In our last article, we explained the first WH word that reflects the CULTURE of the

service or product being sold or offered. Today we will focus on our HOW, after the businessman

or entrepreneur understands their WHAT, now it’s time to focus on the next WH

word. HOW has a more profound definition than WHAT, now we can describe a process,

now we can explain how the magic happens, how we are going to promote our “WHAT”.

We have the opportunity to go into our way of working, our passion in doing the work but

I do have to be clear… some organizations have it clear.. not all of them.

This is something different from the WHAT, usually everybody knows their WHAT, only

SOME know their HOW, but very little companies or businesses know their WHY, which

will be for our next article.

The “HOW” in an organization of the things that make them special, the things that make

them stand out- basically, the specific actions that you take for getting their WHY ready. All

of these three WH words, are of great importance for businesses that want to create a real

culture. Here at NAL, we apply these beliefs and we try to go more profound without even

mentioning the word “teach English”. I dare you to ask our teachers and staff, these three

WH words and reflect on their response. Thank you guys!


New Market

Hello there! Skill nest is coming strong in the USA but I have to admit that the last couple

of months have been hard since our culture is something that the people haven’t dealt with

before here, but we have new markets and new customers to heed to. Nowadays we have

had a very good response involving our other services such as; programming, animation

and audio-video editing. This is great news for us and with out new website coming up I

am very sure that our culture will reach a great number of potential customers in the USA.

The new market that we want to reach is the “American” market, by that I mean American

students, not all Hispanic… I believe the American students and parents see much more

clearly the value of education. They understand why skills are important and I also believe

they see it more as an investment rather than an expense. All this has to do with our culture,

and even though I have created a change of mentality in many people, it has been difficult

for people to adapt- but then again… that is the way a change of culture works. For our next

edition I am going to present our new website that is to explain specifically our services in

SKILL NEST! Take care and see you guys!


May love end in a relationship?

We always talk about finding the love of our life, that it was in such a way that sometimes

it seemed like a difficult person to find or even that it might not exist. When we finally find

her or think that this person is the one, we give everything for him / her, we conquer it with

details, dedicating romantic songs, we do things we never imagined we could do. After a

time of confirming that we want to be with that person for the rest of our lives, we decided

to take a big step. We participate in this union to family and friends, and it becomes such a

wonderful event and there is an atmosphere of love in our lives.

However, sometimes this can last as long as one or two years? What happens when you really

know the person, their real defects of daily life, their habits that you began to notice, but

you did not pay attention to them since you were blinded by the “love” you had and already

your life becomes a routine , the passion you felt at the beginning is gradually extinguished

by the pressures of work, home, children, etc. What happens when the woman begins to

focus on the children? What happens when man begins to focus only on work to forget the

pressures of home? Little by little, there is a disconnection between the two soulmates and

that is when the problems begin, there is no communication since the words are few between

you and life as you imagined it gradually fades away, is this normal?


Nowadays this is very recurrent, since couples do not have tolerance among themselves,

just because the other person is not as they imagined it and for that reason there are many


If you decided to marry that person, it was because he/she had something special for you,

he/she had that spark that made your eyes shine, it was the one that caused you to feel

butterflies in your stomach, you couldn’t stop thinking about him / her, it was the one that

allowed you to show the best of you. So why do you let her/him go? What will you do to

recover him/her? How are you going to reconquer him/her? This is what we should ask ourselves

instead of just complaining, not everything is the fault of the other person but also,

we should remember what we stopped doing and provoked we separated from each other. I

am not an expert, but you could try to surprise him/her, do something unexpected outside

the routine, go to the movies, go to dinner, go for a coffee, ask about his/her day, give flowers,

a detail, etc. You better than anyone know what he/she likes, what he/she loves, do it! It

is only a matter of remembering why you chose him/her why you decided to have him/her

as your partner of life.

Of course, not every day has to be good, there will always be situations not very pleasant,

but try to make those moments the least possible!

Remember there are people who come into our life being nothing to become everything,

don’t let it go.


The Scariest Places in America

Hi Fellas!! It is me again.

I was surfing the net, the other day and i found some interenting things about some scary

places, and i dug up more just to find this list; But why is this list the most scary?

And here we have the reason:

The Stanley Hotel.

