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Siebel Center for Design at Illinois

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Executive Director

F&S prides itself on being an active partner in

research and learning on the Urbana campus.

The many capital improvement projects currently

transforming the university are high-profile examples

of our organizational mission.

Bringing these large-scale projects from long-term

planning into reality is only made possible through

terrific coordination and collaboration, with colleges,

departments, and units all focused on achieving a

common goal. When completed, the benefits of the

work for students, faculty, staff, and guests will include laboratory and classroom

modernizations, equipment upgrades, enhanced energy efficiency, and a more

sustainable learning and research environment.

What are now active construction sites will soon be state-of-the-art spaces filled

with individuals helping to define what excellence of scholarship, discovery,

and innovation means in the 21st century. F&S is extremely proud to contribute

to these transformative efforts from start to finish and then to continue to care

for the facilities and infrastructure that will help set the standard for academic

achievement in the years ahead.



3 MCORE Project 4

4 F&S Customer


6 Summer Construction


8 High School and College

Students Learn at F&S

9 Commencement

10 Academic


11 Protecting Boneyard


12 Shop Spotlight

Dr. Mohamed Attalla, MBA, P.Eng.

Executive Director, Facilities & Services


After a 12-year absence, apprentices have

been hired to work in the Building Maintenance

department, at Abbott Power Plant,

and as temperature control mechanics. Their

return is thanks to an agreement worked out

between F&S and UA Local 149 Plumbers and

Pipefitters that resulted in a memorandum of

understanding between the two organizations.

Apprentices provide an excellent opportunity

for succession planning at the university in the

crafts and trades. Participating craftspersons

will gain skills, experience, and knowledge of

campus systems. The agreement will further

F&S’ strategic goals in support of the campuswide

commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Mohamed Attalla, executive director of F&S, said, “This remarkable and progressive agreement shows tremendous collaboration

between the two organizations to strengthen both the local organized labor market and the university workforce.”

2 • University of Illinois Facilities & Services


This spring the university broke ground

for the new Campus Instructional Facility,

a building to open west of the Grainger

Engineering Library Information Center

in fall 2021. F&S Executive Director

Dr. Mohamed Attalla; F&S Architect &

Senior Planner, Capital Planning Doug

Reddington; Director of Facilities, College of

Engineering Qu Kim; and Clinical Professor

Yu-Feng Lin and Associate Quaternary

Geologist Andy Stumpf, both of the

Illinois State Geological Survey, along with

professionals from Pepper Construction,

SOM Architects, and Vermilion Campbell

Development, took part in the ceremony.

A private-public partnership allows for a

quicker construction timeline and the U of I

taking ownership of the building sooner.

Project 4: Campus Transportation Improvements

A highly traveled thoroughfare is being updated thanks

to a transportation infrastructure upgrade involving a

collaboration between the cities of Champaign and Urbana,

Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD), and the

University of Illinois. The Multimodal Corridor Enhancement

(MCORE) Project 4 will occur in phases. It began in March

2019 and continues through December 2020. The primary

goal is to improve safety and flow for pedestrians, bicyclists,

buses, and single-occupancy drivers who use the busy

corridor on campus: Armory Avenue, between Fourth Street

and Wright Street, and Wright Street, between Armory

Avenue and Springfield Avenue.

“This project presents significant challenges, as the

intersection of Wright and Armory has the heaviest volume

of pedestrian, bike, and bus traffic on campus,” said Stacey

DeLorenzo, transportation demand management coordinator

at F&S. “We hope to improve safety for pedestrians

and bicyclists while more effectively balancing all modes

of transportation.”

MCORE Project 4 is the latest in a series of five projects that

will improve the transportation infrastructure corridor in the

core of campus, linking Champaign, Urbana, and Campustown.

For more information, visit

“We hope to improve safety for pedestrians and

bicyclists while more effectively balancing all

modes of transportation.”

Stacey DeLorenzo, transportation

demand management coordinator

One safety improvement is that the “cycle track”—the

segmented bike lane parallel to Wright Street—will be

removed because the separated bike way collects rubbish,

leaves, snow, and ice, making it difficult for street crews to

clean. Bikes will now use clearly marked lanes between the

road and sidewalk.

Insider, Summer 2019 • 3

F&S Customer Forum

4 • University of Illinois Facilities & Services

F&S held its 2019 Customer Forum at the I Hotel and

Conference Center on Wednesday, May 1. More than 125

campus customers attended the event, and approximately

60 F&S staff were on hand to help with everything from

registration to presenting breakout or poster sessions. This

eighth customer forum is part of an ongoing initiative to

improve customer satisfaction, foster collaboration across

campus, and fulfill the organization’s vision of being a

responsive, reliable, and highly valued service provider.

