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In this issue: interviews with Jodie Kidd, OKIEM & Josephine Gordon; we celebrate British Airways Centenary with A Day in The Life of a Pilot; luxury hotel reviews - Highbullen Hotel, St Ermin's Hotel, K West Hotel and Conrad London St James; London restaurant reviews; SLOAN! Book Club; ONLOOKER - society pages with The Goffs London Sale and King Power Gold Cup; SOBER SUMMER - low-alcohol and zero-alcohol options for Dry Drinkers; Ask The Expert articles from celebrity nanny Connie Simpson and a host of leading specialists in their field, product features including SLOAN! BABY, ACTIVE AFFLUENT, SLOAN! AT HOME, TECH-TASTIC TREATS, MR DAPPER, LADY SLOAN!, BEAUTY< HEALTH and lots more.



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Sloan Sheridan-Williams

We discover the woman behind the successful entrepreneur,

media personality and international speaker to find out what

makes Sloan Sheridan-Williams stand out from all the rest!

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach who has

worked with rock stars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients

include Hollywood actors, professional athletes and reality TV stars. She

also works with brands from start ups to global leaders such as Unilever,

BMW, Honda, David Brown Automotive, eHarmony, Whirlpool, Hotels.

com and to name a few.


Sloan Sheridan-Williams is known for her work as one of the leading

“diagnosticians in the complementary therapy world” She is often

commended for having the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling

problems that have yet to be solved by others. Sloan achieves this using

over a decade of experience and is unique in the fact that she has trained in

so many different areas using their diversity to fix problems that a single

qualified practitioner may not be able to address. She talks about all these

area in the press on a regular basis both in the UK and globally.


Sloan was originally known in her capacity as an experienced therapist and

success coach, but she is impossible to pigeon hole. Over the last 15 years,

she has had the opportunity to work in many different arenas from legal to

political, medical to media, and corporate to academia. Educated at Oxford

University where she originally read Medicine,

Sloan then attended University College London

before converting to Law. Sloan has collaborated

with some of the finest institutions and brands in

the UK, if not the world, and has had the pleasure

to work with some very talented individuals.

Sloan’s latest work is her new book, “Slap Fear

In The Face” which is available in e-book and

paperback at

Visit to learn more

about Sloan and her extraordinary work.


Sloan has worked with rock

stars to royalty and politicians to

CEOs. Her VIP clients include

Hollywood actors, professional

athletes and reality TV stars


As a respected relationship

expert, Sloan has appeared in

the UK and international media

over 200 times. She is also a

charismatic media personality,

radio host and trained presenter.


Sloan is an engaging and

inspirational world class

international speaker and has

shared the stage with some

of the top business experts

and entrepreneurs in the UK

including John Lee, Vincent

Wong, Andy Harrington and

Shaa Wasmund MBE.


Sloan has a combined social

media following of over 450K on

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and

LinkedIn. She is also the founder

and editor-in-chief of SLOAN!

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The warmer months have finally

arrived and with them comes a

whole host of new and exciting

features from your favourite

lifestyle magazine for discerning


In this issue, in addition to

bringing you interesting expert

articles and fabulous product

features, we also include insightful

interviews with ex-model Jodie

Kidd, star pianist OKIEM and

female jockey Josephine Gordon.

We’ve listened to your feedback

and have focused even more

attention on our popular SLOAN!

BABY section bringing you the

latest toys, treats and must-trys

from leading baby & parenting

brands we trust.

More and more of you are

choosing to enjoy low-alcohol and

zero-alcohol alternatives so we’ve

also expanded our drinks section

to include a Sober Summer feature

which joins our regular Tasty

Tipples section.

Also worth a read is the Day in

the Life of a Pilot as we celebrate

British Airways’ centenary this


As always I’d like to thank my

fantastic team who are such a

pleasure to work with and whom I

can always rely on to bring you the

latest from the world of SLOAN!

in an engaging and informative


A big thank you also to you

our readers, for your continued

support online, on social media

and offline.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue

as much as we’ve had creating

it and I wish you all a fabulous

summer ahead.

Continue to be inspired!


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Beauty Bonanza

6 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


The 10 colourful makeup brushes in

this Wild As The Ocean set cover all

the essentials you need to create a

professional makeup look.

£49.95 from


This lightweight anti-ageing moisturiser

from Harley St Skin Clinic instantly

refreshes skin and absorbs quickly. Rich in

anti-oxidants, it reduces the appearance of

fine lines, protects against the damaging

rays of the sun.

£30 from


This Age Renewal Mediterranean

Blend Facial Oil combines omega-3

fatty acids with coldpressed almond

oil, olive oil, and prickly pear oil for

supple radiant skin.

£44.95 from


AZELAC RU Liposomal Serum

TRX is a clinically proven facial

serum that supports brighter, more

luminous skin while helping to

control hyperpigmentation for a

more even skin tone

£40.80 from


This vegan Antioxidant Multi-

Tasking Super Balm can be

used as a cleanser, nourishing

treatment mask and an

intensive moisturiser.

£32 available from


This exquisite blusher

palette contains 5 different

shades to lift the complexion

and accentuate the cheeks


£33 available from


Well Heeled Express Pedicure System

electronic foot file spins at over 200

times a minute to gently buff away hard

dry skin from heels, toes, and soles.

£25 from


Sunscreen Face-Body Emulsion

Yoghurt, SPF 50 keeps skin

protected and hydrated even in

the hottest of climates.

£22 from


HEVL SPF50 Face Crème

protects against daylight threat

to exposed skin caused by

UVA, UVB and High Energy

Visible Light. Contains

Liposhield HEV.

£19.95 available from


Coconut Oil Formula Foot Scrub, Foot Cream

and Foot Oil for soft, smooth feet.

£4.99 to £5.99 exclusively from Superdrug

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A Nanny’s Guide To

Bedtime Routine For

New Parents

Celebrity nanny Connie Simpson offers a

helping hand to new parents as she shares

practical advice on how to create a bedtime

routine that works for you and your baby


What the celebrities have to say about

Nannie Connie...

“If I were a baby, I would want

Connie to be my nanny. I want her to

wrap me in a blanket and rock me to

sleep. We loved having her as part of

our family.” — George Clooney

“We relied heavily on Nanny Connie

to help us through all the everyday

things that come with having a new

baby.” — Jessica Alba

“I can’t imagine what nightmare I

would have been in without the advice

she gave me.” — Jessica Biel

“She was so much more than a

nanny… We depended daily on her

wisdom and insight.” — Matt Damon

“Connie is above all a member of

our family… The very thought of her

makes me smile.” — Emily Blunt

It was thanks to

Jessica Alba that

I learnt about the

Owlet Smart Sock

Connie Simpson is a proud

product of the Deep South, where

she learned the importance of

manners, wisdom, compassion,

love, and patience in abundance.

These values have made her

one of the most in-demand

nannies to many Hollywood

celebrities, including Jessica Biel

and Justin Timberlake, Emily

Blunt and John Krasinski, and

most recently Amal and George




Babies are extremely smart and

love routines. You have to train

your baby, so that each step

eventually leads to slumber. I

cannot stress enough that this

starts from day one!

For night-time, I always give the

baby a warm bath, a massage,

jammies, and a little reading.

Whether it’s nap time or nighttime,

just before you put them

down make sure they have a good

bottle, a nice burp, clean diaper,

and good swaddle.


Setting the mood is also key.

That starts with low lighting, and

soft music – either calm spa or

classical melodies. The baby will

begin to relate the dim light and

soothing music as their sign that it

is time to relax and go to sleep.



As a new parent, it’s normal to be

constantly checking that your little

one is okay while they’re sleeping.

However, this can be a draining

8 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

experience for parents as they are

in need of quality sleep just as

much as their babies. There have

been great advancements in baby

technology that allow parents to

have a peace of mind whilst their

baby is asleep.

I personally recommend the Owlet

Smart Sock as a parent must-have.

It was thanks to Jessica Alba

that I learnt about the product.

The Owlet Smart Sock provides

parents with a peace of mind that

their little one is ok by notifying

them if their heart rate or oxygen

levels are outside of pre-set zones.



Be verbal in how you are feeling.

It is completely normal to feel

tired from lack of sleep or anxious

that you are not doing a good job.

Don’t keep your feelings hidden,

be open about them and discuss

them with your network – whether

that be your doctor, family or

friends. If they are made aware,

they can actively work to help you

overcome obstacles that might

be both physical or emotional.

Treat yourself. Go get a massage,

a manicure, a nice new haircut

– whatever you desire! Feeling

pampered is vital for your postpartum

mental rejuvenation.

Similarly, buying new outfits that

aren’t maternity clothes are critical

for that mental transition.



For the last nine months of

pregnancy you have undergone a

significant emotional transition.

It will take you at least another

nine months for your emotions to

go back to the way they were. The

above baby steps will make sure

you’re on track to do so.

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The BabaBing Raffi pushchair comes with an adjustable

seat unit & carrycot, compatible car seat adapters and a

2-in-1 rain cover, along with a host of parent and childfriendly

features. The one-handed fold, good-sized

shopping basket and gate-opening bumper bar are all

designed to make the daily to-and-fro that little bit easier,

while all-round suspension, a multi-position footrest

and recline (again operated by one hand and with handy

numbered indicators) and premium quality fabrics should

guarantee a comfortable ride. Fabrics offer something

different from the current market with durable neoprene

mixed with knits offering texture to the upholstery. The

Raffi is suitable from birth with the simple attachment of

the carrycot, which boasts “Kose Cool ®” lining material

and the “Air-V ®” ventilation system to improve airflow,

as well as a reclining back rest that allows babies to lie a

little more upright - ideal for babies with reflux.

£599.95 from

Discover more

product reviews at

SLOAN! Baby recommends

must-have items for little ones

Wallaroo Hats

Clever cut-outs up the cute factor on this adorable

embroidered UPF50+ Childrens Hat with its

shark theme. The wide 3.25 inch brim provides

plenty of shade for outdoor summer fun and the

hat blocks 97.5% of harmful UV rays. The cotton

chin-strap and internal drawstring ensures the

perfect fit. What’s more the travel-friendly hat is

crushable making it easy to pack for days out and

holidays abroad. Available in two sizes for 2-5

Years and 5-10 Years.

£22.95 from

JoJo Maman Bébé

We love the JoJo Navy Star Bean Bag Chair from

JoJo Maman Bébé. With lovely white stars on a

navy blue background, it’s sure to brighten up any

bedroom or nursery and suits both boys and girls.

Whether our child is reading, playing or simply

relaxing, they’ll love their comfy new chair. The

Navy Star Bean Bag Chair is also the perfect

addition in the living room. When your child

outgrows it, why not use it as a seat for their

favourite teddy!

£49 available from

10 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Owlet Smart Sock

The Owlet Smart Sock is a smart

wearable baby monitor which tracks

your baby’s heart rate and oxygen

levels, while they sleep. The sock

gently wraps around little one’s foot

to give you the right information at

the right time. Using pulse oximetry

- a technology found in most

hospitals - to silently keep watch

over your baby.

The Smart Sock sends notifications

via Bluetooth to a low energy (BLE)

base station which glows green to

let you know everything is okay.

All this information is able to be

accessed anytime, anywhere through

the Owlet app.

Owlet watches over 90,000 babies

every night and is an easier way to

check on your baby and a safer way

to know they’re okay.

£269 from


Graco’s new All Ways Soother will move and soothe

babies like parents do. The innovative All Ways

Soother with removable rocker is a multi-use baby

soother that offers 16 soothing motions for the most

baby smiles. Moving from side to side, up and down

with calming speeds, this replicates the motions that

parents use to soothe their baby.

Suitable from birth to approximately 9 months old

(0-9kg), it features a multi-directional seat with eight

ways to swing, in two directions. Offering maximum

functionality, the All Ways Soother has six swing

speeds and two speed vibration settings.

Parents will love that the removable rocker makes it a

multi-use soother for use throughout the home.

Little ones will find there is plenty to keep them

entertained with 10 charming melodies and five nature

sounds. A mobile with two soft toys will help to keep

baby alert and attentive. For optimal comfort, the All

Ways Soother has three recline positions and a plush

seat pad with removable infant head and body support.

The All Ways Soother comes with an AC adapter for

ultimate convenience.

The All Ways Soother is £200 from

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A set of three jingly animal keys,

Yummikeys are made from 100%

stainless steel, adorned with three

bright silicone beads. Cool on the

gums, safe for new teeth and totally

non-toxic, these ‘keys’ offer everything

a real set would, but without the dirt,

sharp edges or lead. Fun to explore,

they help build fine and gross motorskills

and are designed for even the

littlest hands to grip. Perfect to be kept

and used for generations to come, not

only can the keys be cleaned in the

dishwasher, there is also the option to

have them re-polished when needed.

£22.50 from


Babyopathy is first and foremost about

Angela J Spencer’s research into the

effects of stress during pregnancy and

how to combat this using her sensory

techniques to enjoy a positive and

relaxed pregnancy and birth to have a

relaxed and contented baby. It is also

about having lots of information so

that you, as parents, can do what is

right for your family

wherever possible.

Angela wants to help

empower mums

with the information

they need to know

to become relaxed

mums with

contented babies.

£19.99 from Amazon

JoJo Maman Bébé

The White Toy Sorter from JoJo Maman Bébé helps encourage

tidy habits in toddlers as well as making parents lives easier when

it comes to storage for the multitude of bits and pieces that seem to

exponentially increase from the moment you bring baby home from


The Toy Sorter comes with eight colourful navy blue and red boxes

to allow sorting of toys by type. With everyday use, it helps keep

bedrooms and nursery playrooms free of clutter. As it’s the perfect

sized for little ones, everything is within easy reach.

£95 available from


These fantastically engineered

Children’s Shorty Wetsuits

from Konfidence are made

to the same specifications

as adult wetsuits, so your

budding young surfers or

body boarders will feel part of

the scene. You’ll have peace

of mind, too, as not only will

they be protected from chilly

winds and cooler waters, but

the neoprene fabric provides

100% UV protection and the

bright designs lets you keep

an eye on them as they ride

the waves.

£24.99 from

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Baby To Love

Created for parents that need an ultraportable

space-saving alternative to the

bulky high chair, the reversible Pocket Chair

is suitable for toddlers that can sit up, aged

6-36 months, and up to 33 lbs. The threepoint

harness, belt and straps secures your

little one onto the chair, without interfering

with their free flow. Other than regular

feeding, the Pocket Chair is the perfect

solution to dining at restaurants a host of

other scenarios. Easy to carry when on-thego,

the Pocket Chair folds into itself like a

sock to form a small travel bag fitting snugly

in your own bag so it’s parent-friendly and

easy to use. Installing the Baby To Love

Pocket Chair only takes a matter of seconds.

With it’s 2-in-1 reversible design you can

make use of both sides so it’s perfect for days

when there’s not even time to put on a wash.

£23.95 from

Innovative Ideas

Discover more

product reviews at

Baby To Love

Lovely gifts and must-have

products for your little ones


Snufflebabe® offers the UK’s No.1 baby nasal

decongestant range developed for parents by medical

experts. The award-winning product range works to ease

congestion in babies and young children, helping them

with sleeping, eating and breathing. Trusted by parents

for colds, sniffles and to clear babies from blocked noses,

it eases congestion to relieve stress in both babies and

parents alike. The range includes Vapour Oil (£7.29) which

when added to warm water creates a room vapour to help

your little one breathe more clearly.

Snufflebabe® is available at Boots, Tesco, Asda,

Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and independent pharmacies.

Vincent The Elephant is one of five super soft

musical boxes from Baby To Love, as part of there

all new Musical Animals collection that is sure to

quickly find its place in your little one’s nursery.

Pleasant to handle thanks to its soft texture and

rounded form, enjoy the soothing melody as

Vincent plays the famous Lullaby of Brahms once

the pull cord has been activated from underneath

Vincent and the musical notes begin to play.

Helping to stimulate curiosity and a baby’s sensory

development of vision, hearing and tactility.

£30.95 from

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Ten Ways To Develop

Baby’s Senses In The

First Twelve Months

Childcare expert Angela J Spencer, author of

Babyopathy, share ten ways you can develop

your baby’s sense in the first year.

Angela J Spencer

Angela J Spencer has owned and

operated children’s nurseries for

over 25 years – opening her first

in 1993 at the age of 21 – and

was named in the Top 10 most

influential people in Childcare by

NMT Magazine in 2017 before

finally selling the nurseries in


Babyopathy, Angela’s baby &

child development programme,

prioritises sensory stimulation

and was named as Mother & Baby

Magazine’s ‘New Routine for 2017.

Her new book Babyopathy (2nd

Ed.) empowers women to have a

positive and relaxed pregnancy

and early years.

Babyopathy is based on our inbuilt

connection to nature that

has been continuously refined to

nurture a baby’s complete wellbeing

and natural development

through sensory and holistic


You are the

biggest source

of your baby’s


When thinking about stimulating

a baby’s senses, most people focus

only once baby is here. However,

a baby has their first conscious

sensory connection in the womb

and from around 24 weeks

gestation. Childcare expert Angela

J Spencer, author of Babyopathy,

share ten ways you can develop

your baby’s sense in the first year.



From around 24 weeks your baby

will begin to experience their first

conscious sensory connections

that will continue throughout their

life. One of the easiest ways to

stimulate this and their language

development is to talk to them!

By the time they are born, they

will recognize the familiar tones

and patterns of your voice and by

continuing to talk to them you

will be developing their language



We are seeing a huge rise in

developmental delays, particularly

language and also behavioural

concerns and one of the biggest

causes are screens! A baby under

two (under 5 in my opinion)

should not be given a screen

as constant use can cause a

malformation of neural pathways

and subsequently developmental



Oils are a great way to influence

the first stages of your baby’s

development such as creating a

sleep routine. Creating a sensory

oasis when they sleep with

familiar essential oils helps to

train the brain that this means

sleep and encourage a deeper

more relaxed sleep too!


Music too can help play its part

in this sensory oasis. By using

familiar music that is relaxing,

such as nature sounds or soft

classical will also encourage

a familiar bedtime routine. It

doesn’t need to stop there, you can

use music throughout the day to

create routines and familiarity;

for example, soft jazz aids

the digestion and so is a great

accompaniment to meal times and

you can encourage table manners

too by sitting at the table nicely

until the music stops.


You will be surprised just how

much a baby can learn from what

they touch, after all this is their

first mode of experiencing most

things. They will grasp your

finger for security and build on

that skill to experience many

things including their first finger

foods. I am a huge advocate of

reading with babies (that’s the

next tip) and books such as the

‘That’s Not My…’ range are

full of different textures to help

your baby to experience – don’t

forget to tell them what they are

experiencing too!


Reading to your baby is vital to

many aspects of their development

14 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

and of course one of those being

their language skills. But, did

you know that if you read to

them whilst in the womb you are

helping them to recognize familiar

tones and patterns in voices as

well as language patterns. One of

my favourites is ‘Dear Zoo’ as you

can be quite expressive in your



You do not need lots of expensive

toys and you really don’t need

all the plastic ones! We live

in a natural world and we are

intrinsically linked to it, it

nurtures our natural development,

which is called the biophilia

hypothesis, something Babyopathy

is based upon. Playing in nature,

laying babies on the grass and

letting them feel it, playing in the

dirt, and seeing and experiencing

a multitude of colour and

textures gives you a multitude of

vocabulary and opportunities to

stimulate development with things

such as counting flowers or petals,

collecting differential objects;

large and small and colour groups

etc. The world is literally your



We have already established that

you don’t need the expensive

toys and the natural world is

your oyster when it comes to

a playground. However, your

home and the things in it are

your resources! Wooden spoons

and saucepans make fabulous

instruments, pasta and other

ingredients make great craft

activities and messy play and even

your magazines can be a source

of photos for a collage. The list is

endless but again offers unrivalled

opportunities for language, special

awareness, physical and emotional

skills to name but a few.


A baby learns by experience

and example. They will copy

everything you do as you will

know from that first smile in

response to yours that melts

your heart. However, too much

stimulation is detrimental and

can leave them stressed. If you

are going to go somewhere or to

a class that is a sensory overload,

be aware of your baby’s signs

of distress and leave for a more

relaxed environment. I have

seen so many babies leave some

sensory classes red-faced, in tears

and completely over-stimulated

and stressed, which then disrupts

their sleep and feeding patterns

and makes for a very stressed

mum too!

10. YOU

You are the biggest source of

your baby’s development. Yes,

the odd class is fun for a social

development point of view but

you are their greatest teacher.

A baby is a blank canvas, they

do not know hatred, anger or

prejudice for example, it is a

learned behaviour or a responsive

one. Similarly, they do not know

compassion, respect or manners

so need to be shown. Most

importantly, they will not learn

anything if you are completely

preoccupied with your own

screen. Just as it is important for

your baby not to use a screen, it

is more important that you don’t

(or at the very least limit it!).

Your baby needs your time, your

attention, your knowledge and

experience and most of all your

presence in the moment.

To find out more about

Babyopathy, please visit

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From designer bears to baby’s first dinosaur,

here are some more awesome ideas for little ones


Grin & Bear London was born from a humble

teddy bear pattern and some fabric that exfashion

designer Michael Dankwah had in his

sewing box.

