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yourself with natural products to

awaken, balance and calm.

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- Issue two! (In Cornish)

Welcome to the second edition of the story of life by the beach with The Esplanade.

Throughout the pages of Wave, you’ll find our summer activity schedule, tuck into one of

our favourite dishes as we head into the kitchen with head chef Jay who tells us all about

how to prepare the perfect family roast. Discover how to get back into the water after

becoming a Mum with local professional surfer Corinne Evans Jones, learn all about our

edible landscape with tips from Cornwall foraging company Fat Hen and find out what’s on

locally during the year by the beach.

We’re all about family holidays, fresh-air, timeless activities and making memories with

loved ones.



Produced by - Esplanade Hotel

Design - Matthew Hawkey


Photography - Matthew Hawkey, Ben Battell,

Caroline Davey, Cornish Memory, Harriet Shearsmith

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12 Edible Landscape - With Fat Hen, Wild Cookery School

20 Land or Sea? - Our guide to Cornish adventures


26 Talking Art - With Becky Bettesworth

34 Rattler - A Cornish staple

38 Wellness & Selfcare as a Mum - With Gaia Skincare

44 Cornish Phrase Book - Getting to know our own dialect

48 How To Keep Surfing as a Mum - With Corinne Evans Jones

54 Taking a Look Back - Newquay, old and new

62 Ahh, the Sunday Lunch - Our perfect recipe

64 Staycation with Toby & Roo - An insider’s guide

72 Keeping busy in Cornwall - Our what’s on guide







“ TA S T E















With one of the largest natural habitats in the

world on our doorstep in the form of a sandy

playground we know that there’s a whole world

of undiscovered life out there. Some call us rockpooling

experts but when it comes to knowing

how to take the discoveries and turning into

dishes, we hold our hands up as that’s not our

forté. So we reached out to a local foraging

company Fat Hen to learn all about what it

takes to bring the nature of the seaside into the

kitchen and onto our plates. Join us as we take

the journey into foraging, or how we like to call it

discovering our edible landscape…

Fat Hen is a wild food cookery school, a culinary

exploration of our edible landscape and a

communion between people, food and nature.

Established in 2007 by Caroline Davey, which

has become an evolving project, with its central

aim of breaking down the barriers between the

kitchen, the outdoors and the dining table. Not

afraid of recognition, Fat Hen has been chosen as

one of the top ten best foraging courses in the UK

by Countryfile Magazine and has been chosen by

the Telegraph as one of 10 incredible holidays

that offer a true taste of a destination. The

National Cookery School Guide has also chosen

Fat Hen in its top 50 cookery schools in the UK.

Caroline works alongside talented chefs to

create fabulous dishes showcasing ingredients

sourced from the wild. Foraging for wild food is

a journey of gaining knowledge and discovering

nature and your place in it. It can be meditative,

bountiful and incredibly satisfying.

Seaweed foraging and cookery courses have

become popular in the past few years with

Fat Hen as we have an incredible resource of

seaweeds in Cornwall but unfortunately not

much of a culture of eating it. We have many

species (over 600 in this country) with almost all

species being edible. There are some Deepwater

species that you can’t eat but all those growing

on the seashore and still attached to the rocks

are edible. We commonly use approximately 10-

15 seaweeds regularly in our cooking at Fat Hen

and we look at how other cultures use seaweeds

and adopt and adapt recipes to suit our Cornish

seaweeds. Many of our dishes are influenced by

Asian style recipes but we also look to Wales for

laver bread inspiration and macrobiotic cookery

for wholesome and healthy recipes. We use

our seaweeds in different ways depending on

the species of seaweed. There are many health

benefits to be gained by including seaweeds in

your diet.

Here’s Caroline’s top tips for starting your

foraging adventure…

1. Start foraging in your own back yard! You don’t

have to travel miles to forage; you’ll find edible

plants on your street, in your garden and in your

local park. Take some time to plan your route and

where you think the best species may be living.

2. Begin with species that are easy to identify and

that you’re familiar with like elderflowers, nettles

& blackberries. Research before heading out

by looking at imagery and then once you have

created some great things to eat, you can build

up the confidence to move onto slightly more

unusual things.

3. Get your hands on a wild flower identification

guide and keep it in your bag or car so that

wherever you go you can start to identify plants.

The hardest part of foraging is plant identification

and it takes lots of practice and repetition to get

it right, so having a little insider knowledge is a


4. Have fun! Organise your foraging trips with

friends and family as it’s such a good activity for

all round physical and mental health. Foraging

together and preparing a meal from your

finds will leave you with a profound sense of

community, achievement and well-being.

www.fathen.org | @fathenforager




Sesame crusted tofu with

noodles, seaweed and sea beet

Recipe by Caroline Davey, Fat Hen

- Large handful of laver seaweed

- 200ml rice wine vinegar

- 200ml water

- Large handful of sea beet

- 250g plain tofu


- 4 tbsp shoyu

- 2 tbsp maple syrup

- 2 garlic cloves, grated

- 2 tbsp three cornered leek, sliced

- Thumb size piece of ginger root, grated

- Red chilli, deseeded and chopped

Sesame crust:

- 50g cornflour

- 3 tbsps white sesame seeds

- 1 tsp chilli flakes

- Sunflower oil for shallow frying

-1 packet of udon noodles


- 2 tbsp soy sauce

- 2 tbsp maple syrup

- 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar

- 1 tbsp mirin

- 1 tbsp sweet white miso

- 1 tbsp sesame oil

1. Place the laver seaweed into a bowl with rice

wine vinegar and water and leave to pickle for an

hour or two.

2. Slice the tofu horizontally, then cut diagonally

into 8 triangles. Place the tofu in a shallow dish.