During the plenary session, F&S Executive Director Dr.

Mohamed Attalla highlighted F&S’ strategic plan for 2019

2023. Discussing initiatives for FY20, he remarked on the

importance of diversity and inclusion, change management,

capital project delivery, and a plan for establishing service

levels; he also gave an overview of deferred maintenance

levels on the Urbana campus. Also discussed were on-time

and on-budget project management, a long-term energy

management plan, sustainability, space management,

and safety.

The day began with refreshments and posters sessions;

11 different areas and shops represented their work and

furthered the dialogue with their customers. Three breakout

sessions allowed customers to hear more in-depth

details about capital projects, sustainability, and building

service workers.

To view the presentations, visit

2019 Customer Forum Highlights

The F&S Customer Forum strengthened the partnerships between F&S and campus.

Eleven areas were represented at the F&S Customer Forum poster sessions: Locksmiths; Card Access; Carpenters; Furniture Restorers; Mill Shop;

Paint/Sign Shop; Operations, Maintenance & Alterations; Service Office; Utilities & Energy Services (UES); Engineering & Construction Services;

and Safety and Compliance.

F&S Customer Updates

Primary Contact Required

Striving for additional ways to improve communications between F&S and

its campus customers, all service requests through the my.FS portal now

require a “primary contact” for each work order. After the craftsperson is

assigned a service request, he/she will follow up with the primary contact

regarding the work order.

The primary contact is not required to be the person completing the

request online; the requestor may assign that role to someone who will

be on site or otherwise manage the work on the customer’s side.

“We want to keep campus customers updated on the status of their work,

and the primary contact information will help us better accomplish that,”

said Assistant Superintendent of Building Maintenance Mark Barcus.

Service Rates

F&S service rates (billable hourly rate)

are determined annually and are

examined by the F&S Rate Review

Committee, a group chartered by the

Office of the Provost. Each shop at

F&S features different requirements

for work, staffing levels, and overhead.

Current service rates are available

on the F&S website at


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During the summer, the Urbana campus becomes

a center of construction activity as new facilities,

renovations, and repairs are vital to meeting the

university’s strategic goals.

Campus Instructional Facility

Will provide state-of-the-art instructional facilities, such as I-FLEX

classrooms and other collaborative learning environments

“There’s always going to be large-scale building projects,

street repairs, and utility work that has to be done,” said

Associate Director of Capital Programs, Project Management

Clarence Odom. “We just want to put the least

amount of disruption as possible on the students,

faculty, and staff.”

Substantial completion is expected by the start of the

fall semester for the Henry Dale and Betty Smith Football

Center, Foellinger Auditorium (stairs reconstruction), and

Education Building (plaza wall repairs). Projects will also

include multiple restroom renovations, roof replacements,

elevator upgrades, and classroom and laboratory


Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building

Will touch up approximately 66,000 GSF and build a new

five-level, 30,000 GSF addition

“Our goal through these projects is to improve the students’

lives and their learning experiences,” said Odom. “Because

the ‘classroom’ is bigger than just the inside of four walls;

students are now learning everywhere they go, and we are

creating a living learning lab throughout campus.”

“Our goal through these

projects is to improve the

students’ lives and their

learning experiences.”

Clarence Odom, associate

director of Capital Programs,

project management

Siebel Center for Design at Illinois

Will convene people in this 60,000 GSF design center and immerse them in

meaningful challenges for which they design solutions

6 • University of Illinois Facilities & Services

Civil Engineering Hydrosystems Laboratory –

Renovation and Expansion

Will renovate and expand the laboratory and build a new “smart”

suspension pedestrian bridge that will connect the Hydrosystems

Laboratory addition to the Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory

Biggest of Its Kind

Dining hall to offer a multitude of options

Foellinger Auditorium – North Stairs Reconstruction

Will renovate the entire north stairway with new

foundations, granite risers, handrails, cheek walls,

doors, and light fixtures

There’s a new dining option coming to town, and it’s going to

offer pizza, sandwiches, international options, private dining

space, comfort food, 24/7 breakfast, coffee, tea, and all the specialdiet-specific

dining (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc.) to cater to

a wide audience. This is not a mega-fusion restaurant but rather

the result of the Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR) dining hall

renovation and addition slated for completion in May 2020.

Anyone with an i-card will have access to the dining hall. You

can go cashless with funds placed on the i-card, use your debit

or credit card, or purchase a faculty/staff meal plan.

Families and visitors are welcome as long as they are

with someone with an i-card.

