Charlotte Pride Magazine - August 2019 - Inaugural Edition


The new Charlotte Pride Magazine makes its inaugural edition debut! An annual publication profiling Charlotte Pride programs, the annual festival and parade, interviews, features, community resource directory, and more! Your year-round guide to LGBTQ Charlotte.



Welcome to our first edition of our Charlotte Pride Magazine. I cannot think of a

better time to debut this inaugural issue than during the 50th anniversary of

Stonewall. This magazine, much like all our Charlotte Pride programs, is a labor

of love, passion, and intentionality. We are beyond excited to share it with you.

It has been said before, in numerous ways, our Movement for Queer Liberation has come a

really long way since Stonewall, yet there’s so much more that we must continue to fight for. I

couldn’t agree more. I moved to North Carolina in 1998 and have seen our queer community

change drastically in the past twenty years. We are multi-racial, multi-generational, and nonbinary.

We are black, immigrant, and Muslim. We’re entrepreneurs, teachers, construction

workers, lawyers, and low-income workers. We want affordable housing, living wages,

economic opportunity, a brighter future for our kids and our environment. In many ways

these identities and experiences may seem new, yet we’ve always been all of these things.

The difference now is that these voices and these experiences are becoming more visible, are

being valued, and brought forth. We must continue to challenge our community about what it

means to be queer and create spaces for those voices and stories to be shared.

It is this diversity of lived experiences, perspectives, and identities that make our community

and our organization stronger! I’m extremely thankful to our Charlotte Pride staff, Matt Comer

and Jerry Yelton, for all they have done to guide our work, including for leading our amazing

volunteers and Board of Directors into a more equitable, diverse, and intentional organization.

Much like our broader movement, we have a long way to go but we are headed in the right

direction. I look forward to seeing our community celebrate and increase the visibility of the

unique lives and experiences of our LGBTQ+ community, not just during the annual Charlotte

Pride Festival and Parade, but throughout the year. My hope for Charlotte Pride and for all of

you is to feel comfortable sitting at the intersection of celebrating our accomplishments and

not losing sight of the continued struggle for the liberation of all of our communities.

Enjoy this magazine, celebrate our community, and think about how you can contribute to a

more equitable and brighter future for all!

With Love,

Daniel Valdez

President, Charlotte Pride Board of Directors


Photo Credit Top: Gina Esquivel

Photo Credit Bottom: Jack Stuts