Don’t be fooled by the Stanley Hotel’s magnificent setting and beautiful rooms. The property,

in Estes Park, Colorado, inspired author Stephen King’s terrifying novel, The Shining,

after he and his wife stayed there just before its annual winter closing. King had nightmares

about his then three-year-old son, screaming as something chased him through the

long, empty halls. Do your own chasing—or escaping—when you take a Night Spirit Tour

through the hotel, now more than 100 years old. Other ghosts play piano in the concert hall

after dark or hang out in an underground cave system formerly used by construction crews.

Sleepy Hollow, NY

Don’t lose your head in Sleepy Hollow, a quaint New York village described in writer Washington

Irving’s story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. In Irving’s tale, a Headless Horseman,

seeking the head he lost in the Revolutionary War, often rode through the countryside at

night, thundering over a bridge and past a little church. Look for the apparition when you

tour the town’s 18th-century Philipsburg Manor or the local cemetery.

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and Museum

No one knows who killed wealthy Andrew Borden and his wife in 1892. An old rhyme

pins the axe muders on their daughter Lizzie, but did the unmarried Sunday school teacher

really do it? After a jury set her free, Lizzie sold the Victorian home. Today, it’s the Lizzie

Borden Bed and Breakfast and Museum. Guests sometimes flee in the middle of the night

after seeing doors open and close without human help, or after spotting shadows climbing

the stairs.


St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

St. Louis Cemetery, established in New Orleans in 1789, is Louisiana’s oldest and most haunted.

Over 100,000 souls are buried here, some in decaying crypts. Visitors often encounter

the ghost of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of the 1800s. Be respectful if you encounter

her; she’s said to pinch and shove non-believers. Ghosts from yellow fever epidemics and

Civil War battles may also stalk the grounds. A licensed guide must accompany you if you

visit; going alone probably isn’t wise anyway.

Winchester Mystery House

After the 1881 death of William Wirt Winchester, founder of Winchester Firearms, his widow,

Sarah, used her huge inheritance to construct a bizarre home. Until she died in 1922,

she hired workers to install doors that went nowhere, stairs that led to the ceilng, secret

rooms and other oddities. Today, the house is a bewildering maze of 160 rooms. Many think

she was trying to escape the angry ghosts of those killed by her husband’s guns. Now known

as the Winchester Mystery House, as seen on Ghost Adventures, the home is located in San

Jose, California.

Historic Bullock Hotel

Where else would you expect to find the haunted Bullock Hotel, other than in Deadwood,

South Dakota? It was the town’s first hotel, and it’s still a favorite haunt of the town’s first

sheriff, Seth Bullock, who died in 1919. His spirit supposedly flicks lights on and off in the

basement and rattles dishes and glasses in the restaurant. He was a law-abiding man, so

maybe he’s just trying to chase off more malevolent ghosts.


Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA

It’s hard to believe Louisiana’s elegant Myrtles Plantation, built in 1796 and listed on the

National Historic Register, harbors ghosts in its spacious rooms. But in 1992, a National

Geographic Explorer team allegedly shot a photo of a ghostly slave girl on the grounds; a

building behind her was visible through her translucent form. Other legends say 10 or more

people were poisoned, hung or otherwise murdered here. Take an evening mystery tour to

search for specters, or look into the plantation’s haunted mirror, said to hold trapped spirits.

Salem Burying Ground

For centuries, Americans have believed in the supernatural. In 1692, curses and cries rang

through the streets of Salem, Massachusetts when a strange hysteria led to accusations of

witchcraft. Twenty men and women were executed, and some say their wronged souls still

haunt the community. In Salem’s House of Seven Gables, a seaside mansion built in 1668,

visitors report eerie occurences, like a rocking chair that rocks by itself. Over 250,000 people

arrive each October for the town’s Haunted Happenings,which include costume balls,

ghost tours, a live reenactment of a witchcraft trial and more.


Tourism section

By: Ana Contreras


If it were the end of the world, where would you go?

The world has amazing landscapes; one of them is located in the south of England, next to

Eastbourne. It is a little town with at least 176 people.

The main attraction is the famous mountain. People define that it is a upside down

mountain, where the rock layers of the peak are older than those at the base, a particularity

known as “riding”.

The mountain is 162 meters high and it is known as “The end of the world” since the only

thing that is observed is immense fog and a beautiful endless landscape.

It is one of the sunniest place in England because of its location next to the sea, in the south

shore you can relax.

Some interesting things about this place are:

Supposedly here the compasses are altered and the photographs are almost always obscured.

In fact, Julio Vernese was inspired by the Bugarach mountain for writing “Journey to the

center of the Earth”, the reason is because this is where you can find one of the deepest

opened caves in the world. On the other hand, Dan Brown found inspiration in this town

for his novel “The Da Vinci code”.