After creating the prototype bear for a friend’s

birthday present, Michael has since gone on

to make hundreds of teddy bears. Every bear

is lovingly hand-made from carefully selected

fabric, giving each one its own whimsical

character. We love the Georgie at £98 from

Liberty’s and


Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits are 100% natural and

shaped to reach the front and back of the jaw, they

have a handy ribbon to tie them safely to baby’s

clothes. Baked for hardness Bickiepegs help teeth to

‘cut’ and ease the pain of teething gums giving vital

exercise to baby’s developing jaw, jaw muscles and


Used in Royal Nurseries Bickiepegs Natural

Teething biscuits have been

helping babies teeth since


From £2.09 at Boots, Asda,

Sainsbury’s, Superdrug ,

Ocado and Amazon


Help your baby through the painful teething

process with this Cheeky Chompers

Neckerchew in its cute Panda Pals print. The

practical design allows your little one to wear

the bib while chewing on the unique textured

triangle. A brilliant alternative to traditional

teething toys which get constantly dropped.

£12 from


Mama Mio Way to Glow Facial Spritz is

a travel friendly facial mist that’s cooling,

calming and comforting thanks to its botanical

infusions. This facial mist is infused with

uplifting gravida scent and endorphin releasing

anti-inflammatory actives work to decrease

feelings of irritation keeping you cool, calm

and collected throughout your pregnancy. It

moisturises under or over make-up whilst

balancing and brightening hormonal skin.

£23 from

16 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


This adorable Kimmy Koala Tummy Time Book from Taf Toys is a

fab way to keep baby engaged and entertained when practising tummy

time. Beautifully illustrated, the soft book has both monochrome and

colourful images so you can use it with newborns and as baby’s senses

develop. Stands upright unaided for babies to admire as they learn to

support their heads. Can be folded down and fastened to a stroller. Has

crinkle parts, baby-safe mirror, multi sensory textures and a teether.

£17.99 from


This simply beautiful ochre bear

ear teether wooden ring makes the

perfect gift for a very special little

one. It’s natural materials help

soothe babies during the tough

teething stage and supports baby

to explore textures and develop

gross motor skills. Ears are made

from 100% GOTS certified

organic cotton with a terry back

wrapped around the wooden

teething ring.

£8.99 from


Babies will love to explore all

the fun textures, colours and

patterns as they get on the

trail of that mystery tail in the

Jellycat Pet Tails Book. An

ideal first book with varied

textures to stimulate senses.

£13.50 available from


The Peter Rabbit Buggy

Book is a gorgeous little

buggy book with its classic

illustrations sure to appeal to

the latest generation of soonto-be

Beatrix Potter fans.

Suitable for even the very

youngest babies who will love

discovering the things that

Peter Rabbit likes to do best.

Join him as he hops, nibbles,

cuddles and sleeps. This buggy

book is perfect for babies on

the go, simply clip to a buggy

or a highchair and it will

keep little ones entertained

whenever, wherever.

£4.99 available from


Help soothe baby’s sore gums with

the My First Diplodocus Natural

Rubber Teether. Made from ethically

sourced natural rubber, the textured

teether is safe to use from birth

and will soon become your baby’s

favourite toy to chew. Brightly

coloured, it’s sure to be a hit with

little ones and can even be used as a

bath toy as it is hollow with no hole

for water to get inside.

£10 from

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The Xplory® Balance Limited Edition raises your baby higher so you

can share closer moments in those precious early years. Its ergonomic

seat has a soft, breathable inlay that supports but also allows freedom of

movement whilst the narrow size made it easily manoeuvrable with the help

of swivel wheels. We loved the almost effortless one-handed steering and

the cocooning sunshade offers maximum coverage and the added changing

bag makes going out a doddle. Those with a newborn can use the Limited

Edition Balance carrycot making this total travel system a must-have for

forward-thinking parents.

£1,029 from

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A to Z Baby

This beautiful baby bale gift set

has been lovingly created to be

soft and absorbent while keeping

your little one looking cute. Made

from premium 450gsm cotton with

a velour base it works as great

as it looks and with blue, pink

or grey embroidered sets there is

something for everyone. Each set

contains a matching embroidered

bath towel, hand towel and wash

mitt presented tied with ribbon on

a hanger, making it the perfect gift

to be used at bath time, at the pool

or beach, or even when travelling

for home comforts on the go.

£14.99 from

Matchstick Monkey

Muslins are a parent’s best friend.

With their many different uses

they’re a multi-purpose staple.

These 100% organic cotton

muslins from Matchstick Monkey

have a BPA free chewable

silicone teething label, helping

to keep your little one calm at

all times. Soft and kind to baby’s

skin, the muslins provide tactile

stimulation whilst helping your

little one feel calm and secure

at home or out and about. A gift

box of three is £17.95 from www.


The multi-purpose colourful Pili Mat from Baby

To Love has a clever fastening and folding system

allowing several different configurations from

a play mat to play zone and tent. Its compact,

foldable design and zipper bag make it ideal for

parents on the go and for storing.

The plush Pili Playmat adds additional comfort

with fun features to entertain little ones and

promote developmental learning through play.

The Pili Playmat (Jungle or Forest) is £24.95

and the Pili Mat (Jungle or Forest) is £89.95

from from

Playbrush Smart Sonic

Baby Sensory

Playbrush is the interactive electric toothbrush that

connects via Bluetooth to game apps, so children can

play fun games with their toothbrush and learn the

importance of dental hygiene. Studies show children

who use Playbrush brush their teeth for twice as

long as traditional toothbrushes and are more likely

to brush twice per day. Making brushing teeth fun,

children use their own toothbrushing movements to

paint masterpieces, make music or defeat monsters.

The app incentives encourages children to brush all

around their mouth, increasing surface coverage. Each

session is recorded and assessed through each game

while they play.

£34.99 from

Baby Sensory toys have been developed in conjunction with Dr Lin

Day - one of the UK’s leading parenting experts and a renowned

author within the field of childcare and education.

Say Hello ABC and Sound Cards (£7.99) allow you to introduce your

baby to letter symbols and sounds with pictures and words.

Milestone Cards (£9.49) help you capture your baby’s first year in

weeks, months, and special events including their first birthday and


Visual Stimulation For New Babies (£2.99) provides a variety of

different shapes and patterns to stimulate baby’s sense of sight and

curiosity with a splash of red to strengthen

tracking and focusing skills.

Say Hello Tummy Time Mat and Cushion

(£24.99) provides hours of comfortable and

safe play while the moon-shaped cushion

provides gently tummy time support. Lots of

fun features including a peek-a-boo mirror,

crinkles, shiny fabric and a musical star

which plays the original Baby Sensory tune.

Timmy Tummy Time Duck (£3.99) helps

promote tummy time when placed in front

of baby or can be used as a rattle to increase

auditory awareness.

Available from

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Hape Garden Friends Play Arch

With Hape’s Garden Friends Play Arch, use each clip

to hang cheerfully over your baby’s crib. This play

arch will keep your little one amused and happy as

each colourful dangling play piece vary’s in shape,

texture and sound stimulating a baby’s vision, hearing

and sense of touch, helping to develop their brain and

motor skills. Suitable for

children from 0 years, the

Garden Friends Play Arch

projects the best of nature,

using whimsical garden

motifs of buzzy bee’s, lady

bugs and sunflowers and a

continuation of bright and

cheerful designs which Hape

are renowned for.

£34.74 from Amazon

Hape Stacking Frog

With Hape’s Mr. Frog Stacking Ring set

helps children grasp a basic understanding of

colours, counting and sounds! This versatile

multifunctional frog complete with wobbler and

stacker, the frog’s head even works as a clapper

meanwhile one of the five stacking rings works

fantastically as a rattle.

Stack the five different rings

each varying in material

and texture onto the wibbly

wobbly base giving toddlers

the fun challenge of putting

them in order all while

listening out for the different

noises and enjoying the

different textures, ring by ring

helping to stimulate a child’s

tactile senses.

£22 from

JOHNSON’S® baby Cottontouch & Bedtime

With a mission to create the

gentlest baby products in the

world, backed by science and

testing, JOHNSON’S® has

transformed to meet the needs of

today’s modern parents with products

and packaging to provide only the

best for baby. Now available at major

stockists in the UK and Ireland, the

new products mark a major milestone

in the iconic brand’s 125 year history.

As the number one baby brand in

the UK, JOHNSON’S® understands

that today’s parents have different

wants and needs from the products

they use on their babies, both inside

and out. With decades of pioneering

research in baby care and rigorous

testing, JOHNSON’S® has worked

with thousands of real parents to

improve everything about their

products so they can trust and

feel confident using them. Over

400 ingredients were completely

rejected during the reformulation.

The simpler, gentler products are

free from parabens, sulphates and

dyes and are hypoallergenic with

more than 90% naturally derived


The relaunch has not only

reformulated existing products,

but also sees the introduction

of revolutionary technology

and scientific expertise in

baby skincare. The new

JOHNSON’S® Cottontouch range

is specially designed for newborns’

sensitive skin. The ultra-light, and

perfectly pH balanced wash and

lotion are made with real cotton and

enhance an ultra-gentle touch. The

products use purposeful ingredients,

and no parabens, phthalates or

sulphates. The Cottontouch

fragrance was tested worldwide and

has been scientifically proven to

elevate the emotional bond between

parent and baby, for a less stressful

bath time, assisting with infant

development and emotional growth.

New Ages and Stages icons help

parents easily distinguish between

the products. All the new products

have been specifically designed to fit

into four categories.

We love the Newborn range

designed to celebrate bonding and

encourage the feeling of security

between parent and child with the

introduction of Cottontouch.

Another SLOAN! favourite is the

Bedtime range with Natural Calm

aroma can be used as part of a

clinically proven routine to help

baby to fall asleep faster and stay

asleep for longer.

The new JOHNSON’S® range can

be found in major retailers across

UK and Ireland including ASDA,

Boots and Tesco.

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Between 800,000 to 1million babies are born in the

UK annually and it is estimated that 1 in 3 adults

over the age of 27 will buy a gift for a new born

this year. A personalised gift shows you have been

thoughtful and spent time and effort creating a

present geared towards the parents or the baby.

Sonality is a personalised clothing brand for babies,

kids and adults. Sonality offers total personalisation

allowing you to design items from scratch, or

choose an existing design and personalise it as you

wish. The concept is simple: top quality, ethically

made clothes are combined with your design ideas

and bought to life in the Sonality design studio.

Every item from Sonality is as unique as you are.

We love the personalised denim jacket (£24.99)

which makes the perfect gift for birthdays,

Christmas or just to wear around town. The

personalised denim dungarees (£22.99) are

another favourite made with 100% organic cotton

and featuring nickel free poppers to the side and

adjustable straps.

Find out more at

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Keep moving

forward with a big

smile on your face

even though you

may be screaming


Pictured: The Oliver cotton & linen

feather cushion, £85 from Englana


22 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams

chats to Jodie Kidd about modelling, polo, hidden

talents and what she wants to achieve in her forties



You’re the celebrity ambassador for

S Englana® - the British luxury lifestyle

brand. What are your favourite British

pastimes, places and foods?

The Half Moon, Kirdford - doing a

J pub definitely! Also, exploring Devon,

Cornwall and the Jurassic Coast is

stunning. Also the Lakes! In terms of

foods, just the versatility of English cuisine

is incredible. The chefs do an amazing job

because we’re so cultural and we have so

much good food on offer.

Englana® providing sustainable

S and beautiful fashion and lifestyle

products. What is your favourite

Englana® item and why do you love it?

The boot bag, it’s called the Rupert.

J It’s so useful if you go out for a walk

or go to the beach in the Winter. It’s so

useful to stick your wellies in this amazing

boot bag. My other love is cars and I’m

constantly having to get them cleaned so

this was an amazing thing Englana® do to

stop me getting the car cleaned all the time

I suppose! It is also beautifully made as


You have chosen colours such as a rich

S maroon with a vibrant teal stitching for

your own customised collection with

Englana®. What inspired these choices?


These colours I’ve just always loved

and they go together really well. And I

can’t wait to see what they look like!

Having been on Celebrity Masterchef

S and as the owner of The Half Moon

Kirdford gastropub, I know you can

cook but I’d love to know a) what’s your

biggest kitchen disaster, b) what is your

showstopper meal and c) what should I

order off the menu at The Half Moon?

a) Definitely burning things! I’ve

been brought up cooking things on

an AGA and obviously I can cook but

I remember going to a friends house and

saying that I’d cook for about six people

and I didn’t understand her convection oven

and I burnt everything... it was a disaster!

b) I can do a killer curry!

c) A roast beef Sunday lunch at the Half

Moon... you can’t beat it!

You are a lady of many talents, from

S modelling to producing a musical to

racing and other sports but what would

you consider is the most useless talent you

have and why?



I can play the spoons! And it’s useless

because nobody ever wants to hear it.

Who inspired you at school and what is

the most memorable thing one of your

teachers has done?

No teachers inspired me. They were all

J horrendous. Apart from one but I can’t

remember what she was called but she

taught me sport. All the other ones were



So who would you say was your

inspiration when you were growing up

and why were they important to you?

My inspiration at school was a show

J jumper called John Whittaker who

rode a horse called Mountain because

that’s what I wanted to be when I was

growing up, an international show jumper.

How do you mentally handle yourself

S when you’re either behind in a game

when playing sports, or facing

rejection if you didn’t get what you wanted?

What advice do you have for our readers to

keep motivated and healthy in tough times?

You’ve just got to keep going and

J re-focus, re-group and try to practice

what you feel you are slightly weaker

in to get better at it. Also, try not to over

think things in order to keep moving

forward with a big smile on your face even

though you may be screaming inside. It’s

very important for your head and your

body to have a balanced life, to eat well, to

exercise and to have fun! Everything you’ve

got to do needs to be done with a balance.

However, sport and exercise is very, very

good for the head.



Which fictional character would you

be most excited to meet in real life and

what do you think this says about you?

Wonder Woman, because I’ve always

wanted to be her.

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What position do you play in Polo?

Do you think your temperament is

like that of your number?

I was always upfront... the goal

J scorer! I’m definitely the number

one. (Number 1 is the glamorous

player who is on the offensive).

Who is your dream celebrity polo

S team and what positions would

they play? a) Number 2. The Jack

Russell who works tirelessly to get the

job done no matter what the cost; b)

3. The General, CEO or leader of the

pack; and c) 4. The Wall - defensive and



I suppose they’ve got to be quite

tough... a) Brad Pitt, b) Kiefer

Sutherland and c) Daniel Craig.

How do you think the modelling

S industry has changed over the years

since you started your modelling

career? What impact do you think

this has on young girls and women in

general? What advice would you give

them to be happy in their own skin?

I don’t think it’s changed too much,

J it always goes round and round

in circles. I suppose the treatment

of the models is much better now and

so is the lifestyle of the models and

the team around them is much better.

When I was growing up in the industry

it was all champagne and cigarettes

but that’s definitely changed. But the

whole juggernaut of the industry is

very similar. So I don’t think it’s that



What is your biggest fear and how

have you tackled it to overcome it

or do you avoid it?

Heights! Climbing Kilimanjaro,

J hanging out of helicopters and lots

of things like that have helped to

cure it.


What five things would you like to

accomplish in your forties?

To be a good mum. To make the

J pub incredibly successful. And

to make a success of my makeup

brand and to just be happy and healthy

along with my family and friends. And

as an accomplishment, to make it to my

fifties would be a good start- one day at

a time!

Jodie Kidd is brand ambassador for


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Pictured: The Gilbert willow

basket, £120 from

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Isla is a charming

afternoon tea set

from the Fox & Ivy

homewares brand that

comprises of a cake

stand (£15), teapot (£12),

sugar bowl (£6), creamer

(£6) and matching cup

& saucer (£6). Also in

the low-cost collection

is a footed mug (£5)

and tea-for-one (£12).

Available from Tesco.



Indoor air pollution

is a major concern

with the younger

generation increasingly worried

about the dust, viruses, bacteria

and chemicals in the home.

The good news is that indoor

pollutants can easily be removed

thanks to award-winning

Blueair air purifiers which

also remove smoke, PM2.5,

pet dander, microplastics,

formaldehyde and pollen.

The Blueair Classic 480i (£629)

air purifier is designed for

medium-sized rooms (40m²)

and fits most needs. It removes

virtually all allergy and asthma

triggers and other airborne

pollutants with virtually silent

operation and minimum power

consumption. The Blueair

Friend free app allows you

to remotely control not only

operating speed and night

mode but also parental control

and more. Stockists include

John Lewis, Harrods and




Used by many of the World’s

leading chefs and leading the

way in cutting edge knife

sharping, everyone can be an expert with

the AnySharp Pro (£14.99). With just 3

to 4 light strokes, your knife is sharper

than every before. The AnySharp Multi

5-in-1 (£11.89) is the only pair of scissors

you’ll ever need. From opening bottles,

cracking nuts, crushing garlic and even

cutting meat on the bone, it has you

covered. Both available from Amazon.

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With its bronze tones, Scratch the

World® Black Edition map print

is the perfect gift for the travel

enthusiast. Scratch off your visited destinations

to reveal the industrial styled, up-to-date map


Displaying high quality cartography, this is the

most detailed print you will find for the scratch

concept map, this allows you to create your

own personalised continually changing world


Not only are countries featured on the map,

there are also cities shown on the top layer and

the world map underneath, allowing for more

detailed scratching.

Scratch the World® black edition map (framed)

is £110 from



Let your favourite memories take pride

of place on your wall in the form of high

quality canvas prints. With the easy to

use builder, a range of size options, various depths

and a selection of wrap finishes, means creating the

perfect canvas couldn’t be easier. A hanging bracket

is provided allowing you to hang your canvas

straight away – perfect for a low maintenance gift!

Add all your favourite memories together using the

collage option

The 16” x 24”

Collage Canvas

starts from £34 from



We love the Scent & Soul 300ml

Bamboo Wood Effect Ultrasonic

Diffuser and Top Picks Starter kit

Gift Set with its selection of Pure Essential

Oils: Orange, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea

Tree, Lavender

& Lemongrass.

The immediate

automatic shut off

feature on run dry

provides added

peace of mind to

this reasonably

priced diffuser set.

£29.99 from

7 8


The Cut&Serve cutting boards look like

wood but are made from compact laminate, a

very strong and durable material consisting of

multiple kraft paper layers pressed together with resin

from trees for a recycled and sustainable option. They

are extremely thin, lightweight and even dishwasher

safe. Available in two colours (Ash and Walnut) and

in four shapes (square, rectangular, circle and curve).

They are ideal for serving food and can also be used as

trivets for hot pots and pans. The collection starts from

£26 and is available from


ZeroWater’s 7-cup water filtration

jug is designed specifically to fit in

standard UK fridge doors and is the

first in its class to have a sealed lid and reservoir,

making it possible to pour water that has already

been filtered without spilling water that’s still

filtering. This means the reservoir can now

be kept full, adding a one cup capacity to the

existing 6-cup design. This pitcher features an

ergonomic, space-saving design

perfect for mini-fridges or for users

who prefer a lightweight pitcher. It’s

the only pour-through filter pitcher

on the market that’s certified by the

NSF to reduce both lead & chromium.

£24.99 from

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9 10


Whether you’re

sending your kid off

to university and

need all the essentials for their

new digs or your Millennial

child is finally moving out

into their first flat and needs

to kit out their new kitchen,

this Copper Appliance Bundle

from wilko at only £120 is

the perfect budget-friendly

solution to inject their new

kitchen with some instant

personality that also fits in

with the latest copper interior

design trend. The bundle

consists of an 800 watt

microwave, a stylish kettle

and 4 slice toaster.



The Extra Large 4 Person Picnic Set from Mountain

Warehouse makes eating in the great outdoors a breeze.

Great for travelling, comfortable to wear and easy to pack,

the lightweight and durable backpack has a large cool bag compartment

and has everything you need for a scenic meal including a 12-piece

stainless steel cutlery set, 4 plates, 4 glasses, cutting board, salt and

pepper shaker and serrated knife.

The matching Picnic Mat has a water-resistant back and a fun design on

top. It’s uses go beyond picnics as it is a great piece of kit to take with

you when camping or hiking. The picnic mat folds neatly away into a

compact size when not in use and has a carry handle making it ideal for

some lightweight relief from the hard ground. Great for outdoor events

and any kind of picnicking, it’s invaluable for those spontaneous outings

when the sun decides to shine.

The 4-Person Picnic Set is £29.99 and the matching Picnic Mat is £7.99.

Both available from


The Pizza Lovers

Starter Kit (£64.99) is

the perfect addition

to your barbecue to expand away

from just cooking on the grill whilst

showing off barbecue talents.

Includes pizza stone, stainless-steel

pizza peel, 2-in-1 cheese grater/

slicer, and pizza wheel. For stockists,

please visit

12 13


These luxury long hot water bottles

by Scent and Soul are made from

biodegradable natural rubber and are

perfect for heat therapy or soothing aches or pains.

The 50cm ties on each end make it easy to target

most pain areas for easy hands-free heat therapy. We

love the knitted design but these supersoft hot water

bottle come in 5 other plush designs to suit any taste.

Designed to meet BS safety standards for total piece

of mind and with a 100% natural rubber they offer the

best heat insulation while the ribbed design protects

the user from the heat. A thoughtful gift or to keep.

£14.99 from


Poo-Pourri is a life-enhancing cult

American before-you-go toilet spray

invented by Dallas entrepreneur

Suzy Batiz that traps ‘number two’ odours before

they begin. Whether at work, dining out or just in

your busy family bathroom, Poo-Pourri. Simply

spritz the bowl before-you-go and the natural

essential oils create a barrier to ‘seal’ poop

odour under the water’s surface leaving the loo

smelling better than you found it. Available in

seven unique fragrances in two sizes. We loved

the handbag-friendly 59ml Lavender Vanilla.

£7.99 from Sainsbury’s, QVC & Amazon.