When the new ISR dining hall opens, it will be the

second largest dining facility (after the United States Air

Force Academy) and the largest on a university campus

in the country. The hall will seat up to 1,300 people at a

time and will feature nine mini-restaurants, each with

a unique theme and decor. Students will also be able to

access a “demo kitchen,” where they can learn how to

prepare dishes from professional chefs.

DIA – Soccer/Track Complex

Will include state-of-the-art amenities, such as locker rooms, video

and meeting rooms, lounge and study spaces, sports medicine

and nutrition facilities, and coaches’ offices

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High School and College Students Learn at F&S

Two new programs brought students to work at F&S this summer. The high school–

based Pre-Apprenticeship Program and the college-based Student Diversity Internship

Program both strive to give interested individuals an opportunity to explore future

employment options in the crafts and trades and facilities management industry.

F&S Pre-Apprenticeship Program participants, foremen, and supervisors

Executive Director Mohamed Attalla believes in the future of F&S crafts and trades. “The earlier we

can connect with students and expose them to possible career paths, the more prepared students

will be when they graduate to either enter a registered apprentice program or pursue a relateddegree

field. Another benefit is that these students can also take their experiences back to their

schools and promote opportunities to others.”


By reaching out to juniors and seniors at Champaign

Centennial and Central, Novak Academy, Urbana,

and Rantoul Township high schools as part of the

Pre-Apprenticeship Program, F&S can make contact

with students who may have an interest in the

crafts and trades.

“We want to connect with them in high school

because the earlier they can start thinking about

a future career the better,” said Eric Smith, director

of Human Resources, Diversity, and Strategy. “We

know they hear a lot about college, but they don’t

hear about the skilled trades as an alternative path.”


University of Illinois undergraduate and graduate

students can take part in the Student Diversity

Internship Program, which gives underrepresented

minorities experience in areas such as architecture,

safety, information technology, or communications.

“The primary goals are to try to pique the students’

interest, get a diverse pool of students who are studying

in areas that are related to what we have here at

F&S, and try to provide those students with a hands-on

opportunity while they’re still in college,” said Smith.

“This program is also one of the many ways F&S can

collaborate with the academic side of the university.”

University of Illinois Student Diversity Internship Program participants and F&S directors

8 • University of Illinois Facilities & Services

Commencement means a beginning, one where the University

of Illinois welcomes newly minted degree holders as alumni

of one of the world’s best higher education institutions.

For the graduates, commencement also represents the

completion of hundreds of hours of work: difficult tests,

lengthy research papers, and endless nights at the library.

Commencement is also the culmination of long hours, high

pressure, and heightened expectations for another group on

campus: the staff of F&S. When thousands descend upon the

Urbana campus for Commencement Weekend, everything—

from grounds to facilities and from restrooms to stairways—

needs to shine.

Paul Jensen, Public Functions supervisor, and his staff help

execute the premier multiday event of the academic year.

As the name implies, Public Functions helps set up and put

on events across campus all year. They supply necessities like

American and State of Illinois flags, podiums, barricades,

plenty of plywood, tables, chairs, banners, and other signage.

“The staff of Public Functions works hard to make every

commencement event a success,” Jensen said. “They’re

a talented group of people, and they always deliver

great results.”

Superintendent of Grounds Ryan Welch, oversees the landscape

management of 930 acres

of outdoor space on campus, notably

including trees and shrubs,

flowers, and lawn areas like the

Main Quad.

F&S workers installed new

pavers in front of the Alice

Campbell Alumni Center.

“Commencement is one of the

campus’s biggest days of the year,

and the Grounds department

looks forward to preparing for

the event,” said Welch. “We strive

to make the university’s outdoor

Public Functions

workers set up

chairs in Huff Hall.

features look as beautiful as possible by planting flowers,

mulching beds, and keeping the lawns well-manicured.”

Building service workers clean the floors, walls, doors,

doorknobs, bathrooms, windows, and stairs, and they take

care of facility entrances and interior spaces.

Superintendent of Building Services Randy Kornegay said,

“We’ll do a walk-through of buildings in mid-April to make

sure things are as they should be, and then we will keep it

looking great.”

At various ceremonies, the electricians make sure all audio/

visual infrastructure is in place and operational for the

weekend. Much of the work takes place at Huff Hall, where

staff hang projectors from the ceiling and ensure the public

address system allows the audience to hear the proceedings.

F&S Executive Director Mohamed Attalla, who is in his first

year at the university, got to see the results of F&S’ hard work

firsthand when he participated in the faculty procession.

“It was great to march in academic regalia with colleagues and

to see all that F&S contributes to a successful year with these

great graduates,” said Attalla. “At F&S, Commencement Weekend

always means a team effort.”