3. Mix together the marinade and pour over the

tofu. Leave the tofu to marinade for at least an hour,

turn the tofu half way through so that it marinated


4. Make the dressing by mixing all the dressing ingredients

together in a bowl and whisk to combine


5. Mix together the tofu crust ingredients. Take the

tofu pieces one at a time and dip into the mix so

that the crust sticks to all sides. Shallow fry the tofu,

until crisp. Set aside.

6. Strain the marinade and keep to pour over the

noodles with the dressing.

7. Whilst the tofu is cooking bring 2 large pans of

water to the boil. Salt the water and add the sea

beet to one and the noodles to the other. Cook for a

few minutes until both are soft.

8. Strain the noodles; add a drizzle of sesame oil to

stop the noodles sticking. Mix through the noodles.

9. Pour the miso dressing onto the noodles and mix

together until all the noodles are coated. Strain the

laver seaweed from the pickling liquid and add to

the noodles. Mix to combine.

10. Place some noodles & seaweed into a bowl.

Place some of the cooked seabeet on top of the

noodles. Lie the tofu pieces across the sea beet.

Pour over the remains of the marinade. Serve.










Come rain or shine, the lowest part of the country is home to

an abundance of adventure waiting to be explored, coupled

with timeless memories ready to be made. Home to 100’s of

experiences, both on land and on sea, Cornwall has got it all

for adventurous families, couples and friends all looking to get

hooked onto their next piece of adventure.

Discover land and sea adventures in Cornwall with our

hand-picked experiences in and around the ruggedly beautiful

Cornish coast that’ll keep you occupied during your visit.



Discover the magic of history with a guided tour designed around

various aspects of Cornwall’s rich heritage, encompassing romantic

legends and history, all situated in Cornwall’s beautiful scenery.

Choose from King Arthur, Bodmin Moor, The Far West or Poldark tour,

all unique in location and history.



The Camel Trail, a converted discussed railway

track, passes through some of Cornwall’s most

beautiful countryside, and it’s completely free

to use! Walk, cycle or run one of three routes

including Cornwall’s foodie capital, Padstow to

the quaint Cornish town of Wadebridge and take

in the stunning Cornish countryside views whilst

staying active.

The famous Cornish visitor destination that is

the Eden Project is nestled in a huge crater. The

massive Biomes house the largest rainforest

in captivity, stunning plants, exhibitions

and stories which serve as a backdrop to

the striking contemporary gardens, summer

concerts and exciting year-round family events.

If you’re in Cornwall, this is a must and not one

to be missed!


A picturesque location nestled in the Cornish countryside, be led by a

Camel Valley wine maker who’ll guide you through the vineyard year

and winery process, answering any tippling questions that you may

have along the way. Afterwards, there will be a fun wine tasting session,

beginning with their most famous wine, Cornwall Brut, opportunities

to purchase award-winning wines and moments to sit and relax with

a tipple in hand whilst gazing out to some most impeccable country




Hop onto the Scillonian Ferry, take the 2hr, 45 minute

crossing from Penzance to St. Mary’s and soak up the unique

perspective of some of Cornwall’s most iconic coastline.

There are comfy, reclining seats as well as an on-board café,

Western Rocks Coffee Co, serving hot and cold drinks and

snacks to make the trip that little bit more enjoyable. Dogs are

also welcome, so you can take the whole family on a sea-side

adventure to explore the beautiful Isles of Scilly.



Feeling adventurous? Coasteering takes you into an alien

environment, one minute you can be traversing across barnaclecovered

ledges, and the next you find yourself diving into the sea

to cross water-filled zawns. The adrenaline-filled adventure will

take you from secluded beaches to smugglers’ coves and secret

caves inhabited by stunning sea life. It is definitely one of the

coolest ways to explore the gorgeous Cornish coastline! Make

sure you go visit our friends at Quiksilver Surf School!

Discover a whole new world as the best things to be seen

in the water are close to the surface rather than at depth.

Just swim out from one of the easily accessible, fantastic

shore diving sites and you can immediately see the vibrant

colours and abundant marine life that Cornish waters have

to offer.


Nothing beats the view of the Cornish coastline from the

water and Cornish Rock Tors’ guided sea kayaking trips

are the best way to experience that. Paddling out of Port

Gaverne on the North Coast of Cornwall, paddle to remote

coves and beaches, spot wildlife and explore the beautiful,

unspoiled scenery away from the crowds…


Perched on the North coast,

we’re the perfect spot for new

Cornish adventures exploring

the many quaint towns

Cornwall has to offer as well

as discovering the rugged

coastline that outlines our

stunning coastal county. The

Esplanade Hotel is your base

for unforgettable holidays in



John Dunbar Kilburn




With Becky Bettesworth



art feature

Inspired by her love of the old 1930’s railway/travel posters, we’re getting to

know the creative Becky Bettesworth a little better as she tells us all about

how her career as an artist started and how she got to where she is today.



Were you good at art as a child?

I loved art as a child and drew all the time. I used

to love comics, Snoopy and Garfield and try and

copy them. I’d look at the front and back of the

cereal box and copy and draw over breakfast.

I’d draw at school and home, doodling and

sketching. I am dyslexic so I found every other

lesson hard except for art. I always loved art and

at primary school it was what people connected

me with and was part of who I am and what I

was good at. I knew I wanted to grow up to be

an artist.

Did you always intend to make art

your career?

Yes absolutely although I do remember my Dad

advising me to think about getting a proper job

as he knew it was a hard road ahead to make it as

an artist. I’ve always known it’s what I wanted to

do and have had self-belief, determination and

tenacity which is needed through challenging

times where self-doubt and criticism can knock

you down as you grow, evolve and develop as an

artist. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight and

it is a journey which you have to be patient with

and enjoy the ride!

Where did you train?

I did art as GCSE and A Level and then did an

art foundation course at Chester which I loved

which led me to a degree at Bath.

