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Six Great Thinkers: Course Recap

by Geoffrey Skolnik

Adult Ed

In January and February, over a

period of six very cold and wet

weeks, an enthusiastic group of

learners turned out each week

to attend outstanding classes taught by Rabbi

Metzger about Six Great Jewish Thinkers.





Rabbi Judah HaLevi (1075-1141), Spain;

an intellectual and community leader; a

physician, poet, and philosopher; author of

The Kuzari.

Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, “Maimonides,”

“Rambam” (1135-1204). Left Spain as a

young man; ultimately lived in Cairo. A physician,

philosopher and halachic expert;

author of the Mishneh Torah, the Guide to

the Perplexed, and the Thirteen Principles

of Faith.

Rabbi Moses ben Nachman, “Ramban,”

“Nachmanides” (1194-1270), Spain, lived

in Israel his last few years. He viewed the

work of the rabbis of the Mishna, Talmud,

and the early medieval rabbis as unquestionable;

criticized some of Maimonides

thoughts as rationalizations.

Rabbi Isaac Luria, Ha’Ari”, “The Arizal”

(1534-1572), Jerusalem, Egypt, then Sfat.

Considered the father of contemporary




Rabbi Yisroel ben Eliezer, “Baal Shem

Tov”, “Besht” (1698-1760), Poland. The

founder of Hasidic Judaism. Among his

many teachings were the need to love your

fellow Jew and, the worship of God, not

only in prayer, but in all daily affairs.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson,

“The Rebbe” (1902-1994), Russia, Berlin,

Paris, New York City.

This class was a very special night done in the

style of a Farbrengen, with food and drink.

Rabbi Metzger’s personal connection to the

Rebbe showed clearly in this inspirational

class, with his meaningful comments and examples

of the Rebbe’s many works and deeds.

Our thanks to Rabbi Metzger for all of his

hard work and informative presentations.

Future classes are greatly anticipated.

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