28 SLOAN! | E-mail us at




The Kärcher K 5

Premium Full Control Plus

Home pressure washer has all

the outdoor cleaning power you

need, including our latest cleaning

innovation – Full Control Plus –

which enables the user to change

the water pressure at the touch of a

button, using radio waves to send

a signal from the trigger gun to

the internal motor. The pressure

for each setting is easy to monitor

with an LCD display on the trigger

gun and the hose is stored on a

handy reel, with on-board storage

for all other accessories. The K 5

Premium Full Control Plus Home

comes with a T350 patio cleaner,

stone and façade detergent and has

a five-year guarantee.

The K 5 Premium Full Control

Plus Home is £449.99 available





This Battery Handheld

Cleaner is perfect for quick,

everyday outdoor cleaning tasks

keeping your house and accessories

looking their best. Without the

need for a mains power connection,

you just connect the hose and it’s

ready to go. The Battery Handheld

Cleaner is ideal for the quick

cleaning of cars, bikes, garden

furniture and tools. With 5 different

spray modes in one single lance, you

can select the perfect setting for all

of your outdoor cleaning tasks from

stubborn dirt to gentle watering.

With an 18v interchangeable

Lithium-Ion battery, the KHB 5

has a built-in LED power gauge to

help cleaners know exactly how

much cleaning time they have

left. It is perfectly designed to make

‘in-between’ cleans easy with a

comfortable grip, simple to use

pump and ultimate portability.

The KHB 5 Multi Jet is £249.99

available from

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Lingvist is building an innovative

language learning platform that uses

statistical analysis and machine

learning algorithms to make language

learning faster and more efficient.

Learners are introduced to vocabulary

according to statistical relevance,

ensuring that they start by learning the

most widely used words. The program

keeps track of a user’s mistakes and

progress, and it adapts the course to

each and every user with machine

learning algorithms. Altogether, this

helps Lingvist achieve its goal: to make

learning ten times faster and ensure that

time spent on the app is as efficient as

possible giving Lingvist its competitive


The new Course Wizard allows

Lingvist’s 1.4 million users to create,

practice with and share tailored

language-learning lessons based on

their personal interests and hobbies

so now you can create a customised

football-focused English to Spanish

course or a set of lessons that covers

all things cookery from Chinese to

English! The user can create these

courses in a matter of minutes, all they

need to do is select what they want their

course to focus on and let the algorithm

do all the hard work!

To find out more, go to


The Waterpik® Cordless Plus Water

Flosser gently flushes away residual food

or bacteria from between the teeth and

below the gum line doing away with the

need for floss or interdental brushes,

especially for those who have braces,

veneers or tightly-packed teeth.

It’s clinically proven to be up to 50% more

effective than string floss for improving

gum health and is 3 times as effective as

string floss for removing plaque around

braces. The tip rotates 360 degrees so you

can reach all the areas of your mouth.

£54.99 available from Amazon, ASDA,, Costco UK and Superdrug.

Here are seven superb

technology products

guaranteed to spark interest

amongst the most tech savvy


With the Alcatel 3, you can get a premium-looking phone

without doing too much damage to your bank balance. The high

gloss finish and curved design means its just as stylish as the

more expensive phones. This phone has loads of features such as

the FullView HD+ display, 5.5 inch screen, face recognition and

fingerprint scanner making unlocking the phone more secure.


£69 from

If you work at a desk, you can be sedentary for up to 19.5 hours which

can’t be good for your health. By using one of Varidesk’s standing desks

and standing for just 4 hours per working day has numerous benefits,

including burning off extra calories, reducing the risk of cardiovascular

disease, helping with lower back pain and improving productivity by


The Varidesk Soho for laptop users is £150 from

30 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Work in-line for optimal comfort and have

the freedom to alternate back and forth

between writing and computer work with

the FlexDesk 640 from BakkerElkhuizen.

For seamless multi-functionality the

FlexDesk 640 works as an in-line

document holder and writing slope.

So you can make the most out of your

workspace, saving you room for what

really matters. Simply place the FlexDesk

between your screen and keyboard,

then you have the freedom to lock the

FlexDesk to suit your tasks. Push it away

from you as a document holder or pull it

towards you to create a writing slope.

£129.99 from



Keep your lawn looking its best with the Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer

ST20 that lets you cut and edge your lawn to perfection with no cord

and no petrol motor. Powered by an 18V motor, the Gtech ST20

gives you the ultimate freedom and weighing in at just 1.75kg is easy

to manoeuvre, putting less strain on your shoulders, neck and back.

The adjustable handle also balances the weight so that you can work

comfortably and efficiently. You get 30 minutes running time with

each four-hour charge and with a twist of the cutting head, the Gtech

Cordless Grass Trimmer converts to a precision lawn edger, giving your

garden a neat finish.

£129.99 from

Discover more

tech & gadget

ideas in the

next issue of






Blueair Classic 405 is designed for medium-sized

room (40m²) and is a wise choice for people with

allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Blueair HEPASilentTM- technology provides a

top performance at all speeds and a virtually silent

operation with minimum power consumption. The

Classic 405 is Wi-Fi compatible and works with

the Blueair Friend app allowing you to control and

monitor the air quality from your phone. It also has a

user-friendly touch display with clear LED icons.

£499 from Harrods, John Lewis and Breathing Space

Nextbase, the UK’s leading dash cam manufacturer,

have just launched the 522GW Series 2 - the world’s

first dash cam range with emergency SOS response

to alert emergency services of the driver’s location.

Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, it

has inbuilt Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi meaning you can

automatically sync your files straight to your phone,

send a text and save a video.

Boasting a sleeker, more discreet design, an upgraded

screen and intelligent parking mode, this is the most

innovative dash cam range from Nextbase to date.

The 522GW also features ‘Incident Aware’, where users

can send videos to their insurer at the touch of a button.

This dash cam makes driving a whole lot easier.

£149 from

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Six Ways To Wear A Tux

With over 30 years in the fashion industry and brand that ships

to well-dressed men around the world, Johnny Tuxedo founder

Austen Pickles certainly knows a thing or two about styling a

sleek tuxedo, and he’s given SLOAN! the inside scoop

We all know how important it is to

dress the part. Looking suave and

sophisticated can often be tough

to get right, even if you’ve got the

gear, but with little idea about how

to actually pull it off - you might

start to struggle.

That’s where Johnny Tuxedo

comes in. My team and I have

been working in the fashion

industry for a number of years and

since founding Johnny Tuxedo in

2013, I’ve picked up a thing or two

to make sure you don’t look like

your dad when you suit up and put

your glad rags on.

Although a tuxedo is viewed the

epitome of class, modern style

has allowed the suit to spread its

wings and become an asset in

everyone’s wardrobe.

Here are a variety of ways to wear

a tux from the classic to some

more fashion-forward options so

everyone can find a look that suits

their style.


Our Bond look is as sharp as it

comes, with flawless tuxedo, a

self-tied bow, crisp white shirt

and signature pocket square. All

that’s left is to add is a lick of

polish to your shoes and a martini

(shaken not stirred) to complete

the ensemble.


If you’re headed out to a summer

event that warrants a smart casual

attire, try our preppy look on for

size. We’ve styled it with funky

pink shorts, but this look will

work just as well with chinos and

some suave suede shoes.

Pair these with a fun bow tie and

your Johnny Tuxedo jacket and

you’ll be channelling 60s JFK.


Bold brights are in style right now

so why not incorporate them into

your outfit? This look goes against

the rules and allows you to play by

your own style rules.

Opt for a primary colour t-shirt,

such as red or even Johnny Tuxedo

yellow, to soften the tailoring of

our suit and to make your outfit



It’s festival season which is the

perfect time to experiment and

show off your style. Pair your

Johnny Tuxedo jacket with some

cut off shorts and Converse - ideal

for partying in the sunshine.


Possibly one of the most iconic

styles, the Modernist has never

disappeared from our radar. The

Johnny Tuxedo 1966 Vespa is

proudly parked outside head office

on most days and a playlist is

never complete without a bit of

Paul Weller.

To style this look, pair your black

suit and opt for a skinny tie with a

crisp white shirt and hit the town.


We think that this look is perfect

for a date where you want to make

an impression but still keep it

cool. Pairing your Johnny Tuxedo

suit with a check shirt and your

favourite Converse will strike

the perfect balance for a ‘smartcasual’


More styling tips and product

information at johnnytuxedo.

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Mr. Dapper



Inspired by lifestyle, art, travel and photography, Bluemint’s

inherent expertise within both quality fabrications and

reputable craftsmanship cultivates not only a

transitional façade, but a stapled mainstay to

document the sophistication and affluent flair a

gentleman should inhabit when abroad. Martin

is an understated classic shirt in French washed

linen for exceptional breathability with stylish

Mother of Pearl details. MARTIN Citrus shirt

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The Premium Butler Bag

from Thumbs Up is your one

stop shop for shoe cleaning. It

has enough room for all the essentials

in a stylish, tailor made leather bag.

Including Horse Bristle Brush and

Pig Bristle Brush which helps scrub

away any dirt particularly in those

hard to reach places, plus the Black

Polish, Brown Polish and Cloth will

have your shoes looking as good as

new in no time!

£24.99 from


Combining next level comfort and

warmth, this men’s Go To Hoodie

from Beachbody is an essential layer.

Ideal for gearing up over your gym wear, the

navy hoodie is built from a soft cotton blend

and features a central kangaroo pocket and

an adjustable hood. With split side seams for

unrestricted movement, the hoodie is finished

with a Beachbody branded graphic to the

chest. Beachbody Go To Hoodie is £68.96

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Ted’s beard oil maintains

and restores a beard’s

natural splendour with

a lightweight formula containing

Meadowfoam Seed and Jojoba oils

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Ted’s Grooming Room Beard Oil is

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The Chap Magazine has launched its

very own signature Eau De Cologne,

Flâneur by The Chap.

The elegant scent, created with

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mind, has a masculine base of

amber, patchouli, vetiver and

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Priced at £35 for 50ml



Rediscover the timeless vinyl

experience with simple controls and

stable BLUETOOTH® connectivity.

With the PS-LX310BT record player, you can

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The Aaren Kulor collection

is inspired by the historic and

colourful harbour houses of

Copenhagen. These vibrant houses

have been captured by the watches’

vivid hues. £89 from

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Destination Dapper

Tyre’d Feet

The TS1 British Driving Loafer

by Hugs & Co is unique in that

they use up unwanted tyres

and are more environmentally

friendly to make than regular

footwear. The fashion initiative

has been designed by brothers

Benjie and Hugo Davis.

Millions of scrap tyres pile up

every year. Waste tyres are

often burned giving off toxic

fumes, with alternatives for

disposal highly costly. The TS1

re-purposes this material and

mixes function with fashion.

£150 from

Adventures In Polo

Niccolò P. was developed by a former

city professional who has created a

luxury men’s polo shirt range. His

ethos was fashion can be too throw

away and quality should be at the core

of menswear staples, like the Polo

shirt. The brand has a selection of

bespoke level detailed Polos made from

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main collection from £80 to £120 with

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Bespoke &

Your World, Just a Tap Away

Stay in total control all the time. Whether

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livi ng li f e t o th e max


A solid wax based

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Add some cosmic

coolness to your

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Galaxy Notebook. A5

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The City Slogan Passport

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Fold Your Suit to The Size of a

Laptop Bag

In just over 18

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2,500 bags

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The PLIQO Bag enables you to fold

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The PLIQO bag stows away in every

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British By Design

The new Clive shoe from London Brogues is an modern update on

a classic. For those who like to make a statement, Clive comes in a

variety of colours including sky blue, stone, grey, navy, and bordo,

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£90 from

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Thousands of people

connecting with my

music blows my mind

and warms my heart


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Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams

chats to pianist and composer OKIEM to

discover the man behind the music



What got you into music? Who

inspired you and who would you like

to inspire?

We had a piano in our home for

O as long as I can remember. I was

always drawn to it so I started to

play melodies by ear from age 5 or 6. My

mother then got me classical piano lessons

at age 9 so I could develop what seemed

like a natural talent.

A big inspiration for me growing up was

attending a classical recital and a pianist

played Rachmaninov’s Prelude in C Sharp

Minor. It blew my mind and kept me

focused on classical piano. At the same

time I loved hip hop and film music. Later

discovered electronic music. I stay open

to being inspired and hope that my music

combines all of the things that I love.

I hope to inspire pianists, composers and

musicians and on a broader level, to inspire

any creatives. Anyone that wants to create

music, or write books, or design clothes, or

whatever your passion is. I hope my music

and my journey helps to inspire someone

else to follow theirs.


How would you describe your sound

and they way you compose music?

My sound has the piano at the heart

O of all the music and is very melody

driven. I then add musical elements

to support that which can include acoustic

and electronic drums, synthesisers, a solo

violin or cello right up to a fuller orchestral



Your latest album is called “Xiro”.

What was the process in creating the


When I was creating the album I

O wanted to stay ‘in flow’ so I’d title

songs with the first word that came

to my mind. With Xiro that word actually

appeared to me in a dream – it was spelt

like that with an ‘X’ and it meant ‘to create

something from nothing’. I woke up and it

was so clear in my mind that I decided I’d

make that the name for the whole album.


Do words mean a lot to you and what

other words like Xiro have meaning

for you?

I love how just a word or a phrase can

O create a whole vision in your mind. It’s

amazing when lyrics seem to speak

directly to you or take you on a journey.

But as much as I love words and lyrics,

everything I want to say I seem to be able

to communicate better without words and

just with my music.


What is your creative process like?

How do you feel about the music you


My creative process is a feeling of

O being open and just letting the music

out with no fear of it not being good

and no judgement. I always refine the

music afterwards but when I’m actually

creating I like to feel something, let that

feeling lead the way and just let the music



What is the longest and the shortest

time it has taken for you to compose a


The longest I’ve worked on a piece is

O 3 or 4 months and the shortest is 3 or

4 minutes. The whole piece was just

there in my mind as a complete work so I

just recorded exactly what I heard and it’s

actually the first track on my album Xiro,

called ‘Rise Again’.

My child is currently just a couple of

S months old. We have a piano that lives

in our drawing room but is gathering

too much dust with my long hours at

work. What’s your advice on introducing

a youngster to the piano? What age would

you start and what piece would you suggest

as their very first one to practice?

I’m guessing the earliest someone

O should start actual lessons would be

3 or 4 years old. I didn’t start lessons

until age 9 but enjoyed playing the piano

in the house before that. It’s great if young

children enjoy learning the piano but

often they don’t love practicing scales and

arpeggios and Mozart at that age! But I

encourage all parents to keep their children

learning – the fun happens later. So many

adults say to me now that they wish they’d

learnt how to play, or that they didn’t stop!

So get started, keep going, it’ll be worth the


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Who would you like to

S collaborate with for a charity

performance and which

charity would you like to raise

money for? What would be your

opening piece for such an event?

I’d love to combine worlds

O so a collaboration with the

Chineke! Orchestra, Andrea

Bocelli and Calvin Harris would

be a lot of fun! I’d definitely open

the event with one of my pieces

– probably ‘Purple Sky’ as it’s so

powerful especially with a large

orchestra. I’d raise money for

‘Pencils of Promise’ as they build

safe schools around the world.

Providing education and more

opportunities around the world are

important to me.

Have you ever dealt with

S performance anxiety? What

advice would you give our

readers who struggle to get up on

stage but have the talent to share?


I have definitely had

performance anxiety – it’s

only natural, especially as the

stages, audiences and expectations

get bigger. For me I don’t

think that will ever completely

disappear. The best advice for

dealing with it is practice! Prepare

and over-prepare. You want to

get the music into your system,

deep into your muscle memory. I

had an experience on a major TV

Show (Jonathan Ross) when I was

playing the piano for Leona Lewis

and I had a complete mind-blank.

Completely lost where I was and

somehow my hands just carried

on playing. We watched it back

on TV and it was flawless! The

muscle memory took over despite

the nerves getting the better of me.

The other thing is I try and do

something physical pre-show –

just a stretch or some press ups

to get the blood flowing, get

my energy right up and get into

the right state to give a great


You perform again at

S Quaglino’s on Monday 3rd

June. What do you like about

that venue and what are your

favourite venues to perform in?

I love venues where the

O venue itself has a real

presence. You walk in and

just feel like something good

is about to happen. Quaglino’s

is great for that – you descend

those stairs and the scene is set

perfectly. I’ve performed in all

kinds of places from people’s

living rooms and a Costa coffee

shop to stunning churches and

palaces in Italy and Germany. I

honestly just love connecting with

people live through my music.

What’s the most interesting

S thing you’ve read or seen

recently? Do you find that

other musicians in the media

inspire you?

The return of The Spice

O Girls and Westlife! Honestly,

the fact that they can come

back and sell out arenas and

stadiums decades after their big

hits is inspirational. I hope to be

performing music decades from

now myself.

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You hand blindfolds out to

S your audience. What inspired

you to do this and how do

you think it affects the audience?

I want people to experience

O my music as deeply as

possible. When I hand the

blindfolds out it takes about 30

seconds to a minute before people

get comfortable and realise that

it’s safe and everyone is wearing

them – it’s a feeling of “we’re

all in this together”. And then

this amazing thing happens as

everyone gets comfortable and

listens and takes in the music.

People often cry and have quite

profound experiences which I

love to hear about. There are

always a very few people who feel

too uncomfortable to wear the

blindfold in public which is fine –

it’s just an offer to experience the

music slightly differently.

I love “The Other Side”

S but in particular the fact it

was inspired by the quote

“Everything you want is on the

other side of fear”. It resonates

with me (Sloan’s first book was

called Slap Fear In The Face) as

fear can hold so many back and it

is wonderful to be pulled forward

into the future rather than fighting

an uphill struggle. What fears

have held you back and what has

been on the other side of fear that

has pulled you forward?

The biggest fear I had was

O simply sharing my music. It

was so different to what I was

known for which at that time was

playing keyboards for various pop

acts (Tinie Tempah, Leona Lewis,

Boy George and others). I easily

could’ve made my album and kept

it to myself. Thankfully, I shared

it and that has literally changed

my life. The fact I’ve received

THOUSANDS of messages from

people around the world telling me

how much they connect with my

music blows my mind and warms

my heart. Now I get to perform

with my Orchestra and continue

creating and sharing more. I’ve

been able to collaborate with

brands such as Range Rover and

The North Face and the journey




What is your favourite cover

to play and howdoes the

audience react to it?

I do enjoy a Ludovico

Einaudi cover and audiences

always love his music.




If you could do anything else

as a profession what would it

be and why?

I’d be a pilot. I love travelling

and flying so this would

cover it all. And the uniform!

If you could only play one

piece for the rest of your life,

what would it be and why?

Of my pieces it would be

O ‘Mercy’ or ‘Fifty Horses’

as these pieces in particular

seem to connect with audiences

on a deeper level. I receive a lot

of messages about these pieces

of music in particular and they’re

both fun to play.

Your music has appeared in

S some Gary Vee videos. What

does that mean to you and

what is your top piece of advice

from Gary that you implement in

your life?

My music has featured on

O a few of Gary’s videos now

which is great. The top piece

of advice from Gary is that we

are so lucky to be here, alive right

now, and we only get one life! So

push through the fear and live.

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Healthy Habits

From protein shakes to food supplements, here are a few of our

favourite health products worth trying our this season


Veganicity Ginger Tincture


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Whey Protein & Collagen

Powder £40 www.


Supreme Diet Whey Blend



CBD Dark Chocolate Bar



Easy Swallow Minis £3.99


Viviscal Men £29.99

Boots and Holland & Barrett


Magnesium Skin Body Butter

£9.95 Holland and Barrett,

Ocado, Lloyds Pharmacy and


Pernaton Gel Forte

£13.95 Amazon


Coconut Oil with Turmeric

£8.99 Morrisons, Amazon,


Tea Tree Cream



A range of flapjacks, raw &

gooey protein bars & protein

bakes from 89p to £2.49 at

Asda, Morrisons, Tesco,

Sainsburys, WHSmith, SPAR

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Tasty Treats

Here’s our selection of healthy and not-so-healthy treats and

snacks to enjoy with family & friends this season








8 9



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13 14











1. A Little Ray of Sunshine Hamper £27.50

2. Ombar Gift Set £8.99

3. OGGS Marvellous Mini Cupcakes £4.25


4. Enjoy! Salted Caramel Buttons £4.99

5. Linwoods Active Nuts £3.99 Whole Foods &

Planet Organic

6. Pip & Nut Cherry Bakewell Almond Butter

£3.95 Sainsbury’s

7. St Pierre Bakery Tear & Share Brioche with

Chocolate Chips £3.35 Ocado

8. Bells & Whistles vegan cake slices £2.75


9. Qwrkee Sweet & Spicy BBQ Jerky £3

Whole Foods &

10. Seed & Bean Coconut & Raspberry £2.69


11. St Pierre Bakery Brioche Loaf with

Chocolate Chips £2.65 Ocado

12. Jake & Nayns’ Naansters £2 Sainsbury’s

13. Thorntons Sharing Bags £2 All major


14. ChicP Houmous £2.49 Ocado, Wholefoods,

Amazon Fresh and Selfridges

15. St Pierre Bakery Croissants £1.85 Ocado

16. Prodigy Chunky Chocolate Bar £1.75

17. Olly’s Olives £1.50 Sainsbury’s & Ocado

18-21. Livia’s Dunx, Nugglets, Biccy Boms

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22. Boundless activated nuts and seeds £1


23. GLORIOUS SkinnyLicious Soup £1.50


24. Red Dates £1.49

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Here’s To A Healthier You


the confusing world

of health to get the

life you desire &

deserve with these

brilliant health



In pill form, the body can only

absorbs around 20% of the

nutrients and vitamins in

traditional supplements.