What was your career after you graduated?

After my three years in Bath I knew I wanted to

go to London and was offered some unpaid

work experience with an advertising company,

where after a month they offered me a full-time

job as an art director, helping to come up with

conceptual ideas for campaigns and seeing

them through to final fruition.

Working with Cadbury’s, Guinness and Coca

Cola, which was an awesome fun experience

which consisted of long long hours where the

client would fundamentally have the final say

over the creativity.

When did you decide on a

freelance career?

At this point me and my future husband decided

to take an adventure to New Zealand, which

proved to be one of the best decisions in our

lives! We applied for a one year working visa

and loved loved loved our time out there. It is

here that I met lots of other artists and saw lots

of different art and thought “I could do that”!

When did you move to Devon and

why there?

So when we came back Matt joined the family

business of chartered surveyors, Bettesworths

in Torquay and I started my career as an artist.

Building up a portfolio of work and approaching

galleries and publishing companies. I

experimented in different styles, doing life

drawing classes and working with pencil, pastel

and acrylics. I took part in exhibitions and was

asked to exhibit with a London gallery and The

Affordable Art Fair in London.

I then became a full time Mum and had three

wonderful children Heidi, Bertie and Tom so the

paints had to be put away for some time as I

enjoyed being a full time mum of three....

Describe your family and life in Devon.

Our life in Devon consists of making the most of

where we live and outdoor living. We love surfing,

paddle boarding and cycling and BBQs on the

beach are always great too, taking Squiggle our

golden retriever puppy with us along the way.



art feature





art feature



How much time do you spend each day


I spend as much time as possible, but family

and business administration tend to make this

tricky. My ideal day is to have no interruptions

and create non-stop. Sometimes I can work

until 2am in the morning when I’m in the ‘zone’.

My day always starts with either a morning yoga

class, run along the coastal path or walk with


Do you have a studio?

Yes I do have a studio which is in my home, which

is lovely. I create in one room which is light and

airy and then I have another room which is my

mini warehouse / distribution / packing room,

where all the orders from my website and shops

are processed.

How would you describe your work and its


My work is reminiscent of the 1930s travel poster

art but done in a modern contemporary way,

with the use of soft Pastel colours. I have always

loved this art and the nostalgic feel of that

wonderful bygone era.

What sort of things do you paint now?

Having established a range of seaside

destination posters I am keen to continue with

this but I am also creating some Limited Edition

pieces, adding to my Special Collection Range

and taking on more commissions.

And what inspires you about South Devon?

I am inspired by South Devon because this

is where we are lucky to live. However I am

inspired by the beauty of the whole of the West

Country, both coastline and countryside. We are

very blessed to live in the United Kingdom and

have such beautiful unspoilt coastlines.

Which mediums do you work in?

I work doing pencil sketches, painting and I also

create my artwork drawing on the computer, so

it is a real mix of old and new.

Where is your work sold?

My work is sold on my website www.

beckybettesworth.co.uk and I supply to boutique

shops and galleries across the country. I even

supply to a large store in Bermuda.

You also supply the National Trust. Could

you tell us a bit about that.

This is where it all started for me, when I had an

exhibition at Greenway, Agatha Christie’s former

home which is now a National Trust property.

I thought if I could create some pictures of

Greenway in this style it would be very fitting of

such a stunning building in what is an exquisite

location. At that time the NT asked if they could

stock my artwork and I guess that is how it all


What are you working on now?

I am working on growing my Limited Edition

Collection whilst also adding to my Seaside

Collection Range. I have a number of

commissions booked this year. I continue to

have my artwork on fabulous chocolate bars

created by Kernow Cornish chocolate company,

greetings cards by Glebe Cottage and Tea Towels,

Coasters, Pot Stands and Magnets by Proctor

and Clark. A really fun aspect that has just

launched is my artwork on three skirts produced

by a vintage boutique in London called Revival


My artwork is available in two sizes of Calendar

and also an A5 British Coastlines Diary in

partnership with Carousel Calendars. The

2020 versions of these will be on sale through

my website in a wide range of UK retail outlets

including WHSmith.

beckybettesworth.co.uk | @beckybettesworth



Daydreams, adventures, passion and invention;

this is the story of how the locals favourite cyder

is where it is today as we discover how Healeys

Farm in Cornwall has taken the cyder market by


Kay and David launched Healeys Cyder Farm

in 1986 after previously running an off-licence

in Mevagissey and a small-holding near St

Austell. There was no water or electricity when

they moved in with Sam and Joe, their two

very young sons, and the 150-year-old property

was in a dreadful state. Undeterred with a

dream to pursue, they set about planting

orchards, renovating buildings and creating a

visitor attraction that has since provided huge

entertainment for millions of people for almost

three decades. They’ve also turned their fruit

into world-beating drinks, jams and juices,

built Cornwall’s first distillery in 300 years and

produce England’s oldest whiskey.

On a hot sunny day on a beach in Cornwall,

two thirsty brothers created the idea of Rattler

Cornish Cloudy Cyder. Sam and Joe Healey grew

up on the farm which is now Healeys Cornish

Cyder Farm a few miles outside of Newquay.

Their family produced a range of traditional

Cornish cyders made from the apples grown

in their own Cornish orchards at Penhallow.

Rattler was different to other ciders available in

pubs and bars across Cornwall, with fans loving

it’s biting refreshment. With a loyal Cornish

following, Rattler has grown over the decade,

now with new flavours including pear, berry,

strawberry & lime and a seasonal mulled.

