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Annual Safety Kids Camp teaches disaster preparedness, more

Abhinanda Datta

Assistant Editor

From knowing about

preparedness during natural

disasters to saving the

life of someone drowning,

nine children learned how

to navigate some major

safety concerns.

Organized by the Homer

Township Fire Protection

District, the Annual

Safety Kids Camp from

Aug. 6 through Thursday,

Aug. 8, at Station 1 in

Homer Glen saw participants

gaining hands-on

experience and learning

how to keep themselves

— as well as others

around them — safe.

“We wanted to offer a

new experience for kids

to spend some time in the

station and learn more

about the fire department

and things to keep them

safe,” said Dave Bricker,

division chief of fire prevention.

The three-day summer

camp covered a variety

of topics, including basic

first aid and hands-only

CPR, personal safety, as

well as online/social media


On the first day, children

saw how fire extinguishers

are used and even tried

using them themselves,

discussed various types

of fires, received an overview

of the fire engine and

talked about natural disasters.

“Fire extinguishers are

important, as this tool can

be a great first line of defense

against fire,” Bricker


As they walked around

the fire engine and used the

hose, they realized the true

potential of the vehicle.

“The engine demo

showed them all the equipment

on the engine and

how they do much more

than just fight fire,” Bricker


The fire engine has

to carry firefighters and

equipment to burning

buildings, as well as pump

large volumes of water,

sometimes over long distances,

to extinguish the

flames. Typical fire trucks

carry about 500 gallons

of water and draw from

hydrants near the scene.

They also carry assorted

portable extinguishers for

tackling smaller or more

unusual fires.

While discussing natural

disasters, children learned

the importance of having

sufficient food and water

in the home safety kits.

Bricker said the topics

covered during the second

day were vital.

“Ambulance review,

along with first aid, is important

to start teaching

them how to help with

small injuries and getting

them used to what the firefighters

do in the ambulance

to treat people,” he


Next, they met a

WESCOM dispatcher.

“It is important to have

a real dispatcher talking to

them about what is expected

on the phone during an

emergency call,” Bricker

said. “They learned about

the importance of staying

on the line, remaining

calm and listening to the

dispatch instructions.”

The last day began with

a visit from the four-legged

companions, who joined

the Will County Sheriff’s

Office to demonstrate what

dogs can do.

With several water bodies

in the area, it is also

important for children to

know about water safety,

Bricker said.

Danielle Fary, firefighter

Public Education Coordinator Danielle Fary discusses water safety during the Annual Safety Kids Camp on

Thursday, Aug. 8, in Homer Glen. Photos by Abhinanda Datta/22nd Century Media

paramedic and public education

coordinator, conducted

an extensive discussion

on how to be safe,

whether it is stormy or the

lakes are frozen. She strictly

forbade them to play on

the ice, as it is difficult to

gauge its thickness.

Since 2017, the safety

camp has helped children

be more aware of the dangers

surrounding them,

and it will be open for all

8- to 11-year-olds once

again next summer.

“Like any public education

that we do, anytime

we can spread the message

of safety, we hope that the

kids go home and tell their

family and friends about

some of the messages,”

Bricker said. “This camp

gives the kids an opportunity

to see the firefighters

in a different setting other

than emergencies.”

Capt. Brian Jamrok demonstrates how to use a throw bag to rescue a drowning


4 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon news


From Aug. 12

Man dies after

crashing into

tree, culvert in

Homer Glen

Thomas Czaja, Editor

A Lockport man died

Saturday, Aug. 10, from

injuries he sustained when

the vehicle he was driving

crashed into a tree and

culvert in Homer Glen, according

to the Will County

Coroner’s Office.

Anthony Kladis, 53,

crashed by the intersection

of 138th Street and Lemont

Road, according to a

press release issued by the

Coroner’s Office. He was

pronounced dead at 3:40

p.m. at the Silver Cross

Hospital emergency room.

An autopsy performed

Sunday, Aug. 11, showed

preliminary indications

that Klaudis sustained

multiple injuries from the

crash, according to the

press release. The final

cause and manner of death

is to be determined pending

police, autopsy and

toxicological reports.

The Will County Sheriff’s

Office is investigating

the crash and did not immediately

return a request

for comment.

For more on this and other

Breaking News, visit Homer


visit us

online at



Area Young Rembrandts owner receives national award

Butler School

among those who

offer art program

Sean Hastings

Contributing Editor

Tess Gutkowski, of Mokena,

was introduced to

Young Rembrandts when

her daughter Allie — who

is now in eighth grade —

was in kindergarten.

“I signed her up and after

the first two classes — I

knew my daughter could

draw well for a kindergartner,

but she came home

with a scarecrow, and I actually

went to the teacher

and asked her, ‘This is

great. Allie colored the picture

you drew for her beautifully,

when are you going

to teach her to draw?’ And

the teacher at the time said,

‘Your daughter drew this,’”

Gutkowski said.

The next semester came

around, and they needed a

mom helper, so she volunteered.

She thought she was

just going to be an instructor,

but instead she bought

her own territory in the

southwest suburbs of Chicago.

The seven schools the

branch partners with are

Haines Elementary, Nelson

Prairie, Nelson Ridge,

Oster-Oakview, Spencer

Pointe, Spencer Trail Kindergarten

Center and Tyler


The branch also partners

with Mokena Elementary

School and Mokena Intermediate

School in Mokena;

Grand Prairie Elementary

and Chelsea Intermediate

School in Frankfort; Butler

School in Homer Community

Consolidated School

District 33C; and St. Joseph

School in Lockport.

Along with owning the

branch, Gutkowski also

teaches two classes per


Posing for a photo are (left to right) OJ Reynolds, area representative in Scottsdale,

Arizona; founder of Young Rembrandts, Bette Fetter; and Tess Gutkowski. Gutkowski

and Reynolds both were honored with the 1,500 Student Award at the groups’

conference on July 25 at the Embassy Suites in Rosemont. Photo submitted

And it is the dedication

from her and her teachers

in all the schools that

helped her earn the 1,500

Student Award, which is

given to branch owners

during a conference on July

25 at the Embassy Suites

in Rosemont for averaging

1,500 students per week for

the entire school year.

“It’s an honor,” she said.

“It’s not just my honor. It’s

my staff. The teachers I

have that are on my team.

It’s what they bring to the

classroom that helped us

retain that 1,500 students a

week number. We want to

share art with as many kids

as we can.

“We call it the After

School Drawing Club in

my schools. They want

to be a part of something.

Where maybe they’re not

sporty, art and drawing is

the next best thing to make

them feel they are a part of

a community.”

Gutkowski is now living

out her dream of being an

art instructor, even though

that is not what she went to

school for because she was

talked out of that idea when

she was younger.

She was told she needed

to go into corporate America,

so she spent 18 years

working in an office. She

said she loved her job and

the people she worked with

but is now doing exactly

what she always wanted.

Gutkowski is now letting

the students in the program

know that art can be a career.

“I think the schools today

are recognizing how

important the arts are,” Gutkowski.

“We think schools,

the first thing they cut out

of their budget is the art or

music class. They focus

on math, reading, history,

which I’m not saying aren’t

important, but these kids

miss out on a world of a different

opportunity. Art can

become a career someday. I

wish more and more schools

would bring it back.”

She added they are the

perfect partner for schools

that already have strong art

programs because they can

focus on different things

and are also a perfect partner

for the schools that do

not have an art program.

She does that because

she remembers when she

was in seventh grade and

had a teacher who made her

fall in love with art and allowed

her to see it as a possible


A semester-long project,

which required the students

to design their own album

cover, is what let her and

her classmates be creative

and show their personality.

She called her band “The

Fantastics,” and it had big

bubble letters and was “so

[19]70s,” she joked.

It was her first time that

she was not “pinned down”

to a certain way a piece had

to be done.

“That is what Young

Rembrandts is about,” Gutkowski

said. “Of course

we have a curriculum that

we are following. We are

helping children to see a

picture and break it down

into manageable shapes for

them. We work on the same

drawing as a team, and

that changes from week

to week, but we’re really

trying to get them to think

about the right [side of the]


The students spend 30

minutes following instructions,

but for the next 30

minutes are able to add

their personality into the

painting without taking

away from the art they did.

Gutkowski is partnered

with 94 schools right now

and is eyeing triple digits,

but she is mostly focused

on getting the 94 up and

running. Come November,

though, she may be knocking

on some principals’


She is in her seventh year

with Young Rembrandts.

She said she is excited to

get to 10 years and has already

told founder Bette

Fetter that she is going to

have her for another 10.

For more information,

visit youngrem



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6 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon news


Young girl continues

recovery amid much

community support

Abhinanda Datta

Assistant Editor

A young Lockport resident’s

accident on June 7

had left the entire community


Four-year-old Gabby

Matlak had fallen into the

pool at a friend’s house,

sustaining life-threatening

injuries, and was subsequently

taken to the Lurie

Children’s Hospital. After

days of excruciating

agony, Gabby’s condition

has taken a turn for

the better.

According to Becca

Matlack-Hodges, Gabby’s

aunt, her breathing tube

has been removed and

that was “a very big step

for her.”

“She is currently using

the BiPap at night but is

breathing room air majority

of the day,” Matlak-

Hodges said.

Gabby was having

trouble feeding and the

doctors had to use a nasojejunal

tube — used for

those with weaker digestion

— that bypasses the

stomach to carry food to

the second portion of the

small intestine.

But, she is now able

to use a nasogastric

tube instead that carries

food directly to her


“She has been opening

her eyes gradually the last

few weeks; she is not focusing

on anyone or anything

yet but it’s nice to be

able to see her pretty blue

eyes,” Matlak-Hodges

said. “She has also been

able to be pushed in her

chair around on her hospital


The next step for her is

to come home and begin

the rehab program.

“We don’t know exactly

when that will be but once

she is home and stable,

we are hoping to try the

HBOT hyperbaric oxygen

therapy treatment for

Gabby that could help her

brain and body heal,” she


Matlak-Hodges said she

is overwhelmed by the

Bob Spychalski


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• Free professional & drone photography

• Strong online & social media exposure

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than market average

• Local Resident






5 Star Rating

Gabby’s parents, Tim and Paula, and her siblings, Alex and Lilly, spend time with her at the Lurie Children’s

Hospital. Photo submitted

community’s support and

is in awe of the sheer volume

of people that “can

come together for a little


Fundraisers were held

by Culver’s, Mangia, St.

John’s Church, Sizzles,

Dellwood Tire & Auto

Repair and Country Grill.

The Veterans of Foreign

Wars set up a table for

donations and items that

people could buy in support

of Gabby. In addition

to these, local businesses

set up donation jars along

with Gabby’s story for

passersby to read.

“Our hearts are so full

knowing everyone is

standing behind Gabby.

People keep coming out

of nowhere, messaging

and emailing me saying

that they want to help; it’s

absolutely amazing,” she


Matlak-Hodges said

that residents have helped

them in various ways.

Emotionally, they have

kept Gabby’s parents Tim

and Paula strong, knowing

that they are not in this

alone. Their support has

also been from a financial


“It has released some

burden for her parents to

focus on Gabby and stay

with her every step of

the way,” Matlak-Hodges

said. “They haven’t

worked since the accident,

and it releases a lot of

stress knowing how much

everyone is donating and

putting money, gift cards,

food and even toys for all

three of the kids.”

The next big event will

be a motorcycle ride,

from Heritage Harley

in Lisle to the VFW in

Lockport, called Gas It

Up for Gabby. This Sept.

8 event will have a silent

auction, food, music and

entertainment. Updates

can be found on the Go

Pink for Gabby Facebook


“From the short messages

sent, the pink

clothes and pink ribbons

decorating your neighborhoods,

to the donations

and prayers we are receiving.

We cannot thank

each and every one of

you enough. Gabby and

her family have a long

road ahead of them, but it

means so much to know

they have support standing

behind them,” Matlak-

Hodges said. “Accidents

like Gabby’s can happen

so fast, and it can happen

to anyone. We don’t

want anyone else to go

through the tragedy that

we have been faced with.

Water safety is so important,

and no one deserves

to go through something

like this.”

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the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 7

Homer Glen resident operates his New Lenox gym for over a year

Provi alumnus

grows Galgano


Systems business

Sean Hastings

Contributing Editor

Just over a year ago,

Homer Glen resident and

Providence graduate Cam

Galgano opened his own

gym in New Lenox.

Galgano Performance

Systems celebrated its

one-year anniversary June

3, and for Galgano, who

was not a business major,

rather an exercise science

major, it has been a fun

learning curve.

“It’s been awesome, especially

seeing from the

grassroots level, ground

level and seeing it have

over 100 athletes come

in,” Galgano said. “We’ve

got to work with kids from

[Lincoln-Way] West, [Lincoln-Way]

Central, Provi

and it’s been cool. I think

it’s set us up for some

years to come.”

While a lot of the clients

at GPS are athletes in

high school or college, it is

open to adults or anyone

looking to train.

Owning his own gym

was somewhat of a dream

for Galgano, who thought

it would come true when

he was in his 30s. But

after interviewing for an

internship his senior year

of college, he realized

it could happen much


“I went for a job interview

in Arizona at another

gym that is starting

to grow, and I thought,

‘I think I could do this at

home; right away when I

got back, I looked into getting

the LLC, but finding

the building was the hardest


Homer Glen resident Cam Galgano coaches some of the clients Aug. 2 at his Galgano Performance Systems Gym in New Lenox. Sean

Hastings/22nd Century Media

Located at 1024 S. Cedar

Road, GPS offers a

variety of training packages

which can be viewed

at trainatgps.com. The

gym includes free weights,

weight racks, medicine

ball training and a carpeted

area for different agility


No one is tied down to

their memberships and can

adjust it month-to-month.

Galgano said he never

wants to pigeonhole anyone.

For the first year, it was

only Galgano running the

show, but he added one

more trainer to his team

at the beginning of June.

Zach Speaker, who was

training at GPS when it

opened, is the only other

trainer at GPS.

“I came in to workout

during the winter, and Cam

and I were talking about

me maybe working here

in the future way down

the road,” Speaker said. “I

didn’t think it was a serious

thought at the time,

and then he called me one

day and asked if I wanted

to get trained and certified

and work here. I studied

for a long time, passed the

test and now I train here

ever since.”

Galgano said the two

will help work with people’s

certain goals. They

will give them an initial

assessment, find their

strengths and weaknesses

and put that into their

workout program.

“Anybody who has a

specific goal, that is who

were are looking for,” Galgano

said. “Anyone who is

looking to train, work hard

and have a goal and want

to complete that goal is

who we want.”

The most rewarding part

throughout the first year is

seeing his clients grow.

“There’s nothing better

than a kid who comes

in, scrawny, maybe not

the best athlete, but then

through the course of a

month, maybe a year, the

work they put in comes

to fruition,” Galgano said.

“There is nothing better

than to go see them play

and see them succeed.”

8 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon News


Staying safe

Safety for the summertime sun

Chris Dowdall

Contributing Columnist

With summer

comes temperatures


can pose a danger if not

properly accounted for.