But, what does Bugarach mountain hide?

People say that it is a place full of strange energies. Bugarach is territory with religion, old

castles that show a sparsely inhabited location.

There is a variety of interests, myth lovers, personalities who see a portal to the supernatural

on this mountain.


Section:. Videogames

By: Itzel Granados


Do you know the videogame that can make you earn money?

With the videogame Fortnite you can do it, but what is it? It is a mix of The Hunger (post-apocalyptic

battle) Games and Minecraft (sand box where the players can build many things) you can

play it on PlayStation, Xbox, Windows and Mac. The videogame has two versions “Fortnite: Save

the World”, where the player fights against monsters that fall in a storm, and the free and the most

popular version “Fortnite Battle Royale” consists in playing against other players for surviving; the

players can build a fortress, gather resources and create weapons.

What is the meaning of Fortnite?

A Fortnite is a period of two weeks that is the equal to fortnight. It also means building a fortress,

knights fight and the darkness cloud.”

Why is Fortnite considered a famous game ?

Fortnite has all the things that a player needs for enjoying the game. The first thing is the free

model play; also the easy way of playing, because the player doesn’t have to learn how to use the

weapons or how to find them. It doesn’t have a content showing blood, and the most important is

that you don’t need 120 hours for knowing it; the videogame has a modality of color classify.

The big different between Fortnite and its competitors is that you can build, and for this reason it

has a unique perception of each match, so it creates a opportunity of changing the environment

doing all the matches different.

The first Fortnite World Cup was carried out in July 29, 2019, in New York, Unites States. It gave

away 30 millions dollars. The best 100 players who attended received at least 50 dollars each and

the winner got 3 million, which was the case of Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, of 16 years. He won the

biggest prize for a player in electronic sport tournament. He said: I can not explain it with words.

I am so happy; all the things that I did in the routine have a value. This is a crazy.

The second place Harrison “ Pslam” Chang of 24 years old won 1.8 million dollars, and the third

place won 1.2 millon dollars; his name wasn’t openly revealed.

Would you play for earning money ?



Hi guys, welcome to this music section. This time I am going to talk about one of the best

known band of the 70’s, the Beatles.

It was recognized as the most commercially successful and most praised by critics in the

history of popular music and rock music Formed in Liverpool, it was constituted since 1962

by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. It had a huge


The composition of the themes would almost always be in charge of the tandem formed by

John Lennon (rhythm guitar) and Paul McCartney (bass). In general they are due to

Lennon, who should be considered the leader and creative soul of the group, the most

innovative songs and the artistic and intellectual demand; McCartney’s brilliant musical

talent was easily carried away by the commercial, but also the songs ended up being the

result of the counterweight between them. In a more advanced phase, the always restless

George Harrison (solo guitar) contributed to the group’s repertoire with valuable

contributions; Very few, however, are due to the casual Ringo Starr battery.

I will give you one of his best known songs:

Yesterday- the beatles

Love me do- the beatles

Help- the beatles

And I love her- the beatles

Let it be- the beatles





I wanted to be a poet. I always had the dream of writing beautiful verses. The problem was

that nothing that surrounded me was a source of inspiration, because life is dark, the human

race is rotten and the people full of negativity, so I decided to forget about doing that.

Then, the time kept passing and I had a dream in which life was better, but I realized it was

just that… a beautiful dream. I didn’t know where I could get inspiration from; my words

were not brilliant, and I was always depressed with no many positive things to say. Besides

the little inspiration I had, there was another problem: my life at the school and at home was

not as good as I would have liked. I just felt isolated from the rest and needed time alone in

order to know myself better and look at things from a different perspective. For doing that,

it was necessary to lose friends. Well, they were never a “magnet” of problems, it was just

that I had to see negative things face to face and root them out. By the way, when I mention

“time alone” I don’t mean I was inside my room, I mean really “alone”, finding new places

to spend my time.

I kept looking for inspiration along my life, everywhere, and the time didn’t stop. I thought

my dream of becoming a poet was vanishing, but I really wanted to be a poet.

People didn’t change, the world was the same and so was I. Then, life hit me harder, giving

me one of the darkest days I can remember, but that I would like to forget: I suffered an accident;

an accident that almost kills me.