Did You Know?

F&S plants more than 8,000 annual flowers before graduation, and approximately

the same number are planted in late May to avoid possible late frost damage.

Insider, Summer 2019 • 9

Academic Collaboration

Makes a Difference

How do you improve campus recycling efforts?

Get the students involved!

Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Jeff Roesler

has worked with F&S since 2013 on a project-based

learning class (CEE398PBL) that will be required for all

CEE students after fall 2020.

As part of the instruction, students address all types of

real-world challenges within the framework of the Urbana

campus. One recent collaboration resulted in producing

more visible recycling options at the university. Students

examined walking patterns, conducted surveys, and wrote

a report; eventually, they landed on a “dual bin” option that

gives pedestrians on campus the choice to put trash and

recycling in the appropriate bins—recycling or landfill. The

new bins are located in high traffic areas around campus.

“This course equips students to tackle, study, and propose

solutions to campus infrastructure challenges through

mentoring by faculty and F&S engineers,” said Roesler.

“The development and success of this course is tied

directly to the outstanding support and relationship

with F&S technical staff.”

Academic collaboration is an essential component to the

future of F&S and a major theme emphasized in the F&S

Strategic Plan. F&S can contribute industrial expertise to

research projects, provide data, make facilities available

as living laboratories, offer tours for classes and special

events, engage students in experiential learning opportunities,

provide grants for research projects, and endorse

research initiatives with federal granting agencies.

“This course equips students to tackle,

study, and propose solutions to campus

infrastructure challenges through mentoring

by faculty and F&S engineers.”

Jeff Roesler, CEE associate head and

director of Graduate Studies and Research

Dual bins make it easier to choose to recycle.

10 • University of Illinois Facilities & Services

The Importance of Protecting Boneyard Creek

Nearly 400 volunteers from the local community—including more than 30 from F&S—spent a sunny

Saturday morning in April cleaning areas in and around local urban stream corridors as part of the

Boneyard Creek Community Day. The total area cleaned measured more than six miles of shoreline

and nearly 470 acres, with 30 cubic yards of trash collected.

The event brings together everyone with a unified vision: sustaining the area’s urban waterways

through organized litter cleanup and the removal of invasive species, helping to restore natural

habitat, and showcasing the amenity value of a healthy ecosystem. Volunteers gathered at Scott Park

on campus to use buckets, gloves, and extendable claw grabbers to pick up plastic bags, paper, and

other rubbish all over campus. After cleaning up around Champaign-Urbana, volunteers enjoyed

educational displays, music, and food.

Boneyard Creek Community Day fulfills the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Stormwater

(MS4) Permit Best Management Practices (BMPs) for public engagement and public

education. The Stormwater Management Program meets the requirements of the university’s

permit with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and allows the university to

discharge stormwater into its receiving streams.

“We value local waterways and believe this event

helps engage the campus and the local community

in awareness and our responsibility to be good

stewards of our resources.”

Maureen Banks, director of Safety and Compliance

Boneyard Creek Community Day is a collaborative partnership involving the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Facilities & Services, City

of Champaign, Keep Champaign Beautiful, Champaign Park District, City of Urbana, Urbana Park District, Prairie Rivers Network, Village of Savoy,

Champaign County Soil & Water Conservation District, Champaign County Design & Conservation Foundation, Farnsworth Group, and Fehr Graham.

Insider, Summer 2019 • 11

1501 South Oak Street

Champaign, IL 61820

Shop Spotlight: Furniture Shop

Here to Make You Comfortable

The F&S furniture restorers specialize in giving old furniture

a fresh look. Their expertise includes both age-old

woodworking techniques and the newest equipment

technology, allowing the team to bring new life to pieces,

no matter the age or condition.

“We put a lot of time and energy into each piece, and what

we do as a craft is also considered an art form,” said Tracy

Collom, furniture restoration foreman.

Past projects have included many older pieces of furniture

from places like Busey, Evans, and Clark Halls. Additionally,

the furniture restorers have worked on items from the

music and sitting room on the main level of the President’s

House—many of which are more than 100 years old.

If a facility manager wants a budget-friendly option, the

shop recommends going to the university’s Surplus

F&S furniture

restorers give new

life to upholstered


Warehouse to pick out pieces of used furniture; the team

can then clean, refurbish, or restore it.

“Not many furniture items made today surpass the

longevity of older furniture made decades ago,” said Collom.

“They were intentionally made to stand the test of time but

also to be repairable and restorable.”

For furniture restoration services,

contact the F&S Service Office, 333-0340

Lincoln Hall display case – before and after

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