Heat-related illnesses and

emergencies are one of the

most frequent emergencies

that fire departments

will encounter during the

summertime season.

In order to prevent these

emergencies, we must first

understand them.

The human body constantly

strives to maintain

homeostasis. Think

of homeostasis as your

body’s attempt to continue

to operate at equilibrium.

The body likes to maintain

the good and remove

the bad, and it does so by

bodily functions that we

all have become accustomed

to. One tool that

your body relies upon to

accomplish this is your

core temperature.

Your core temperature

is your body temperature

combined with the elements

of the environment

(heat, humidity, etc.) When

your core temperature

rises, your body begins

to sweat, which cools the

core temperature. When

the body is placed under

too much stress (exercise

or activity), or the elements

are too intense, a heatrelated

illness will occur

due to the body not being

able to regulate itself.

Once the human body

cannot regulate its core

temperature, a mild heatrelated

illness will occur

normally called heat exhaustion.

This may result

in heavy sweating, muscle

cramps or thirst. This is the

most preventable and correctable

stage of heat-related

illnesses. The symptoms

may include nausea, cool

or clammy skin, and possible


Simply remove the individual

from the environment.

Offer the individual

water and/or sports drink

and have them rest, and, if

needed, contact a medical

professional to address

how to move forward.

Heat stroke is the

result of heat exhaustion

that is not treated. It is a

life-threatening condition

that can have serious

ramifications. Once the

individual’s core temperature

and the body can no

longer regulate its cooling

mechanisms, the body

will progress from heat

exhaustion to heat stroke.

The symptoms that accompany

heat stroke are

similar to heat exhaustion.

However, the key difference

lies in the skin and

the heartbeat.

Heat exhaustion = slow

heart rate + cold and

clammy skin

Heat stroke = fast heart

rate + hot and dry skin

There are certain segments

of the population

that are more at risk for

experiencing a heat-related

illness, specifically children

and the elderly. Utilizing

the following precautions

and intervening before the

stages progress can ensure

that the whole family will

have a safe summer.

• Hydrate and avoid

drinks that will dehydrate

you (alcohol, coffee,

energy drinks)

• Check medications

• Apply sunblock and

avoid sunburn

• Wear loose clothing

It is important to remember

that these types

of emergencies are for

the most part avoidable.

With proper planning and

precautions, your family

can have the best type

of summer — a safe and

accident-free one.

Chris Dowdall is a Homer

Glen resident who is a nationally

and State of Illinoisregistered

EMT and also

certified as a Department of

Defense instructor. He has

completed two thesis papers

and other research papers

on public health issues and

has a master’s in emergency

management, global security

studies and human service


Nathan McCatty

Financial Advisor

15915SCrystal S Creek Dr

Suite G

Homer Glen, IL 60491


Cell 708-217-9891


Member SIPC

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10 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon school


School News

Lockport Township High


Students earn high honor,

honor roll distinctions

LTHS students named

to the second semester

High Honor Roll from the

Class of 2022 were: Peyton

Abdel-Razik, Vanessa

Aguirre, Jacob Ahrens,

Maryam Ajibola, Liliana

Alayyoub, Janae Alexander,

Tammer Ali, Gabriel

Allen-Cidon, Angel

Almazan, Alvaro Alvarez,

Michelle Alvarez Martinez,

Elizabeth Anderson,

Alyssa Andrews, Jazmyn

Angelo, Emilio Arias,

Kamryn Atzman, Jennifer

Babica, Angelica Bafia,

Courtney Baker, Leah

Baker, William Belczak,

Cristi Bentley, Lilah Bergbower,

Julia Berglund,

Jorie Bielik, Georgina

Bielski, Cierra Bilotto,

Andrew Blackburn-Forst,

Allison Bobek, Hayley

Bogdan, Jacob Boniecki,

Isabella Bozen, Tatum

Bush, Christina Byers,

James Calvert, Victoria

Campbell, Sophia Carrozza,

Katelyn Cavallo,

Iris Cazares, Maya Chandarana,

Carmen Joanne

Chavez, Sarah Chlebek,

Grace Christopher, Henry

Cichowski, Taylor Cobb,

Mikayla Edrianne Cocjin,

Jacob Collins, Logan Collom,

Lauren Connelly,

Paul Contreras, Nicholas

Costello, Dominic Crapia,

Angelica Cruz, Katherine

Cunningham, Ellie Curtis,

Gabriel Czako, Adam

Daki, Reagan Davidson,

Ashley DeBlecourt, Cameryn

DeBlecourt, Nicole

DeLeon, Karli DeMarco,

Ellie Denk, Kyra DeNormandie,

James Derrig,

Phoebe Diamond, Anelise

DiGiovanni, Anna

Domina, Dayna Dominguez,

Daniel Doyle, Noah

Drebing, Lucas Dunlap,

Ryan Durbin, Ryann Dykstra,

Cameron Edenburn,

Adam Eminger, Emma

Ericson, Charlotte Fahrner,

Dana Fakhreddine,

Alex Farkasch, Michael

Faybik, Madeline Felonk,

Kathleen Fennessy, Eileen

Ferriter, Anthony Ficek,

Gabriela Fiedor, Kevin

Fleming, Megan Flemming,

Grace Flynn, Emma

Forbes, Emily Formella,

Nolan Foster, Francesca

Frieri, Emma Fry, Nicholas

Fudala, Emily Gad,

Ethan Gallagher, Kennedy

Galloy, James Gannon,

McKenna Ganser,

Antonio Garcia Moreno,

Dominik Gasienica, Emily

Gattone, Ashley Gibbs,

Lynsey Glenn, Braeden

Goebbert, Olivia Gorgol,

Kristian Goss, Gavin Gucwa,

Bredge Gutierrez,

Julia Habas, Zoe Halatek,

Kailynn Hall-Myrick,

Claire Hamaker, Andrew

Handzel, Michael Hasso,

Teresa Hernandez-Gonzalez,

Kendal Herschbach,

Hanan Heshmeh, Natalie

Homerding, Joseph Houlihan,

Emilia Hughes,

Myah Hughes, Payton

Ignasiak, Mohammed Jaber,

Narjis Jafferi, Megan

Janik, Edgaras Jarusevicius,

Colin Jaskiewicz,

Jumana Jawhar, Tyler Jenczmionka,

Milca Jimenez,

Douglas Johnson, Rodrigo

Juarez Ovallos, Emilia

Jurzyk, John Kajmowicz,

Nathan Kaminski, Blake

Kashark, Ahmad Kawash,

Rebecca Kazmierczak,

Natalie Keltner, Madison

Kesteloot, Morgan

Kesteloot, Kyle Kevish,

Caitlyn Kies, Nicole Kijania,

Derek Kind, Skylar

Kirchman, Cora Kleber,

Paige Knight, Jessia Knippenberg,

Hannah Kofira,

Maya Kosieniak, Samuel

Koziol, Grace Kozuch,

Abigail Kreczmer, Gwennyth

Kriha, Aspen Kropf,

Michal Kuderski, Jacqueline

Kuffel, Joseph Kutz,

Isabel Kwak, Polixeni

Lavvas, Lukas Leja, Kaitlyn

Lesczynski, Gabriella

Lewis, Allison Leyden,

Rebecca Leyden, Meadow

Limoncello, Ryan

Little, Margaret Livesey,

America Lopez-Buendia,

Andrew LoPresti, Emma

Mackin, Caroline Maier,

Colin Majewski, Sophia

Marcial, Kasey Markusic,

Patrick Marshall, Anthony

Martens, Matthew Martinez,

Vanessa Martinez,

Ethan Martus, Allison

Mateja, Eliza Mattson,

Sarah Matuszek, Christopher

Maude, Brodan Mc-

Carthy, John McCormick,

Shane McEntee, Lauren

McGowan, Ashley Mendelson,

Jazmin Bianca

Mendoza, Matthew Merk,

Cheri Michalek, Matas

Mikuckas, Monika Mikuckas,

Olivia Milker,

Mariana Miranda, Patricia

Miszczak, Addison Mitchell,

Carlie Mitchell, Joshua

Mladic, Dylan Morgan,

Jessica Mueller, Max

Mueller, Thomas Mula,

Dominick Mulica, Vielka

Munoz, Amanda Musial,

Payton Myers, Jessica Nosalik,

Ariana Novak, Celena

Nowak, Colin OBoyle,

Emily OBoyle, Abigail

Obradovic, Lindsay Oldendorf,

Mikenna OLeary,

Michaella Olegario,

Emma Olsick, Alyssa Olson,

Gabriela Olszanski,

Zachary Ottolino, Atziry

Padilla, Lucas Pajeau,

Maya Palenik, Dennis

Papafotopoulos, Brinda

Parikh, Alexander Pastrana,

Sarah Pavela, Carly

Pearson, Naomi Pentell,

Maxwell Pericak, Lauren

Petraski, Ashley Phillips,

Hannah Pietrzycki, Ema

Pilelis, Morgan Piontek,

Taylor Piontek, Kenadee

Pitchford, Alex Podczerwinski,

Emily Pogwizd,

Rachel Pokorski, Alexis

Poulos, Olivia Procaccio,

Jack Pubentz, Emma

Punter, Nicole Radulski,

Ashanti Ramos, Mireyna

Ramos, Amber Ranney,

Isabella Rarick, Madison

Renfro, Benjamin Roark,

Keegan Roberson, Sophia

Rodrigues, Adrienne Rodriguez,

Miriam Rodriguez,

Isaiah Rogers, Nicolette

Rose, Braeden Roth,

Rileigh Rubar, Ivo Ruiz,

Manases Ruiz, Benjamin

Ryan, Courtney Ryan,

John Ryan, Nathan Rybicki,

Tanya Sacinski, Nadia

Salcik, Trevor Salutric,

Madeline Sanford, Ronald

Schiek, Emma Schmutzler,

Madelyn Schuldt,

Vanessa Scialabba, Hope

Seifert, Darrany Sem,

Joshua Senodenos, Leyan

Shaar, Kara Shields, Sydney

Shields, Cassandra

Shore, Katelyn Siadak,

Elise Signore, Cole Silzer,

Victoria Smith, Elizabeth

Sochacki, Cole Spizzirri,

Madeline Stachacz,

Benjamin Staley, Cassidy

Stangel, Michael Strahanoski,

Kaira Stricklin,

Matthew Strom, Catherine

Suchocki, Danielle Sulich,

Aaron Sullivan, Grace Surin,

Sean Svoboda, Dania

Sweis, Jacob Szewczyk,

Steven Szpicki, Emily

Tabor, Seja Taha, Megan

Tanquilut, Sydney Thies,

Christa Thomas, Mark

Tor, Sofija Tunkevicius,

Paulina Ulinskas, Jordan

Ulrich, Michael Ungaro,

Aaron Paul Vales, Jordyn

Vanoni, Alexander Vassilakis,

Nicholas Vassilakis,

Dylan Vilcek, Kaylie Vlna,

Charlotte Vollmer, Hunter

Ward, Eva Warner, Emmalie

Wasilewski, Alexandra

Way, Olivia Webb, Abigail

Weber, Carter Weidemann,

Grace Weisner, Samantha

Weisner, Connor Wilson,

Mackenzie Wilson,

Sean Winters, Alexander

Worachek, Nicole Xheka,

Trevor Zacek, Jakob Zajkowski,

Daniel Zeglen

and Adam Zidan.

LTHS students named to

the second semester Honor

Roll from the Class of

2019 were: Olivia Adams,

Madaline Aguilar, Hussein

Alsalahi, Samien Alvarez,

Katelyn Bacys, Sheron

Barefield, Ryan Barth,

Lillia Bartuch, Leigh Beland,

Joanna Kate Belicena,

Joshua Bentley, Luke

Bentley, Anthony Bertucci,

Montiana Bew, Nicolette

Bodenhagen, Hannah

Bogdan, Kayla Bonfiglio,

Micah Bourke, Shannon

Brennan, David Bruining,

Abbey Burke, Jacob Cala,

Nicholas Calderaro, Alexandra

Carberry, Christian

Chavez, Maria Cherry,

Benjamin Chimino, Oliver

Ciciora, Angel Contreras,

Caitlin Corcoran, Gabriella

Coughlin, Emily Cripe,

Andriana Culafic, Annette

Czaja, Emily Delgado,

Ruth Delgado, Omar Diaz,

Jonathan Diaz de Leon,

Alexander Drogemuller,

Ethan Drong, Sofia Dunne,

Camille Esguerra, Mackenzie

Everett, Morgan Fahey,

Erin Fesmire, Joanna

Findura, Dylan Gadomski,

Hannah Gallagher,

John Gallet, Sabrina Garcia,

Quinn Gardner, Eric

Gasienica, Justin Gasper,

Matthew Goldbach, Sean

Greaney, Karli Grooms,

Emily Guzman, Shane

Haas, Thomas Halatek,

Megan Hanes, Madison

Hanna, Maeve Hayes,

Adriana Hernandez-Santana,

Isaiah Herrera, Angeleen

Hill, Mary Hodgson,

Mallory Hollatz, Jason

Holtz, Jillian Hook, Matthew

Houlihan, Jonathan

Howell, Ariana Huerta,

Yasmen Hussien, Kristina

Ignatavicius, Amal Jaber,

Jenna Jaber, Batool Jafferi,

Michael Jeszke, Frank

Jilek, Lauren Johnson,

Matthew Johnson, Payton

Johnson, Crista Johnston,

Kendra Jones, Thomas

Kabat, Michalina Kania,

Shane Kelly, Ryan Kevish,

KyeRah Kidd, Jaylen

King, Erika Klejka, Jacob

Konkowski, Stephen Kowalewski,

Izabela Krawczyk,

Matthew Kronsbein,

Emma Krzos, Kathleen

Kwiatkowski, Kaley Lavery,

Patricia Lee, Zachary

Legner, Andrew Lewis,

Maximus Lewis, Haley

Lind-Zirino, Ronia Loving,

Brett MacHart, Matthew

Mahalik, Meaghan

Marcin, Gwyneth Marshall,

Ryan Marshall,

Reese Martin, Beatriz

Martinez, Jacob Martinez,

Jacqueline Mathius,

Alex Matteucci, Michaela

Maura, MaKenna Maurisak,

Taylor McAuliffe,

Olivia Mccullum, Victoria

Mehnert, Jose Mendoza,

Thalia Mercado,

Miguel Miranda, Jackson

Mladic, Alexandria

Mleczko, Vanessa Montiel,

Teagan Moore, Julianna

Morales, Jack Moran,

Daniel Mucha, Nolan

Murphy, Kaya Nasinska,

Thomas Neuhardt, Eve

Obradovic, Hannah Osborn,

Caitlin Osei, Gabrielle

Pacetti, John Pacetti,

Hannah Pacheco, Sabrina

Pacione, Vincent Palade,

Dajion Parish, Hannah

Park, Madison Passolano,

Emma Patla, Amya Patterson,

Piotr Pawlica, Tess

Peckman, Hailey Perino,

Arthur Pierre, Kearney

Pluth, Carter Posega, Tori

Poska, Paige Posmer, Sarah

Pritchard, Cecily Pryor,

Raymond Pustelnik, Colby

Putman, Emma Rarick,

Elizabeth Reczek, Alexis

Regan, Maxwell Renfro,

Haley Roberts, Arianna

Rodriguez, Declan Ruane,

Jacqueline Ryan, Carly Salutric,

Emily Schalk, Kaylee

Schehr, Cailey Schlink,

Claudia Scialabba, Mirial

Scoggins, Angelo Sieling,

Russell Simmons, Jelena

Simon, Ieva Skeberdis,

Andrew Smigielski, Jake

Spizzirri, Maisie Steele,

Brandon Stornello, Jaylyn

Strayer, Adrian Szczurek,

Annalise Tardecilla, Amber

Timmons, Antonio

Torres, Andrew Veltman,

Samantha Walsh, Libby

Walton, Christopher Walus,

Gregory Warner, Alexander

Watzke, Payton

Please see school, 12

homerhorizon.com community

the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 11


New member of the family!