Every drop of Rattler is still made at Healeys

Cornish Cyder Farm. The cyder making process

and history can be enjoyed on a tour of the

farm which welcomes over 400,000 visitors a

year. A new visitor centre opened in 2015 with

an impressive barrel-like entrance which once

inside can be climbed to see the production

halls. The farm offers a fun day out for the whole

family with vintage tractor rides down to the

orchards, free sampling of the entire Healeys

food and drink range the farm shop, and meeting

of friendly farm animals. A day out at Healeys

wouldn’t be complete without a homemade

Cornish cream tea featuring jams made in the

farm kitchens. Or a home cooked meal in The

Old Bottlery Restaurant, with the menu featuring

ingredients made at the farm. Of course, all can

be enjoyed with a pint of Cornish cyder straight

from the farm.

There’s free entry into the farm, free parking and

dogs are welcome on a lead. Charges apply for

tours and tractor rides.

healeyscyder.co.uk | @healeyscyderfarm





Make a splash at The Esplanade with a

swim membership. Choose from a monthly

or yearly membership and take advantage

of exclusive discounts throughout the year

as a member!

Call 01637 873333 for details

or visit esplanadehotelnewquay.co.uk


Your own wellness as a mother is so important. If

you are happy and well, your family is also happy

and well. Whether you are a working mum or stay-athome,

the job is a big one.

Taking time for self-care is essential, whether that’s

in body, mind or spirit and ensuring a moment to

switch off and completely focus on you is important.

Once the little ones are in bed, at school or simply

amusing themselves, take some time to remember

who you are as a person and dig deep for inner calm.

A favourite and accessible athome

routine for most is a

long soak in the bath. There is

nothing quite like a bath time

ritual, where you relax and soak

away all the stresses of the

day. For centuries, water and

baths have been used for their

calming effect on the mind and

body, with countless proven

health benefits, from easing

aching muscles to hydrating

and cleansing your skin.

There are several key elements to getting your bathing

time perfect, like getting the right temperature (the

ideal bath should be only a few degrees above

natural body temp of 37 degrees) and creating the

right atmosphere, whether that’s dimming the lights,

lighting a candle, playing your favourite playlist or

podcast or warming your fluffy bath towels ready for

post-bath comfort.

Whatever your favourite bath time accompaniments

are, whether it’s a good book or a glass of wine, no

bath is complete without luxurious, nurturing bath

“Taking time for self-care

is essential, whether

that’s in body, mind or

spirit and ensuring a

moment to switch off and

completely focus on you

is important.”

products to immerse yourself in. From bath salts,

to bubble baths, oils, bombs and more, there is a

plethora of options for making the most out of your

bath time. The most beneficial is of course, the Bath

Salt, known for containing nutrients and minerals to

keep your skin, muscles, bones and mind healthy.

Soothing tired muscles, cleansing skin and making

you feel relaxed and at ease.

Gaia Skincare’s Balancing Bath Salts are a luxurious,

cleansing and detoxifying salt with a blend of purifying

sea salt, cleansing Epsom

salts and restoring Himalayan

salt. The fragrance is simply

beautiful; an invigorating and

refreshing mix of Rose Geranium,

Ylang Ylang, Frankincense &

Palmarosa. The smell of the

bath alone lifts spirits instantly.

The feeling the salts gives the

bath is pure heaven, the soft,

silky water really does soften

and nourish the skin. Not only

this, the salts are detoxifying,

have an antiseptic and antiinflammatory

(thanks to the

lemon and mandarin) effect.

To add some extra luxury to bath time, nourish and

feed your skin with a calming body oil. Gaia Skincare

have a range of bath and body oils in awakening,

calming and balancing blends…one for every

bathing occasion.

For more wellness tips and natural skincare products

head to www.gaiaskincare.co.uk





to our new loyalty club, card and App.

We’re so pleased to announce that we’ve updated our loyalty club terms,

meaning the more you spend, the more you get!

Our Loyalty Club is free to join and available to guests who have booked


How it works

Receive points for every £1 spent during a stay with us. Once you have built

up your points, you’ll be able to discover redeemable gift experiences to

enjoy during your next stay to use for yourself or give as a gift to friends,

family or colleagues.

Head to reception to grab a loyalty card or register at

- esplanadehotelloyalty.co.uk



One point,

for every

pound spent!


Cornish is a Celtic language spoken mainly in

Cornwall (Kernow). It is a member of the Brythonic

or British branch of the Celtic languages, along

with Welsh and Breton and has some mutual

intelligibility with Breton, and much less with


There are an estimated 3,000 speakers of Cornish,

2,000 of whom claim fluency, according to a survey

commissioned by the Cornish

Language Strategy project in

2008. In the 2011 UK census 600

people in England and Wales

declared Cornish as their main

language: 500 in Cornwall, and

the rest elsewhere.

Cornish started to diverge from

Welsh towards the end of the

7th century AD and the earliest

known examples of written

Cornish date from the end of

the 9th century AD. These were

in the form of glosses scribbled in the margins of a

Latin text - Smaragdus’ Commentary on Donatus.

They were originally thought to be in Old Breton,

but Prof. J. Loth showed in 1907 that they were in

fact Old Cornish. Old Breton and Old Cornish were

very similar and are easily confused.

Old Cornish was used from about 800-1250 AD and

traces of it also survive in some place names in

eastern Cornwall. The Cornish used between 1250

and 1550 is known as Middle or Medieval Cornish

and quite a lot of literature from this period still

survives, including religious plays, poems and

sermons. Literature in Late or Modern Cornish, the

type of Cornish used between 1550 and the 19th

century, includes folk tales, poems, songs, and

translations from the Bible.

Some families are now bringing up their children

with Cornish as their first

language. Cornish names are

popular for children, pets,

houses and boats. People are

writing and performing songs

and poetry in Cornish, and the

language is taught in some

schools and at the University of


There are a number of

magazines solely in Cornish:

An Gannas, An Gowser and An

Garrick. BBC Radio Cornwall

have regular news broadcasts in Cornish, and

sometimes have other programmes and features

for learners and enthusiasts. Local newspapers,

such as the Western Morning News, often have

articles in Cornish, and such newspapers as The

Packet, The West Briton and The Cornishman also

support the language. The first ever feature film

entirely in Cornish, Hwerow Hweg (Bitter Sweet)

was released in 2002, and a number of other films

in Cornish have been made since then.