Vitybox is the world’s

first on-the-go shot

that caters for all your

beauty & health needs

concentrating 100ml

of vitamins (equivalent

to 15 pills) into just

15ml including 9 key

ingredients that are vital

for healthy skin, hair nails

such as bioactive collagen,

hydrolysed keratin,

hyaluronic acid and biotin.

A 7-day starter pack is £2.95

or a 28-day subscription box is

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Health Lab has launched a new plant-based

protein ball range. As well as boosting

energy, these clever balls also look after

your body. They’re made up of the finest

plant-based ingredients, sourced from

across the globe, to promote a variety of

health benefits from glowing skin

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in 8 distinct flavours.

Available in Wholefoods

and Waitrose. RRP from

£2 for a 40g ball (Waitrose



Oatein Low-Sugar High-Protein Bars contain 20g of

premium whey protein with vital BCAA and all other

essential amino acids as well as a sweet layer of smooth

caramel coated in milk or white chocolate. They’re the

perfect guilt-free snack following exercise for muscle

recovery. Available from for £2.50 per

60g bar or £29.99 for a box of 12.


Power up your day with a snack that’s big on

flavour as well as protein with the delicious new

KIND PROTEIN range. Featuring premium whole

ingredients, a crunchy creamy texture plus 12

grams of plant-based protein, these new bars mean

you can have a protein hit and sweet treat when onthe-go

in a satisfying 50g bar. Comes in Crunchy

Peanut Butter, Double Dark Chocolate and Toasted

Caramel Nut. £2 from all major supermarkets and

independents nationwide.


This premium vegan protein provides you with

macronutrient support and the energy you need

for all your daily activities. Low in carbs, a

single daily serve provides 23.6g of protein and

the unique blend of pea, rice, sunflower and

pumpkin protein delivers a diverse

nutritional profile. Works well in

smoothies and when mixed with milk

or water it has a smooth consistency

with no unsavoury lumps.

£19.95 from

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BetterYou Turmeric Oral Spray

utilises a molecular encapsulation

process that ensures essential

curcuminoids are effectively

absorbed via the soft tissue of the


The skin-protecting nutrients

in turmeric can provide extra

protection against the damaging

and ageing effects of

the sun and turmeric

has been shown to

inhibit the formation

of wrinkles in skin

exposed to prolonged

UV radiation,

£17.95 available from

and all good health



These Easy Swallow Minis

softgels are 55% smaller than

1000mg strength fish oil, but have

30% more Omega-3s per softgel

containing concentrated Wild

Alaskan Fish Oil made at the

family owned and operated cGMP

Refinery. Each serving contains

360mg EPA, 270mg DHA for

a total of 630mg EPA + DHA

Omega-3s. Healthy DHA levels

have been linked

to better reasoning,

problem-solving and

mental functioning.

£13.99 from www.


Chinese acupressure has been

used for centuries to help treat

allergy symptoms such as hay

fever. The Hay-Band works

by applying pressure to the

acupressure point at the end of

the crease at the elbow, called

the LI-11 point. The band is

fast-acting and is suitable for

adults and children over the

age of three.

£11.99 from


DEET-free and suitable for

all ages, Mosquitan Mosquito

Patches use a patented ‘stick

and squeeze’ delivery system

to help keep mosquitoes

at bay. Contains a small

cushion plaster filled with


of essential

oils. Lasts up

to six hours

and does not

need to be

applied to the

skin. £7.95

for 24 patches

from www.




Used by Kylie Minogue on tour,

Calm and Clear Essence Cream

is a calming moisturiser with

botanical nutrients of Blackeyed

Susan, Boronia,

Bottlebrush, Bush Fuchsia,

Crowea, Jacaranda, Little

Flannel Flower and Paw

Paw. Ideal for those who

take on too much, who

struggle to unwind or

simply have little time

for themselves to induce

feelings of relaxation,

peace and clarity. £17.95



Keto Living LCHF Shake is a

great-tasting natural solution

for achieving the benefits of

following a ketogenic or Low-

Carb, High-Fat lifestyle. Tasty

and smooth, KetoLiving LCHF

Vanilla and Chocolate Shakes are

quick to make destroying hunger

and abolishing

cravings all

while helping

to keep the

body in ketosis

and promoting

optimal blood

sugar control.

£44.95 from

Planet Organic,

Revital and


Be st of th e R e st

Natures Plus Source of Life

Garden Vitamin B12


Vie Recovery Patches


RHYTHM108 snack bars


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The Active Affluent

Keela Ventile Heritage Smock

Combining 100% pure cotton Ventile fabric with ADS laminated

liner, the Ventile Heritage Smock offers complete protection while

remaining almost completely silent. This highly versatile smock

features two large waterproof access zips allowing for easy putting

on and taking off while offering additional ventilation; and easily

accessible pockets ensure essentials are always within reach.

Ventile is a unique fabric, which is windproof, breathable and

weatherproof. When exposed to wet conditions, the fabric swells to

stop the passage of water. As it is a natural fabric, Ventile is relatively

rustle free and useful for many sporting needs. Ventile is extremely

durable and will go on performing for years. It was the first really

effective breathing all-weather fabric and no amount of technology

has ever surpassed it.

£309.95 from

Vango Cuillin 300

Strong and unwavering like its namesake, the Cuillin tent sits at

the top of Vango’s Trek Pro range and boasts a classic geodesic


Incredibly stable and freestanding, Cuillin 300 will shelter you

from even the roughest elements found in the exposed, rocky

landscape of the Cuillin mountain range.

Welded windows on both porches let you assess your environment

from the shelter of your tent while the sizeable inner has plenty of

head height for a more comfortable expedition, even if you have to

sit out a storm.

£330 from

On Hoodie and Sweat Pants

On’s performance apparel is lightweight, breathable, technical and

filled with small details to make athletes look and feel effortless on

their runs.

The On Hoodie (£120) takes an urban leisurewear icon and reengineers

it with technical fabrics and performance design.

Tailored for runners, this Hoodie is big on features and low on bulk

making it the perfect choice for warm-ups and cool downs. The

patented blend of fabrics was developed specifically to keep your

temperature on track. Hide the hood when things warm up and

stand out in low light with reflective details.

The On Sweat Pants utilise a new-technique blend of natural and

technical fabrics to help athletes maintain the perfect temperature.

Soft, breathable wool-blend panels at the knee help make pulling on

the Sweat Pants a cozy reward for post-training legs.

Available from

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APL TechLoom Pro £126

APL TechLoom Bliss £157

Horizon Jacket £80

Strata Jacket £60

Thrillium S/S Jersey


Thrillium Gloves


Anatom Q1 Braemar Ultralight


Thrillium Shorts


Posture Shirt 2.0


Kiwi Pro II Trousers £50


A wearable hot water bottle

Men’s IR50 Recovery Leggings


Vango Heritage Cyclone 33


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Haglöfs Edge Evo Anorak

The Edge Evo Anorak is built to a truly iconic

design, with extra length for added protection and

loaded with technical features.

This perfect trekking piece is made from a robust

and protective 3-layer PROOF ECO fabric.

that protects you from the elements with its full

water- and wind proofing. The Edge Evo Anorak

can easily transition from the rugged outdoors

to the everyday urban commute. Available in

three colourings: ‘Dense blue’, ‘True black’ and a

limited edition Kurbits inspired pattern.

An outstanding performance jacket delivering

a lower impact on the environment and good

wearer comfort throughout the day.

£350 from

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Haglöfs have created the world’s

first dual layer SHAKEDRY

shell jacket. Unique features make

all the difference during full-on

active adventures in wet conditions.

Inspired by the wild, you

dry the jacket simply by shaking

it, just like an animal dries its fur.

Instead of having the waterproof

membrane inside the jacket, the

clever chaps at Haglöfs put it on

the outside. Even when soaking

wet, the jacket stays snug and

warm thanks to its QuadFusion


£450 from

Back On Track - Athena P4G Sweater


Protest - Cam Skirt


The Great


Here are a few of our favourite things

for those with an active lifestyle who

enjoy outdoor activities

SJCAM Totem 4K


Protest - Rumour Tunic


Extreme Scratch & Reveal Poster


ODLO FLI 2.5L Jacket


Rolling Transporter Carry-On 33





This parka fuses groundbreaking

outdoor technology with a modern

take on traditional Swedish

style. The parka is all about

functionality and smart details,

but never at the expense of your

appearance. It’s fully equipped

with useful features like trackable

RECCO® reflectors for extra


£420 from

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An Adventurer’s Guide

To Planning Expeditions

David Love is a British adventurer, mountaineer,

international expedition leader, commissioned

Officer in the British Army and survival instructor

with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.

OK, so you’ve got the Snowdon

summit selfie, you’ve snorkelled

in Zanzibar and been licked by

a camel in Cairo. But are your

‘adventure’ holidays starting

to feel a bit tame? Maybe it’s

time you planned your first real

expedition! But be prepared - this

is no Londoner-friendly guide

to the best travel excursions

that money can buy. This is

raw, untamed adventure, where

memories cannot be bought, but

must be earned.


Some of you may already have an

expedition idea in mind; devised

over a few craft beers after a

long day in the city with a friend.

Others simply won’t have a clue

where to start. Well, an internet

search engine is as good a place as

any. And, as far as expeditions go,

there’s absolutely nothing wrong

with stealing someone else’s ideas

either. In fact, even the greatest

explorers in history have been

trumping each other’s plans since

the golden age of exploration.

There’s an absolute abundance of

resources out there, but blogs are

certainly a great place to start.

Particularly ones that are open,

honest and really unpack ‘what

went wrong’ so you can learn

from other’s mistakes.


Real adventures don’t occur at the

poolside of an exclusive luxury

hotel. Don’t get me wrong, the

more money you can throw at the

situation, the more comfortable

you’ll be. But then you’re missing

out on the real experience of

needing to problem-solve and

become resourceful with very

limited funds.

Excluding flights, I tend to set

my daily budget around £20. But

that’s got to include my travel,

food and accommodation. Things

become really inexpensive when

you try to live like the locals do.

So jump on that over-crowded

bus - yep, the one where you’re

sat next to a goat, and start

a conversation with a local.

More often than not it’ll lead to

something to eat and an offer

of a bed (or floor space) for the

night. During my time travelling

around Africa I’ve met some of

the kindest and hospitable people

on earth. Believe me, the world’s

not always the scary place that the

media would have you believe.


The motto of every boy Scout -

but also a saying that can mean

the difference between success

or catastrophic failure in a hostile

environment. A big part of that

is packing the right kit and there’s

simply no substitute to getting out,

in the relative safety of the UK

hills, and seeing what works best

for you. When packing for any

expedition, I use the priorities of

survival as a handrail.


Shelter is both the means of

keeping you protected and out of

the elements and also clothing.

Personally I choose Craghoppers

clothing for the majority of my

overseas expeditions. They’ve

spent years perfecting some of

their flag-ship travel garments,

such as the NosiLife Adventure

shirt and Kiwi trouser range.

These have definitely kept me

safe and protected on more

than one occasion; from the

scorching 50-degree heat of the

Sahara Desert to 100% humidity

and swarming, malaria-ridden

mosquitos of DR Congo.


My personal preference is

usually a water filtration system

that can handle even the most

contaminated of fresh water

sources. That way, I’m also not

adding to the appalling single-use

plastic bottle endemic that plagues

most developing countries.


I either take my own rations or

live on what I can find locally. But

a small personal cooking system

or the means to make fire is an

absolute must. The harsh reality

of eating on a proper expedition

is that you’re stuck with what’s on

offer locally and the further into

the sticks you go, the less Western

diets (and hygienic conditions) are

catered for. So always pack some

Imodium – and loo roll!


Rescue is the means to contact

the outside world or attract help

if things start to go pear-shaped.

I always leave my travel plans

with someone at home and agree

to check in with them at various

points along the way. Picking up a

local pre-paid data SIM when you

arrive in country is generally a

good, cheap option.


Itineraries are for tour guides,

not intrepid adventurers! That

certainly true some of the time. In

50 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

fact, some of my most memorable

experiences have come from

simply becoming immersed in the

journey and seeing where it takes

me. However, I always start with

a loose plan, but one that’s flexible

enough to allow me to adapt to

the opportunities that present

themselves – trust me, there’ll be



If every aspect of your expedition

runs smoothly and to plan,

you’re probably doing it wrong.

Without doubt, my best stories

(well, the ones people ask me

most about) are the ones where

things have taken a turn for the

worse. Whether that’s sinking

my over-land expedition vehicle

during a river crossing in the

Gambia, or coming face to face

with a hungry mountain bear

in the Transylvanian Alps. The

key is to mitigate as much of the

risk as you can before you go and

think about as many of the issues

and problems you’re likely to face

along the way and how you might

deal with them. That way, you’re

more likely to make it home to

tell the tale over a few more craft

beers! Not to mention you’ll be

the envy of the office on Monday


David Love is a British

adventurer, mountaineer and

international expedition leader.

He’s also a Commissioned

Officer in the British Army and

survival instructor with the

Bear Grylls Survival Academy.

He’s undertaken numerous

expeditions across the world,

both by land and sea, and

travelled to some of the most

volatile countries on earth,

including Afghanistan, North

and South Sudan, Somalia,

Libya, Mali and other swathes

of Sub-Saharan Africa and the

Middle East.

For more information and ideas

on planning your first real

adventure, or if you just want to

read about some of David’s own

misadventures, head over to his


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Beauty Skin Deep

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Harley Street Skin Clinic

Vitamin Drip Mask

£42, www.


Instant Foot Peel


IMAGE Skincare

ILUMA intense brightening

exfoliating powder



Alteya Certified Organic Pure

Moisture Face Cream Rose & Mullein



Natural Micro-Dermabrasion Peel


Beverly Hills Formula

Men in Black premium teeth

whitening range

From £4.49 to £4.99, Superdrug


Dry Skin Emollient

£6.49, Boots, Superdrug &


Too Cool for School

Coconut Milky Mist

£18.50, Boots

Bee Good

Honey & Camelina Facial






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Let’s Get Soapy

From body wash and liquid soap

to bath salts and even a luxury

dog wash, check out these

soapy suggestions for a

squeaky clean summer


Wild Lime, Mint & Pineapple

Body Wash



Shower Cream



Signature Handwash



Violet Dreams Bath Salts



African Water Mint & Ginger

Detox Body Wash £10.99 Boots


Pure Castile Liquid Soap




Face wash £16


African Orange Aromatic Wash



Gentle Cleansing Dog Wash



Hair & Body Wash

£8.99 Holland & Barrett

Institut Esthederm

Micellar After Sun Shower Gel

£19 Space NK


Atoderm Shower Oil


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Back On Track

This classic and elegant quilted dog rug features Back on

Track’s signature Welltex fabric to support suppleness and

circulation and promote wellbeing. Available in ruby red

or midnight blue, this rug features metallic embroidery on

the side and a reflective detail at the front - perfect for city

dwelling pooches who like a night-time stroll. Available in

sizes 20cm to 70cm.

From £45 to £61 from

Back On Track

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Furry Favourites

PETure Perfect

A unique subscription box, PETure Perfect sends you a gift every

month featuring your pet’s face - whether as a digital image of your

choice, or hand drawn illustration. Building a unique collection

which will delight you for years to come, previous items have

included mugs, coasters, tote bag, clock and more! A must for any

pet lover, we love the Illustration Subscription Box which includes

a hand drawn digital illustration of your pet created from a photo

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There’s nothing better than a soft cuddly blanket for

your perfect pooch to snuggle up with, apart from

this cute Personalised Photo Dog Blanket with their

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dog (or two, because how are you gonna choose just

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your number one with this super cute prezzie!

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This Microchip Pet Feeder has

integrated scales which, when used

with the Sure Petcare app, owners

can weigh their pet’s food portions

to within 1 gram of accuracy.

Used with the Sure Petcare app,

owners can set the weight and LED

lights on the front of the product

light when the desired weight has

been achieved. The Sure Petcare

app then tells owners when, how

often and how much their pet has

eaten, ideal for pets on weight

management or prescription diets.

With the Sure Petcare app, owners

can monitor any changes which

could be a sign of distress or

discomfort for their pet.

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Connect is £119.99 available from and leading pet



The Charlie bandana from the

Hettie Pet Collection is a beautiful

addition to your dog’s wardrobe

for town and country adventures.

Made in Britain from 100% wool,

each is lined with a contrasting

spotty cotton canvas lining and

velcro fastening makes them easy

to wear. Available in a choice of

5 beautiful fabrics, the bandanas

coordinate with Hettie’s luxury

dog coats and harnesses for a

complete look on your walkies.

£30 from


This Freshen Up Deodorising

Spray is light-weight and nonirritating

spray to

eliminate any unwanted,

unpleasant odours and

leaves coats soft and

shiny. Can also be used

on bedding. £28 from


The trusted and improved

FURminator Undercoat

deShedding Tool (£26.50), has

been developed by professional

groomers and provides a gentle

and efficient way to remove up to

99% of loose hair when used for

at least 10-20 minutes per week.

Featuring the FURejector button

for one-handed use, ergonomic

handle and stainless-steel edge,

the product conforms to your

pet’s natural shape for maximum

comfort allowing you to ensure

they look paw-fect everyday with a

healthy and shiny coat.

For daily use, the Dual Grooming

Brush (£15.19) is perfect for

maintaining a strong and healthy

coat. from Pets at Home and

independent pet retailers.

For monthly use, the Bathing

Brush (£12.99) makes bathing a

breeze with its built-in shampoo

and conditioner dispenser and

release button for one handed

use. What’s more, its carefully

designed bristles loosen hair to

allow the shampoo and conditioner

to reach your pet’s skin for an even

shinier coat that smells fresh.

All these fabulous FURminator

grooming tools are available from

Pets at Home and independent pet


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Nice or Cannes: Where To

Land Your Private Jet

Adam Twidell of PrivateFly discusses where to land your private

jet in the Côte d’Azur - Europe’s hottest spot for private jet charters

During the summer months, the Côte d’Azur reigns

as the hottest spot in Europe for private jet charter. A

packed schedule of high-profile VIP events such as

the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix; a

timeless glamour; coupled with a fantastic climate help

continue the region’s strong legacy as ‘the place to be’

for luxury travellers and A-listers - from all over the


Whether you’re flying to visit your second home, enjoy

the golden sands, or party with the stars, what many

don’t know is that there are some important distinctions

to be made between the two airports, in addition to

some restrictions that will affect the decision on where

to land. So, what’s the best Riviera landing spot for a

private jet? Here, Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly,

and a trained pilot, offers his insiders guide:



Nice Cote d’Azur is a large international airport and

the largest airport in the Riviera, with over 35,000

movements per year for business aviation.


Nice is the best option for those using larger aircraft or

making longer, intercontinental trips into the South of

France, such as clients flying in from the USA on larger

jets. Its two runways are longer than at Cannes. Both

are long enough to accommodate all types of aircraft,

from small jets such as the 4-seater Citation Mustang, to

large long range jets such as the Gulfstream G650 or a

Boeing Business Jet.


There is a dedicated terminal for business aviation at

Nice, which opened in 2010. With a choice of three

FBOs the facilities are truly excellent for private jet

customers. The larger airport also offers a wide choice

of onward travel connections, including helicopter



Private jet flights at Nice Cote d’Azur are subject to

slot authorisation, so this can require more forwardplanning,

especially around busy events. However, the

airport is open 24 hours, which makes it more flexible

and attractive to those looking to fly outside of standard



Distinguished not just because of its place as France’s

second busiest private jet airport, after Paris Le

Bourget, it is also one of the world’s most spectacular

58 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Adam Twidell

airports to land at, although most travellers have more

practical reasons for choosing it!



Cannes Mandelieu Airport is a smaller, and highlyexclusive

airport for business aviation. It has always

been able to handle private charter flights of small

and medium private jet aircraft – up to the size of the

8-seater Citation XLS or Beechcraft King Air.


Development work at Cannes Mandelieu in the past few

years has opened up the dedicated private jet airport to

more customers, and more routes. The weight limit for

landing is now 35 tons max and some bigger charter

aircraft can now land include the Falcon 7X – which

can fly in directly from New York. Large private group

travel, or those travelling in ultra long range jets or VIP

airliners need to land at Nice.



The small size of the airport allows for a speedy arrival

and departure. There are rarely traffic problems coming

into or out of the terminal, so passengers can arrive

just a few minutes before take off. The FBO service is

probably the quickest and most discreet in the area, with

cars able to park just metres from the doors.


When it comes to helicopter transfers, the smaller

airport at Cannes can offer ‘edge to edge’ service -

that means a helicopter can be waiting for you when

you step out of your jet, for an immediate transfer to

Monaco, St Tropez or the port of Cannes.

Both Nice and Cannes offer a fantastic way to arrive

in the Cote d’Azur. For those looking for particularly

discreet travel flying straight into Cannes Mandelieu

is a great option. However, Nice is the better choice for

those flying long haul, in larger groups, or at night. It

also offers stunning views as you land!

For more information about private jet charter

and PrivateFly’s new City Pairs routes, please visit

Adam Twidell is the co-founder and CEO of

PrivateFly, the leading booking platform for ondemand

private charter.

Adam began his career as a pilot, firstly with the

RAF, before flying the Citation XL for Netjets and

others. He launched PrivateFly in 2008, recognising

the opportunity to unify the fragmented private

jet charter market on one technology platform,

combined with a 24/7 team of aviation experts -

making it faster and easier for customers to book

and fly.

With its European HQ in St Albans UK, and US

offices in Boston and Fort Lauderdale, PrivateFly

has shown significant and sustained growth since,

while remaining at the forefront of innovation in

on-demand private jet charter. The company was

acquired by Directional Aviation in September 2018,

and Adam continues as CEO.

