IKEA Catalog 2020


Renewable energy,

brighter future

Worldwide, more than a billion people lack access

to safe, reliable and affordable energy sources.

They instead have to rely on dirty fuels like kerosene,

charcoal and firewood to cook food, light their homes,

and meet other basic needs.

This number previously included Rajeshwari, a

12-year-old living with her family in a village in the

forests surrounding the Southern Indian town of

Male Mahadeshwarabetta. Like many others in India,

their village lacked access to reliable electricity.

But thanks to the work of SELCO Foundation,

supported by the IKEA Foundation, they now receive

power from a renewable energy enterprise set up in

their community. They are among approximately

160,000 adults and 400,000 children in India who will

soon also enjoy healthier and more sustainable homes,

better healthcare and greater educational opportunities

through renewable energy.

The IKEA Foundation remains committed to powering

communities in India and around the world with

renewable energy.

This solar-powered

pump means drawing

water is less labourintensive


Rajeshwari and her


A solar-powered

mobile health clinic

allows her grandmother

to receive

care at home.


every season!

286 IKEA Foundation

The solar-powered mill is

convenient for the community,

and helps Rajeshwari’s mother

earn an additional income.

To learn more about the foundation’s

work, and take a tour of Rajeshwari’s

village - go to IKEAFoundation.org



$2 99

PÄRKLA Storage case. 100%

polyester and polypropylene

plastic. W55×D49×H19cm.


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