Charlotte Pride Magazine - August 2019 - Inaugural Edition


The new Charlotte Pride Magazine makes its inaugural edition debut! An annual publication profiling Charlotte Pride programs, the annual festival and parade, interviews, features, community resource directory, and more! Your year-round guide to LGBTQ Charlotte.

Charlotte Pride MAGAZINE


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When many Charlotteans think of Charlotte Pride, it’s understandable that the first thing to pop in their minds might be

our annual festival and parade. After all, the Charlotte Pride Festival & Parade is the region’s largest and most visible

LGBTQ event. Each year’s festival and parade offers the single-greatest opportunity for LGBTQ people in Charlotte

and the Carolinas to connect with their friends, their family, community resources, and LGBTQ-owned or -affirming business. In

2018, more than 165,000 visitors attended the event. But Charlotte Pride isn’t only active in August. Like most other community

nonprofits, we have programs and projects throughout the year. We take our mission seriously — to empower, strengthen, and

make visible the unique lives and experiences of LGBTQ people — not just once a year, but on each and every day throughout the


Charlotte Pride’s board, staff and volunteers have been hard at work ensuring that our programs intentionally reach as many

people as possible across the wide and beautiful spectrum that comprises the local and regional LGBTQ community. With the

intersectionality of our collective, lived experiences in mind, we’ve reshaped existing programs or crafted entirely new outreach

projects to better connect with our city.

Last spring, we worked with PFLAG Charlotte and Transcend Charlotte to present a special film screening for Trans Day of Visibility.

The film, “Becoming More Visible,” focused on the unique experiences of several transgender people. Following the film, a panel

discussion of local trans community members discussed the film and their own personal experiences. 2018’s Trans Day of Visibility

event marked a new beginning for Charlotte Trans Pride, a trans outreach and visibility program of Charlotte Pride.

Charlotte Trans Pride has gone on to present several other projects and activities. In October 2018, Charlotte Trans Pride supported

the inaugural International Pronouns Day by creating a series of online educational and awareness resources designed to be shared

on social media networks. Also in the fall, Charlotte Pride was honored to support a community-wide event for November’s Trans

Day of Remembrance. And, this spring, Charlotte Trans Pride reprised its Trans Day of Visibility event by presenting a larger, more

community focused event with partner PFLAG Charlotte. The March 2019 event included more than two dozen organizations in a

community resource fair and the talents of trans artists and entertainers.

Over the past two years, our annual LGBTQ film festival, Reel Out Charlotte, held its 10th annual event. In 2018 and again this

spring, our focus was to dramatically increase the number of LGBTQ-centered films highlighting the new and diverse viewpoints and

experiences, including those of people of color, trans and gender-nonconfirming, people, youth, elders, immigrants, and more.

Charlotte Latinx Pride continued its programming throughout 2018 and into the new year. In the summer of 2018, Latinx Pride,

a program of Charlotte Pride, gathered community members together to remember the lives lost in 2016’s tragic Pulse Orlando

shooting. In December, Latinx Pride partnered with the Arts & Science Council to host photographer Nelson Morales and his photo

exhibit of local LGBTQ Latinx community members during the program’s annual Latinx Pride Expo. Later, this May, Latinx Pride again

showcased Morales’ work alongside visual and other artistic talents from performers at the Latinx Pride Arts Showcase. (Read more

about Morales and his photography work on page 48.)

Charlotte Pride’s commitment to LGBTQ visibility in the arts was also felt in our support this year of local artist-activist Andrea

Downs’ women’s-focused “Airing Out The Dirty Laundry” project, expanded community auditions for each year’s festival stages,

and increased resources for Flourish: A Celebration of LGBTQ Arts and Culture, Charlotte Pride’s mini- arts festival within the larger

Charlotte Pride Festival.

As we headed into Pride season this year, Charlotte Pride was honored to work with a variety of community organizations and

community leaders to present the June 15, 2019, Stonewall 50th Anniversary Rally in Romare Bearden Park. With two dozen

speakers, the event was a true call to action — in keeping with the spirit of Stonewall and our shared Queer Liberation Movement.

Throughout the year, Charlotte Pride has also striven to increase its volunteer outreach and community involvement efforts by

offering new and imaginitive events with structured social activities. Our Interfaith Programs have expanded beyond each year’s

Interfaith Service to support a wide range of intersectional faith programs. Outside of Queen City, Charlotte Pride has continued

to support the efforts of InterPride, the International Association of Pride Organizers, through donations to support smaller Pride

organizations who seek to attend InterPride conferences and other events. In March 2020, Charlotte Pride will host a joint regional

conference bringing together Pride organizers from both the Northeastern and Southeastern regions of InterPride.

Be it in August, October, February or March — the Charlotte Pride team is always hard at work fulfilling our mission to make our

community more empowered and more visibile. Want to join us in our important work? We are always welcoming new volunteer

leaders and will soon open applications for team coordinators for the 2019-2020 year. Learn more at