- Lovely pint this!

- Good Morning

- Good Luck!

- Pyth yw dha hanow?

- How are you?








Corinne Evans Jones



Local professional surfer, lifestyle model and

now Mum Corinne Evans Jones talks to us about

her journey from having the freedom to take to

the waves whenever she fancied, to having a new

love of her life enter the world as she started a

family. She’s had to adapt to a life as a mother

and sharing her time between her family and

the waves. Discover Corinne’s tips on how she

manages to keep her love story with the surf

alive, alongside being a Mum to her beautiful

baby boy.

Last year, on August 30th, I became a mother, and

like all new mums I entered a new chapter of my

life. A chapter that meant I was no longer number

one and the priorities and commitments I had

before giving birth had to change. I would be

lying if I said it hadn’t been a major adjustment

for me both mentally and physically, especially

after spending nearly 10 years of my life as a

professional free surfer. Travelling the world,

surfing every day - if the waves allowed.

Now I surf at weekends, soon to be some

evenings or the odd occasion my husband has

a day off in the week, but it’s not a patch on the

amount I used to surf.

Corinne, Ben +Albee

For the first couple of months, I didn’t even think

about surfing, I didn’t feel ready to surf, I felt

weak and overwhelmed by the major life change

and exercising wasn’t top of my life of priorities.

However, when I reached three months, I started

to feel a little more like myself and ready to get

back on my board. I still didn’t feel particularly

fit and strong but I felt ready to give surfing a go.

“It’s all about having

balance, and not

forgetting who you

used to be before

you had kids.“

It’s not easy juggling being a mum, especially

when work, seeing your friends, spending time

with your partner, family, attending baby groups,

let alone trying to fit surfing into the mix. It’s

hard work and something that requires a lot

of adjustment but recently I have realised that

parents become amazing at learning how to

juggle multiple things. Life may need a lot more

organisation, pre-planning and motivation but

once the dust has settled over those first couple

of months, life starts to gain some normality and

most start to find the time to surf. I certainly did,

all be it every now and again, I still found the

time and now try and make the time to surf.



Ben Battell


I am going to share some of the things I do and

try to do to keep my water time up. By no means

do I surf as much as I did pre-motherhood but

it’s enough to keep me happy and isn’t that the

main reason why we all surf?

Watch the swell

First up keep your eyes on the swell charts.

When the surf looks good, try to arrange some

childcare in advance.

Take it in turns

If your other half surfs or if you’re solo parenting

get another friend with kids to help out. The

idea is that one of you surfs first, while the

other looks after the child/children, then when

their surf time comes, it’s time to switch around

and the other person surfs. For example my

husband likes to surf at low, where as I am

happier with mid tide, so we tend to share the

surf that way.

only once a month, that’s better than no surfing

for a month in my eyes. So try not to put too

much pressure on yourself. Your life is meant to

change but you’re also not meant to stop doing

the things you love. So find the time, make the

time and enjoy the things your did pre-baby.

In my opinion; the more mothers in particular

do this, the happier we become as mothers. I

have found, it’s all about having balance, and

not forgetting who you used to be before you

had kids.

Join a club

Join a surf club that hit the waves once a week

or if there isn’t one in your area, make one!

Giving yourself that regular, weekly surf time

will ensure you get in whatever the conditions.

Surf holidays

Find the right location that is child friendly with

waves on the doorstep and book a holiday or

weekend get away. This way you can surf as

much or as little as you want and your children

can enjoy the beach, while you enjoy the surf.

One thing I have learned to do since having my

son, is to remove the pressure I used to put on

myself to surf all the time. I now enjoy the waves

when I can and that’s enough for me. If I can surf

once a week that’s been the dream week, if it’s



Photos: Ben Battell

@benbattell | benbattell.com






Taking a moment to reflect

on how Newquay has and

hasn’t changed throughout

the years.

Photos - Cornish Memory


Esplanade Road, South Fistral

1900’s 2019

Fistral Beach is in Fistral Bay and in Cornish this is “Porth an Vystel”,

meaning cove of the foul water and in 1813 the “Fistral” was recorded

as “Fistal”, coming from the Cornish bystel meaning of foul water.


Trenance Cottages

1907 2019

Trenance means the farm in the valley – it’s a common

Cornish place-name found in at least eight parishes in

Cornwall today.


Newquay Harbour

1956 2019

In 1439, the Bishop of Exeter granted permission for the building of a stone

quay in the manor of Towan Blystra.


Towan Island

1904 2019

The suspension bridge linking Towan Island and the

mainland, the island is also called ‘Jago’s Island’.


Towan Beach

1917 2019

The Newquay Steam Laundry and Baths Company on Towan Beach

was opened in 1895 and was the first steam laundry. Water was

available for the works from a mine behind the buildings in the cliff.






The end of the week marks a day that has no

schedule, no routine and no structure; a complete

day of rest for most. When we think of Sundays,

we associate no alarm, mid-morning breakfast,

time with the family and a hearty Sunday Lunch

before a lazy afternoon to recharge before the

busy week ahead.

At the centre of the day comes almost a

celebration. A time to get around the table with

friends and family, to share the past weeks

events or looking to the days ahead and what

they will bring, all whilst tucking into a deliciously

prepared meal.

Ahh, the Sunday Lunch. With many variations,

connotations and presentations it all comes

down to the flavoursome tastes on the plate.

Whether that’s sumptuous beef served with all

the trimmings to dig into or a light salad with

“help yourselves” extras, there’s something

special about congregating around a table and

feasting on Sundays together.