Our unique lifestyle of Catered Senior Living.

Our granddaughter made her arrival on July 18 at 7:39 p.m. Fiona Maria Michelle

White was born weighing six pounds and 15 ounces and measuring 20 inches


Her proud parents are Kyle and Katarzyna White; her proud grandparents are

Clint and Michelle White, of Homer Glen, and Halina and Bowie Sambrano, of


We also waited with much anticipation to know if she was a boy or a girl for the

entire nine months. What a perfect gift from God for us :)

Make a FREE announcement in The Homer Horizon. We will publish birth, birthday, military,

engagement, wedding and anniversary announcements free of charge. Announcements are due

the Thursday before publication. To make an announcement, email tom@homerhorizon.com.

Bella and Jack

TLC Animal Shelter

13016 W. 151st St.

Homer Glen, IL 60491

Bella and Jack are bunnies that

are about 2 years old. Bella is

spayed, and Jack is neutered. The

shelter wants to see them adopted together, as they are bonded. They are

gentle, good with children and OK with other animals. To see more of them,

visit www.tlcanimalshelter.org or go to the Tender Loving Care Facebook page.

One can stop by the shelter to see them between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday

through Saturday. One may also call during those hours for more information

at (708) 301-1594.

Do you want to see your pet pictured as The Homer Horizon’s Pet of the Week? Send your

pet’s photo and a few sentences explaining why your pet is outstanding to Tom at tom@

homerhorizon.com or 11516 W. 183rd St., Office Condo 3, Suite SW, Orland Park, IL 60467.



It means we understand that

each person has unique needs

and wants. At Tinley Court

those needs and wants will

be met with dignity,

respect and support.

Tinley Court strives to nurture individuality with a sense of purpose

in hopes of enriching ing one’s life. We offer a support system like no other

senior community. Staffed 24 hours for the well-being and security of

our residents.


• 3 Chef Prepared meals served to you by professional wait staff

• Full Daily activity program which includes entertainment & trips

• Wellness Center offering podiatry, therapy, x-ray, lab, hearing

& dental services without having to leave the building

• Weekly housekeeping

• Utilities

• Library, chapel, café, beauty/barber shop

• Walking distance to Tinley Park shops & restaurants

• Veteran’s Financial Assistance available




Come Experience Our

“1 of a Kind” Premier Independentent

Senior Living Community!

Call 708-532-7800


16301 S Brementowne Rd.,

Tinley Park, IL 60477








Member of Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce Since 1994

12 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon NEWS



Village to spend $4K a

month on PR firm in effort

to improve reputation

The Village of Orland

Park is looking to improve

its public image to the tune

of up to $20,000 by the

end of 2019.

On Aug. 6, the Orland

Park Village Board voted

5-2 in favor of a proposal

to hire Reputation Partners,

a Chicago-based

public relations firm to

amplify the Village’s positive

attributes and offerings

at the rate of $4,000

per month.

Trustees Jim Dodge

and Kathy Fenton voted

against the contract.

In the firm’s proposal

to the board, it states, “In

recent years, some of the

media coverage for the

Village of Orland Park

hasn’t reflected well on

the Village. Too much of

the coverage has focused

on various political issues,

rather than the innate

advantages of living

in the village, its many

positive attributes and the

significant progress that’s

been made toward the

Village of Orland Park’s

economy and infrastructure.”

Dodge was in opposition

of the proposal

based on “process and


“I was struck by the language

in this firm’s proposal,

which goes to mindset,

and I’m quoting, ‘Too

much of the coverage has

focused on various political

issues,’” he said. “OK?

That is an inherently political

thing to think about

as a firm focused on brandbuilding

for the Village of

Orland Park.”

Trustee William Healy

said he was in favor of the

idea, especially after the

success of the Taste of Orland.

The new strategy is to

be implemented until December,

with the contract

being revisited for the fiscal

year 2020 budget. The

existing contract is not exceed


Reporting by Rochelle McAuliffe,

Freelance Reporter. For

more, visit OPPrairie.com.


Man reportedly robs Bank

of America location

A man reportedly

robbed the Bank of America,

16301 S. Harlem Ave.

in Tinley Park, at 10:07

a.m. Aug. 6, according to

the FBI.

A weapon was reportedly

“inferred,” but no

customers or employees

were physically injured,

according to a post on the

official Facebook page for

the Village of Tinley Park

Public Safety.

The offender fled in an

“unknown direction” by

“unknown means.”

In an email to The Tinley

Junction, Tinley Park

Police Chief Matthew

Walsh said, “our units responded

and secured the


The investigation was

turned over to the FBI.

The suspect is described

as a large black male, who

wore a camouflage hat, a

black shirt and multiple

gold necklaces.

The FBI is offering a

reward of up to $1,000 for

information leading directly

to the arrest of this

unknown suspect.

Anyone with information

regarding the robbery

should contact the FBI’s

Chicago Field Office at

(312) 421-6700.

Reporting by Jacquelyn

Schlabach, Editor. For more,

visit TinleyJunction.com.


Meal-planning class coming

to library

The New Lenox Public

Library is giving residents

a chance to learn how to

better prepare and plan

their meals each week.

The event, slate for

5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday,

Aug. 28, is geared toward

the ones who struggle

with the daily question

of ‘What’s for dinner?’

Kelli Svancarek, programming

coordinator for

the library, said it is a perfect

time to have this event

because school is right

around the corner. With the

busy schedules students

are about to have, having

a plan for the week will be

beneficial for everyone.

“We have had a lot of

requests for anything we

could do for cooking demonstrations

and classes,”

she said. “Especially with

school starting and having

to make meals for active

kids and families, it’s nice

to get started early and prepare

for the school year.”

The class will be taught

by professional speaker and

organizer Beth Randall.

People interested are

required to register for

the event and can do so at



For any more questions,

contact Svancarek at



It is a free event, and

attendees are encouraged

to bring materials to take


Reporting by Sean Hastings,

Editor. For more, visit New



From Page 10

Welke, Dana Westberg,

Jacob Whyte, Stephanie

Wilk, Tyler Wisz, Katherine

Wojcikiewicz, Collin

Woulfe, Patrick Wozek

and Carly Vlk.

LTHS students named to

the second semester Honor

Roll from the Class of

2019 were: Jineen Abdallah,

Jannah Abu-Khalil,

Leslie Aguilera, Alaina

Alberico, Andrew Aldous,

Mya Alvarez-Gerbino, Caleb

Andrea, Miranda Andrews,

Gerda Andriuskevicius,

Thomas Arelano,

Gabriela Argianas, Sufia

Atiq, Emily Baio, Rachel

Barrett, Rachel Behling,

Candace Bibeau, Angelle

Bills, Madison Bizzieri,

Angelina Bohde, Syed

Bokhari, Jenna Bonfiglio,

Kyle Boone, Joshua Boyd,

Josephine Brooker, Logan

Burgos, John Burnett,

Kayla Burnett, Sydney

Bush, Matthew Butler,

Ian Byrne, Sarah Calvert,

Amarian Cannon, Kristina

Capdeville, Miranda

Chaidez, Rebecca Chaney,

Brady Chimino, Emily

Chlebek, Madison Christopher,

Noah Colon, Hannah

Compton, Jenna Cotter,

Ross Cronholm, Devin

Cronin, Colin Cunnane,

Elena Czerwinski, Matthew

Daciolas, Madison

Dalton, Bennett Davidson,

Stephen Dawson, Emily

DeBlecourt, Tyler Derickson,

Zachary Dierberger,

Zoe Ditter, Nicholas Dolci,

Thomas Downey, William

Doyle, Devin Drake, Alyssa

Drogemuller, Dylan

Dunne, Megan Durbin,

Nora Dykstra, Amanda

Dziedzic, Tyler Eaton,

Ethan Engberg, Nathan

Ericksen, Emma Estes,

Danika Eustaquio, James

Ewers, Alexandria Ferrara,

Christopher Fracaro,

Aidan Galeher, Kaylee

Gannon, Brandon Garcia,

Kandace Garcia, Matthew

Garcia, Johan Gerona, Angelo

Geronimo, Antonio

Godinez, Patrick Gondek,

Madison Gontarz, Ralf

Ceejay Gonzales, Johnathan

Gonzalez, Neomi

Gonzalez, Samantha Gonzalez,

William Gorski,

Michael Gradle, Anthony

Grek, George Guzlas, Amber

Hall, Mia Haugh, Mary

Hayes, Madeline Hedrich,

Tyler Hedrich, John Hejl,

Eleanor Henderson, Hannah

Henson, Morgan Herrington,

Jacob Hinchley,

Paul Hitchcock, Timothy

Hoak, Matthew Hodgson,

Samuel Hook, Nikola Ivanovski,

Abigail Jadron,

Maelynn Jameson, Kyle

Janssen, Gavin Jelinek,

Emma Jilek, Gianna Joaquin,

Aanchal Joshi, Isabella

Jurusik, Michael

Kaminski, Austin Kind,

Michael Kinney, Abbey

Knize, Amy Korzynski,

Kailey Kowalski, Anna

Kozak, Thomas Krozel,

Sonia Kukula, Alec Kula,

Annaliese Kunst, Hannah

Kuriger, Evelyn Labus,

Aidan Lewis, Madeline

Lindskog, Lauren Locacius,

Morgan Lovette,

Alyssa Luciw, Sean Lyons,

Lola Mancera, Leonimar

Mapa, Colton Markech,

Bethany Mason, Courtney

Mason, Bailey McCarthy,

Marissa McElligott,

Emily McLelland, Olivia

Mellies, Lindsey Merk,

Elle Milan, Maci Minarcik,

Olivia Moore, Taylor

Morgan, Bryan Moses,

Sydney Mrowczynski,

Joseph Mulconrey, Lukas

Murauskas, Aidan Murphy,

Christopher Nakashian,

Sidney Nelson, Scott

Nolan, Klaudia Nowak,

Alyssa O’Connor, Riley

Odehnal, Candi Oh, Rebecca

Oldendorf, Reagan

Olino, Bryan Orea, Joseph

Oster, Gianna Palade, Mon

Andrew Palangan, Haley

Panfil, Abigail Pappageorge,

Michael Pawyza,

Morgan Pawyza, Madysen

Peckler, Jessica Perez,

Lauren Phillips, James

Pierce, David Plascencia,

Emilie Pleshar, Daniel

Ponce, Frank Potter, Spiros

Poulos, Kassidy Prebstle,

Priscilla Preciado,

Reexee Punzalan, Carleigh

Pych, Cady Rama,

Alejandra Ramirez, Alexandra

Ramirez, Kendall

Reiniche, Roberto Reyes,

Edward Riley, Isabella

Rodrigues, Madeleine

Rodriguez, Samantha Rodriguez,

Jenna Roe, Nissa

Rogers, Abigail Rowell,

Jameel Salah, Amanda

Sands, Nicholas Schindler,

Clayton Schmeckpeper,

Collin Schmutzler, Morgan

Schmutzler, McKenna

Seifert, Kailey Shea,

Alyssa Sheehan, Matthew

Shields, Ethan Shriver,

Skylar Sinram, Joshua

Skowron, Matthew Slattery,

Thomas Slowinski,

Makayla Smith, Regan

Smith, Madison Stewart,

Jonathon Studniarz, Sara

Styrczula, Anne Such, Halle

Sweis, John Swek, Andrew

Tague, Sevin Tehako,

Julia Thomas, Reagan

Tompkins, Christie Topor,

Kylen Tragos, Szymon

Trebunia, Dean Tubongbanua,

Angelina Ungaro,

Miranda Veal, Anthony

Velazquez, Andrew Villegas,

Juliana Vlasak, Nolan

Vlcek, Marcos Voulgaris,

Michael Walkosz, Amy

Weber, Sarah Welcome,

Kaitlyn Wentz, Katelyn

Young, Taylor Young,

Bryce Zabat, Izabella Zadora,

Humberto Zamudio,

Sireen Zayad and Victoria


School News is compiled by

Editor Thomas Czaja, tom@



homerhorizon.com sound off

the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 13

Social snapshot

Top Web Stories

From HomerHorizon.com from Monday,

Aug. 12.

1. Police Reports: Man charged with

robbery after punching, biting ear of gas

station employee

2. Going Rate: Homes sold in Homer Glen

June 19-27

3. Golfers gather for LTHS football,

Stallions fundraiser

4. Village of Homer Glen puts on second

annual Chalk-It-Up!

5. Girl with severe injuries from accident

continues to see community support

Become a Horizon Plus member: homerhorizon.com/plus

From the Editor

Another busy sports season to begin and a perfect score

Thomas Czaja


The summer is different

than the rest

of the year for our

sports section.

Normally, fall through

spring, we cover the wide

variety of sports at the high

school level. That usually

provides plenty of different

material as we first and

foremost try to highlight

a variety of names and

achievements made in each

respective sport.

While the summer

affords more of a chance

to dive into things like

features and other cool

stories on local sports

achievements we might

hear about, getting back

into the fall season will

restart that mode of covering

a number of games.

Before you know it,

each week these sports

pages will be full of

those games and their recaps.

While we certainly

still look for features and

other things throughout

the year and are happy

to hear ideas on any athletes

and their achievements

from this area if

you have them, it will be

nice to get into the fall


Not next issue, but the

one after for Aug. 29, will

be our annual football

preview guide, which will

once again have another

fun theme for the year.

This is always a sign we

are getting full steam into

fall, and football is just

one of the many sports to


As for this current issue,

I think we again have

a nice mix of stories in

sports from all different

seasons, and the section

is highlighted by a cool

cover story on Page 38

about LTHS girls soccer

player Grace Galfano,

who in June scored a perfect

36 on her ACT after

taking the exam for the

third time.

This is always a rare

and tremendous accomplishment,

and Galfano

shares about taking the

test in the story, as well

as her love for soccer and

how it helps her relax and

focus on something else

besides grades and tests

and studying.