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British Airways at 100










1. Merrythought Handmade Collectable

Bear (£100)

2. Hattingley Valley Blanc de Noirs

(served in British Airways’ First Class

Lounge and on-board in First Class)

3. Pickering’s Gin British Airways

Centenary Gift Pack (£18)

4. Marmite British Airways Special

Edition (£3)

5. Mulberry Bayswater tote (£650)

60 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

6. Brewdog Speedbird 100


7. CRU Kafe compostable coffee

bag (on short-haul flights in Euro


8. Mulberry Scarf in bright navy (£160)

9. Centenary Edition Afternoon Tea

Further details at










1. HM The Queen visits

Bermuda in 1953

2. BEA Spain destination poster

3. BOAC paperdress worn on

routes to the Caribbean

4. BEA Hardy Amies uniform

in 1967

5. HM The Queen on Concorde

in 1977

6. Welsh guards on BEA


7. HM The Queen visits Malta

on a BEA Trident

8. HM The Queen visits BA

HQ at Heathrow as part of the

centenary celebrations

9. BA’s first A350 touches down

at Heathrow

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As k The Ex p e r t

A Day in the Life of a Pilot

British Airways Flight Technical & Training Manager,

Captain Mike Blythe shares his day and the A350 launch

I joined British Airways when I was 23 and have

flown many different aircraft types. For most of my

career I have worked as a pilot instructor. That means

I carryout conversion training and recurrent checks

in our full flight simulators and I also supervise new

pilots during their first few flights. I made the move

to fly Airbus aircraft about 17 years ago – first on

the A320 and then more recently the A380 fleet.

I was involved with the A380 right from its first

introduction to BA. As well as an instructor, I’m also

the fleet technical and training manager. It’s quite a

broad role which involves overseeing all the training

on the fleet and also all the procedures, manuals and

policies - everything that our pilots need to support

them in their day-to-day duties. And every now and

then I go flying - which I still really enjoy.

We go West, South and East on the A380 but my

favourite trips are out to the west coast of the US. A

typical flight to LAX will involve reporting at out

crew report centre at T5 a couple of hours before

departure. Most of our West Coast flights depart

in the afternoon. A flight to LAX is about 11 hours

and on such a long flight we operate as a team of 3

pilots - me, the captain and 2 first officers. At the

report centre we brief ourselves for the flight which

involves studying the route, weather and airfield

information. Primarily we are concerned with our

departure and the arrival at our planned destination,

but we also plan for contingencies in case anything

unexpected happens during the flight. We then take

time to say hello to our cabin crew. We will share our

perspectives on the flight and discuss any issues of

common interest.

Normally we walk through the terminal and arrive

at the aircraft about an hour before departure. All

the crew will then carry out their checks and prepare

the aircraft for boarding. At this point we are all

very focussed on doing everything we can to achieve

a punctual departure. This is what our customers

expect and what the airport needs. Space and slots

are constrained at Heathrow and the whole airport

operation is very dependent on airlines operating as

close to schedule as possible.

I always make time to welcome our customers on

board and to tell them a bit about the flight before

we go. Then it’s time to shut the doors and start our

engines. The taxi out and departure is a critical phase

of the flight which requires maximum concentration.

Modern aircraft are hugely capable in terms of

performance and although we can weigh as much as

560T we will very often use a reduced take off thrust

which means we generate less noise and engine wear.

62 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

As we climb away we start to settle into our

enroute procedures – ensuring we fly our route

accurately and efficiently. Throughout the flight

we will be monitoring all the aircraft systems

but most importantly we will also be considering

what we would do if the unexpected happens. In

my experience of 30 years of flying you will be

reassured to know that the unexpected has hardly

ever happened. But when and if it does, then the

workload for the crew can increase steeply and that’s

why we always try to keep ahead of the game during

the cruise, so that we are well placed if ever we need

to deviate from the plan.

During this portion of the flight we will take it in

turns to take some rest. We have a flight crew rest

compartment with bunks just behind the flight deck

and typically on a LAX flight I’ll take a break for

about 2-3 hours. We arrive into LAX at about 3 o

clock in the morning UK time so it’s important we

all take time to switch-off during the flight so that

whoever is at the controls is alert and able to give the

job their full concentration.

If we’re lucky and depending on our route we often

get a view of the Grand Canyon and the lights of

Vegas before we start our descent into LAX. It’s

normally dusk when we make our final approach and

the vast carpet of lights beneath us is stunning.

Once we’ve landed and taxied to stand we’ll

shutdown our engines open the doors and say

goodbye to our customers. We will often take a few

minutes after the flight to debrief ourselves. Did

everything go as expected? Could we have improved

on anything we did?

We then hand the aircraft over to our ground handling

team who will straight away begin to prepare the

aircraft for its return flight. Meanwhile we make our

way through immigration and baggage reclaim to our

bus which takes us to the hotel. We stay in LA for 48

hours. The 8-hour time change is pretty brutal and its

important to get as much rest as possible before the

long night flight home. But there is always time to

enjoy the golden Californian sunshine.

I still love the flying, but I also really enjoy some of

the other work I get involved with when I’m working

on the ground. Most recently I’ve been involved in

all the preparatory work ahead of the delivery of our

first A350. It’s a great aircraft and it is very satisfying

to be involved with the entry into service phase of a

new aircraft. It’s not our first widebody Airbus – we

introduced the A380 about 6 years ago. Although the

A350 looks completely different to the A380 – it has

one deck not two, 2 engines not 4 – from a pilot’s

perspective it is very similar. So much so that we plan

to manage the two types as a combined fleet and few

of us will fly both types concurrently. It’s the very

latest aircraft from Airbus which showcases all the

very latest features and technology. This gives our

pilots even greater capacity to oversee the operation

to ensure it is always safe and efficient.

The A350 will be a comfortable and quiet aircraft

for our customers. During the cruise the cabin

is maintained at a slightly lower altitude when

compared to older aircraft. This minimise some of

the dehydrating effects of longhaul air travel meaning

our customers will feel fresher on arrival. As crew,

we appreciate that feature too, of course.

One of the challenges of introducing a new aircraft

to the airline is making sure we have enough trained

and qualified pilots to crew the aircraft as they

get delivered. The training plan is quite complex.

Most of our pilot training is conducted in full flight

simulators. We have simulators for all the aircraft

types we operate, and they are all housed in our

training centre which is located in the hanger

complex at the eastern end of the airport. Our very

newest simulator is for the A350. These are truly

incredible machines. They are used to train our pilots

in all aspects of the operation. Each new simulator

tends to have the fastest processors and the best

visuals which makes the pilot experience immersive

and convincingly realistic. But of course, unlike

the real world, we have complete control over the


From a technical perspective I am also working

closely with our engineering team on the preparations

for the arrival of our first A350. As you can imagine,

a new A350 is not cheap and we work with Airbus

to ensure we get exactly what we paid for. My

colleagues in engineering follow the build of our

aircraft right from the start - when the first metal

(or I should say composite material) is cut. Prior to

delivery I will go down to Airbus in Toulouse to

observe that the aircraft and all its systems operate

correctly. There’s a ground testing day and then an

acceptance flight. At this point the aircraft belongs

to Airbus and I will fly with one of the Airbus

production test pilots. We will follow a planned a

test profile which we will have agreed beforehand

which allows the manufacturer to demonstrate full

and correct functionality. It always amazes me how

these incredibly sophisticated machines are routinely

presented to us, the customer, in almost perfect

condition having only flown a couple of times. It’s a

fascinating couple of days and I’m very much looking

forward to it.


2019 is British Airways’ Centenary year and the airline is

launching a number of initiatives that are designed to look

ahead to the next 100 years of aviation. The airline is hosting

BA 2119 - a programme, which will lead the debate on the

future of flying and explore the future of sustainable aviation

fuels, the aviation careers of the future and the customer

experience of the future. British Airways has released a

series of centenary editions in partnership with British brands

during its centenary. For more information on the centenary

investments please visit

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From Olverum’s new body oil to palettes that pop from Profusion, here

are more ideas sure to interest ladies who want to look lovely this season


OLVERUM, famous for its iconic bath oil beloved by

celebrities and the Royal Family, has launched two

exquisite universal body oils – the first new products

in many decades to bear the OLVERUM brand name.

Carefully crafted with over 30 premium essential oils,

cold-pressed botanical oils, and botanical extracts,

OLVERUM’s new body oil and its dry oil sister

feature the unique aquatic botanical Alaria Esculenta

Extract to boost the synthesis of Collagen and

Hyaluronic Acid and leave your skin feeling smooth,

plumped and rejuvenated.

£36-£40 from Liberty. Fortnum and Mason, Fenwick



We love this Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Oil. The

luscious creamy formula which absorbs into all hair types for a

deep and lasting action from root to tip. Restructures and reinforces

hair from the inside. Repairs deep down, protecting and reviving

pigments in both coloured and natural hair in just a few minutes, for

smmoth silky hair that feels truly sumptuous.

£54 from Harrods,,,



This moisturising hair oil with

lavender, composed of 97.5%

natural oils, has become a cult

product for deeply repairing

chemically treated and damaged

hair when used just once or

twice a week. With SPF6, it

protects colour and preserves

its shine while caring for and

protecting both scalp and hair.

£35 from Harrods, www.,,




Alteya Certified Organic

Iridescent Light Serum Rose

& Mullein contains pure

Bulgarian Rose Otto that helps

illuminate complexion from

its positive toning effect on

superficial capillaries. Potent

Mullein flower extract helps

brighten skin and skin-reviving

Candeia bark extract calms

irritation and softens fine lines

and wrinkles. Certified organic,

the fast-absorbing serum fights

dull, tired skin to instantly

moisturize, plump, and tone,

with significantly improved

radiance upon application.

£19 from

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We love Profusion with their

gorgeous easy-to-use makeup,

many of which come with how-to


The statement-making Lip Duo

(£5) is a real treat for lips whether

you’re feeling soft & neutral or

bold & edgy. Featuring a velvet

matte lip liner and a non-drying

matte lip creme, this kit will have

you lining and gliding your way to

the perfect pout.

The long-wearing Eye Sparklers

set (£7) lets you shimmer in style

with a waterproof Shadow Stick

and a hyper-pigmented Sparkling

Eye Topper to instantly take your

look from natural to wow with an

array of glitzy shades.

The Blush 2 (£7) is a must-have

6-shade blush palette with a

curated selection of flattering

matte and shimmer finishes which

blend effortlessly to create a

natural glow. Wear alone or layer

on for instant radiance.

The travel-friendly Classics

eyeshadow palette (£7) lets you

create versatile looks with richly

pigmented and blendable multifinish

shades from an everyday

spectrum of neutrals and bronzes

to deep shimmer coppers all

suitable for any skin tone.

The multi-finish Pro Pigment

Palette (£11) includes a Pro Series

Brush with high-impact blendable

shades ranging from shimmering

opals & rich berries to wearable

pinks & violets. Just as perfect

for beginners as pros in shades

suitable for all skin tones.

Available from


Experiment with colour with Delfy

Cosmetics NEW Lipstick Duo. This

NEW bicolour two tone lipstick with a

creamy rich formula and velvety texture

provides superior coverage on your

lips. Easy to apply and long lasting,

this clever lipstick glides smoothly

onto your lips to provide a beautiful

flawless finish.Enriched with Vitamin

E, Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil, this

creamy lipstick moisturises and softens

your lips, providing a lip-magnifying

shine to define your lips without the

need for a lip liner. Available in 5 NEW

stunning shades, choose from Formula

One, Fuchsia Rosa, Magenta, Raspberry

Wine and Sangria

£15 from

Li f e’ s A Be a c h

The Womens Rash Vest with zip neck is a practical,

lightweight sun-protection top. The fabric has

a UPF50+ treatment with flat seams and is quick

drying - it’s ideal for swimming and spending the

day in the sun, or to wear under a wetsuit. £16.99


The Large Printed Microfibre Towel is great for

everyday use. Update your essentials with these fun

and colourful designs. We love the on-trend watermelon

design. £12 from

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ION8 Water Bottle

From £15.99 from

Purple Passion

& Pink Power

Purple represents power, luxury,

wealth & courage. Pink represents

love, happiness & sweetness. Here

some colourful products to spark

those qualities in you

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£79 from

Turquoise Funky Iron

£69.99 from

STM Grace Backpack

£74.95 from Amazon

Rococo Chocolates

Rose and Violet Creams £20.95


Matthew Williamson Home

Jaipur Jewel Reed Diffuser

£55 from

Matthew Williamson

Jaipur Jewel 200g candle

£49 from

Zymurgorium Sweet

Violet Gin Liqueur £20


Rococo Chocolates

Rose Organic Artisan Bar

£5.95 from

Blackspade Boxers

£12.50 from

Hotel Chocolat

Rose & Violet

Crèmes Selector

£3.95 from

Hotel Chocolat

Pink Champagne Truffles £10


BioMiracle Stardust

Brightening & Hydrating

Glitter Peel-Off Mask £4.99

from Beauty Bargain UK


Passion Purple

£11.95 from

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From sophisticated swimwear to stylish sleepwear and a host of other

beautiful things, SLOAN! brings you the best fashion and accessories to

enjoy this season at home and on holiday


Since 1952, DAVID has established itself as a go to

brand for women of all shapes looking for a great fit as

well as stylish silhouettes and stand out designs. The

collection provides elegant and sophisticated summer

looks you will want to wear throughout our holiday as

something light, versatile and ultimately stylish.

A firm favourite with the SLOAN! Team, this fuchsia

pink David Beachwear T-Shirt Dress has a relaxed

loose fit and adjustable shoulder ties for effortless

beach style.

£20 from


This cute Gingham Leather Saddle Bag is

handmade from real leather in England and

is the perfect way to update your look for the

season ahead. The trendy shape with a twist

lock closure and little handle makes it a perfect

bag to complement your favourite outfit. Crafted

with hand stitching, a twist lock closure and an

adjustable shoulder strap; this versatile saddle

bag is all you need for your everyday style.

£100 from


New for Summer 2019, the ‘Balance 2.0’

collection comprises of an array of tops,

shorts, night dresses and bottoms that

optimise sleep in 4 ways:

The patented high-tech, lightweight and

breathable natural fibres offer thermoregulation

through the night.

Moisture-wicking zones have been added

to help keep you dry and comfortable.

The 4-way stretch enhances fit and

offers a natural range of movement.

No tags and flat ergonomic seams ensure

a non-friction, no-rub experience.

Prices range from £64.90 to £99.90 per

piece available from www.dagsmejan.



The Pippa woven shortsleeved

printed Pyjama Top

(£22.50) and Shorts (£18)

feature a bright, summery

watermelon print that’s

so on-trend this season.

Made from gorgeously soft

52% cotton, 48% modal

trimmed with pink modal

piping for a beautiful finish.

Cyberjammies is a SLOAN!

favourite because items

can be bought individually

with coordinating pieces for

ultimate choice in style and


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For over 2 decades, Miraclesuit® has been recognised

as the world leader in shaping swimwear. Like no other

swimsuit in the world, a Miraclesuit® makes a woman

Looks 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds®, and feels slimmer

the moment she slips it on.

Developed in a unique proprietary fabric “Miratex®”,

Miraclesuit® have almost twice the Lycra® content of

most swimwear, and three times the holding power.

Miraclesuit® provides a shaping and slenderising

fit, with full comfort control with the strategic use of

shirring and draping to emphasize your curves and

draws the eye away from areas you are less confident


We love the Miraclesuit Network Jena swimsuit which

shapes your silhouette and trims your figure. Shirring

at the waist drapes delicately across mesh netting

which combined with the special Miraclesuit control

fabric slims the waist, while the one-shoulder strap and

high scoop back provide extra coverage. It also has a

hidden shelf bra for added support.

£140 from

Hide The Label

The timeless design of this Rosa

wrap maxi dress will see you through

every occasion from garden parties to

contemporary weddings. The feminine

silhouette cinches in at the narrowest

part of your waist and has flattering

angel sleeves whilst the bold colour and

striking floral print is sure to turn heads.

£129 from

Love Leggings

Designed for everyday wear, these True Blue cropped

leggings are naturally breathable and perfect for warm

weather. Available from Love Leggings, they are the perfect

wardrobe addition to style up with a crisp white shirt for a

day look, with a soft knit for snuggles on the sofa or even

with a tee to run your daily errands.

£13 from

The Flat Lay Co

This innovative make-up bag opens

completely flat and closes in seconds

via a handy drawstring, making it super

simple to take your make-up anywhere.

Handy straps inside keep products

organised and the bag also protects your

make-up from grubby surfaces. It’s also

machine washable for fuss-free cleaning.

£19.99 from

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As k The Ex p e r t

Yacht Are You Waiting For?

If you think a yachting holiday is not for you, think again.

Luxury travel expert, Sue Bedford, charter destination

expert at Dream Yacht Charter, explains why...

In my 25 years working in the

sailing world I’ve lost count

of the times I’ve been told, “A

cruising holiday is simply not

for me” swiftly followed by “I

don’t want to be stuck on a ship

with hundreds, if not thousands,

of others, or be herded round

crowded tourist sites”.

If you’re one of these people then

yacht cruising was invented for

you. Imagine sailing through

sparkling waters discovering

secluded coves, stunning beaches

and exploring small harbours

or villages away from the main

tourist trail.


You don’t need to be a wealthy

oligarch to enjoy yachting. There

are yacht and crew options to suit

all budgets: charter an entire yacht

or just book an individual cabin.

They’re really like boutique hotels

with staff to take care of you.

No experience is necessary: a

skipper or full crew can take care

of all the hard work so you can sit

back and relax.

You don’t need to compromise on

comfort. Modern catamarans are

spacious – they can be as large as

a tennis court – have cabins with

private bathrooms and plenty of

space for sunbathing, relaxing and

dining. They’re extremely stable

so you won’t get sea sick.

Catamarans have a shallow draft

so they can get really close to

shore, enter exclusive moorings

or explore pristine marine parks

that’s totally impossible with large


I love seeing the full splendour

of picturesque ports when

approached from the sea and

nothing beats experiences such

as dining on deserted beaches,

spotting whales, dolphins and

turtles, watching spectacular

sunsets or star gazing from deck

away from light pollution. It’s a

great way to get a digital detox

and reconnect with the real world.


There are so many wonderful

places around the world to explore.

Here are my top 5 favourites.


The wild coastline dominated

by huge cliffs is best appreciated

from the water. I love Scandola

nature reserve where a day

mooring allows for snorkelling to

see underwater cliffs and a myriad

of fish.


What’s not to like about the

stunning combination of azure

waters and colourful islands.

The British Virgin Islands are

a honeypot for sailors but the

Tobago Cays are my favourite. An

70 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

archipelago of five uninhabited

islands with picture perfect

beaches and stunning reefs

populated by fish and turtles,

the Cays offer some of the best

snorkelling and diving in the



With over 1,000 islands it’s the

place to play at Robinson Crusoe

finding powder sand beaches on

uninhabited islands surrounded by

reefs abundant in marine life.


Discover another side of Thailand

such as Koh Pan Yi – a floating

village that’s home to hundreds of

fishermen, or Koh Hong – a lake

that’s only accessible by boat.


Names such as Bora Bora and

Moorea conjure up images of

paradise that’s delivered in the

form of beautiful lagoons dotted

with atolls with white sand

beaches. Hop ashore to bring back

a unique souvenir from a black

pearl farm.


With 25 years of experience,

Sue Bedford has worked for

some of the biggest companies

in the charter industry and is

a mine of information on the

Dream fleet, destinations and

sailing conditions. As the first

port of call for anyone planning

a charter, Sue will work with

customers to advise them on the

best style of boat for their sailing

abilities and experience. Her

knowledge of sailing conditions

has helped thousands of sailors

to plan their itineraries and

ensured that they have the best

sailing holiday possible.

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Sober Summer

Who said dry drinking was boring? Not us!

Monte Rosso

This non-alcoholic Italian aperitif is a complex

bittersweet blend of wild mountain berries,

handpicked botanicals, Venetian style bitters and fruit

extracts. £2.50 Ocado, Waitrose & Amazon

T & E No. 1

This delicately sparkling, refreshing drink reveals

flavours of green fruits, citrus peel and botanicals.

Ideal alternative to vermouth or white wine. £2.50 from

Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon and selected Tesco stores

Le Joli

Le Joli is a clean tasting sparkling water infused with

natural fruit flavours: Sicilian Lemon Mandarin,

Scottish Raspberry Rhubarb and Mexican Lime Mint.

£3.49 Ocado and WHSmith Travel stores nationwide

Cobra Zero

Cobra Zero is an excellent choice for those looking for

a sophisticated serve without the alcohol. The awardwinning

recipe uses only the finest ingredients and has

a sweet and malty flavour. £3, Asda and Ocado

Infinite Session

Winner of World Beer Award 2018, this American

Pale Ale has a refreshing bitter flavour that awakens

the senses. £19.99 for a case of 12 from Amazon.

Soda Press Co

Soda Press Co has a range of healthier, certified

organic & low sugar soda & kombucha syrups

designed for SodaStream. We like the Blonde Cola.

£7.99 for 500ml from

72 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Looks like a pale sparkling rosé but doesn’t

include grapes or alcohol. The ingredients provide

anti-inflammatory, alkalising, anti-oxidant and

detoxifying benefits. £7.99


Described as the non-alcoholic alternative for

gin lovers, Sea Arch has a distinctive tang

of the sea from the Sea Kelp used with other

botanicals. £26.95 and www.


