Charlotte Pride Magazine - August 2019 - Inaugural Edition


The new Charlotte Pride Magazine makes its inaugural edition debut! An annual publication profiling Charlotte Pride programs, the annual festival and parade, interviews, features, community resource directory, and more! Your year-round guide to LGBTQ Charlotte.

Afro-Latina with a

Rainbow Flag

by Judith Barriga

With candela and tumbao, Amara La Negra has captivated crowds at concerts

and on the screen during her early years, making her the most controversial

Afro-Latina of the moment. She was born and raised in the USA to Dominican

parents, beginning her career at only 4 years old in the popular show “Sabado Gigante”

where she shares with us that she matured as an artist and as a person.

“I’m forever grateful to my mother for the life I have and for my career. I have Latino and

Afro roots and I’m very proud of it”, said the exotic performer that radiates energy on all her

performances with her brown skin color and afro background.


With lots of charisma, she leaves her mark on the stage, in a new phase of her career, Amara

La Negra empowers and makes today’s woman dance on her album ‘Unstoppable’.

“My music is lively, fun and it cheers you up. Many times people distort the idea of one’s

style or lyrics, but I believe that as women, we can take ownership of what we do and enjoy

the ride” said the singer.

Defending her identity and style, the Hip Hop and R&B singer, Amara has taken a position

that defends her Latinidad, culture, and language.

“It gives me a lot of pride to represent the Latino community in the English speaking

market and internationally. I stick my Spanglish here and there and raise the Dominican

flag up high”, said La Negra, who got to be a dancer in the Latin Grammys also sharing the

stage with big music icons like Celia Cruz, Tito Puentes, and La India.

With a strong personality and big charisma, the force of Amara La Negra give voice to the

causes of the Rainbow Flag, identifying herself with the LGBTQ community in the US and in

the rest of the world.

“In a way I identify with them, we’re liberal, they understand our energy, they want to be

free to express themselves without being judged and that’s how I feel” said Amara

who has performed at the World Pride in New York and San Francisco Pride.

Irreverent, rebellious, as she describes herself, she wholeheartedly thanks

everyone for the trust and support she has received from the LGBTQ

community and from the international community.

“I’m so grateful, and in love with the community, for so much love

that they’ve given me, for believing in me. With a lot of Pride for

the opportunity of giving talent to my music, my art and

energy and we still have so much more to give” concluded

Amara La Negra who announced her participation

at the upcoming Charlotte Pride on August 17-18.

This English translation of our feature on

page 30 was provided by Denise Coleman.



“I’m so grateful, and in

love with the community,

for so much love that

they’ve given me,

for believing in me.”