I think that is one of

the great things about

sports, ideally; instead of

them also being a source

of pressure or need to do

great, they can be a place

to relax and unwind, to do

something one loves with

friends and do their best.

A chance to take a break

from studying and the

classroom and learn some

life lessons along the way.

I hope going into this

next school year and

busy fall season, studentathletes

can have their

respective sports be just

that for them. I also hope

you will continue to check

out our sports section and

keep up with the many

accomplishments sure to

come from our youth as

they embark once more on

their athletic journeys.

“We adopted Alvin 4 years ago. I have never

loved a dog more.”

Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter, from

Aug. 5.

Like The Homer Horizon: facebook.com/homerhorizon

“The LTHS Department Chairs welcome

new staff and share their vision for

education. #PorterPride”

@LockportHS205, Lockport Township

High School, from Aug. 6.

Follow The Homer Horizon: @homerhorizon

Sound Off Policy

Editorials and columns are the

opinions of the author. Pieces

from 22nd Century Media are

the thoughts of the company

as a whole. The Homer Horizon

encourages readers to write

letters to Sound Off. All letters

must be signed, and names and

hometowns will be published.

We also ask that writers include

their address and phone number

for verification, not publication.

Letters should be limited to

400 words. The Homer Horizon

reserves the right to edit letters.

Letters become property of The

Homer Horizon. Letters that

are published do not reflect

the thoughts and views of The

Homer Horizon. Letters can be

mailed to: The Homer Horizon,

11516 West 183rd Street, Unit

SW Office Condo #3, Orland

Park, Illinois, 60467. Fax letters

to (708) 326-9179 or e-mail to





The Homer Horizon


708.326.9170 ext. 21 j.mcdermed@22ndcenturymedia.com

Calling all

Does Your Business Pamper Pets?

Pet Boutiques, Walkers,

Groomers, Boarders & More!

Contact the Classified Department

708-326-9170 22ndcenturymedia.com

14 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon Homer Glen


Celebrating our 60th Anniversary

Serving Chicagoland for

60 years!



Interior & Exterior Doors Mirrors & Glass

Professional Installation & Service

Reglazing • Shower Doors

Visitour 4000 4,000 square foot showroom to view our wide selection of products


Celebrating our 60th Anniversary

18445 Thompson Ct. Tinley Park, IL

708.342.0900 | www.schaafwindow.com

Follow us on

Crystal Brook of Frankfort

Grand Opening

Monday - Friday

Hawthorn Preserve of Lockport

Close Out Open House

Saturday & Sunday

The Ashley The Milford The Erin II The Caitlin

• Starting at the Mid 400’s

• Lincoln Way East 210 School District

• 56 lots Phase I- going fast

• Visit us or by appointment

Open Saturday & Sunday

11:00- 3:00pm






• Starting as low as $315

• 2,100 - 2,500 square feet

• Visit us or by appointment

10:00am -2:00pm

or by appointment

Call Jerry or Mike Murphy





Call Mike Mangin



Maybe you read

about it? 22nd Century

Media’s Ladies Night Out

series returns, with more in

store, Page 19

the Homer Horizon | August 15, 2019 | homerhorizon.com

Feels like family

Gatto’s in Orland Park traces

cuisine back to traditions of

Bari, Italy, Page 21

Prairie Fest remains end of summer destination for families

before children head back to school, Page 17

Children (left to right) Landon and Olivia Lenahan and James Stieglitz jump in a bounce house at Prairie Fest Saturday, Aug. 10, at Annunciation Byzantine Catholic

Church in Homer Glen. Laurie Fanelli/22nd Century Media

16 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon FAITH



Cross of Glory Lutheran Church

(14719 W. 163rd St., Homer Glen)

Nursery for Children

9:30 a.m. Sundays, 6:30

p.m. Wednesdays. Parishioners

may use the nursery

for their children up to age

3 during services. There is

a Kids Klub for children in

grades 4-5 during the service.

Bible Study

7:30 p.m. Wednesdays

Open to anyone ready to

discuss the Bible.

Christian Life Church

(15609 W. 159th St., Homer Glen)

Sunday Service

10 a.m.

EDGE Youth Service

7:30-9:30 p.m. Thursdays.

Our Mother of Good Counsel Parish

(16043 S. Bell Road, Homer Glen)

Daily Mass

8 a.m. Monday-Saturday

Weekend Mass

5 p.m. Saturday

8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 5

p.m. Sunday


4-4:45 p.m. Saturdays;

9:30-10:15 a.m. Sundays;

8:30 a.m. every first Friday

Holy Hour

First Friday of each

month with 8 a.m. Mass

followed by exposition of

the blessed sacrament at

8:30 a.m. and concluding

with benediction at 9 a.m.

Council of Catholic Women

7 p.m. Second Tuesday

of the month.

Women of the parish

meet to discuss its needs.

The group also hosts a

monthly charity bake sale.

St. Bernard Parish

(13030 W. 143rd St., Homer Glen)

Happy Hours (Seniors)

11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Seniors meet monthly for

food, fun and fellowship.

St. Bernards Kids’ Choir

4:30-6 p.m. Thursdays.

All children in grades

first through eighth are

welcome to join choir.

A permission slip to join





Advertise your

Contact the

It waseasyto

decide on cremation.

Now, what aboutthe

rest of thedecisions?

Colonial Chapel

Funeral Home

Private, On-site Crematory

15525 S. 73rd Ave.

(155th/Wheeler Dr. &Harlem)

Orland Park, Illinois

Family owned for 40 Years



The Cremation Experts.



can be obtained through

Julie Kane at the table by

the church exit or through

one’s RE teacher.

Weekday Worship

9:30 a.m. weekdays.

Communion Service on


Weekend Worship

4:30 p.m. Saturdays.

8:30 a.m., 10 a.m., and

11:30 a.m. every Sunday.


3:30-4:15 p.m. First

and third Saturday of the

month. Confessions are

also available upon request

at any time.

Community Choir Practice

7:30-9 p.m. Thursdays.

Parish members ages 16

and older may join the

choir. The choir needs vocalists

and instrumentalists.

For more information,

join the weekly rehearsal

or contact the music director,

Julie Kane, after Mass

on Sundays.

Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church

(14610 S. Will Cook Road, Homer Glen)

Sunday Services

8:15 a.m. Orthros; 9:30

a.m. Divine Liturgy; 10

a.m. Sunday School. For

more information, call

(708) 645-0652.

Adult Bible Study

9-9:45 a.m., first and

third Sundays of the month

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church

(15625 S. Bell Road, Homer Glen)

Sunday Services

8:15 a.m. Orthros; 9:30

a.m. Divine Liturgy; 10

a.m. Sunday School. For

more information, call

(708) 645-0652.

New Life Community Church - Homer


(14832 W. 163rd St., Homer Glen)

Weekly Worship Services

10 a.m. Sundays; for

more information, call

(815) 838-1416.

Kids Zone Ministry

10 a.m. Sundays.

Children up to fifth grade

can participate in games,

singing, take part in interactive

Bible teaching and

participate in hands-on

crafts. Participants should

arrive 5-10 minutes prior

to the service to sign children

up for the group. For

more information, call

(815) 838-1416.

Women’s Ministry

9:30 a.m. Fridays. Bible

study for women of all


Prayer Meeting

10 a.m. Tuesdays.

Parkview Christian Church - Homer Glen

(14367 W. 159th St., Homer Glen)

Senior Connections

10:45 a.m.-1 p.m.. Orland

Park Campus, 11110

Orland Parkway, Orland

Park. Second Friday of

the month, chili lunch

and program. The cost is

$10, and Pastor Chaz will

speak. To RSVP, call (708)

478-7477 ext. 272 or email


Sunday Services

8:30 a.m., 10 a.m. and

11:30 a.m.

First United Methodist Church of


(1000 S. Washington St., Lockport)

Circle of Love

9 a.m. Wednesdays.

Circle of Love provides

diapers, feminine and

incontinence products

to clients who are qualified

to use the local FISH

Food Pantry. For more

information, call (815)


Have something for Faith

Briefs? Contact Assistant

Editor Abhinanda Datta at


com or call (708) 326-9170

ext. 15. Information is due

by noon Thursday one week

prior to publication.

homerhorizon.com LIFE & ARTS

the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 17

Nature, neighbors celebrated

at Annunciation’s Prairie Fest

Laurie Fanelli

Freelance Reporter

Annunciation Byzantine

Catholic Church is a

beautiful parish inside and


The Rev. Thomas J.

Loya and the congregation

invited friends and

neighbors to partake in all

the natural and spiritual

splendor of the church

— and its community —

with its annual Prairie

Fest, held on Aug. 9-11.

The Saturday schedule

featured entertainment

and activities for the

whole family including

music, magic, vendors

and more. Tours of the

natural prairie surrounding

the church and a board

painting class added to

the fun as did a slew of

brand new attractions

including a classic car


“We always want to

keep things fresh,” Prairie

Fest committee member

Stephanie Lewickas explained.

“We want to be

a destination for neighborhood

families at the

end of the summer before

the kids are going back to

school. We added a few

new features this year.

We’ve got classic cars on

display so as the kids are

playing — and maybe the

women are shopping the

vendors — the guys have

something to check out.

We also thought it would

be really great to add pet

adoption into the mix because

we’re concerned

about all of God’s creatures,

so we’ve got Heather’s

Foster Dogs here and

NAWS, too.”

Heather’s Foster Dogs

Vice President Jeanne

Sweetwood explained she

was hoping to find committed

people to foster or

adopt one of the organization’s

lovable pooches

during Prairie Fest.

“We rescue dogs from

overcrowded high-kill

shelters wherever we need

to in order to save them,”

Sweetwood said. “We foster

them in our homes, get

them medically ready, get

them used to living in a

home again and then we

put them up for adoption.

I love the dogs. I love saving

them and watching

them move on. Then you

can turn around and save

another one.”

The Family Day children’s

area featured an

obstacle course, games,

crafts and more led by


“I love that it’s a small

more intimate setting for

kids and their families,”

Lewickas said. “You really

get a chance to interact

with people from the


Matthew Ripsch opened

up the entertainment stage

on Saturday afternoon

— which also featured

sets from JT James

Acoustic and Five Guys

Named Moe — following

a Friday night full of

rocking acoustic music.

As with past Prairie Fests,

Sunday was scheduled

as Polka Day with Tony

Blazonczyk’s New Phaze

starting things off directly

following the 10 a.m.

Divine Liturgy service.

Food vendors included

Tata’s Pierogi and Big

Joe’s Backyard BBQ,

and attendees could shop

at booths by Juice Plus+,

MPX Elite Fitness, Color

Street and more.

Loya was excited about

all the new additions to

Prairie Fest, but he still

counts sharing the wonder

of the church’s natural

landscape — and how it

transformed the neighborhood

— with attendees

during the prairie tours as

one of the event’s highlights.

“We transformed this

property by following

what God did with the

plants here in this part

of the world, planting

what God put in Illinois,

and it works,” Loya

said. “It works with the

whole ecology, the whole

environmental program

that God designed. It

cleared up the water

problem here, and

now the place is like a

community park or an

outdoor classroom where

kids can get away from

their video games and

so on, come and look at

butterflies, catch frogs,

pick flowers and learn

about nature. A lot of

people find a great deal

of peace here just walking

through the beauty

of it.”

Loya encourages people

to stop by the church

anytime, as it is open all

day any day for prayer

and visitation. Divine Liturgy

services are offered

on Sunday at 10 a.m. and

Thursday at 7 p.m., and

Saturday evening Vespers

are held at 5 p.m., with

additional services hosted

on holy days.

Annunciation Byzantine

Catholic Church is

located at 14610 S. Will

Cook Road.

Matthew Ripsch performs at Prairie Fest Saturday, Aug. 10, at Annunciation Byzantine

Catholic Church in Homer Glen. Photos by Laurie Fanelli/22nd Century Media

Margie Burcl (left) and Trudy Gruhlke look at a 1955 Ford F100 at the Prairie Fest

classic car show, a new addition to the event.

18 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon LIFE & ARTS


Still time to choose

Judging for shark banks runs through Aug. 17 at library

Voting runs through Saturday, Aug. 17, for the creatively decorated shark banks that

currently sit on display at Homer Township Public Library. They are inspired from a

variety of television shows, movies and a circus theme. Photos by Thomas Czaja/22nd

Century Media

In the judging, there are two different age groups for the categories of television/

movie and circus, with the contest being a popular one in the summertime for

residents to participate in.

Are You “ Illinoid ” ?

Consider New Construction

in St. John, Indiana

Starting in the mid $400’S

Call today to tour our

furnished models.


Mike McCatty

& Associates




in Sales!



homerhorizon.com life & arts

the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 19

Last Call Before Fall,

but that’s not all

22nd Century Media’s Ladies Night Out wraps summer

schedule, but Ghouls Night Out set for Oct. 3

Joliet Junior College’s chef Kenneth Thompson and chef Renee Lewis teach

attendees how to make Southern-style pimento cheese and tomato pie during the

Ladies Night Out event.

Michele Kueitz (left), of Color Street, shows Ronetta Stewart, of South Holland, how

to apply colorful nail art on Thursday, Aug. 8, during the Ladies Night Out - Last Call

Before Fall event by 22nd Century Media, held at Georgios Banquets.

Photos by Laurie Fanelli/22nd Century Media

Midlothian resident Joannetta Moore picks up popcorn from LaVerne Hall, of

Fabulously Sweet Creations.

Frankfort resident Lori Jacobs creates an artwork at DIY Sign Party during Ladies

Night Out - Last Call Before Fall.

Colleen and Mike McLaughlin of The

McLaughlin Team, Coldwell Banker, host

a booth at Ladies Night Out - Last Call

Before Fall.

Artisan soaps from Gracie Pie

Apothecary were on sale at Ladies Night

Out - Last Call Before Fall.

20 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon homer glen


2019 GUIDE








2019 GUIDE

22ndcenturymedia.com The Mokena Messenger | The New Lenox Patriot | The Frankfort Station

Ads will appear digitally in the marketplace on each

newspaper’s website and as a printed glossy book!



Space Deadline:


Ad Approval Deadline:


Call 708-326-9170 to place your ad!


Night Out




6–9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3,

Konow’s Corn Maze,

16849 S. Cedar Road,

Homer Glen

• 50+ vendors

• Costume Contest

• Free tote bag to first 200 attendees,

courtesy of Artistic Med Spa

• Free wine glass to first 200 attendees,

courtesy of Fox's Pizza

• Paint a mini wooden sign with

DIY Sign Party $5

• Cash Bar

And more to come!

Adults 21+ Only!






Get your tickets today! 22ndCenturyMedia.com/ghouls

homerhorizon.com dining out

the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 21

The Dish

Gatto’s offers delicious Italian fare, familial comforts

Abhinanda Datta

Assistant Editor

For those looking to take

a break from their routine,

there is a quaint eatery in

Orland Park that not only

boasts delectable fare but

also affable staff members

who work to ensure diners

are treated like family.