Here at the Esplanade we serve a slow-braised

Brisket of Beef. We braise our Brisket of Beef

with fresh thyme, rosemary, cloves of garlic &

red wine and season with some Maldon salt &

cracked black pepper – we then cover and cook

for 3 hours at 150’c.


Once our beef is cooked, we lift the brisket out of

the braising tray, we are now left with beef stock

- this is what we are going to use for the gravy.

Firstly, to make the foundations for our gravy, I

like to place a large pan on the stove, once hot

I then add a splash of veg oil and add freshly

chopped Mirepoix (carrots, onions, celery). Once

this has a golden brown glaze we are ready to

add flour that will thicken the mixture. We then

add all the brisket stock, bring to the boil and

reduce until it reaches my preferred consistency.


The most important part of cooking roast

potatoes is to ensure you place the cut potatoes

into a pan of cold water and salt, this is the best

time to season! Once the potatoes have boiled,

lift them out of the water and place them on to a

flat baking tray – avoid stacking them to achieve

the best possible results. Once on the baking

tray, coat the potatoes with a little duck fat (but

not too much) then add thyme, rosemary, garlic,

and cracked black pepper – roast at 170’c for 25-

30 minutes for the perfect golden-brown finish.

Sunday Lunch served from 12pm

With that in mind, we’ve headed to the kitchen

with Head Chef Jay as he lets us in on his secrets

on a few elements of preparing and delivering

the perfect family Sunday Lunch.



Brisket of Beef

Dutchie Potatoes

Peeled & Cut






Yorkshire Pudding

Equal Amounts of:

Plain Flour



Half Teaspoon

Dijon Mustard




Harriet Shearsmith | @tobyandroo


Cornwall is a true bucket-list destination for

families within the UK and no matter what

the weather or time of year it’s a winning

choice for the whole family. With the ability

to get from the tube to the beach within

an hour in the air, why wouldn’t you take

advantage of having the golden sands of

famous beaches between your toes within


We invited Harriet and her family from

TobyandRoo to experience a UK staycation

at our beach-side family hotel and from

the moment they stepped in the door, they

released that we are Newquay’s ultimate

child-friendly hotel…

The last time I was in Cornwall seems like a

bajillon years ago (that’s a real word, ok?).

It was for the eclipse all those years ago –

just me and my mum for a week and what

a week it was, we loved it. When Esplanade

Hotel in Newquay asked me if we would like

to come down to review their hotel I was

over the moon, it was perfect as a few days

before we were heading down to Devon

to visit Crealy for a few days which meant

that we were only a couple of hours away

as opposed to the usual 7 hrs it would take

us! Yikes!

the main surfing beach in Cornwall we were

told, with the hotel boasting the Quiksilver

shop and surf school attached giving them

access to professional instructors, instant

surfing gear and all your beachy needs.

I’ll come back to this in a minute, but the

other thing that struck us in the hotel lobby

was the chest of buckets and spades for

children to grab before they went down

to the beach, meaning that if you (ahem,

like me) forgot your bucket and spade and

beach toys, you need not fear – the hotel

had you covered. Fistral Beach isn’t just

an iconic surfing place, it’s also amazing

for rock pooling, something that the kids

absolutely loved. They caught loads of

shrimp, watched (and tried to catch) mini

fish that were swimming around the pools

– much to my horror – and just enjoyed

getting their toes wet. The hotel gifted us

towels which was so appreciated, it meant

that we could enjoy a good paddle on the

beach without worrying about having to

drag our soaking wet towels back home in

the cases. They are available on request,

so don’t forget to ask for yours before you

head down to the beach.

Anyway, we arrived in Newquay at 6pm and

from the moment we arrived we were so

impressed with this hotel. I can’t express

how amazing the whole place was for

children, it was like every little touch that

could be thought of had been. The very first

thing that took our breath away was the

glorious views from the hotel lobby. The

lobby faces straight on to the Fistral Beach –


Once we got up to our room, we discovered

that the magic didn’t stop there, the children

had personalised spades and buckets, hot

chocolate sachets were ready and waiting

in five mugs (usually there are only mugs

for the adults) and a build-my-bear bag

on the kid’s bed. There was a personalised

bottle of gin on our bed with a full itinerary

of complimentary sessions that the hotel

offered for children in the afternoons, from

crafting sessions like doughnut decorating

to build-my-bear and more. The kids were

over the moon and couldn’t wait to get on

to the beach – so naturally we obliged with

a little walk down but the sea was already

in, so we headed down for a little sit on the

stairs to watch the sea for 5 minutes before

coming up to see what the restaurant had

to offer.

We were both really pleased with breakfasts

and would 100% recommend getting

breakfast as part of your booking, from

tasty full English to pastries and toast with

every imaginable cereal for the kids which

was fantastic. The children had really nice

meals on the evening too and we noticed

that the menu had a story on the back so

that we could take a bedtime story up with

us – which is super handy when you don’t

bring away any books with you. I loved that

there was an ice cream station, but the kids

were just too tired, so we bundled them

out of the restaurant only to notice that the

hotel offers complementary cookies and

milk on an evening so that you can take

them into your room and get off to bed!

Another perfect touch for the children, one

amongst so many.

The bedrooms are large and spacious,

basic but clean and comfy décor and our

room even had a deck to sit out and watch

“The very first

thing that took

our breath away

was the glorious

views from the

hotel lobby.”

the sunset over the sea – it was beautiful.

I noticed the following morning that the

bathroom had two different types of wash

– shampoo, conditioner and body wash/

lotion from ESPA which smelt amazing, and

then one for children, which is amazing as

Toby’s sensitive skin often suffers with over

scented or harsh soaps in hotels.

