Three Ways To Block Spam Emails On Yahoo


If your Yahoo emails go to the spam folder and you can't receive the emails in the inbox after this situation you have to resolve these types of problems as soon as possible to resolve it, and call at Yahoo customer support number 1877-503-0107 toll-free to fic it.


To Spam Block On Yahoo


Spam is considered to be of the

annoying issues In Yahoo mail. Not

only it infects one’s mailbox with

unwanted emails but also is a

potential threat to user’s information

data in the email account. Phishing

emails and viruses are generally

found on such spam emails which

must be treated cautiously to keep an

account safe and secure. In order to

get rid of spamming issue in Yahoo

mail a user can try any of the three

ways mentioned herein.


Method #1

Mark Email As Spam

❑ Locate the spam email in your mailbox.

‣ Right-click on the email and select -

This is spam option from the dropdown

list to mark it as a spam

Method #2

Block Email Address

❑ If you are getting spam emails from a

particular email address, you can block it

in your Yahoo Mail account.

❑ Go to Settings window and select

Blocked Addresses option.

❑ Enter the email address under Add an

address field and click Block.

❑ Click on the Save button to apply changes

Method #3

Spam Filter

❑ Right-click on the email which you

suspect as a spam.

❑ Select Filter Emails Like This... option

from the drop-down list. A box will popup

on the screen.

❑ Give a suitable title (optional) to the

filter in the Filter name field.

❑ Make other changes in From, To/CC, Subject,

Body section as per your preference.

❑ Click on the Save button to add the filter

How to Stop Spam In Yahoo?

The most effective way to stop spam coming in to

your Yahoo Mail account is to be careful how you use

your email address and how you manage your

messages. Prevention really is the best cure here. If

you develop good habits, you will reduce the number

of spam emails you receive. If you aren't so careful,

spammers will spot that your email account is active

and may target you even more

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