Gatto’s Italian Restaurant

and Bar located at

8801 W. 143rd St. in Orland

Park was born out of

brothers Frank and Chuck

Gatto’s love for food and

an appreciation of their

rich Italian heritage.

“Growing up, we both

worked for restaurants in

Little Italy, and in 2000 we

decided to give our own

place a try,” Frank said.

“We are 100 percent Italian,

and our families are

great cooks. We borrowed

all the recipes from them

and started this journey.”

The first Gatto’s opened

in Tinley Park and, after

winning hearts in a few

southwest suburban neighborhoods,

heard about an

opportunity in Orland Park

in 2014.

“This town has a diverse

population, and I think every

town like this needs a

place like ours — a place

where you can come in

with your family or your

date and enjoy reasonably

priced food with a good

atmosphere and great service.”

Frank said. “It is a

place where you can really

feel comfortable.”

With oodles of charm

and a decor reminiscent of

a restaurant tucked away

in a corner of a winding

street in Italy, Gatto’s may

not be the only place in the

area serving this cuisine,

but it is unique.

“We created this concept

that we like to call comfort

food,” Frank said.

“It is basically all the

food you love eating at

home, really simple items

from pastas to chicken

Parmesan, with fresh ingredients

and made to order.”

The menu has more

than 70 items from salads

to desserts, and an array

of appetizers and entrees

in between. According

to Frank, guests usually

like to begin with Gatto’s

Garbage Salad ($8.25), a

dish that creates visual,

culinary chaos on the plate

with a host of vegetables

such as romaine lettuce,

roasted red peppers and

onions, along with ham,

and blue and Fontinella

cheeses, topped with an

Italian vinaigrette.

Next on the list is the

fried calamari ($10.95)

— breaded squid rings

and tentacles, served with

a zesty cocktail sauce and


“This is my favorite

dish, too,” manager Denise

Sexton said. “It is the best

fried calamari I have eaten


Choosing an entree can

be confounding, but Gatto

himself has a clear winner:

a pasta that harks back to

his childhood days.

“I love the Portofino

[$21.95], because that is

what my brother and I enjoyed

the most,” he said. “It

is basically a hearty concoction

of fresh shrimps,

mussels, clams, calamari,

on a bed of pasta, with a

thin marinara sauce.”

Although there are plenty

of desserts from which

to choose, the tiramisu

($5.95) is the perfect dish

to cap off the meal. It has

the right blend of bitter

espresso, balanced by the

sweetness of the rich co-

Gatto’s Italian

Restaurant and Bar

8801 W. 143rd St. in

Orland Park


• 4-10 p.m. Monday-


• 4-11 p.m. Friday-


For more information ...

Phone: (708) 349-


Web: www.


coa and whipped cream,

enclosed within a scrumptious,

smooth texture.

Made from scratch and

fully customizable, special

items are offered each day,

and Gatto’s will even prepare

items that are not on

the menu.

“We can make any dish

you want,” Sexton said.

“You can choose the kind

of pasta or the kind of sauce

and even a whole dish

like the chicken Milanese

($17.50) that was offered as

one of the daily specials.”

The restaurant also has

a rooftop bar with a view.

And every Wednesday,

Gatto’s hosts a Cruise

Night — a classic car

show for the family. There

are no additional costs for

participating, but goodies

such as T-shirts are sold

at the venue, the proceeds

from which are donated to

a local charity.

“We always try to do

something that impacts the

community in a positive

way,” Frank said. “This

year, we are donating to

a local veterans organization.”

Frank’s great-grandparents

were immigrants

from Bari, Italy, and every

Sunday Frank would drive

to their house to savor a

The angel hair broccoli aglio ($11.75) is easy on the palate, with flavors of olive oil

and garlic. Photos by Abhinanda Datta/22ndCentury Media

The eggplant Parmesan ($15.25), served over a bed of pasta and covered in marinara

sauce, is a popular vegetarian dish.

day with his big family.

“We did not have a lot

back then, except each

other and food,” he said.

“And it was some of the

best foods you could ever


With an inherent regard

for familial bonds, Frank

made sure his restaurant

had a very clear motto:

“You arrive as friends and

leave as family.”

Despite the challenges,

he said he feels fortunate

“to do something I love.”

And while the food is important,

offering a friendly

service is what truly drives


“This business is tough,

and you spend long hours

away from your loved

ones,” Frank said. “But we

wouldn’t change a thing,”

“Our staff is trained to

interact with the guests,

because everyone wants

to be treated nicely. We

consider our customers as

family and want to give

them a place in this town

that they can call home.”

22 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon puzzles


crosstown CROSSWORD & Sudoku The crosstowns: Frankfort, Homer Glen, Lockport, Mokena, New Lenox, Orland Park, Tinley Park

Crossword by Myles Mellor and Cindy LaFleur


1. Fancy wraps

5. Birthday buys

10. Impertinent

14. Twelfth part

15. Leaking slowly

16. German “a”

17. ___-carotene

18. British pop singer


19. Future atty.’s


20. New skin and

beauty bar for


22. Hands, in slang

23. Money in electronic


24. White ___

25. Cadillac model

26. “Talk of the Nation”


29. Roman 102

30. Pat

33. Limb

35. High flier at the


36. Kind of list with


39. Available

40. “Se7en” sin

41. Wildcat

42. NHL Cup

44. Civil War inits.

45. A kind of soup

46. Watch closely

47. British special

forces, for short

50. Hospitals for vets

51. First name

among Israeli PMs

53. “Mean Girls”

star, Lindsay ____

56. Process of adding

to a collection

60. Russian inland sea

61. Flat necked snake

62. Land measurement

63. Basketball Hallof-Famer


64. Lend ___

65. Barbie buddies

66. Away form the


67. Graceful fliers

68. Secy.


1. Good Books

2. Like some short plays

3. Represents

4. Bygone Mideast


5. Nerve

6. Prefix with logical

7. Jumper

8. Very small

9. Resort with mineral


10. Oscar’s “Odd

Couple” roommate

11. Grocery store need

12. ___ the finish

13. Darlings

21. Cry before disaster

22. Parisian me

24. New Mokena

pizza place, goes with

47 down

27. Ordinary writings

28. Oscar de la ___

29. Origami bird

30. Loud noise

31. Off-roader’s purchase,

for short

32. Governor in the

Ottoman Empire

33. Murdoch company

34. One ___ time

35. Lock opener

36. Special attention,

for short

37. Sounds of woe

38. Genetic code

43. Brain readings, for


45. Cooking vessel

47. See 24 down

48. Prettifies

49. Least wild

50. Flow controller

52. Honshu city

53. Buddhist monk

54. Congress testimony


55. Fast one

56. First-class

57. Many a trucker

58. Lead-in to “apple”

or “berry”

59. Dumbo’s likeable


61. It has nine lives according

to legend


Traverso’s Restaurant

(15601 S Harlem Ave,

Orland Park; (708) 532-


■5-7 ■ p.m. Mondays:

Free bar bingo

Girl in the Park

(11265 W. 159th St.,

Orland Park; (708) 226-


■8 ■ p.m. Wednesday-

Saturday: Live music

The Brass Tap

(14225 95th Ave. Suite

400, Orland Park; (708)


■8 ■ p.m. Tuesdays:

Trivia. Prizes awarded

■9 ■ p.m. Fridays and

Saturdays: Live music

Square Celt Ale House &


(39 Orland Square

Drive, Orland Park;

(708) 226-9600)

■8 ■ p.m. Tuesdays: Free

Bar Bingo

■8 ■ p.m. Wednesdays:

Free Trivia

■9 ■ p.m. Fridays or Saturdays:

Live Music


350 Brewing

(7144 W. 183rd St.,

Tinley Park (708) 825-


■6:30 ■ p.m. First Thursday

of each month:

Laugh Riot. Cost is

$25 and includes

dinner, two beers

and a comedy show.

For tickets, email




Front Row

(14903 S. Bell Road,

Homer Glen; (708) 645-


■7 ■ p.m. Wednesdays:



Little Joe’s Restaurant

(1300 N. Cedar Road,

New Lenox; (815) 463-


■5-8 ■ p.m. Tuesdays:

Piano Styles by Joe

To place an event

in The Scene, email




How to play Sudoku

Each Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid that

has been subdivided into nine smaller grids

of 3x3 squares. To solve the puzzle, each row,

column and box must contain each of the

numbers 1-9.

LEVEL: Medium

Crossword by Myles Mellor and Susan Flanagan

homerhorizon.com local living

the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 23

Distinctive Home Builders Introduces New Craftsman Homes

In Manhattan, Peotone, and Joliet – From the mid-$200’s

New designs are a result of buyer feedback

Two refreshing designs mark

the beginning of a new series

of Craftsman-style homes

available from Distinctive Home

Builders at its latest new home

communities: Prairie Trails;

located in Manhattan within the



School District and at WestGate

Manor in Peotone within the

desirable Peotone School District.

“Craftsman homes were

introduced in the early 1900s in

California with designs based on a

simpler, functional aesthetic using

a higher level of craftsmanship

and natural materials. These

homes were a departure from

homes that were mass produced

from that era, “according to Bryan

Nooner, president of Distinctive

Home Builders.

“The Craftsman design has

made a comeback today for many

of the same reasons it started over

a century ago. Our customers

want to live in a home that gets

away from the “mass produced”

look and live in a home that has

more character. As a result of

our daily interaction with our

homeowners and their input, we

are excited to introduce these two

homes, with additional designs in

the works.”

Nooner, who meets with each

homeowner prior to construction,

has been working on these plans

for a while and felt that the

timing was ideal for the debut.

“Customers were asking for

something different and simple

with less monotony and higher

architectural standards.” The

result was the Craftsman ranch

and the Prairie two story, now

available at Prairie Trails and

WestGate Manor. The Craftsman

ranch features an open floor plan

with Great Room, three bedrooms,

two baths and a two-car (optional

three-car) garage. The Prairie

features a two-story foyer and

Great Room, three bedrooms

and one and one-half baths, a

convenient Flex Room space

on the main level and a two-car

(optional three-car) garage. The

Craftsman architectural elements

on both homes include brick and

stone exteriors with cedar shake

accent siding, low-pitched gabled

bracket roofs, front porches with

tapered columns and stone piers,

partially paned windows, and a

standard panel front entry door.

Distinctive Home Builders

offers a Craftsman-style trim

package offering trim without

ornate profiles and routers. The

trim features simplicity in design

with rectangles, straight lines and

layered look trims over doors for

example. The front entry door

will have the standard Craftsman

panel style door. Distinctive has

also created a Craftsman color

palate to assist buyers in making

coordinated choices for the

interior of their new Craftsman

home. Colors, cabinet styles and

flooring choices blend seamlessly

with the Craftsman trim package

and are available in gray tones

package and earth tones.

Distinctive offers custom maple

kitchen cabinets featuring solid

wood construction (no particle

board), have solid wood drawers

with dove tail joints, which is

very rare in the marketplace.

“When you buy a new home

from Distinctive, you truly are

receiving custom made cabinets

in every home we sell no matter

what the price range,” noted


Distinctive Home Builders

works to achieve a delivery goal

of 90 days with zero punch list

items for its homeowners. “Our

three decades building homes

provides an efficient construction

system,” said Nooner. “Many

of our skilled craftsmen have

been working with our company

for over 20 years. We also

take pride on having excellent

communicators throughout our

organization. This translates into

a positive buying and building

experience for our homeowners

and one of the highest referral

rates in the industry.” Nooner

added that all homes are highly

energy efficient. Every home

built will have upgraded wall and

ceiling insulation values with

energy efficient windows and

high efficiency furnaces. Before

homeowners move into their new

home, Distinctive Home Builders

conducts a blower door test that

pressurizes the home to ensure

that each home passes a set of

very stringent Energy Efficiency


With the addition of these two

new designs, there are now 15

ranch, split-level and six two

story single-family home styles

to choose from each offering from

three to eight different exterior

elevations at both communities.

The three- to four-bedroom

homes feature one and one-half

to two-and-one-half baths, two

to three-car garages and a family

room, all in approximately 1,600

to over 3,000 square feet of living

space. Basements are included in

most models as well. Distinctive

also encourages customization

to make your new home truly

personalized to suit your lifestyle.

Oversize home sites; brick

exteriors on all four sides of the

first floor; custom maple cabinets;

ceramic tile or hardwood floors

in the kitchen, baths and foyer;

genuine wood trim and doors

and concrete driveways can all

be yours at Prairie Trails and

WestGate Manor. Most all home

sites at Prairie Trails andWestGate

Manor can accommodate a threecar

garage; a very important

amenity to the Manhattan

homebuyer, said Nooner. “When

we opened Prairie Trails and

WestGate Manor we wanted

to provide the best new home

value for the dollar and we feel

with offering Premium Standard

Features that we do just that. So

why wait? This is truly the best

time to build your dream home!”

Prairie Trails is also a beautiful

place to live and raise a family

featuring a 20-acre lake on site,

as well as direct access to the 22-

mile Wauponsee Glacial Prairie

Path that borders the community

and meanders through many

neighboring communities and

links to many other popular trails.

The Manhattan Metra station is

less than a mile away.

Besides Prairie Trails,

Distinctive Home Builders

has built homes throughout

Manhattan in the Butternut Ridge

and Leighlinbridge developments,

as well as in the Will and south

Cook county areas over the past

30 years.

Distinctive has two early

delivery homes available at its

newest community, Cedar Creek

in Joliet where you can choose

your colors now and move in 45

days. One is a three-bedroom

Princeton ranch with two full

baths in an open floor plan with

kitchen and Great Room. Priced

at $289,990 this home has over

$20,000 in free upgrades. The

second home is a Brentwood

three-bedroom raised ranch with

an oversized garage. Priced at

$279,900, this home features

many interior and exterior

architectural details and over

$30,000 in free upgrades.

Visit the on-site sales

information center for

unadvertised specials and view

the numerous styles of homes

being offered and the available

lots. Call Lynne Rinck at (708)

737-9142 or (708) 479-7700 for

more information or visit www.


The Prairie Trails and WestGate

Manor new home information

center is located three miles

south of Laraway Rd. on Rt.

52. The address is 24458 S.

Rt. 52, Manhattan, IL. 60422.

Open Daily 10:00 a.m. – 5:00

p.m. Closed Wednesday and

Thursday and always available by


Specials, prices, specifications,

standard features, model

offerings, build times and lot

availability are subject to change

without notice. Please contact

a Distinctive representative for

current pricing and complete


24 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon real estate


The Homer Horizon’s

sponsored content

of the


The current owner

decided to move to a

warmer climate, so their

home is now available.