Ship Full of IPA 0.0% is made from the

best selling ale in Sweden using vacuum

distillation to remove the alcohol yet retaining

its body and flavour. £11.99


Elderberry & Hibiscus Soda blends elderberry

juice with a touch of distilled hibiscus essence

for a rich and earthy flavour with no artificial

sweeteners. £1.99 Waitrose, Ocado & Amazon

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How To Pack The

Perfect Picnic For

Sunny Days Out

Hilary Marsh

Former wine merchant Hilary Marsh, creator of Botonique,

explains how to pack the perfect picnic for spontaneous outings

During the British summer,

spontaneity allows us to grab

more of the good days, and avoid

the disappointing ones. Ironically,

spontaneity is something best

planned for when it comes to

packing the perfect picnic!

Have all the non-perishable stuff

packed into a back-pack or picnic

basket, ready to roll at a moment’s

notice, including:

• Good quality plastic “glasses”

suitable for old and young alike.

• Empty food containers with

strong seals to protect against


• Plates and bowls.

• Cutlery.

• Sharp knife and bottle opener.

• Paper napkins.

• Picnic blanket.

• Wipes, tea towels and sealable

plastic bags for wet things and


• Any special needs such as

nappies, medication etc.

To ensure you keep stuff cool

you’ll need a cool-box for longer

distance car picnics or if it’s

an extremely hot day and an

insulated bottle carrier for walks

to the park.

For the cool-box, keep some iceblocks

in the freezer at all times.

For chilling bottles quickly, either

keep bottle wraps in the freezer,

or if you are short of freezer

space, use this trick to chill bottles


1. Wet a tea towel and squeeze the

water out slightly.

2. Wrap it tightly around the bottle

and place that in coldest part of

the freezer. If you need to make

space for this, temporarily take

out cooked items, frozen liquids

or vegetables (not raw meat) and

keep them packed together in a

cool place so they keep each other

cold enough not to defrost in the

short time needed.

3. Leave long enough for the wet

tea towel to freeze, but not long

enough for the contents to freeze

or the removed items to unfreeze

– typically between 20 and 45


4. Place the bottle and its iced tea

towel wrapping in a leak-proof

bag, and place that in the insulated

bottle carrier. The iced tea towel

will carry on chilling the bottle as

you travel!

Stock ambient food and drink

suitable for picnics, such as:

• Jars of antipasti, gherkins and


• Tins of tuna or similar.

• Nuts and dried fruits.

• Drinks both to hydrate and to


A bottle of Champagne may feel

like the most celebratory drink

to take, but for daytime drinking

in hot sun, it may not suit some

people. Our bodies handle alcohol

less well in the daytime, and heat

makes matters worse. So, take

something that will give the thrill

but without alcohol. For me of

course, that is Botonique. It’s a

truly satisfying alternative and

the nutrients it contains support

hydration. Plus, if you are having

some wine as well, it replaces the

nutrients alcohol depletes, so you

won’t feel so bad later on.

If you have all the above lined

up, you’ll be able to throw a good

picnic together quickly with

whatever fresh or frozen food you

have to hand.

If you have freezer space, stock

frozen canapés that you can put

straight in the oven. Make sure

you store warm food well away

from the chilled food!

You are likely to have bread, and

eggs can be quickly hard boiled

and cooled.

You are likely to have mayonnaise

(which can be used instead of

butter), cheese and cured meats in

the fridge.

Wash a selection of whatever fruit

you have, including veg fruits like

tomatoes and cucumbers.

Don’t waste time making

sandwiches before you leave – do

that out there in the sun, delegate,

or let people make their own. It’s

about having a nice time together!

You should be able to get out of

the house with all you need for

a perfect picnic within 30 to 45

minutes of deciding to go, which

means you’ll decide to go more


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Cocktails At Home

Mixing up cocktails is a lovely treat for guests, but it can be

time consuming and messy. Frankie Snobel of Tipplesworth

shares three pre-batching cocktails that take out the faff so you

can focus more on sipping and less on shaking!


50ml Dark Rum

20ml Lime Juice

20ml Grenadine

50ml Orange Juice

60ml Pineapple Juice

3-4 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Sprinkling of nutmeg

Pour the measured Dark Rum,

Lime Juice, Grenadine, Orange

Juice and Pineapple Juice into

a jam jar filled with ice. Pop

the lid on and shake it like you

mean it, once you have a frothy

top remove the lid and add a few

dashes of Angostura bitters and

a sprinkling of nutmeg. Finish

with a fun garnish, we used a

slice of pineapple and a cocktail


TOP TIP: You can pre-mix

all the ingredients inside in

advance and just add ice, shake

(in the jar!) and garnish when

you’re ready to serve guests.


200ml English Breakfast Tea

200ml London Dry Gin

2 teaspoons Marmalade

2 tablespoons Honey

60ml Lemon Juice

In a teapot, steep 200ml of hot

water with 2 English Breakfast

tea bags for approx. 4 minutes

and remove the tea bags. Add

the gin, marmalade, honey and

lemon juice to the teapot along

with a generous helping of ice.

Stir well and serve in teacups

garnished with a slice of lemon

or orange. This recipe is enough

for 4 tea cups.

TOP TIP: Serve straight from

the teapot for added flair.

Frankie Snobel


150g Golden Cane Sugar

125ml Cointreau

2 peaches sliced

1 punnet of raspberries

½ punnet of blueberries

½ punnet strawberries

½ punnet of blackberries

2 bottles of bubbles

In a punch bowl add 150g of

golden cane sugar, 125ml of

Cointreau, raspberries and

blueberries. Thinly slice peaches

and quarter the strawberries and

add them to the punch bowl. You

will need to leave the fruit to

soak up all this lovely orangey

goodness for at least an hour,

preferably overnight in the fridge.

When ready to serve remove

from the fridge and add your

chilled bubbly with a few cubes

of ice and serve garnished with

peach and raspberries.

TOP TIP: Serve in a pretty

vintage-style punch bowl.

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SOBER Su mme r


Whether you are a

designated driver, an

athlete in the middle of

training or just giving your

liver a break you can

still awaken your




doesn’t have

to mean


Special Effects is Brooklyn

Brewery’s first foray into creating

a low-alcohol option. Brewed

using a specially developed

fermentation method that limits

the amount of alcohol created,

while allowing more traditional

beer flavours to develop, beer

fans can expect to taste a hoppy

lager with a piney aroma and

pleasantly bitter finish. A hugely

versatile beer, Special Effects

is great paired with a variety

of foods. As the weather

warms up, try it with fresh

spinach salads, grilled

chicken or the sharp

flavour of goat’s cheese.

£1.30 from Tesco stores


Tipplesworth features a

mouthwatering combination of

passion fruit, guava, pineapple

and lime, balanced with smooth

notes of French vanilla and

marshmallow. Drink as a nonalcoholic

drink or serve as a

matini to your friends just add

vodka, shake hard over ice, and

strain into a martini glass!

£6.99 from Waitrose


Heineken® 0.0 is Heineken®’s

non-alcoholic lager. With no

alcohol content, low calories

(69 calories per bottle), low

sugar (1g per100ml) meaning

you can enjoy a beer moment

and the social connections it

brings anytime, anywhere! It

was first launched in May 2017

and has quickly become the

fastest growing brand in the

alcohol-free segment, No

doubt helped by the fact

it launched the biggest

ever campaign for an

alcohol-free beer in the

UK. £1 per can from

Sainsbury’s, Waitrose,



in bottles



Caleño is the creation of

Ellie Webb, who hails from

Colombia. Inspired by the

sunny spirit of South America,

Caleño, is the delicious new

non-alcoholic spirit that’s

already making waves here

in the UK, Caleño,offers a

zingy, zesty, tropical infusion

of juniper, citrus and spice

botanicals and has been

designed to bring bold colour,

joy and fun to not drinking.

£24 from Sainsbury’s


Lambrini has a brand new

Fully Sparkling and it’s every

Prosecco lover’s dream! The

new bubbly has only 5.5%

alcohol and less calories than

more traditional fizz options.

Perfect as a low alcohol


£5 from Asda


Yeti and the Fox speeds up toxin

breakdown in the liver. When

drinking Yeti & The Fox replenishes

your glutathione levels allowing you

to continue fighting the toxins from

alcohol. Glutathione is an integral

part of the detoxification process

and is primarily found in the liver.

It also plays a significant role in

energy metabolism, promoting

optimum health and

increased energy.

£50.99 from




Bartender and conservation

biologist Paul Mathew has launched

Everleaf, a new non- alcoholic

aperitif sourced sustainably from

nature. Everleaf is bright and full

of bittersweet complexity designed

to be mixed with soda water or tonic

to create a refreshingly quintessential

summertime spritz. Brimming with

botanicals, Paul carefully selected 18

different plants to impart complex, delicate

flavours as well as exceptional texture.

£18 from Sainsbury’s


Eisberg, the UK’s number one alcohol free

wine, means you can enjoy your favourite

drink without the alcohol and calories. Made

in exactly the same way as regular wine, but

with the alcohol gently removed at the end,

Eisberg is a tasty alternative and contains

fewer than 33 calories per 125ml glass!

The range includes Sparkling Blanc,

Sparkling Rosé, Chardonnay, Cabernet

Sauvignon, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc.

Eisberg Sparkling (£4) is available from

Morrisons & Ocado. The rest of the range

is available from supermarkets nationwide

at £3.50. For more information, stockists and

cocktail recipes visit


Progressively crafted with

over 400 years of proud

brewing heritage,

Lucky Saint is an

unfiltered beer that’s

alcohol free yet full

of flavour. Born of

Bavarian spring water,

pilsner malt, hallertau

hops and a single-use

yeast for a unique

lager that is unfiltered

and uncompromising.

Starting from £2 at or at 100

Sainsbury’s stores

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TASTY Ti p p l e s

78 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Ronnie’s Scotch is a limited-edition blend curated exclusively by

and for the world-famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club to mark their

60th anniversary. The nose is rich and complex with overlapping

aromas of toffee, salted caramel, peat smoke and cooked apples with

highlights of lemon zest and icing sugar. The palate is initially sweet

and creamy with notes of milk chocolate, sultanas and praline that

lead into cigar smoke, cedarwood and charred oak. The finish is

warming and long with layers of dried fruits, cinnamon Danish and

rolling tobacco that leave a toasty glow long after swallowing.

Priced at £75, Ronnie’s Scotch is available online at www. or it can be purchased at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club,

Frith St in Soho.


Iconic London members club, Tramp has released a limitededition

Champagne to celebrate its 50th anniversary year. This

is the first time guests will be able to drink the club’s own

brand of champagne. Two limited edition champagnes - a Blanc

de Blanc and a Rose - were created in partnership with Eminent

Wines. The Blanc de Blanc uses grapes from the Montagne

de Reims region and has notes of peach, brioche, vanilla and

gingerbread. It is a beautifully fresh, delicate wine, perfect for

pairing with white meat or fish. It’s priced at £70 when buying

through or to take home and £110 in

the club. The Rosé - costing £80 for home and online orders or

£120 to enjoy in the club - combines grapes from Chardonnay,

Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier and offers delicious, raspberry

and pink biscuit flavours with hints of vanilla and floral

touches. It is a complex, structured and elegant champagne that

will perfectly accompany white meat, fish or desserts.


Glen Moray Distillery has launched the second limited-edition single

malt whisky in the Curiosity Collection: Glen Moray Rhum Agricole

Cask Finish Project, which is UK exclusive release. Master Distiller

Graham Coull is continuing to push the single malt boundaries and

has collaborated with the brand St James, AOC Rhum in Martinique.

The whisky is surprisingly intense with a great depth and balance

with dominant flavours of treacle toffee, burnt sugar and sweet

vanilla. The nose has aromas of marzipan, apricot jam, pear drops

and pineapple. On the palate it is full-bodied and satisfying. Treacle

toffee merges with kirsch cherries and spicy gingerbread. The finish

is smooth and long. The spice intensifies then fades, leaving a rum

and raisin finish. £54.99 from The Whisky Exchange during August

and all good wine and spirits merchants thereafter.

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The City of London Distillery brought Gin distilling back

to the City in 2012 after an absence of nearly 200 years. It’s

latest zesty flavours are £34.95 from

Ti p

Bombay Sapphire

With botanicals sourced from the

English countryside, BOMBAY

SAPPHIRE® English Estate

balances the familiar citrus notes of

its renowned London Dry Gin with

three new botanicals; Pennyroyal

mint, Rosehip and toasted Hazelnut

perfectly blended to produce bright

citrus notes invigorated with mint,

creating a vibrant gin for the ultimate

summer. £23 from Ocado

Martini Fiero

MARTINI Fiero is dubbed the

new drink of the summer. It’s

100% natural flavour and colour

with zesty bitter-sweet orange

taste makes it fabulous to drink it

with tonic water over ice and enjoy

on a sunshine day. As the trend for

bold flavoured, brightly-coloured

drinks continues to thrive. £12

from Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Ocado

Amazon, & The Whisky Exchange


Copalli Rum is a premium,

organic, single-estate rum;

distilled, barrelled, aged and

bottled in the Belizean rainforest.

Made using double distillation

of sugar cane juice, and

exclusively full-bodied copper

pot still distillation with French

technique. Tasting notes including

cinnamon, nutmeg and tobacco.

£41.30 from

80 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

1 2

p l e s

3 4

1. Jamaica Cove Black Pineapple Rum £26 from Amazon & Master of Malt

2. Brockmans Gin £34 from M&S, Ocado &

3. Caorunn Scottish Raspberry £21 per 50cl bottle from specialist retailers

4. Zymurgorium Across The Pond £25 from

Liverpool Gin

Organic Liverpool Rose Petal Gin

uses the timeless, floral aroma

of rose petals to create a delicate

and aromatic gin that is tenderly

fragrant. It features citrus for

sharpness and background notes of

sweet liquorice, £56 from Harvey


Edinburgh Gin

This gin liquer comes with a

fortune-telling gin ball from ‘Head

for the Med’ – Rhubarb & Ginger

Gin with Mediterranean tonic – to

‘The Outlook is Bubbly’ – Rhubarb

& Ginger Gin Liqueur with fizz

predictions. £28


Hedgepig Zesty Elderflower is best

served cold with dessert or as a

cocktail topped up with Prosecco.

This luscious liqueur has wild

elderflower and subtle citrus notes

for a delicate flavour. £36 from

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Time To


Here’s 22 of our

favourite drinks...



Ramsbury uses just two ingredients

to make their smooth

and characterful

award-winning vodka - Horatio

wheat and the estate’s own

chalk-filtered water. Dried fruits,

cocoa and caramel on the palate.

Elegant and medium-bodied

for a creamy texture, it has a

distinctive character best enjoyed

over ice, or in a dry vodka

martini with a slice of lemon.

£38 from Harvey Nichols,

Selfridges and independent




Adventurous and luxurious Salcombe

Gin, which embraces life on and

around the water, is releasing

‘Rosé Sainte Marie’, a new Mediterranean

inspired gin. Available from early July, this

exceptional dry rosé gin is being positioned

alongside its flagship multi award-winning

London Dry Gin ‘Start Point’. Salcombe Gin

‘Rosé Sainte Marie’ is a delicate, fresh and

truly exquisite gin with fragrant notes of fresh

lemon peel and Provence herbs complemented

by the natural sweetness of red fruit and the

distinctive perfume of white flowers and

orange blossom carried on a sea breeze.

£40 available from, the

Salcombe Gin Distillery and at selected

independent retailers nationwide.



Riedel don’t only make wine glasses and this fourpiece

Gin Set is a stylish and functional option

for G&T lovers. The space-saving O Tumbler

stands out thanks to its stemless design which makes it less

susceptible to glass breakage so ideal for parties. Gin glasses

have gone through a revolution over the last few years. These

glasses are a stemless take on the Copa de Balon with a large

bowl that is shaped to

enhance the botanicals

in the gin, improving the

drinking experience when

serving the perfect gin &


£34.95 from www.



JUNE by G’Vine is the latest addition to the

Maison Villevert family, blending Premium

French grape-distillate gin with the incredible

fresh taste of wild French peaches and the

unique Vine-flower botanical,

which both ripen each June,

giving an intense fresh taste

and aroma of fresh peaches.

JUNE’s signature serve


the JUNE-Spritz, delivering

a fresh Peach Bellini twist

on a classic summer serve.

JUNE is featured as a lead

summer drink nationally


Malmaison, Mission Mars, and

Elle-R Leisure.

£32 from Amazon, Master of

Malt, The Whisky Exchange,

31Dover and Fenwicks.



Award-winning Ramsbury Gin starts its

journey on the estate as Horatio wheat

and is then distilled through a 43-plate

copper still, creating a base spirit that gives the

gin an incredibly smooth texture. Nine distinctive

botanicals (juniper, fresh quince,

orris, angelica, cinnamon, coriander

seed, lemon peel, orange peel and

liquorice) are then added to create

a floral tone with a unique crisp

finish which fades into a more

savoury juniper taste. The gin,

which is at the sweeter end of a

London Dry Gin, is best enjoyed

with a premium tonic, ice and a

slice of apple or pear.

£35 from Waitrose and independent

retailers including 31 Dover, Master

of Malt, The Whisky Exchange and

Distillers Direct

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and Parisian fashion

label Maison Labiche

have collaborated to create this

year’s limited-edition GREY

GOOSE Riviera bottle, and reveal

a hand-designed capsule collection

comprised of fashion and travel items

, designed as an invitation for people

to ‘Live Victoriously’ this summer.

The unique wave design on the bottle

is inspired by trips taken by Maison

Labiche co-founders, Jean-Baptiste

Richard and Marie Welté, to the Côte

d’Azur and the shores Pampelonne

beach in the French Riviera.

£40 from Sainsbury’s, Ocado and




Kokoro London Dry Gin, the British Gin

with a Japanese heart, has launched three

premium gin liqueurs with authentic,

natural flavours from Japan: Kokoro Blueberry &

Lemongrass, Kokoro Yuzu & Ginger and Kokoro

Cherry Blossom.

The clear glass bottles feature three unique designs

using Japanese images, which together form a

triptych of Mount Bandai in Fukushima prefecture in

Japan. The kanji characters on each bottle are taken

from Hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers.

Blueberry represents trust, yuzu appreciation and

cherry blossom elegance.

Gift set of the three 20cl expressions is £37.50 from



The Cloudy G&T is this summer’s musthave

drink made using the award-winning

Cotswolds Dry Gin created in the heart of

the Cotswolds. It’s distilled using a high botanical

load, with over ten times the average volume,

including freshly peeled lime, pink grapefruit

zest and a hint of

Cotswolds lavender.

As the gin is

non-chill filtered,

the botanical oils

are retained, and

so a distinctive

pearlescent cloud

forms when ice or

tonic is added.

£34.95 from




Don Papa Rum is the first premium small

batch rum from the Philippines with

characteristically abundant sweet and

fruity flavours. The original Don Papa 7-Year-Old

rum has a smooth and delicate finish that is light

and fruity on the nose

and features flavours of

vanilla, honey and candied

fruits. This beautifully

versatile rum is aged for

seven years and is perfect

for mixing in a range

of cocktails. Pair with

hopped grapefruit bitters,

orange bitters, and a drop

of Maraschino liquor for

a Filipino twist on the

classic Old Fashioned.

£32 from Sainsbury’s

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Said to be the first and bestselling

strawberry gin in the world, Puerto de Indias

Strawberry is distilled in traditional

copper stills in one of Seville’s

oldest distilleries. The worldwide

bestseller is made with delicious

strawberries grown locally,

with 100% natural ingredients

and boasts a deliciously sweet,

smooth taste with hints of citrus

and aniseed as well as the iconic

strawberry flavour. On the nose,

the gin explodes with strawberry

flavour and a touch of juniper

and aniseed, making it the perfect

pairing for a premium tonic water.

£27 from Ocado, Booths and




Leading port producer

Graham’s has launched

Blend No.5, a new premium

White Port that’s perfect for

mixing in cocktails. With a

gorgeous bottle designed by

illustrator Antonio Soares, who

has previously worked with Karl

Lagerfeld, FENDI and Chanel,

Graham’s Blend No.5 would

not look out of place in any chic

drinks cabinet. The P&T – or

(White) Port & Tonic provides

a refreshing and low-ABV

alternative to the classic G&T.

£24.99 from Harvey Nichols,

The Whisky Exchange, Master

of Malt and



Cazcabel Tequila is created in

an independent micro distillery

located in the highlands of the Jalisco

mountains in Mexico. Inspired by the

mythical Mexican

Curador ‘Don Cazcabel’,

the tequila is crafted

from locally sourced

blue weber agave

grown for around 7

years before harvesting.

Having won Gold in the

2019 Tequila Masters,

Cazcabel Coffee blends

a roasted hit of luxury

espresso to the spirit to

awaken the senses.

£20 from Sainsbury’s



Cranes Drinks collaborated with one

of the UK’s top mixologist to develop

the award winning Cranes Cranberry &

Blood Orange Liqueur. Made from the highest quality

cranberries and infused with natural blood orange

juices, Cranes Liqueur is a mixology must have. With

over 115 cranberries used to make each

50cl bottle, this versatile on-trend

liqueur is 17% ABV and perfectly

balanced making it perfect for both

pimping a glass of Prosecco into

the Cranbellini and creating other

tantalisingly refreshing cocktails

such as the Cranes take on a

traditional Aperol Spritz.

£19.95 from Master of Malt



The English Whisky

Co based in Norfolk

is England’s oldest distillery. For

those who prefer a zesty drink, The

Norfolk Quince Whisky Liqueur

is made from the finest quince

juice, mixed with The English

Whisky Co’s own single malt and is

perfect served over ice with ginger

beer and a sprig of fresh mint.

