs, including

band, chess, bell choir, youth

choir, drama club, STEM, yearbook,

Scout groups, Student

Council, social events and an extensive

athletic program. Before

and after school care is available

for a fee from 6:45-7:50 a.m.

and 2:40-6 p.m. Bus service is

an option for those families who

reside in the Mokena Public

School District 159 for a fee.

Learn about tuition assistance

Recent legislation in Illinois

opened up opportunities for families

to receive scholarships for

up to 100 percent of tuition for

Catholic education. Through Empower

Illinois, families can apply

for tuition assistance in the form of

grants to help pay for their child’s

Catholic education. Additionally,

St. Mary’s offers a special Tuition

Transfer Grant for up to $1,500

per family ($1,000 in Year 1, $500

in Year 2) for students entering

grades first-seventh who transfer

from any private, public, charter

or home school. Students transferring

from another Catholic school

in the Diocese of Joliet or neighboring

dioceses are not eligible.

Submitted by St. Mary Catholic

School, 11409 159th St. in Mokena.

For more information, call (708)

326-9330, or visit



St. Mary School is offering a Tuition Transfer

Grant up to $1,500 per family ($1,000 in year

one, $500 in year two) for students entering grades

1-7 who transfer from anyprivate*, public,charteror

home school.

*Students transferring from another Catholic school in the Diocese of Joliet or neighboring diocese are not eligible.

Find Us on Facebook @ facebook.com/stmaryschoolofmokena


11409 195 th St., Mokena

Call 708-326-9330

Or visit us online at


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St. Michael School a leading Catholic, faith-based education

With more than 500 students

from pre-K3 through

eighth grade, St. Michael

School is a leading Catholic

faith-based school in

the greater Chicago area.

St. Michael School in Orland

Park is proud to offer

a competitive and rigorous

academic education to all

students. In 2013, St. Michael

was nationally recognized

as a Blue Ribbon

School for exhibiting continued

dedication to higher

student achievement.

Over the past three

years, St. Michael School

has made curriculum and

instruction a primary focus.

St. Michael School remains

competitive with the

surrounding public schools

while offering a tight-knit

community. Things like

iPads, Chromebooks and

Google Classroom are

utilized daily in the classroom

beginning in fourth

grade. In addition, students

attend weekly sessions on

keyboarding, word processing,

blogging and internet

safety. Students also

learn how to research and

develop multimedia presentations

and programming.

St. Michael is the only

school in Orland Park to

host a language program

that requires students to

study Spanish from kindergarten

through eighth

grade. The math program

continues to utilize blended

learning and focus on

alignment with other core

subjects and real-world

scenarios in order to provide

a balance, as well as

a deeper understanding of

math concepts and skills.

St. Michael School is expanding

its reading and

writing initiatives through

the Daily 5, an Archdiocese

of Chicago National

Certification and the Harvard

Data Wise program.

The teachers of St. Michael

School continue to

create innovative and engaging

ways to learn so all

students feel comfortable

and are more likely to advance.

The St. Michael School

community, both inside

and outside of the classroom,

prepares students

for high school, as well

as real-life experiences.

Eighth-grade student ambassadors

host three antibullying

presentations per

year. These presentations

are developed by students

for students. Each presentation

includes a guest

speaker and other student

activities specifically designed

to teach conflict

resolution and healthy

coping strategies. St. Michael

School prides itself

on producing students who

are successful and continue

to uphold the morals

and values of the Catholic


In addition to an excellent

education, St. Michael

School offers a variety of

extracurricular activities.

St. Michael athletics include

football, cheerleading,

golf, cross country,

volleyball and soccer. Other

school activities include

Art and Science Clubs,

Robotics Club, yearbook,

mock trial, First LEGO

League, Video Club, Drama

Club and chess.

A convenient Extended

Day program and full-time

school nurse are readily

available to meet the needs

of each student and their


St. Michael School is

a strong community that

becomes a wonderful support

system for parents and

students alike. This support

system extends beyond

eight years of school.

Many St. Michael students

are children of alumni, and

approximately 100 graduates

participate in Youth

Ministry throughout their

high school years.