What: A five-bedroom,

two-bath, quad-level

home with finished


Where: 13830 Sandstone

Drive, Homer Glen

Amenities: Wonderful, nicely updated five-bedroom quad-level home with a quaint

covered front porch that is nestled on a parklike lot. This amazing home boasts

a stunning new kitchen with quartz counters, soft close dark cabinets, custom

backsplash, stainless steel appliances and tumbled porcelain tile; dining area

with bay window; sun-filled living room with gleaming wood laminate flooring;

family room with full wall stone fireplace with gas start; relaxing sunroom boasts a

knotty pine, vaulted ceiling and doors to private, tree-lined yard that offers a shed

and loads of perennials; master bedroom with walk-in closet and shared master

bath; bedroom No. 2 with double closets; bedroom No. 3 with hardwood flooring

(great for allergies); fourth bedroom in lower level with full bath is great for related

living; finished basement with recreation room and fifth bedroom. Bookshelves in

family room and exercise equipment in basement will stay.

Listing Price: $275,000

Listing Agents:

Kim Wirtz,

(708) 516-3050 or


Agent Brokerage:

Century 21 Affiliated

Want to know how to become Home of the Week? Contact Courtney at (708) 326-9170 ext. 47.

June 28

• 13936 Chicory

Trail, Homer Glen,

604919463 Dianne

M. Peterson to Robert

Cook, Brandy Vraney,


July 1

• 13712 W. Dublin

Drive, Homer Glen,

604919118 Suzanne

Tucker to Christine T.

Alexandros, $285,000

• 16036 S.

Messenger Circle,

Homer Glen,

604917817 Ireneusz

Platek to Michelle J.

Meekma, $258,500

July 3

• 13929 S. Arapaho

Trail, Homer Glen,

604919625 Brian

P. Klinger to Jozef

Michniak, Krystyna

Bryniarski, $225,000

• 16095 Syd Creek

Drive, Homer Glen,

604915616 A. Sharif

Begermi to Krystian

Gawlak, Tianna Marie

Gawlak, $433,000

July 5

• 12044 Lakeview

Trail, Homer Glen,

604918335 Montagno

Trust to Brian Bedtke,

Amy Bedtke, $270,000

• 14344 Dixon

Lane, Homer Glen,

604917501 Krzysztof

Gronski to Ignas

Alisauskas, $557,500

• 14619 Palomino

Court, Homer Glen,

604919285 Fred J.

Hunssinger to Joseph V.

Martzel, $375,000

• 14765 Clover

Lane, Homer Glen,

604916982 Greystone

Homes Llc to Anna

Fudala, $436,500

The Going Rate is provided

by Record Information

Services, Inc. For more

information, visit www.

public-record.com or call

(630) 557-1000.

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the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 25


Help Wanted · Garage Sales · Automotive

Real Estate · Rentals · Merchandise

Maintenance &

Janitorial Positions

Full-time (w/ benefits package)

employees wanted for

janitorial and maintenance

of south-suburban apartment

community (Orland Hills)

Responsibilities would

include but not be limited to:

Janitorial - general, basic

cleaning skills

Maintenance - light electrical,

plumbing, and general

maintenance of the property

If you are interested in this

position, please email:


School Bus Drivers Wanted

Homer School District 33C

seeks quality individuals

to join our family of

school bus drivers.

$17.42/hr. + full benefits


Training provided.

Call (708) 226-7625

or visit homerschools.org

employment tab

Part-Time Kitchen Help

M & W 8-4 Homer Glen

Measure, blend, clean.

Must be able to lift 40 lbs.

$11 per hr. no exp,

more based on exp.

Inquiries w/ job history &

contact info:


1003 Help Wanted

Outside Work:

Lawn Fertilizing & Core

Aeration: Year-round &

Seasonal Employment

Potential for paid winters off.

Benefits incl. health, dental,

IRA. Good driving rec a must.

Time and a half over 40 hrs.

$15/hr starting pay.

Apply in-person 7am - 5pm

Lawn-Tech, Ltd.

7320 Duvan Dr

Tinley Park, IL


Sterling Site Access

Solutions LLC.

Located in Phoenix, IL

(near Harvey, IL)

Seeking: Manufacturing

Operators (2 years exp.) &

Manufacturing Maintenance

Technicians (8 years exp.)

Submit resumes to:


Hiring Desk Clerk

(must be flexible w/ shifts)

& Housekeeping


Needed at Super 8 Motel

Apply within:

9485 W. 191st St, Mokena

No Phone Calls

Local company looking for

Exp. Dump Truck Driver

Class A & B

Full & part-time available

Dump experience necessary


1004 Employment Opportunities




CALL US TODAY at 708.326.9170









in the




Caregiver Services

Provided by

Margaret’s Agency Inc.

State Licensed & Bonded

since 1998. Providing quality

care for elderly.

Live-in/ Come & go.


1052 Garage Sale

Sell It 708.326.9170

Fax It 708.326.9179

Charge It


Friday at 3pm

Frankfort 21334 Brown Dr

8/16 & 8/17 8-4pm men &

woman clothing, household

items, tools, crafts, snow

blower, recumbent bike,

kitchen items, and much more

Mokena 12513 Steamboat

Springs Dr. 8/16 &8/17 9am

to 5pm, men’s dress pants size

42, living room tables, paintings,

housewares and much


New Lenox 1382 Lahard Rd

8/17-8/18 8-3pm Downsizing!

Home decor, patio sets, power

washer, tools, too much to list!

New Lenox 335 EFrancis Rd,

8/16-8/17, 9am-2pm, tools,

furn, store closed new product,

Christmas, office items, more.

Homer 12045 Meadowland Dr.

Fri. 8/16 and Sat. 8/17, 8-4pm.

Great condition home decor,

exercise equip., baby &kids

clothes/toys/gear, and somuch


1023 Caregiver

1061 Autos Wanted


I am a retired RN that

would like to care for an

elderly or disabled person

in MY loving,

well-appointed home.

Excellent references

Please call for more details

(815) 614-8140



1052 Garage Sale

New Lenox 711 Columbia Dr

8/17 8-2pm Misc items, wedding

dress, dresser, BMC tractor,

sewing machine &much


Orland Park 11340 Brigitte

Terrace ,8/16 &8/17 9-3pm

household items, appliances,

sporting goods, clothes, toys

Orland Park 11684 Valley

Brook Dr, 8/15 &8/16 8-1pm

hshld items, designer cloths,

jewerly, Knex sets, golf bag

1053 Multi Family


Tinley Park 180th Place &

Ridgeland Block Sale, Sat 8/17

8-2pm, kids bikes, tool chest,

tools, vacuums, vintage items,

records, decor, chairs, gardenplanters,

jewelery and more!




4 lines/

7 papers



Running Or Not from Old to New!

Top Dollar Paid - Free Pick-Up

Locally Located


Help Wanted

per line $13

4 lines/

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Don’t Junk

Your Vehicle!

$$CASH$$ Paid

Vehicles Running or Not

Cars, Trucks, Vans etc.


For Sale Farm Land

37.59 acres of farm land,

location in Iroquois

County, If interested please

call or leave message

815-216-3723 or


1225 Apartments

for Rent


Wills Apartments

1 Bedroom apt. $ 850

2 Bedroom apt. $ 980



Real Estate


7 lines/

7 papers

1061 Autos Wanted

Real Estate



1098 Land for Sale






in the






4 lines/

7 papers

1315 Commercial

Property For Rent

2 Units Available!

Frankfort in Heritage Plaza

1900 to 2270 sq. ft.

Call for details

815-469-1844 ext. 206

Place a garage sale ad & reach

over 96,000 homes across

the southwest suburbs!





DEPARTMENT: 708.326.9170

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26 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon classifieds



Help Wanted · Garage Sales · Automotive

Real Estate · Rentals · Merchandise

Sell It 708.326.9170

Fax It 708.326.9179

Charge It


Help Wanted

Real Estate


per line






4 lines/

4 lines/

7 lines/

4 lines/

Friday at 3pm

7 papers

7 papers

7 papers

7 papers



Are you a


Your ad could be


Call to advertise.


ext. 47

Contact Classified Department

to Advertise in this Directory (708) 326.9170

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the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 27


Help Wanted · Garage Sales · Automotive

Real Estate · Rentals · Merchandise

2003 Appliance Repair




• Air Conditioning • Furnaces

Refrigeration • Dishwashers

Stoves & Ovens • Microwaves

Garbage Disposals


Family Owned &Operatedsince 1986

Someone you can TRUST


BEST price in town!


Business Directory

2004 Asphalt Paving/Seal Coating

Sell It 708.326.9170

Fax It 708.326.9179

Charge It


Friday at 3pm



4 lines/

7 papers

2007 Black Dirt/Top Soil



Pulverized Black Dirt

Rough Black Dirt

Driveway Gravel


For Delivery Pricing Call:



Help Wanted

per line $13

4 lines/

7 papers



Real Estate


7 lines/

7 papers





2011 Brick/Chimney Experts



4 lines/

7 papers

in the




2017 Cleaning Services

Barb’s Cleaning


We clean your home the

way YOU want it

cleaned! Good

Quality, Professional,

Reliable, and


Please call for



2018 Concrete Raising

2018 Concrete





CALL US TODAY at 708.326.9170

2025 Concrete


2006 Basement Waterproofing


A All American

Concrete Lifting

Concrete Sinking?

We Raise & Level

Stoops Sidewalks

Driveways Patios

Garage Floors Steps

& More!

All Work Guaranteed


Ask About Special



2025 Concrete Work

2017 Cleaning Services

...to place your

Classified Ad!




If you’re tired of housework

Please call us!


5th Cleaning is

FREE! Valid only one time

Free Estimates

& Bonded







in the




28 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon classifieds


2025 Concrete Work 2060 Drywall 2070 Electrical



*Hanging *Taping

*New Homes



Call Greg At:


Help Wanted · Garage Sales · Automotive

Real Estate · Rentals · Merchandise

Sell It 708.326.9170 | Fax It 708.326.9179

Charge It | DEADLINE - Friday at 3pm

2120 Handyman


$52 4 lines/

7 papers

Real Estate

$50 7 7 papers


Help Wanted

$13 4 lines/

per line 7 papers


$30 7 4 papers


2075 Fencing

2032 Decking

2090 Flooring

2120 Handyman







(708) 478-8269



Windows, Doors, Decks Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, Plumbing Interior and

Exterior Painting Wall Paper Removal Professional Work At Competitive Prices


Handyman Service

Custom Painting

Drywall & Plaster Repair

Carpentry Work

Trim & General

Tile & Laminated Flooring

Light Plumbing & Electrical

Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath

Install StormWindows/Doors

Clean Gutters

Wash Siding & Windows

Call Vern for Free Estimate!

CALL MIKE AT 708-790-3416




708 714 7549

815 838 4347

- IN THE -



2130 Heating/Cooling


Deck & Fence

Repair, Rebuild or


Make It Safe - Make it Sturdy

708 479 9035




CALL US TODAY at 708.326.9170

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the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 29

2132 Home Improvement


Help Wanted · Garage Sales · Automotive

Real Estate · Rentals · Merchandise

Sell It 708.326.9170

Fax It 708.326.9179

Charge It


Friday at 3pm



4 lines/

7 papers

Help Wanted

per line $13

4 lines/

7 papers

Real Estate


7 lines/

7 papers



4 lines/

7 papers

2132 Home Improvement

2132 Home Improvement

2140 Landscaping

...to place your

Classified Ad!






Sodding, Seeding, Trees

Shrubs, Pavers, Retaining

Walls, Firewood

Since 1973

708 856 5422

815 210 2882

30 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon classifieds


2141 Lighting

2150 Paint & Decorating


Help Wanted · Garage Sales · Automotive

Real Estate · Rentals · Merchandise

Sell It 708.326.9170 | Fax It 708.326.9179

Charge It | DEADLINE - Friday at 3pm

2170 Plumbing


$52 4 lines/

7 papers

Real Estate

$50 7 7 papers


Help Wanted

$13 4 lines/

per line 7 papers


$30 7 4 papers


2145 Lawn Maintenance

Place a garage sale ad & reach

over 96,000 homes across

the southwest suburbs!





DEPARTMENT: 708.326.9170

2170 Plumbing



2150 Paint & Decorating

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2170 Plumbing 2174 Propane



Interior / Exterior

Fast, Neat Painting


Wallpaper Removal


Free Estimates

20% Off with this ad








in the




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the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 31


Help Wanted · Garage Sales · Automotive

Real Estate · Rentals · Merchandise

Sell It 708.326.9170

Fax It 708.326.9179

Charge It


Friday at 3pm



4 lines/

7 papers

Help Wanted

per line $13

4 lines/

7 papers

Real Estate


7 lines/

7 papers



4 lines/

7 papers

2200 Roofing

2200 Roofing

Celebrating 3 generations of outstanding service!

Tens of Thousands of Highly Satisfied Customers!

Family owned & operated - 66 years in business!

"HAVE oNEoN THE HousE- • Sffit/Facia


•Chmney Cap





...to place your

Classified Ad!


32 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon classifieds


2276 Tuckpointing/Masonry

2220 Siding

2701 Property for


2703 Legal


2703 Legal


2394 Debt Relief

2390 Computer Services/Repair

2294 Window




Window Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Power Washing

Office Cleaning

call and get $40.00 off

708 974-8044


2480 Furniture

Furniture For Sale!

3-piece Bedroom set

2 End tables, 1 Coffee table

1 Behind the couch table

1 Living room sofa

1 Family room sofa + Loveseat

3-piece Study furniture

Chair + Ottoman

Best offer for each piece!

Call (708) 870-1898

2484 Medical


Pride Jazzy Select Elite Power

Wheelchair w/O2 tank holder.

Bought 2018 $3550, like new,

used few times. $1500 OBO


2489 Merchandise


Metal Wanted

Scrap Metal, Garden



Appliances, Etc.


Call 815-210-8819

Free pickup!

2490 Misc.


Newer white appliances;

dishwasher $200, microwave

over range $200, side by side

refridgerator w/ ice maker

$1000. Call 815-370-7965




of 14449 Appaloosa Lane, Homer

Glen, IL 60491 (Residential). Onthe

29th day of August, 2019 to be held at

12:00 noon, at the Will County Courthouse

Annex, 57 N. Ottawa Street,

Room 201, Joliet, IL 60432, under Case






CATES, SERIES 2006-WMC3, Plaintiff









CLAIMANTS, Defendant.

Case No. 18 CH 1233 in the Circuit

Court of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit,

Will County, Illinois.

Terms of Sale: ten percent (10%) at the

time of sale and the balance within

twenty-four (24) hours. Nojudicial sale

fee shall be paid by the mortgagee acquiring

the residential real estate pursuant

to its credit bid at the sale or by any

mortgagee, judgment creditor, or other

lienor acquiring the residential real estate

whose rights in and tothe residential

real estate arose prior to the sale. All

payments shall be made in cash or certified

funds payable tothe Sheriff of Will


In the event the property is acondomin-

ium, in accordance with 735 ILCS

5/15-1507(c)(1)(H-1) and (H-2), 765

ILCS 605/9(g)(5), and 765 ILCS

605/18.5(g-1), you are hereby notified

that the purchaser of the unit, other than

amortgagee, shall pay the assessments

and legal fees required by subdivisions

(g)(1) and (g)(4) of Section 9and the assessments

required by subsection (g-1)

of Section 18.5 of the Illinois Condominium

Property Act.