Whisky makes the perfect base

for a delicious liqueur and Quince

blends with it really well to create a

delicious, sweet satisfying drink.

£19.99 available from



Taking inspiration

from some of the UK’s

lesser-known fruits, The Norfolk

Redcurrant Whisky Liqueur

brings together the finest handdistilled

English single malts and

traditional British fruits. Rich and

fruity, The Norfolk Redcurrant

Whisky Liqueur is made from the

finest redcurrants, mixed with The

English Whisky Co’s own single

malt. It’s the perfect base for a

delicious Champagne cocktail.

£19.99 available from

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Bring the taste of the

holiday sun to your glass

with the brand new Zymurgorium

Flagingo Pink Gin. Inspired

by Flamingos - the exotic and

funky strutters of the bird world.

Independent Manchester distillery,

Zymurgorium, has created a tropical

pink gin bursting with the Caribbean

flavours of mango, pineapple,

passionfruit, allspice and ginger.

£19 from



The award winning

Glen Marnoch Islay

Single Malt Scotch Whisky won a

gold medal at the Spirits Business

Scotch Whisky Masters as a

great example of an exceptionally

smooth, mellow & silky single

malt Scotch whisky, featuring rich

vanilla and toffee notes, oak spice

with a long and lingering sweet

and malty finish.

£17.49 from Aldi



The Mionetto MO

Collection Valdobbiadene

Prosecco Superiore DOCG hails

from the hillslopes in the Prosecco

Superiore DOCG Valdobbiadene zone.

Its straw yellow is enhanced by subtle

green highlights, and its bouquet

releases floral scents married to

emphatic notes of green apple and

tropical fruit. With a delicate cascade

of lingering, pin-point bubbles, this

is an eminently soft, velvet-smooth,

yet crisp sparkling Prosecco. An

outstanding accompaniment with

fish dishes or with sweet pastries and


£15 from Majestic




Tequila never

tasted so good – the silky

rich strawberry cream

of Tequila Rose is as

versatile as it is delicious.

Enjoy in a shot, pour over

ice, or mix in everything

from killer cocktails to

adult milkshakes.

Tequila Rose is made

from mixing juicy

strawberries with spicy

tequila for a silky smooth


£12 from Tesco and





Asti Ice has

been uniquely created by

MARTINI to be served

over ice. Bursting with

flavours of fresh pear

and pineapple, with

notes of grape, melon

and peach, the naturally

sweet tasting Asti

profile is enhanced

when poured over

ice, enriching the

drinking experience

and matching it

effortlessly with

tomato bruschetta,

charcuterie and

cheese boards.

£9 from Ocado

and Asda



McGuigan Black Label

Sparkling Shiraz is the

brand’s first sparkling red. The

indulgent Shiraz is a rich wine

with flavours of plum, cherry

and chocolate

coupled with fine

bubbles delivering

a vibrant and

refreshing dry

wine that is perfect

when served

chilled as an

aperitif, with light

meat dishes or

simply shared with

the special people

in your life.

£7.50 from




Willow and Stone

Sparkling Rosé is a

beautifully refreshing rosé created

to offer an easy-to-drink but

distinctly classy wine. The subtle

strawberry and

raspberry flavours

set this rosé apart

from similarly

priced alternatives

on the market. This

low-alcohol wine at

8.5% ABV, is the

perfect drink for

those looking for

something a little

on the lighter side.

£5 from Co-op

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Cap Classique

South Africa’s version of Champagne

Word on the street is that South Africa

is producing quality sparkling wines that

really could give Champagne a run for their

money. How can it be? Megan Kritzinger

of Cap Classique UK reveals all...

Megan Kritzinger

Cap Classique is made using the

same technical, sophisticated and

traditional method as Champagne

- except it stems from the grape

growing soils of South Africa,

and hence cannot be called

Champagne, but rather its very

own, Cap Classique.

If you have visited South Africa,

you will agree that their wine

regions are beautiful, their wines

are exceptional and the value for

money is incredible! The quality

of South Africa’s Cap Classique

is in part a result of its diverse

wine region and sunny climate,

however nothing is left to chance.

The majority of Cap Classique

producers are members of the Cap

Classique Producers Association

(CCPA), which plays an important

role in constantly striving to

improve the quality standards

of wines made according to this

classic bottle-fermentation method,

keeping standards for the brand

ever so high.

If you’re a fan of South African

wine, you will be blown away

by Cap Classique. The passion

and enthusiasm behind the Cap

Classique wineries are resulting

in the production of bubbles that

range from soft and delicate, to

bold, complex and heartwarming.

Varied terroirs are yielding

different degrees of buttery, toasty,

leesy, citrus flavours that provide

exciting new (and affordable)

options for the wide-ranging

British and European palate.

Two fantastic Cap Classique you

should be drinking this summer

season are Simonsig’s Kaapse

Vonkel Brut and the Kaapse

Vonkel Brut Rose. It was in

1971 that Simonsig wine estate

in Stellenbosch became the first

producer of Cap Classique in

South Africa that was made in the

same French style as champagne.

It certainly has stood the test of

time and we are very pleased that

this pioneering bubbly has not

lost any of its sparkle. Moreover

you don’t need to take a second

mortgage on your home to afford


The Kaapse Vonkel Brut 2017

is a delicate sophisticated Cap

Classique with delicious flavour

intensity. Fresh primary notes

of granny smith apple and white

flesh fruit. An array of dancing

pearls creates an ambiance of

magical aromas. On the palate the

crisp acidity captures the tingling

aromas of citrus that transcends

into pockets of apples and pears.

A top class sparkling wine that

resembles elegance and finesse.

Kaapse Vonkel Brut Rosé 2017

is a full flavoured dry sparkling

Rosé made by the traditional Cap

Classique method. A sensory

adventure filled with fresh

red berry pockets and hints of

candyfloss. A celebration of

refreshing flavours tantalise the

palate with a sublime finish of

quince notes. The subtle yet crisp

acidity causes an array of lingering

high notes. This vibrant sparkling

Rosé is a total treat for summer


Simonsig Wine Estate is

synonymous with the history of

the South African wine industry,

the Stellenbosch wine region, and

the Malan family name.

These elements are intertwined in

this family-owned farm, where the

late Frans Malan produced the first

bottle of the much-loved Kaapse

Vonkel, South Africa’s first

Méthode Cap Classique made in

the classic bottle-fermented style.

Frans Malan is also honoured

for co-founding the thriving

Stellenbosch Wine Route, a first

in its time. Today, his legacy

lives on through his sons and


Find out more about Cap Classique

wines and buy a case or two at

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The best hotel to explore North Devon and enjoy fine dining, afternoon tea, spa treatments & much more!

Set in a Victorian manor house on a 127 acre estate,

Highbullen Hotel Golf & Country Club is one of the most

luxurious hotels to enjoy all that North Devon has to offer

88 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Highbullen Hotel combines an

interesting history dating back to

1879 enhanced with contemporary

touches and modern luxuries, set

within a sprawling 127-acre estate

with magnificent views across

the Mole Valley and Exmoor

National Park. The hotel offers

warm hospitality, comfortable and

luxurious surroundings and the

opportunity to enjoy an unrivalled

selection of activities exploring

North Devon and enjoying the

numerous on-site facilities.

The Victorian Manor House has

lounges to relax in with stunning

views across to Exmoor and 12

beautiful bedrooms, including

the spectacular award-winning

Loft Suite complete with its own

steam room and infrared sauna. A

further 30 bedrooms can be found

throughout the Estate with four

luxurious self-catering cottages.

Facilities include 7 all-weather

tennis courts, an outdoor swimming

pool and an 18-hole USGA

specification golf course set in

wooded parkland. Indoors guests

can make use of a 20-metre indoor

swimming pool with sauna, steamroom

and Jacuzzi. The ELEMIS Spa

at Highbullen Hotel provides a wide

range of wonderful spa treatments.

Formal dining takes place in the AA

2 Rosette Devon View Restaurant

with head chef Stephen Walker at

the helm. The elegant dining room

features floor to ceiling windows,

granting spectacular panoramic

views across the Devon countryside

over to Exmoor. The fine-dining

menu showcases seasonal and

local produce with a modern

British theme across all dishes. An

extensive wine list offers wines

from the old and new worlds and

staff can suggest wine pairings.

The recently opened Laura Ashley

The Tea Room is designed in the

distinctive Laura Ashley style and

offers guests unrivalled views

bringing together the quintessence

of England: the timelessness of

afternoon tea, elegant country living

and one of the most iconic English


Read the full hotel review at

Highbullen Hotel Golf and Country

Club, Chittlehamholt, Umberleigh,

North Devon, EX37 9HD

+44 (0)1769 540561

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St Ermin’s Hotel

Four-star deluxe St. Ermin’s

Hotel in London’s St James’s

Park is a member of the Marriott

International’s Autograph

Collection. With an intriguing and

glamorous past closely associated

with the history of espionage

through WWII and the Cold War,

the hotel has eclectic styling,

gorgeous rooms and suites, the

enigmatic Caxton Bar and Terrace

plus award winning signature

restaurant, The Caxton Grill.

Just a five-minute walk across

St James’s Park to Buckingham

Palace and Piccadilly the hotel

is ideally placed for stylish city

sightseeing or business meetings

in the resurgent corporate

Westminster and Victoria areas.

Following a £30 million renovation

project, the hotel has been

transformed with the overall

result of a distinctly individual,

contemporary and welcoming

London hotel. With room rates

starting at just £209, it is also a

deluxe hotel that is accessible for

all to experience. The welcome

has even extended to bees with

the opening of London’s only ‘bee

& bee’ hotel alongside the hotel’s

resident Buckfast bee hives on the

third floor wildflower terrace.

A captivating and colourful history

sets this property apart from others

in the capital. During the 1930s

the hotel and the next building

were used by officers of the

Secret Intelligence Service (SIS

or MI6) located close by. The

likes of Ian Fleming, Kim Philby,

Guy Burgess, Laurence Grand,

H. Montgomery Hyde and Eric

Maschwitz were all known to have

worked from the building and

throughout the Second World War,

it operated as a convenient annex

by SIS surrounded by other secret


The hotel’s 331 spacious rooms

including 41 suites, are all

individual in their shape, size

and structure but all draw upon

worldwide, textural influences to

convey a real sense of relaxation,

calm and home. Two-poster beds,

crisp bed linens, sumptuous soft

furnishings, vibrant colours, The

White Company amenities and

large windows all add to the sense

of place. Junior Suites combine the

latest in technology with fabulously

innovative pieces; Louis Vuitton

style furniture, leather-wrapped

wardrobes, mother of pearl inlays,

chocolate marble, large walk-in

showers and claw-foot baths.

Caxton Grill, St Ermin’s awardwinning

signature restaurant,

overlooks the hotel’s courtyard

garden and offers mouth-watering

classic British dishes on the menu.

Quality dishes and provenance

are at the heart of the Caxton –

with the focus of the menu being

fresh, seasonal and locally sourced

ingredients; including fruits,

vegetables and herbs picked from

the Hotel’s very own roof Kitchen


Go to to

read the online review.

2 Caxton St, London SW1H 0QW

+ 44 (0)207 222 7888

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St Ermin’s

intriguing and


past is linked

to espionage

Caxton Grill

restaurant uses

produce picked

from the

Hotel’s own

roof Kitchen


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K West Hotel & Spa

With its rich music heritage & an award-winning

spa, West London’s Neighbourhood Hideaway

is now serving a Retro Afternoon Tea to enjoy

K West Hotel & Spa underwent

a dramatic interior redesign in

November 2014, inspired by the

cult West London hotel’s rich

music heritage and history of

musicians staying at the hotel.

The hotel is described as West

London’s Neighbourhood

Hideaway. A defining

characteristic of all 219

guestrooms is the generous space,

with the smallest being just under

300 sq ft. The rooms are designed

to offer a soothing respite from

the fast pace of London life, with

luxurious oversized beds and a

calming colour scheme. Modern

flourishes including LCD flat

screen TVs, sandblasted glass, and

original artwork give the rooms a

distinctive K West stamp.

Awarded ‘Best Spa in London’ at

the Good Spa Guide Awards 2015

and winner of a World Luxury

Spa Award, K West’s holistic

spa offers a range of exclusive


K Spa introduced the first ‘Snow

Paradise’ to London, which

mimics the Finnish experience of

alternating between freezing and

steamy environments. The spa also

features a twinkling hydrotherapy

pool, sanarium, sauna, dry

flotation tank, aromatic herbal

steam room and the fully equipped

K Fit gymnasium.

Studio Kitchen offers a restaurant

menu with a slice of glamour and a

side-order of cool. The chefs have

created gourmet dishes without

the eye-watering price tag with

vibrant, modern choices including

everything from a delicious beet

burger to a Korean BBQ chicken.

K West Hotel’s Retro Afternoon

Tea served in Studio Kitchen. In

true K West fashion, the afternoon

tea is served on a retro turntable

to reflect the hotels’ rich musical

history and give a unique spin(!)

on traditional afternoon tea.

Kick off proceedings with

savouries including Mini Prawn

Cocktail spiked with Jack

Daniel’s Whiskey, Beetroot

infused Devilled Egg filled with

coronation chicken, Salmon

and Cream Cheese Roulade

on sandwich bread and Mini

Halloumi Slider with sundried

tomato and guacamole.

Sweet treats include Chocolate

Cupcake with bubblegum cream

topped with a glacé cherry and

Marzipan and Plum Bon Bon

coated with dark chocolate. The

retro experience was rounded of

with Berry Trifle with vanilla

cream, custard and berry compote.

The obligatory scones are both

Classic Scones and Apricot &

Ginger Scones served with clotted

cream and strawberry jam.

To drink, K West Hotel’s bespoke

white tea has gentle undertones of

sweet spices and fragrant flowers.

Other hot beverages include loose

leaf teas and herbal infusions. Or

push the boat out and upgrade

your Retro Afternoon Tea with

Prosecco or Champagne.

At the end of the Retro Afternoon

Tea, you can also treat yourself to

a complimentary take away Pick

‘n Mix bag full of retro sweets.

Served every day of the week

between 2pm and 5pm, the Retro

Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel is

£28.50 per person with the Retro

Prosecco Tea priced at £36 per

person and the Retro Champagne

Tea is £41 per person.

Read the online review at www.

Richmond Way, London W14


+44 (0)20 8008 6600

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Conrad London

St James

Central London Hotel Launches New

Gin Afternoon Tea in Partnership with

the City of London Distillery

The capital’s infatuation with gin

is no secret, so Conrad London St

James is delighted to combine the

city’s favourite drink with another

British classic for the ultimate

“G&Tea” experience.

In the midst of a gin renaissance,

there’s never been a better time to

enjoy a traditional afternoon tea

with a twist. The hotel’s executive

pastry chef, Diana Sedlakova, and

Emmeline’s Lounge Manager,

Luigi Volpe, have established

a partnership with the awardwinning

City of London Distillery

to create a winning combination

of gin infused afternoon tea treats

and creative cocktails.

Starting with savouries, Gougeres

with truffle & tarragon confit

chicken, toasted pecans &

cranberries are joined by a gininspired

Old Tom cured Atlantic

herring, potato, fennel & apple


Moving on to delicate sandwiches,

four options are served. The two

gin-tastic sandwiches are London

City gin cured salmon with citrus

cream & Hampshire watercress

on black rye and Sloe Gin pickled

cucumber with avocado & dill

mayonnaise & juniper berry cream

on beetroot loaf.

The two more traditional options

are curried free-range hen egg

mayonnaise with toasted almonds

& golden raisins on country white

loaf and Wiltshire ham & mature

cheddar cheese with apple & plum

chutney on walnut loaf.

As you would expect, the Gin

Afternoon Tea stays true to the

British tradition with the serving

of homemade plain & fruit scones

with the classic accompaniments

of strawberry compote &

Devonshire clotted cream. As a

nice addition, lemon curd is also

served for a zingy contrast.

These freshly baked scones

and the selection of delicate

sandwiches are served with a wide

variety of teas from Lalani & Co

to accompany Diana’s bespoke

cakes & pastries, each paired with

gin cocktail tasters made with City

of London gin.

Diana has expertly paired the

Square Mile Gin with a Charred

Lemon & Pink Grapefruit Tart

with Rosemary Meringue. An

Elderflower Jelly Honey Cake

& Pear Mousse Delice is served

alongside the Six Bells Gin and

Juniper Spiced Chocolate Crust

Cheesecake with Bittersweet

Orange Compote accompanies the

Indian Dargi’n’ Tonic.

Diana brings her extensive

experience from some of

London’s most renowned hotels

to create these innovative sweet

treats. Having perfected the art

of sugarcraft, Diana has been

awarded a gold medal at the Hotel

Olympia competition. Served in

Emmeline’s Lounge, named after

the 19th-century British political

activist Emmeline Pankhurst,

94 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Executive pastry chef, Diana

Sedlakova, and Emmeline’s Lounge

Manager, Luigi Volpe, in partnership

with award-winning City of London

Distillery have created a winning

combination of gin infused afternoon

tea treats and creative cocktails

the Gin Afternoon Tea blends

tradition with contemporary

flavours and techniques.

After treating yourself, a loved

one, friends or family to Conrad

London St. James’s new Gin

Afternoon Tea take a stroll

through St James’s Park, wander

past Buckingham Palace and head

towards the river for Westminster

Abbey, all within walking distance

of the hotel.

Prices for Afternoon Tea start

from £35 per person with the

Gin Afternoon Tea Monday-

Friday and from £39 at weekends.

The Gin Afternoon Tea with a

glass of Mumm Cordon Rouge

Champagne or with three

“G&Tea” cocktail tasters start

from £45. Gin Afternoon Tea

for two with a bottle of Mumm

Cordon Rouge Champagne start

from £100.

Conrad London St. James

provides an excellent base from

which to explore London’s iconic

attractions, from Buckingham

Palace to Big Ben. The hotel itself

is a contemporary escape, with

256 rooms and suites featuring

sleek designs and modern

amenities. Not afraid to be bold,

one of the hotel’s major pulls is its

impressive collection of political

art by local artists.

Conrad London St James

22-28 Broadway, London,


+44 (0)203 301 8080

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Duck and Waffle

Open 24/7 and located on the 40th

Floor of 110 Bishopsgate, Duck &

Waffle is the highest restaurant in

UK, offering incomparable views

of London. Duck & Waffle is

committed to serving up creative

cuisine and highly innovative

cocktails 24 hours a day, 7 days a

week, 365 days a year. So much so

that savvy night owls never have to

think twice about where to eat and

drink during the wee hours now that

the iconic 40th floor restaurant has

revitalized the 24/7 experience with

a fresh slate of savoury new menu

items, available daily from 11.30pm

to 5am. Not to be outshone by the

food, a hardy selection of Duck &

Waffle’s iconic cocktails will fuel the

buoyant and buzzing nocturnal scene.

The restaurant offers a playful

take on traditional British cuisine

with broad European influences

emphasizing local, rustic, seasonal

and sustainable ingredients. Offering

a cheeky twist on classic and wellknown

dishes, the menu is designed

for sampling and sharing and is

complemented by an inventive

cocktail experience served in a

vibrant atmosphere.

Executive Chef Daniel Barbosa

says, “I’ve always been inspired

by the fact that food, quite simply,

makes people happy. And food that is

thoughtfully prepared and presented

only deepens that sense of happiness.

At Duck & Waffle, we’re empowered

to be creative with access to premium

local, seasonal and when possible,

sustainable ingredients. It’s truly a

gift, every day.”

Read the online review at www.

110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N


+44 (0)20 3640 7310


for the latest



From British &

European cuisine to

the flavours of the

Near East, here’s

our pick of the top

restaurants for lunch,

afternoon tea or

dinner this season

96 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


Pomona’s is one of Notting Hill’s

trendiest establishments. Recently

appointed Head Chef Ruth Hansom

has a passion for locally sourced

sustainable British produce which

permeates throughout her exciting

all-day and relaxed fine dining

menus, that feature a twist on the

traditional a la carte offering, with

sharing dishes from the land, sea and earth. Read the online review at

47 Hereford Rd, London W2 5AH | +44 (0)20 7229 1503

Caxton Grill

Caxton Grill is the award-winning

signature restaurant of St Ermin’s

Hotel. The light and airy 72-seat

restaurant overlooks the hotel’s

pretty courtyard garden and offers a

mouth-watering selection of classic

British dishes for lunch and dinner.

Executive Head Chef Alexander

Boyd focuses the menu being fresh,

seasonal and locally sourced ingredients; including fruits, vegetables

and herbs picked from the Hotel’s very own rooftop Kitchen Garden.

Read the online review at

St Ermin’s Hotel, 2 Caxton Street, London SW1H 0QW

+44 (0)20 7227 7777 |

George and Dragon

If you’re looking for the ultimate

country destination set in picturesque

surroundings, we highly recommend

visiting George and Dragon in

Buckinghamshire. Following the

continued success of his restaurant Plate

in Shoreditch, Chef Owner Arnaud

Stevens has created a delightful dining

destination in the National Trust village

of West Wycombe that allows guests

to rediscover this historic 17th-century

coaching inn, refurbished with 10 cosy

guest bedrooms, restaurant and adjoining

pub. Go to to

read the full review.

High St, West Wycombe HP14 3AB

01494 535340

The Terrace on Piccadilly

Le Méridien Piccadilly has launched

a themed Peter Rabbit Afternoon

Tea at the hotel’s bright and airy

Terrace On Piccadilly.

The special afternoon tea lets

children and grown-ups alike

enjoy one of the all-time favourite

children’s stories with creative

pastries and savouries inspired by

the original Beatrix Potter tales.