One day, I was visiting one my favorite places. I arrived there, and sat on the bench of the

park because I was going to read a new book I had bought. Even though there were not

many noises around, in the distance, suddenly, I heard shots getting close to me, so I hid

into the deepest corner I could find at the park. People running and children crying… that

is all I saw and heard that evening. I can barely remember what happened next. I can just

tell you I woke up inside a surgery room, with no memories about what had happened. The

doctors were wondering how I survived and how it could be possible.

After a couple of days, I left the hospital and I felt it was time to make a real change; I believed

my life was illuminated. Day by day, I was still looking for inspiration… yes, after so

much time the inspiration hadn’t come to me. So, I noticed something that I would like to

share with you:

You can have a dream, but that doesn’t mean it will become true. You can do good actions,

but that doesn’t mean you are on the correct way. You can feel like a star, but that doesn’t

mean you are going to shine.

Look at me. I wanted to be a poet, but I never could… I think.


The Brazilian star, Ronaldinho Gaucho, owes around

2.5 million Euros.

Hello, guys! I’m happy for writing a new article for you! Keep studying English at NAL.

Ronaldinho was a great soccer player. He played for several important teams such as Milan,

Barcelona and Paris. In 2005, he won the Golden Ball and he also represented his national

team in two World Cups. Inside the field, he was considered as a magician; not only for his

skills for playing, but also for his delighting plays. But his personal life outside the field was

always a scandal. He got in trouble for attending many parties after the trainings; main reason

why he had to leave Barcelona’s team.

Ronaldinho’s life after the retirement hasn’t been as wonderful as everybody expected.

Many people thought he would have a peaceful one, but it hasn’t been. Currently, he is in a

big debt with the government of his home country. At the beginning of this month, 57 of his

properties throughout the Brazilian territory were blocked due to the fact that he owes 2.2

million Euros for environmental fines. Additionally, the tax office is preparing a sue for the

former player. This one, is about 184 thousand Euros due to many delays in his payments to

the Government Institutions.


Moreover, his passports were removed; as a consequence, he can’t leave the country. He has

the opportunity to receive constitutional protection form the Spanish Government so his

lawyers are working hard to win the case. Hopefully his case can be solved.

As you can see the fame and fortune aren’t everything. If you don’t manage your money

correctly, you will have many financial problems. Don’t be like him and just buy what you

can pay.



Do you remember that

some weeks ago we talked

about Uber Eats?

Well, this time we are

back but now with a

different option that is

working now in Mexico,

it is called Rappi, have

you heard about it?

Probably you have seen


advertisement in youtube

or in another social


Well, Rappi is now offering service to users who want to have food/products at their doorstep

in less than an hour.

So, what is the difference between Rappi and Uber Eats? If you remember, Uber Eats had

some deals with restaurants, in this case Rappi offers you services with different restaurants,

food places or any groceries store close to you, being able to order from food to medicine.

When you order in the app, a person chooses the best product for you in order to develop

the product with the best quality because that’s one of the features that this service offers to

its customers.


Satisfaction in customers is guaranteed, otherwise you do not pay the product.

In Rappi, you can pay in cash or credit card with no minimum of purchase, which is another

difference between Rappi and Uber Eats.

Probably you know that in Mexico we have these services where you can call a person who

rides a motorcycle and can buy things for you and then you pay in cash when you receive

the order, well now with technology we have a new service and this is Rappi. If you are the

type of people who like to order things from home, this will be a good option for you. Try

and be part of this new movement many people are talking about.

Thanks for reading and remember, keep practicing your reading and English skills!


Movies section

By Vanesa Rangel

The three most expected films

Hi guys, i have other article for you, today i´m going to present you The three most expected

films to close the year, so, are you ready?

As usual, it will be three months full of premieres for all tastes, from action thrillers to author

dramas, through family comedies, horror stories or adventures with superheroes. There is

everything. Take note because I have compiled below: The three most expected films


Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt star in the ninth film by Quentin Tarantino. Once Upon

A Time In Hollywood, whose premiere is scheduled for August 9, is set in the mad Hollywood

of the late 60s.

DiCaprio plays a television western star named Rick Dalton, who, along with his double,

played by Pitt, tries to relaunch his career after seeing how the genre in which he shone goes

out of style. The feature has as background the murders caused by Charles Manson (Damon

Herriman) and his sect.



Based on the second part of Stephen King’s novel, the next installment of IT will hit theaters

on September 6, 2019. The return of the terrifying Pennywise to Derry, in Maine,

will reunite the Losers Club, 27 years old after the events happened in the first part. Jessica

Chastain, Bill Hader, James McAvoy, James Ransone, Isaiah Mustafa, Andy Bean and Jay

Rian will embody friends in their adult version to end once and for all with the clown.