Pursuant to Local Court Rule 11.03 (J)

if there is asurplus following application

ofthe proceeds of sale, then the

plaintiff shall send written notice pursuant

to 735 ILCS 5/15-1512(d) to all parties

to the proceeding advising them of

the amount ofthe surplus and that the

surplus will beheld until aparty obtains

acourt order for its distribution or, in

the absence of an order, until the surplus

is forfeited to the State.

For Information Please Contact:



230 W. MONROE, SUITE 1125,


P: 312 541-9710

F: 312 541-9711









2703 Legal












) SS.























No. 18 CH 1233


Public notice ishereby given that pursuant

toajudgment entered in the above

cause on the 1st day of July, 2019,

MIKE KELLEY, Sheriff of Will

County, Illinois, will on Thursday, the

29th day of August, 2019 ,commencing

at 12:00 o'clock noon, at the Will

County Courthouse Annex, 57 N. Ottawa

Street, Room 201, Joliet, IL 60432,

sell at public auction tothe highest and

best bidder orbidders the following-described

real estate:













10, 1985, AS DOCUMENT NO.

R85-10596. IN WILL COUNTY, IL-


Commonly known as:

14449 Appaloosa Lane, Homer Glen,

IL 60491

Description of Improvements:




Terms of Sale: ten percent (10%) at the

time of sale and the balance within

twenty-four (24) hours. Nojudicial sale

fee shall be paid by the mortgagee acquiring

the residential real estate pursuant

to its credit bid at the sale or by any

mortgagee, judgment creditor, or other

lienor acquiring the residential real estate

whose rights in and tothe residential

real estate arose prior to the sale. All

payments shall be made in cash or certified

funds payable tothe Sheriff of Will


In the event the property is acondomin-

ium, in accordance with 735 ILCS

5/15-1507(c)(1)(H-1) and (H-2), 765

ILCS 605/9(g)(5), and 765 ILCS

605/18.5(g-1), you are hereby notified

that the purchaser of the unit, other than

amortgagee, shall pay the assessments

and legal fees required bysubdivisions

(g)(1) and (g)(4) of Section 9and the assessments

required by subsection (g-1)

of Section 18.5 of the Illinois Condominium

Property Act.

Pursuant to Local Court Rule 11.03 (J)

if there is asurplus following application

ofthe proceeds of sale, then the

plaintiff shall send written notice pursuant

to 735 ILCS 5/15-1512(d) to all parties

to the proceeding advising them of

the amount ofthe surplus and that the

surplus will beheld until aparty obtains

acourt order for its distribution or, in

the absence of an order, until the surplus

is forfeited to the State.





230 W. MONROE, SUITE 1125,


P: 312 541-9710

F: 312 541-9711

Plaintiff's Attorney


Sheriff of Will County



Notice is hereby given by the

Board of Education of Homer

CCSD 33C, in the County of Will,

State ofIllinois, that atentative

budget for said school district for

the fiscal year beginning July 1,

2019 and ending June 30, 2020

will be on file and conveniently

available to public inspection during

regular office hours at the District

Administration Office 15733

Bell Rd, Homer Glen, Illinois in

the school district on July 24,


Notice is further hereby given that

a public hearing on said budget

will be held at 6:45 pm on September

24, 2019 at the District Administration

Office 15733 Bell Rd,

Homer Glen, Illinois.

Dated this 23st day of July 2019.

Board of Education of Homer

CCSD 33C, in the County of Will,

State of Illinois.

BY: Karen DeFilippis,


Board of Education

Homer CCSD 33C

2900 Merchandise

Under $100

#1 Nike Golf driver $20, #3

Callaway $10 Call


15 teenage girls sweaters all

clean $3, petite size wedding

dress cleaned eil beading $39,

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2 door metal wardrobe cabinet

$10, Round 40” glass patio table

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22 Toro Super Recycler self

propelled lawn mower with 2

bags $70 Call Dave


Betty Boop porcelain doll in

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Broan 30in over range range

hood, fan, light $25, Conair

curling iron long cord $6 Call


Golf Clubs, Used, Tour Advanced

Irons, Driver, 3and 5

wood, putter, newer Datrek

bag. $75.00; TV Antennae,

Clearview, Indoor, hardly

used, $20.00. 708-822-8119

Ice maker S./S. new $40 Call


Kensington drop in arcylis 25in

single bowl utility sink (paid

$150) $75 Call Dave


Large roll bubble wrap $5,

large roll aluminum food wrap

$10, Toaster $5, Sony

CCD-F55 Handy Cam video8

w/accessories &bag $40 Call


Local honey from my backyard

no sugar added $13 per quart

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the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 33



In this tough economy, we'll give you a free

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Multi Family

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Estate Sale






Payment Method(paid ads only) Check enclosed Money Order Credit Card

Credit Card Orders Only

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Exp Date

Circle One:

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22nd Century Media

11516 W. 183rd St, Suite #3 Unit SW

Orland Park, IL 60467

Phn: 708.326.9170 • Fax: 708.326.9179


FAX: 708.326.9179

34 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon SPORTS


Boys Basketball

Providence looks forward

to Year 2 under Murphy

Steve Millar, Sports Editor

The first season under a

new head coach can often

be a transition year. That

can be especially true

when the coach is gaining

his first experience as a

varsity head coach.

Such was the case for

Providence last season

under alum and Homer

Glen native Kyle Murphy.

The Celtics had their

ups and downs during an

11-20 year, but Murphy

had them playing their

best at the end of the


He also learned plenty

of lessons.

“I’m excited about Year

2,” Murphy said. “I had a

really good team last year

in terms of leadership and

letting me make my mistakes

and deal with it. I’m

excited to build off it, but

I also know I have to get

better. I made mistakes

last year, and I have to develop

as much as the players


Summer is the time

for development, and the

Celtics made good use of

their time together in June

and July.

One of Murphy’s biggest

goals was to begin

developing leadership

to replace three seniors

starters from last season

— Adam Taylor,

Jake Mazrimas and Matt


Taylor and Mazrimas

were the team’s top two


“We’re definitely going

to miss the skill level

and scoring, but more

than anything, I think

we’ll miss that leadership,”

Murphy said. “I

don’t know if anyone

can replace that leadership,

but I told our guys to

find what works for them

and be leaders in their

own way.”

One player looking to

step up is senior point

guard Joe Alfirevich. Alfirevich

was one of Providence’s

most effective

players this summer.

“We lost a lot of our

scoring, so for guys like

me and the other seniors,

we know we’re going to

have a big role next year,”

Alfirevich said. “We have

to do more scoring and

help the younger guys


Alfirevich knows he has

to make adjustments in his

own game, and he used

the summer to prepare for

his new role.

“Last year, I was more

of a pass-first player, but

now I’m looking to attack

the basket more, shoot

more threes and just be

more aggressive, really,”

he said. “I’ve been working

on my shot a lot, and I

also want to keep attacking

the basket, get to the

free throw line.”

Murphy is confident Alfirevich

will continue to


“I think he’s going to

have a good year,” Murphy

said. “He’s really

quick and athletic, and he

can put the ball in the basket.

I’m excited for him

to step up as one of our

leaders. [Senior forward]

Luke Pell is also a returning

starter. Those two are

going to be a big part of

what we do.”

The Celtics have some

size and strength inside

with 6-foot-5 junior Jameson

Geers and 6-foot-4

Lucas Porto, who both

also play for Providence’s

football team.

Geers is a hot recruit as

a tight end with several

offers from major college

football programs.

“Those guys are big,

strong, burly kids in

the middle, and they’re

athletic,” Murphy said.

“They’re going to help


Senior Noah Vassal is

another key piece for the

Celtics. He recovered

from a broken elbow to

get back on the court this

summer and get back in

the flow.

That is something the

Celtics as a whole were

also able to do over the


“All the little things

that you want to develop,

it starts in the summer,”

Murphy said. “You hope

it carries over to the season.”

visit us online at


Athlete of the Week

10 Questions

with Madison Polinski

Madison Polinski is a

senior at Lockport Township.

She is a four-year

varsity runner on the girls

cross country team and

also runs track.

What are your

expectations for the

season this year?

I think we are definitely

on track to have a really

good season. Myself and

the other seniors want to

end this season on a high


You are one of a

handful of four-year

varsity runners on

the cross country

team. How big is that

for what you want

to accomplish this


Yes, there’s four of

us. Myself, Alexandra

Skibicki, Abbey Kozak

and her twin sister, Anna

Kozak, who have all been

on the varsity since freshmen

year. Plus, some of the

other seniors got moved up

to the varsity level early

on, too. I think it helps

with the experience. Especially

come November, because

we have high goals

and push each other.

How did you get

involved in running

cross country?

I started in the sixth

grade after I did a summer

camp at Homer Jr. High.

My older sister [Allison,

a 2017 Lockport graduate

Photo submitted

who played varsity soccer]

had done that, and I

thought it looked like fun.

I tried it. It was fun, so I

kept doing it.

Do you run track or

do any other sports at


Yes, I run track [qualifying

for state in the 800-meter

run and the 4x8 relay

this past spring]. I used

to play soccer but gave it

up to concentrate on running.

I like cross country

the best because it’s more


What is it about cross

country that makes it

the sport for you?

There’s a big team competent

to it. Plus, there’s

just the feeling of pushing

yourself to the limit, and

after you achieve something,

it’s great.

What have you learned

from Lockport coach

Regan Cronholm?

I’ve learned how to

push myself but to also

have a good mindset, no

matter what. Even if a

race doesn’t go well, you

just have to push yourself

more and move on to the

next one.

Do you do anything

to pump yourself up

before a race?

I just eat a simple meal.

Usually, a bagel with peanut

butter on it or a banana.

On the bus, we also all listen

to music. Just a mix of

music to pump us up.

If you could meet any

living person, who

would it be and why?

Shalane Flanagan. She’s

a professional runner. I

want to meet her because

she’s been through a lot.

Not just in running, but in


Are you going to run

cross country or track

in college?

Yes, I’m planning on it.

I haven’t committed yet,

but I’m looking all over.

Wherever the best fit for

academics and athletics. I

want to major in environmental

or chemical engineering.

What is the best thing

about being an athlete

at Lockport?

Just how they support

you in everything. It’s a

nice community where

everyone supports each

other, no matter what.

Interview by Freelance Reporter

Randy Whalen

homerhorizon.com SPORTS

the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 35


Lockport’s Panfil part of national champion Bandits team

Randy Whalen

Freelance Reporter

The south and southwest

suburbs of Chicago have

always been a hotbed for

softball talent.

That talent recently

helped the Beverly Bandits

16U team to win another

national championship.

Five local players were

among the 14 on the Bandits

team that beat the Texas

Bombers-Jones team

5-4 on July 27 at Bill Barber

Park in Irvine, California,

to capture the Premier

Girls Fastpitch 16U Premier

National Championship.

Danielle Drogemuller

and Paige Geraghty, from

Lincoln-Way East; Tinley

Park resident Gabby Altobelli;

New Lenox resident

Easton Lotus, from

Marist; and Haley Panfil,

from Lockport Township,

are the five local players

on the team.

It was the third time in

four years that Bandits

coach Bill Conroy has

coached a team to a national

championship. His

16U team also won it in

2016, and many of those

same girls won an 18U title

the following year. It is

also the fifth PGF title for

the Bandits organization

in the past seven years.

They have also captured

two Amateur Softball Association/USA


18U national championships

in that seven-year


“We get quality talent

but have a system that is

unique to most that we put

the emphasis on fun,” said

Conroy, a veteran softball

coach who will move up

to coach the 18U team

the next two seasons before

starting over at with

Local softball players, including Lockport’s Haley Panfil, helped the 16U Beverly Bandits (pictured) win the

national championship last month in California. Photo submitted

a new 16U group in 2022.

“We have a great variety

of coaches in the program,


“Many of them are former

All-Americans or

Bandit players, so there’s a

lot of knowledge inhouse.

It’s just the Bandit way.

There’s a lot of positive

energy, but you also need

a little luck.”

There was a little luck

in the late innings for the

Bandits. Leading 4-1, they

saw Texas score a trio

of runs in the bottom of

the sixth to tie it. But the

Bombers left the bases


In the top of the seventh,

Taylor Minnick (2-for-3,

inside the park home run)

had a one-out double to

left field. She scored on an

RBI single from Altobelli.

But there was tons of tension

in the bottom of the


The Bombers had the

bases loaded with two outs

and one of their star players,

Avery Hodge, up to

bat. With a full count and a

couple of foul balls, Hodge

hit a sharp grounder to Lotus

at second, who flipped

the ball to shortstop Anna

Halloway at second base

for the final out.

“The last out was so terrifying,”

said Panfil, who

was in center field. “It was

a 3-2 count with the Oklahoma

recruit [Hodge] up,

and we got the out. I still

don’t believe it. Oh my

gosh! Everyone was crying.

We all just jumped on

each other.”

What did Panfil think

was the key to the championship?

“Other teams have to

win to have fun,” she said.

“Our team has to have fun

to win. We have this Irish

jig dance, and we do that

before every inning to

have fun.”

Altobelli was overjoyed

to contribute to the victory

by knocking in the winning


“Driving in the last run

felt absolutely amazing,”

she said. “I was just trying

to have a quality at-bat

for the team and not try

and do too much. After I

got the hit, I saw all my

teammates so hyped in the

dugout, and it made me so


She was even happier

when the Bandits got out

of the bases-loaded jam

in the bottom of the seventh,

“Winning the national

championship is a moment

I will never forget,” Altobelli

said. “It was such an

unreal feeling. It felt great.

Seeing my teammates so

happy just made it all even

better. The key to winning

that game was staying true

to who we are. We had to

execute the little things

and just play loose and

have fun.”

Geraghty, who played

right field and batted leadoff,

felt the same.

“I was in tears,” Geraghty

said. “I was so happy.

We won all seven bracket

games, and it was a complete

team effort.”

During those seven

games, the Bandits, who

were 36-4 overall in the

summer season, outscored

their opponents 45-7. They

also never trailed the entire

tournament. Conroy has a

unique strategy when it

comes to that.

“I always choose to bat

first in the top of the inning,”

he said. “We want

to score first and put the

pressure on, and we always


There was no substitute

for the team’s speed.

“We are all really fast

and athletic,” said Drogemuller,

who did not play

in the title game but went

10-0 pitching during the

summer season. “Our

speed is something that

catches people offguard.

We have a lot of motion

offense, and I was super

happy, super proud to be

part of this team.”

So was Lotus.

“Our team is so much

fun, and we just worked

so well together,” Lotus

said. “All our girls deserved


Fielding the final out

was something Lotus will

never forget.

“It was crazy nervewracking,”

she said. “But

I was so excited for my

team and so happy for my

pitcher [Regan Krause

from Pontiac]. She’s crazy


In the end, the Bandits

prevailed, and the five

players from the area were

a big reason why.