Pastries are the highlight of the

show with the beautiful Flower-Pot

Hideout created from a delicious

chamomile mousse inside an edible

chocolate pot with flavours harking

back to Peter’s warming bedtime tea

after his adventurous day.

Go to to

read the full review.

21 Piccadilly, London W1J 0BH

+44 (0) 20 7734 8000

Emmeline’s Lounge

Conrad London St. James has

launched a new Gin Afternoon Tea in

partnership with the City of London

Distillery. In the midst of a gin

renaissance, the central London hotel

has combined Britain’s trendiest spirit

with this quintessentially British

tradition for afternoon tea with a gin


The hotel’s executive pastry chef,

Diana Sedlakova, and Emmeline’s

Lounge Manager, Luigi Volpe,

have established a partnership with

the award-winning City of London

Distillery to create a winning

combination of gin infused afternoon

tea treats and creative cocktails.

Go to to

read the full review.

22-28 Broadway, London SW1H 0BH

+44 (0)203 301 8080

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STK London

STK London’s Summer 2019 menu has created quite a

stir and we were one of the first to try it at the restaurant

located at ME Hotel on The Strand - one of London’s

most dynamic modern hotels and the doorstep to

London’s West End.

STK is an international restaurant success story located

in LA, NYC, Miami, Dubai, Milan, Ibiza and of course

here in London. STK prides itself on providing a top

draw fine dining experience. STK London distinguishes

itself with a vibrant mix of stylish dining and lounge

spaces paired with signature menus and world-class

service. Any event – large or small, decadent or relaxed

– will be customized to suit your needs guaranteeing an

event that you or your guests won’t forget.

The new menu also brings an array of fresh salads

including Prawn & Scallops Salad and fresh seafood

options such as the Soft Shell Crab sliders. Not to

mention the raw bar, with Yellowfin Tuna Ceviche.

And we dare you to resist the signature Soft Shell Crab

Sliders which deserve their legendary reputation. Other

highlights include the Roasted Octopus Leg & Oat Fried

Chicken starter and the Twice Cooked Suckling Pork

Belly main.

Go to

to read the full online review.

336-337 Strand, London WC2R 1HA

+44 (0)20 7395 3450

Stein’s Berlin

Located next door to the Goethe-Institut in London,

Stein’s Berlin is an authentic family-owned German

& Bavarian restaurant with a touch of class thanks

to its Kensington clientele blending with the passion

and dedication of German owners Bele & Reinhard

Alexander Weiss who opened this third site of the

Stein’s restaurant brand just over a year ago following

on from the much-loved Stein’s outdoor restaurant

in Richmond and Stein’s restaurant & biergarten in

Kingston-Upon-Thames. Stein’s Berlin is a relaxed

friendly restaurant serving deliciously authentic

Bavarian food and drink sourced directly from

Germany. The roast pork knuckle with its super crispy

delicious crackling is highly recommended!

Go to to read

the full review.

51 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PH

+44 (0)20 3968 4600

98 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Mamounia Lounge

Mamounia Lounge, the Middle Eastern restaurant

and cocktail bar in Knightsbridge, is giving the

traditional afternoon tea an Arabic makeover with

the launch of its Lebanese and Moroccan Afternoon

Tea menu. Created by Head Chef Thamer Darwish,

the afternoon tea pays homage to the ingredients

and flavour combinations used in authentic Arabic

cooking, featuring a selection of mini wraps,

savoury and sweet hand-made pastries and authentic

Moroccan mint tea. Go to

mamounia-lounge to read the full review.

136 Brompton Road, London SW3 1HY

020 7581 7777


Babbo – meaning ‘Daddy’ in Italian – is a vibrant

Italian restaurant you-can’t-miss in the heart of Mayfair

featuring contemporary renditions of classic Italian

recipes alongside signature cocktails and an expansive

230-strong wine list. Executive chef Nicola Cariglia

draws inspiration from his Southern Italian roots twinned

with his impressive culinary experience at the likes of

Corrigan’s Mayfair and Restaurant Vivendo in Geneva to

create menus which modernise traditional Italian dishes

using only the best of British and Italian produce. Go to to read the full review.

39 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4JQ

+44 (0)20 3941 8641

Ibérica Victoria

Ibérica Victoria is situated on the ground floor of the

Zig Zag Building, located just moments from Victoria

train station. This Spanish restaurant showcases

the true flavours of Spain in contemporary Iberian

surroundings and offers gastronomic tapas from

lunch until late evening.

Ibérica’s celebrated Executive Chef Nacho Manzano

– who has been awarded 3 Michelin stars – brings

together high quality ingredients imported from

carefully selected Spanish producers to create a

delectable tapas experience reflecting the best of the

Iberian Peninsula.

Full review at

68 Victoria St, London SW1E 6SQ

+44 (0)20 3327 0200

Bella Italia

Bringing genuine Italian dining experiences to families

across the UK, Bella Italia launched its biggest ever

new menu this spring with 30 brand new dishes and

40 improved dishes. The new menu strives to cater for

all dietary requirements, with over 20 options each for

vegans, vegetarians, gluten free and dairy free. Speaking

about the new menu, Executive Chef Vittorio Lettieri

says, “The Italians get it right when it comes to spending

quality time as a family and the best moments in life are

those spent with loved ones, sharing food, friendship and

laughter. So, at Bella Italia we’ve developed a delicious

menu that offers something for everyone.”

Read the review at


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SLOAN! Book Club

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams recommends

her favourite cookbooks this season from healthy eating for all

the family to indulgent feasts for special occasions

Provence by Caroline Rimbert Craig

Provence The Cookbook is a stunning guide to cooking the Provençal

way, for people who want to eat simple but nourishing food that

rhymes with the seasons and to recreate the flavours of the French

Mediterranean at home.

Caroline Rimbert Craig’s maternal family hail from the southern

foothills of Mont Ventoux, where the sun beats hard and dry, but

aromatic herbs, vines and fruit trees prosper. Caroline writes

beautifully about the Provençal food that inspires her, combining an

authentic approach with contemporary flavours.

£22 published by Kyle Books

Tasty & Healthy by Omer Miller

Leading Israeli chef Omer Miller has created some wonderfully fresh

sauces with a summery Eastern Mediterranean feel, all incredibly

easy to make and perfect for seasonal eating, even if you have

intestinal disorders.

The book contains nearly 90 recipes created by Omer Miller a leading

Israeli ‘celebrity’ chef and restaurateur, and cookbook writer Elinoar

Rabin. showing you how to eat well with lactose intolerance, coeliac

disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and IBS.

£18 published by Meze Publishing

A Flash in the Pan by John Whaite

John Whaite is back, with inspiring recipes that celebrate the

simplicity of straight-forward, stunning dishes that can be prepared

and cooked on the stove in under 45 minutes. Speedy food can’t be

complicated – just a flash in the pan – so no trickery (and no oven!),

just delicious and achievable dishes.

Starting with desserts (why save the best until last) – the book covers

everything from inventive dinners and breakfasts through to meatfree

ideas, meals to prep first thing and finish later and plenty of

dishes when you just need something super quick from pan straight to


£20 published by Kyle Books. Photography by Nassima Rothacker

100 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Eat Shop Save by Dale Pinnock

Award-winning and qualified nutritionist Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock

is the pre-eminent voice in eating for good health and is the resident

chef and nutritionist on ITV’s Eat, Shop, Save. With over 80 recipes

accompanied by nutritional information and carefully curated meal

planners, this latest book teaches you how to get fit, lose weight, save

money and improve your lifestyle in just 8 weeks.

Eat Shop Save: 8 Weeks to Better Health by Dale Pinnock is published by

Hamlyn, £14.99. Photography by Faith Mason

The Pig by Robin Hutson

The Pig is a collection of restaurants with rooms in Hampshire, Devon,

Dorset and Somerset – and soon in Kent, West Sussex and Cornwall. Now,

everyone can enjoy The Pig from the comfort of their own homes. Among

the pages of The Pig you will find an idiosyncratic, seasonal approach to

the good life, with delicious recipes, how-to guides, tips, tricks and stories.

Inside the book you will find classic recipes, The Pig’s Guide to Pigs, how to

guides, drink suggestions, interiors ideas and top tips on hosting.

£30 published by Mitchell Beazley

Weber’s Greatest Hits by Jamie Purviance

Sometimes all you want is the best. This spectacular volume gives you just

that, with more than 115 top-rated recipes, crystal-clear instructions, and

tips and tricks from Weber – everything you need to make your home the

most popular place on the block. Weber experts and fans have carefully

selected the real standouts from more than 2,000 original Weber recipes.

These classics have all been re-photographed, retested and reimagined for

today’s cook.

£19.99 published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The First Foods Book by Ella’s Kitchen

The First Foods Book brims with recipes guaranteed to set tiny taste buds

alight and specifically developed for nutritional content as well as for

its yummy flavour. It’s the must-have guide to weaning for every parent

covering every step of the weaning journey, from six months to a year.

The book contains lots of practical advice to guide parents through this

key stage of their baby’s development with top tips and insider advice from

nutritionists, baby experts and real mums, dads and carers.

£14.99 published by Hamlyn

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Being a jockey

means no two

days are ever the



102 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

SLOAN! meets Josephine Gordon - the acclaimed

British Flat jockey and Champion Apprentice of 2016

Josephine Gordon is a British Flat jockey

who in 2016, at the age of 23, became the

third female to be crowned Champion

Apprentice jockey. The following year she

became only the second female jockey to ride

100 winners in a calendar year, finishing

with an impressive 106 victories for 2017.

This year, the former Champion Apprentice

jockey made the decision to go freelance

and travels all over the country to ride for a

variety of trainers.

We asked Josephine to tell us more about a

day in the life of a champion jockey.

I’m up most days between 4am and 5am,

depending on which trainer I’m riding out for

and where their yard is located. I ride for Ralph

Beckett once or twice a week in Andover which

is two and a half hours away from my home in

Newmarket. I also ride for Gay Kelleway, Stan

Moore, Mark Usher and Saeed Bin Suroor.

If it’s a gallop morning, I drive to the trainer’s

yard to gallop the first lot of horses around 6am.

The number of horses I ride out can vary between

one and six, it just depends what horses need

work that day.

I got into racing because my mum always had

horses at home and she taught us to ride. We once

came across a pony that was quick and wasn’t

very good at show jumping so we decided to try

her at pony racing and after that I knew I’d be a


If I didn’t have this job I would still definitely

be involved with horses, whether it was show

jumping or something else. I knew from an early

age that I’d work with horses. I’ve been around

them from such an early age and I don’t know

anything different.

After I’ve ridden out on the gallops, I drive

back home and take my dog, a Chihuahua-Jack

Russel cross called Tiny, out for a bit and have

some time to relax. I normally have eggs in the


The rest of my day depends on whether I have

afternoon racing or evening racing, but I drive

to racecourses all over the country. The amount

of driving I do is probably the hardest part of the

job. A two hour trip down the road – four hours

of driving in total – is an easy day, but sometimes

it can take much longer. The good thing about

Newmarket is that so many jockeys live there,

so we all take it in turns to give each other lifts

which makes it a bit easier.

As a freelance jockey, I’m responsible for myself

really. The great thing is that I can swap and

change my days around whereas when you’re

riding for a trainer you have to ride wherever they

need you, so I’m a lot more flexible now.

That said, you never know how many rides you’re

going to have in one day and it can vary between

one and six. Some days you might be riding

during the day and then at night as well, so you’ll

go to one meeting and then drive to another one

straight after.

Some days you can be lucky and get home at

5pm but most days it’s closer to 9pm, 10pm or

even 11pm. Tonight my last ride is at 9.20pm at

Ripon and it’s a three hour trip home, so I’ll have

a shower after racing and then kick on home to

arrive at about half twelve.

I try to have Sunday and Monday off unless I’m

really needed. In my spare time a group of us

jockeys will try to meet for a roast dinner down

at the pub to catch up with each other but it’s

harder over the summer because everyone is

busy. I don’t have too many hobbies but every

now and then I like to take my mind off horse

racing. I recently tried badminton with friends

which was good fun and I go for runs quite often

as it helps me stay fit.

I’ve had a lot of highlights in my career so far.

Being crowned Champion Apprentice jockey

at QIPCO British Champions Day is one that

stands out. That day has a great atmosphere and

it’s a day you want to get rides because it’s group

racing, but it’s also special because it’s the end of

the turf season and you can see everyone’s hard

work pay off with the jockey Championships.

Those titles really mean something because no

one can strip you of that achievement. I think if

you ask the majority of jockeys in the weighing

room, they’d say they want to be Champion

jockey one day – I would too.

Being a jockey means no two days are ever the

same. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster in a way because

one day can be great and the next can be tough

but it’s very rewarding and I can’t imagine doing

anything else.

QIPCO British Champions Series showcases

the finest Flat Racing, and culminates on

QIPCO British Champions Day at Ascot

Racecourse on Saturday 19th October. For

more info go to

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Chukka This Out

Introducing Hurlingham

Polo’s Brand Ambassadors -

Fred Mannix, Nina Clarkin

and Charlie Hanbury

Hurlingham Polo have recently

signed high-profile, worldrenowned

sportspeople as

representatives of the brand, and

are delighted to welcome three

prolific players - Fred Mannix,

Nina Clarkin and Charlie Hanbury

- as Global Brand Ambassadors.

All around the world, Hurlingham

Polo will be represented by these

polo luminaries, the great Fred

Mannix – Canadian player for

the legendary Alegria team in

Argentina – the pioneering Nina

Clarkin, who is both the England

women’s captain and the world’s

number one female polo player

– and Charlie Hanbury, patron

and professional polo player of

the Gold Cup winning team El


Hurlingham Polo have captured

their Ambassadors in a portrait

shoot wearing the current clothing

range which spans luxury shirting

and tailoring, to equestrian

inspired jerseys and on-field

whites. The brand has also created

two short films, focusing on

Nina Clarkin and Fred Mannix

respectively. In each, the sports

stars discuss their connection with

Hurlingham Polo and their careers

in polo.

Fred Mannix commented, “What

really differentiates Hurlingham

Polo from other brands is its

heritage, tradition and authenticity.

Other polo brands simply don’t

have this. Polo, its British home

and its international appeal will

be highlighted in the brand’s

imagery and messaging. The aim

is to create an authentically global

lifestyle brand.”

Nina Clarkin said, “I was thrilled

when Hurlingham Polo asked me

to be a Global Brand Ambassador.

I was shown the lookbook and

talked through the idea and ethos

behind the brand. The clothes are

fantastic; they’re great for me, the

athleisure wear I use all the time.

I’m also always in the t-shirts and

hoodies when I’m riding. Then

there’s that other side when I go to

smart events, I’ve got the quality

shirts and classic cotton jumpers. I

do wear so much of the collection

that it’s easy for me to represent

the brand.”

Hurlingham Polo carries the

heritage and authority of the

Hurlingham Polo Association’s

landmark role in the development

of the sport and a strong

association with the glamour

and cachet of ‘King of Games’.

The sport is fast increasing in

popularity worldwide, particularly

among the young.

As well as luxury lifestyle

products, the brand offers

performance products and

accessories to wear on-field,

including the team kit for the

England polo teams. Together,

these underline their global

ambitions and the brand’s stance

of being ‘Authentically British.

Absolutely International.’

For more information, please visit

104 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

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Fall In Love With Pierre Hermé

We love the macarons from Pierre Herme Paris so it was no

surprise when we heard the French pastry chef had been voted

best pastry chef of the world. His chocolates are rather good too!


Heir to four generations of Alsatian bakery and pastry-making

tradition, Pierre Hermé is a revolutionary pastry chef who takes

taste and modernity to the next level. His motto is “le plaisir pour

seul guide” and with pleasure as his only guide Pierre Hermé has

invented his own universe of tastes, sensations and pleasures. He is

famed for creating the modern concept of Haute-Pâtisserie which is

now world renowned.

Discover the Pierre Hermé universe at


The limited edition Summer Collection of Macarons are available

in either the Signature Collection of creative and exclusive flavours

or the Infiniment Collection of classic flavours enhanced by Pierre

Hermé. Some of our favourite signature flavours include Ispahan

(rose, litchi & raspberry) and Jardin Japonais (morello cherry,

lemon & tonka bean). We also love the Infiniment Rose with its

extra special ingredient of rose petals and the Infiniment Pistache

which uses the finest Iranian pistachios.

Box of 18 macarons is £42 from Selfridges and Maison Pierre

Hermé Paris on Lowndes St and Monmouth St.


Pierre Herme says, “I want my chocolate to come alive. It is part of

my life. Every day, the flame of epicurean desire burns within me.

With pleasure as my only guide, I trim, build and navigate. Harvest

after harvest, I pursue my quest for cocoa beans of the finest

quality. With each of my discoveries, my cravings evolve, bringing

me to a different state of chocolate bliss.”

We love all Pierre’s chocolates but have a special place in our

hearts for Mogador - a perfect marriage of passion fruit and milk

chocolate ganache enrobed in milk chocolate.

Box of chocolates 350g is £49 from Selfridges and Maison Pierre

Hermé Paris on Lowndes St and Monmouth St.

106 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

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Vin & Nicole Cox

John Gosden

Thoroughbred auction

John Warren &

Ed Sackville


of Royal


Lupis arumqui dusc

Paddy Renouf and guest

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc Ignim

ullacca ecatqui acid

esciam, sustius,

Charlotte Carroll

Daisy van Straubenzee

Alistair Guy

The Goffs London Sale 2019

On 17 June 2019, the Goffs London Sale, in association with QIPCO, returned to the

stunning grounds of Kensington Palace Gardens for a glorious afternoon of sales,

sunshine and festivities.

Marking its sixth year in the capital, the prestigious Goffs London Sale has been hailed

as the ‘curtain raiser’ to the most iconic week in international racing – bringing the

excitement of racehorse ownership to the heart of the city, providing prospective owners

the unique opportunity to dive straight into the racing scene. The world-renowned Sale

108 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

thoroughbred auction is

the curtain raiser to

royal ascot week

Jackie St Clair

Ellen Francis Gibbons

& guest

Harry Jarman




Jemima Cadbury &

David Tollemache

Elaine ‘Legs’ Lawlor & Goffs

Chairman Eimear Mulhern

Diego Bivero-Volpe

Dr Sara Kayat

offers returning buyers and budding racing enthusiasts the chance to purchase impressive pedigree horses

- to run in their colours - on the eve of Royal Ascot. A sale like no other, the annual by-invitation-only event

presents guests with a thrilling thoroughbred auction held at a stylish summer garden party, and has become

highly regarded as a firm favourite on the British summertime social calendar. This year, the Goffs London

Sale played host to an array of VIP guests, including Daisy van Straubenzee, Jemima Cadbury, Alistair Guy

and Harry Jarman. Top buyers included trainer David Simcock, the Phoenix Ladies Syndicate and Yulong


The prestigious Goffs London Sale has key luxury partners including Selfridges, Chateau Léoube,

One&Only Resorts and IYC The International Yacht Company. For further information, please visit www.

(Photo credit: David M. Benett)

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Girls pitchside


Winners Dubai hold

Gold Cup aloft

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc

Bloody Marys &





Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc Ignim

ullacca ecatqui acid

esciam, sustius,

Lord & Lady Cowdray

Marcos di Paola chases

Dubai’s Camilo Castagnola

Polito Pieres &

Rashid Albwardy

King Power Gold Cup 2019

Cowdray Park Polo Club welcomed over 12,000 visitors on Sunday 21st July to the

Final of the King Power Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship. Visitors

streamed in early to grab the best picnic spots and enjoy a variety of entertainments

ahead of one of the most thrilling Finals of recent years between VS King Power

and Dubai. Nic Fiddian-Green’s sculpture of a drinking horse’s head formed the

centrepiece of the retail village with tempting shops, bars and food areas as well as

a retro bandstand where a variety of singers entertained throughout the day. The

festival vibe continued with a traditional funfair where the helter skelter and gallopers

110 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

the highlight of the British

Open Polo Championship

Open Chacota wins the

prize for Best Patron’s pony

Van Rebelde wins

Best Playing Pony

Equestrian Art



RAF Falcons

Food by carousel



Rashid & Jon Rudkin

Dubai team with Ali

Albwardy & Jon Rudkin

Rashid Albwardy

pleased every age. Before the epic match started, the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team dropped out of

the clear blue sky onto the pitch and soon it was time for the teams to parade round the ground before lining

up in front of the grandstand and each player taking it in turn to canter towards the appreciative crowds

to doff their caps as they were introduced by the commentators. The match was hard fought and thrilling,

ending in a 13-12 victory to Dubai in extra time. Many spectators lingered until late in the evening to enjoy

a last glass of Nyetimber English sparkling wine while taking in the stunning views towards the Cowdray

Ruins. Truly the English summer at its best.

(Photo credit: ©Mark Beaumont)

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the inspired creativity from our team, contributors

and creatives. If you admire the work of any of the

photographers featured in this edition, see below.

Pages 2-3 - © Tracey Fung / Red35 Photography

Pages 4-5, 6-7 and 78-79 - Subbotina Anna © Adobe Stock

Pages 40-41 - JenkoAtaman © Adobe Stock

Pages 86-87 - ZoomTeam © Adobe Stock

Page 111 - © Shiinoki / AMKK

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continue to miss opportunities. If you don’t you will continue to give your power

away. And there is always someone who is ready to seize the opportunities you are

passing by. Or worse still seize your power. If you are ready to make the jump from

average to extraordinary, from fearful to unshakeable from the middle of the pack to

the leader… then contact Sloan today.

Slap Fear In

The Face

Sloan’s latest book is now available in

paperback and ebook. Audiobook coming

soon. Visit for more.


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