The director of the saga Andy Muschietti already, he announced that the protagonists of the

first part will return in the sequel through flashabcks.


With no official release date, or official images, the film will be released on the big screen

before being available on Netflix, producer of the expensive film.

Based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt, the film follows in the footsteps

of Frank Sheeran, played by Robert De Niro, a union official with connections in the

mafia who claimed to be involved in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, who will give Al Pacino


Well guys, I hope you liked today’s article.

Remember to be aware of the premieres of these movies that are going to close this year, full

of many premieres.

The one that I would most like to see, is that of IT, and you, which one do you want to watch?

The next article will talk about my favorite movies, and remember, learn English!



From the mysterious story of an old family, to the disturbing chat with a satanic sect.

Welcome to the mysticism section, today we will review those mobile games that I am sure

will make you jump from fright.

Mobile applications are more and more like console video games, because of the power that

smartphones currently have, it is already possible to play titles with good quality graphics,

excellent soundtracks and good stories, as well as retaking genres from consoles, such as

platforms, fight, adventure, horror or survival horror.

This is not listed in a specific order, so any of this can make you tremble in fear like any

horror movie. In any case, I recommend you to use headphones for a better game


1. Distraint pocket pixel horror

In this 2D adventure we take

control of the young Price. He has

the task of stripping from their

homes people who can no longer

afford them. Everything becomes

more difficult when ghosts of his

past come to make him see how

horrible and empty his life is.

Its handmade design and its unique

story are one of its strengths. In addition,

it has classic elements of survival horror that remind games like Silent Hill. It is

available for Android, iOS and Pc.


2. SIM. Sara is missing

Imagine that you go one day, walking down the

street, at night, back home. Something on the floor

catches your attention. It is a cell phone, lying on

the ground. You pick it up and turn it on. It still

has a battery. Little, but it has. What do you do?

You unlock it, of course. And it turns out he has no


At that moment, a kind of Siri, Iris, starts asking

you questions. It shows you a terrifying video, in

which looks like she runs away from something or

someone, in the middle of the night. You decide to

keep the cell phone in your pocket and continue

with the story in your house, hoping that the same won’t happen to you.

But wait, the game is completely in English, so you can be practicing despite the horror you

will face.

3. Reporter

In this game we will have to investigate

a mysterious house in which a

terrible murder has occurred. Find

the necessary clues to discover the

truth that is hidden in the walls of

this house.

I must admit that I was not able to

play more than 5 minutes of this

game, the environment in which it

surrounds you is seriously terrifying.

Play it, if you dare, in Android,

iOS or Pc.


3. Reporter

Without a doubt, one of my favorite

sagas, and what better than

with the game that started it all.

In seasons, we will have to find

memory cubes in different years.

Past, present, and future seen

from a perspective in which you

seem to be inside a cube. The

mechanics are simple, drag the

screens, touch objects and use

tools to operate things. It won’t

be easy, and horror and suspense will have you on the edge of your seat.

Can you solve the mystery of the cubes, and the girl from the lake? You can play it in Android,

iOS and Pc.

There are many other great horror games, but those will be for another day. I’m pretty sure

that you will need some time to forget the horror this games. Until the next time!



Movies, comics, books, cartoons; There are many things that tell us about these strange beings

from other planets. who does not remember films like “Men in Black”, where a secret

society of aliens was seen living in our land for many years.

However, are we prepared to respond adequately to such an extraordinary situation? The

international community agreed in the 1990s on a “detection protocol” that establishes the

steps to follow in the event of extraterrestrial contact.

Well, today I bring you a story about a possible encounter with these beings since 1967.

It all happened when astronomers at the Cambridge Observatory discovered pulsars, rotating

neutron stars that produce radio pulses. The team that made the discovery was led by

Anthony Hewish, who later received the Nobel Prize for the work. The scientists, who had

never seen anything like it, were so amazed that for a few weeks team members considered

the possibility that the signals were generated on a planet that orbited around a distant star,

and that those signals had an artificial origin, that were generated by what they called “Little

Green Men”.


The regular signs were in the same position in the sky every day. During the following

months, three other sources of regular signals appeared. By then, scientists have already

rejected that they had an artificial origin. They were neutron stars. The finding was announced

in February 1968 and was published in the journal Nature.