Any questions, please

contact St. Michael School

at (708) 349-0068.

Submitted by St. Michael

School, 14355 Highland Ave.

in Orland Park. For more

information, call (708) 349-

0068, or visit



Education &Faith

ACatholic Faith-Based Education

Pre-K-8th Grade Classrooms

ProgressiveTechnology &Academics

Extra-Curricular Programs

Extended Day Program

A150+ Year Tradition

St. Michael School

14355 Highland Ave. |Orland Park,IL

(708) 349-0068


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Join Phil & Amy for

music and travel

Chicagoland favorites Phil & Amy

return to Starved Rock singing Broadway

greats and memory lane Favorites.

All their shows have sold out since their

lodge debut in 2016. The duet team is

being joined again by their daughter Lucie

and violinist Jodi who love performing

together for audience after audience.

The Aug. 19-21 shows are almost sold

out through the lodge, but seats are still

available for purchase through philnamy

music.com or by calling (708) 687-3302.

Packages include the St. Christopher

Tours motorcoach, luncheon and performance.

Departure and return locations

are in Tinley Park and New Lenox. New

this year is a package option that includes

an overnight stay at the lodge and much

more. When calling for reservations be

sure to sign-up for the raffle that offers a

couple of free seats for the bus, luncheon

and show.

When not on stage, the husband and

wife team love hosting one-of-a-kind motorcoach

tours. Maybe it’s the right time

for you to be on board with Phil & Amy’s

St. Christopher Tours deluxe motorcoach

excursions for carefree travel. For more

than 25 years Phil & Amy have been hosting

one-day and overnight luxury motorcoach

trips. Their St. Christopher travelers

have toured all around the country to

exciting getaway destinations across the

United States and Canada. Once again,

St. Christopher Tours takes care of all the

planning details so travelers can enjoy

amazing destinations.

Reservations continue to be received

for all of their upcoming events. In October,

a three-day visit to Frankenmuth,

Michigan provides wonderful fall colors,

a great Bavarian getaway, and a visit to

Bronner’s, the world’s largest Christmas

store. After heading west with what traveler’s

praised as “The best and most scenic

trip ever” to Yellowstone in 2018, the

“Go West Again” happens again next June

of 2020, featuring a breathtaking, scenic,

11-day tour to The Grand Canyon and the

southwest Canyonlands. The ever-changing

landscapes of canyon country are

something that everyone should witness

in their lifetime. Each stop will leave you

in awe of its unique beauty, a beauty that

only the forces of nature can accomplish

over centuries of time. Bryce Canyon and

Zion National Parks, Glen Canyon Dam

and Lake Powell, world famous Scenic

Highway 12, amazing visits in Colorado

and on the river, and a horseshoe-shaped

round-trip that features “Kicks” of historic

attractions of Route 66 on the westward


Later in June 2020, St. Christopher

Tours visits one of their favorite treasures,

Mackinac Island, Michigan, featuring

The Mackinac Bridge, bikes, horses

and carriages, famous fudge, and the

historic Grand Hotel. Upon arrival in the

Upper Peninsula, enjoy a meal overlooking

beautiful Lake Huron and an optional

visit to a local casino.

A growing list of one-day trips include:

The Best of Route 66, first 150 miles;

The Shrine of Christ’s Passion in St.

John, Indiana; Phil & Amy performances

at Starved Rock, August and December

dates; Drury Lane’s “American in Paris”;

Paramount Theatre in Aurora’s “Kinky

Boots”; and Lyric Opera’s “42nd Street.”

Submitted by Colony Productions Inc,

5348 Forest Trail in Oak Forest. For more

information, call (708) 687-3302, or visit


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St. Joseph


The ONLY Blue Ribbon School

of Excellence in the Area

• Top Notch


• Full Day Programs

for Preschool 3

and Up

• Before & After

School Programs

• Scholarships

Available from $500

- Full Cost Tuition

Call Today for Tour

(815) 838.8173

529 Madison Street, Lockport


St. Joseph School touts

strong spiritual and

instructional leadership

What do you get when

having six top honors in

educational awards at one

school? You get St. Joseph

School in Lockport.