“It shows that as a big

group of competitive kids,

you should never give up

on your dream,” Drogemuller

said of the local

connection. “Just keep

pushing forward as we

have done, and we were


36 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon homer glen


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the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 37


Ultimate Volleyball Club introduces new owner to community

Jeff Vorva, Sports Editor

Joel Anderson is the new owner of the Ultimate Volleyball Club. Jeff Vorva/22nd Century Media

There is a shakeup at the top

of the Ultimate Volleyball Club

food chain, but it appears that

there may not be many changes

beyond that.

After 22 years owning the

Frankfort and Mokena-based

club with hundreds of area athletes,

founder Erin Lorenz relinquished

ownership to Joel Anderson

earlier this month.

“I want to thank all of our players,

coaches and families — past

and present — for helping to build

Ultimate Volleyball Club from

one team of 11-year-old players

to a nationally recognized club

of almost 60 teams,” Lorenz said

in a statement. “After 22 years

of tremendous successes and

lasting memories, I am retiring.

I am happy to say that Ultimate

will continue and will be better

than ever. Our coaches, staff, and

practice facilities will remain the

same...for what promises to be a

banner year.”

Anderson, who also owns

Chicago Elite and the Plainfield-based

Club 1, said that he

is an admirer of Lorenz and the

program and is not looking to

change the chemistry.

“There will be no program

changes,” Anderson said. “The

only thing we may look at are

the enhancements to the already

great program that Erin built

over the 22 years. We’re looking

at developing in-house leagues

and enhanced small-group training.

Position training. Having an

academy atmosphere. As far as

the overall program goes, you

can’t disrupt something that it

already great.”

Over the years, the boys teams

have become national powers

and this year, the 18 Gold team

took 10th in the nation in the

USA Volleyball Junior National

Championships in Dallas in early


Some of the players on that

squad include Zach Bulthuis

(a Tinley Park resident attending

Chicago Christian High

School), Chris Dargan (Lincoln-Way

West), David Flores

(Lincoln-Way West), Ikshwank

Mahajan (Lincoln-Way East),

Wil McPhillips (Lincoln-Way

East), Louden Moran (Lincoln-

Way West), Benjamin Pluskota

(Lincoln-Way West), Nicholas

Studer (Lincoln-Way West) and

Jack Yurkanin (Lincoln-Way


The girls 18 Gold team this

season also had a plethora of

area stars including Katie Barry

(Lincoln-Way Central)m Stephanie

Holsinger (Tinley Park High

School), Molly Skoda (Lincoln-

Way East), Samantha Vorderer

(Lincoln-Way Central), Nicki

Bechtold (Lincoln-Way East),

Nicole Dvorak (Lincoln-Way

Central), Brianna Knezz (Lincoln-Way

West), KayLynn Murphy

(Sandburg) and Grace Stepanek


Lockport High School’s Jacob

Whyte is a recent grad of the

club and up-and-coming Porters

Avant-Garde Theoharis and Gabrielle

Prodehl played with the

club during the spring and summer.

Anderson, a north side of Chicago

resident who will divide his

time between his three clubs and

coaching the boys team at St.

Patrick High School, will be on

the move quite a bit so he will

rely heavily on Ultimate staff

members to run the show.

“I stay pretty busy,” he said.

“I’m running around a lot. But

I have some key staff members

in place in the other two clubs

and I’m sure it’s the same at Ultimate.

I’m just getting to know

the staff at Ultimate and getting

those key things lined up. It’s not

going to be like I have to be on

the court all the time.”

He said that after 28 years, this

will be the first time he will not

coach a club team.

Meanwhile, he enjoys the fact

that he is the boss of an established

program that will be using

the Hallmark Sports Club

in Frankfort and the Velocity

All Sport Athletic Training and

Complex in Mokena.

“It’s exciting because Ultimate

has bigger facilities to work with

and has a comprehensive staff,”

he said. “It’s very experienced.

Some of our other clubs, we

were limited on space and that

presents a challenge. When you

are at Velocity and you have

60,000 square feet to work with,

that’s a nice accompaniment to

your program. Between Hallmark

and Velocity, we have 12

courts at our disposal.”

Anderson grew up in a small

town in Iowa called Pocahontas.

He said it was a town of 2,000

and he played every sport except

volleyball because there was no

boys program. He added that

Pocahontas Area High School

had a strong girls volleyball program

and he became intrigued

with the sport. He said he joined

the University of Iowa club team

as a setter to open his volleyball


He has won several coaching

awards over the years including

the Illinois High School Association

and East Suburban Catholic

Conference’s Coach of the Year

in 2009, a season which found

his team finish fourth in the state

and 46th in ESPN’s national


In 2018, he won the Junior

Volleyball Association Junior

Club Service award for his quarter

century of coaching in the


“Since 2003, Joel and I have

had a close friendship through

club volleyball,” Lorenz said. “I

like him, I trust him. I think he is

a great volleyball mind and leader.

His clubs have been highly

successful for both boys and girls

at the national level, with numerous

national championships and

hundreds of scholarships earned.

I am thrilled and confident that

Joel will take our teams and

players to new heights.”

Anderson was, however, the

subject of an unflattering TV

news story on CBS Chicago in

2016, which said he used gym

time at Chicago Public Schools

for his clubs for free while clubs

in other sports paid fees to the


Anderson said that he was

given permission to use Payton

High School, where he was the

girls volleyball coach.

“It was nine days of a summer

camp we had at Payton,” he said.

“The principal said, ‘you should

use the gym’. What wasn’t reported

is that I supplemented the

entire [Payton] program. They

didn’t pay for balls and carts and

nets or any of that. So the principal

said ‘just use the gym.’

“Sometimes I think that when

you find success people find a

way to try to tear you down.”

Speaking of success, what

would happen if Chicago Elite or

Volleyball 1 faces Ultimate for a

tournament championship? Who

would he root for?

“I would flip a coin and watch

from the sideline,” he said.

38 | August 15, 2019 | the homer horizon sports


Lockport girls soccer player scores a perfect ACT

Galfano also a center

midfielder on varsity

since freshman year

Randy Whalen, Freelance Reporter

Grace Galfano summed herself

up best.

“I’m kind of a perfectionist,”

the Lockport Township girls

soccer senior standout said. “I

always have been.”

That “perfectionist” attitude

paid off for Galfano back in

June. That is when she took the

ACT test for the third time this

year. But this time she did something

not many do.

She scored a perfect 36 on the


“I took it three times,” Galfano

said. “The third time I took it in

June, I got a 36.”

The other two times she took

the test were in February and in

April. So, why did she take it a

third time?

“I’m kind of a perfectionist,”

Galfano said. “I always

have been. I took it the first two

times and got the same score. So

I wanted to get that up a little

more. I thought I’d give it another

try, so I did.”

Her score the first two times

she took it? A 34.

According to a published report

last year on prepscholar.

com, only about 1.14 percent of

students even get a 34 on their

ACT. As far a 36, only two-hundredths

of a percent.

“I got a 34 the first two times,

and my parents [Mike and Chris

Galfano] were laughing at me

saying that I did well enough,”

Galfano said. “But they are very

supportive of me. When I took

it the third time and got a 36, I

was really surprised but excited.

“I think there were a couple of

questions that I missed. But they

average all the scores, and it still

turned out to be a 36.”

The test consists of four parts

— English, math, reading and

science. What is Galfano’s favorite?

“English,” she said. “I love to

write, and I like to read. I’m still

trying to figure out what I want

to do, but it will probably be

something in the medical field.”

After the 36 on the ACT, Galfano,

who is ranked in the Top

10 in her senior class, should be

able to punch her ticket for just

about anywhere. In the meantime,

she plans to not only continue

her outstanding academics

at Lockport but also her outstanding

soccer career as a Porter

next spring.

As a center midfielder, she got

pulled up to the varsity midway

through her freshman year and

has been a big part of the team’s

success ever since.

“Grace is a workhorse for our

team,” Lockport girls soccer

coach Todd Elkei said. “She is

one of the hardest workers on the

field day in and day out. She is

small but hard-nosed and a competitor.

She is always assigned to

shut down our opponent’s best

attacking mid, and she is never


“She is an intellectual player

with a pit bull attitude. She’s one

of the most coachable players

we’ve ever had, and she strives

to better her game. She is a true

student-athlete, and I’m proud of

all she has done to this point and

equally excited to see her take

control on her senior year.”

How did Galfano get started

playing soccer?

“My mom signed me up at a

recreational league,” she said of

her youth. “Then, I just kept going

with it.”

Now, it is as much of an outlet

as it is an athletic endeavor for


“I’ve been playing soccer for

12 years, and it’s an outlet for

me,” she said. “There are times I

get in my own head, and I try to

use it as a way to decompress. I

can forget about [grades] and being

in the Top 10 in the class.

Lockport’s Grace Galfano scored a perfect 36 on her ACT test in June when she took it for the third

time. Photo submitted

“Plus, I love the moment you

get the ball and there’s space in

front of you. Just that space between

you and the goal. It’s such

a beautiful thing when you get

off the ball and read each other’s

minds as teammates. When you

get in sync, get in that zone you

get all focused on everything and

get the job done.”

While she loves playing soccer,

Galfano is not sure if she

will play it in college.

“I’m still trying to figure that

out,” she said. “I’ve been playing

soccer more than half my life

and know I will continue to play

it. I just don’t know in what aspect

that will be yet.”

But no matter what, she is

looking forward to a final fling

with the Porters next spring, as

she and many other returning

players hope to build on this past

season’s outstanding 14-4-5 record.

“There’s something special

about representing your school,”

Galfano said of playing at Lockport.

“I’ve met many of my

good friends here, and we have

that special bond on and off the


homerhorizon.com sports

the homer horizon | August 15, 2019 | 39


22nd Century Media File


1st and 3

Ultimate Volleyball

Club changes


1. New owner

Ultimate Volleyball

Club, based

in Frankfort and

Mokena, has had

hundreds of area

athletes and recently

changed owners

from founder

Erin Lorenz to Joel


2. Some local athletes

Jacob Whyte is a

recent grad of the

club and LTHS, and

Porters Avant-Garde

Theoharis and

Gabrielle Prodehl

played with the club

during the spring

and summer.

3. Ultimate history

Ultimate Volleyball

Club is an established

program that

will be using the

Hallmark Sports

Club in Frankfort

and the Velocity All

Sport Athletic Training

and Complex in


Cross Country

LTHS, Oak Prairie teams train together at Dellwood Park

Boys and girls work

in summer to run

farther and faster

Christian Villanueva

Editorial Intern

As the morning progressed

on a beautiful

summer day, runners for

the Lockport High School

cross Country team ran

alongside with the Oak

Prairie Junior High cross

country team.

The teens and preteens

were busy finishing up the

final day of their summer

training program Aug. 1

at Dellwood Park in Lockport.

The training camp

program ran from June 17

to Aug. 1.

The main focus of the

camp was to be able to

run further and faster, developed

through consistent

distance runs along

with proper instruction of

running form, flexibility,

yoga and functional core

strength. The training was

meant as a foundation to

help set up the runners for

a successful cross country


The camp was for

both boys and girls in

the Lockport and Homer

Glen area from grades 5

through 12.

Thomas Razo, coach for

the Lockport cross country

team, feels the camp gets

them prepared for the long

season that lies ahead.

“It gets them going

LTHS cross country runners make their way through the path on the last day of

the summer training program held jointly with Oak Prairie Junior High on Aug. 1 at

Dellwood Park in Lockport. Christian Villanueva/22nd Century Media

in the right direction to

achieve their goals,” Razo

said. “This year, they have

gotten stronger both physically

and mentally, which

should help them throughout

the season, and I am

sure that they will be prepared

for the season and

continue to build from


When the camp first

started many years ago, it

had as much as 12 participants

signed up. For this

year’s camp, 50 runners

participated from the high

school and junior high.

Razo credits the consistency

of Oak Prairie

Coach Kenric Bond for the

growth of the camp over

the years.

“We’ve progressed

along the way with Coach

Bond and his group out of

Oak Prairie, and we get

some of the Homer kids

along the way. Slowly

but surely, the camp has


Brendan Diamond, a

senior at Lockport Township

High School, said the

training camp really helps

the team jump right into

the season full force.

“It helps us be in shape

and ready to go straight

into the first meet of the

season,” Diamond said.

“It gives us a great shot at

winning that first meet, and

from there, we either stay

the same or get better as we

get to the postseason.”

Diamond is seen as one

of the leaders for LTHS

and is one of two seniors

on this year’s team. Diamond

offered some tips

for his teammates moving

forward after this season

and shared a goal for the

upcoming season.

“You have to not only

run, but also do some

biking and swimming as

much as you can, along

with running about two

times a day,” Diamond

said. “Personally, I want to

make All-State this year.”

Jacob Hinchley, also a

Porter senior, feels this

summer’s camp is the

most work they have ever

put in.

“I feel like coming off of

last summer, this the hardest

we have ever worked,”

Hinchley said. “Every time

we come out here to train,

we know we have to put in

the work to get better.

“Our goal as a team is

to be Top 3 by the end of

the season, and every day,

we work harder to get to

that goal. For me, I want to

be All-State, which is Top

25, and achieve a time of


Razo has been a cross

country coach for 29 years.

With camp now over, Razo

believes the team will be

ready for the season, and

that it is ultimately up to

them how far they want to

make it.

“I just want them to run

the best they can,” Razo

said. “They have their lofty

goals, and that is great.

Hopefully, I can push them

in the right direction to

reach those goals and sit

back and enjoy the season.

“Running is up to them.

It breaks down to be an individual

situation of how

important it is for them to

reach their goals, not only

as an individual, but as a


After almost two months

of training camp, the LTHS

cross country team begins

its season toward the end

of this month.


“We’re looking at developing in-house leagues and enhanced small-group

training. Position training. Having an academy atmosphere. As far as the

overall program goes, you can’t disrupt something that it already great.”

Joel Anderson — new owner of Ultimate Volleyball Club, on what

he is looking to bring to the program

Tune In

Boys Golf

Facing off — 1 p.m. Monday, Aug. 19, at Plainfield


• The Porters continue with some early season

competition at The Links of Carillon in Plainfield.


35 - Softball

34 - Athlete of the Week

FASTBREAK is compiled by Editor Thomas Czaja,


homer glen’s Hometown Newspaper | August 15, 2019

On the move Porters and Bulldogs run

together, working on improvement ahead of

their respective cross country seasons, Page 39

Bandits take the title LTHS

softball player part of team that wins

national championship in California, Page 35

Porters girls soccer center midfielder

accomplishes rare feat with perfect

score on ACT, Page 38

Lockport’s Grace Galfano, who plays on the

girls soccer team, got a 36 on her ACT in June,

saying the English portion of the exam was her

favorite. 22nd Century Media File Photo


At Palos Hospital and Palos Health South Campus in Orland Park,

Palos Health is focused on keeping you and your family well.

To learn more ortofind aphysician, visit paloshealth.com/today.


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