But until the idea was discarded, the team discussed what to do if it was an artificial source,

how to verify that conclusion and how to announce it. It was even discussed whether the

finding could be dangerous and whether the signals were to be answered. Everyone was in

panic thinking that it was another civilization making contact with ours.

In this way, the team had anticipated some of the components of the protocol established in

the SETI program of intelligent extraterrestrial life search and other established protocols.

The international community has to agree on how that response should be in case this ever


Currently, there are opposing views on how to react. Some scientists, including the famous

Stephen Hawking, believe that it is better to avoid contact at all costs, since if aliens arrive

here it may not only be for coffee and a pleasant chat, but to “conquer and colonize.” In his

opinion, the visit of aliens to our planet would have the same effect as Christopher Columbus

on his arrival in America. However, SETI and NASA are more than willing to reach out

to strangers. As they have said, “we cannot always hide under a rock.”


Curious Facts About 16 Unique


Hello guys!!! Welcome again to my fantastic section. Today we will learn 16 funny facts of

16 amazing animals that probably you did not know.

But, before starting with this information let me ask you something:

1. Do you like shrimps?

2. Are you always hungry?

3. How many hours, days, months or even years would you like to sleep?

4. Have you ever analyzed your fingerprints?

5. Do you like your nose?

6. What is your favorite song?

7. Do you know Hockey Pokey?

8. Have you ever do pee on ice?

9. Can you jump?

10. How long do you digest the food?

11. Have you ever thought about the size of your brain?

12. Do you drink milk?

13. Do you pass wind?

14. Have you ever broken a bone?

15. Is your hair pretty?

16. When was the last time you vomit?

I know, those questions are crazy and usual however they are related to my article, you will



1. How many hours, days, months or even years would you

like to sleep?

According to research, a snail can sleep for three years!!!!.

Yes, this little one can spend 3 years sleeping!!!

2. Do you like your nose? No problem if you don´t like it

because slugs have four noses.

3. Do you like shrimps? Well, this information is for you”

The heart of a shrimp is located in its head. So the next

time you decide if you want to eat its brain!!

4. Can you jump? That´s awesome because It´s a pity that

elephants are the only animals that can’t jump.

5. Sleep, sleep!! Imagine it is possible to hypnotize a frog by

placing it on its back and gently stroking its stomach.


6. Have you ever analyzed your fingerprints? No!! Everybody

has different fingerprints, it´s exclusive for each one

on earth. Did you know that? The fingerprints of a koala

are so indistinguishable from humans that they have on

occasion been confused at a crime scene. Wow!! Koalas are

cute and adorable.

7. Are you always hungry? Hmmm, this information is so

funny because it takes a sloth two weeks to digest its food.

Imagine TWO WEEKS!

8. Have you ever do pee on ice? Well, PENGUINS DO!

Be careful if you want to visit the Antarctic because nearly

three percent of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin

urine. Ewww!!!

9. Have you ever broken a bone? Well you´re a lucky person

because around 50 percent of orangutans have fractured

bones, due to falling out of trees regularly. Poor guys



10. Do you know Hockey Pokey? Yes, No, mmm. It goes

like this:

You put your left hand in

You take your left hand out

You put your left hand in

And you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn yourself around

That’s what it’s all about

Well, bats are always used to turning left when leaving a


11. Do you drink milk? Have you ever milk a cow? The

most likely is to get the supermarket or convenience store

and take a carton of milk but let me tell you that a cow gives

nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime. Interesting!

12. Is your hair pretty? That´s so good but let me tell you

that a rhinoceros’ horn is made of hair. Yes, as you have

read, they also have hair and it´s pretty because its horn

makes them special.

13. What is your favorite song? I have a lot because I like

singing. Unfortunately, giraffes can´t say the same because

they don´t have vocal cords sadly although they don´t have

them they are so cute.


14. Do you pass wind? Of course, everybody does it, wait!!!

Not everybody because Kangaroos can’t fart so it makes

them so cute!

15. When was the last time you vomit? This info is gold:

”Frogs cannot vomit. If one has to, then it will vomit its

entire stomach.” So terrible, poor frogs ☹

16. Have you ever thought about the size of your brain?

Well, an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain, it´s good to

know!! You can see them at Xochipilli´s Park ☺!.

Well guys, you probably knew some of these facts or probably

not. It is always good to know about general culture.

Remember that if you can feed and give water or shelter to

some stray dogs, do it! They will thank you. Respect them

also when they cross the street, they just follow their instincts.

I want to read your opinions at

mx, be involved and practice your English with us! See you

next time Woof woof!



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