St. Joseph School is a

small school in a small

town, but it sure has a big

collection of honors and

awards that just keep coming.

St. Joseph School is

a National Blue Ribbon

School of Excellence that

has a Distinguished Pastor

and a Distinguished

Principal, along with a

dedicated community of

the faithful staff, families

and students. It truly is an

engaging and challenging

place for children to reach

their personal best!

This past spring, St.

Joseph School Principal

Lynne Scheffler was

awarded Bishop Roger L.

Kaffer Outstanding Principal

Award from Lewis

University. Under Scheffler’s

strong spiritual and

instructional leadership,

St. Joseph School has

prospered for 19 years.

During her tenure, continuous

improvement has

been constant in the learning

environment and the

professional development

of the staff.

Scheffler offers her

learning community strong

spiritual leadership, which

has the highest student attendance

at Sunday Mass

of any school in the diocese.

She said, “Imparting

the Catholic faith to our

children will always be my

greatest accomplishment.

Winning this award just

demonstrates that my success

has always been combination

of incredible, dedicated

teachers, supportive

parents, amazing students

and a support community.

I am so proud to be a part

of such a faithful family,

school and parish.”

So, how can one school

earn so many honors? The

true dedication that the

administration and staff

put into creating a strong

academic and faith-filled

atmosphere is the recipe

for success. St. Joseph encourages

the development

of each student through a

blend of rigorous course

study and extracurricular

programs. This home

away from home is much

more than a school for

children, but a community

of caregivers who want the

best for each child. This is

a promise that St. Joseph

School has honored for

more than 135 years.

The teachers are given

every possible advantage

to develop the children

with a state-of-the-art

technology lab, interactive

technology rich classrooms,

a 1:1 laptop/tablet

program for grades fiftheighth,

1:1 iPad Program

for kindergarten-fourth

grade, dedicated curriculum

to coding and

STREAM, and so much

more. St. Joseph teachers

use research based strategies

and the latest in technology

initiatives to enhance

the curriculum.

St. Joseph prepares its

students for life. Scheffler

said, “Our students

graduate with abilities and

honors that prepare them

well beyond high school.

From the 85 percent of

alumni honor roll to the

scholarships our graduates

receive, we couldn’t

be prouder. It truly is the

education every child deserves.”

Scholarship funds are

available for students

transferring from local

schools and families

who desire the incredible

Catholic education that St.

Joseph provides. Applications

are being accepted

for the Preschool 3 and

Pre-Kindergarten 4-yearold

programs, along with

first through eighth grade.

To learn more about SJS

and schedule a tour, please

contact the school office at

(815) 838-8173.

Submitted by St. Joseph

School, 529 Madison St. in

Lockport. For more information,

call (815) 838-8173, or

visit stjoeschool.com.

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It’s Illinois Spine & Scoliosis Center’s

10 Year Anniversary !

Dr. Anthony Rinella, Dr. Kris Siemionow, Dr. Amir El Shami, and the

entire ISSC team would like to thank – YOU – our patients and their

families for allowing us to be part of your care for the past 10 years!

We look forward to continuing to serve you for many more years to come!

Illinois Spine & Scoliosis Center

Personalized Comprehensive Spine Care for ALL ages!

(877) 694-7722

12701 West 143rd Street #200 | Homer Glen, Illinois 60491

Multiple Locations

Se Habla Español | Mówimy Po Polsku

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Become Something Greater...

“My three children graduated from Providence Catholic accepting over $300,000 in college

scholarships and will all graduate debt-free from college.”

The Class of 2019...

- Providence Catholic Parent ‘13, ‘15, ‘19

• 97% continued their education at the college level

• $45 Million in College Scholarships offered

• $76,000 in average College Scholarships accepted

• 28% of Scholar-Athletes signed National Letters of Intent or made College Commitments

• 25,000 + hours of service performed in the community

• 41 Illinois State Scholars

1800 W. Lincoln Highway • New Lenox Illinois 60451 • www.providencecatholic.org

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