After breakfast (which was lovely) we went

for a play on the hotel’s football court

through the bar (this doubles as a tennis

court) and there is a little play house and

pretty seating area for the children to

enjoy. The hotel also has a little soft play

area that was fantastic for the cooler days,

late evenings and rainy days. As if that was

enough, there is also an indoor swimming

pool which Adam took Reuben to for a

late-night swim. The pool was open from

early morning until 10.30pm which made

it perfect for older kids to have that one

to one time if they wanted it after the little

ones went to bed.

Once we had a play it was time for us to

head down to the beach for some rock

pooling, a light lunch over at the beachside

bar directly opposite the hotel and then our

surfing lesson with Quiksilver Surf School




Laurence from Quiksilver Surf School

Newquay, the hotel’s very own surf school

and shop, was absolutely amazing. He not

only managed to get Reuben to get stood

up on the wave in the sea, but also got Edith

and Toby riding the waves – though Toby

really wasn’t a fan and Edith only rode 2-3

waves, he still kept us all safe and taught

the kids some really valuable lessons – as

for Reuben, I genuinely think Laurence has

created a surfer there. Adam had a fantastic

time, he really enjoyed the little chance he

got to get out and try riding the waves and

we all feel really inspired to try surfing again!

Once we dried off, we went to a build-mybear

session and doughnut decorating

hosted by the hotel, which the kids

absolutely loved! Once we went over to

decorate doughnuts, we realised that there

was a fab play area with DVD’s and games

for the kids to play, table tennis and more.

It was fab!

Every member of staff at the hotel was

effortlessly friendly and their goal really

was to make the hotel as family friendly

as possible. We adored our stay with The

Esplanade Hotel and we can’t wait to come

back down to Cornwall again and stay with

the hotel – it was perfect for children and

I honestly can’t sing it’s praises enough.

From friendly, personalised service to every

possible thing thought of for the children.

The Esplanade Hotel is Newquay’s ultimate

child-friendly hotel.

Harriet’s top tip when visiting The Esplanade

Hotel “100% make sure you book a surfing









20th July - 31st August 2019


ARTS & CRAFTS 3pm | Cocktail making 5pm



PETANQUE 3pm | Pizza making 5pm | WII GAMES 8pm


BOUNCY BALL MAKING 3pm | Esplanade rocks 5pm

MOVIE TIME! WITH POPCORN 8pm | Live entertainment 8.30pm


MAKE, BAKE AND DECORATE! 3pm | Balloon games 5pm



T-SHIRT DECORATING 3pm | Cookie decorating 5pm | LIVE ENTERTAINMENT 8.30pm


ARTS & CRAFTS 3pm | Table tennis tournament 5pm | BINGO 8pm


DOUGHNUT DECORATING 3pm | Skittles 5pm

MOVIE TIME! WITH POPCORN 8pm | Live entertainment 8.30pm

S S . E S P L A N A D E

*Activities subject to change










Romeo & Juliet at the Minack

- 22nd, 23rd, 25th & 26th July 2019

Award winning Moving Stories Theatre Company is thrilled to

return to the Minack Theatre following over a decade of sell

out successes (‘Hamlet’, ‘West Side Story’, ‘Twelfth Night’, ‘The

Tempest’, ‘A Winter’s Tale’) with Shakespeare’s best loved,

timeless tale of love and hate.

Port Eliot Festival

- 25th to 28th July 2019

Described as a literary festival, but with the feel of a garden

party. Attracts mix of celebs, art lovers, foodies, party animals

and book worms.


- 26th to 28th July 2019

Exciting independent music festival, described as the greatest

house party in a field, consistently showcasing the vanguard

of new bands and artists in the UK and beyond.

Charlestown Regatta Week

- 27th July to 2nd August 2019

A week of fun events for all the family including includes

events such as the fun triathlon, raft races, donkey derby, live

music and colourful carnival.

Ibiza Club Classics Lusy Glazy Beach

- 28th July 2019

Fusing the raw power and soul of an orchestra with the heavy

bass and beats of a DJ, party-goers can expect to hear a

mixture of pit string sections against scratch skills and double

bass against synth bass, creating classic Ibiza party tracks like

they’ve never heard before


Boardmasters Surf, Skate & Music Festival

- 7th to 11th August 2019

Surf, skate & music festival situated across two

legendary locations featuring the best in action sports

including surfing and a laid back music festival.

Falmouth Week

- 9th to 18th August 2019

Falmouth Week has grown into the largest sailing

regatta in the south west with more than 450 yachts

racing over eight days, and a lively programme of

shoreside events.







Heritage Open Days

- 7th to 10th September 2019

Free access to historic properties not usually open to the

public or which normally charge for admission.

The Little Orchard Cider & Music Festival

- 13th to 15th September 2019

The Little Orchard Cider & Music Festival returns to the

beautiful grounds of Healey’s Cyder Farm with The Zutons

and Reef confirmed as headliners.

Newquay Fish Festival

- 13th to 15th September 2019

One of Cornwall’s celebrated seafood and crafts weekends

gives Newquay an opportunity to showcase one of its hidden

gems, ‘the fishing harbour’ with a dazzling menu of delicious

dishes cooked on the quay by local Chefs!

Watergate Bay Speed Hillclimb

- 14th to 15th September 2019

Nestled on the stunning and highly popular North Cornwall

coast between Newquay and Padstow, after making history

in 2018, the two-day closed road speed hillclimb will return in

2019, bigger and better than before.


City of Lights

- 20th November 2019

Nothing heralds the start of the festive season quite like the

City of Lights, Truro’s midwinter lantern festival. Come and see

a dazzling procession of willow-stick-and-tissue lanterns.


Movies by Moonlight

- 4th & 5th October 2019

The Minack transforms into the ultimate outdoor cinema.

Enjoy two cinematic classics, Hitchcock’s Rebecca on Friday

and Spielberg’s Jaws on Saturday, with stunning views of the

Cornish coastline and Atlantic ocean as your backdrop.

Falmouth Oyster Festival

- 10th to 13th October 2019

The annual festivities celebrate the start of the oyster

dredging season, the native Fal Oyster and the diversity of

Cornish seafood, with four days of feasting, cooking demos,

live music, food and craft stalls.


A Minack Christmas Concert

- 15th December 2019

Start your Christmas with us as Pendeen Silver Band serves

up a festive feast of your favourite Christmas tunes.

Mousehole Christmas Lights

- From 14th December 2019

Villages all over Cornwall drape homes and streets in lights

for Christmas but none does it better than Mousehole, west

of Penzance, which attracts big crowds.


Family Surf Break 2019

Have fun whilst learning something new! Our

family surf breaks are the perfect pick for awesome

summer adventures in the sea, complete with

accommodation, breakfast and all you’ll need for

a surf lesson on the world-famous Fistral Beach in


- Two-night break

- Full English breakfast each morning

- Surf lesson with the Quiksilver Surf School Newquay

- Board and wetsuit hire whilst on your lessons

- Full use of the facilities

Summer Breaks 2019

Summer stays for the whole family with the

beach-side Esplanade Hotel in Cornwall!

The Esplanade Hotel in Newquay is more than just

a place to sleep - it’s a place where you can enjoy

quality family holidays on the Cornwall coast,

splashing about in the heated indoor pool and dining

together in our informal family friendly restaurant,

Cove. The Esplanade Hotel is a special place where

the whole family can kick back and relax together –

a stylish home from home.

Make full use of our facilities!

- Indoor pool

- Soft play

- Pirate ship

- Onsite surf school



February Half Term 2020

October Half Term 2019

Get away from it all and enjoy a family-friendly

October half term holiday in Cornwall. We have an

action-packed schedule of family-friendly activities

planned (all free!) and you can make full use of our

facilities, including the indoor pool, soft play and

pirate ship play area during your stay.

Our wonderful beach-front location, also means it’s

just perfect for wrapping up warm and heading out

rockpooling or if the wind’s right, a spot of kite flying!

October Half-Term Family Holidays:

- 2 nights bed and breakfast – £270 per family

- 3 nights bed and breakfast – £375 per family

- 4 nights bed and breakfast – £460 per family

Have a blast in Cornwall with our FREE family

activities and make full use of our facilities including

the indoor pool, soft play and pirate ship play area

whilst you’re here. Explore our seaside location, bop

along at the kid’s disco and grab a surfboard for

awesome fun in the waves at Fistral Beach!

February Half-Term Family Holidays:

- 2 nights bed and breakfast – £250 per family

- 3 nights bed and breakfast – £345 per family

- 4 nights bed and breakfast – £420 per family

- 2 nights dinner, bed and breakfast – £330 per family

- 3 nights dinner, bed and breakfast – £465 per family

- 4 nights dinner, bed and breakfast – £580 per family

- 2 nights dinner, bed and breakfast – £350 per family

- 3 nights dinner, bed and breakfast – £495 per family

- 4 nights dinner, bed and breakfast – £620 per family



Christmas Breaks 2019

Christmas is a time for laughter and festive cheer and at The Esplanade Hotel it really is no different! This

year we are pulling out all the stops to create a festive coastal wonderland and with accommodation,

food, drinks, entertainment and ocean views, included in our Christmas Break package- why go

anywhere else?

Think stormy sea-watching, bracing coastal walks, festive fun and games, live music, delicious seasonal

dining with all the trimmings, and lots of Christmas spirit. Christmas at The Esplanade offers something

for everyone... what are you waiting for, come and join us for a Christmas to remember, on the Cornish



Enjoy a three-night stay from £890 per couple

Enjoy a four-night stay from £1100 per couple



Twixmas 2019

After the excitement of Christmas, take some time

to chill out on the Cornish coast and let us look after

you, whilst you enjoy...

- Stunning sea views and coastal location

- Delicious shore-side dining

- Indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna

- Stylish and comfortable rooms

- Luxury spa treatments*


Enjoy a two-night stay from £320 per couple

*additional charges and must be pre-booked at

Fistral Spa.

New Year 2019

Join us for a three-night indulgent break with

family and friends as we're spoiling you with

cosy accommodation, festive food and exciting

entertainment to see in the New Year in style.

Your break includes

- Three-night break

- Hearty Cornish breakfast

- Evening meals

- New Year's Eve party with live entertainment

- Full use of the facilities

- 10% off spa treatments at Fistral Spa

Enjoy a two-night stay from £520 per couple

Enjoy a three-night stay from £780 per couple






Fancy celebrating Christmas in

style at our Casino Royale Party?




The celebrations with a drinks reception in the Pebbles Bar then take a seat

in our Cove Restaurant and enjoy a festive three-course meal.


Try your luck and take a spin on the casino tables then dance the night

away with a DJ set and get snap happy at our mirror photo booth!


Classic cocktails throughout the evening, so you just need to decide

if yours will be shaken or stirred…


and stay over from £69 per

double room including full

breakfast and use of facilities!

Friday 6th December

Friday 13th December

Friday 20th December

Saturday 7th December

Saturday 14th December

Saturday 21st December

£37 PER


To book call 01637 873333 or email


Please ask for single occupancy rates | Deposit required to secure party night and accommodation | Cocktails are additional.

Book more than 10 rooms and organiser stays for free | esplanadehotelnewquay.co.uk | Esplanade Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1PS








Surfing lessons for all

ages, from beginner

to advanced level

Esplanade Road, Newquay, TR7 1PS

e: hello@quiksilversurfschoolnewquay.com

w: www.quiksilversurfschoolnewquay.com

t: 01637 851 800


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